Day & Night Map

4.7 (1K)
79 MB
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Volker Voecking Software Engineering
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Day & Night Map

4.74 out of 5
1K Ratings
2 months ago, FoxZia38
I didn’t realize you had updated your app! It had been a while since you updated it. I was going to look for another app and remove this app. Any app that are not updated for over a year, I delete apps.
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3 months ago, Mmbeiruti
Day & Night Map
Moon position was not displayed!!!, but Sun position is there. Please correct the bug if such bug in this App. Thanks Moon position was displayed in iOS 9, but never in iOS 15 or iPadOS 15?? Thank you for reply, however Moon position was activated, but Moon was never seen in the Map in iPad 15. Thank you for your try in recent update, but really still failed to display the MOON in iPad 15!!!???… However the Moon is displayed in Versions iOS 12 and below-for iPhone, iPad. Thank you for this update, in which the MOON is displayed in iOS 15, but the MOON still not displayed in iPad 15, as it is still displayed with previous versions!!!!. Best regards Moon position still not displayed in iPad 15 Long time passed since my review, nothing was done to display The MOON POSITION!!!???.. According to my previous review, you didn’t responding to display the MOON position in iPad 16.5, while the Moon position can be displayed in iOS 16.5!. Hope you will correct this. Best regards. This App works very well in iOS 16.5, however in iPad 16.5 Moon position still not displayed. I hope you will correct it soon. Best regards.
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2 years ago, You Tube Junkie
Earth Images
Wow where does one begin I like the details and graphics very nicely done also extremely accurate as far as the position of the sun & moon. Also time of year great for planning the moon cycles. Highly recommended to anyone, Thank You Chrispen G.
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8 months ago, The Toober
Just what I need
I’m a Ham Radio operator and it’s very useful to know where the terminator is. I use Gray Line propagation to make contacts into South America and the SW Pacific during the weeks around the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. I also use sun position to estimate the probability of HF blackouts during Solar CME events.
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3 months ago, Tom Pastena
Great app
It is nice to be able to follow the path of the sun throughout the year and know when it is going to get dark.
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4 years ago, Chess0
Sun & moon
I’m a sun & moon person. I can c in one page location of sun & moon. My families scattered all over the world. We share where the moon with them.
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6 months ago, Metoo2710
Very Interesting
This is a very interesting app to see how the sun is moving, and how the daylight changes for the northern hemisphere, and southern hemisphere.
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1 year ago, hheeccttooe
Moving of the earth and sun. To day Ann night.
Like the way the earth moves. Day and night. And Sun. North America and South America
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2 years ago, Drinkale
Quite Useful
A good visual depiction of sun and moon movement over a year’s time.
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2 years ago, Shifting dogs for the win
Military Time
Please add a 24 hour clock setting for the widget feature. Great app otherwise
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3 years ago, mcjaguar2006
Over all: Useful
One little glitch with one of the right arrows, step-by-step.
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4 years ago, 297 qatar
It’s so good
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5 years ago, jeff 22228888
Nothing to see here
What’s the point if the oceans are almost the same color as the shadow, so the shadow is practically invisible?
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3 years ago, Snap snap snap YMCA cat
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4 years ago, billuji
Very good. Satisfied
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6 years ago, Tedd FC
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8 years ago, Christofer Williams
Does exactly what it says!
This app does exactly what it says it does, and it does it well. An earlier version had a tendency to crash, which made me withhold a star. However, they appear to have fixed the problem in a recent update, so it's only fair that I revise my review accordingly. Thanks!
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7 years ago, DrDodgers
Simple app, does what it needs to
Shows the earth with the day/night division. Exactly what you want from this type of app.
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8 years ago, TheDurf
looks great!
For ham radio this is great to have! Also really nice to just leave on in full screen mode to look at
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9 years ago, KonnMan
Great tool
Good for information as well as teaching. The GUI is clean and makes sense.
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6 months ago, Samir ALTURKI
Excellent application for all
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9 years ago, GrizzbMe
Just A Guy
Pretty good app ... you can enlarge the Earth surface to see the terminator clearly. Good teaching tool.
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