Decibel : dB sound level meter

4.6 (35.5K)
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Current version
Vlad Polyanskiy
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Decibel : dB sound level meter

4.65 out of 5
35.5K Ratings
4 years ago, hearbetter
A valuable, reliable and convenient sound meter
For the past several years i have used this sound meter app to test each power tool in my woodshop and even my power sprayer. The meter shows the sound levels instantly in a very clear and easy to re-display. I then replaced some of my power tools like the small hand sanders with quieter units. For example I found that the Dewalt square sheet sander was much quieter than my previous small sander. I have 3M tech over the ear muffs in the shop but based on some of these readings I added foam earplugs as well. Also i simply use this phone app to test any new devices or equipment I’m interested in buying in stores as well. Keep in mind that the decibel level of a tool or concert depends on where you’re using it or standing. For example if you use a small high decibel device in the corner of a room it can be much much louder and more dangerous then if you use it in the center of a room!! I now, based on these meter readings, also bring earplugs to concerts and move further from the stage as needed to lower the decibels.
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5 years ago, Julie12345678910111213
Accurate as a phone app can get
Thank you for this app. I was looking for something that could give me a general idea of the sound dB ranges in different locations. Since I only needed a general range for this project I looked for a free or low cost app. It worked better than I expected a phone app would be able to. I felt the need to leave a review as I am surprised at the amount of people that left negative reviews. The iPhone mic is quite different than a calibrated device that cost $100 and up. Not to mention variances in cases, dirt build up, people’s hand placement, even the direction the mic is being pointed at could slightly alter results. All that said this was accurate within 5db up or down in my results. Considering all I mentioned above that is pretty good. If you need something highly accurate for something of importance you should be looking into an calibrated device made for such things.
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2 years ago, JamieReneeH
Very nice
I installed the app because I needed to check the volume difference between my guitar with and without an amplifier . My ears alone could not determine how much difference there was. I was not happy to see the free version was only for 3 days but I did not stress over it since I could unsubscribe. I don’t mind paying for a good app because that allows good developers to create things that work great for me. After I installed it I went through and looked at all the options and I realized how many more things I could be doing with it that I was not aware was in the app. For instance, I know I have some hearing loss and this app has a feature where you can test your hearing. This app will also allow me to check the DB level in some of the industrial environments that I work in. There are some limitations though. For instance this app is not a frequency counter to tell you what the frequency is of the sound you hear but then it is not advertised as that. An additional limitation would be the frequency response of the microphone in your phone. So if you needed to get an absolute precise frequency level you would probably have to get an expensive sound level meter. On first use this is an excellent application and worth the price as long as you have a valid use for it.
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4 years ago, smplm
Great free app
This is a great free app. You can expect some adds. This is a great app for measuring noise. I'm using the app to measure noise in my home. I'm trying to find the source. I cant find the source because the sound level is the same everywhere. But what I can do is measure the sound level when it sounds louder. The app works amazingly well for that purpose. I don't have a couple thousand dollars to purchase a real sound meter. Im obviously not a pro in the sound field. This app is excellent for measuring sound level. The numbers may be different if I spend a couple thousand dollars on a pro model but I only care about seeing if the number goes up or down. So If pro model read 7 and app said 12 and later that day I felt like the noise was louder and I measured the sound, it wouldnt matter to me if pro model said 17 and app said 22. So, perfect for my purposes and its free! Thank you Mr Developer😁
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4 months ago, , the skipper
I like this
I realize that this is not a “medical exam“ but it is kind of nice to know any random way what this test is finding. It’s not extremely scientific, but if you found something that I need to be aware of before, I realized it that would be pretty nice. I am a farmer, so I’m welding, grinding, driving tractors, all kinds of noise around me and I know I don’t have perfect hearing. But this was interesting I thought for sure my left ear was better than my right. There are some stones I can’t hear it my wife can in a kind of concerns me. I’m going to check in on the site more often. I took this test with a set of noise canceling Bose quilaphone headset
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6 years ago, AcousticsPro
Not very accurate...
Despite claim that it is calibrated with a professional sound level meter, I found the measurements to be consistently 5-7 dB higher than my trusted B&K 2250. That is way higher than accepted error reported by standards and the main NIOSH hearing group study on smartphone apps accuracy. There aslo no documentations or papers to support the claim of accuracy. Another flaw: Peak level should never be lower than max level, yet in this app, it seems that Max is sometimes higher than Peak. Maximum sound levels are averaged over the time period it's measured at while Peak is the absolute highest level captured by the microphone before any averaging or RMS calculations. Finally, what is the average displayed? Averaged based on what criteria? Most sound level measuring instruments have a threshold value as specified by a threshold level and an exchange rate, yet this app does not provide any such information. A calculated "average" is really useless without these parameters.
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4 years ago, T.J. L
Robbed - Export data to Apple Health
I paid for Spectrum Pro, Dosimeter Pro, and dB Meter Pro. I just noticed that now I no longer have Spectrum Pro because it now requires an $8 monthly subscription. I still have Dosimeter Pro and dB Meter Pro (until they also require a subscription). I was confused about which one would export data to Apple Health. However, I happily paid for them all because all I wanted Apple Health tracking. But now even that has become unavailable. I turn on export to Apple Health. It shows it's on until I leave the settings page. I go back to find it's off every time. How can a developer, in good conscience, take away features they once offered for a one time fee? All because they want to hop on the subscription bandwagon like all other apps. I want the features I bought. I understand developers need to get paid, but customers who paid before you switch to subscriptions should get to keep all the features offered at their time of purchase.
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6 years ago, Natemasterflex
I don’t think it’s the app that isn’t accurate
As my title says I don’t believe the app is inaccurate, I think it’s the devices. Obviously iPhones weren’t developed to be accurate measuring tools. Just think about how your voice sounds when you record it through the phone onto something like GarageBand? It sounds like dog poo, so yeah, that’s what the app has to work with. Based on the fact that the measurements are done with a mic diaphragm the size of a BB I think it does a great job. I do wish they would tell everyone these things though so people aren’t disappointed, thus the 4 stars. I know it should be totally obvious it’s a freakin app on a phone, but people seem to think they should get Lamborghini performance out of there Camry.....
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2 years ago, Wedding Videographer
University AV Technician Recommended
Absolutely love this app. I can use this meter to accurately commission a new installation quickly by just using the phone in my pocket. Love this app. My favorite app made outside of native ones or Microsoft. Generally speaking ambient noise is 40db in most campus buildings. When we are testing we want our systems to produce 35db more at maximum volume to account for bodies in the room absorbing sound. This app makes it so I can test the ambient level, and tweak (gain stage) the audio equipment to around 35db more than the measured ambient. Use this all the time. Gives a much more scientific approach across campus without carrying a specialized tool. The specialized tool would be more accurate but it’s like a 80/20 rule. This gets me 80% of the way there without lugging something around. This is immense value. I also use this to teach student workers about different audio reference points in real time. Beautiful thing. I never write reviews. This app soooo deserves it. I only wish there was a partner app for Lux.
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6 years ago, Smurdamat2
So far so good!
I purchased the pro version as I am an audio engineer and would like to have something convenient as a quick reference rather then pulling out my larger, more professional tools. So far this has been pretty accurate and quite helpful. I would like to see some adjustability on the “over limit” marker. There are times I am given a dB limit to follow and being able to set this for when the meter reaches “over” would be nice. Maybe even some other larger notification and options to turn this on and off? A couple tweeks and this app would be amazing! Solid product for sure!
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4 years ago, babe235679
Snore gauge 2020
I’ve been using this to gauge how loud my boyfriend snores (unbeknownst to him) - I was beginning to think I that maybe just maybe I was more sensitive to sound than I realized. Nope - he’s scoring in the mid 90s! No wonder these earplugs don’t work. 12:30am & 3 glasses of wine later & I still can’t fall asleep. Thank you for creating an app that supports my dream of one day having a quiet nights sleep (how I’ll get there I have no idea but hey this is a start). Love you babe if you’re reading this but sheesh, your girl needs her beauty sleep (& really guys, this is a thing). Pray for me. Lol
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3 years ago, FredtheWhale
Pleasantly surprised
This initially appears to be a subscription app, but I overlooked the X in the upper left. Using the free version is really nice and provide the functionality that i need. (Im really curious to try the hearing test) What I’m pleasantly surprised about is that i initially reviewed the app by complaining that it was a “subscription only” app. The developer wrote to me to clarify my misunderstanding and how to use the free version. Their email was so polite and well worded that I felt compelled to return to the app and try it again. The respectful tone and thorough note that the sent me makes me anticipate that their customer service would be excellent. Well done.
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2 years ago, e_hollaway
Use your eyes
This is a great app, and I keep seeing reviews by really stupid people saying you have to pay to use it. You don’t. All you have to do is stop being lazy and look at the screen for more than half a second. Tap the x in the top corner of the initial pro offer and it takes you to the app. It angers me when developers put a lot of time and effort into a good product like this and then get bad reviews because people can’t be bothered to use their brains every once in awhile.
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6 years ago, JohnTW101
All-around bad application - watch for the pop-ups!!
The basic dB meter itself seems to work okay but isn’t going to tell you much more than your own ears can likely figure out. I was hoping to be able to detect very high pitched sounds but that doesn’t seem to happen. The worst part though is the pop-ups to purchase the several different pro versions. If you press the home button to back out of it with a phone that confirms purchases with your finger print, you end up paying for whatever “pro” version pop-up they are showing... and there are seemingly endless “pro” options. This feels very deliberate and appears to be a scam. I ended up with a $10 purchase I had no intention of making and still get prompted non-stop for more purchases! Avoid this app!!!!
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3 years ago, georgeg that's me...
Easy to use
I especially like the frequency loudness display. I used it to compare bass boost on my system. The upper measurements are retained so variations can be compared visually. I didn't explore all the potential uses as all I wanted was to keep the loadness of my speakers in a safe zone. I took it that the statement of calibration of my iPhone mic was true; if I wanted to use it more I would verify it. The usefulness of a meter in a cellphone is really convenient; it is always with you when you need it. Recording of data while using is useful for later analysis.
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6 years ago, barbeauaudio
Solid RTA makes the app a steal
I’d been kind of disappointed with other free SP level phone apps, and decided to give this one a try because of the free trial. I didn’t realize til after opening it up that there’s an FFT frequency analyzer Function in the app native, and it was an instant game changer for running live sound. I consider myself to have a good ear for frequencies but this app takes out all the guess work of finding feedback frequencies so I can get right to the fun part of the job. One issue I had, compared to any professional standalone SPL meters, this app measures somewhere between 5-10 dB lower on my phone compared to the hardware meter. I adjusted the calibration in the settings page, so it seems fine now, but i thought it needed to be said. Anyway, best 3 bucks I’ve ever spent on an app. More than worth it, you’ll dig it.
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5 years ago, the real Duck
Be very careful. This app tries to sell you upgrades & subscriptions. The purchase window pops up as fast as you close it. While contemplating how to get out of this loop my thumb touched the home button & I was charged $9.99. Update: first of all I was not upgraded to the Pro version. I have no idea what I was charged for. I went to PayPal & found a recurring charge that I immediately canceled. Secondly, I did not push the home button to close the purchase window. I pushed cancel, but a new purchase window popped up immediately. It was stuck in a loop. There was no way out. If you read the reviews you will find a large number of inadvertent purchases. Obviously this app is designed to take advantage of bugs built into it.
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1 year ago, Ric982
Great App for Acoustics Meeasurents
So love this app has dB-A, dB-C, NC, and NR standards. These are all different and needed for different reasons. Love the NC shows you the curves along with the spectrum peaks. Very handy. For example Dolby ATMOS guideline is ATMOS home entertainment mix room is <25 NC. I can measure a room with this and see what frequencies are affecting the measurement. For another example, to calibrate the mic level on Room EQ wizard by can play Dolby pink noise from their Dolby ATMOS Renderer and adjust volume to 75 dB at the mic and then set the calibration in REW.
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4 years ago, ProfessorEinstein
Wildly inaccurate
Not sure what the programmer did to compensate for the microphone in software, but it didn’t work is my guess. This meter consistently reads 10-20 dB off from (a) the NIOSH SLM app, which was tested at the NIOSH lab, and (b) the Apple Watch built in sound meter. The two other devices (one running on an Apple phone and the other on the Apple Watch) are consistently within 2 dB of each other. This app is consistently 10-20 dB off. When quiet, it reads low and when things got louder, it read lower as well. When I added a calibration to get either the high or the low end right, the other end remains wrong, so the nonlinear nature of the compensation is off.
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4 years ago, KIMMYO3
Can you get sued for this?
How come the hearing test option i snot available anymore? I am on the free version. But shouldn’t the hearing test at least be free. I mean. That’s a health care necessity. That’s not right. You shouldn’t have to pay just to get a hearing test. It should be free. Especially, if you just want to know if you have good hearing or not. Last month I had the option to test my hearing. Now I can’t. I was always on the free version so there’s no excuse as to why the “hearing test” is not available now. You’re lame developers. Super lame.
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1 year ago, BradfordKellogg
Tricks you into accidentally buying pro… but worth it
Also no ios device has a calibrated mic, it reads aboit 10db low across all devices I’ve used, and the spectrometer isn’t sufficient for correcting audio problems in a mixer. This was true when I bought the app accidentally… but now I use it all the time, including professionally. There have been soooo many upgrades over the years, I love this app.
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2 years ago, Barefoot walker
Seems quite accurate
Not only does this app seem to be quite accurate, but I used it to test my hearing and later had a doctor test my hearing. The results were similar, so now I can monitor my hearing as I age and as often as I want. Plus when you check out how loud your environment is you are alerted to excess noise- you might be surprised at the sound levels.
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4 years ago, Dgghnbfu
Which dB reading is right? Portrait or landscape?
When I hold my phone in portrait mode it will display something like 60 dB but when I rotate to landscape mode it changes to something like 35 dB. Sometimes I believe the portrait is more correct and sometimes the landscape reading seems more correct. Also, why in the world would I pay $7.99/mo for this app? Bet you would get a lot more subscriptions if the price was reasonable but right now the free version of this app and my Apple Watch together provide me with most of what the paid version of this app does.
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1 year ago, romans5
Aggressive push for paid subscription
The app is very nice. If I used it for more than personal curiosity, I would definitely pay for it. It does have a new and very aggressive push to upgrade to the subscription. The dev replied to my previous review to point out the camouflage ‘x’ to close the trial modal. Good on them for that. Minus one star for the sales tactic. Would upgrade to 5 star if the trial modal had a more clear way to continue to the free features.
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4 years ago, scribeHD
The speed square for engineers and audiophiles
You want a “go to” tool for measuring sound energy in any situation? This is perfect. I’ve actually measured a needle impact drop from across a silent room. Wanna get tolerances down for constants down and report back the data? Yep, this does it. I love the dB meter and it’s love the software designers/programmers. Well thought out. Great graphical representation as it always amazes clients when I pull it out of my arsenal.
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11 months ago, Derek 46
Great app! Much LOVE
I love this app. It loads quickly and gives me accurate db readings. I’ve compared it to FOH db readings and it’s always accurate. I use it to inform myself when I have to put in hearing protection. I keep the db Meter app on my homepage. Anything over 80db and I’m putting my EarPeace Music earplugs in. Thank you so much for the reliable and easy to use app. One love big up sound system culture
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6 years ago, Ethan Ackland
Pretty good
Overall a good app to find the dB level of a room or area. I am slightly disappointed in the fact that you had to hit a record button to start the dB measurement. However i received a message from the developer saying that by setting the app to auto start, it would solve that problem! I found the app fairly accurate considering the lacking microphones in most smartphones. I do recommend this app to anyone looking for a general sense of dB level in any indoor or outdoor situation.
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3 years ago, neretinus
Shady practices: data collection without prior consent
I don’t know how good or bad the app itself is but the developer approach to informing you of the data collection is shady. That is, he provides Privacy Policy and other documents ONLY after you’ve launched the application and enabled the access to the microphone. Once this is done, the said documents reveal what data are collected and where they’re being sent. Since I didn’t agree to share my data, I deleted the app. However, during the time I was reading the documents, some of the data was already collected. This is not only scummy but also illegal.
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4 years ago, zackski67
Bring the features back!
I’ve had this app for about a year now, and I love it. It’s responsive, has great controls, and is everything I want a free decibel app to be. Over the past month or so, the app updated and now shows annoying bars instead of an accurate graph of frequencies. I used to love using my voice or a tone generator to see spikes rise or fall, but now I see about 10 annoying bars that don't show a full spectrum of frequencies on a graph. Bring it back!!
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4 years ago, Jburghart
DB meter and not paying a cent
DB meter works pretty decently for not paying for it. When you first get the app, you don’t have to use the three day trial. The app will track highs and lows and has information on exposure. It’s pretty accurate for a phone. The reason for four stars is because there isn’t as much functionality as I would like without paying for it.
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3 years ago, trevor 10165
I leave and work in a very loud environment. I have an expensive meter but this app is very accurate! I can rely on this app to give me precise numbers. I work in a workshop and sometimes it gets sometimes 95 Db or higher. This is a great tool to use if you don’t have the money or care to bring your expensive device. Great for hobbies! Great for jobs! 10/10 thanks!
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11 months ago, BurpeeMama
Impossible to remove premium paid subscription
1 star because this app makes it impossible to unsubscribe and stop auto-paying premium prices. From the app, if you go to Settings > Manage Subscriptions, it opens up a page in iTunes from your mobile browser that doesn’t work so it loads indefinitely. I wasted 20 min trying to do this and tried on a different mobile browser as well. There is no option to contact CS to cancel a subscription so I’ll need to call my credit card and label this as a fraudulent charge to get rid of it.
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4 years ago, From The Critics
Highly Reccomend
I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking into the audio industry. You can use it to test how loud a room is, and if you go somewhere loud you can just pull it out to make sure you aren’t damaging your ears. You also have the option to take a hearing test every once in a while on this app. No glitches or errors at all. It’s fast and easy. I love it!
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7 months ago, DOS1001-1
Very accurate on iPhone 12 and 15
I have a sound meter and 2 apps on my phone. When tested against a calibrated sound meter this app is incredibly accurate. The reporting function is also excellent. The developers did a great job on this app. Tested on iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This app actually reads considerably more accurate than the Tadeto SL720 sound meter.
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4 years ago, Cravinmoorehead
Get this app if you love it loud !
Many times I’ve gotten complaints about my music.. .. I’ve been doing the same thing for 17 years... but new people move in .. and don’t understand. But this DB meter keeps me in line with local ordinances. I will always compromise ... til you get stupid .. then I’m running 92 decibels at the edge of my driveway til 11pm lol . I’ve beaten 4 tickets with this app.
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6 years ago, T to the homas
Can’t play Music on my phone at the same time
The app is useless to me if I can’t play music from my phone and look at the decibels at the same time. The only reason I gave four stars is because I respect the fact that at least you have A lite version that you can try out first before you pay for the app. I would have given two stars or maybe even one star if I had purchased the app and it did not work. Thanks
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2 years ago, Sssnake2332
App hijacks audio output so I can't use it to meter
I wanted to measure audio coming out of my car stereo, but no matter the music app I use, the sound goes thru my phone speaker as soon as I open this app. Wireless apple carplay is what I'm doing, but it also occurs when doing BT audio. App is useless to me since that's all I was trying to do. The app dev replied to me and is working on this functionality. For that, I will give 4 stars 😁
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3 years ago, Bonzisouth
Great sound meter
I use the db meter to check sound levels around the house especially when watching TV. Also when playing in the church praise band to check and monitor the overall sound level on the stage. I suffer with ringing in the ears and need to be careful when the sound level is high.
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2 years ago, Burndonesinkchair
Useful tool
If you need to know noise levels for safety or calibrate a new audio setup, this helps. What I wish was included was an indicator for where the microphone(s) is/are located on the device. Every time I open the app, I run my fingers across the edges of the device to figure that out. With so many different devices, that would help tremendously, especially in an already noisy environment.
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6 years ago, devinkristopher
Just one recommendation...
I love this app. It's one of the most responsive decibel meters I've seen with a sexy, lightweight interface. It looks good, has powerful functionality, and great customization. I can not emphasize how much I love this interface. As a music major and car hobbyist, this app is my lifeline. With that said, I wish the upgrade option field was more clear. I wasn't initally sure what features were in each package and how they compared to each other. If there was a chart to compare it would be great. Or a package to upgrade to all features. I would! I bought the Pro and soon will likely get the other app too. I think that's how the upgrades work. Sweet app!
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3 years ago, Yoyojojota
Great safety tool
Sound is something many of us take for granted , we are born with it and use it daily. That being said protecting the ability should be up there with protection of the eyes hands and lungs. This I feel strongly should be on every construction site , our young construction workers shouldn’t have to learn the hard way of hearing protection when it’s to late.
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3 months ago, zax in da houze
I woke up to a high pitched constant sound
After looking all over Google, I finally found a forum to get a decibel reader app. Narrow it down. After sleeping on the couch for over an hour, I finally decided to go back in my room with this decibel reader. Indicated to me that it was a Z value, and that to being likely caused by a microphone. I ended up figuring out that my computer microphone was turned on in the middle of the night and was echo pitch ringing. I’m not sure how but I’m working on that. Probably some douche waffle. Anyhow, this is great app for figuring out what type of noises around and what kind of damage the noise could be causing.
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2 years ago, crusheral
Use ad training aid.
I am a 50 year veteran in the world of operating heavy equipment , when I retired I took on a job training new people to the trade, hearing protection is so important as all machinery can damage your hearing and this app allows me to show how loud each piece of equipment is, gets their attention much better than just being told.
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2 years ago, ΔΞΟΠ
Latest Update
Different gauges no longer work. All gauges still show the same gauge here. This is a big right? Also thanks for including detailed update notes. I’m going to start removing apps that just want to state, “bugs squashed and performance improvements” Because that is just super lazy and they could be adding features that you don’t want.
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7 months ago, SRJ9991
This is a Fantastic App
As a professional musician, I need tools like this at the ready all the time so having an app that measures noise levels, does hearing tests, and can export hearing health data is worth it. I bought the premium version because this has been such a great free product that I wanted to support the maker.
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5 years ago, Mokyhokybongohonk
The app seems to work very well. There are lots of ways to manage the recordings. The one thing that I find difficult though is finding a recording easily and deleting it. Every time I want to delete a recording, because I don't use this very much, I have a difficult time locating and deleting. I think you need to put that in a kind of a up front position. Thank you
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3 years ago, expensive_news
Good Free App
My only problem with this app is that during the onboarding I thought that you had to subscribe to use it. I almost uninstalled it immediately because of this. When I went back to it I noticed the faint X in the corner and I really like it. I just wish that was more clear.
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3 years ago, wcfun
Good sound meter
Really works well. I’ve used a few and even have a handheld db meter I use. I love simplicity of having it on my phone, like the features, and believe accuracy is good. I’m not a technical sound person, just use it to check its sound level I’d shoot right for music etc.
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4 years ago, Bwilliamspharmd
Don’t know if I’ve ever even left a review before but this app is perfect and I had to share. Building a listening room and used it for different phases of treatment and sound deafening and it’s extremely consistent. Not RTA perfect but I’ve been able to compare to an RTA on a couple occasions and it’s consistent enough to know I’m getting accurate results!
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4 years ago, Mwuar
Best dB app
I just tried like 15 dB measuring apps so I could find out where to put my bed to avoid outside noise and this one is the best. It is accurate, you can save your recordings, shows the frequencies (is it low or high pitched sounds?), easy to use, and other weird features I probably won’t need but you might. And that’s all in the free version.
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