Dark Mode for Safari

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Denk Alexandru
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User Reviews for Dark Mode for Safari

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2 years ago, Kinpil
Can't live without it
I don't write reviews often but this app deserves it. I've been using this for probably a few years now. It's one of the first things I install on new machines. This app should be built into the system and the developer did an amazing job
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2 years ago, Prometheas
Largely effective and cross-platform 🎉 can be flakey 😭
Let me start by acknowledging that the challenge that this extension attempts to meet (providing some "dark mode" CSS for websites whose pages don't support it) is actually a very difficult (arguably impossible) thing to do with 100% success. This extension does a pretty damned good job for a LOT of websites, which deserves praise. In cases where the site winds up looking flat-out wrong (like pages rendering like a photo negative, or sites that may already attempt dark mode support and wind up somehow unreadable), this extension offers the "escape hatch" of disabling it for a particular page or entire site. Unfortunately, however, I have been running into scenarios where its toolbar icon becomes entirely unresponsive (macOS only; not seeing this behavior on iOS — yet? — fwiw). Sadly, the only way to "fix" the matter is to relaunch Safari… which is frankly better described as a "hassle" than a "fix". In any case, software is hard. Hoping there's a fix soon 🤞
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1 year ago, Ben350XWB
Life saver!
Was doing 12hrs of online driving school and was losing my mind over the bright white background. Such a big relief to have found this amazing program. Thank you!!
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1 year ago, dayneb12
Works, but needs improvement
It does a good job at blacking out the screen, but has difficulty recognizing what parts of the website to switch to dark mode. This can get especially irritating on sites with black and white parts to it as this add-on turns the black parts white, so it doesn't help much in those situations.
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2 years ago, CreateAnotherNicknameItsTaken
Best dark mode extension by far
Literally the only one that works on nearly every website.
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10 months ago, Sparkle1400
Thank you for this extension
Saved my day!!
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6 years ago, tandailo
Should be part of MacOS
This app works surprisingly well. I have been using it for a couple weeks now. Worth the money if you read at night or use the computer a lot and get eye strain. User feedback for the developer: I would love for the safari toolbar button to simply toggle dark mode on/off, that’s it. I find it a bit cumbersome to have to fool around with a little popup menu any time I just want to quickly toggle dark mode on/off. For the more advanced (and less frequently accessed) options like the scheduling and soft dark mode, I would love to have them available under the Safari Extensions Preferences. Overall, thank you very much for creating this app.
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6 years ago, Bananachirp
Comments messed up on Breitbart
Edit: I still love this extension, but it turns the comments (Disqus) on Breitbart to grey on a black background. Makes it harder to read them. Developer can you fix this? Turn the text white instead of grey? Thanks, if you can. I just installed it this morning and it's working pretty well. I have hit a few sites like Breitbart that end up having a light background, so it would be nice if we could somehow make that dark too. I love the "forget this site" feature as it lets me skip dark mode for sites that don't need it. Some sites are already dark enough. This extension is a perfect complement to macOS Mojave's Dark Mode. So many websites are just awful in how they use blinding white backgrounds instead of more neutral colors. I hope the developer makes this a subscsription based app so that it lasts for a long, long time. I don't mind paying a reasonable yearly price for a userful extension like this. I don't want to see this extension go away for lack of financial support.
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5 years ago, Jay Lowman
What Dark Mode is Meant to Be
This extension is fantastic! I have been using dark mode in Mojave since it released and over time I have found the extreme contrast between my native dark apps and the web pages in Safari to be overbearing at time. This extension works wonders on almost any website I have tried so far. As a note for improvement, it would be nice if you could look into the Google Docs editor. I enjoy having the black interface on the majority of the screen, but this extension turns the entire document page black with white text. I spend a great deal of my time editing Google Docs and it would be great it this did not occur. Other than that, I have no complaints. Big thanks to the developers!
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4 years ago, ballislife09!
Works to near perfection on Safari
Strongly reccomend. The app does exactly as it shows by completely transforming the backgrounds of webpages to black making it so much easier to read and easier on the eyes. It uses very little RAM and is overall perfect for the dark mode enthusiast. The reason I did not rate it 5 stars is due to a little nitpick I have that the links in google have been changed from blue to pink despite the blue being perfectly visible. Also when switching to incognito mode the screen flashes white which can be annoying. If there was an option to keep those links the same color it would have been perfect but other than that I highly reccomend.
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6 years ago, Apple✓
Don't usually write reviews
but this extension is amazing. It's a little intense for some site and some kinks do need to be worked out. For instance, sometimes iamges are invereted but other than that, I love it. It compliments dark mode on mojave nicely. Also, let me be clear, since I saw another review of this app, that mentioned this extension could possibly malicious; it is not. I monitor my network usage heavily with little snitch installed on my mac and this exnesion doesnt send or hasnt attempted to call out to any server. With that said, try this out if you're looking for an exnesion that meshes failry well with mojave's dark mode.
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5 years ago, BasenjiBuddy
This extension has made my life much more comfortable. I'm visuall-impaired, and have considerable difficulty reading black text on a white background. I used to have to invert my screen if I wanted to put Safari into a "pseudo dark mode", but this extension does a far better job. It's frequently updated, and definately sits in my stack of "things I gotta have to get my work done." I don't know if Apple will ever extend the macOS dark mode to Safari. Bit, as long as this extension is around, I really don't care.
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4 years ago, EDalorzo
Promising Extension
I use this extension every day in Safari and it works pretty well, most of the time. Where it typically fails is when you browse a website that already has a dark theme, e.g my Zoho Email, or Cloud9 Web IDE with dark mode themes. Particularly in Zoho Email it makes it impossible to write emails because the text editor becomes black, but the font is also kept in black. On way to improve the plugin is also to add a feature to add exception websites, that we the users can omit applying the plugin where a site already has native support for dark mode. However, in general terms, I think the plugin is great, but with some additional investment this could be awesome.
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6 years ago, Errys Frondarina
Needs work, unable to see chatbox in reddit
this is exactly what i was hoping to see in mac os mojave but unforetunately didn't come with the update. this makes all sites with a white background inverted to black. one immediately problem that i noticed off the bat was that when using reddit, with the white chat box, the color doesnt render correctly and the text is also the same color as the background. so sometimes the dark mode is generally applied and you can't read some things on the screen because it's the text will be the same color as the black background. please fix this
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5 years ago, Nebchanasser
The implementation of dark mode in thiis plugin is pretty lazy. If you've ever seen a negative of a picture (your phone camera probably has an effect or filter like this) then that's what passes for dark mode here. So what does that mean for pages that are already dark? You guessed it, they become bright white! Yay! I can't imagine what on earth would make anyone think this is ok. The developer obviously does, which blows my mind. Pure and simple laziness. This is quite possibly the worst purchase I've ever made at any dollor amount. I've tried a lot fo dark mode plugins for other browsers, and some of them are pretty bad. But the worst of them is better than this. This plugin is not even attempting to make a real effort at implementing a usable dark mode.
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6 years ago, mistersquid
Fix 99% of What's Wrong With the Web! 🖥😍
If you're sick to death of web pages blasting laser bright light into your eyeballs, Dark Mode for Safari is here to soothe. Dark Mode for Safari enables users to invert the luminosity of web pages in Safari and has a whitelist (heh) to add sites that already have a dark theme. Admittedly, "Fix[ing] 99% of What's Wrong With the Web" is a bit of hyperbole on my part. (Everyone knows what's mostly wrong with the Web lies outside the realm of luminosity.) But if you seek to cultivate your avant-garde, 1337-hacking, urban slick aesthetic sensibilities, Dark Mode for Safari can help enculturate even the most design-challenged among us. Note to the developer: Thank you for releasing this. I like the Softer Dark Mode but it doesn't look good on some very high profile sites. My one feature request is per-site Dark Mode/Softer Dark Mode designation.
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4 years ago, Bunko4ever
App is a Game Changer
Highly recommended. This app does it's job well and does exactly what it claims to do. I have to use the same web-based website for work, and it constantly blinded me until I found this app. It's worth every penny of what I paid for it. The options menu doesn't have the most intuitive UI, but I like that it's easily available so that I can make adjustments multiple times a day as necessary for changing light conditions.
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4 years ago, Docabilly
This is a really good Safari extension. Just get it.
Not a paid review. I read the reviews so I was knew it wasn't going to be perfect but it solvled my problems immedialtey if you are now forced to work from the home kitchen until late at night, this $2 thingy is great. I could probably have spent a day working though Safari's custom CSS style settings, but Nah. I have a real other job to do while working from home.
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5 years ago, cryogenx
Nice but could be better
Adding the ability to use wildcards in a URL string would be a major improvement, also have the ability to not apply to images or things that are already dark in color would be a plus. for instance i have a site that has a dark menu bar and this plugin makes that menu bar super bright while making the rest of the site dark.. counter intuitive if you ask me.. its a good start but could use some polishing. Had i know about the shortcoming i probably would not have paid for it.
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3 years ago, ktrain04
Does not handle colors as well as Dark Reader
I prefer Safari on Mac for a few reasons, but dark mode is becoming almost as important to me as other features. Dark Mode for Safari is good, but it does not handle colors nearly as well as Dark Reader for Firefox. Colors are always a strange lighter shade/hue of the original color. I know there can be problems with images, but I'm talking about many elements of the page, including hyperlinks.
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4 years ago, Tape Doctor
Fantastic App If You Prefer Safari
I always prefer Safari as my work browser. The dark mode was great with Mojave but the not-dark mode of Safari was not great as the bright white background contributes to eye strain. This app lets you set it to dark mode or partial to suit your needs. It also lets you exclude sites where dark mode is not needed or a hindrance. For the price, one of the best app purchases I've made recently.
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5 years ago, Bedmoot
Excellent but one problem
This extention is a godsend, works well with every site I have tested, doesn’t make words impossible to read or black out lines and pictures like some others do. My one issue is when clicking on google docs, all the texts gets a little darker and the font changes for a second. Very small issue that most wouldn’t notice but it annoys me and some other nitpickers. Overall, great extention, worth $2, just needs a minor bug fix.
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5 years ago, dghjcjkjcds
great for people who suffer from migraines!
ive been struggling with migraines for the past few months. bright white high contrast websites reaaaally do a number on my poor eyes. Ive tried switching as many apps, websites, and programs to have dark modes on. The only thing i couldnt find a dark mode for was google through safari. but this app works perfectly! thank you.
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4 years ago, Nazgael
Just Words
I rarely write app reviews... but I have ot say that this app just works. The only reason it's not getting a five stars is because of some tiny like quirks here and there. For example, before a page loads it flashes white. Sometimes, when you scroll through a page, if the page renders in JS, the load is white before it's dark. This is a super tough problem to solve so totally understandable. Regardless, this gets the job done!
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2 years ago, Kendreek
Pictures and colors not handled well
I have paid for this app and quite grew fond of it. I hate working on the white screen as it is distracting for me personally, which is why i loved this app. but I think there is now a lack of support for this extension. Whatever the reason might be, I am sure you will fix these issues with pictures and colors not adapting well. I will be back using this app once that is fixed.
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5 years ago, rbrancheau
Needs To Be Incorporated Into macOS Dark Mode
The BEST dark mode for Safari. I use the "Softer Dark Mode" setting, which seemingly uses the default "Dark Mode" colors used by macOS. Does an incredible job regarding how it changes each page dark. It DOES NOT invert images, or alter them, like many other Dark Mode extensions or CSS styles. Incredible job done by the developer. This is a MUST-HAVE for dark mode users of macOS.
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4 years ago, ABR3434
Works well and simply
This little extension does just what it says: imposes a dark mode on command to web pages. It's mainly a simple reverse video, although it makes some attempts to go beyond this. Most importantly, it is able to turn on and off according to the current system setting, and disable selectively on web sites you specify.
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6 years ago, BradGess
Getting better
This app has gotten much better in the past month. Glad to see the engineers are listening to feedback. The only weird issue now is they're tryin to cram the "disable darkmode" whitelist in the browser exstention itself. The application would be much better (5 stars) if this list were managed from the application itself ... and the Safari extension instead opened the app that lists out all of the websites (and the darkmode rules for those websites)
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5 years ago, Eckelberry
Good and Simple
I never write reviews, but this one is worth it. I needed a dark mode for Google Docs but didn't want a trash spyware extension. This seems to do the trick. Little Snitch reports no connections made from this app, so it appears to do what it says without fluff. **Suggestion: let me export and import a list of my sites so if something goes wrong I can easily restore.
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4 years ago, samyachour
Super impressive
Switching to MacOS dark mode was awesome except for the fact that my browser was a bright beacon of light in an otherwise dark UI. In comes this extension. Wow, as a software engineer myself i'm impressed by how many edge cases this handles! Rarely do I find a website it doesn't support/work flawlessly on. Big props to the developer, this is no easy feat (or maybe it's super simple haha).
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6 years ago, Merc-24
Best dark mode for safari!
I have been waiting for years for a smart invert extension that actually works. There are others out there-but this one takes the cake by far. P.S. The only problem I have encountered is when you open an image, from the google image section, the new pane that opens inverts every image inside it.
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6 years ago, Pse0
Improve the scrollbar
This app works nicely for the most part. Obviously it makes some websites look terrible but you can exclude those websites. My first complaint is that even with softer dark mode, the black is still a bit too dark. Second complaint is the scrollbar, it's still black when on black background making it really hard to see when scrolling with touchpad.
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3 years ago, Steve wanted more
It's pretty bad (for me)
I don't give it 1 star because the author was able to direct my concerns via email. Sorry for being blunt. The app does a pretty poor job at inverting ONLY the white space of websites. It tends to invert everything on most sites; images included. I have been unable to use it for any website because. On the flip side; it works really well for crunchyroll, so it was nice getting a little lucky there. Furthermore, I really like the app's GUI. It's user friendly and makes sense. The different options (dark, softer dark, e-ink, etc.) are very fun and creative, however, not really useful to me. Curtain is a really nice feature if you just want to dim the brightness of your browser. I hope the app continues to develop, I will continue to develop my review!
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3 years ago, chipinfinity
<< dark reader
after debating between this and the dark reader (darth vadar) i chose this since it was cheaper but after a few hours surfing i have concluded this extension is indeed inferior to the dark reader. images were affected and text were borderline unreadable, which can be quite annoying(yes, i know, 1st world problems). The UX for filtering themes and modes were also lacking. I do appreciate the dev's transparency on privacy, something the dark reader lacks. Sigh.
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3 years ago, Solly may
Not sure why the bad ratings
This is a lifesaver for me. I use this all the time and specially at night when I'm working. The developer added multiple shades of dark modes so you can choose the one that fits you best. Two things I would love for future releases: - Add iPadOS support now that we'll get extensions on iPad - Add Dracula dark mode (I know, this might be more challenging or out of scope, but I use dracula color scheme for everything, so why not use it here as well? Probably you'll be able to post it on the dracula website and get users to pay for this feature). Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Mr. Luigi
Love for your eyes with one limitation
Apple's "global" Dark Mode does little to tone down the blinding white light of many safari web sites. "Dark Mode for Safari" does a good job in most cases. But, in some situations the app fails as it makes some elements on the page impossible to read. Hopefully, updates to the app will improve this sitation.
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4 years ago, Alpha Courage
Read the fine print
I didn't. Once you install it it explicitely states that, while in dark mode, it can read sensitive data such as passwords and credit card numbers. I can't think of a single letgitimate reason it would need to do that. It also created a folder struction that mirrored my user data folder structure, some of them shortcuts to my foldres. I don't know that this extention is doing anything creepy, but there's no reason it should be doing creepy things like that.
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4 years ago, Rajgeh3339
Almost perfect
Great app, works as promised....I only have 1 issue with it, for some reason it throws on a smoky shade over all the media content in "Softer Dark Mode" whcih makes it harder to watch video or pics. In the regualr dark mode this problem isn't present, I personally prefer the softer dark mode....just wished it left the pictures and video alone. It might not be an issue for most users anyway
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6 years ago, Ladbroke
Not as good as "Dark Reader", better than "Turn Off the Lights"
Side by side with Dark Reader for Chrome/Firefox, this is not as good and costs $$. If you don't need to use Safari, just use Dark Reader. This is decent, but only worth spending money if you have to use Safari. Please add better customization features. I want more flexibilty for how I choose to display pages, akin to what Dark Reader offers.
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4 years ago, G-Mo
Works on most sites I've tried - haven't seen any inverted images. Makes Jira really usable when programming at night, like I am right now. For one site that was misbehaving (its theme was already dark), it took two clicks to add it to the "ignore the following" list. I think it's well worth two bucks.
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4 years ago, cbuck
Almost perfect!
Thanks! I love this extension browse freely without being blinded. The setup is a breeze and being able to include selected sites or pages is perfect!! My only critique is I wish it matched the default Catalina Dark Mode. I know this is my OCD typing here, but the pages are slightly darker. Still... 5 stars from me!
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5 years ago, Uncleschnell
works well on many sites
Pictures do not have inverted colors - on many sites it is almost 100% native dark mode. On other sites video does get inverted. I would really love to see sliders to adjust the intensity of dark mode. It is just too black and the text is too black.
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5 years ago, brutus inquisitor
Does the Job!
Day or night, I am sensitive to bright light. (I see very well in the dark.) Web pages with blazing white backgrounds fatigue these old eyes... I installed your software this morning, and it does work well. So, Denk Alexandru, you have solved a major problem for me! Thank you very much.
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3 years ago, Vv_/
Blue Becomes Black
I want to like this app & recommend it but the blue font being pink now needs to change. The functionality feels like it shouldn't be a paid app & it's my fault for paying. If the extension could work with dark mode (it doesn't everything in dark mode become light) & the blue stay blue than this app could be a much needed favorite.
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6 years ago, Hunter Kirby
EXACTLY what I was looking for!
Thank you so much! I was disappointed when Apple didn't darken the web pages in dark mode. But this fixes everything! I love how it automatically dims when in system dark mode. Worth the money to save your eyes.
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5 years ago, Maitri.Bodhisattva
Poor (as in no) Image Support ☹️
It mostly works well, but due to its overly simplistic implementation, it reverses all images, renderimg them unviewable. and the web page unnecessarily unpleasant to view. Additionally, some of its text and background color processing seems arbetrary, which, again, renders the web page unnecessarily unpleasant to view. Otherwise, five stars for sure!
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5 years ago, feifeigxx
a little suggestion
this is a great extension, very helpful for me. There could be one place for improvement. Currently the extension works almost every where includ images and videos, but some images and videos' color are still affected. Could there be a choice that just ignore all image elements?
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4 years ago, saurabhr8here
Pretty good implementation of Dark mode
I saw 1 star reviews and thought the developer deserves more based on using this extension for a day. Most sites seem to load up well in dark mode. Pleasing to the eyes, overall works as advertised. Thank you!
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6 years ago, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
New update is causing major problems.
The update that added a list of sites that are blacklisted is causing huge problems. The button no longer shows up in my tool bar. If I go into my extensions list and uncheck and recheck the extension my entire system freezes for several seconds, the icon flashes on my toolbar and immediately dissapears again. The app was great (4 Stars!) but the new update has completely broken it. Please issue a fix soon.
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4 years ago, MyFavoriteNicknameWasTaken
Works perfectly for macs that don’t have native dark mode!
I was skeptical, but this is exactly what I was looking for. I have a mid-2011 iMac stuck in High Sierra and it works perfectly. No longer missing out on the native dark mode that came with Mojave.
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