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User Reviews for DD-WRT

4.27 out of 5
271 Ratings
4 years ago, juan e jot
Very responsive to user concerns!
I updated router firmware to a release that had a different method of setting display parameters for the Wireless Clients under Live Data, and lost those bars & that data (LAN Live Clients stayed & viewing the web interface through the app and/or other browsers still worked). I wrote the developer one day, he replied asking for a log file the next, and a new version (2.7.6) fixing the Wireless Clients portion of the Live Data view was on the App Store the next day. Given, that took Apple’s app reviewers’ speedy review as well, but great turnaround from the developer. Using 2.9 now, and have had no further issues (I see the log file now seems to be auto-generated with the attempt to give feedback; saves steps & I suppose you could opt to delete if your feedback weren’t in need of technical assistance). Cool!
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2 years ago, CloudRebel
Raised from 1 to 3
Edit: 3/4/22: The developers response to my previous comment below, confirms my suspicion that a decision was made by the DD-WRT developers to kill access management from apple iPhone Safari browser so that they sell MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION to a router management app. Show me an app that only requires a one time unlock fee for Non Professional Home users and I’ll consider changing my rating. I raised my raiting from 1 to 2 but only because the developer is upset that I gave him a 1. I don’t like the app. I especially do not like that there is subscription fee. If there was a one time unlock everything for life fee i might feel better about it. WHY? because DD-WRT has always been free Open Source and all I need to be able to do from my iPhone is look at my connected devices on my home LAN and signal strength and I might only need to do it once or twice / year. I was able to do that for free for the past 20 years simply by using the FREE access to my DD-WRT routers via Safari on my iPhone. When I saw that I need to pay to unlock those features with this app, I got angry. When I saw that this app simply accesses the web pages within the Firmware for anything that one might want to configure. I got even angrier and decided to end the free trial. When the developer got angry about my review and wrote me complaining about my review….he’s lucky they don’t allow Zero. I’ll give him a 2 for 2 expensive for my needs.
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4 years ago, Malignant Narcissist
A must have for the novice or DD-WRT guru.
I rarely leave reviews, but this app is an exception. I’ve used this app for couple years and it’s a must have for DD-WRT users. I currently have two routers running DD-WRT firmware, and I use this interface over the default most of the time. It’s nice to have quick, easy access to my router(s) from my phone or even better, my iPad. The dev adds features and keeps the app current with frequent updates. If you want security, speed or more network options, consider DD-WRT firmware. This app is a nice tool to have and well worth the cost.
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2 years ago, cryptee
Previous supporter now disappointed
I had previously supported this app when it was called DD-WRT HD and it was a great app. However I haven’t had to use it for a while. Today I opened it and received a message that the new app requires subscriptions, but as a previous supporter I can get a free permanent unlimited subscription by downloading the new app. That sounds great, but when I open the new app I am bombarded by a screen asking me subscribe, so I can only assume that the account transfer doesn't really work. I was also informed by my original app that I could download the original legacy app for free by going into my purchase history, but this is also appears to be untrue. I’m wondering if it is because my version of the app doesn’t match the same name as has replaced it in the App Store. I am willing to change my rating if it is an error on my part for trying to upgrade incorrectly, but I’m not holding my breath.
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3 years ago, Airplay101
While using version prior to 2.14.4 my router was hacked, I could not login to the router even after power down/up. I had to do a hard reset to DD-WRT firmware and setup router password. I can’t prove that this app was the cause, I’m only going by sequence of events. I used this app to login remotely a few times (no subscription). This app is the only app that had my router password to login remotely. No longer using the app, browser will do. Update after developer response. I’m not blaming the app. However ive been running the same firmware for over two years without any problems until I used the app. As I said I can’t prove that you or your app compromised my password. Based on my investigation and analysis this was not a firmware glitch (25 years experience in computer and network engineering). Thank you for your response.
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4 years ago, Captain Tightlines
Super Duper!
I worked racks filled with routers, servers, and various communication what ya call it devices for years. Some times needing to be in front of the equipment sometimes on the road. I wish I would have had a piece of software like this DD-WRT interface for all the times while on the road. You won’t go wrong purchasing this. The product works as it should. The builder, Darren, has great support with extra fast answers. I purchased the home version because all I need now is one router. There are other purchase options based on the number of routers you need to admin. This interface is worth 100 times what you’ll pay in the App Store. I don’t usually leave reviews because I just expect what I purchase to work as promised. But in this case I felt it necessary to let others know what a great product this DD-WRT interface is. Very well thought and laid out. Doing exactly what I expected.
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5 years ago, Raimbaalbaphomet
Revised rating
Been trying out the two week trial, which was a good idea for the app to view functionality outside of the free app. It supports everything that I could need. The only thing that I would change is to move the free trial to the single router instead of the unlimited. That way the trial is obvious where it is and you don’t end up charged $15 for unlimited routers. Regardless, it’s not about what I could need but truly unlocking the whole app. Which is the unlimited routers. Good job.
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5 years ago, good
DD-WRT app is so much faster than web interface for many features.
DD-WRT firmware is my favorite tool. This app makes many of the features much faster to access, and seemlessly If you don’t like the price stick with the web interface. I never give 5 stars but I will to negate the 1 star reviewers that won’t pay for the full version, and thus can’t properly review the app. At least when there was a pro version, the reviews were much more appropriate as they could actually review the full product. With this versions it mixes all these cheapo people 1 star reviews in with those that have pro features. I really recommend a trial version with ads, and 15 day full access for new users. And a pro version that costs a 1 month subscription price at a 50% discount for first month.
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3 years ago, Frank Panduh
For people who bought pro
I thought I had to switch to subscription, but if you bought the old version when you hit merge. Wait about 30 minutes or put your phone in airplane mode then close the apps then re-open the app. I was thought I had to pay again but turns out it took a while to sync on the backend.
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1 year ago, Shauste
Outstanding Customer Service
I’d like to commend Darren Jones for outstanding customer service. I was having difficult getting the app to work and he was very professional in helping me resolve my issue. Additionally, he noticed that my router had outdated firmware and sent me the URL to get the latest. I appreciate all of his help.
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3 years ago, Invader Jim O2
Better than the web UI
DD-WRT web UI is usable from an iPhone but this works so much better. Well worth the small fee. The developer is very responsive.
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6 years ago, cooleyandy
Video advert every 10 Minutes, Nope
Look, I’m all for developers making money. That’s fine. But if the business model is excessively annoying, it makes the app pointless. People who use a Dd-wrt app is trying to save time, instead of going through the web interface. I’m not watching a video every time I launch this app. Perhaps the new app trial business model would work better, but using a video ad wall for money is just plain annoying.
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5 years ago, Jtransue
Honored previous purchase
I haven’t yet used the new app, but the old one worked well and I’m glad they have chosen to honor original supporters’ purchases in the current version.
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5 years ago, wordonez
Must-Have App for DD-WRT
I’ve been a long time DD-WRT user and this is a must have app. No need to go on the web to log into your router. Just with this app, I can easily manage and alter anything I need right from my iPhone. Just awesome!
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4 years ago, HankRearden22
Great addition to the DD-WRT ecosystem
Awesome app - makes pulling up and tweaking router settings from your phone quick and easy. Responsive and helpful support from the dev - highly recommend!
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3 months ago, fromdustz
You bastard
You made it so nice and then put the rest of the features behind a paywall, bravo.
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4 years ago, TinCanTalk.com
Real handy app
I’ve use this app for a long time It makes accessing my routers very easy Highly recommend this app
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3 years ago, MythTVer
Essential App
This app is integral to my workflow and does a nice job providing intuitive access to my routers features.
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3 years ago, Hunok99
Hello Darren, will the pro version for 8.49 support the WOL? Otherwise all OK, just missing that WOL option that was for free before….. thanx!
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7 years ago, EscApeApe
Crash crash crash
Useless. Crashes after clicking through a setting or two. Quick way to ensure I'll never pay for the full app when the "lite" version doesn't work.
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5 years ago, Brent Sheppard
Paid for upgrade, still says its in demo mode
So I had the previous version of this, which was free and I loved it. I paid for a year’s subscription for this new version but it still says it’s a demo and asks me to upgrade again. Scam. Update: yes, I tried tapping “Restore Purchases” but it still keeps asking me to subscribe.
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4 years ago, jlmarrnaz
Nice app but...
Would love to use the app but there are so many features locked down until you purchase a subscription... wouldn’t be that big of a deal except it’s a reoccurring fee every 3 months, 6 months or a year. Disappointing that it’s not a one time purchase.
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2 years ago, Wbritt
Waste of money
Can believe what they have done with this application. It was ok I the past, but you can login to the router and do the same think. How you have to pay to do anything. I will be deleting from my devices.
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5 years ago, AlphaAny1
Has everything I need
Thank you!
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3 years ago, Abizzle74
Useless! Disconnects After 2 Seconds
The app will connect to my router and display the status page for 2 seconds before it crashes and disconnects. It happens every single time, so I have not been able to use it at all. Completely useless!
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5 years ago, vegan martin
Works great,fast and easy to change settings in my router.
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4 years ago, mike sonos
Just ok
It offers nothing over the web interface, really not as much, unless you are willing to pay more each month.
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5 years ago, SlavaC
Free version useless
The free version is useless because it will ask for subscription for anything other than status. Strange since devs do not have to offer any services for this. And it is not a trial version, as developer say, it is LITE version.
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5 years ago, r3\/01t
Used to be great—now it's worthless!
This app used to be excellent, and extremely useful. Even donated to the project. I updated, which turns out was a terrible mistake. After the update, all it does is list the basic information. To do ANYTHING now requires a subscription! I can't even reboot the router from the app now, not without forking over more money. I regret making my donation, and I'm deleting this useless app.
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3 years ago, TūrdFérgüsōn
Great App...
Great support; invaluable for multiple/networked DD-WRT boxes.
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5 years ago, Jaivicky
Subscribed for 1 year and open vpn is not working
When it is free open vpn client was working fine, after purchased the subscription for 1 year, open VPN client was not working.
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2 years ago, Dgghnbfu
Can’t get it to connect to my router
Can’t get it to connect to my Archer C7 router with DD-WRT standard. What am I doing wrong? I will update my rating if I can get the app to connect.
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5 years ago, Doc brown 43
Monthly fee ? You guys nuts?
One last chance at a money grab? Look don’t worry about it. Dd-wrt is dying out. More and more router companies are making better oem firmwares.
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9 years ago, Jack grinder
Good app
I like the app, worked well. Might buy the full version later. I had an issue(user/me) and emailed the support and got a quick response that directed to solve the issue. A+ on support and friendliness.
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6 years ago, chebx
Doesn’t even connect!!
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3 years ago, Avetinja76
not very usefull
requires subscription for everything but status monitoring. ddwrt is free, apps like this should also be free. it is scam calling it free if real functionality requires €€€
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2 years ago, NowhereInAbsentia
Do yourself a favor. Just go download a different app for your router
You’re better off looking for a different DD-WRT control app from the App Store (or using the normal web interface for your router). The alternatives have to work better than this subscription locked app from a company that doesn’t appear to value the customers that helped it get to where it is today. It would be kind to say that the Version 3 update is garbage. Garbage can often be composted or turned into energy or recycled. This app is only suitable for the delete bin. In defense of the update one could say that the version 3 update “looks pretty”. Unfortunately that “pretty face” hides a total lack of functionality as none of the buttons or features now work in the new app after the developer updated the app from version 2. In version 2, the prior major release, all the tools, the web gui links, and everything worked great. The UI was responsive and users could easily reboot their router. This changed with the new version 3 app update. Nothing works, there is no functionality available after the update. Just a pretty UI and a “this requires a subscription” screen that appears whenever you click anything. To do anything with the router users need to download a different app. In short: The New v3 app version is useless. I wish I could trust the positive 5 star glowing reviews, but they seem like they are from when the developer had a good product and support process prior to the v3 release and when they valued their prior customers. They provided a lot of customer support back then as the company used to care for the customers who had helped get the company to where it is today. You can tell they used to care about customers. It was apparent from their patch notes where they gave an unlimited free subscription to this new app to their original customers (who had purchased their non-subscription app) after moving to the new application that used a subscription model. Now the company has moved on … to a “what have you done for me lately” point of view. Apparently that care they used to have? It just isn’t there anymore because they took that unlimited subscription they granted to the new app away for all their old supporters and now try to wave their hands saying that nothing was taken away. “Go download a different app. You can’t use this new app where we gave you an unlimited free subscription.” So do yourself a favor. Just go download a different app for your router. It’s the advice the dev is giving their old customers.
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9 years ago, FamilialBrush
Broken after May 5th update
Update broke WAN live graph. Didn't (couldn't) check the rest of the functionality as I ran out of "coins", an unannounced "feature" slipped into the update. A suggestion to the developer - second tier of paid app (@$0.99 or $1.99), which is limited to one router would be worth a look. For monitoring my home router, $4.99 is too much for the full version - and having to perform some arbitrary installs of other apps to earn coins to see my router status on the Lite version from time to time is just silly. There is an actual free app available with the graphing feature on the App Store, so I've moved on. Really not impressed with the ethically questionable way the update was released as *only* a bug fix. Doubt I'd support this developer in future due to this move, though I would have understood if the changes were clearly communicated up front - I'm also not keen to work for free. Two stars because it does what it says on the tin when you have enough coins - except the graphing, that is.
Show more
7 years ago, ThaBlackBird
Looks good !
I use it all the time.
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8 years ago, Atlantis_
Doesn't work
First, can you trust an app that makes you watch ads before you can let it get full access to your home wireless administration? It turns out you can, since the wifi admin part of the app didn't work. But, you can change the app background color. Priorities...
Show more
8 years ago, sford56
Completely broken
The app is broken...it says I have to add a router, but then when I try, the "save" button is greyed out, even after I have filled in every field. I have tried at least a dozen times, and it just doesn't work.
Show more
9 years ago, djsnafu
Don't update
Newest update now isn't free. You have to earn coins in order to use it. You earn coins by installing apps and games. Can't even use the app unless you buy it or install various apps. Kinda BS. I'll be uninstalling and moving on
Show more
8 years ago, techiegene
Nice status page but seriously lacking everywhere else
The "admin" part just pulls up the web page... I could do that in my browser and not have ads. Very disappointed.
Show more
7 years ago, Admaroc
Can't connect
Won't connect remotly
Show more
9 years ago, alexthe.red
Ads like cancer
If you force me to watch commercials before testing your app, I will uninstall it and never buy the pro version
Show more
9 years ago, YetAnotherUniqueUserName
Hangs. The web interface access is pointless. Please improve.
Show more
9 years ago, MC Hamster
Limited executions
There's a counter within that limits the number of times it can be used.
Show more
9 years ago, Guocity
Ad every hour? Got be kidding
Deleting this app, ad make the app feel like a insecure adware, spyware, what ashame
Show more
9 years ago, amfdfireinside
Does not include apple watch app for LITE version
Does not include apple watch app for LITE version
Show more
9 years ago, FayardWill
Cant connect
It's sad that cant even connect to the router I just install DD-WRT
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