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User Reviews for Dayforce

4.69 out of 5
306.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Snefaroo
Better than not having a scheduling app
I can check my schedule from anywhere at any time. I used to have to be at work or call during business hours to get my schedule. I also like that I can check it on my lunch break from to see exactly when I clocked out if I forgot to notice at the time. And I no longer have to sift through a stack of schedule requests to see if my has been approved or denied yet. The only reason I took off a star is that If I clock in a second before or after my start time (say 8:59:59 or 9:00:01 if my start time is 9:00:00, I get a message that I am either too early or late. So it’s virtually impossible to punch in without a digital scolding. The time clock doesn’t show seconds so you can’t even try to time your fingerprint verification to the second. It’s not like we get in trouble for it but it’s sorta annoying and completely defeats the purpose of the notification. Seems like a pretty dumb oversight on the part of the people who made it.
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5 years ago, GuacaBole
Major foundation flaws
We’ve have been using this app to clock in, clock out, and do a labor transfer in order to be compensated under the correct pay. The first of many infuriating problems with this app is that this app is really inconsistent and unreliable when you wanna do anything with your time clock. Whenever I or any of my colleagues want to clock in, clock out, start or end our lunch, or even labor transfer we are 95 percent sure that we are going to be hit with an error. What frustrates me even more is that the app doesn’t even tell what the problem is instead it just says “An unknown error has occurred” this frustrates me so much because even the app doesn’t know why our time clock interactions isn’t going through. Another major flaw is the labor transfers and the timesheets. My job especially, in my position, we must transfer between two different pay rates and looking at the time sheet it doesn’t even say our transfers went through. So either the timesheet or the labor transfer is not working properly and this may affect my pay. At this point I do not recommend this app. The desktop version is better than this and the desktop version doesn’t hit you with errors and works all the time. I’ve completely stopped using the features the app was made for since it doesn’t work and just use it to look at my schedule and that’s it.
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6 months ago, colt98h
Pretty good but some improvements that I think will make it more user friendly
So I just started using this app seeing as I've obviously started working, and I think it's really useful that you can sync your work schedule with your apple calendar. The one thing I have about this is I have quite a few things on my calendar besides my work schedule and I use the calendar widget to see what is upcoming and I rarely notice my work dates and hours because of this. So my minor but pretty (in my opinion and hopefully many others) solution is to make it to where we can add a Dayforce widget to our home screens. There could be a widget for someone's next paycheck, shifts they could pick up, (the one I'm most wanting) the day's I've been scheduled to work and the hours I need to work, and etc. I know this is alot all for a single widget feature but I feel like it would be very useful seeing as most people are on their phones and will go by their home screen and see it easily instead of remembering to go to the app every day to see if you got any new shifts. Thank you
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5 years ago, Jackonator44
App needs improvements
Our company recently changed from Paycom to Ceridian. I use this app regularly to clock in/ out. I’m not impressed. Simple things that were easy with Paycom are lacking here. For example, when I have authorized time off, whether it be vacation or holiday pay, it does not total the same hours into my weekly totals. I have to factor those hours in on my own. Additionally, in Paycom, my weeks were separated by pay periods with two week total hours added and shown. Not the case with this app. As a part time employee, I have to go back and add authorized time off hours on my own. Doesn’t seem like it would be so hard to make these changes in a system. This would save me precious time as an employee. Separate the weeks per pay period in the app. Factor in all hours ( vacation, sick, holiday) into weekly totals. This was all done with ease in Paycom. I shouldn’t have to log onto my my computer to view these totals. Defeats the purpose of an app. Finally, move the tab where you log-out in the app. It is at the bottom of the options, which is blocked by pop-up confirming clock- out. Again, a very simple fix. Wish we could go back to Paycom!
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9 months ago, Original Chief Shop Steward
This app and desktop site are trash
The company I work for swears Dayforce is the best thing ever created. The reality my coworkers and I have been subjected to via Dayforce is 1000 times less than the best. People have been constantly getting screwed over since the company switched over from the original product we had about eight years ago or so. PTO and STO accruals are always incorrect and I mean always. I’d say for at least 500 or so of my coworkers. Possibly more. Pay rates are regularly displayed incorrectly. The app and desktop site always display different information in regards to comparing the same subject lines. One can clock in for the start of a shift exactly on time, clock out for an unpaid 30 minute break, clock back in from the unpaid 30 minute break exactly on time, clock out exactly on time for the end of shift and Dayforce will regularly display more than 30 minutes of unpaid time for the shift. Dayforce has been robbing me and many others for many years. Dayforce has caused countless people to lose their jobs because it pushes one’s clock in time up to the next minute. Ultimately logging one in late by that action. Seriously, there is nothing good about Dayforce.
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5 years ago, McBoogie66
Allow email of stub from app
Get current That is email a PDF to anyone...from the App. You should consider adding the availability to print earnings statements directly from the app. Paylocity allows sending PDF copies from the mobile app. Which can be printed or screenshot at another location. It’s a hassle getting things printed if one doesn’t own a pc or have easy accessibility to one or a printer. I can’t immediately display a copy. I have to run around trying to find a pc and printer. A PDF email to oneself or another would make it more convenient and put it on par with paylocity’s options/ features. Also it would at minimum allow one to screenshot it --
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5 years ago, leantwo
The good of Dayforce is having the upcoming schedule so available and not subject to transcription errors on my part. The bad is that my employers are “locked into” what the app tells them with little reason to go to the trouble of attempting to override the schedule provided. It rather also provides the excuse for not doing so, as Dayforce can and can’t do this. For example, I only want 20 hours, if I do get 20, it is spread over 4 days, sometimes more, in tiny time blocks. That breaks up the week too much, and the whole point of asking for fewer hours is more time for other activities and interests, whatever they may be. Apparently, the needs of Dayforce, do not allow for this configuration. Also, scheduling time off has to be set far in advance. This can be difficult with so many variables to factor in. My managers are really good about this, but trying to tie down dates so far in advance is often awkward. It’s not just Dayforce, I realize, since I see the same patterns in other family members difficulties in the same area. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Going grooming
Very useful, not perfect
I’m thankful for an app on my phone to keep up with my work schedule, messages, time off requests and balances. It’s easily accessible and synchronization with the calendar in my phone is simple. The biggest problem is with the messages. It’s glitchy on a regular basis. When typing a message in the portrait layout, the words are commonly not visible on the sides because they don’t wrap around to the next line soon enough. Sometimes it will stop showing the words I’m typing for a sentence or two, and then it suddenly appears all at once, which means I have to backtrack and edit what was typed incorrectly while invisible. If I navigate away from a message to check something else or answer my phone, it may or may not save my work for me, sometimes forcing me to start the message over.
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1 year ago, thaddradys
Zero stars
This pay card is ridiculous. It does has the option to pull off money from your paycheck prior to your payday. But the downfall is every time you make a transaction you are taxed on it and it cost you more than you originally purchased the item for. Also there is no way to dispute any type of transactions via the app or online you have to call the hotline.I have sat on the phone for 40 minutes trying to get a representative on the phone it’s not the weekend but there is no answer. I spend so much with this company Dayforce and I can’t even get a representative to help me out. I would not recommend this company for anything. I also request days off and it won’t pay me until my paycheck in two weeks…. But Dayforce shows the days are pod for but I have to wait for a check. Hate it .Do not use. If your company is looking for a payroll company use tandiem I’ve heard great things. Forget about Dayforce they just want to rip you off tax you extra and be of no assistance.. thanks .
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2 years ago, JedAngus68
It’s very helpful, but it all depends on who enters in the information & that it’s updated. You can sink in your calendar your your other devices. I know how much my check is by $ amount & by %. I have the amount of pay hidden in personal info, that way if someone is looking over you, they don’t see what your hourly pay is. You can check your messages & send messages from app also. It depends on whom is entering your information & how they set up yo check stuff. Example, how many days left to take off, employee #, start & hiring dates, personal pictures & your job title, & who your boss is & see the chain of command. I would rate it a 5, but I haven’t used all the resources it offers & don’t want to inform false info.
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4 years ago, Addie416
Gets the job done I guess
The app gets the job done, but it’s nothing special. If someone were to offer a shift, you get a message to your inbox to notify you and also it gets posted onto your calendar, but the message doesn’t go away even after you’ve already viewed it on the calendar or even if someone has already taken the shift. It’s just a redundant little feature that’s annoying. Also, even if you opt into notifications, you don’t get a banner alert on your phone if someone puts up a shift. If you’re looking to pick up a shift, you kinda just have to check in every time multiple times a day to make sure you catch a shift trade. The app has a myriad of little annoying features that make me think the creators probably don’t use it themselves. But again, I guess it gets the job done.
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6 years ago, Milnes83
Works decently for what it is.
Look, it’s not a flashy game. The app does what it’s supposed to do. It’s not super fast about it, but it’ll get there. They do need to allow supervisors to have the full calendar schedule view the hourlies have. Also, fix the bug which makes me select a location every single time I login. I only work at/have login access to one location. Let me set it and forget it. These would get you 4 stars. Giving me ability to write/edit the schedule and edit attendance information in the app would get you 5. While you’re at it, lose the Silverlight dependence for all desktop access. It’s a dead technology and embarrassing as hell to have to explain to new employees they have to figure out where IE is on their computer to use “our” system.
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5 years ago, Irv8104
Good app with some opportunities
I use this app everyday for work. It's good. I wish you were able to update your "default availability" through the app as it is extremely time consuming to request availabilities week by week as well as to approve/deny them week by week. It would be extremely useful and impactful to be able to adjust “TimeSheets” via the app instead of going through the site on a PC. Sometimes leadership gets distracted with their responsibilities that they forget to make adjustments but it would be so much more convenient to be able to do this on the app.
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2 years ago, D to the Wayne
An app should be rated on how “epically” it fails!
If I could have given it a “zero,” I would have. The app initially wouldn’t allow me to successfully “sync” my work schedule to my main calendar on my iPhone. Not a big deal. I tried it later on, and it has successfully synced my work schedule to my iPhone for a few years now. However, recently it was not syncing…I tried a few different things, and it started syncing my schedule again….only I got it in triplicate, and it completely deleted the rest of my calendar information. This includes my other work schedule, my medical appointments, everything! The IT departments at both of my jobs have been unable to find a solution. So if you need to punch in an out, approve timesheets, it will probably be fine. But save yourself the headache and don’t even bother syncing schedules.
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5 years ago, longtimeuberrider
Made obsolete by faulty new validation feature
I have already put in a request with our company's HR to switch to a competitor. Two updates ago Dayforce introduced a new timesheet validation feature. This feature makes it impossible to save changes to your timesheet. Since my employer adds hours automatically, I have to manually go in and mark hours I actually worked in order to get paid. With Dayforce's new timesheet validation feature, I cannot do so at all. I get an error message reading "failed to validate timesheet" every time I try to add a shift. Numerous of my fellow employees have complained about the issue, and our office manager contacted Dayforce. They said they would address the issue in a new update, yet it still persists. We will be switching to a competitor as this product is simply useless now. Be warned that they have terrible customer service and do not address app errors.
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1 year ago, Jedwards820
From a supervisor view, I wish the attendance option was still available. While I can see everyone in the schedule part, it would be nice to also see who has signed in. To help with that, blue dot the crew member in the schedule who has signed in. That is what I really relied on in the attendance. It listed the crew members by time and highlighted those who have signed in. I like the schedule, just from there I could see who was signed in. Thanks John Edwards
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1 year ago, ******sleepy******
Version 62 is NOT helpful for managers
Version 62 claims it is to help managers do their jobs more efficiently and this update has done the opposite. Timesheets now lists every employee alphabetically, instead of by shift. Assuming I know every employee’s schedule; I don’t, which is why I use this app! There’s also no easier way to get to the employee’s file to get their personal information should I need to contact them, so now another thing to make my job less efficient. I’m all for updates and improvements but this new version of Timesheets is not helpful, please reverse this feature. There was not much more I could have asked for with the old timesheets, you guys had already perfected it and made my job more efficient. Don’t revamp it if it ain’t broke!
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3 weeks ago, m0hesah
Locked Out of Account.. Again
When this app actually works it’s great. The problem is that they keep locking me out of my account because “your password is incorrect” even though I never changed it, and have it saved to my Apple passwords to log me in automatically. Then when I try to reset my password, I have a hour to click on the link in the reset password email. Problem is I never receive the email, so I try again and they limit the reset emails. I tried to get into contact with support but it directed me to there FAQ. On the FAQ they have a email attached, when I go to email them it’s undeliverable. I’m just really frustrated with the lack of support for its customers. Try to avoid using this app if you can.
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5 years ago, Thateus
Gets the job done
It does what it needs to in my case. I just look on there to review my schedule. I can check my earnings for the period I’ve been working, ask for schedule changes, even receive notifications that my schedule has been changed. I don’t used the app for anything else really, not fully utilizing it. But all in all I have no real complaints. Maybe its responsiveness when it comes to viewing those changes in a haste is kind of iffy, but it’s a good app. Just like other apps, it can only continue to developer to do/be better than how it started off 👍
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5 months ago, PrincessPeon
Poor Reliability. Glitches, Errors, Distrust - BAD
Please, please stop changing something that already works wonderfully. Due to the app update and errors associated with this update, I viewed No work or off day scheduled on May 1st. Many viewed the same error. Now, my file will read, late to work 3 hours. Thanx to a phone call from a mate opening that very morning, I was made aware I was scheduled to work. My plans made 2 weeks prior we’re cancelled as everything shifted towards me rushing into work that day. Not cool! Blue dots before this update represented on days to work. So what happened on May 1st???? I can’t trust the app and that creates feelings of uncertainty. So, as a result, I rate the app update a 1 star or negative 1 star if that’s an option 😩
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1 year ago, tunepong
Usability issues
This app is very stable and works well. There are a few features that need improvement. Requesting time off - defaults to two days, odd, should default to one day/8 hours. The calendar fields use a roulette interface and you either do date math or play with it to find the right dates. It is simple designed for you to know the days ahead of time, not for planning. Notifications - do not support mark all as read. You have to open each one just to see an approval message. Better yet add a status field next to the request.
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5 years ago, Carolina Regina
Dayforce App
Dayforce is easy to use. I have been using it for 2 years. My only complaint which is an easy fix; recently I got locked out of the account because my password expired. I had to call customer support to get back into the account, my password expired with no warning and just locks you out! I don’t remember the program doing that in the past. A two week warning to change the password would be nice! A little more user friendly! ;)
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3 years ago, theonlyisack
Has its flaws
Been trying to figure out how to set up my email so I can recover my password. Not much help on Dayforce’s end. Can’t log in to PC version so I can’t update my availability permanently. They need to make that more accessible in the app. You should be able to permanently change availability on all platforms not just the website. Besides that, I like that it syncs to calendar, keeps me up to date without having to go into the app to check on schedule. Maybe find a way to automatically sync with my iPhone if there are updates?
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3 years ago, Epona19956
It’s Decent
I’m use to using work related apps that allow any users to view who they work with and at what times. There are some co-workers that cannot even access the app itself even when going through the steps to get things to work. It would be nice to have a bit more freedom to do things like changing shifts with coworkers, viewing everyone’s shift, and maybe an option to communicate with other coworkers via the app rather than keeping track of numbers or social media. Maybe, it is based on where one works... it would be nice to be universal if that were the case.
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5 years ago, MammaMichele
Stop fixing what isn’t broken
The latest update (Feb 2019) is by far the worst. Not only can we can no longer see a running total on hours worked for the day we can’t even see one for the week. You may have removed bugs, but you removed important features most of us liked. Mobile functionality is by far the worst in this update. Why are there even hours listed between midnight and 6 am? Most locations close at 6 pm. The errors within the desktop version and the mobile version are similar. Requesting any time off on the mobile app takes great patience and skill. Fix your bugs but keep our features.
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2 months ago, JjHI808
Update is garbage
The most recent update/interface is terrible. It’s hard to view individual day schedule. When selecting the day, it opens to previous date. IE: trying to open Tuesday, detailed view opens to Monday. Have had several people show up thinking there shift was different and it’s because of this app view. When looking at the monthly calendar it is glitching when you try to open daily and rolls back to previous weekend. It is creating a lot of staffing issues with people showing up at the wrong times/days Most of these issues are happening on Tuesday and Wednesday shifts- reverting back to previous date
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12 months ago, princessj28
Almost awesome but…
Overall, all are great except for the availability portion. In there you can request day & time you are available but it will be pending & it won’t be showing approval. There are personal or family reasons why we are requesting that time & days for us to be available. Just hoping that it will be approve cause whatever reasons we’re requesting for that, I am sure it is a valid & important for me/us.
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3 years ago, nachhhh112345
Convenient yet also inconvenient
Great way to keep track of ones work schedule and other details... but doesn’t allow in-app communication and often malfunctions. It would be helpful if the app allowed associates to send emails and communicate with upper management etc. Also, the app doesn’t allow individual associates to reset their own account password. Oftentimes the fingerprint function has malfunctioned and when I am told to enter my password it does not recognize it. And then it forces me to communicate with administration to reset it , rather then allowing me to reset it myself.
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5 years ago, Review00000007
Just needs a few tweaks
We use the app for our time. It’s something we have to do. You learn to deal with things you have no choice but to use. Five stars? Things like being able to start the week on a different day of the week, print in a format that can be used as a calendar, see everything (in one day, for instance) at once without having to keep closing and opening things - that is what would get this app five stars. It functions well, is fairly fast, and the GUI is somewhat easy to read.
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11 months ago, A_Dousch
Great!… When it works
I’ve been using Dayforce for 7 years with my company for; creating schedules for my staff, managing time off, communicating, providing mass messaging, and more. What more could you ask for? Well, in the past year there has been ever growing connection issues preventing us from schedule creation, staff communication, and more. Tech issues happen, but to not know wether or not it will be a good week or back week.. will I need to all of a sudden use a manual scheduling system. NOT GOOD. Very stressful, and increasingly frustrating. 7 years and a very rough past 12 months.. truly disappointing
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4 years ago, Bowmonster72
This app is perfect !!
This app is a perfect tool if you’re co -workers r not using it please share with them this awesome tool.. keep track of your time u know your next pay date “get direct deposit “ it helps a lot payed a day earlier. Time sheet is perfect you know not only your time but overtime as well just subtract 7.5 percent off your total and that’s what your check will be give r take a few bucks again great app if you’re in control of your financials this is your tool.. ty
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11 months ago, Mar kerny
New update is awful
They are obviously trying to make the UX on the app closer to the desktop version (more in depth, more access) but the user flow is bad and comes with lots of glitches. A lot of things that you click on take you somewhere completely random and unrelated. Aren’t able to expand things that are cut off (ex: current measurement period hours gets cut off and when clicked on takes you to time away requests. Clicking AR balance also takes you to time away requests instead of showing you details of balance). The hub feature is a dumpster fire.
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3 years ago, Jackkkieg
Very informative
Love how it gives us notifications when work schedules are ready to view. My favorite part is how we can check how much hours we’ve worked. It also breaks down how much we got paid and taxes they took. Also, it tells us the amount of our next paycheck and when we will receive it. I don’t need to keep track of my hours myself because it does it all!!! Very pleased with this app.
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2 years ago, epgonz
Lack of privacy
Work switched over to this system. It has been horrible since. Although I do understand that they try to provide options, It’s defiantly not an intuitive navigation through the system. Makes it even worse that it is not really designed for a mobile app, but more laptop/ desktop. Not only that but hate that there is no way to turn off any options on what info is displayed to coworkers. Everyone knows H.R. and management have access to the necessary information. Why is it available to all staff company wide? Realistically, the set up is steps backwards when it comes to personal privacy.
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2 years ago, Mrs. Gaylene
Was great at one time
It used to be that everything was done in this app. When it was, my schedule download it into my calendar, I could ask for time off, get messages and send messages messages to my supervisors, but now there are two different apps and nothing seems to click. This is time consuming having to look into different apps for everything and then nothing downloads into my calendar so I have to do it manually. So, I guess I’m not unhappy with this I am I’m just unhappy with the current app way of doing things because of the time consumption.
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4 years ago, KC butte
Good app, just a few improvement needed
It would be great if employees could edit their availability on the app vs having to go on a computer. It would also be awesome for them to be able request unpaid time off, instead of requesting PTO, although this may be the way my company set it up. As a manager, it would be great to have all the functionality that the employees have, like the fact that I can’t add my schedule to my calendar on my phone or even see just my schedule. Otherwise, the app is great.
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5 years ago, Gregdereke
Being on medical leave
I happened to be on medical leave twice. When it is time to come back to work, it takes awhile to be put back into the system. It is 9 days before I go back to work and I can’t see my schedule from the system. I am having to call for it. Last time I was even terminated because I was gone more than 30 days. Just a glitch that probably needs to be worked on.
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2 years ago, je2345
Has potential
Just started using service/app few weeks back and so far not bad. Recently it has started to create duplicate shifts and time punches that don’t exist and show no existence within the web portal. Also when selecting “Call-In” for an employee it errors out and doesn’t process. Other than these issues, it’s nice. I agree that adding the ability to send a PDF version of paystub would be nice and seems pretty standard with many other services/systems out there such as ADP.
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5 years ago, Bea12574
Works the bare minimum, could be better
The app is great for scheduling, don’t get me wrong. You can also request days off. However, there is no option to send a message to my scheduling manager. She is not always working at my store so she can be hard to reach when I need a quick change to my schedule. If I could message her through Dayforce, communication would be easier. This may just be for my company. I am not sure if other employers allow messaging through dayforce. Also, other employees’ can not be messaged either, so finding another employee to cover me on a sick day is darn near impossible.
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5 months ago, Steph11996
Please fix the bugs!!!
Upon this latest update, my app won’t even open anymore. It had the first screen, the. goes immediately blank and nothing. I’ve deleted and added 3 times and it still happens. The calendars have changed again, no earnings tab or next pay period tabs as before. Hope these return. Also would love a chat feature within especially when you want to offer a shift or swap.
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6 years ago, Gaby12344696262
Does the job but needs some improvements
The app works well for the most part, but I hate not being able to revoke certain switch trades on my phone and have to go on an actual computer which is inconvenient when I’m on the go. Also not being able to switch if it is a couple days before a switch is inconvenient because it should be available at anytime. Also we should be able to see the full schedule!! When I have to be at work at 5am I like to know who to look out for, for safety purposes.
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5 years ago, fkoff12
I know exactly what I’m looking for, and when I’m looking for it. I love working for David’s Bridal, but to be honest, if I didn’t have such a great store manager (Betty store in Spokane WA) and Dayforce, I probably would have found another part time job. I work now once a pay period, so sometimes I forget when I need to work. With this app it eases the stress, and this app is very user friendly. Please continue with Davids Bridal! I thank you and all that you provide
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6 years ago, Debra Diller pastry lady
Updates my phone calendar
I like that this work app updates my phone’s calendar. I do wish that it would automatically update it without having me to tap twice to physically update it weekly. I want to open it and it to take one second longer to open and automatically just update itself and my calendar. This year it would t let me select 2018 on the scroll when trying to swap a shift. Hoping that had been addressed in the app update.
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5 months ago, TheInflatableMan
If it ain’t broke…
HATE this new update. The calendar is now so sensitive, the slightest touch will send you months ahead - or backward. I liked being able to just tap one day at a time to see shifts available, but now it jumps all over place. And an orange triangle would appear on the calendar under the date you posted a shift for trade until it was accepted, but now that has disappeared. The update before this one was near perfect - I don’t know why they felt the need to mess with it again. The colors are also harsh and ugly with way too bold fonts.
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3 years ago, The.Ms.Crys
More functionality needed
UPDATE: Great customer service. I received a response to my review and was happy to be informed that #1 below is capable of being done via the app, so I will pass that on to management at my company. In reference to items 2 and 3, the developers think it’s a good idea, so hopefully those options will be implemented in a future update. ————————————————————— The app is only good for viewing paystubs. The following options would make this app 5 stars. 1. Ability to update your profile (i.e., change address, phone number, etc.) 2. Ability to view year-end statements (W2, 1095C) 3. The ability to print paystubs and W2s These functionalities are needed because some people have very limited access to desktops/laptops. You can do so much from a smartphone now, the need for a computer is almost unnecessary.
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9 months ago, rcoy126
It’s okay, wish it were more simple and straight forward
It’s nice to have your schedule on hand whenever you need it but there’s a lot of bugs. It constantly locks me out and I’ve heard the same from many of my coworkers. It’s also awkward how your password has to be an entire sentence which is straight up annoying, so it’s not as convenient as it could be. Switching schedules is also not as convenient as it sounds. And there’s no way to reply to the messages sent by coworkers when trying to organize switching shifts. I also think it should alert you and send a request to see if it’s okay to change your shifts after the schedule had been posted so you get a notification and can prove that you saw the change. I don’t really like this app. But I like having my schedule in my pocket.
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3 years ago, Beautifulfaih
Overall Good...
Overall good, I just wish it was easier to request time off. I’ve had this app for about 2.5 months and I still don’t really know how to request time off. I’ve had other apps like this and it shows you down a column what your week will look like. This app shows you your whole month (calendar style) and emphasizes the day that you work (with a dot). I think I prefer the former but it still is simple enough and looks cleaner.
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3 years ago, Donny the dude
Mediocre at best
My first gripe with this app would be that it feels very clunky and not user friendly. For example; if it fails to recognize your face after two attempts it will log you out automatically and force you to sign in with a password. After successfully entering a password it will prompt you to save your password for future facial recognition logins. This is not the standard programming you would find in other apps with this many users. Secondly many of the features are lack luster. Navigating in the app feels clunky. Wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone that is running a legitimate business.
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2 years ago, Bo-el-nee
Needs view of hours worked
I hate having a different app for everything, but the Dayforce mobile web page has a lot of problems in Safari with requiring an inexplicable double logon, to not fitting on the screen and not allowing scrolling to the right. All I wanted with the app was the ability to see a Calendar view or time card view showing Hours Worked for the week. Seems like the most basic thing that anyone would want, and yet it’s not here. Save your time and don’t bother with this app.
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5 years ago, heyburt1963
Errors in Saving
Probably should be a tech ticket, but doing so here. After the latest update, the Authorize and Save functions are now clunky and 50% success rate. They added a second step to save changes, including commenting on shifts. The authorize then save function is OK, although you still have to save (extra step). But every time I adde an employee note, the save function errors out. Therefore I can only add notes via the web interface. (iOS version )
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