Dealer Car Search

3.9 (54)
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Dealer Car Search
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2 years ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Dealer Car Search

3.94 out of 5
54 Ratings
14 years ago, Lafayette Indiana.
Incredible. This app will change the industry. If u r in the retail car business, this is a must have. For anyone ever intimidated about putting cars online. This is it. Completely levels the playing field for a small dealer as well as a must have for a big one. So easy it's scary.
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4 years ago, Auto propriety company
Dealer Car Search is the best platform for used vehicle dealers.
My experience with Brendan Dugas at Dealer Car Search this morning was amazing. He spent all the time necessary to get me trained on advertising for my business. His patience with teaching me was just as amazing as his knowledge. I recommend DEALER CAR SEARCH to all used car dealership. Thank you Brendan!!!
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3 years ago, Mando322
Bad app
App constantly crashes on multiple iPhones with current iOS installed. Will only notify on first text a customer sends, will not on subsequent texts. So if a customer responds to a text, I won’t be able to know without constantly checking the app. I run a single point independent so there’s a lot on my plate as it is. Have brought this issue to tech support a dozen times, always say they’ll look into it, but it’s been over a year and a half and no updates.
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4 years ago, castironauto10
Cast iron auto
Dsc is a great platform and offers all everything you need as a car dealer from inventory, website, and closing the deal. Brendon at DCS was very helpful and knowledgeable when training me and answering all my questions including ones not in his department, thanks DCS and Brendon from DCS.
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4 years ago, Nomadic Robot
Great App, Great Software
Just got started with this app and it has a very clean, intuitive layout. It functions seamlessly with the computer software. I love it! Should have downloaded months ago. Thanks for the tip Josh! The support staff at DCS is always fast and friendly.
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4 years ago, Shastabrooks78
Brendan was very helpful with our website and fixing all the issues we had. Thank you dealer car search.
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4 years ago, Dman 1926
Excellent service
Brendan called me ASAP when I switched over to new products on dealer car search and help me through out everything thank you very much
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4 years ago, sienas1
Excellent customer service
Brendan in customer service was phenomenal. Customer service makes the difference in these companies today and this company is the best with it. No doubts about it.
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4 years ago, Alfredo Chavez Jr.
Latino Auto Sales
Helpful and easy to use adding inventory and pictures, we are new with the text messages and Josh did very well teaching how to work on it.
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4 years ago, sonis sales
Arrow auto sales
App is great. Easy to use and I’m tech challenged. Support is always available, graphics etc... a must for selling cars. Josh was patient and navigated me through my process. Get it.
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4 years ago, Larry Steele
Ormond Fine Import Autos
Brendan with Dealer Car Search was very helpful, and able to answer my questions quickly and efficiently!
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4 years ago, LW Will
L&W Motors
Very nice and efficient. I like the new feature direct high quality pictures from my phone to website. Saves times.
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2 years ago, skrrtt.sami
Too many bugs
App is very inconsistent, I will try to upload pictures from my camera roll and it won’t even let me press the “Done” button. Sometimes it lets me but I wish they could fix that. It needs to get fixed asap and hopefully with an update.
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4 years ago, xjman97
Mahomet Car Connection
App works well with iPhone haven't had any major issues. Always nice to chat with!
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4 years ago, cdAuto sales center
This guy was great and very helpful appreciate all his help. He also helped with window stickers and scanning driver’s license!! Great guy very easy to work glad he’s here to help!! Cash Thomas!!!
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4 years ago, car$$$$
Love how I can use my app with everything and not get on the computer.
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4 years ago, Lili&Carters_Dad
Great user friendly app.
Brendan was awesome at getting my profile setup for our dealership. Very user friendly app with great tools to maximize profits.
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4 years ago, 4299PAM
Dealer car search app
Love the App. Thank you James for all your assistance you were so much help and we appreciate your expertise.
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4 years ago, Rip A.
Great customer service provided by Josh today. He was very helpful in helping set up the app and guiding us through the process!
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3 years ago, danmac16
Horrible for uploading
Tried to use the app to upload inventory and it’s super buggy. Asks to select pics and then freezes or partially uploads. Instead of making it easier it’s just 100 percent frustrating.
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4 years ago, shawnzhawn
So glad I can delete the inventory with the update ! Thank you josh for the great help!
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4 years ago, goofkirby
Hubbard Closeout Sales
Daniel was great! I left carsforsale! They sucked DCS is the way to go if you are in the used car business!
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4 years ago, Shakacjhart
Shaka Boyz auto sales
Very easy program to use and fast..
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2 years ago, TheMatthewHyatt
The photo upload tool is the worst and gets worse each time.
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4 years ago, stacey sligo
Sales mgr
Great folks always ready to help with anything I need
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4 years ago, Auto Max of Gloucester
Sales Manager
Love the app! Super easy to use! Josh was a big help in answering all my questions! 👍👍
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3 years ago, Robert Pleasnat
West Atlantic Auto Group
Ezra in customer service was excellent!!!!
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4 years ago, walleysDNV
Walleys Auto Sales
Easy ..... great support staff !!!!! DANIEL was extremely helpful !!!!
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4 years ago, gobirdz
Josh was amazing in every phase of our orientation!
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4 years ago, Felipe_psi
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin was EXCELLENT!! AMAZING SERVICE, solved all my issues quick and easy.
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4 years ago, Tigg502
Fix the app!
App crashes a lot, needs to be looked at.
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3 years ago, JayUtah
App is awful
I would go with a different company
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4 years ago, Hsidisiejidiixidixidiissmith
Wrights auto
Brendan was great
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4 years ago, mathes auto
Mathes auto sales
DCS is great
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4 years ago, Cl63///AMG
Piece of crap
Crashes all the time
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14 years ago, Ukjeep4x4
i love this app, it simplifies my life a great deal when it comes to buying cars. i goto an auction, buy 5 cars, and i scan them all, take pictures, take a video, and it's all on my website before the cars are even on my lot! i sold a car yesterday before it was even on my lot! I called customer service and they told me to try to scan the vin on the inside of the door rather than the one in the windshield. but i've tried both and got both to work. sometimes i have to shake the phone a little bit to get the scanner to focus, but it hasn't failed to scan a vin yet! i love it, keep it up DCS!! I had to come back and review the app again after i saw all the bad reviews...this has made my life so easy it's beyond comprehension. i'm on the go all the time and this app allows me to manage my inventory from ANYWHERE with ease. THANKS DCS!!!
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5 years ago, Kuzima674
After few months using their service,I quit from business and I called their agent to remove my payment information and get it from the guy who is own the dealership,they didn’t do that. I signed for TEXT US button,I got it after few weeks and they put the office number which didn’t get the text message. They inverted the colors on my logo on the site, they charged me 400$ after 2 months while I was out of business and they didn’t get in touch with the current owner of dealership to get the right payment information ,while posting on facebook,they put wrong information about cars,the worst the worst the worst company I have ever had a contract with, STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!
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7 years ago, Scamp978
Needs a lot more work or just to work at all
I downloaded it and then only used it once because you still refuse to show what costs I have into the car (that and it quit working anyways). It only shows what I paid for it and does not include additional costs so it's pointless to use the app. I like being able to pull up exactly what I have in the car and what I'm advertising it for so I can do a quick numbers check even while standing in front of a customer. I still just have a quick link to the site on my phone and I will be deleting the app for good.
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11 years ago, Dave Purdin Auto Sales
We have been using dealer car search for a couple years and we love it. These guys are extremely smart and do a phenomenal job of helping us get our inventory shot all over the web. Tools for posting are extremely easy to use and tech support is fast and friendly. We'd give them a 10 star rating if possible.
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11 years ago, Zuro
Coder needs to fix or be replaced..
The picture uploading needs to be fixed. After choosing my photos from the camera roll I have to click cancel twice to get to the "upload" button.. Put a upload button after the photos are chosen... And allow for multiple photos to be selected at once instead of selects one at a time and waiting for the app to load 5 seconds in between each photo... Needs some effort put into the programming... Whoever DCS has doing the coding needs to put some time into it or be replaced by someone more qualified..
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6 years ago, alexjca
Worse company you can deal with
I recommend every single used car dealer to not sign up with this people are the worse customer service you can ever see, They get signed up on a contract. Their software don’t work I have this for two day live after a month calling and nobody tells you what it need to be done. They just signed you up then don’t care if it works or not you get stuck with their crappy program and they know if has many problem I even send a video of the app shutting off. Please don’t sign up with this company They were calling me for more than two months trying and trying If you sign up is gonna be the biggest mistake you can do with your business Worse company, software and customer service many companies offer website working properly without a contract. Wish you guys don’t make the mistake I made with all this.
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14 years ago, Senior Iguana
Works Exactly as Promised!
I was able to scan my VINs, add my cars and photos very quickly and it also updated my website. I added 10 cars to my website without even going back into the building. Great App for DCS dealers! Maybe the other guys need to learn how to work it.
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10 years ago, a1234567390
Adding inventory made easy
App is great for adding inventory and that's about it. Picture uploading works fine as well, but a little tricky to actually use it. But then again, pictures should be better quality than an iPhone camera. 5 stars because it does exactly what I need it to do.
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6 years ago, Djett6700
Davis j
I am a small used car dealer and this is most likely the best money I spend a month. Customer service has been great. Every time I want a change or well I haven’t had a problem in 6 years so I can’t speak on that. App you can’t do everything on but it helps. Great customer service and value
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12 years ago, Bigtex70
Add ability to post to Craigslist from dcs app...
If we could post our inventory to Craigslist from this app it would be incredible! I still like the app for the convenience...needs some work, but dcs seems to always be striving to improve and add new features which I appreciate.
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6 years ago, DougF3
Great Websites/App for car dealers
Our 7 store Auto Group has used DealerCarSearch for over 10 years now. We love the websites, the app, the Craigslist tool, and the amount of quality leads we receive. Try them and you won’t be disappointed. Great customer service as well. - Craig and Landreth Cars Louisville, KY
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10 years ago,
We love this app. Photo could use a little help trim levels are off but to have the ability to load, stock, export my inventory on the fly is AWESOME. We have had three other DMS systems and are really pleased with the whole Dealer Car Search team thanks again
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13 years ago, thatkiankid
Photo issue
The photo feature needs to be improve, the quality of the photos is no good. You have to manually download from a digital camera in order to get good pictures and it takes forever. I'm really hoping they can work on this. They need to make things more iPhone friendly. I really won't have the time to download my whole inventory otherwise.
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12 years ago, Murderotica744
This app is so frustrating. I never write reviews, but this app has ticked me off so much that I wanted to warn you guys. I took 32 pictures of the same car 3 times and 3 times they did not load and got deleted when I tried to upload. I am a technology savy person so it was not from lack of knowledge. If this app worked it would be amazing, but it doesn't and has caused me to much frustration. Hear my warning!!!
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8 years ago, merlehaggardfan
Fart apps are better than this
This app gets worse as it goes. Still no 5 row keyboard with numbers (i.e. Vin viper, auction genius, carfax) still no QR support for GM barcodes(been on cars since 2011 I believe), still a blue bar in pictures, still no 3rd party app support, you get the works, but it isn't innovative or cutting edge. They too worried about trying to get me to upgrade my website for $1000 "cause Google recommends"😂😂😂
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