Digital Waybill Two-Way

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Digital Waybill
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1 year ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Digital Waybill Two-Way

1 out of 5
1 Ratings
9 months ago, Anime Gemelli
App needs to be revamped. Completely.
App is unpredictable, it freezes, it won’t load 30% of the time…just to name a FEW of the glitches. Wish the company would use something else.
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9 months ago, GiuseppeMilito
The worst thing is that it freezes when you need to access the information. It's not reliable!
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6 years ago, bedroom laptop
Crashes constantly, doesn’t load, orders clear then reappear.
This app is unbelievably terrible on iPhone. It crashes randomly. The App also fails to load. Orders in the app will often close out normally and disappear from the drivers screen only to reappear hours later. The text in the order screen is often overlapping and garbled. Orders sent by dispatch sometimes never appear. Notifications for new orders seem to work occasionally but will sometimes not work at all in a seemingly random fashion. Sometimes the order screen will display the orders from other drivers phones then switch back to the correct orders.
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7 years ago, Shuggy987
very buggy app
I concur with all the complaints identified by the previous commenters. I never get alerts visually or audibly. If I find myself waiting for an order, I have the timer on my phone set for 6 minutes, so I get a reminder to check if I have received an order. My other big complaint is that for mapping purposes, I have two choices: Apple Maps and "web-based map." I have a strong dislike for Apple Maps because it is so frequently inaccurate and does not give the best directions. So "web-based map" for me is Google Maps which I love. What is the problem with giving us the Google Maps app as a third choice? I understand that Apple's iTunes Store wants apps like this one to offer Apple Maps, but does Apple have a veto over the choice of Google Maps? I suppose Digital Waybill for iOS could be worse, so at least it works okay most of the time. But it really ought to be better than it is.
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9 years ago, ATalkingWalnut
Great software, significant issues
In this version, for some reason, it stops tracking you, the app even disappears from the "Location Services" menu in the privacy settings. In every version I've used, you need to keep the app open and your phone unlocked for the GPS location monitoring to work. I get texts every half hour (at least) from my boss saying, "You're off the map, switch to Waybill, please." Even though the app is still running in the background, and "always" is checked under location services. But like I said before, the problem seems to have gotten worse, since "Digital Waybill" completely disappears from my Location Services menu.
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4 years ago, neswilling
Major fail!
Update this freaking app already. I can’t confirm, pick up or deliver an order without having to completely shut this app down and restarted again and even sometimes it doesn’t even start. I have to close and restart it several times before it even comes back up to my orders. This is so frustrating and makes me want to quit my job just because they use this app. Update already for crying out loud.
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7 years ago, Hrd24gt
I use it for work as a courier. A few things i noticed. It does not always Alert me and make a sound when i get a new order. Some times i click confirm and it does not respond so i have to click again. Same with pickup and deliver. Some times it just closes. It serves the purpose but room for improvement. Can't get scanner to work also would be nice if dispatch could send a text with some other info such as go to No. 4 before no 1 etc.
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8 years ago, BobW.
App doesn't have a time out, cancel login or reset on open or quit.
I haven't had enough time to really try the app, but noticed that after the demo account was expired and it was time to enter the real account info, I hit the login button by accident (with the incorrect CID number) and the app doesn't stop trying to login. I waited 20 minutes, I quit the app, I rebooted the phone, and when I launch the app, it is still stuck attempting to login.
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2 years ago, unlivable
If I didn’t have to use it for work...
This app is unreliable junk. It will mark pickups and deliveries as complete and then revert back so you have to continually repeat steps. This random so it is highly frustrating. The app also crashes. Most of the time you can only complete one action at a time. You have to then close and open it repeatedly to complete the next task (i.e. confirm an order, pickup, deliver
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7 years ago, Titotacos
Keeps crashing and I can't get it to open at times I get no audio tones letting me know I got a new order. Please update the so at least it won't crash as often Update: I can't even get the app opened past the login screen worst app ever. I'm losing money now due to this app. Please other business owners stay away from this app you'll lose money using this
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7 years ago, d-ro 1122
Paying for Mobile Dispatch and New Orders Vanish
Enough is enough! My company pays for three mobile dispatching licenses and expect they will work as they should. However after two years of complaints most jobs created with our iPhones don’t go through. All I ever hear from Support is it’s a known issue but they don’t know when it will be fixed.
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7 years ago, UR Mind
Really needs to be updated.
The other app didn't work for my company, and this app hasn't been updated for years. No longer works with IOS 10 and I'm pretty sure it will just break with IOS 11. I hope this version gets updated or phased out. Already called the developer with no result. Hoping that this reaches them.
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4 years ago, O_Greywolf
Crashes constantly
This app crashes almost every time I interact with it, a hundred times a day. Mark an order picked up, crash. Mark delivered, crash. Mark a couple of items confirmed, another crash. If I had any choice I’d use a different app but this is the one I’m stuck with because of my employer.
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5 years ago, ShiningSun
For the most part, this app works pretty well for me. However, PLEASE update your app so that it works with iOS 13.1.1. There are now glitches in the software, and I no longer receive notifications on my Apple Watch Series 3 running Watchos 6. Thank you!
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2 years ago, ubstrong
If i was looking for an excuse to change to another hotshot company, this app would be it ! This app crashes my phone, wont give notifications in a timely manner, takes forever to give me my loads! Terrible
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5 years ago, StlMurphy
App needs a update really bad.
App keeps freezing up. The part that lets me know how many miles I drove in a day hasn’t worked since the first time I used the app. It also keeps freezing when trying to confirm or deliver.
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11 years ago, William RainCrow
Freezes a lot
Required by my job. Works well when it does but either crashes or freezes several times daily. Have to keep written log as well to compensate.
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11 years ago, Kl1962
Needs to update to ios 7.0
This app worked great until iOS 7.0, now reboots stalls locks up. Orders don't show up even though it indicates a new order has been sent.
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3 years ago, dammamamama
Trash can of an app
This app is garbage. It constantly crashes. It switches me to other users. It will go offline at least 25 times a day. (Yes I’ve counted). The developers don’t update it. I have no idea why any company uses this disgrace.
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12 years ago, bunsticom
Best Courier Software Ever
Great support, easy to use and impressive to customers. DWB makes my business run smooth and seamlessly.
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5 years ago, thumbs buried
Awful system issues
Would recommend getting a professional in to fix the problems
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3 years ago, meds on legs
This app is borderline unusable. It can’t even perform its most basic functions without crashing. It crashes every time I open it. I have to find out the info in this app so I can do my job.
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2 years ago, valyssaaa98
Needs to be updated, crashes constantly.
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12 years ago, Rico76734
After a couple of upgrades it works like a charm.
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10 years ago, Gr8thrndowl
So so
No way to log off of app. Have to turn phone off in order to log out.
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5 years ago, Eazemollah
The app freezes if u literally touch it. Why does it take so long to fix? Work has become frustrating because of it.
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6 years ago, thadon713
Please update it freezes alot i never had problems with the app until this new update
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5 years ago, not yur business
Not good
Works 10 percent of the time. Not reliable at all. Terrible product. Wish my company would use something else
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6 years ago, Angel Rigitony
I need help !
My dispatcher stoped contacting me witch is upsetting considering I’m not sure how to revive my payment for the jobs I did do and now I’m making no money because no one is putting orders on my app.
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12 years ago, Deek Deni
This app is absolutely terrible! I'm running a 4s on os 5.1.1 and this app crashes every 2 seconds... Literally! I need this app for my job people! Let's figure It out.
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6 years ago, tbne26
Needs a fix asap
Constantly freezing when hitting pickup and after collecting signatures
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6 years ago, Chaser838
Still Crashing
Please update. This is still crashing every time I hit Confirm/Pickup or Delivery. Not the best since iOS 12.
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5 years ago, GraveUSAF
Glitches, backs out, freezes up, complete lockout and won’t open half the time.
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5 years ago, Jc rodriguez1235
This is hands down without a shred of doubt the absolute WORST app i have had the displeasure of using . A big middle finger to the developers .
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5 years ago, KCixz
I have done a few trips and none of these people help me on getting paid. I am reporting this to the local police department here in Miami Dade County. DO NO WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE !!
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7 years ago, For all my fans out there lol
Can't login
Can't seem to login after the recent update. Plenty of bugges 🐛
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11 years ago, PITUFO OBREGON
able to change different sounds. to have more than one rington to choose
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6 years ago, Osotxn
This app constantly crashes. I also get the impression that Digital Waybill really doesn’t care. - Jim P.
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2 years ago, EdreesAnsari2019
not good at all
you need to to wait 10 min to open the app for one job this app make you upset and mad 😢😩😀
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5 years ago, Genius reader
Still Needs improvement
1) When entering the name of person, App suddenly deletes name and must you start over.... Has been consistently happening from 2018 until Now ( 8/22/19) 2) Sometimes I do NOT get my incoming jobs in the morning from my company, I then must to reset my iPhone XR then my jobs all of a sudden appear. These are elementary software issues that should have been resolved a year ago.
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5 years ago, Drummstick
Update 2-14-19: after over 3 years of neglect, this app barely even launches, let alone do anything else it's supposed to do. If we give them a little more time, I imagine they will perfect a way to make your screen crack right in your hand. ================ This company simply does not care about their iOS app. Based on version history in the App Store, it's not been updated in almost two years. Latest update (version 1.3.20, dated 9/16/15) says "updates for iOS 9." Excuse me Waybill, but are you aware iOS *10* came out over 6 months ago? On my iPhone, the app often (mostly) gives no audible or visible notifications of new orders even though I have ALL the notifications turned on. I have an IFTTT action set up to trigger when the email is sent to me concurrent with the order dispatch in order to get some kind of reliable notification. (This is one of several "rain dances" I do to keep this function of this app barely tolerable.) When I do hear or see a notification, it can take 5-15 minutes for an order to actually appear in the order list. If I already have one or more orders in progress I can "re-confirm" or "re-pickup" an order to force a refresh. If it's the first order of the day or there are no other orders in progress, the only option is to quit and re-start the app to force a refresh. The app quits 5-10 times a day, sometimes coincidental with interactions with the home server, such as confirm/pickup/delivery of orders, other times for no reason I can discern when I'm not even looking at the phone. If the app is not running, I am not visible on the dispatcher's map, so this has the potential of costing me real money. I've conditioned myself to "babysitting" the app by checking to be sure it is running about every 10 minutes all day. When typing in a delivery signature/name or note (after the "finger signature" screen), the input will spontaneously clear at roughly 20 second intervals and you will have to start over. This has been going on for two years through at least 10 updated versions of the app. They way I get around this is by typing the delivery name in another app and copy/pasting the text into the Waybill delivery field. Don't EVER touch the "History" button. I have no idea what this does. If I accidentally tap it, the app locks up and crashes. Occasionally it will seem to lock up my entire phone and I have to restart. If you want to stay sane, un-install and re-install the app about every three weeks. It seems to build up some kind of "cruft" over time and will eventually either start running slow, crash even *more* often, or refuse to launch at all. I've reported all problems described above to Waybill support multiple times over two years. They claim that they try and fail to replicate the issues on the iPhones they have sitting around their office, so I guess all these problems are just figments of my imagination. (And the imaginations of other users who report some of these exact same problems on their iOS devices in other reviews here on the App Store.) I replaced my iPhone last year. All problems persisted exactly as before, so these malfunctions are not particular to one phone or phone model. Other drivers who use Android report no problems at all. If you are serious about working for an extended time for a courier service that uses the Digital Waybill system, you should consider a switch to Android. It's taken over two years for me to come to that conclusion, and I still hate that idea, but I make pretty good money at this job and am now considering an Android for my next phone purchase. (I assume there is a model that will not explode in my pocket.)
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6 years ago, mozarjunior
Constantly crashes
This app may work well for android but in my iphone it constantly crashes, wont give me alerts on new orders and is a big disgrace since I rely so heavily doing business with waybill Any way to fix this please? Im begging for this app developer to fix this app for iPhone users
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6 years ago, Jerry Trump
Notifications don’t work
Very irritating not being able to see when I have a job to do. My boss has to text me. Once in a great while it will work and then an update comes along and it’s gone! Definitely going back to an android phone.
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