Dealer ICO Tool

2.4 (50)
51.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kelley Blue Book
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dealer ICO Tool

2.44 out of 5
50 Ratings
3 years ago, slushy687
Won’t Work On IPhone
KBB puts lots of pressure on everyone to make sure their process is used and all of KBB’s tools are used, so can you please make this app function properly? Thank you!!
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5 years ago, Zaninator
The dev. team can’t possibly be this stupid...
New update forces you to enter your customer’s full name and contact information including phone number and valid e-mail (that I will of course already have logged in my own system if I’m at the point in the sale where I’m valuing a trade) before continuing the appraisal. The ENTIRE point of this app is to save time and speed up the process and instead forces me to take redundant unnecessary steps with this new update. Before this update the app was a little clunky and annoying to use at times, but as of right now it has zero utility value until this garbage is worked out.
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5 years ago, PyleDriving
Can not enter “not for a customer”
Since the latest update it seems I can’t start an offer and make it not for a customer like I was able to before. Other than that the app seems to work just fine.
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4 years ago, Parkerblade2425
The app won’t stop redirecting to the mobile site. Every update that is released is a downgrade in terms of ease of use and quickness. Now the mobile app doesn’t work at all. You can make my job more difficult all you want. I’ll still enter in bogus customer info every time. If you want your business model to be making money off personal info, switch to selling pizzas.
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6 years ago, bdetrent
Update this app for Face ID
I recently received a new login and my old Face ID keeps logging me in under the wrong user. I don’t see a way to fix this...I keep getting a message saying “This app hasn’t been updated to support Face ID.”
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6 years ago, JCruz805
Keeps crashing and won’t even load
I downloaded this app over and over again! Every time I re-download this app and put in my password credentials it loads the first time and then once I sigh out or close the app and then try to open it again it won’t open and crashes at every single attempt. Must fix this!
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6 years ago, snowpurgatory
Will not open on iPhone XS Max
The app literally will not open on the new iPhone XS Max. I just upgraded from an iPhone 8. The desktop website is the only way I can go. Please update compatibility as well as Face ID unlock.
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6 years ago, Henry Nheoun
Keeps crashing
I literally have to use this app for work because my dealership requires we use this as a tool for appraisals however this app crashes every time I open it so I have to redownload it for each car I appraised. It allows me to appraise one car then if I want to appraise another it crashes.
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6 years ago, slayr18
IPhone X
Pretty nice app. Easy to use and good information. Would give at least 4stars except that I can only use it once. Then I have to delete the app and reinstall for my next use.
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6 years ago, KB 44
iPhone X & iPhone XS Max
The application crashes every time I attempt to use it. I called KBB and there solution was to use a laptop when doing a walk around with a customer. They require me to put a star. I would give them a zero if that were an option.
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2 years ago, T01837492
Will not work on IPhone 13 pro max
The app will freeze and refresh only to log you out. This is extremely problematic with living in the freezing Midwest trying to evaluate trade in vehicles. Fix this app!!!
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5 years ago, Toyota8100
Needs to be refreshed!
I have an IPhone 8 Plus.. Using this app at first was great but now it crashes on every appraisal. I can’t scan Vin# anymore at all.
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3 years ago, Toyota of Plano
Needs updating
Only able to use via mobile version. No point of downloading the app. Might as well use your mobile browser.
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6 years ago, c-hil
Great app. Face ID needs bug fixes
everything but Face ID works. Needs bug fixing
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6 years ago, ChadHudson
Great app. Makes appraisals easy
We use for every trade.
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6 years ago, courtashlyn13
Every time I open it it crashes
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6 years ago, endsburnt
Consistently crashes after 1 or 2 uses. Requires I delete from iPhone X Reboot phone than download again please fix soon
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6 years ago, please fix! sad
Crashing over and over!
I have installed and app keeps crashing. Was told delete reinstall and have done multiple times. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!
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6 years ago, Nbnewcar
Crashes every time !
Have to redownload and login each use. Won’t load the app!
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6 years ago, EvanB40
Will Not Load
App shows KBB logo and crashes immediately. Spoken with KBB reps and work around is use the computer. Pointless app if bug is not corrected
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6 years ago, Enlsides
App constantly crashes after first use on IPhone X please fix this issue now!!
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6 years ago, corey brazile
App works for about 10 min then crashes. Then I have to re download it
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6 years ago, Michellewhipple15
iPhone X
I have to use this app with work. Keeps crashing and won’t open.
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6 years ago, Ajr9377
Face ID still doesn’t work and makes app crash
Please update Face ID for iPhone X, XS and X Mega.
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5 years ago, Runnin' Rob
Great App
This is a great tool!
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7 years ago, Robodsgb
iOS 11
Not working on my iPhone 6s Plus.
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8 years ago, Ljs10991
Very unreliable
I work for a dealership that uses this app all the time and it's been down for at least 3 months now. Trying to log in, I get a SSL error code saying the connection to server can't be made.
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5 years ago, MedinaFl
Great app to help our dealer partners.
I have been using this ICO app for a long time. It is set up to walk you through an inspection. The offer that is given has helped me close many deals. I know so many others that have had success with it. I know there is a new version in the works which is great to hear. I’m sure it will be a must use like this version is. If you need any help with the app please reach out to support. 877-547-7780
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