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3 months ago
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17.0 or later
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User Reviews for Desktop Browser

4.53 out of 5
14.7K Ratings
5 years ago, k.money_
Low key Best Browser EVER!
Fr I don’t understand how this browser isn’t on front page of the App Store it is without a doubt the perfect browser. It does everything you want it to do and nothing more and that’s why it’s amazing. Viewing sites in desktop is as easy as it gets and never falters. There’s a quick shortcut button to switch right back to mobile view. There’s no unnecessary ads or “features” literally everything you need it to do is laid out in the simplest form so there’s no confusion searching for a certain function. Tabs are laid out beautifully at the bottom making it easy to switch back and forth. Bookmarks are streamlined and easy to access and as far as I know of, it’s the only browser with a full screen viewing option. Only thing I would add is the ability to create bookmark folders but even without that feature, this is still my favorite browser of all time and I’ve had an iPhone since they first hit the market. Thank you to the developer for giving us what we want! It is much appreciated
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4 years ago, Gunner💣💣💣
I DO LOVE THE APP! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Okay when I first started using this app (which was years ago) it was good. I liked it. I especially liked how it really laid out the desktop format of websites on my phone screen just as if I were on a real desktop, that was the best part. I later deleted it simply because it just had to many bugs and I didn’t feel like writing you guys telling you about all the ones I had experienced ☺️. Just a week ago I went to looking for desktop browser apps and ran across this one. I was actually kind of surprised to see that after all these years the app had still been being taking care of. I decided to download it again, you know, just give it another shot. You guys have done outstanding work to this app!!! It works very well although there are still some bugs and lots of work to be done. Like for example, some websites still load the mobile version and you have to refresh the page in order for the desktop version to appear 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️.(that’s why you get a 4 star rating),Aside from that the app is well put together and it functions like a real desktop. Great job guys 😉👍🏽
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1 year ago, Aaron Zorzi
Quick and easy way to view desktop sites on mobile
Some websites are *really* stubborn about allowing desktop view on mobile devices, and selecting the “Request Desktop Site” option doesn’t work when viewing them on most mobile browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc…). It just repeatedly loads the mobile layout. This can be extremely frustrating, especially because I often only need to see the desktop version of a website for but a moment to verify something that can’t be done on mobile. I don’t want to have to stop everything I’m doing to get up, find my laptop, plug it in, start it up, and pull up the website for a grand total of 10 seconds before shutting everything down again. Very inconvenient. Very annoying. Then I found this app while googling for workarounds. And It does exactly what I need: it loads the desktop view of a website on my mobile device. And it does it fast, simple, and free. The paid subscription option would likely be handy if I were looking to make this my primary browser, but since I only need it every once and awhile for a short period of time, the free tier is perfect. Thank you to the devs for making this app! Thank you for solving a very annoying problem for me :)
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4 years ago, John615
The only desktop browser app I could find that works
From strictly an iOS app rating, I would give this app 3 stars. But, it’s the only app I could find that does what I want. It tricks almost any website into serving up the desktop version. The most important thing that needs to be fixed is that when you pay for the upgrade, the free version should disappear. Additionally, when you open the app you should open straight into a browser, not a menu system. It also just needs some general design & UX work. As someone with the weird core competency that crosses between manager/programmer/designer/visionary/leader, I can see that this app was built fully from a coder’s mind and really needs the perspectives of some designers and visionaries. But it does get the job done where no one else has!
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4 years ago, Gordon142
Does what it claims
Just to be clear, this is not a great web browser. The user interface is extremely bare-bones and it is missing most of the features you would expect from a fully featured web browser. However, it excels at the one essential feature, which is to force webpages to display exactly as if they were on a desktop system. I have not found any other browser that can do this reliably. This allows me to access functionality on many webpages that is otherwise unavailable on the mobile site. It is unfortunate that in 2020 something like this is still necessary, but here we are…
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11 months ago, Narutoblockhead
This deserves 100Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I have to leave a review the fact that this app let’s you buy it with out u having to pay $$$ every month is awesome. So many apps want you to subscribe to a subscription like how Netflix does but unlike Netflix I don’t want to be paying monthly for a dumb iPhone app. This developer lets you pay one price to unlock the whole app. That is a rarity on the App Store. As for the app itself it’s amazing how I can get the full desktop version of a website that even chrome won’t show me. This app is very special and has continued to always work. -Thank you
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1 month ago, John P Pieczonka
Very useful browser to keep on-hand
On iOS, my daily driver for browsers is Safari. I use extensions such as AdGuard to keep ads and trackers at bay. But there are a lot of times these extensions break important websites I use especially for work. That’s where I use this browser, because it works in full desktop mode. Not only that, it has a fantastic “Save as PDF” function that captures the entire page I’m viewing without any issues. My 3rd browser is DuckDuckGo. It’s a good browser but I find this browser as my favorite behind the native Safari app.
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2 years ago, autumn.j
Apple’s most needed feature in an app
From what I remember, Apple once offered desktop-view capability with their browser. I used it absolutely all the time. This feature is sometimes not available anymore, and works very poorly. This tool provides you for exactly what you need. It has provided a necessity. The ability to reliably enable Desktop-View is such an obvious and essential feature. Thank you app developers for creating something incredibly useful.
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8 months ago, Five0hFour
So Close but SO FAR. Fails at the basics.
This performs its intended function well, in a vacuum. But having to start at a menu screen is ridiculous, I’ve paid to upgrade and yet I still have to tap another button to “open the browser part of the browser app I just opened” That’s ridiculous. It has ZERO basic functions like tabbed browsing and cannot even keep a website open in the background while you switch to another app on an iPhone XS. This browser should be perfect, but it’s too busy getting in its own way to actually be worthwhile, I’m requesting a refund from Apple, I’m frankly just astonished at how many basic functions are missing. Update: this app is abandoned. It is not being supported.
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5 years ago, syou100
Simple browser, does the job
Unlike the built in Safari browser where you have to “request desktop site” every time you go to a new website, this browser already does that for you. It has a very simple and user friendly interface. The ads don’t automatically pop up, but you do need to view one before starting a browsing session. I would like to see an incognito mode function or at least an option to tell websites to not track my information.
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3 years ago, Iloveapps84
Such a helpful tool
I was trying to do something that can only be done on the desktop version of a website. The hotel I’m at has terrible wifi which practically doesn’t even work. Spent hours trying to get the wifi working and bugging the front desk about it. Finally accepted that it wasn’t going to work, got this app and www able to do what I needed to do in about 2 minutes. Hours wasted but this saved me. Super cool little tool!!! Thanks for existing!
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4 years ago, steve needs a nickname
I want to love this
Full screen browsing is hard find on iOS. This ap is close but needs refining. Couple points: 1). It goes in and out of full screen mode way too easy. Needs to have a stickier way to remain in full screen mode. 2)any website that would launch a new tab doesn’t work then you can’t back out of it either. 3) History requires fully exiting the browser not sure why. 4). Developer doesn’t respond. Happy to update this review if developer responds with updates.
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1 year ago, me and my love dm
The will to motivate people
I’m so glad that you’re home and safe and that your family is doing well I know that you’re busy but I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for us we really appreciate it so much and we love you very deeply for all of your hard work and dedication to this wonderful project that you’ve created for us we will continue working hard for it.
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9 months ago, Ashtin Smith
This has the poorest implementation ever.
This App doesn’t want you to find out if it’s any good. The monetization is like a disease. It barely lets you do anything useful to see if it is what it says it is before it’s sticks an obtuse statement of ad or back between page transitions. It is not clear what back means as I just clicked a drop down. Yeah I wanna go back to that. No. Back to the menu where the addled person in charge of UX has a bewildering set of crappy banners. I might’ve payed for this if the person monetizing wasn’t actually unhuman. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but I think any further relationship will be one of suffering on my part. And alien indifference on theirs.
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5 years ago, Afterlivin
Just what I needed!!
I don't care if the free version has ads... the ads are not even that annoying because they aren't long and all I've gotten are announcements not video ads so they're short... This app is all I needed... I was trying to use desktop verdion on some websites with safari or chrome and they just kept throwing me to the mobile view but this app doesn't care about any of that they get you to what you want without hesitating! LOVE IT!
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3 years ago, Wah Ahy Nhi
Browser Is Like A Brother When It Comes To Browsing!
Thanks for being brotherly during the times and the ones to come of me in need of searching~ Now, that I have found what I was searching for (it's because of You, Brother Browser~ ☺️, all I need to do is decide, act to come and see what in person or other ways ~~~So yea, thanks again, Brother Browser~~~I Love You~Then, Now, Always & Forevermore~~~
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8 months ago, Happy_Master
Great for tricking website into thinking you’re on a pc
I often go to websites who have specific parts of their website that are pc-only, and this app works perfectly to make them think I’m on a pc. I just watch one short ad and boom: unlimited browsing as a pc. Works great! (Wouldn’t recommend as a daily driver browser due to feature limitations though)
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4 months ago, adobesajjad
I wish if there is an option for one time purchase for lifetime
The app is awesome. If there is an option for one time purchase for lifetime, I will definitely buy it from the app store. I hope the one time purchase option to be available soon. I am looking forward to the one time purchase option. Thank you very much!
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4 years ago, RichieTee757
Works great to make websites think you’re using a desktop browser
I was in a pinch and needed to update something on a website. I went to the website and kept getting served the mobile website even though I kept clicking the link to be shown the desktop version. I downloaded this browser and it worked great to do just that.
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2 years ago, Lasthunter914
Sometimes you just need Desktop browser
This helped me force Desktop browser on my iPhone instead I’ve having to move to a computer, thank you. Other methods I tried did not work, and the desktop option in iPhone Safari doesn’t work on most sites.
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2 years ago, PCiTunesGuy
No longer works for Gmail, unfortunately
While this used to be great, it did not adapt to Google's changes to Gmail. Google is a horrible company and I hope this browser gets updated to fix the issue. Currently no benefit, as both this browser and the iPhone's built in Safari access the terrible HTML version of "desktop" Googlemail. HTML version is completely missing the much-used ability to fetch external email.
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4 years ago, Orlando L.
Works well
Finally something to rival Puffin. I used Puffin for years and worked great. Recently some of my fav websites features Puffin will not load anymore. This browser loaded all sub menus exactly as the desktop site. I hope they improve the UI with a virtual mouse like Puffin has. Also I don’t see the history option. Maybe just a trial version hiccup. I’m going to try the $3 pro version just because it loads my stuff.
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6 years ago, Zbity
turn my Iphone into a lap top
Can work on the web like i have a laptop or regular computer with Iphone this is a breakthrough. I hope they do not get shut done. for it negates the need for some apps. i am able to edit java and websites from my iphone and do not have to have another app to do it! or my laptop!!! keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, Blankety98
An essential app to have, needs couple tweaks
Thrilled that this app exists now that Puffin browser is no more, absolutely essential for me to have a true desktop mode browser, and I was happy to pay for the full version. It needs two tweaks: 1) PLEEEEASE add the ability to download PDFs. When the browser opens a pdf file, there is no way to transfer the pdf to another app like normal. There needs to be an “Open In” button or Share button, like in other mobile browsers. 2) it needs more normal navigation layout. Back and Forward buttons should be up top, Done should not close the window & exit browsing history (I lose my place all the time pressing that.) Otherwise thanks for a great app.
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3 years ago, Amjohnnson
Website does not work with this browser.
I purchased this app to login for work on Paychex Flex. However the site will not function properly it only allows me to login and then the screen only sites the top blue bar and no content. If you can fix this I will keep my purchase, otherwise I will be looking for a new desktop browser application that meets my needs. Thank you
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4 months ago, Jun9702
The ad is more than intrusive
I get it if I want to use something for free I have to sit through some ads. Normally I am more receptive about this than many people. But even I cannot stand the obnoxiousness of this app. I don’t know what triggers an ad roll but from my experience basically EVERY TIME I open a new tab I had to watch an ad. Even better, I was trying to login a website, every time I open my Apple keychain to autofill the password, there will be an ad before I can input the password, and then it just stuck in a loop. Thanks to that I learned some of the ads can be as long as 30s, unskippable. Brilliant. Other than that, I the sole reason downloaded a “mobile desktop browser” is to bypass some websites that forces you to launch their apps while on mobile. And no, this app does not do the job.
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3 years ago, Happy483738274
Near perfect with the right tricks
If your having a tough time, try flipping the screen sideways and then turning it back vertical. If you’re still having a tough time then try going into mobile and then going back into desktop that should fix it.
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5 years ago, Severisth
Great solution to see desktop from mobile
Sometimes a bit clunky, but this app is totally functional. Let's you see the desktop site from a mobile device, notably with the width set to 1024px (or something similar) so responsive sites still show as desktop with this app.
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2 years ago, Holy Bible App
Not as good as I thought
I downloaded the Google Desktop App. FOR older people this app is confusing. I’ve only had the app for 4 days, so I’ll keep working with it and give another review later. One thing. I can’t believe that they are wanting you to pay for this app.
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5 years ago, Ipadphan
Lifesaver of an app
This browser has allowed me to complete tasks on my phone thanks to the desktop mode, that I could not complete with any other browser because their “request desktop” feature didn’t work. Kudos to the developer for making it work as expected!
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4 years ago, Malicaide
Fake misleading trash
This app is complete trash. You might get a desktop here or there but it’s inconsistent and often goes back to mobile pages. Furthermore in desktop it’s unable to play most videos correctly if at all. Waste of time money misleading and trash.
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3 years ago, crypto327
Good app but you can’t print anything
I needed a web browser that could send print jobs to my printer it has no features to do so which makes it extremely frustrating
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5 years ago, KAVALHI
Free Gogo internet !
So i downloaded this to my iPad as it allows you to emulate a “mobile device” this “tricks” gogo inflight internet into thinking your iPad is a phone and loads the mobile version of gogo. Select TMobile and enter a friends TMobile number and you have free messaging and internet for an hour.
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5 years ago, Aconteceu
Essential app to have
This app is a lifesaver since the sites were still opening as mobile versions despite requesting desktop sites in Safari and Firefox. I am really glad this app exists. It immediately opened desktop versions for everything I could not do that with before. Thank you, developer!
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2 years ago, Tulum,mx
Job application site needed me to apply on a desktop computer. Desktop mode didn’t work from a web browser. This app helped me be able to apply.
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3 years ago, Assassynashun
Does what it says it does
Only thing I dislike so far is when I opened the app for the first time, I was prompted to watch an ad or purchase ad removal. Normally that would be an automatic uninstall and 1 star review but, because the prices are extremely reasonable and the app matches the description I will leave an honest review.
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6 years ago, HelloitsDerek
New tab option is awesome!
This browser is essential... allowing you to view the web page you'd see from a computer vrs the mobile version which isn't always ideal. THANKS to the developer!
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3 years ago, Truly Awake
I don’t write reviews unless it’s awesome or horrible. As long as this is available, It’s A must for me. I am able to get things done on the go that usually requires being on a computer.
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3 years ago, B.WoodsJr
Thank you!
Y’all did a wonderful job, this app actually does what it’s supposed to do. I’ve purchased the Browse Plus and have been using it for about a year now. It ALWAYS comes through. Thank you so much!! 5 stars!
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5 years ago, Ultrasonoro
Works well
Kind of irritating that even after you purchase the plus plan you have to go to the landing page and select it each time you launch the browser. I bought it so I obviously want it, why do I have to manually choose it each time? It just seems like lazy software developers to me
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6 years ago, Smartermark
Works great
Needed to access a part of a site that would not work on a mobile browser and this browser worked perfectly in desktop mode.
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2 years ago, 油派
Can open some stupid webpages which are not compatible with mobile browser, better than just change UA
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2 years ago, inthesand
Fails to provide desktop version at Ymail
Don't really see the value in this browser in that pretty much does the same as Safari and other browsers when it comes to desktop browsing. One notoriously tough "Desktop" site is Yahoo mail. This app reverts to a basic mobile version on that website.
Show more
6 years ago, tricialcd
Very useful.
Have to open some sites on EBay that only requires on a desktop browser and this was pretty nifty. PayPal browser doesn’t seem to work yet. It goes to mobile upon opening. Please fix
Show more
4 years ago, Lil Spghetti
Open in browse plus automatically
Please consider adding the option to open in Browse Plus automatically if it’s purchased.
Show more
6 years ago, xjapa1n
I don’t respond to coercion
I’ve had this app for years and it’s been free, now I have to pay money or watch an ad? Not going to happen. This is what a smart business does: “Here loyal customer, thanks for using our app instead of the competitors, we are charging for use now but you’re our loyal customer so we won’t charge you”. That’s a solid business model, what you are doing is business suicide, or at least it should be. Goodbye and good luck!
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6 years ago, SuprLobstr
Love this App!
Love the simplicity of mobile sites, but once in awhile you need the desktop version. Look no further than this app. Been using it for awhile now and have yet to be disappointed.
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6 years ago, Stevo9494
I wish it could save usernames on websites. But this app is perfect. I don't know why Chrome or Firefox can't do this... I can get on all the sites that need without any issues due to being on my mobile phone.
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4 years ago, bmshaw
Desktop browsing
This is the only mobile browser I have that allows me to visit websites in the desktop rather than mobile version.
Show more
6 years ago, JordyRulez
The Full Browser by Ahmad Julfar is soooo much better! It’s free and is just a straight-up desktop browser. Dont give these people money. They’re lacking big time. This should be open source anyways. This app is garbage.
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