Deputy: Shift Schedule Maker

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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Deputy: Shift Schedule Maker

4.72 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Turtledav
This app is the greatest! Does just what it says.
I got a temporary seasonal job, and my employer had me download this app to clock in & out, and keep track of my time. Now that the season has ended and my employment is over, I no longer need the app. Now I have no way to delete the calendar it left behind, even though I delete the app. I called ‘Apple Support’ since I have an iPhone, and they said there is nothing they can do to help me unless I do a full reset of my phone. I don’t want to do that since I have another calendar (created & shared by not myself) that has future & past events that would be lost as well, and among other reasons such as my conversations that I want to keep for my ‘messenger’ would be lost too. I have suggested to ‘Apple’ that they should have a way of deleting a calendar that you no longer want to keep. If there was a way to delete before, I certainly don’t have one now. Very disapponted. Update: I was able to get a hold of ‘Deputy App’s’ support over the phone, and they are going to provide me with instructions on how to get rid of the calendar. Since I use ‘Google’s’ calendar app, I should be able to get rid of by going to my ‘Google Calendar’ on a regular computer. Now I know what I must do. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself. I must say the app’s support was very helpful. That is why I have changed my rating to 5 stars.
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6 years ago, ParagonLike123
Ubër Convenient and Efficient
I would say this App is one of the best and most convenient I have ever utilized as an employee to receive schedules, see who else is working with is that day pr a few days even a week ahead of time and clocking in and taking breaks. It centralizes so much in such an efficient way. However this is not an app for micro-managing atmospheres. If that is needed for employers then this is not the app for you because the location when clocking in is not extremely accurate so there is need for lee-way there when employees may or may not be exactly at the location and still rolling into work. So that is one main concern Employers might have. They (employers) would probably still like that even though that is not pin-point accurate they are still able to require a more accurate clock-in time because clocking in is now simplified to the access of the employees phones rather than reporting to a Time Clock station. And once you "clock-in" then it's just simply putting your phone away and beginning your work. Ubër convenient and efficient!!
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2 years ago, Sami 🖤
Every work place should use!
I used this app for my seasonal job, it was amazing. Let me know where I was working, in what area, and what I was doing. I could put in days off that I needed and vacation days. I also loved when it said how long your houses were. You can even contact your Co workers through the app to let someone take your shift. It was really good and so organized! I feel like every work place should use this app. Like right now for my new job we get our schedule through emails, use another app to contact coworkers, have to call the store for time off, and then use another app to see how long you worked in two weeks. I wish they used Deputy too. LOVED.
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6 years ago, Con5ultKid
So initially when I find out that I had to download yet another app onto my phone for my new contractor, I was a little frustrated. But Deputy has actually turned out to be pretty cool. The best part is that I can go back and see my timesheets from every day since I’ve started. The second best part is that I can see everyone who is clocked into the system. That may not be necessary if you’re working in a small building or work alone mostly. But for a place where assistance from colleagues is an every day thing, it helps. It’s also very user friendly. The only thing that I would suggest is integrating an alarm into the app. Probably one that picks up on time sheet patterns and can remind you to clock in.
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1 year ago, Oh,ForGod'sSake
A LITERAL waste of time
I’m employed by a company that uses this app for clocking in and out, and I couldn’t hate this app more. Cell service isn’t great in the area where my school is, I guess. It takes up to 5 minutes for the app to load. I can’t clock in early, for my shift, or from break, and I START working before 8 am hits, and students and staff aren’t allowed to have their phones out on campus. Not to worry, what Deputy DOES do quickly is notify your employer, within 3 minutes of your tardiness, which was caused by their app performance and rigidly narrow amount of time to clock in. Now, I have spent my 10 minute break and 30 minute unpaid lunch, trying to clear this up. I couldn’t recommend this app less. I would rather stamp a sign in sheet with the blood of my own freshly severed finger, that use this app, and can’t wait to be finished with it after Friday. Carrier pigeon would be more reliable.
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5 years ago, Angienanners
Super convenient
Deputy offers an option to sync with your mobile calendar, so once shifts are published, they pop up into your calendar, so there’s never even a need to open the app! But even the app itself is amazing, you can view your submitted shifts, timesheets, submit leave or PTO, add unavailability, and check to see who else is scheduled for that day. There’s a great “community board” section where posts can be made for employees/coworkers to view and tasks can also be assigned via the app. It’s super easy, very functional and has made schedules more convenient for myself. 10/10 would recommend.
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6 years ago, The Jacemeister
Good but could be better
Deputy does time and location tracking well, scheduling and usage heuristics. Where it falls short is in the news feed area. There is no chronological sort for feeds - a newly added feed may find itself bogged down underneath feeds from 2 weeks ago, and stop a feed from yesterday. There does not seem to be a logical order for new news feed placement, and the order changes constantly, making finding a past feed very difficult. Also, the enormous volume of feedback resulting from a particular feed cannot be silenced or deleted. I do not care to hear how someone disagrees with a particular post, and I am tired of it automatically filling up my iPhone notification screen, buzzing each time it does. Please fix these two things and earn a 5.
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3 years ago, Leon Aran
Blue Link Wireless
I work for blue link wireless and they are authorized by AT&T, this is actually a great app it tells you when to clock out for lunch went to clock in to start your shift and it’s so simple you just click click click and you are starting your shift you’re starting your lunch or any lunch and then you finish the day gray app and you can see who is supposed to be coming in and everything else great app great app!!!!
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5 years ago, ACJ42
Epic Time Saver
Discovering & implementing Deputy was an absolute game changer. As someone who schedules and manages 40+ student workers with constantly changing availability, this app is a godsend. I’ve cut down the amount of time I spend scheduling and managing/confirming staff tasks, and handling payroll by about 80%, giving me more time to focus on other pertinent projects at work. Student staff also find it easy to update their availability or swap shifts via the app and check schedules. Learning about the config/admin menus on the website felt like discovering a glorious Easter egg. I only wish more config features were available. There is some room for improvement in regard to the reports & task list functionality - would love to be able to generate a report showing who has (or hasn’t) been completing various tasks or task lists over an extended period of time or assign specific recurring tasks to multiple people all at once. Overall a phenomenal app worth every penny.
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3 years ago, lwohneddih
This app is great but
This app is awesome and Ive been using it for 2.5 years at my current job. My biggest complaint is that i can no longer scroll back to my first day on the job to look at my timesheets and my timesheet history. There seems to be a window of time the user is limited to which can be a big disadvantage for a worker. This has been an issue with me because i found out my timesheets have been edited without my consent by a manager, and i cant even look back a year to gather all the time that has been taken from me.
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3 months ago, NayOhmeee
Too many notifications
Notifications should only be sent when unscheduled shifts have been approved and when you have an upcoming shift. I keep getting notifications about available shift when I can easily check that by opening the app and clicking on the available shifts. I have turned off the notifications for this reason and have missed SEVERAL approved shifts because I expected to be notified for this then remember that I turned off the notifications because of the excessive amount of notifications. Please fix this. I turned on my notifications and woke up to literally HUNDREDS of notifications
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5 years ago, JOHN CLEANING.
Only been using Deputy for a couple of months. Took me a while to get set up and familiar with it only because I was determined to do it without any help and my limited time. I’ll never give it up. I’ve been living in the dark ages trying put accurate employee hours together. We don’t even use everything they have to offer and has saved me a ton of time and aggravation. John with a commercial cleaning company in Florida.
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2 years ago, benamon199x
One Problem
The app overall is great. However, it’s need a notification frequency feature. A delivery service I I signed up for uses Deputy. Each time a shift become available, Deputy sends a notification — which is great until you receive 10 different push app notifications and emails within 5 minutes of each other. You can turn off the notifications via Apple app settings, but I would advise signing up with a email account specifically for the Deputy.
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4 months ago, lkjnmoiubvypoi
Always An Issue
I don’t mind Deputy for the most part, but I haven’t been able to view my timesheet in MONTHS because the page won’t load. (And I’ve deleted, reinstalled, and updated it already.) Can you please fix this, for the love of god. Because I hate not being able to verify my times every day. And it’s too difficult to get my timesheet daily from a superior. All of my staff ALSO can’t load their timesheet pages. Which honestly, to me, makes the app almost useless.
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11 months ago, Phadestar Basslinerider
Break Confirmation Buttons!!!
No matter what I do, it leaves my shift open until the next day and then I get a notice in the morning saying it was left open and automatically closed. You literally can’t complete your shift without sliding over the buttons, which have repeatedly changed color, style and format. Also, update notifications are not going out. But, I just updated it yesterday and it still didn’t register and left it open. Every time this happens I lose 1/2 hour off my shift. So frustrating!
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4 years ago, Ik131415
I love how easy it is to schedule with my agency. Just as simple as a click and I’ve claimed my shift. I can also clock in and out with just a click. It’s pretty decent. I would like if there was a category for each title and facility instead of everything being bunched together, but even so, I’m still able to maneuver through the app without much difficulty. I definitely recommend.
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4 years ago, El Negritito
Efficient but many bugs...
It always worked fine until one week it just stopped showing my accumulated hours. There’s a long, white bar where my hours should be. Not only that, every time I change my birthday and save it in settings, when I go back and look at it, it sets the date as the day after the original date I put. It’s ridiculous. This has been going on since I downloaded the app LAST YEAR! Fix it already!
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6 years ago, Ne$$a Moynahan
Soooooo so so convenient, I love it.
When I was hired, the owners had me set up a Deputy account and I love it so so much. It is so easy to clock in, clock out for break, and clock out of work. I really love seeing my schedule, my timesheet and being able to count my hours and estimate my pay. I also love how you can communicate with coworkers on the app. The layout of this app and just the way it’s set up is so so easy to use and simple. Love Deputy!
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3 years ago, dd scuber
News Feed Annoucements
Is there any way to add a pop up icon for the News Feed section? My job posts a lot of things through there and I get notified when they do so, but forget because there is nothing reminding me after the fact. Great app overall, but would love that added feature if possible!!
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2 years ago, 145687ciwija
Great so far but would be amazing to include a feature/option to attach a map or locations for different stores within whatever company is using deputy. Our company has about 80+ stores and can be messy when employees offer up their shifts without including an option to attach address and see it on a map. Would help tremendously in organizing employees picking up offered shifts.
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5 years ago, Kenner2010
Great Scheduling App
This app is great for company to schedule employees and keep track of their time. They can find their own replacements and swap shifts without me getting involved. This saves a lot of time and headache. We and I use the newsfeed function as a log to post events and occurrences instead of using a log book. Employees can also put in their Leave days. Deputy is always improving as well.
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4 years ago, More console
Super efficient and pretty easy to understand
The company I worked for has used a few different apps for clocking in and schedules, but this is the first time they just used one app for both. It’s much much better than the apps they used in the past, and is way easier to setup. Pair that with the fact that it’s much more reliable.
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3 years ago, user8754
Average HR app
I think clowns designed some of the features in this app. It does not allow you to choose multiple people with 1 click to offer a shift to, so I have to sit there clicking on 300 individual names. If I have 3 shifts in a day and need to take off over a 2-3 day period, it takes at least 10+ mins to do something that should take 30 seconds. The other frustrating thing about offering shifts is that if you accidentally switch apps or cause the app to minimize temporarily, it will unselect all the names you’ve already chosen.
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4 years ago, Chatfield_11
The Work App I Wish I Had Earlier
I have struggled with time time punches for a while (I forget to clock in or out, or I forget to clock out for lunch), and it has definitely hurt me in my work; I would excel at what I did, but the HR department hated because of these technicalities. I’m so happy to have an app that makes all of this easier for both parties!
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2 years ago, steph22334
The notifications need improvement
Sometimes I receive the notifications and sometimes I don’t. Also, sometimes the notifications disappear. I use this for my per diem job to pick up shifts, and sometimes there will be a shift available and I don’t know it because I don’t receive a notification. ( yes my notifications are on). This app would be great if they would fix this. I have missed out on working shifts because of this.
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6 years ago, Ahtavan
Good app
This is my first experience with work related app. But everything works the way I imagine it should. I wish I could start a small shift even though I have one coming up though. The way this app is designed it appears that you cannot have any other shift within a three hour radius which very much limits the amount of work you can pick up. That's the only consolation
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2 years ago, 12gh15
Syncing issues?
The Deputy is an easy app to use on a mobile phone but recently it’s not syncing with schedule updates. Therefore, in order to see if a site is properly staffed, I have to log on to the web page via laptop which isn’t always convenient. Wasting time following up with staff to ensure they’re reporting onsite only to hear that they are on the schedule but only if I look on the web page version.
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5 years ago, Synphonie
Angry employee
Hey maybe you shouldn’t auto break people who are working less than a 6 hour shift. I had no idea it would do that and those thirty minutes add up. Its cool that it does that for more than a six hour shift but doing that to people who are working less than the required break time is just horribly wrong... Also this app is clunky in comparison to others. It is clear to me whoever made this app does not actually care about working people as it will try to make it seam that you are working less. Terrible and I wish I could give 0 stars.
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7 months ago, Angtobfit
So many auto clock out issues!
At least weekly the app automatically clocks me out but what’s bizarre is I clock out each night myself but when I got back in the next day to look at my time sheet it shows the app clocked me out and each time this happens it’s clocking my out a HOUR LATER THAN WHEN I CLOCKED IN!! I’m constantly checking the app for updates but this has been a constant issue for me! My employer is having to fix my time almost weekly! This is ridiculous!!!! And there is no help for this
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4 years ago, henry_something
Extremely convenient
I’m a freelance stagehand and I wish more, if not all of the companies/venues I work for used this app. It lays out all the details I need perfectly and it’s very user friendly (especially nice for some of my less tech-savvy coworkers.) Definitely recommend Deputy for any company whose employees are not centralized to one location
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4 years ago, DunDropDatDuhDuhDuh
Very convenient :)
I love this app! I’ve used it at my previous job and my current job and it’s perfect. You see your schedule for the entire week on the app and it makes it really easy to keep track of your hours everyday. It’s very simple to use, you won’t regret downloading this helpful app.
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1 month ago, codyisthatbxtch
Awful company, worse app
If you’re thinking about purchasing deputy for your company to keep track of things like a schedule, pto, or timesheets to export to payroll- save yourself the headache. You talk to three tiers of AI before ever getting an actual human with customer support. When you do get a human for tech support, their solution is always to submit a feature request, never an actual fix. I’ve used humanity in other hr roles and it’s so much better.
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4 years ago, jacob merfie
Honestly this app is so amazing it reminds you to when your shift starts. It explains what you are doing and continues do do that through email. It’s so organized and well out. It also tells you of whom you are working with and what time and what there part is.
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4 years ago, rubartiga
Sorting Option
Wish we had the option to sort by location when the shifts are sent out. Having all shifts for all locations at the same time does cause for errors in choosing shifts quickly, so having the ability to sort by warehouse would be fantastic
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5 years ago, MsQueenD
I use deputy daily and I love It! It’s super easy to use and I always remember to clock in and out of work, thanks to the reminders sent to my phone. No annoying time sheets!! Just clock in and out at the touch of a button! And you know about upcoming shifts in the near future. Love this app! 👌🏽
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4 years ago, BTI racing
My work schedule app
Couldn’t ask for a better app then this. I have so many employee and it lets them request time off keeps up-to-date with her schedule swap schedules if people want. even our corporate office can see it !! wonderful app
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6 years ago, JanosFan95
Not so great
Love the deputy app and what it does to help. However, it ends up glitching on me where it’ll show a shift is active 3 times on the same daily schedule or not accurate times/ displays of other schedules for the day as well. Seems to just be my phone tho other have my same phone so I don’t know what the deal is. I’ve deleted the app off my phone twice now because each time it ends up like the problems described above
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4 years ago, pretty eyed
Great place
I have been working for fetch for a couple weeks I love it I get to deliver packages all while losing weight at the same time I get to drive my own car and I have came in contact with some really cool people thank you fetch for coming up with a cool app you guys rock
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5 years ago, Day aware
I really ❤️ this app. So far I haven’t had any issues with it. I work from home so it always reminds me when my shifts are and to clock in and out. I can see when my hours have been approved and everything. Keep up the good work guys!
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4 years ago, jaksplace2020
Doesn’t sync
The app doesn’t keep up with changes that are made after the original schedule is posted. I have to log in through my web browser to see the “real” schedule. Plus it is over priced for what it does. No proration for partial month employees. We are punished enough with high turnover in a restaurant setting and every time I get my bill it’s like a slap in the face. Just found a free solution with Homebase. Even if it’s not perfect it’s better than paying for crap.
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2 years ago, Eric123453356
New update is bad
It was fine until the recent update. The home page now shows the current time on the top screen in the biggest font. That’s useless, I can look at the top corner for that, I just open deputy to see what time my shift is. Pretty annoying they made the current time the most noticeable thing on the home page.
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1 year ago, Misao Harada
Pretty good but
Overall pretty good app! Fairly easy to navigate and does what it needs to. The one feature that I really really really wish it had was a way to track how much I’m going to be paid each pay period either on deputy or on ADP
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11 months ago, bsbhdhhdhdh
This app can request time off on it as well as clock in and clock out on it, the app notifies you through email about your new schedule every week all and all great app
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4 years ago, Allison Cherie
Wonderful functionality and convenience
I’ve been using this app for about 4 months with my company and it has been so enjoyable to use daily. Functions are convenient and very user friendly. Wohoo!
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4 years ago, coachhomer
iPad version is terrible
We have used the desktop and phone version of this app for over two years and it is exceptional. However, the iPad version is almost laughable. Unless I don’t know how to use it, you cant maximize the schedule on the entire screen. You are limited to viewing it in their sidebar leaving about 70% of the screen blank. I highly recommend the desktop and phone version but the tablet version needs work.
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5 years ago, a.booi
Deputy vs. Samsung
The app works well on Apple phones. It is easy to navigate and use. I like that I do not have to print out my schedule anymore. Unfortunately, half of my coworkers cannot use the app because the have Samsung phones and it seems that Deputy does not work for them. I am an avid user of this app and it’s a shame that my coworkers cannot use it as well.
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6 years ago, Princess_Alyia👸
Needs Work
I love the idea & concept! The training videos are great. I’ve heard from multiple people that there are just too many glitches. I can hardly use the app myself. Stuff won’t load, even though my internet is running efficiently. Tapping on things & nothing happens. Can’t comment half the time. 80% of things won’t load for me.
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2 years ago, Shermaeissocoollike
I do not get notifications for open shifts
Hello. My co workers get notifications when there are shifts posted but I never do. I don’t understand because I have my notifications on in my phone settings. This issue is the reason why I get less hours. How can this be fixed ?
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1 year ago, atrain5338
Regional manager
I use this system for my officers past couple of days. I’ve had nothing but glitches between the phone app in the computer version not sharing with each other. Great system if the bugs we’ll get it worked out.
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4 years ago, monkeyeatsbananas
Pretty good
The deputy app is a very helpful app in the job that I perform. It works well, no bug outs, no lost signal, and thank goodness it has no Ads. I recommend this app to anyone who has a job that requires it. Thank you for making this app enjoyable.
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