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Dialpad, Inc.
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dialpad

4.59 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
11 months ago, reesiekitty
Very handy and easy to use!
I took over management of some family property when my dad passed away. As part of the updating, I got rid of the old landline number, but I did not want to give out my personal cell or carry two phones around. Dialpad was a perfect solution, giving me a dedicated business number for tenants and contractors to call or text and allowing me to use the ap on my personal phone with a dedicated ringtone. We live in a rural area and cell service is often disrupted but I have not experienced that with Dialpad. I get all calls, texts and messages immediately and sound quality has always been good, but updates in the past months have improved call quality to a level I have to call excellent. This is a convenient, reliable and affordable tool for any small business manager or owner.
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9 months ago, cr$p
That's Disgusting customer service; I'm not exaggerating or being a Karen.
My experience with Dialpad's customer service was, without a doubt, the worst I've ever had. It all started when I simply asked for assistance with my account. During my free trial, I noticed I was being charged for international calling, even though I was supposed to be on the free trial. I knew this wasn't right, and I wanted to understand their pricing structure once the trial ended. To my shock, the customer service representative's response was to yell at me and dismiss my concerns. I even raised my voice in frustration after his unhelpful attitude. It's worth noting that this whole ordeal began because I wanted clarity on charges while on a free trial. The representative's statement that I "couldn't get cancer because it was free" was not only unprofessional but completely irrelevant to my inquiry. Despite explaining my concerns multiple times, he continued to yell and belittle me for worrying about charges during the free version. While I acknowledge that Dialpad's software is neat, I cannot stress enough how horrendous their customer service was during this interaction. I would genuinely hesitate to entrust my business operations to them, especially if my call center or operations rely on their services. It's truly disappointing because their software is decent, but their customer service is the worst I've ever encountered. My advice would be to steer clear.
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4 months ago, Yayayayayayayahshhhdd
Stay far far away
This is the WORST phone system I have EVER worked with. I’d rather have a rotary phone instead of this system. Our company changed over two years ago and it has been a nightmare ever since. Phone calls don’t get routed correctly, there’s a delay in every phone call. About 1 out of 10 calls we try to place within the system don’t go through. There is no handset, just a computer app and headset. The mobile app is terrible. For example, if a call comes in your DialPad app, it will show in your call log on your iPhone. If you decline a call, it shows as a missed call on my iPhone not on the app; very frustrating and confusing. The speaker option on iPhone works about 20% of the time. The computer app constantly changes settings on its own. The list goes on. The ONLY advantage to this phone system is we can look up anyone in the company across the country and call them or message them. That said, once you find them in the system you have to hope the call actually goes through in less than three attempts. If it does you’re lucky. These are NOT issues happening just at my location, same thing in each of our stores nationwide. If you’re looking to replace your existing phone system, I urge you to do more research before deciding on DialPad!
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3 years ago, rangonasdel
Worst Customer Service!!! Worst App Service!!!
Nothing but headaches save your time and money especially if you’re coming from Tmobile dont do it you’ve been warned!!!! Nothing but bugs n glitches with their system especially if you’re a small business and you’re going to use iPhones complete nightmare… you will never get notifications of text messages and the majority of the calls are dropped or staticky!!!! Regardless if you’re in good cellular range or in perfect wifi!!! You contact support and they will just give you the run around and never get a solution and let me get to the billing part a whole separate nightmare!!!! Over $70 of just fees!!!!! Ridiculous!!!! Thats not it!!! I signed up for 11 licenses and they made the decision to charge me for 13!!! And added other extra fees on my bill and you call them and this is what happens they transfer back n forth and tell you they have to create a ticket for it because no one can answer why those extra fees and extra licenses are being billed!!!! Been 2 months every other day is at least 1-2 hours on the phone with them and nothing gets resolved theyll just give u ticket numbers after ticket numbers that will pile up and you’ll be stuck with their bad customer service and their really poor app service!!!!
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3 years ago, badabs
Excellent customer service but app could be better
So I’ve been using Dialpad for my client and I for about 2 months now. We share the mainline number which allows me to answer calls and text messages in behalf of his company. Great for remote work especially for those that need an assistant. So when it comes to the call quality, and the use of the app, it’s awesome. Also the customer service is wonderful. However, there are some basic features that I feel it’s lacking. For example, if you’re sharing a main line like we are, you don’t get sound notifications at all. So you have to be glued on to the app in order to see when you get messages or you will never know, and honestly who has time for that? I feel like this is something that should be integrated like yesterday. As of right now you only get sound notifications to your direct line but not on a main shared line, regardless of the kind of plan you have. Dialpad could be on top of all other VOIT systems if they would fix such basic issues. Also, auto SMS responses for text messages would be fantastic on a main share line as well!
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1 year ago, bythebay10
3 problems hold the dialpad app back
Dialpad’s app is okay, but worse than the Ringcentral app, where we switched from. It has a few annoying faults. Specifically: 1. No integration with your phones native contacts. Even if someone calling is in your iPhone address book, dialpad inbound caller ID just shows the number. Their suggestion is syncing contacts with google, but that doesn’t work if you have contacts saved in multiple google or Microsoft accounts because dialpad can only sync one. 2. You can’t customize the ringtone for dialpad calls. This is small but a nuisance because you can’t audibly tell whether you’re getting a work vs personal call. Ringcentral’s app does allow you to pick from their ringtones. 3. Clearing notifications! So buggy! Even after opening sms messages in your dialpad inbox or dismissing missed calls, the red dot is still on the inbox tab and the app icon remains badged. You always have to exit the screen and tap on again to actually clear the notification dots. It becomes second nature but this problem is quite infuriating.
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4 months ago, 27&aGfreeNewbie
Don’t Waste Your Money!
Started out good enough and then took the hardest nose-dive I’ve ever experienced. Customer service is a COMPLETE joke, you get emails days after a request and every person that responds asks you to send the same information you’ve already sent multiple times. We had an issue with messages failing to send, sent countless screenshots of the issues for them to repeatedly ask us to confirm the phone numbers we were having issues sending to & receiving from and to ‘provide examples’ after we sent them over and over again. Told them we were moving to a new platform and asked about cancellation process, were promised we wouldn’t be charged because we were just waiting for our numbers to port over and then - surprise - another month billed and when we asked about the previous messages we received about us not being charge - we just received the same templated email repeatedly with a link back to their cancellation policy. Seriously, just use OpenPhone or find another, actually RELIABLE application to use.
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2 years ago, Jones1115
Loving Dialpad
Dialpad is awesome!! It makes it convenient to contact students and families without using my personal phone number. In addition you can text just as you would from your phone. I live that it keeps record, you can do key word searches, and even share your screen if using the desktop app. Having the ability to use dial pad from the computer or my cell makes communication that much easier to transition when on the go. Tech support is also great when I reach out for support. Lastly, the analytics provided on my communication types be it texts or calls is totally a awesome I can adjust my strategies based on what I am seeing. As a teacher in the virtual world communication is key and vital to the success of my students snd dial pad is here has been the solution to my communication needs.
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12 months ago, sshhheeeenaaa
the absolute worst app
Dialpad is greedy- they want to take all of your money and offer no support. The app is constantly glitching. Every. Single. Time. I answer a call on the app on my phone, it hangs up on the client. Amazing how whatsapp and facebook and instagram doesn’t have this issue. Yet here I am paying $100/month (more than my own Verizon cell service) just to look completely unprofessional to my clients. On top of that, they make it impossible to reach them by phone. They require you to chat with them first. Even though my employees have been recording their own calls for the past 6 months, I can’t listen to them. They made me upgrade my account in order to automatically record calls and listen, but guess what? It won’t actually record your calls even if you click the the option in advanced settings because you have to figure out how to reach them for them to turn it on. They have completely wasted my money and time and caused me so much stress. I can’t wait to switch to another company.
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3 years ago, bela_cqua
Reliable Business Phone System
We switched to Dialpad from another VOIP provider a few months into the pandemic and have greatly benefited from the switch. Dialpad’s call quality and reliability is much better and it works seamlessly across devices. The fact that it also integrates seamlessly with Salesforce is a nice bonus. I do wish they have a more robust feature set around coaching groups though. As things stand right now, features like call recording etc. are on or off for ALL users across ALL coaching groups which sort of defeats the purpose as many orgs need to record and mentor only a few employees as opposed to the whole company. Here’s to hoping they fix these issues soon in upcoming releases.
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3 years ago, 007mattD
Horribly run business. Lacking support.
You would be better off going to school and programming you own app. I have wasted at least 4 hours of my time trying to work w the joke of a support dept w dialpad! I should have known when it took an hour to get one line and a vm to function following their support instructions. Then I tried to add a second office as they advertise as a option. It took 3 days for their programmers to figure out how their own systems functioned. I could not get consistent support as you communicate in a support ticket chain so everyone has diff levels of experience. Mostly very little experience as I would not be surprised if this company is run by a college age kids in CA and then hired help on the Philippines. I tried for days to get transferred to a manager but never was connected. This company def has yet to transfer me to someone with any level of people skills or knowledge. If what they advertise was available and they had good management to support, this would be a great app and company.
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1 year ago, richardnblack
Decent product but shady business ethics!
We downloaded this app for a temporary work phone number. The price was a bit steep but it did the job for what we needed. We only needed it for one month. They do not make cancelling the account easy. I sent 6 emails trying to cancel my account and even called into their customer service number. Once I finally got someone on the phone, they said they needed to submit a request to our “account manager” for cancellation. They tried delaying the process so they could charge my card $600. 6 emails requesting very clearly for account cancelation. Instead of canceling, they sent emails asking why we were canceling, how they can keep the service, and a third email offering us a 20% discount to continue. I kept insisting we don’t need it, as our campaign has ended. Now I’m not getting any type of response and they have tried to charge my card again for $600. Absolutely terrible customer service. I would not recommend using this company.
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3 years ago, Amazon Bamboo
I hope they work hard to improve services
I love Dialpad as a concept, its been good to us. It has great features. What I do not like and to me, this is the most important thing with any phone system: reliability. Being able to receive and make calls smoothly without service issues like countless dropped calls, static even on wifi, app glitches galore, etc. It is really annoying and I just hope that Dialpad programmers and engineers are actually being productive trying to improve their append listening to this feedback. For the price I am paying, it is pretty fair I think for what I am getting (much different than 1 cellphone trying to run your business). Yet, I am willing to pay more for a better functioning app, better service, and smooth app functionality. DOES THE APP WORK BETTER with VERIZON vs T-Mobile? Thank you for taking my review into consideration.
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3 years ago, D Scone
Everything about the app is great except 1 thing
I’ve used Dialpad for years. Both in a large corporate setting and now currently small business. I managed and have set up the Dialpad VOIP system for both scenarios for all employees. Business Texting is the area they need to improve on. Especially on the mobile app. We are a small business and use the “main line” option in Dialpad. This effects department phone numbers as well but we allow customers to text us and it’s very congested and hard to manage. The Dialpad Windows app finally added a Message Tab at the top that finally groups messages into one area but the mobile apps still don’t have this option. Also notifications don’t work for messaging so we don’t know if we got a text. Notifications only work if you text from your Dialpad number and not the business line. 1. Add message grouping tab on mainline and department on Mobile apps. 2. Add notifications to all operators if a text is received. Either from the app or to your phone number for SMS Forwarding 3. Not a need but more a request, have a Dialpad integration within your website for texting. Another area to make more money for them :)
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2 years ago, Ashley Nicole L.
Reliable and consistent
My company started using Dialpad at the tail end of 2021 and so far so good! I haven’t had a single issue, the service works consistently and that’s really all I can ask for after the issues we had with our previous service. The interface is very user friendly and I like all of the customization options, and it integrates seamlessly with our other platforms to automatically log calls with our clients and set reminders for tasks.
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5 years ago, Sarah*444!
The concept of Dialpad is the new way of doing business in the modern world. However it has a way to go before it meets the standard of reliable business communications. It’s a great value for the price however the reduced overhead is hard to justify when the product is so unreliable. Our entire organization has problems with dialpad daily. Devices not ringing, calls not coming through, it can have negative impacts on business because nowadays customers move right on to the next company on the list. People don’t leave voicemails anymore. Consider alternative options and reliability before choosing Dialpad, we love it but may need to find a product we can rely on. Also keep in mind you can only contact support via the web so that brings communication challenges and delayed response times for support too.
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2 years ago, chubbybunny55
Getting better but needs more work.
Calls are good but I use this app 99% of the time for business texting and it needs some UI work, specifically… 1. In the department texts in the mobile app doesn’t show the messages properly in the list. Each send/receive is a separate line. 2. When I send a message via the dept number I also receive a notification with that message a few seconds later 3. The desktop app, when searching for a phone number and hit enter it calls them automatically. When I do start a text conversation it doesn’t show previous conversations until I send the message.
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1 year ago, Mr.BryantJ
Business partner insisted on this service for our business instead of getting a dedicated cell. And while it is nice to accept calls without needing a second device that’s about where the nice stops. The app has the absolute worst organization I’ve ever seen on an app. We only have one line. We rely on texting as it’s a great way to keep a trail of what was said with our customers and we can both see what’s going on. Except, you can NOT do this with this app. EVERY. SINGLE. MESSAGE. Is listed. Nothing is in a thread. It is so messy and chaotic that reaching back out to customers is impossible. Terrible terrible terrible setup. How we are in 2023 and do not have threaded messages is beyond me. I feel like I’m back on some old blackberry before threading was commonplace. Do not get. Sales and customer support will suffer from this issue.
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2 years ago, No.1Suz
Can’t get worse then this app
I’ve been using this app for about 7 months. I wanted to keep my business phone number and was between home/office. Calls are constantly dropped at the most crucial part of every conversation or after being kept on hold. And I have to start all over. I get text messages that go into the abyss with no notifications. Connecting to a call takes as much as 25-50 seconds. Some calls can’t even be placed on this app for no explained reason. Contacting support means talking to a country far far away. And once you do find support in some far away land where they pay their workers $3 an hour, they ask you to jump through so many loops to prove your complaints or issues that it all becomes not worth the pursuit. So, in closing if you like throwing money away - get this app!
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2 years ago, vgfddhgrd
Almost but not quite
We were almost on board, and they let go mid flight. The implementation was not completed. It took to long to try and fix the problem, and the people who were trying to do the fix were well intended but not good mechanics. It's a shame because I think they have some really good people, but not enough of them. The inconsistency was noticeable. The mobile app was cooler but not that much more reliable than Nextiva's. I am beginning to think the problem is just mobile phone apps in general. We never really got to play that much with the desktop application. Still, I think the app shows promise if they can ever get a good and reliable team to manage the enterprise.
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1 year ago, Leafygreentree
Terrible service, but great infrastructure
We pre-paid our business services for one year, and out of nowhere, they suspended our account today. Keep in mind, this is for business purposes. Today, they said that we had a high volume of text to phone call ratio, and they suspended it without notifying us because they said it was fraudulent. We lost about 20 minutes a phone call service, which is bad for business. They said it would never happen again. Just because others are fraudulent, doesn’t mean everybody is and they need to figure this out next time before they do that. Otherwise, we like the ability to leave our own voicemail greeting, interact with other employees via the services available.
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1 year ago, Javier Format
Bad for Business Use
I was excited to use my Free Trial. I enjoyed the interface, their transcribing software and a ton of features on Dialpad. I had chosen a plan and input my card information to start utilizing this for my business once my free trial ended. Once the Free Trial expired, I was abruptly locked out of my account. No access to texts, calls or contacts created during the trial. I waited almost a week for customer service support to return my email and the level of engagement was very underwhelming. I read on Better Business Bureau that they have a track record of abruptly cutting off service similar to my experience. I run a business, I cannot use communication software that’s not reliable or can abruptly be disconnected at any time for any reason.
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6 years ago, Gopirque
So far, so good
I’ve been using Dialpad for well over 6 months now across my iPad, OnePlus, and Mac and it works very well. There have been very few issues and for my small business purposes it works great. Missing one star because I still see some room for improvement regarding the app interface (like working with texts) and on the iPad when clicking a phone number Apple’s launcher doesn’t bring up DialPad as an option. However, transferring calls between devices is GREAT, call quality has usually been top notch, and the launchers on my other devices work great so it’s worth of a solid 4 stars.
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6 years ago, andyabramson
Switch To Dialpad
I have been using Dialpad since it was called Switch and as business calling services go, this has been the best all-around experience. My agency runs on it and the mobile app on iPad and iPhone takes advantage of all the iOS features. Since Apple introduced CallKit the app integrates with the devices seamlessly. Call quality also can't be beat. I've even used it with a data only Google Fi SIM as well as local SIM cards around the globe when I travel and the calling and messaging experience was terrific.
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2 years ago, Jd12134
Good app overall, needs a couple improvements
I would have rated the app 5 stars if there was an option to change the ringtone and notification sound. I also think the UI while on a phone call could use some modernization. As a side note, there seems to be a bit of latency for connecting calls, nothing that is too bad, but always makes me second guess if it is actually connecting.
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4 years ago, Serica00
Constant Malfunctions
Dialpad was our old office phone system and it was terrible. It constantly dropped calls mid conversation, would not ring on certain phones even while we had followed Dialpad’s instructions, constantly made calls go though our regular phones even though we turned off call forwarding, the audio was choppy on many calls, would not allow us to transfer calls, on multiple occasions it would not allow us to use the actual dialpad on calls, and worst of all sometimes multiple issues happened on the same call. Overall it was a terrible experience. If I could give it zero stars I would. I do not recommend this to anyone.
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2 years ago, benton marcum
iPhone notifications don’t work -but good app
I’ve used a lot of phone apps for various jobs. Dialpad will definitely satisfy your needs and more. My favorite feature is that it has analytics built into it. My frustrations are that even though we have worked and tinkered with the settings, as soon as calls reach me they get sent to voicemail. And that there are no notifications for iPhones when our reps text in rather than email. Overall I am pleased with the functionality of the app.
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3 years ago, Tat2seen
Great for my small startup
The calls have been crystal clear and the interface is easy to use.. it makes adding a business line to any device (including your current phone tablet or of) easy as pie.. with some really sweet bonus features that you just can’t find anywhere else.. hopefully this review is legible.. for some reason I had to type white letters on a white screen.. ehh.. just bunt it if you need a business line already!
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3 years ago, gy6543
Great business phone app
I have been using Dialpad for the last two years and absolutely love it. It gets the job done. I make about 4-5 1 hour long business calls daily, also the ability to send text work’s flawlessly. It also allows the ability to record phone calls so if your in any type of sales business it helps with studying your calls greatly. Very pleased with the app.
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2 years ago, GBerbig12
Great resource!
Dialpad is a great resource for calling and syncing with Salesforce CRM to keep track of calls, notes about calls and clients. The Dialpad app is easy to use on your phone and also works great on the computer. The only downside I would say is sometimes the seamless connectivity between the app and auto ringing on your mobile phone is sometimes off or delayed ringing to your phone so you have to answer it semi quickly or you will miss your call. Overall a great tool though.
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8 months ago, O0o123!
Would never recommend! Avoid at all costs. Dialpad overpromised and underdelivered. They will always answer with a yes to win your business. Their team doesn’t know their product nor the telephony industry and even though they said that if they couldn’t find a solution to what they promised us they could do that the fault would lie with them. After multiple attempts to reach them on a resolution as agreed on our last call, instead of responding to us with when we’d hear back regarding a resolution, the manager of SMB sales finally replied saying he “took an hour of his day to research and the issue is NOT related to Dialpad”. Such a waste of time, energy and money.
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4 years ago, South Florida Boat Rental
Not reliable, needs a lot of improvement
My company has used this phone system for approximately a year. The app signs itself out without notification at least once a week, resulting in missed calls. Calls are dropped consistently. If you use “HD calling” you don’t have to press 1 to answer the call, but the call will not ring your phone if you’re not on WiFi, resulting in missed calls. If you use your own data, you have to press 1 to Answer and about 25% of the time the app won’t register you pressing 1, resulting, yet again in missed calls. Not impressed and find myself frustrated with the system on a regular basis.
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2 years ago, Jérémie L.
Superior Vo-IP solution
I have been using Dialpad for nine months as a professional, an independent contractor and for personal matters, and I have found it to be remarkably seamless. It is like what we always dreamed phoning should be, with seamless transcripts, intelligent categorizations features, and a combined timeline of all your interactions, the software is really amazing. I think the quality of the calls is good, and this iPhone client is good at being persistent at trying to reconnect to a call (still housed by the server) when you are in rough network area. I also like how it integrates with all the iOS interfaces such that it is often treated as another provider of phone calls (for instance in the phone log). Really happy and highly recommend, for entrepreneurs and professionals.
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1 year ago, friedlawyer
Fascinating Occasionally Quirky Economical Technology
Loving many aspects of the software—tracking contacts with clients, easy searching for contacts, texting, using the app on MacBook, iPhone and iPad platforms, and so many novel features. Haven’t even dipped seriously into the “zoom-like” meeting option. Not sure why your spell-check texting is so irritating or when we’ll be able to text PDF’s, but I know your making improvements so I’ll wait to see.
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3 years ago, RC Dialpad user
5 stars
Our company just started using Dialpad recently. I have nothing but positive feedback so far. This app has enhanced my ability to communicate with clients entirely. The best feature in my opinion is the ability to text message clients for follow ups. In this day and age a lot of people prefer to communicate this way. I will always use Dialpad as long as I have a choice. Thank you!
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3 years ago, BriaSav
Favorite Business Line
I admire being able to be connected on all my devices to access my business line without having to carry a second phone. Though everything is great with the platform sometimes the app can lag after phone calls and the missing capability of me not being able to change the notifications tone is app causes me to only give 4 stars! Hope to see these improvements soon.
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1 year ago, Sir Shudocan
Needs 1 thing fixed
Great app and fantastic support except one thing. There’s a feature called HD calling which is calling using the data network. It says to only use HD calling when you have good Wi-Fi. I am seldom in am area with Wi-Fi- most of my day is on dirt roads in rural areas. If I enable HD, incoming calls work fine (they ring in) but I cannot converse. Bad connection, dropped call, garbled etc. So then I tried to DISable HD - now outgoing calls are crisp and clear as possible since carrier voice service is used, but I cannot receive incoming calls at all. A notification shows up that I missed a call, but it won’t ever ring.
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7 months ago, Houston local
Not reliable, bad customer service, complicated text charges
Lots of missed calls and texts, as well as dropped calls, due to unreliability with the calls going to cell phones. Damaging to our reputation with customers and our business. Also, they started making you pre pay for texts and keep enough in your account or texts will be cut off. They obviously don’t put any thought into how their customers do business. I’ve used dialpad at two different companies over several years and they are really terrible. Caused lots of frustration with employees and customers. Now i’m happy to say we are finally cancelling, but they are making it near impossible to terminate our account. get forwarded to dead ends on calls. Got an email back saying they don’t accept emails anymore. It’s looking like I will have to submit a fraud claim on my credit card since they won’t let me cancel my account. STAY AWAY FROM DIALPAD
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3 years ago, sangichan
My Ride or Die
I use Dialpad every weekday for making parent phone calls. I love that I’m able to call out using a number other than my personal one. I also like the analytics page as it helps me determine what my call time looks like. I like that I’m not tied to my computer and can walk and talk using this app. I rarely have connection issues and will continue using Dialpad.
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6 years ago, o.j.d.
Dialpad makes telephony easy for us
Since we started using dialpad business calls have become a lot easier. Using my office number seamlessly from my phone and being able to text via that number as well is a big win. We are using the Dialpad call center and our agents can work from anywhere with really high quality connections and hardly any dropped calls.
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3 years ago, LBSW PHX AZ
Surprisingly Easy & Effortless
I am a Social Worker that’s constantly out in the field. The ease of using the app has made my professional work day so much easier. The layout, the organization, everything about this app is so easy to use and I love how organized my texts, voice messages, and call logs are. After trying Dialpad, I won’t go back to anything else.
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3 years ago, ReviewByNic
Dialpad App Improves VOIP Experience
I have been using Dialpad since the early days, when it was Switch. As the product has matured, so has the app and it’s an impressive suite of calling and text solutions that, mostly, seamlessly integrates with iOS. Calling over LTE/5G with dual sim remains dodgy at best, but WIFI works very well, quality is true HD, and once our employees give the app a try, they pick it up over a desk phone.
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2 years ago, Father Huck
Just right for our needs
As a small non profit church running multiple sites, Dialpad has become a fantastic and cost saving addition to our toolkit. We have had zero reliability issues and their customer service is always responsive. They have been patient helping our non-tech employees get acclimated to the tools available. Five stars!
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2 years ago, turntoreality
Great for remote work
I’ve been using this app since January for my remote job and it’s extremely convenient. I love how I can have a separate phone line so I don’t have to share my private number - it helps maintain a work/life balance. I haven’t had any issues with it yet so I will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to Skype.
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2 years ago, valerie sue
Work Use
The company I work for uses this to communicate with our clients. I am so happy to have an app on my phone for so many reasons. It’s great to be able to communicate when I am away from my desk, as well as having access to important numbers when I’m away. I am also a huge fan of the convince in setting everything up. Great platform!
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3 years ago, MandySue-Amanda
Love it! Very convenient!
I love the DialPad app. It’s very convenient to be able to make calls while away from my desk. I also have the ability to hand the calls over to our sales team when necessary. I love the option to switch from desktop to mobile as well. Did I mention customer service is amazing!!
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2 years ago, spires22
Very difficult UX to navigate
I’m trying to be such an all inclusive VoIP service, they have hundreds of features that clutter up your user experience. 95% of their extra features don’t have much use. I’m coming with all this, I experienced consistently new problems over 4 months where I finally had to cut my losses. Calls not ringing, inbound and outbound numbers showing up as completely different numbers, no text notifications, my main line # randomly switched one day. Very bizarre. They try, but the service is just too overboard. Please go for something simpler.
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3 years ago, wadeb13
Works great.
Recent updates to this app have made it really useful. You can access all the features of dialpad desktop from the app including transcription of calls which is huge for me. I don’t worry about taking notes in real time anymore, I just go back and read the Dialpad transcript. Love Dialpad and Will remain a customer!!
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5 years ago, JetMan{007}
Lack of functionality and voicemail problems
App is ok in general, but you can’t set it up without an access to its web version and mobile version works awful. It just doesn’t exist. You have to keep a laptop around for settings. The second issue is a voicemail. Guys, can you advise why it doesn’t come out from iPhone so I could get it hands free while I’m in the car for example? You should put it to your ears cause it sounds out of a ear speakerphone only. But when you take it to your ear it just switches off and stops. It’s an iPhone XS Max if that matters.
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4 years ago, Ozzy Aye
Want it to work - has dissapointed so far
Been using dialpad for a few weeks. I love everything about it - but call quality is hit or miss. When it works it’s perfect. But most of the time people I speak with can’t hear me properly. So I have to rate it as I have. If it works for you, great. But don’t be dissapointed when your call quality is poor. Again, I loved it and wanted it to work because it is so easy to use, has a great UI, and amazing features. But the most important feature doesn’t work well. If they ever resolve this issue I will happily come back.
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