Dice Tech Careers

4.8 (11.2K)
41.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
DHI Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dice Tech Careers

4.82 out of 5
11.2K Ratings
2 years ago, yahoobeagle
Great app for tech job search
This app has really improved over the past year. Great new profile, automatic job recommendations based on your profile and easy way to find and apply to tech jobs. I love that now I can also see info about the recruiters who posted the jobs and how to contact them
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5 years ago, Miroslav S.
Terrible unless you’d like spam callers
Prior to using this site as well as application, I haven’t had many issues with job hunting. Now, I am constantly inundated with about ten to twenty spam calls per day, as well as spam emails from recruiters based in various countries in Eurasia. They almost exclusively come from fake numbers and do not provide any actual jobs that go anywhere. The app as well as DICE does a terrible job at filtering out these fake employers. If you are prepared to get calls from the same individual posing as a recruiter five to ten times a day, then I suggest using this app. Otherwise, go through with a more reputable recruitment agency that is local to the area you are targeting. DICE doesn’t even care about any of your preferences and seems to open your resume to anything applicable based on keywords so that you will pop up in searches for employers even though they don’t match your preferences. I fully regret ever posting my application on here and will have to change my number as well as professional email.
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Stay Away - SPAM
I tried this website out after being told it was good for searching for tech jobs. After creating a profile and making it public, I was immediately bombarded with emails and phone calls. These were all from overseas contractors, barely able to speak English, trying to recruit me for work that didn’t remotely match my profile. After a couple days I shut it down and deleted my account. To this day, I’m still getting spammed with emails from recruiting agencies who do not appear to be affiliated with Dice. Once you sign up, it’s clear Dice sells your information to recruiting agencies liberally. So unless you’d like to be annoyed by recruiters until the end of time… stay away!!
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7 years ago, Flostation
Do not make an account and do not make it searchable
I made the mistake of using dice last night for a couple curiosity searches. The next morning I am flooded with emails and worse... unsolicited calls from spoofed numbers by Indian tech recruiters. In two hours dozens of calls. It is really annoying and the jobs they offer are terrible, and completely irrelevant to my job search (searched Charleston but they call about Long Island opportunities). Until companies do a better job with personal data and have higher standards about who they let have access to your data, steer clear of these kinds of sites. Never let your account be searchable.
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2 years ago, Jmatlack
This app is for IT by IT. You can tell because of how smooth it is and how many recruiters use the app to find candidates. Super easy to apply. Great resources. Im looking forward to the upcoming free fall job fair where dice offers the opportunity to network, meet employers, and learn.
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5 years ago, Rater1234
Service is unusable
I have received more than 40 calls and emails, including calls past 7 pm ET, for jobs which don’t match my skills, profile, or resume. These are located all over the country even though I have marked my profile as “unwilling to relocate”. I do not have this problem with ANY of the other job search sites. After receiving a double email just now from yet another recruiter, I requested Dice delete my account. Yes, that’s right, you have to request it as there is no way for you to delete it yourself. Stay far away. Much better options out there!
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7 months ago, Mackenzo
Needs to update database
I had to contact technical support to get them to fix my profile visibility, which they did. However, when searching for certain jobs, there’s job postings from 5+ years ago. Not to mention, some of the jobs are limited or different positions are listed under different positions. For example, when you search “Recruiter”, data entry jobs show in the search instead.
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5 months ago, Worst dice customer
Very disappointed with dice customer service
I have very bad experience with dice, because I created my profile 10times every time it gives me same error that I can’t make my profile visible. What is the use of creating dice profile which doesn’t allow me to make my profile visible for recruiters. I tried to contact support team but they say one thing we will get back in 8-9 business days and then no response from them. Very tired of doing this and worst experience with dice
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5 years ago, RyanBreaker
Doesn’t support new email addresses
The account I created on desktop uses one of the newer TLDs for my email address (ends in “.rocks”). The app does clientside checking just to be able to login by checking if he length of the last part of an email is less than 5 characters long. That means many of the new TLDs are automatically incompatible with the app even though on desktop it works fine. This needs to be removed because the app is otherwise useless to those of us using these newer TLDs.
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5 years ago, spatialdandy
So easy! Love it!
Was able to apply to 4 jobs in in less than ten minutes. It’s not the most popular job board compared to indeed or Glassdoor but the fact that you can apply to all of the positions hassle free is great.
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6 months ago, ibock
Essentially a spam network
I naïvely thought this app would be something like LinkedIn — a platform to check in on the job market and apply for things that match my skill set. What I ended up getting was a reverse-telethon nightmare circus: even while writing this review, I’ve had to swipe away spam & scam calls from fake employers. I genuinely got 57 calls today, none of them real employers, all telemarketing firms. Don’t install this unless you want to get harassed by scammers all day.
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8 months ago, Charlalee
Surprisingly bad search results
I have found the dice app to be useless. If I search for something specific, I get hundreds of irrelevant results and am forced to sort through them in order to find what I was searching for. When I search for full-time, I still see contract jobs. When I search for remote, I still see on-site and hybrid jobs. I cannot recommend this to anyone looking for tech jobs at this time.
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1 year ago, anzhela j
The worst experience
If I could give 0 stars, I would. Everyday I am getting phone calls and emails from overseas recruiters who barely speak English and spamming me with fake and irrelevant jobs. They call me at 4 am and 10 pm and doesn’t care whatsoever. I haven’t seen any real jobs or recruiters on this website. Also even if you delete your account, you information already spread everywhere. Terrible. Probably the worst job board I ever used.
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4 years ago, sreenekanth
So options for experience
There are lot of jobs you have to go through all of it and most of them is not related to experience . Why they don’t make employers make it required field so they enter the amount of experienced required to apply for job so that applicants side there is a filtering system where applicant filter job based on experience . It will save a lot of time . They should make the experience option required and it will be helpful .
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1 year ago, ampionblack
Unable to submit application
I have uninstalled and reinstalled this application but it will not allow me to apply for jobs. I continuously get the error message of “sorry, something went wrong, there was an issue submitting your application” if there is an error than offer a link to apply somewhere else since your app isn’t working
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1 year ago, bluey2176
Terribly Written
Terrible application, it doesn’t seem as the developers of this app have spent any time testing it. You get into situations where you cannot continue, because you cannot scroll to a field that requires entry because the keyboard is covering it. When doing a job search it allows you to specify a location, but the results include postings from all over the country. I could go on. Please test your application!
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2 years ago, Lance Bean
Terrific App. UX on point.
Optimal and fluid design. Who knows whether or not I’ll find a job, but the automated email has relevant opportunities and the app itself looks good from font to function.
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1 week ago, mortezart
Error 86 unable to make profile visible
Unable to access profile, error: “Unable to load your Profile Something went wrong while loading your profile. Please check your connection and try reloading.” Error: Error 86 unable to make profile visible Neither on the App nor on the various browser.
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3 years ago, wjisidndnwnwmsm
Dice sells your information. I’m now spammed with fake recruiters
Ever since I signed up I’ve been getting lots of calls from recruitment centers. They provide no context about the job, they just tell me to provide my resume and photo ID so they can provide it to the company who wants to hire me. I’ve asked these callers where they got my information and they said they get their information from Dice. Reporting this company
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1 year ago, Sahgid
Clutch application!
I’m a college student looking for tech jobs, all these job boards have the same postings. Dice makes sure to include the jobs you’re diving for!
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6 years ago, alexkoster
For once, an app that doesn't require login
Though I eventually did log in, its great that this app doesn't initially require login for basic functionality
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1 year ago, Kaypriddy
This has been a wonderful site for tech searching jobs
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6 years ago, SrinivasSurya
Date posted not working in Filters for a specific Technology
When I select a specific technology and Filter with date posted, it shows all the Technologies which are very recently posted I only wanna see my specific technology jobs which are recently updated or posted in a organized manner Please update your app, I’ll change my rating for sure
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3 years ago, Hitochiisai
Good potential
Great idea but could use a lot of improvement. Could use more filters, ways to see which jobs you’ve applied to before opening the job, deleting unwanted jobs, etc.
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6 years ago, clanpikachu
Do us not work
Just installed it I can’t even get past the first three screens you try to click on the done button and it just sits there and looks at you. I’ve reloaded the application at least a dozen times and it still won’t work. Buggy, don’t use, go to their website instead. Been a happy fan of their website for over 10 years
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6 years ago, kiloecho
App works fine, no iPad version
Yep works great and is easy to use. There are lots of jobs and it is simple to upload a resume. But not being fully compatible with iPad screen size and features they could be using really make it not as enjoyable to use.
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4 years ago, Pachtmann
App issue login
Hello I use the Dice by website and work fine, after downloading the app, every time I try login, the app say my account is blocked. To check, I come back to website and everything is normal. Please check the app login issues
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3 months ago, bcbeatty
Buggy, can make profile public
I've tried multiple times to turn my profile public to be seen for searches. I've submitted tickets for support. No response. Too many jobs that don't really exist. Applied to about 20 job got 0 responses. Not even a rejection letter.
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5 years ago, jgangwani
Best tech job app ruined
The company decided to remove sorting by Date/Relevance within search results, both on the app and on the website. There is no way to see the latest jobs posted (can be hundreds some days and I find myself scrolling for minutes just to find a new job) anymore and that has ruined the experience for me. I’m out, good luck!
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5 years ago, screw_appstores_nicknames
Email bug
The job search works great, but I cannot use any functionality related to having a profile because the app claims my email is already used. When I click forgot password it takes me to the website, which says the email is not registered with Dice.
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6 years ago, dimsaved
All data disappeared
Stupid application, so angry now. After logging in successfully I decided to update my profile and add some minor changes, I tap on submit button and all my skills, work experience and education just gone!!! Come on, I lost my data, what am I supposed to do now, wasting my time again, creating and updating my profile again???!!!
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5 years ago, Javierbenitez1
Smooth app
This app is great and has features that are essential when looking for a tech career. It has the most job openings I’ve seen in.
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1 year ago, physty1$
New and loving it so far
I am excited for my future
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2 weeks ago, lolaaabunne
Not loading job details
Lately (about two weeks) I’m unable to load job details or apply to jobs, yet I get emails multiple times a day for these ‘new jobs’. Help
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3 months ago, Disapointed repeatedly
Problem with search
I set my search to show only non-remote jobs within my area. I have restricted the mileage yet I continuously have mostly remote jobs in my search results. I don’t care about remote jobs in other states. Therefore the app has been worthless.
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2 years ago, Jrlax09
App will start and then shutdown immediately
I haven’t been able to use this App all morning. It will start up and then within seconds shut down abruptly. Will not function and run.
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2 years ago, BringIngTheStorm
worse job board app
Keep receiving emails about job positions with no detail about the job and when I search for jobs none of them are in my area they're all in different states. I see you all are urgently being but it doesn't look that way to me
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6 years ago, HarryMar~
App closes off abruptly
I tried to click on the link that was provided in the ‘Dice job alert’ email, this is happening from the past couple of weeks, might be with the recent updates, it was really annoying...until its fixed no more than a single *
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2 years ago, bashy galaxy
Nice alternative to linked in
Seems like this app focuses more on tech jobs
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1 year ago, PhillipMark
Excellent opportunity matches
Great means of seeing matches to interests, experience, resume, and job position.
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6 years ago, Anipni
Not working - regions via profile
I am so disappointed. I have downloaded the app but it says change the regions via profile setting in order to log into this accounts, so i went to my iphone setting>general>language & region> - so i did it to United States, but still it doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Rents1972
Cool and easy to use
Very convenient to navigate, filter, search, etc! Like it very much!!!!
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2 years ago, frequentr traverl
Excellent personalized experience
Understanding which direction I’m willing to take career wise.
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1 week ago, OrlandoFL
Pages not loading anymore
Pages Profile and Network pages don’t load anymore. Also when I click jobs in emails from Dice they don’t load either. Something broke. July 2024
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6 years ago, B00kw0rm1965
Just starting
Just signed up but I am getting good information and 5 MOS from graduating and I am still hitting the experience brick wall!
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1 year ago, lucifersnightmare
Not a good app, website is better
Not very intuitive. There is no way to see what jobs I’ve already applied to when I’m searching for jobs.
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2 years ago, Drummerboydyl
Lots of features not working
Right now I can’t update my Ideal Job or Work Experience without getting errors. It’s my first time using the app in years so that’s pretty important.
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2 years ago, BeatnikNinja
Data input doesn’t stick
I am interested in Dice Careers, and all of the opportunities they have to offer. I just downloaded the app and tried to set up my profile. But nothing is sticking, despite having a classically functioning Wi-Fi.
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4 years ago, tkauftheil
Worst user interface
Some critique: Add auto log on. If I launch the app, OF COURSE I want to be logged in. Combine search filter pages. Don’t have me search for a job and city. Then go to another icon to fine tune the search. Put it all on one page. Also. When needing to search, have the keyboard pop up automatically. Currently you hit search. Then a box appears to search. Then you need to tap on that as well THEN type. Pretty much the whole user experience is cumbersome.
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8 months ago, !:63@:!(/&748;
Search list crashes since forever
Search keeps crashing when you reach the bottom of the list. Been like this for 2 years.
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