Delmarva Power

4.6 (4.2K)
132.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
An Exelon Corporation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Delmarva Power

4.6 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
6 months ago, J. Groome
I libe in a farm and I have multiple outages a year. This I not a problem with electricity, but the power line reaching my home is aerial and old and follows a tractor path and is somewhat difficult for equipment to access. It would be nice to have the line replaced versus repaired when it breaks. Thank you
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5 months ago, DIONNENCLARKE
System error of the app charged me twice
I got an overdraft fee and when I called to get a refund, they said that it would be refunded to my account in three days. It was not. Then, when I called Delmarva directly they said the agent should not have told me that the money will be refunded back into my checking account. Then they went on to say that I can only get my refund by check and that it could take up to 14 days. I didn’t get that check until a month later and when I went to try and cash it, I was not able to cash it. Then I had to call a company that is responsible for refund checks I had to repeat my story at least three times and then they told me to call Delmarva and give them a callback number, giving them permission to let me cash the check. When I call Delmarva instead of them taking the number I had to repeat my story over again, and then listen to them. Tell me what my balance was. All I wanted was my refund back the system said they weren’t able to process my payment. So I signed out waited got on the app again and I was able to pay my bill. This was their mistake, and it was so easy for them to charge me twice but here I am almost 3 months later still waiting on my refund so I cannot give a good rating to this app. It’s cost me food, gas, overdraft fees, and stress. Very unhappy customer
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3 years ago, MotherTheresa357
Electric Usage 500+++
If a company notice that a customer is using them extremely large amount of a product which is not normal you would think the company would help the customer out by getting in touch with them and saying let me let us help you lower your bill and teach us how to do that rather than continue to charge us exorbitant amounts of money when it’s really not necessary. I know that was a mouthful by the bus for me too. I am printing copies of my bill and I won’t want to speak to someone in the Marva to help me understand my bill and at the same time I want to put in for a change of address. Thank you Theresa Morris
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9 months ago, RBDelaware
Functional, but slow-loading
The app contains very useful tools, including seeing/paying bills, reviewing energy use and reporting failing street lamps. Also provides a power-outage map and the ability to report outages. But the customizable Home Screen is slow to load. And alerts about status of power outages arrive long after power is restored. A good start.
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3 years ago, Mikes PB
Very impressive
Just downloaded and logged in. Always paid via computer. Very nicely designed layout. Will probably use my phone instead of my computer to pay my next bill to see if it’s as good as I expect.
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1 year ago, beak2025
Paying my bill
I went to pay my bill and the site was down. It’s down every time I go to pay my bill around 8pm.
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3 years ago, Tactical-Primate
Intuitive yet lacking
Overall a step in the right direction but the redesign stumbles in the one area its needed the most and that is with checking and adjusting thermostat temperature. Trying to do that sends you back to the web page looking controls that are still quite difficult to use zooming in and out of.
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3 years ago, 1528853
Website with many faults
1. This site never sends me an Ebill despite having a correct email. I have to remember to check the site to find out if I have been billed. 2. You cannot adjust the thermostat from the app and must go into the website. 3. I have emailed Delmarva as instructed with issues concerning the app but never receive a response.
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3 years ago, cgarcia79
Customer service
Customer service is always great, and always helping in anyway the can. They are very flexible with overpayments and will do what ever possible.
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2 years ago, frustrated sjm
Poor operating procedure
After several years of being a part of their auto pay program, Delmarva inexplicably dropped my enrollment without warning. This is despite never missing a payment whatsoever. I was told they made a mistake and had to re-enroll. So I did, only to find out they never processed my enrollment even though I got confirmation they did. What is going with Delmarva?
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3 weeks ago, drr8791
I love my DPL app it’s easy to maneuver convenient plus you get to see your complete breakdown of your bill. Thank you for making easy friendly app.
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3 years ago, hardycr
Security Upgrade?
I just downloaded the latest version. The description says there’s new security. I was expecting two factor authentication for example. I see no difference. What changed?
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3 years ago, sking229
New View
I like the view on the mobile app as it is so much easier to compare previous months and bills. Nicely done.
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1 year ago, PhantmStrike
Good but…
It is a great tool to view & pay my bill. As of 2 weeks ago the View Usage has stopped working. I am able to access this detailed usage data from the web portal but not via the app…please fix!
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1 year ago, Son of Disgruntled
Convenience fee is a scam!
Delmarva gets the convenience: they should pay the fee! It is not convenient to be ripped off for extra $ for the privilege of paying my bill. I should probably start paying by check so they can see how convenient it is for them to handle paper.
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1 year ago, aicidmjm
Always checked my daily usage. Recently, page says “Don’t have permission “ UGH
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1 year ago, Cybertronian Sniper
Terrible app. Terrible service.
Not worth the monopolistic price hike they’ve imposed on their customers . I have a feeling this is probably going to be one of these terrible companies that compromises their customers private information if they can’t even handle their auto-payment system properly.
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1 year ago, randomposter69
Can’t check detailed usage after 5.21 update
App was great because I can easily access detailed usage - doesn’t work after update- says user unauthorized. I have to login via the web browser to see my detailed usage now
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1 year ago, TJWDE
Not able to see my usage
Said user not authorized
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1 year ago, Amralbadaani
Easy to use, easy to pay, thank you very much
Thank you so much
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9 months ago, AliceGorsky123
App doesn’t work
The old app wasn’t pretty but it worked. The new version doesn’t work - I can’t set my thermostat through it anymore. Someone from the app team - please help. I keep getting this error message when I try to set the thermostat “Could not log in via Single Sign On”
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2 years ago, mercedess95
Not showing my bill
I haven’t been able to view my bill in the app for about a month now. Been trying to be patient hoping you guys would improve the app or fix the bug but still can’t view it. Extremely inconvenient.
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2 years ago, JRob9999
Delmarva App
I never have a problem using the Delmarva App. Wish I could say that with all companies.
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2 years ago, HPFan4L
Something isn’t right!
While the app is fantastic when it works, since this new “update” occurred, every single time I want to log in, it tells me a newer version is available in the App Store, so I have to delete it and reinstall it. I can never just login anymore.
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3 years ago, ToeKneeHas
Great new features.
This app is a much needed upgrade to the previous version, thanks!!
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3 years ago, Alh008
App Security Risk
The newest version of the app keeps you signed in even after you completely close it. This is a huge security risk, you have to manually sign out each time. I was able to open the app and go right to my account information with out being prompted for a password or Face ID.
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3 years ago, ChayGuy
Never understood “convenience fees”
This app: “download me to conveniently pay your bill” Also this app: “now you gotta pay me for the convenience of using this convenient app” 🤷🏽‍♂️
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2 years ago, Bigdoles
Application load speed is horrible
The app takes many seconds to load, to change pages, no real trending reports/graphs are include. This is the slowest and worst site for making better decisions with the data that’s available
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3 years ago, Zackzm
Add a new account?
Trying to find a way to add a new account of the updated Delmarva app. But, there’s no options to do so? Is there a way you can a new account? Or it’s something that’s going to need a update? Hopefully this gets resolved quickly.
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2 years ago, jhbaxter
Delmarva App
Wonderful App. Simple to use and so easy to pay my bill! Perfect and self explanatory!
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5 months ago, beschbup
Great power company keep up the great work
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1 year ago, Maryland Dave
Can’t view usage.
I used to be able to my daily usage. Now I get the message: “customer is not authorized”.
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1 year ago, not-too-hot
Fix usage data view so I am authorized to see my usage data!
I called several weeks ago about this issue and was told that this problem was being repaired. Was this just an excuse?
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2 years ago, hhujy ugh ttg
Information Sharing
I have never had an issue with this app, now when you go to log in it wants you to agree to allow the app to share your information, why?
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3 years ago, Shawn cedar tree
Bill is skyrocketing
I have no idea why my bill has gone up 30 percent. Something is fishy going on and during the pandemic. You guys are just taking advantage of the circumstances like everyone else. Conglomerate… must be nice ripping people off.
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1 year ago, Loyalty97
Shares your information
Don’t Trust This app, it shares your information from your phone with others. This is a second party app, not Delmarva directly. Just pay online sign in as a guest or directly on Delmarva’s website.
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8 months ago, Haanc2
Stuck in Storm Mode
The app has been stuck in “storm mode” for two days - which is just a big ‘report outage’ button, and with no way to exit, I can’t access anything I need.
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3 years ago, ❤😠💘 سهران حب وغرام
Too much
My bill is too much
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3 years ago, KeK$$$$$$$$$$
Terrible experience.
Incredibly terrible. Just forced to download new version and now I cannot get to the energywise mobile app to adjust thermostat. I am now forced to use the the full app which is impossible to see on my phone. Terrible experience.
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2 years ago, thomasrns
App trouble
I keep getting told that there’s an update available I try to update it sends me back to the original page cannot pay my bill
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2 years ago, heyjobie
Just take my money!
App no longer works with my current version of iOS apparently. I don’t wish to update my iOS I just want to view and pay my bill. Useless
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2 years ago, KeytroneK
It Took Awhile To Process Solar
We installed solar panels in Feb 22, and it 7 months to get my bill straight, and usage displaying correctly in the app.
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2 years ago, Bai Pham
Thank you
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1 year ago, Melyssalynn27
A complete rip-off of a company
I have outstanding credit and was still required to put a $200 deposit down. My gas and electric are exponentially higher than Maryland. Delmarva=nightmare
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2 years ago, NYCfella85
Direct, efficient, and simple app to use.
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2 years ago, Mearl2218
Paying bill
Every time I log in to make a payment. I get sn error screen that tells me “Billing Data can not be retrieved at this time “. What’s the problem? Please fix it.
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6 months ago, spacerockboy
don't ever ask me to review your app!
I gave your app one star because it would not stop asking me to rate it so much that I could not even use your app ! figure it out
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1 year ago, Terriben320
No access
I am currently unable to access usage tools and history at the same time my bill has skyrocketed
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3 years ago, White_House_Guy
Great app!
So easy to use. I love the intro screen. Very well done
Show more
3 years ago, lukeybut
Hard to read
Hard to read and navigate compared to last app before this. Disappointing
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