Delete Apps: Uninstaller

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3 years ago
Version OS
10.8 or later
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User Reviews for Delete Apps: Uninstaller

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6 years ago, Bamboozled123456789
Almost did what it was suposed to do
Seems to have removed the application I wanted it to, however when I look at System Resources I notice that the Application is still pulling CPU Cycles!
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3 years ago, DiliMan
Doesn't Remove
I downloaded several Trend Micro Apps including Cleaner One, Antivirus and Unarchiver along with another App Cleaner Alpha...all well rated Apps in App Store and without my personal key prerequisite "Get" without "In App Purchase Required" otherwise might as well pay. Well...they all had use restrictions and limits requiring premium (pay) upgrades to unlock to get utility. So I needed to uninstall them all...but after download "Delete Apps" ran and reported could not uninstall any of the apps from system with dialog box to finish manually in Finder. Good grief, what a waste of download even if free as I could always do that...its the crap left in obscure bits that I need to have an app for!!
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7 years ago, •Broken•Girl•
struggle no more
I had downloaded some apps from an internet site through applications and they were super glitchy depsite the good reviews. So I decided to delete the apps, but when i attempted to do that, i couldnt delete them. I tried to add them to my trash can, but no such luck. Finally I decided to dwnload an uninstaller, the first two I tried didn’t work, but this was as easy as 1, 2, 3. I will deinitely keep this incase I need it in the future.
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4 years ago, MCVWPB
Disappointing. Not worth the $2.99.
I needed to uninstall two apps, and despite it showing it had removed them, the system and the app itself kept showing them in the list. It doesn't look like it does anything. It seems so simple. It displays the files, then you select and uninstall, but in reality, no uninstall. Also, the list of apps available is small in comparison to the actual apps existing in my HD. So, not worth it. I installed TrashMe (after paying $5.99 - I have it in my other Mac for years and it's been totally easy and reliable to use), and I'm using TrashMe to delete this app.
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1 year ago, abiss221
Doesn't completely remove & other issues...
First, the app really only removes whatever is in the "Applications" folder, it doesn't remove caches, library documents and all the things that apps scatter about your hard drive, which makes it useless. You'd be better off just deleting directly in finder because at least that is free (this isn't). Now, it says it "can't delete apps because of a permissions issue" but it doesn't tell you how to resolve the permissions issue. I have tried granting permissions in Pref but didn't solve the issue.
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5 years ago, tmavenger
Delete 32 bit apps
After I installed Catalina I wanted to delete my 32 bit apps, so I looked around for something to do that. This app allowed me to select all the circled out apps in the Applications folder. When I hit delete it worked fast (a few seconds). It delected around have of the 3 dozen or so obsolete apps I had and identified all the remaining, suggesting I just drag them to the trash. That worked. Good solid free software. Thanks for your work.
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2 years ago, gyropilot
Simple and fast to use. YES you do have to manually delete certain files, but that's because of Apple's restrictions and it's not the fault of the developer. The app shows you the files you need to manually delete and takes you right to them with a click.
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3 years ago, Iamunce
Mostly doesn'r work
When you're logged onto your computer as administrator, you shouldn't have to confirm every move you make with your administrator password. Delete App went a step further. It sinply refused to delete anything that it reckoned reaquired an administrator password, so I had to do it all by hand, thus leaving in place a huge number of files whose exisatence is hidden from me. The idea of an application delete utility is to clear unwanted clutter from your computer. I judge this app to be useless.
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3 years ago, Dntusayit
This app remover is the absolute TRUTH!!!!!!!
It's free too!!! There are so many that charge, but this one is free and it works amazing! I downloaded an adobe update and it added a ton of additional files to my computer that I did not want and did not need. This app remover removed them and freed up space on my computer. Thank you!
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4 years ago, BlackRockDesertGuy
WARNING: Will not find all 32 bit apps to delete
I installed Cataline not realizing my 32 bits apps would not longer work. I selected this app because it looked best in class. It is NOT. When the scan runs through my applicaiton folder (remember I wanted an app to remove my 32 bit apps?) It simply would not list my iWork 2009 or Miscrosoft Office for Mac 2011. Nope. :( When it does "find and clean" I think it is just putting stuff in the trash, sort of dragging and dropping. Not iimpressed.
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3 years ago, P_SCHEIDEGGER
Should teach this app to delete itself !
This app couldn't do ANYTHING AT ALL. It couldn't even delete 1 app. I gave it full permissions to, but every app I had selected for delete had a yellow exclamation point next to it. And only allowed me to click "show in finder", which was all just a big waste of my time. As I simply went to my apps folder and command-clicked everything I wanted gone and dumped the trash. This app is last thing I need to delete Thanks for NOTHING..
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5 years ago, TheRonnyJones
Big fan!
removed over 10 gigs of 'stuff'. I test alot of apps for my job. I had several old app lingering and this app did the job great! I had to mauanlly delete some of them but this app points you to each of them to it's very easy.
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5 years ago, rjyarbrough
works well to remove 32 bit apps
I used this to remove non-functional apps, particularly Office 2011, from a Catalina mac. Word and Excel from Office 2016 continue to work, but my Word templates are gone. Easy to replace. I'm pleased with the ease and particulary the cost, which is currently zero.
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6 years ago, TBacsi
doesn’t do what it says it does
I uninstalled a program, then decided later on to download it and make use of it, but I cannot reinstall it. When I try to, I’m told I’m already running it, but there’s nothing in Applications, etc. So what did this program do? Seems it didn’t delete everything, otherwise how is it that I’m “still running” the software I deleted. Hmmmm. Doesn’t seem like a very good product if it doesn’t do its job.
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7 years ago, Dizmryan
Works great and is truly free!
All of the other “free” unistaller apps that scan and remove associated files required to buy them to actually use them. This one worked great and is free. Very easy to use, works fast. Keep up the good work, dev!
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4 years ago, Fathomdesign
Doesn't Work
It doesn't do anything and just shows that its attempting to load something without every completing... Like the old spinning beachball. I wish that App Delete still released updates. App Delete simpky did its job and Delete Apps doesn't seem to work at all. Complete garbage. Fix this app so that it actually works and I'll change my review. Until then, I hope that nobody else wastes their time with this trash.
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4 years ago, Yakpsyche
Doesn't work
Every time I tried to use this (six different apps) I got the message that it couldn't be done because I don't have the permissions. I am the only user of this computer, so if I don't have them, who does? I went to "get info" and under permissions undid the lock and made sure that "read and write" permissions were there for me, system and wheel, whatever that is. But, it made no difference, so I gave up.
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7 years ago, Lestrade
Good but slow
Run this app just before you go to lunch. It takes quite a while for it to scan your mac and create a list of apps to delete. Once that is done, though, everything seems to go smoothly.
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3 years ago, i2review
Simple to use but doesn't locate all installed apps
I purchased this software specifically to delete Zoom from my computer. But, Delete Apps can't find it. Also, I noticed that severalapps do dot show up as choices within Delete Apps. So, kinda worthless if it can't delete teh apps you want to delete.
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5 years ago, CrazyBias
Good Scan
Did it's job. Kind of curious why this app is free, how else are they going to make money. Perhaps through their other apps. Should add a reason why they don't charge for it or maybe i missed it.
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5 years ago, Avem7
This app does not do anything
All this app does is delete the application from the applications folder, that’s it. and 90% of the time it gives and error indicating that it does not have permission to deltge the folder and you have to delete it yourself.. how does this makes any sense??! i can do that all by myself without this app.
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8 years ago, Bill Stills
Does what it says it will do
More than happy with this App. Does what it says it’s going to do. I was going to sayit's more than worth the money but, since it was free, will just say it was more than worth my time to install and use it.
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7 years ago, BubbaMorse
Definitely worth using
Good solid app, it does what it say’s it does and exactly how it tells you it’s going to do it! What more can you ask for?
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2 years ago, Iron Sandi
Doesn't work No help at all
App requires permission to search within Applications and User folders and even then access was denied the app. I was prompted to remove applications manually which defeats the purpose of installing this useless pience of software and means Application Support folder and other folders were entirely overlooked.
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6 years ago, Critical Tinker
Boot in Safe Mode, Friends
Hello. Our most efficient app deletions run in Safe Mode. Offering that next you use Delete Apps, simply press and hold your Mac’s shift key at boot. Then, delete to your heart’s content. Thanks!
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9 months ago, --MTO
Could not remove even one single app.
Every single app I tried to delete resulted in a message; "The Following Apps Could Not Be Removed." If you can find their support page, the issue is not represented. Maybe it can work for others but was totally useless to me. Worth what I paid for I guess.
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1 year ago, Klotho
It does
exactly what it claims to do. QUick and simple interface
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7 years ago, Ljriv35
After trying several uninstallers, “Delete Apps” proved to be the very best! It just works - does what it’s supposed to do well, with no hassle and no fuss - and it’s free!
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2 years ago, N74JW
Doesn't actually delete anything
This app will scan your Applications directory and allow you to select what you'd like to remove, but when "Clean" is pressed, runs into permissions issues via macOS. The actual deletion needs to be done manually through the Finder.
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7 years ago, NeddLudd
just works
easy, simple - makes getting rid of all the stuff I tried once and never used very easy. Which is good, as I am clueless.
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2 years ago, Almightybooblikon
Forget It!
Downloaded this to delete downloaded junk apps. This app was unable to delete the associated files, so it is essentially worthless. I now, in addition to manually deleting all app files from the other apps, I have to do the same for this app as well. Thanks, Fiplab Ltd!
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2 years ago, Cpatain Nemo
Dosse Not Remove Anything
For the last couple of years, this app fails to remove any other app. It does not have permission to remove them, so I have to go to Finder to remove _most of_ the app then try to use other apps to clean up my drive. Delete Apps appears to be junk now.
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1 month ago, TonyP927
It Doesn't Remove Apps
I went through the setups and wizards to select all of the applications I needed to be uninstalled only to be greeted with a list of files that could not be uninstalled which were the same files I selected to uninstall.
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3 years ago, rant
Gets it done
Easy to use and gets it done
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2 years ago, Pezwell
Do not remove anything!
I can't delete to a "permission" issue, delete it via Finder. And yes, I have given it permission. This app can only show you the bits and pieces that it would delete (probably want you to pay) This is less than a trial app. It never works. M1 macbook
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5 years ago, ItRaynsAlot
I found the folder containing what I wanted to delete but the app only chose 3 of the connected item. It then locked me there and would not allow me to go back and choose more, choose another folder, fix it, choose another folder, nothing. Avoid this app like the plague.
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4 years ago, -Josefina-
it doesn't even install
It says choose the users folders and click on choose but the choose button is inactive so I had no option other than quit the program, did not solve my problem and gave me a new one.
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6 years ago, Costa Rica Expat
Does what it say it does
Works fine. If deserving a lower rating, I have not yet found it.
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6 years ago, Moe Bettah Best
My default app removal
This is my go to app to uninstall other apps. It works the way I want it to every time. And it is FREE!
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2 years ago, D Tennessee
Like a Charm!
Works great. Simple to use. I highly recommend.
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2 years ago, 162108kzt
Really Good App
I like it. This app is one of the most valuable things.
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4 years ago, Chasmoe Brown
Totally Useless w/o Permissions
When I try to use this app to delete an app, it tells me it doesn’t have permission and then sends me to the inder to delete the app. I certainly don’t need another app to use the Finder. That makes this app totally useless. Would have given it zero stars if I could.
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5 years ago, lcoandrade
Doesn't work
The app is able to remove app from Applications folder. It only deletes the other files and folders and asks you to delete the App manually.
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4 years ago, dobaldwin
Uh... No.
The very first screen I was presented with was a list of other apps made by this developer, including another app uninstaller. Sneaky tactic. I was still curious to see how well it performed. I tested this app against AppCleaner, which is completey free. Delete Apps found 2 files: the App it self, and a single library file. AppCleaner found 10 files. Delete Apps is clearly sandbagging, making room for its bigger brother to come in and save the day. If you want to uninstall apps, look elsewhere. This isn't your guy.
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6 years ago, Golden Drogon
Delete Apps all fiplap
Never had any problems with any Fiplab apps and i have 4 of their apps..
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5 years ago, TheWebDesigner
Permission Issue
After giving this app permission to my personal user and applications folder, it then told me there was a permission issue and that I need to manually delete the app. Don't trust this app after getting permissions and "scanning" my files. Stay away.
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4 years ago, rickygreencampbell
Amazing App A MUST
Ever since I installed Catalina all my 32 bit apps dont work anymore. This cleans all of that up
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1 year ago, nicknameistakenreviewer
Does what it says
It's fast and simple. Removes app files and uninstalls apps. Great app.
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5 years ago, Mark Metro DC
Doesn't actually work
Tried to remove MS office and an old copy of a password manager program. This app showed permission errors for all 5 apps, and suggested removing by hand. There there are the Library files it cannot see. Next to useless
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9 months ago, MrBosslivin
Great App
Exactly as described, straight to the point very helpful and useful!
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