Dictaphone - Audio Recorder

4.3 (661)
116.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
ALON Software
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dictaphone - Audio Recorder

4.25 out of 5
661 Ratings
5 years ago, Peetsmeboo
It is somewhat tricky to learn how to use, and the manual could be written and organized better, but that might just be me. I wanted a simple audio recording app for my tablet so that I won’t miss a class I can’t be present for. I think this should work well. It records for a long time and is clear enough. I appreciate that it’s free!
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5 months ago, jHawaiiAloha
PERFECT for Songwriters!!! ⭐️
This app is perfect for songwriters. I love being able to record my song ideas quickly. Then I love being able to listen back to all of my ideas and have them play back automatically one after another. I also love being able to delete recordings quickly. And I love being able to export my good recordings quickly. I also appreciate that this app creator made two apps that we can use. I use one for writing songs, and I use the other app (which is basically the same app) for recording my Piano improvisations. So thanks for making two apps for us to be able to use! For future updates, I hope in will allow for a bigger font, as my eyes have a hard time seeing small fonts as I age. Again, I love this app, and I use it every week, and it helps me to write a song every week!!! Thanks to the creator of this app. Blessings to you and your family. Kind regards.
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6 years ago, giggleatafuneral
This dictaphone is ok in terms of sound quality but is really annoying in that I can’t just scroll back a few seconds while listening to a recording. They should at least have -15 seconds playback. I end up popping back minutes behind, it’s especially bad on the small iPhone that I use, and I have to rehear the annoying voice a professor I interviewed, over and over. Also, the dictaphone app is continuously heckling me about giving it a rating, so I finally did
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2 years ago, Digbic
User manual
User interface is only mildly user friendly. In the app, go to the section called “About” and you will find a link that lets you download a user app. Developers otherwise will have you believe all you get to guess is their web page high level descriptions of the functions and some you tube apps with front end ads. Generally guys, you need someone to help you run your business. You’ll do better if can get that!
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7 years ago, T Winston
Great Resource and Tool
I have found this to be a very valuable resource. It allows me to record hours of lectures and in the comfort of my own home and at my own pace (very important ), play back all that was said. This enables me to capture all that I may have missed in the classroom or corporate meeting .
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4 years ago, pmescala
Love the Continuous PlayBack!
I record musical ideas with my phone and I had yet to find a recording app that plays each file one after the other, until I downloaded this one! Love it! I can listen to my musical ideas as one continuous stream, which is fantastic.
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12 months ago, MoxiMayhem
Pretty good for what it is
Have to pay for the voice activation feature but still the cheapest option for that and pretty intuitive to use.
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5 years ago, Hoss,
Great App
Thanks for a great app - I’m finally free from a PC-based system that sometimes brought me back to the office on weekends for dictating. Turns out, my transcriptionist says voice quality from the iPhone sound files is better than from my old dictaphone!
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4 years ago, EW to
My story
Today my story would be it is cold, very very cloudy. I hope that we have a great great great Christmas this year our family and friends together the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we come to you bringing everything together to. Would you like to be part of this Christmas at our family would you like to be represented by a family member at our saviors birth?
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3 years ago, kenclogger
Does not work as it should
I bought this for recording notes as I inspect my apiary. I had hoped to use with my Bluetooth headset. Unfortunately enabling the headset causes feedback because it doesn’t seem to turn off the phones speaker. Also seems to have problems if it can’t detect either a cell connection or a Wi-Fi connection.
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5 years ago, EnochWasNot
High Quality. Pesky Dialogs.
Several reviewers have mentioned The fact that the app has a pop-up that frequently asks the user to rate the app. I think that’s why the overall rating for the app is as low as it is. If I haven’t already found another app, I will purchase this one when this is fixed.
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6 years ago, rach the bird girl
Instant pro is me
It was so easy! Now I record my own songs and storytelling! If not going for pro it will make sentimental gift. Easy to use. Next will try to export or combine or edit tracks. Great fun I also like cove app for easy grooving
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3 years ago, Memphisrich
The instant the thought hits you it is ready
I have been using this app for a very long time. I have hundreds of notes over the years. It is very convenient.
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7 years ago, MamaChile
Simple to use
I just started using this app and love it. I do mindful meditation while walking and like to use the dictaphone to record profound thoughts, then listen and document them when I get home.
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1 year ago, GlitterGreg
Simple, efficient, just what I needed. Thank you
Easy to record notes, then easy to delete when done. Excellent!
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6 years ago, Ninja Barbie
This works perfectly for what I needed and the files don't take up huge chunks of memory. I had to pay a few bucks to get what I wanted but I am happy with the result.
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6 years ago, Innovatorguy
Great app
I can record using the Dictaphone app and then transfer them to another program where I can edit them. Good sound and easy to use.
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7 years ago, 21434arses
Ok, but can’t rewind or fast forward
Love the quality of recording on this! So frustrated that there is no rewind or fast forward with this app! I use this for my college classes so I can listen to them again. There are times when I miss something and want to rewind, but I have to start at the beginning. Very frustrating!
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6 years ago, Chuck12540
Nothing special
I was looking for a hands free recorder for my phone. You know, open with my Bluetooth, initiate recording using Bluetooth buttons, stop recording using Bluetooth buttons. While driving or walking or whatever. This app advertises itself as hands free. There is nothing hands free about this app, other than it eliminates picking up a pencil and paper to record notes. LIKE EVERY OTHER VOICE RECORDER EVER MADE.
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2 years ago, ShaneM.D.
Multiple upgrades needed for it to be functional.
Why do I need to upgrade in order to send the file??? Why do I need to upgrade AGAIN to be able to grip the recording. Really- just make it paid to begin with, or only offer the pro upgrade. If I knew every add on was a-la-Carte, I would have spent $5 just to avoid the hassle.
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3 years ago, Looking_forward__
Simple interface
This is a simple interface and works fine for recording notes and playing back your recordings.
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2 months ago, Mohawk#1
So far, so good
I’m new at the new innovations and tech of today. I was basically dragged screaming into 2010 tech. This looks like a valuable method for my research.
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3 years ago, Gormlaith
Great app, a little tricky
Could use a more intuitive menu, but functions are there if you search.
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6 years ago, Trucker Retired
I am very pleased with Dictaphone, I have been able to record talks, and I like being able to type in the title of the talk so I can go back to.
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4 years ago, Grandpop8
Good product
As a secretary for non profit groups, I record meetings to make it easy to produce accurate minutes. This app does the job on my iPhone.
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1 year ago, Doldman
Meeting recording
Good for person to person starts to drop down as others enter
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5 years ago, yuhboyjay
Love it
It’s a good app if you want to record lectures! You can record and be able to take a picture of the board WHILE IT STILL RECORDS. So it’s perfect for colleges students
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2 months ago, GMenlek
Excellent Application
I use Dictaphone, in all situation (you name it) and have not yet been deceived along with a incomparable quality!
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11 months ago, dhcool
Clear screen image and simple to use.
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3 years ago, Hellman2626
It records and stereo when you need it to. So helpful.
It works exactly as it should, I only use a very small subset of the features.
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4 years ago, Marisol Quintana
Good pick up
This ap picks up my voice and plays back strong. I have also used it in meetings and it picked up presenters voices also as well.
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6 years ago, Clarissa2005
Great App
This app is amazing. It’s easy to use and best of all it’s free. It has helped me with my studies. Developers keeps doing what your doing to make this app so good.
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5 years ago, No pop up guy
Other than persistent pop ups asking for a review it serves my needs quite well. I hope now the pop ups will cease!
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5 years ago, AFC LA
No different from the default mic app on IOS
It doesn’t hold your place. Sometimes it just randomly skips back to the beginning - v frustrating! Especially when it turns to the lock screen, you re-open your phone and it will skip back. 15 second back or forth would be a useful function... Expandable timeline for longer clips would also be useful... Point markers for longer clips anyone - yes please! Larger timeline so it’s easier to click on etc etc... Not difficult to implement I’m sure, but not available.
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6 years ago, VB Bubbakins
I like it
It’s a great little tool to make notes when you need to.
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5 years ago, AstartesFanboy
Can’t use the recordings
I physically can’t access them or export them. I have no way to use the recordings I have already. If I’m mistaken I’ll change the review but for now I can’t use them so it is a bad app for recording audio
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1 year ago, KingGutta65
Sharing is caring
It would be a lot nicer if I was able to share as a text message
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7 years ago, Karavshin
“Free” app is unusable nonsense
Tried dictaphone. Figured I’d upgrade it as required. Made a thirty minute dictation. When I went to listen to it, I realIzed there isn’t even a pause button or scroll control. All you can do is play or stop-and-fully-rewind. Give me a break, their free version isn’t even skeletal, it’s emaciated. Basically you’ve taken my dictation and held it hostage unless I pay you a 1.99 so I can download it to something useful. Real garbage. And not at all a reasonable implementation of free-with-paid-Add-ons. Deleted.
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5 years ago, Arunram
Best Audio App!! Provides great clarity to your voice memos.
The best part about the app is the audio clarity that you get!!
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4 years ago, Perfect dictaphone.
Exactly what I have been looking for.
Get this app. Very simple to use.
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3 years ago, gujoutsvhuunnvdtyyrrcc-+*(
So far so good
Does what I need it to do- record voice and list recordings.
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3 years ago, Brian in Kansas City
Great app!
It’s never let me down and I’ve used it for years!
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5 years ago, Dixox Bull
Works great
Got it to keep notes on the fly to review later
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5 years ago, Kinda Carmel
Perfect for me
Using this to record dreams, and it’s perfect for that, easy to find and review what I’ve recorded.
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6 years ago, ForeverDoterra0627
It is not user friendly. It’s not easy enough to upload to a Social Media or Podcast Account. Your asked to purchase inside NO ADS then not able to transfer what YOU dictate for the reason you purchased the app! Another rip off!
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6 years ago, Gec678
Works good
Free and not too hard to operate. Records seminars accurately on the “normal” setting with very reasonable iPhone battery drain.
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3 years ago, kept if my turn
Cheating wife
Do you have
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6 years ago, Pzx1msh
Keeps Crashing
It's been crashing the past few weeks! Please fix or refund me my money I spent.
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4 years ago, Cyasukot
This app works just as it should!
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6 years ago, shae the hair diva
Can’t forward
I like this app but would like to share my dictations for when my husband is not in church with me. Please make this feature easier.
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