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User Reviews for DealerCenter

4.68 out of 5
524 Ratings
7 months ago, Florida police
Absolute life changer!
I have used both Wayne Reaves and Frazier and I always felt like there had to be something more. About 6 months ago we decided to give Dealer Center a try. We are beyond pleased. If you are looking for top notch customer service and people that are knowledgeable about their products, look no further. My reps always keep me up to date on what is new as well. Thank you Carla for always going above and beyond for us. Recently Carla told us about the new game changing features to the app and walked me through how to use them. This app is amazing! Going to auction, uploading vehicles into inventory, uploading pictures etc has never been so quick and easy. For those that are technology challenged like myself, no need to worry, this app is user friendly and payed out so easy to understand. You can pretty much manage your business from your app. Do you have a new lead? It tells you and you can call them from the app. You need to change a price on a vehicle and already left the office? Boom! It only takes 30 seconds, if that, on your app. Laying in bed and realize you forgot to put the prices in for a sale you are running? Boom! Do everything you need from your phone. I can’t thank our Dealer Center family enough for always making us feel important and valued. Thank you Jesse, Marlen, Sal, Walter, Jennifer, Nero and Carla for being such an amazing support system for our business. You all rock! Dream team for sure!
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5 years ago, GodConxu
The solution is what matters most!
I’ve been with DealerCenter for a while now and have used them at two separate dealerships I’ve helped start up. So I’d say my experience with them is substantial. Each start up comes with its own unique challenges and there have been problems, miscommunications, glitches, etc. but there’s also been some PHENOMENAL people at DealerCenter ready to help me overcome whatever has arisen... My Account Rep April Johnson is the main person I’d like to acknowledge for always helping my company come out of whatever challenge, winning! Unfortunately, she doesn’t always give me what I want (I can be difficult) but she does always give me a real answer. She’s available, hears what I mean (even when I don’t say it right), pulls in the right people and gets a resolution that makes sense. I’ve dealt with others at DealerCenter and many are good at what they do and I appreciate them as a whole. Yet, what I’ve found is that when you have solid reps like April it allows for others to also shine and do their jobs bette as well. Thank you DC and especially you April Johnson for helping me maximize the potential of DC for our dealership, all while making sometimes hard situation bearable and even fun at times. As with most customers, it’s not the problems that we remember as much as how it was handled, it’s the solution that matters most!
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3 years ago, AutoImportSalesLLC
Perfect app for the modern Dealership!!!
I’ve had the DealerCenter software for sometime now. I will admit, before the updates the app was rather slow and lagged a lot. With the new application updates, improved the overall performance. The customer service is amazing! I enjoy talking to Daniel my DealerCenter representative. If I have any questions even about the little things, he is on it. With a lot of these dealer software systems you don’t get that great customer service. Not to mention, I can call and text customers through the app versus writing everything down and giving my number out to several customers. We recently added Buy here pay here feature to DealerCenter. While buy here pay here is quite an investment, Juvenal my BHPH rep made me feel comfortable with using all that DealerCenter has to offer with this feature. In the Florida area, there are lots of dealership that’s offer the buy here pay here service, DealerCenter has a software called Datalinks. Y’all, let me tell you it only cost 25 dollars a month to report to the credit bureau. With this feature it sets us apart from other dealerships in the area. This app all in one! I highly recommend you guys invest in the DealerCenter app you won’t regret it!
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3 months ago, Jo Cochrane
I would recommend Dealer Center to anyone who is not yet connected to them. The program is easy to navigate and easy to understand . I was a little scared to leave the system our company was using for many years , but after taking the plunge and diving right into Dealer Center, I was saying to myself , WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. The many calls I made to help to get started with the process, I can tell you they always were easy to get in touch with. If they were helping others they always called be back in short order. The one person that gave me the confidence I needed and guided me to understanding this very easy system was Alex. He is my ROCK. Always so nice , courteous and patient . Everyone has been helpful and so nice but Alex is MY HERO. I would recommend Dealer Center to everyone who is not using them . It truly has made my life so much easier. Thank you . A great company with a great staff.
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3 years ago, asiem abady
Street Cars Inc.
My name is Asiem Abady. Owner of Street Cars Inc . I definitely give Dealer Center 5 stars. I’ve been selling used cars since I was 14 years old. My father had a car dealership and I grew up there. Over the past 18 years I have had the privilege of using many different dms’s and crm’s. Dealer Center is user friendly, they give you the ability to manage your entire dealership on one platform. Their customer service is top rated. They always get back to me ASAP with all my requests. Their AutoCheck feature on our homepage is an awesome tool to help show transparency to our customers about what we are selling as well as my lifeline buying cars from auction. I won’t buy a car until I see the AutoCheck report first. Their staff is super friendly. Bryan is my dealer center rep and Rina is my AutoCheck rep. Both of them make running my dealership super easy and I would definitely recommend Dealer Center to all dealerships.
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5 years ago, Staceyemilygenesis
Desiree, definition of customer service .
The software and mobile app is great. Dealer Center offers multiple functions for your everyday dealership management, however it becomes a plus when you have great customer service like the one Desiree provided for me. I own a dealership in New Jersey and she walked me through the whole program I chose. Desiree actually walked me through the steps while I had a customer purchasing a car just to make sure I was using the software correctly. Lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes answering my multiple questions and was very patient. Thank you Desiree, you went above and beyond, if this is not customer service I don’t know what is, and honestly speaking, if you didn’t teach me so thorough the way you did, I don’t think I would have stayed too long because I wouldn’t be able to train myself ! Thanks again! Dealer Center management good choice of a rep!
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1 year ago, JLT 993
CarFax Hostage No Longer
After paying CarFax $173,122 over several years, I got turned onto AutoCheck as a good alternative. We are happy with AutoCheck reports. They are thorough, accurate, and a better value than the Fox. Of course, Experian is a long-trusted partner in determining credit, but the best part about their AutoCheck product is they don’t find it necessary to scare the public into thinking that they need their “FREE” report, scare dealers into believing that we can’t sell with them, and they don’t charge their customers $1,200 - $1,688 a month to have the pleasure of being mocked and marginalized by their cute (condescending) advertising campaigns. Many thanks to Carla Pacheco for being so accessible and making the transition (hostage rescue) and integration so seemless and easy.
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4 years ago, pmautogroup
Dealer center helped make my dealership faster and more efficient!
Dealer center has helped get my new dealership up and running much faster and efficient than I expected! I am very happy with the great hands on support I have received from the dealer center team. When ever I have a question dealer center is quick and extremely helpful. I purchased the DMs, online ad post, CRM, Kelly bluebook and dealer website. These services all helped make by business better and my live easier in their own ways. The dealer website truly helps set all apart with its impressive design lay out. I have tried multiple DMS services in the past and hands down I recommend DealerCenter all the way.
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1 year ago, Rose-Chan🤗🤗🤗
Infinity 8 Motors LLC
I was skeptical about paying for this product at first but im happy I decided to give it a try. Dealercenter is one of the best products you can use coming into the car selling business. It may be a bit much to nagivate through at first but once you get it down pack you wont regret it. It’s everything you need in one package. The reps are awesome also. Especially Carla ,shes very helpful and pleasant to speak to. She has a saying that she loves to quote. “If you stay ready ,you don’t have to get ready” . Its money Well spent. Keeps me organized ,up to date and ready so I wont have to get ready.
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6 years ago, twiskus
Overall Great, needs a few tweaks.
Overall the app is quite a bit better than it used to be finding outgoing/Incoming texts or emails is still a little convoluted. Seems there are a lot of steps. I would like to see admins just select a salesperson and see ALL of their customers in a lot less steps. I also would like to see notifications for new leads or credit apps received. My notifications are turned on, but I am not seeing anything. I have one specific person to whom I set all incoming leads, but I am not getting notified when a new lead hits. Definitely needs Touch ID AND iPhone X support and FaceID. Overall a much improved app, I just feel there are several things that can be accomplished with fewer steps.
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3 years ago, j3497
Jd finance manager
It’s been about a year now since we’ve started using Dealer Center. There has been times where I’ve needed some help navigating through some things but thanks to my Account Representative Juliette Bai she has always shown me how to operate and navigate through Dealer Center. She always answer all my questions and she is very thorough with the training and making sure I’m knowledgeable. Dealer Center has a lot to offer especially there customer service. In my opinion customer is everything when it come time to spend your money. Just want to shout to my Rep Juliette Bai your the best!!! Thanks for all of your willingness to help.
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2 years ago, Soul patch
A much needed DMS upgrade
Wow, what can I say. We are a buy here pay here dealership that was using saleslifter pro by Genesis. Dealercenter is total improvement over what we had. It brought us into the modern age. The mobile app especially with the ability to log in cars, log in customers and answer leads all from your phone. Not too mention the ability to blue book and do vehicle history reports from the app as well. Only been using dealercenter for a month now but wow, I can already see the impact it’s having on our dealership. Thanks Brandon and crew for all your help.
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3 years ago, HilltopAuto
Top Notch Rep and Service!
I recently subscribed to DealerCenter for my Auto Dealership to help with the daily tasks. My rep Juliette is an awesome and very helpful! Understanding that a learning curve would be needed, Juliette was very polite and helpful with all the training and set up while also providing amazing customer service. No matter when I would call, she would take the time to help me with any questions I would have. Dealer Center is very organized and easy to use but is also great tool for the success of my business and helping in its expansions. If you are wanting a top notch service with an awesome rep, I highly recommend Juliette and DealerCenter!
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1 year ago, RadSmashz
Max Digital/Auto Check
I really like the Max Digital product in DealerCenter. As a finance manager, I needed a good pricing tool without having to pay too high prices with other CRM/DMS options. Max Digital allows me to list my vehicles perfectly to get the most attention with the highest gross profit. Having the Unlimited Autochecks available to me also helps in so many instances from determining the best bank to send a car deal to or having it available when I appraise trades. All around great tools. Special thanks to Carla for helping me to learn Max Digital and maximise my use of it. Thanks!
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5 years ago, jujuatx
Victor I.
Victor has been my go to for everything and anything I have needed help with when it comes to Dealer Center. I appreciate his patience he has had with me being new to all of this. He has assisted and troubleshoot with me over the phone & computer. Walked me through step by step to teach me the software. He’s great about calling to check in and follow up to see if we need anything and is always prompt on returning our calls when we catch his voicemail. Having him as our rep has put me at ease since I know he’s always there when we need him. Love knowing his just a phone call away! :)
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1 year ago, cars rapid
My dealer center Rep Marlen Lopez has done a phenomal job with helping me set up my day to day “Money Maker” software. Dealer Center is that one software every dealership ever ask for. All the integrations you can think of, they have it. From Auctions, to evaluating vehicles, they connect with So many different financing companies. This system is really built to help my business grow and maximize my profits. I am grateful to have Marlen with some much Auto Industry knowledge. Recommend this software to any Dealer including Franchise. Keep rocking Dealercenter.
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12 months ago, JSpencerHood
Sam Chung 5 Star Appreciation
We recently swapped our DMS from Wayne Reaves to Dealer Center. Much more use of technology and other resources that could have been more than we anticipated but we were fortunate to have as our representative Sam Chung. I can’t say enough great things about my experience and the knowledge I’ve gained since beginning the utilization of Dealer Center at our dealership. I highly recommend Sam Chung be your representative if your dealership decides to swap from your current platform to that of Dealer Center.
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2 months ago, Gmillz22
Great Rep Support
We have been onboarding DealerCenter for the past few weeks and as frustrating and stress as it can be changing your DMS and CRM etc… our reps have been able to help out tremendously. Koa in particular goes above and beyond daily to assure our dealerships are ready for success as our team begins using the software. Highly recommended using DealerCenter for your DMS/CRM. It will be hard to find another system that will serve all of your needs and work as easy as DealerCenter does.
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3 years ago, creativequadrant
Great Mobile Dealer companion
This app is my mobile dealer companion. It’s great when you are on the road or away from my desk, looking at vehicles, checking VINs entering appraisals, etc. it’s also great for entering and managing contacts on the road and looking at inventory. In many ways, I use this app more than the main desktop site because it’s always with me. if you use Dealer Center, this app is an necessary and tool for managing your dealership and it’s inventory on the road or when you are way from your desk. Eric Shropshire Quadrant Motors Chicago
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6 years ago, Sully7582
Great app from a great company
The app is easy to use and offers all the desk top capabilities in the palm of your hand. We had some suggestions/issues when we first started using the app and they were handled quickly without issue. Compared to the other more expensive options out there this app/platform is way better for a much better price. The customer service is also tremendous. I even had an employee call me on their day off to address concerns that I had. Nobody does that. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Blytz Sports Nutrition
DealerCenter is great
The people that work at DealerCenter are amazing! Their customer service is outstanding! One thing I wish the mobile app had was the ability to mark things competed like the website. Such as spoke to prospect, sold, etc. Also when you click the text messages that come through you have to refresh the messages to see the new ones. It will still show old messages as unread in the app for some reason. Other than that it is great!
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2 years ago, PhatAlbert92
Max Digital and Vin Scanner
I absolutely love this app. It has all of my car buying needs at my fingertips. The scanner is very fast and gives the auction results as well as the retail markets. Our rep Maryann Iglesias is absolutely amazing and one the nicest that I have ever encountered. She is very knowledgeable with all of the products and is very responsive when called upon. I absolutely recommend Dealer Center to everyone that needs to simplify their car buying experience!
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5 years ago, Mrs.LeftCoast
User Friendly ! Great Support!
With any new software... especially when it’s unfamiliar it can be scary. I love how DealerCenter has offered free trail with all the bells and whistles. Customer support has been amazing. Every Rep I have encountered Cece, Juvenal, Dennis have all been so supportive and patient. You’d think I had been a long time customer bringing them massive revenue the way they’ve treated us. Software is easy to understand, user friendly, and anything you need they are open to make changes. 5 Stars!
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2 years ago, Joe_Indy
I’ve used the app for over a year. It works well when it runs, but it is inconsistent - reloads itself frequently for no apparent reason - losing your place in the app and losing your work - Changing UI that seems to force you through a less transparent experience that requires more steps to complete your work - pop-up requiring you to upgrade the app - and you can not get around the message to use the app. Worst part is that there was no upgrade available ... effectively locking you out of the application
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2 years ago, tsibley777
Dealer center mobile App
I have been using this App for 7 months now and it’s and incredible Tool for Independent Dealers the scanning feature works efficiently and the functionality of it has very useful integration of KBB and Auto check The valuations are easy to read and they provide instant access to your workflow. I would also mention Dane the service Rep who helps with all training on the CRM. She is awesome. Enjoy. Sincerely Tony Ahhtoman automotive
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3 years ago, Noahraysark
Amazing software with a awesome staff!
Gold Pride Auto is a small independent used car lot. Dealer Center is able to give us state of the art solutions at a price we can afford. I am so pleased with the support we have received during our migration. My account exec Brandon Chun has been attentive and anticipated my needs so well. I love not being tied to my desktop when handling deals/calls. I would definitely recommend this software to any dealership regardless of size. ~Michelle Prose
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3 years ago, cima15
DealerCenter has the best DMS software around
I’ve been a dealer for 5 years and I have tried many other dealer management software, but none of them come close to DealerCenter. It’s so easy to upload my cars and pictures for them and with the help of Bryan he showed me everything I needed to know on how to use the app he was a great help. I 100% believe that if you’re a dealer and you’re debating on which DMS to get than I’ll help and say go with DealerCenter you won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, Stu Dennie
Best Auto Sales and Service
I had an online training session with Juliette. She was extremely helpful and very patient! She was willing to answer all my questions and make sure I understood them. I downloaded the iPhone app to which Juliette walked me through. I am very impressed with the VIN scan feature as well as the ability to scan drivers licenses. I believe Dealer Center, with all they offer, is a great fit for me. And an exceptional value as well. Thank you
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DEALER CENTER is amazing!!!!!!!
WALTHER OBANDO is an outstanding REP who goes above and beyond! Dealer Center is our hub for our car sales business. Walther is always polite, helpful and ready to help us with our Inventory, deals, website and lenders. No matter how complicated of a situation he attacks head on with smooth outcomes. We are glad we chose DC over Frazer for our business needs. We are happy to have Walther as our rep. His customer service is something you don’t come across often. Cheers to DC!!!! Karyn & Tim-FLORIDA CAR BROKERS
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3 years ago, Executive Auto Sales
Mobile App
The mobile app is constantly updated and integrating the desk top version of Dealercenter for easy access. The text messaging from DC is is much more convenient and has a overall better interface on the app as opposed to the desktop. My rep Brandon Chun pointed that out to me and is consistently a big help when it comes to bringing different features to my attention for the most optimal use of dealercenter as well as the dealercenter app
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1 year ago, Rotceh13
CRM training
Can not say enough about Mary Ann! Wow. She is amazing. She is very knowledgeable. I had many very complicated questions and she resolved every single one of them perfectly. I learned so much, it was exciting to know I have all these analytics at my disposal. After our call I felt very empowered about making better buying and managing inventory and time management for my sales guys. Thank you Mary Ann for all your help!
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1 year ago, Natalia. (Mrs Maisel)
Best DMS system
We have been having the best experince with Dealercenter they make everything so much easier in general, our rep Dane is the sweetest and most helpfull of all... they all are at dealercenter but Dane is our favorite!!! We started our business and going with dealercenter was our best choice because we have all in one and we they guide us the way! Super happy with dealercenter and our rep Dane that is always there for us!
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3 years ago, RChansky
Great product
My rep Nina Quintanilla is great . She has taken her time to explain the product to me and answered everything I have asked her . She has gone above and beyond to set me up and make the transition from the outdated system of Wayne Reeves to the Mercedes of dealer software. This system is going to make our dealership run more efficient and free up time for us to do more things . I glad we are making the jump and Nina is helping it all transition smoothly.
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2 years ago, Adam C McCurdy
Adam McCurdy
I’ve been using auto check for about 2 years and have been very satisfied. Koa Pancho was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to the few problems I’ve had,(they were self inflicted due to my technical illiteracy). I would definitely recommend auto check over carfax, plenty detailed info and much less expensive. The dealer center app is awesome too!!
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3 years ago, Hotwheels of Miami
Satisfied Customer!
Just want to start off by saying Walther the dealer rep is incredible! He’s always available whenever we need him and is very attentive. After giving it some thought we decided to switch over from Frazer and it was the best decision we have made! I highly recommend DealerCenter as a DMS to any independent dealer looking for a friendly helpful management platform.
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5 years ago, JuiceELCID98
New Customer
I am new customer to DealerCenter. I have been using Eleads as a CRM and DMS for about 3 years. Although the systems are the same DealerCenter has mastered combining aspects of doing a deal into one centralized location. The tiles are very easy to navigate. I enjoyed my training session with Wes Wood. A very knowledgeable trainer for someone new to the system. He made the introduction go smoothly. I would recommend this product to any franchise or independent dealer.
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1 year ago, sierracita
A solution to every problem
Selling cars online has never been easier. I can upload everything by app and the team processes everything else in the background. Customer service is exceptional and nonetheless, I would recommend this company. Special thanks to, Brandon! As a startup company we couldn’t thank him more for all his help.
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3 years ago, antarnold
I’ve been using Dealer Center app & DMS since 2018 and I am pleased how user friendly the system is. Using the app makes it easy to upload vehicle photos that are automatically put on my website which is also created by dealer center. All the staff are very helpful anytime you call, they are willing to help with anything. If it were not for dealer center dms, my business would not operate as smoothly.
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5 years ago, Private Auto Sales
Highly satisfied with auto check
Justin has gone above and beyond for my company. He’s walked me through the service step-by-step and has made using it myself very easy. I favor auto check over any vehicle report service because it’s very accurate and easy to use. This service has found even a minor accident that wasn’t reported on the Carfax. Very happy with the service so far.
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1 year ago, JoJoinSunrise65
Excellent Customer Service
We’ve been using DealerCenter for a while now but just recently did the integration with WorldPay. There were many moving parts and Carla Pacheco became my point person. She guided and directed me from beginning to end and even checked up on us to make sure everything was going ok. A tremendous asset to DealerCenter and someone I can ALWAYS count on!
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1 year ago, bsjdjegaywjsu
Dealer Center has been wonderful to work with
My dealer rep Brandon is a pleasure to work with! And this has been a very positive experience. The vin scanner has been a great tool to work with as well as the marketing features that the mobile app gives you make it really easy to call customers and follow up with them on vehicles they are interested in.
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2 years ago, Hayer fang
Mobile app is amazing
I have been with Dealercenter for over 5 years and their mobile app makes everything easier. The simplicity of vin scans, how easy it is to upload pictures for your vehicles, and also how easy it is to search any of your saved vehicles. I almost left for Frazier but I’m glad i didn’t.
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3 years ago, rubens dossantos
Dealer center mobile app
My name name is Rubens dos Santos! My company name It’s Great Rd., Fuels!And today I have a very good experience on a dealer center, I had a been trained by Carla Pacheco. She spend more than one hour of training me, and she took her time on Sunday morning to teach me how to works with the dealer sooner and I learn a lot! She was kind patient and very polite! I’m so glad to have Carlao Pacheco to be my trainer. Thank you very much Carla Pacheco. Best regards.
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2 years ago, Lilcupcake
Best platform to use !!
Thanks to dealer center best representative WALTHER OBANDO for HIS hard work and dedication this is our second account with dealer center ! His work dedication and amazing character has helped our company grow . I recommend dealer center to anyone starting their own dealership . Their service is beyond 5 stars . I use to use Reynolds and Reynolds and i made the best choice in changing
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6 years ago, Scam12345
Better but still needs work
Errors keep popping up when logging in after an extended period. Probably because it wants you to sign in again, but that transition isn’t fluid. Best way to solve this is by implementing the finger print as a way to login each time the app is opened. sms messaging gives an error that there is no number to message when you open a new sms message from someone you’ve had extensive discussions with. Clearly a glitch that needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, Ixchel1
Prequal Jennifer
I have move dealerships constantly and the one thing Jennifer has done is build a strong relationship on customers services and specially when you launch new products like The new websites so I did it and loved it and the prequel just pushes my customers to nit just view my vehicles but also actually engaged into applying thanks for the great service and support best rep ever!!
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5 years ago, 1Dougley
Chris Scirto is my rep and he is amazing!!! I just spent the last 2 and a half hours on the phone with him as went over the entire system with me explaining all the ins and outs with detail and care. He took the time to answer the tons of of questions that arose and even researched the questions to make sure that he gave me the right answers. I would recommend Chris and DealerCenter to everyone!!!
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5 years ago, BamaPhil
Very functional and responsive!
This app is very responsive! The VIN Scan tool seems to add info almost instantaneously, and makes it very easy to add appraisals (ie: trade-ins and cars I find at auctions) to DealerCenter. I like the dashboard as well - gives me a good overview of action items that require my attention. Thank you Wes and Marlen for spending so much time walking me through the app and getting set up as well, great work!
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2 months ago, HonduCar’s
New customer
Recently we started using DC for our used car lot business, it has everything we need for our business, very happy with the software and Daniel Angeles has been a great account manager, he has answered all our questions and concerns, always returned our calls, great customer support, Thanks Daniel 🤝
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2 years ago, Pedrofcr
Dealer center is great
Marlene is my dealer center representative, she solves our doubts all the time, she seems to me an excellent representative..!!! He is super friendly and is always available for us customers and gives us the best treatment I love dealer center system . It is super easy to handle , and very complete . the banks to finance are within the system. I recommend it 100%
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