1.4 (17)
43.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Georgia Department of Driver Services
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DDS 2 GO

1.41 out of 5
17 Ratings
4 months ago, themeghs
Glad we have an app but is not maintained to use
I installed the app but it never lets me login. I try to reset or click on sign up, buttons don’t work. Somehow i login but then it says services not available, error on any click. I also saw an error that said error: mongo error. No option to renew license but it says online that it should have it. I tried logging in via web and it says I’m not activated to do online services. But i have an email and password. This app needs refinement. Let’s see. I came to uninstall and reinstall so leaving a review.
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2 months ago, BLUEincaps
Giving it a 5 star to offset the 1 stars
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2 months ago, sheloveexxx
Won’t open
App crashed right after I logged in and won’t open anymore
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2 weeks ago, Artgirl70
Don’t bother
Possibly the worst app experience I’ve ever had. Just use the website to renew your license.
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6 days ago, USMC455
App Doesn’t Work
The app will not allow login and crashes upon startup. Unusable.
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2 months ago, meganclare1885
Not taking details
App crashed and not allowing to enter my details.
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2 months ago, JackiTheMaddHatter
Unusable App
I give zero rating because this app crashes and I cannot access it AT ALLL!
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2 days ago, omlal
Can’t even sign up
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2 months ago, randompersonwhokillspears
Absolute Rubbish
This app is rubbish, I would know, I’m British.
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2 months ago, pouyaramzi
It's not working
It's a loop to FQ and login
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10 months ago, Lleylo
Reset password needs to be fixed
I keep trying to reset my password and every time I click the forgot email/password button it would say session has expired so I would have to keep clicking it over and over until I get the page where I have to put my email o ce I do that and submit it then a screen would pop up saying session has expired I would have to go through this over and over until I get a page telling that an email has been sent to you and once I get the email and to go the page I’ll put my new password in and submit it and then the page telling me your session has expired. I would have to copy my email and copy my password hoping I can get through to get a new password but the session expires to quickly. Everything else on the app is great besides the forgot email/password button it use to work perfectly now it doesn’t.
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3 years ago, Michael854675
I went through the signup process several months ago. It was long, glitchy and cumbersome. But then I finally made it! Woo hoo, home free. Then months later my fingerprint stopped working and the app said in January they did an update and I would have to re-create my account. Yikes, here we go again. If last time was glitchy and cumbersome, this time is a nightmare. So many glitches and barriers I still haven’t made it back into my own account despite giving all requested information. Right now I’m blocked due to not having 2 factor authentication but the sign up process didn’t attempt to setup 2 factor auth? Why make this process so convoluted? I don’t even know where to go to do that since I am denied access to my account until I set it up. Rename DDS 2 NO
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4 months ago, GeoEthereal
Not worth the time
19 years on the decaying planet and this app is the epitome of decay. I cant even believe that me and alot of Americans pay taxes that dont go into functional real world issues like this app which clearly hasnt seen a tax dollar since its creation. If it’s supposed to help me see my license information or show highly important information then why does it keep saying error?! Why does it continue and constantly refuse to let me login because im “not enrolled” when funnily enough it worked when i had a Learners permit. I mean seriously. I just wish they would fix this app. Till then just go in person for your license info or idk wait till they mail you it in 30-45 business days so they say. 🤦🏻
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2 years ago, sarabear42.
Don’t waste your time
As usual the DDS has made it as difficult as possible to do anything with them. This app is a joke. I made an account (after Jan 18), I got my confirmation email, followed all the steps, tried to log in. It told me to “log in” to my E-services account, so I could enter 2 form of identification. Why didn’t they ask for that when I was setting up the account in the first place. When I looked up E- services it was just a FAQ page. Under “can’t log in” it told me if it was after Jan 18th I had to make a new account. That’s it, no alternative explanation... so just go in and stand in line for hours, this app is going to get you now where.
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3 years ago, Shizzavip
Don’t bother.. you will save years in premature aging
This “app” should be removed, it’s horrible and very glitchy and just should really get no stars. It’s literally useless. It’s nothing more than a “browser” masked as an app and Apple has allowed this horrible “app” to be made available for users. You rotate your device and the “app” turns but then all text/images distorted. You fill in fields and click continue only to be booted back to same previous screen minus all the data you just filled in. I mean someone anyone a toddler could have used this app 1 time and sent out the sos as the issues are that much in your face so I can only assume the developer was like “good to go!!!” Wink wink
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1 year ago, carsonharri
so frustrating!
This app is so frustrating. It does not work properly. Our government needs to do something better for this service. This app is absolutely ridiculous when it comes to efficiency. Nothing works correctly and it is so aggravating to try to fill out different forms and such on the app. it is ridiculous that we pay for services like this through taxes and then the services don’t even work properly. It is so annoying to see that we pay taxes for an app and all theses services that don’t even work correctly when you go to use it. Such a waste of money. It makes me so angry!!
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5 years ago, Help Ri
I’ll try and make an appointment for my driver’s test and it won’t let me click the times that are available and then once I can actually click one of them it won’t let me click the next button. It will just keep refreshing then putting me back at the top of the page. It is so annoying. I’ve been trying to make my appointment for days now because i’m never home during working hours to be able to call.
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2 years ago, julie0894268
I’m embarrassed for the GA DDS..
As a government related application that facilitates processes for important document work, this app is absolutely AWFUL. The interface is awful, glitchy and hard to navigate. The point of an app is to make it easier for the person requesting the service, as well as the workers who work at the DDS (less people to deal with at the DDS). Aren’t y’all embarrassed? This is the best y’all can do? As a person versed in UX/’s comical that this the best that could be mustered. Hire me or hire someone that can help y’all with this mess of an app. Come on now! GA gov’t programs is better than this...this app represents y’all’s facility!
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1 year ago, Katslat4675
Oh my goodness. Terrible.
The positive reviews here must either be from: 1. Employees whose jobs are in jeopardy and so they make a good review to try to save themselves 2. The app developers who are rightfully in danger of losing their cushy government contract so they make a good review to try to save themselves 3. Someone whose only goal was to see existing information 4. People who do not actually have cell phones - but maybe are paid to make reviews. I have one goal. Change my address. I have read the instructions - and am confident I would be able to follow them if the option existed. On the "Services" tab - there is NO option to change my address. Clicking all of the other options is not helpful. If I try to search "address change" in the app - it just redirects me to....the website. The website also does not offer the option to change address. Gee golly. This is awful.
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2 years ago, toastychichi
Works Fine
I didn’t get any glitches or frustrating stuff from this app. I just renewed my license and it worked just fine. There were some kinda long loading and buffering screens here and there but other than that, can’t really complain. Took me about 30 mins tops to make an account and renew my license. Definitely beats going up to the office ✌🏾
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3 years ago, Wesgie77
Many glitches
I have had to make multiple attempts to get this app to work. Through these multiple attempts I tried paying for a replacement license...I got an error that the payment failed and that the transaction wouldn’t show on my bank account...well...guess what...since I tried three times...I now have three transactions on my bank account. Way to go GA DDS...this is a major fail. I will be calling the customer service line...but not until I have an hour to kill waiting to talk to someone who will likely tell me to just come into the office anyway.
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6 months ago, mousemoney
Apparently it’s been terrible for years
I suppose no one at the DDS actually cares about reviews, feedback, or their app actually working. I’ve had the same issue that most of the other reviews state going back several years: I cannot get logged in due to the “session expired” notice a mere 5 seconds after I attempt to change my password. It’s impossible to log into the app or the website…therefore, it’s useless. Now I’ll be taking a trip to the tag office to handle my business in person. Oh joy.
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3 years ago, KDRN06
I was a little skeptical based on other reviewers comments, but I had no problems with this app. I used it to change my address. Once I set up my account, the address change process took about 10 minutes. So much faster and more convenient than taking a trip to the DMV
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4 months ago, Pinning Junkie
Waste of time
After creating an account on the website AND adding my phone number, I was finally able to login to the app. However, you also have to change notifications on the app to “immediate delivery” to get rid of the final error message. After all that I was still unable to renew my license because the payment page didn’t work. It wouldn’t allow me to input my card number and the ad covered the field for the expiration date. I finally gave up.
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3 years ago, Jcstephjr
An attempt at a secure and useful app.
Probably secure because it is so hard to get through the glitchy sign-up and menus with bad pointers. So far, the app will not use SMS for 2 factor I’d because it crashes when attempting to allow me to enter a phone number. It is also hypersensitive to more than one instance of the app being in memory and for all glitches it defaults to shutting down and requiring a complete do over. This could have been so cool if someone who knew how to develop and debug apps had been involved. As is, I will probably never use it.
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2 years ago, Dp303938
Why does this exist
I wish I could cuss on here but im going to try and say this in the meanest way possible without going too crazy… so I make an account to replace my license and it sends a confirmation email all that stuff. So why when I try to login it says error 6 whole times and my account is locked when you literally gave me a confirmation? This is just one of the bad things Georgia has to offer especially with their stupid driving services giving anyone licenses. Hate this place lol
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11 months ago, Come on! man!!
Garbage. Don’t bother. Utterly laughable.
I think my kids could have written a better app. There’s not much point in advertising all the wonderful aspects about this app because you can’t get pass the 2FA race condition that clearly exists. There is a reason why only 670+ downloads have been recorded. I wonder how many of those 670 installs deleted the app within 1 hour of installing it. I say an hour because I was only will to invest (waste) an hour. I’ll just stick with the web based version.
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4 months ago, bad_choices
Broken app! Just go in person
About as useful as a screen door in a submarine. None of the online services work. You can see details about your license but you can also see that on your physical license. Needs some serious work. And they need to let you do these services on the website as well as the app if it is going to be this broken.
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2 years ago, RoyceFord
Useless App
Since the update of this app, I have to recreate my account every time I choose to sign in. It appears as if the app is taking me to a different platform that is capturing my login information providing me access. However the old platform that appears to have been discontinued is what I have to use to login. This process is a continuous loop of recreating your profile every time. I would not recommend this app or it’s developers (and any other apps they produce) for use.
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3 years ago, KAVANAUGHWON
Not Bad At All !!
Take your time, have the requested information in front of you and type carefully. Have access to the internet, your emails and the internet.., you should be able to get done what is explained you can do. It’s not bad at all... Go slowly!
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3 months ago, Mikey952000
My 2nd review… still trash
This is an app we as Americans pay taxes for then they have the audacity to put ads on this. Ads that block payment info so you can renew your things. So get rid of the ads because we pay good money for things and I’m sure an app (especially one that is unusable from the start, just typing things in the app is a pain) didn’t cost much to make because no dang brain cells were used on it. Fix it
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2 years ago, aimeeebb
This app is useless. session expired glitch
I’ve tried it on 2 different phones and a laptop. Both the website and the app say session expired every 15-30 seconds and make you restart. You literally can’t accomplish anything at all. I’m going to have to take off work to go in person because it doesn’t work. Obviously it’s not just me it doesn’t work for since it has less than 2 stars. Pathetic. Why does it even exist?
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5 years ago, PAPABEAR-ATL
App not working
Trying to change my address as we just moved, the app to me to almost the last page where it asked if I wanted to change or renew. I click on change address "no fee" option and try to click on submit/continue and it will not move to the next page and submit.
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3 years ago, Mesha2014
The app keeps saying I need to enable cookies. I literally can not click on or do anything within the app because that error message keeps popping up whenever I do. I don’t get what the problem is. It’s really annoying. The app was convenient at first until this unnecessary and problematic change. Hope it gets fixed soon. Or am I doing something wrong?!
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2 months ago, Tom-NEW
Doesn’t work
I’ve created my login on web browser interface. When I open app (before login screen) it shows an error. When I dismiss error and try to login, it says app is an old version and no longer supported. Deleted app + data and downloaded latest version (same version I had installed). Repeated this 3x and gave up. This app needs updating to make it work…otherwise it’s of no use.
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3 years ago, DoubleWolf
Easy to use
The text is small and can not be zoomed in; this app is pretty much just a poorly made web browser. That being said, I renewed my license in only a few minutes. It functions as intended and is much more convenient than a trip to the Department.
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2 months ago, Dr.Nora
Doesn’t work well
I keep getting a message that there’s a new version, so I need to delete this one and get the new one. I’ve tried to delete it from my iCloud (unsuccessfully so far), so I can’t get the new version bc the old one keeps loading up. Why not update the app automatically? This is the first app I’ve seen where one cannot just update it with the rest of the apps.
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3 months ago, shankmiester
Poorly designed
Trying to renew my permit while trying to check out the expiration tab for the card is covered by an ad can’t scroll down any further can’t tap the tab to enter the expiration date there for unable to complete the transaction and unable to renew my license. So frustrating you would think the developers would have more knowledge and insight.
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2 years ago, 🐻ArielJJ
“Session has expired”
I can’t even sign up on this… it keeps rerouting me back to the website saying “your session has expired”when it has literally been at least 10 secs… It barely gave me any time to sign up. Like, at all. I was literally on the first part, which is typing in my id. Apparently these problems have been going on for the longest. Why has it not been fixed yet???
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2 years ago, MikeToo132547
Yep, government at its finest.
This is what happens when there is govt worker job security, no downside for bad performance, and no private market incentive to make things work correctly in a user friendly way. A complete, unusable nightmare. If you don’t mind wasting time, go ahead and download and just try to set up 2FA. And some folks want to empower government to take control of healthcare and even more critical facets of our lives….
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2 months ago, Hitori_Samishiku
Don’t bother, go online
Wanted to give it a try instead of using the Online Services, but it’s not worth it. I have an account already, so I don’t have to deal with any sign up/in stuff, so I just entered my credentials and waited as it had a spinning wheel. It never loaded. I went online and just completed what I needed and came back to see it still in the same place.
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2 years ago, Guitar Newbie
Horrendous App
You have to type the same info repeatedly and then switch to email for codes over and over. I get the security need but my bank app isn’t even this bad. Also, what is the purpose of logging in as a guest if you can’t do anything on the app??? After filling out 15 minutes worth of info, I was finally able to renew my license. It’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Bensjessy
Don’t waste your time
It is a total and complete waste of time you spend 30 minutes on getting through the multiple glitchy screens after being kicked out multiple time to be told to go to the DMV. It’s ridiculous since I only tried this since they mailed me the information to renew online!!!! Seriously don’t waste your time.
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1 year ago, jmmmmm2
Does not work
This app is very frustrating! I keep trying to reset my password and cannot get to the correct link. I am repeatedly sent back to the sign-in page. I have tried emailing and received no responses. I also tried calling to get assistance and my calls are disconnected every time I am put in the queue for the “next representative”.
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1 year ago, kristina0621
I downloaded this app in order to update my address and everything went smooth. Since then I have tried to log back in to make sure everything went through and it just says “error” when I try to log in. Yes my information is correct because I go online and I get in just fine.
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4 years ago, Gabriel91g
Complete disaster
First off, why is an official government agency app even having ads? It is embarrassing. Since the last update, it started retiring out everywhere and every page shows a different error message. On top of that, it still only supports TouchID (no FaceID) and its features are extremely limited. Funny and sad thing is the password recovery process that, instead of sending you an email like any other service does, asks questions that if you forgot there’s no other way to regain access to your account (without considering that that’s totally unsafe as they can also be guessed by people knowing you!). Complete disaster.
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3 years ago, Georgia native
Cannot retrieve password.
This app is terrible. I’m unable to sign in at all just keeps reloading the login page. Tried to retrieve my password as well thinking I possibly put it in wrong only to find that page also just reloads with no end in sight. Quite possibly the worst app I’ve ever used. Back to the drawing board. DDS get your money back from whomever built this terrible app. Just awful
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1 year ago, Just Grievances
Just like most government products: it doesn’t work
Tried signing in to renew my license and it just pops up a blank error box. Assumed my password was wrong and after I reset it, it still popped up the blank error box. Learned how to program and implement this sort of login functionality with a single google search.
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2 years ago, WITH HATE I AM FILLED
😑I hate you
To whoever or whom ever created this app, I hate you. Whomever runs it, I hate you. You are a bad, bad person. Or people. I’ve been struggling with the GA DDS website, trying to renew my driver’s license. Finally, I’m told, just kidding! Download this app to renew your driver’s license! I do so...and the app rerouted...REROUTED ME BACK TO THE WEBSITE. WHY DOES THIS APP EXIST?! ONLY TO TELL PEOPLE TO GO BACK TO THE WEBSITE DURRRRRRRRRR?! I hate you. And I wish nothing but the worst for you.
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2 years ago, Grxclausen
No problems
I’m not sure what other people are talking about but I’m not having any issues with it. Great app.
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