Dispatch: Deliver More

2.5 (4)
58.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
DispatchIt, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Dispatch: Deliver More

2.5 out of 5
4 Ratings
4 years ago, Mikemikeld
The app is cool if u can catch a order
It’s a decent app and you make pretty good money with your orders if you’re able to catch one, it’s extremely difficult to catch a order unless you’re constantly open in the app every 5-10 minutes there are no notifications that an order is available and less it say ASAP it needs to be delivered now order which is extremely rare and if the company can change it to where you get a notification anytime a order is available it would be extremely helpful,
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1 week ago, josh2726
Not very many routes open in my area. App works ok when there are. Wishing you could remain logged in more then 12 hours. Always wish g you could see route opportunities further away.
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1 week ago, Yatta92$
Lying Customer
So I delivered all the items to customer just for them to lie an say I stole something after they say they received all items to me an signed for it saying they received everything an the company just go off what they say an banged me after years of working with them
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2 weeks ago, refundmydamnmoney
They discriminate against women…
Not at all surprised to see so many horrible reviews for this company. I worked with them for a year when I was using my Sprinter van for business. When I started I was required to be able to lift 50lbs, which I did. I weigh 145. However, they ultimately banned me from the app because I couldn’t unload and take a washing machine inside a business that was closed and had no one who could help me. Something that some a man could likely do. Not only did they ban me, but the person who did it was extremely rude. Likely racist.
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2 weeks ago, Von Tae
Terrible I got banned from supplier giving me wrong address and pay has significantly decreased with a very expensive world pay doesn’t equal the work
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1 week ago, mynamepricey
Tried once. Order said 19 miles for $30 Turns out to be 35 miles 😂😂 never again
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8 months ago, Not an American hating Liberal
Won’t pay
Went to pick up an order with an X amount of boxes. When I arrived at the location there were almost twice as much than described on the order but needed to be picked up which it would add additional weight to my vehicle. The pick up place didn’t have any paperwork to give me so I left got to the drop off location took a few pictures showing how many boxes were delivered then submitted an adjustment. 3 hours later received an email saying my adjustment claim was denied because I have no paperwork to prove. I told them they did not provide any but I took pictures to show otherwise and they said you can contact them regarding the additional items. The person flat out said no and stopped responding to my emails.. Company is complete trash full of money hungry trolls.. I would stay away from them as there are better options out there… Now I know why they’re losing customer contracts to competitors…..
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1 year ago, zay098765433125690
Dispatch it.
I live in Nashville Tennessee with a box truck. The first couple months it was great I was making 350 a day 5 days a week. Then one day I made $600, the next day they suspended me for 3 days, saying they need to investigate because I wasn’t following protocol. They said I wasn’t starting my load when I was at the actual pick up, but I told them the app kept freezing and saying connection unavailable. So after 3 days they un suspended me. Then every day after that I only made $150, I believe they capped me on my orders because I was making to much money. There is no way weeks before my suspension I’m making $1500 to $2000 then every week after my Suspension I’m not even making $700.. the day before my suspension I made $687, the next day I already had 6 orders lined up in the morning for $200 the unassigned them all suspended me now I can’t even make $200 a day. Stay away from this app if it’s your main source of income.
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10 months ago, Jay 21 money
Don’t be misled
I did a few deliveries with this company, no one had a problem with assisting with the deliveries, they expect a lot from you for a few dollars,. 117 degree weather unload a fully loaded truck without any assistance from the receiver while they stand around and watch you, If you request/demand assistance from the receiver the problem will began, you can contact support and dispatch will suspend your account!. Once you break the numbers down your gas, maintenance, time, health risk, you’re a SLAVE!!!! they will send you on dead runs (customers not having anything to load in your truck) they will give you a couple of bucks for your troubles (doesn’t add up) this company will send you jobs while you are driving and expect you to accept the job in a few seconds while putting yourself and cargo in jeopardy!.. there’s other companies that treat and respect you and your safety… BEWARE!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Dsnyder204
Not improved
We need to see how far the pickup is from the dropoff in miles. I get that you don’t want people to see how much they’re getting per mile, but now I have to err on the side of not taking a job. You’ve also shortened by half how long I have to make a pickup. And you added an “acceptance rate” metric. So I’m ten minutes from a dropoff and you show me a job 20 minutes away. I can’t take that unless I’m willing to tank the “on time” metric. And you don’t tell anyone how you use the metrics. Ponderous. By the way. They’ve reduced the pay for rush van jobs by about a third. P.S. They just sent an email confirming that they don’t want you delivering for other companies while working for them. Clearly a violation of our rights as independent contractors. Avoid like the plague.
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6 months ago, stevevroussard
Open favoritism
They are pretty much open now about what I've suspected of them for years. They send all the best jobs to their favorite drivers first. If you're an actual business minded contractor that is concerned about profits, you'll probably struggle with this app. Your earnings are pretty much canceled out because you have to take the $10–15 jobs. $10-15 jobs where you can wait up to 30 min total at the pickup and drop-off location for free. Even if you do end up waiting 30 min or more and end up getting paid for waiting, you actually have to go in and contact them in order to get paid. You definitely come last on this app as a driver.
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11 months ago, Tommy17769
Dispatch-it is terrible
Very cheap and poor communication. This company will have you unload an entire pallet of product for just pennies. Not very descriptive when sending load offers. You may get an order that says “1 parcel” but it will actually be a full pallet of product with 20 plus pieces to unload by hand. I’ve had many loads cancelled without notice. There’s been times I’d accept an order and get to the PU location just for them to tell me that someone else had already taken it. They also cap you out after making a certain amount each day. They will stop sending you load offers. Overall, dispatch-it is a big ripoff!!!
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2 years ago, J-Dub2305
Needs work
So I like the concept but sometimes by the time you look at a job to see it someone else had l ready grabbed it. The notification process could be better. A tip I use is leave it online early in the morning and if your lucky you can catch a few jobs back to back.
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4 years ago, frustrated frayter
Another update, more disappointment
Been using this app for quite a while, and every update gives the driver less information than the previous edition. With the previous version, we could see almost 4 orders on the available order screen. Now it’s 2 and a half. Then, when looking at the order, there is no information regarding location for the pickup. The dot on the map covers about a 5 mile diameter, so if there are multiple potential customers in that area, it could be anything. Everything on the available screen is too large, instead of the vehicle icon, just spell it out, much easier to determine.
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2 months ago, ED 9090
Owner operator
I haven’t had any jobs from this app I wished they had stops in Long Island Suffolk county ny there’s a good market out here they do send me stops but far away from my Area overall I think it would be a awesome app if they actually get into the Suffolk county ny market they do get stops from Nassau county right next to Suffolk county so hopefully they get on it so we can start working together
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1 year ago, Some guy named banning
Love me some dispatch it.
If you wanna work and wanna make money this is a great user friendly app. Love the clients and driving through the city. I get paid to explore areas of the city I’ve never been. Some runs are a little low paying but if there are multiple orders you can stack and run all of em at once (limit 3 active) Love the team. Shout out JayJay, Brendon A. And Support team Love Ken Dog- Norfolk VA.
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2 years ago, cartyboy1
Not worth it!
Too low of pay. You’ll think after paying $40 bucks for a background check that takes weeks to get done the pay would be better . No jobs here in the Detroit area. I been with this company for a week and 1 job came up. That job was about 10 miles away , going 14 miles for like $9.50. With gas creeping towards 6 bucks, that’s hustling backwards. Waste space on my phone , waste money doing a background check. Waste of time applying. Have you Taking pictures of your car like they’re real company or paying like one. Trash!
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2 years ago, nikkibees
App upgrades
With what appears to be on going updates, the app has seen many improvements over the years. Excited to see some more recent improvements that seem to be bringing the Dispatch Driver app much closer to it’s more advanced counterpart competition. Upgrades to driver ratings, an ongoing effort at transparency and now direct offers to drivers instead of fast fingers and luck. Things are looking up!
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3 years ago, Flip116
The app works great. But my suggestion is that they add at least some type of delivery fee to compensate for gas. Or they could add incentives like they do for cargo vans. With a cargo van if you do 40 deliveries a week you get an extra $400 dollars a week. I think they should do something for all vehicle types if they aren’t going to compensate for gas.
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2 years ago, magi144
These ppl are like the DoorDash of expediting, they pay pennies and expect the world. Imagine loading and unloading 1500 pounds of product for $19. Their pay schedule is so bad, When Sherwin Williams schedules a delivery that can fit in a car, they have to choose the cargo van pay scale bc they know, Dispatch pays drivers so low, it takes forever for someone to pick it up. Now this is the kicker, Dispatch starting picking up on it, so they still pay the cargo van driver at the rate of a car driver. Company has potential but it’s greedy and predatory business practices
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4 years ago, Wlt4yah777
Love the job and everything but...
There no choices for me to set notifications such kind sound I want or just vibration. Not deaf friendly with notifications that’s all it need be fixed. By the way for right now I have to watch my phone every 3 min to see if I get a order to do or it will be taken by other worker! I look like a crack head who check out my phone oftentimes hahaha
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4 years ago, evey nicknmae taken
This is my 10th time downloading this app. Is this just some tracking device? Since January and still hadn’t had a job yet! All they told me was, “just keep re-downloading the app” 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ UPDATE: Re-Downloading app for the UMPTEENTH time. No more jobs disappearing after I click the notification ?!? I DOUBT IT, but They claim it works now, we’ll see. Another Update: Downloading app again bc it crashed as I tried to accept an order! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Calling customer service won’t help, so maybe this will get their attention.
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5 years ago, trixie_geisa
Would Love to See it Grow!
Only minor complaint I have is that sometimes I am waiting throughout the day for more orders to complete, but other than that I enjoy it so far. The app design is great, our manager is responsive and the necessary information is all there (how far it is, navigation, destination, payment, etc.)!
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2 months ago, bearski611
Best in business
I can tell you with full confidence, that Dispatch is by far the most professional, most intuitive and customer friendly platform hands down. In addition, their driver program is the only one I committed to.. made for drivers by drivers. 💪🏻
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11 months ago, newbietrucker
Waste of time!
This app should be redesigned. When going through the initial application process, you are required to enter a lot of personal information. At the end of the application process is when you are told that the service is not available in your area. This was a complete waste of time! location availability should’ve been available before starting the application.
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2 years ago, ND642
As of today this app is trash. It worked fine before, but they decided to change the way the driver is notified which puts the driver at a disadvantage. If you have a large cargo van don’t waste your time. Plenty of work and you don’t haven’t sit around waiting in line for a notification. Plenty of other options. I will no longer refer drivers to this company. They are definitely all about the company and couldn’t care less about the drivers.
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1 year ago, AmirRv1
Put the app back how it was
Looks like their was an update few hours ago that has changed the app it looks like a route tab instead of assigned orders i cant see where pick up and drop off is on the map or the pay amount not sure whats going on if other drivers experiencing the same thing please fix this what ever was done did something to the app and not in a good way.
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4 months ago, brrbrown
Great service for ICs
I have been working with the company for 4 years. They have implemented new systems to make orders easier for drivers and have a WONDERFUL support/care team. Being able to work on my own terms is a GOD send for my family.
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2 years ago, carries1978
Thumbs down
The app is okay. You can see the routes before you accept them, but the pay is a joke. You have to pay for your own background check and good luck earning that $50 bonus for 10 deliveries in 30 days. They send you okay routes for your first 8 and then nothing but routes an hour away for $10 after that. It’s a joke, just another door dash.
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2 years ago, gatorfred
Low payment for deliveries and no payment for labor
A lot of deliveries for cars, pick up trucks and cargo vans, but pay less than $1 per mile also if labor is involved like unload 2500lbs of paint, they ask you to fill a form but never pay for the effort, if you own a working vehicle and pay gas and insurance you can find better places for work, thumbs down for. You dispatch
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4 years ago, Urban legends cc
Update for 12 mini
It’s hard to use the buttons because it’s to big for the screen on the iPhone 12 mini please help
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2 years ago, thesnowman2K20
It’s an ok app
The app overall is ok. You don’t have a lot of time to read the info on a job due to people accepting without reading. But be careful. If they have a payment error, they don’t retry they just make you wait another week. So don’t rely on this to pay bills. Before support asks me to contact support, I did, when it happened. Still no response. Don’t think I’m gonna work for you anymore after this.
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4 months ago, Robchaos
Early Feast or Early Famine
You can realistically make about $3k-$4k a month if you’re consistent. In the Baya Area. Most orders are 5am pickup time so you have to wake up at 4am. Everyday. Average route pays $100. Rare to get more than 10 orders per week currently. Make enough to barely get by after time/taxes/gas/maintenance. BUT, you get to be your own boss as an independent contractor.
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1 month ago, Fagundes rafa
Just appreciate it the app so far
Fair orders around CT I think they can pay I bit more when we got the heavy orders as titles But I’m enjoying the app so far
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2 years ago, dnick83
Just one bad thing
I love this app. The way it is setup makes it easy to plan your day. The only thing I wish they would add is instant cash out.
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5 years ago, Seymizzle
Not feeling the new update
The new update is meh. I have no interest in seeing jobs on the map because I know my region very well. What’s bad is the window that list jobs, I t’s at the bottom of the app and hard to swipe up. This is very annoying/dangerous when someone is interacting with the window while driving. Please bring back the only window a option. Thanks.
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3 months ago, Tim666420
Not profitable
These guys claim to have a lot of available work for sprinters and box trucks. However, they typically send me car jobs that pay less than $1/mile, and those jobs are few and far between. Don’t waste your time or your $40 to get your background check.
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2 months ago, deechiz54
South Louisiana
Don’t even bother downloading if you live in Baton Rouge or New Orleans.. I’ve made $500 in profit all time to my $7k on simply roadie.. you do the math. The support team is mid, and the driver success team supports the customer more than the driver. This is absolutely the worst courier app… I recommend roadie, Senpex, FRAYT, and bungee for anyone looking for a REAL courier app. Dispatch is terrible
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4 years ago, Gig Happenings
What’s Happened???
Earlier version was more stable. App fails to notify with alerts of new orders available most of the time. Therefore you have to drive constantly swiping to find almost all orders. This is definitely a safety order. Very frustrating. Many in driver support are outstanding!
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11 months ago, Santi_82
They charge $40 dollars for using their app
They say that there are always many orders and that you will always be busy but there are days that do not even have orders and when they send you an order they pay little to go that far. This app is pure lie, I want my $40 back
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3 years ago, arlblonde
No Work
The app itself works if you have it open and looking at it 24/7. No notice at all is given and when a order does happen you have to do it right then. It’s near impossible to get a job unless you have the app open non stop.
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3 years ago, j special
App is ok but has to many drivers and no constant year around work if they kept a select number of drivers so you can make good money all year around and expand to different warehouses and not rely on a couple it would be very helpful,so don’t quit your day job
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11 months ago, Appguy1073
Sometimes a low notification pops up and sometimes it doesn’t. Common man, it can’t be that hard to fix
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12 months ago, Gigg Boss
Very unfortunate
This company obviously gets paid by charging drivers for background checks, and may be collecting your personal information just to hold on to it! they have absolutely No gigs available at any time. Although the Hotzone stays lit up, confusing and unfortunate!
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2 years ago, janbree
Never paid for a bg check . It would of been better to have the fee come out after a month not when someone is trying to make money. You never know if they even have any to start with
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1 year ago, RayRedd750
Horrible App
The experience has been terrible. I never get orders or any notifications. It may be one to two notifications a day. Also, they're limiting information to the drivers for whatever reason.
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2 years ago, 3men2real
Great app
I love be a Dispatch driver, im my own boss and always have orders to work, this app is a real blessing depend the state you live download it
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6 years ago, JLeone
Great Update
The new interface is very clean. Excited to see future enhancements.
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3 months ago, Alan medeiros
Used to be good
Most of the time this app offers $8, $10 trip for 10miles distance pickup, wait, load and delivery, if you dont accept they will stop send order, you basically have to pay to work…
Show more
4 years ago, nngghjbhkjg
Low pay
Pays not even 1 dollar per mile in short trips and long trips don’t get anything on the way back ... their customers are rude ... long waiting times to be loaded.. also their customer service is horrible
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