Ding Top-up: Mobile Recharge

4.8 (84.1K)
55.4 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ding Top-up: Mobile Recharge

4.82 out of 5
84.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Davidson86
I've been using this application eztop and the website for years and it's so simple to reload phones anywhere I am and anywhere I send them to! I love this app. I don't really take much time to write reviews but when I do it’s because it merits it. if anyone out there reads this, the app is very good. I've never encountered an issue. Just be precise to whom you sending to and know all the details. If you make a mistake it's really your fault which is only possible if you are rushing! But again I’ve used eztop for everything it’s a pretty good app. However boss revolution has lower top ups available. Other than that this app is dope!
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5 years ago, Tattooed_Traveler
No Longer Good
I used to like this app, but not anymore. I no longer like this app, because all of the low-cost top-up options were taken away. There used to be 2 different top-up options for under 5 US Dollars... and then they took away one of those low-cost options... and now both of those low-cost options are gone. So now all top-up options are over 5 US Dollars. On top of that, I emailed customer service and not only did they get back to me more than 48 hours later (even though they say they will get back to you within 48 hours), but they said they would forward my question to the finance department or something like that and I never got a further response. So I emailed customer service ‘again’ and I still have not gotten a response yet over 48 hours later. Last, but not least, I do not like it how this app does not give you the option to create a password to log into your account or use your fingerprint to log in. All you do is type in your phone number and type in a set of numbers that they text you to log in! I would like better security for my account than that. Other than that, the only good thing I have to say about this app is that it is easy to use.
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5 years ago, kkstriver !!!!
I’ve been using Ding for about 4 years now and I’m so please with the service, I’ve never had any problems with them. I love to be able to send my family and friends Top-up at anytime without be told I’m sending too much. I used all other top up companies and it’s a disaster they continue to block my card stating of send too many times or the amounts are too high so my card is flagged for fraud. I email identification and pass all the screening and still have issues. I love Ding and I think it’s the best company to send Top-ups back home.
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3 years ago, ScanMonkey59
They Only Know One English Phrase “Risk Rejected”
Most frustrating experience ever! No matter the payment method or email account I get RISK REJECTED!!!!! YES, I even used two different email accounts. I tried to pay with Charles Schwab, USAA, and PayPal. All three approved payment. Ding just doesn’t want the money. How do these buffoons stay in business? Especially since their customers base is the third world. I sent numerous requests to their customer support and got nowhere. I even sent them my telephone number so they could call me.
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1 year ago, Dr.Demender
Need update
Hi , I have been using this app for a long time and I like the changes we have made, but there are still improvements to be made, such as Apple gift cards and many others. I have been using the website and the app for a long time because the product on the site is not yet on the app. So I ask you to pay attention to this Thank you.
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4 years ago, New ex customer
Biggest BS to take your money DONT DOWNLOAD IT
As many of this kind s...... apps to top up this is one of the worst take your money transaction in process / processing / ing and ing and ops sorry your bank did not authorized we’ll refund your money 4-5 business days . Did you see something wrong here? Be my guest .... Funny part is I work at the bank and tech support next to me they use all kinds of BS to take your money and not actually Top Up the recipients number. And get this even better all those 4 and 5 stars in the reviews do a little research and you’ll see where they coming from.... App Store should block and erase this kind of BS apps that takes money for nothing...
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5 years ago, I-Am-Supreme
Have not been able to send top up im over 4 months. I decided to reach out to the so called customer service which was no help. I spoke to someone via the chat thing they provide and im being told that why its rejecting me and all my friends and family who I introduced to the app, we have to submit very personal details such as passport or drivers license utility bills and things of that nature. I was like are u crazy all my personal information to some random card app to send credit???? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I guess me and my entire family will be using another service. Ding has go to far, the only thing we were not told to so was submit our social security cards. Smh wish I could give ZERO stars
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2 years ago, DeanOsCustoms
Stay away
This app shouldn’t be necessary. You should be able to add to a cell provider through their app/website, but here we are. It works great when it works. But when it doesn’t, they are very “hands off” in their solutions. I submitted several top ups and did not receive more than one. When contacting customer service, the answer was “we talked to the provider. They said you got it”. I sent screenshots showing that I did not get it. They were unwilling to refund or contest with the cell provider. Will never use again and recommend you don’t either. You have no recourse of it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, badben442
50% App
I was hoping this app would be very useful and it is 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time there customer service skills are poor. Nothing is ever their fault. They will not refund or help you when they have made a mistake. Lately they have had problems with their app. I do not recommend until they have fixed all their problems with this app. Half satisfied customer.
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3 years ago, Idkkkkkkk!!!
I have been using this app for a long time. Always work perfect, thanks developers!!
It is so easy to keep my family in Cuba with a phone ready to be used. Not to mention how much Money I save by using Ring to talk with them. And the best, it just takes few seconds to put money in any phone whether in Cuba or any other place. Thanks for this app.
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1 year ago, Mohammad Khasheh
It is a Five star app
Hello, i sent top up to my family on the other side of this earth :) and boom just happened, it has very nice plans that start from below $2 and i hope like other greedy apps this app do not take off their low cost plans; i thank a-lot and appreciate from the engineer of this soft app that causes so i can put a smile on my relatives faces :) E from New York.
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3 years ago, Adrian Yates
I highly recommend this app
I been using this app for a little bit over a year and I send a mobile top-up to my girlfriend in the Philippines a few times a month, and the deals are pretty nice and I have to say that Ding has cheaper deals than any other mobile top-up app. I’m also glad that this app works because I can’t use the GCASH app.
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5 years ago, 1#Afua1
Easy Access
I never knew about this business neither the app, but my fiancé is in South America a small beautiful Country named Guyana. My fiancé said to me one day to put some credit in his phone, I had no idea what to do, but I went on the internet and found out about this app. Now I have a less expensive and easy way of staying connected with my fiancé, thanks to the company.
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4 years ago, Hotaia
horrible. you took money from account but my husband never get the top up🤬
i tried to send a top up to my husband. I received a text that the transaction was approved. My husband got a notification but he never received the top up. he went to the Tongan Ucall store they told him that it never came. I send a message through the chat on the app and i never got a reply or respond. So you ripped me off. Ive been using ding for almost five years now is horrible i don't recommend this to anyone. They will take your money and your love one won't receive the top up. I've talk to some friends they said it happen to them
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4 years ago, islandercustomer
Take weeks and months for customer service
Use to be good but every time I tried later it says to contact customer service.. after trying for week I got a response saying they will work on my case.. since then haven't heard anything after 3 months now.
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5 years ago, JE London
Good top up service but with one problem
Ding is fabulous as it is so easy to use and has worked well. It allows for an almost instant top up. I would not only give it 5 stars or even 10but for one thing. The amounts it allows me to top my sons phone in west Africa up with seem to vary every month. The only options offered mean either I can’t top it up enough for the package he needs or I over pay greatly for far more than the package he needs.
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5 years ago, Igwe-Bow
Consistently changing rates!
Initially when I came across this app, it was one of the best app on my phone. Having the luxury to send top-ups to family at anytime at great rates and affordable costs was great. Few months into enjoying this app, everything went from good to bad. Previous options of amounts to send and costs to send them changed drastically! Now I’m in search of another app that would let me send top-ups for a cheaper cost. This issue needs to be addressed!
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2 years ago, Drew2381$
Updating card details fails!
I tried to update my card details so I can automatically send a top up every 30 details. On the last step every time, I click Agree and then it says,”We’re sorry, but the payment didn’t go through. Please contact your bank or customer service to fix this issue.” The live chat box is no help at all. Please fix this issue for the app.
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3 years ago, bigmoneyfastmoney
Phone book added
I can excess my phone book contacts from writhin the app makes it easy to choose the number and now recurring top ups every 7 days up to 30 days great feature I can split a $20 top up into to two adding more every 7 or more days
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3 years ago, mjtruth91
Too much credit coming out
This app is convenient but, they charge you processing fee and take how much hundreds of dollars from the credit. That’s a shame. You don’t get the correct equivalent for your money and on top of that they taking more money from the credit
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5 years ago, iisus007
I don’t own a credit card or PayPal so I buy iTunes card to make payments on my iPhone to most of other apps. We should be able to make payment with out iTunes card/credit through our iPhone on Ding as well.......Can you enable that features for us. Your app works great and I like it. Very very instant no delays. Thank you
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5 years ago, cooliMel
Great service !!🤗🤗
It’s easy to use and service is great !! It tells you when there is a double up and save all the numbers you use to send send credits and it save your credit card so that you don’t have to take it out and use it again and if you don’t want it to be save you can remove it easy as that ..😍
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2 years ago, Emackjr
Helps everyone every where
This is an excellent tool to use snd keep in touch with those that may need a little helping hand sometimes. Is fast easy and very secure. Everything runs perfectly as advertised and we all know how rare that is these days. Thank you, Ding co.
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5 years ago, Finn 22
Works like a dream
I used this when I was on a rotation in Kuwait and had never been out of the US before. It is super simple to use and it works more or less instantaneously. I won’t really have any need for it back home, but if you are abroad and need an easy way to prepay for phone service (I used Zain for an example) it’s great.
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5 years ago, Asaintfort
Too Expensive! Digicel Better
It’s too expensive. Even when the Haitian’s money is down to zero, they charge you so much and give you so little in currency. You might as well send the money and let them decide what to do with it. Even better, Digicel app show you all they have to offer before you pick a number . Digicel is way cheaper and the service there is the same. They give you less than Digicel to begin with, plus you pay tax. Digicel beat them even with tax included. I’ll never use this app to send Top-up again. One ⭐️ 👎
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2 years ago, Mr. Overlord
Having problems loading
They reimburse quickly but unable to send to the Philippines, I have done it many times before up until now, maybe the recent typhoon screwed up their telecommunications.
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2 years ago, Hugo Liu*
I’ve never voluntarily rushed to review an App before, but Ding is so smooth! I love it. I had been using Recharge app but Ding is way smooth way better. I am a tech entrepreneur living abroad and I can’t say enough good words about the great job you’re doing. Thank you.
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6 years ago, lostsouldier1
Connection Errors
I used this in Kuwait with no problem on this same phone (iPhone 7 Plus), but lately it keeps having connection failures. I uninstall and reinstall, and it works for about one day, then Connection Failures again. Rinse. Repeat. The app is up to date and so is my iOS, so something must be wrong within the app. I love this app, but I just wish it would actually work when I need it.
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4 months ago, V Flo
Not as it used to be
I have been using this app for years! They finally added a feature of sending Jollibee gift cars to the Philippines. I tried sending one and my family weren’t even able ro use it since they sent me one that is invalid. I used the live chat option to ask why, and they told me that due to security reasons I will not be able to send top ups ever again. Ridiculous! They never refunded my money. Please avoid at all costs!!!
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4 years ago, Bebelier
Do not try, no longer works
It is a shame, it was such a good app. Does not work anymore. I was advise by Ding team to open a new account to solve the payment problem and did not work either. I used to pay with PayPal, so my information is only in one place, now they insist in having my ID or bill or any other method to be sure I am “I” That is precisely the whole purpose of using PayPal. Still I open a new account and pay with ApplePay, same error, same question. Now this is just waste of time, don try.
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5 years ago, RStamps
Problem with App
Using the Ding app, I was unable to change the top-up amount on a previously sent client. When I clicked on the edit pencil to the right of the previous amount, I was presented with a blank screen with only a Back button at the top. Please check this out. In order to change the amount previously sent, I had to start from scratch.
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3 years ago, MeleOfaIufoni
Love Ding + the app works perfect!
I’ve been using this app for over a year and have never had any problems it’s instant and a LIFESAVER! My husband + I are so thankful for this app! It makes top ups so simple from America to Tonga! And the updated Branding is so adorable. I’m obsessed!
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3 years ago, kerr2b
Once we get registered it’s a breeze to use Ding top up. so far it has been safe will see about the future hopefully you are still secure as I have experience in many top ups I have had in the future. Thank you in advance for being the best.
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4 years ago, Vivilovet
Seriously they have been nothing but good since I have downloaded them and the one time I had an issue I actually was able to deal with customer service online. That’s more than I can say for some companies. Overall I am satisfied.
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4 years ago, CindyRae728
I tried Xoom first because I’ve had a PayPal account for many years. Every time I tried to refill my Mexico cell phone & Mexico iPad data plan, it looked like it worked, then my transactions were canceled. Ding was successful with both refills on the first try. Very pleased!
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5 years ago, feedbacker99
Works for Airtel
I used this app to recharge an Airtel account. Initially it appeared that the recharge didn’t go through. I contacted ding support and was impressed by how responsive support was. The problem was not on ding’s end. The problem was that Airtel queues up “packs” and the days remaining displayed by Airtel’s app does not include “upcoming packs”.
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4 years ago, mhac143
Great but
I almost started to like this app but the only problem its limited and thats make me Inconvinient and I can't depend on! I hope you did tell us how much is the limit or how many times you can sent! But they always says its the system that i know that you guys put that limit on it! I will give five star if I don't have this problem again!
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6 years ago, denram65
Love the ease of Ding
Every time I travel to the Dominican Republic I add money to my Dominican phone so as soon as I land I am able to make calls and have internet instead of hunting down a calling card. Thank you Ding for the ease of making my travel a little easier!
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5 years ago, KC8905
Really helpful
I travel a lot to several foreign countries. Ding allows me to top up any prepaid SIM without having to go out and find a top up card. You can also add very small amounts to your balance and the service charge is very reasonable. Get it!
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7 months ago, The Big Daddy Jay
Buyer beware
So they advertise gift cards along with top-up amounts. So I bought one to go with the load I was sending, as it read in the app. Well, the load seems to have sent just fine, but the gift card reads that I bought it for myself. Now why would I buy a gift card only for use in another country for myself? God I hate predatory, bait-n-switch scams. I wish nonHopkins Lymphoma visits you post haste. That’s my curse on you scammers
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1 year ago, francis denden
Very fast and convenient
Love this app Was wondering if it’s legit but so far it is easy quick and convenient to send credit all over the world without leaving ur house to go Walmart or where ever.
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2 years ago, "Milah"
Just started using this app seems to be very great not too expensive and my husband gets his data within three seconds. Very quick so far I am loving this app.
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3 years ago, singingyoyo
I love bring they are very good when am on the go day or night all I do in lug in my account and Top-up my love ones in the Caribbean am so happy to use them all the time thank you bring
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3 years ago, hgudbsh
I think it’s my first time ever writing a review to acknowledge the good work of the app. It really fast and simple to use and not like the other apps I used in the past. I recommend everyone to download this app if you want to send Top-up overseas. Thanks :)
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4 years ago, ms2ray
The charges are convenient yet outrageously high and expensive considering the exchange rate in addition to their service fees. They need to update either fees or the top up exchange to dollar rates to provide better customer service and satisfaction.
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5 years ago, panfridays
Happy Guest.
I’ve been a customer for many many years is used app every now and then, today I decided on sending some minutes to my brother in Jamaica and the app was spectacular, very convenient, easy to maneuver, I love the new update! Ten STARZ.
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4 years ago, Nani BM
I recently started using this app and at first it was good. But lately all of a sudden whenever I try to send myself a top up it doesn’t go through. Once I put a $20 top up and it took the money from my card and everything but it was never added to my phone service. Very disappointed with this app.
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5 years ago, snijjar
Change or add option to swipe to remove connection from home screen
Finally allows to remove a connection but it would be great if you can swipe to delete instead of press and holding to delete
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6 years ago, RWise1701
This app is so handy and so easy to use! Just a couple of taps and a couple of minutes, and I can send phone credit to my boyfriend overseas. Never a hassle. Never a problem. I highly, highly recommend this app!
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1 year ago, 2••3
I like this app I have been trying to send my family credit for a long time until I found about bing.
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