DJI Assistant

1.3 (550)
18.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for DJI Assistant

1.35 out of 5
550 Ratings
6 years ago, A-Brown 378
iPhone X Incompatibility
First off, the app hasn’t been updated in a year. So that tells you most of what you need to know right off the bat. Second, as stated in other reviews, when using the app on an iPhone X the bottom menu bar will slowly reposition itself upward every time you tap an option in the UI. This is pathetic to the point that I was just laughing while experiencing the issue on set. The bottom menu will eventually drift up to off-screen oblivion until it disappears and you’ll have to force close the app and re-open. DJI, you can’t just leave us in the dust after coming out with new products. THIS NEEDS TO BE REMEDIED. The Ronin-M is a fantastic gimbal (better than the MX in my opinion because it doesn’t have that obscene protrusion sticking out into all my wide tilts). Just update the bottom menu bar to not float away like the money you’re about to lose when users switch to another manufacturer.
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5 years ago, Av4798
Terrible app!
I have written to tech services in the past and never got a response in regards to the app needing to be fixed with the floating bar. THEY NEVER FIXED IT!! Batteries are crap! Bought 3 new Ronin M batteries and was a waste of money because they won’t even show any information, lit dots, to inform me as to their status. I have a charger that was included with the stabilizer kit to charge the batteries but it seems as though DJI is milking everyone for more and more batteries. Been to the forum and there is never a remedy for this battery issue. Especially never from DJI. Also, the APP still has the floating UI BAR issue without response after I emailed them about this issue. FIX THE ISSUE!! We pay enough for these products, help the professionals out there who are using it!!!!
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5 years ago, Video profile pic
This app is terrible, fix it DJI.
This app keeps shutting off on it own. When downloading it and logging in it closes itself, I found I have to turn off iPhone and turn back on. Once you connect it to your Ronin. It closes it again and keeps closing when I click the app. Had to turn off the iPhone and turn back on. Now randomly when I’m in the app it just closes and I have to turn off my iPhone and turn back on. I have a iPhone XS. Fix this issue DJI. You already have a 1 star average rating for this app. Your other app for the Ronin-S, Ronin-SC and Ronin 2 work flawless. I own the Ronin-S as well. There should be no reason why you can add the Ronin M to the other app.
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7 years ago, Goose1285
WARNING: Doesn’t work with iPhone X
The bar that goes across the screen where you select “gimbal” “control” “viewer” “more” will constantly shift up and down, blocking the options to choose from and sometimes moves up entirely off screen so that you can’t make any more selections. This is horrible and basically makes the app unusable, and in order to set up the Ronin M you need this app, so guess what? If you have an iPhone X you can’t use the Ronin M, which seems pretty stupid to me. How do you rely so much on an app but then don’t make it compatible with the newest phone? (Which has been out for months now...)
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5 years ago, prolovevisuals
This makes me want to not want to purchase a product from them ever again.
The app doesn’t work at all. I go to login but then it just shuts off. Then I tried deleting and re-downloading but I got the same issue. After looking it up I see that pretty much everyone still using the older products are having a similar issue. This really disgusts me honestly to see how they don’t care and makes me not want to upgrade or buy any other products from them because who knows when they’ll stop showing support for those devices. Which are not cheap by the way!
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6 years ago, Mister_Coke
iPhone X here 8 months now still no patch
App worked great on my 6s Plus but I recently updated to the iPhone X and am surprised to see that with how long the iPhone X has been out DJI has yet to fix this stupid bug where the mode selection bar rises up and eventually disappears. Now when I go out for gigs I have to bring my old cracked screen 6s plus with me just to calibrate and change settings on my Ronin M. I have over $6,000 worth of DJI products and love them but can’t understand how something so simple has taken this long to address🧐🧐🧐
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6 years ago, AgentCarrington
Needs to be updated for iPhone X
DJI, I absolutely love your hardware on everything you produce, please don’t forget about this app, just needs a bit of cleaning up for iPhone X users to make it look sharp. Plus there’s a comical issue where a selection bar keeps moving up the screen whenever I press anything on the screen. Please please please update this app for 2018
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7 years ago, IronDocSampson
First of all, everyone who has written a 1-star review here needs to go back to kindergarten and learn how to use a computer (and patience). If you read the manual, you should have a clear understanding of what this app does, or doesn't do for that matter. This app works EXACTLY as intended for the Ronin. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because it didn't do anything to blow me away. I can easily open this, pair it with my Ronin-M, calibrate, and tweak sensitivity settings. What more do you need it for?? The only drag is that it doesn't stay paired to your Ronin when you close the app on your phone, which just requires you to re-open the app and pair it automatically. A 30-second fix. Stop complaining, people.
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6 years ago, Zach.Kadolph
Put simply, it doesn’t work
It doesn’t stay connected to the Ronin M, so forget about using the app. When you can after a dozen tries, try to do what you need to do quickly because it will disconnect. The slide buttons on the kill motor page are rarely lined up with the correct line. When they are though, they don’t work and say “turn off kill motor” when the kill motor switch isn’t on, so good luck calibrating. $900 for a gimbal that is basically useless bc their app is terrible. Thanks DJI.
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7 years ago, WLVisuals
This app works great with my ronin m! Yes there are some bugs with that app but that’s nothing the developer can’t fix with an update! I would recommend this app every time and for those who voted this app as a 1star please read the manual of the app and your ronin m then you’ll figure out how to actually use it
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6 years ago, Juicebox!
App almost unusable
This app seriously needs to be updated to work on newer iPhones. The menu bar disappears off the screen making navigation within the app almost impossible. You have to continually restart the app to make the menu bar appear again. DJI please take a little time to update this app because believe it or not people still want to use the product they bought from your company, even after they get a new phone.
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5 years ago, ChriSpadezNYC
Login successfully? =quit app
So I got this for my new ronin M. Took my time to balance the hell out of my camera; niceeeely balanced...alright perfect! Let’s get the app!! I download the app, have my email and pw ready, I log on and it quits right after that. The only way I can even get into the app to configure the ronin M is to purposely type in a wrong email and pw; and select “login later”. What a waste of time. I would not recommend this mediocre system to anyone professional or starting out.
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5 years ago, Mintberrycrunch1221
Can Someone give a crap please?
I can’t even use this app anymore. Everytime I login into it from my phone it crashes. I have to delete the app and try download it for it to even open again. Please someone take the time to update this app. There are plenty of people who still use Ronin-M’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This app is garbage. The fact that I have to take my laptop out just to recalibrate it is annoying. There is no “on-the-go” anything anymore. Thanks DJI.
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5 years ago, rev stars
APP Doesn’t work for iPhone XS
Downloaded the app for my Ronin M and will download but as soon as it’s opened it closes immediately. I also see that DJI has failed to update this app in two years. Guessing they’re done with keep their old products up to date when moving forward. Disappointment when contacting support as well. As they have no excuse; they just tell you to go get a different phone.
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4 years ago, ks1956
Tells me my email is already used?
Directions for my gimbal tell me to first download this app, and it won’t even let me register an account. It said I already had one with this email, but when I try to retrieve the forgotten password it says the account doesn’t exist. I tried multiple emails to make an account and each email said it was registered with an account already. Bummer! Not sure where to go from here...
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5 years ago, Megan Mallory
Can’t ever log in
I’ve tried three different emails and every single one tells me it’s either already taken (these are brand new emails) or they are the wrong password. This shows up whenever I try to register. This app is inconsistent and sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. I left for lunch after using this app successfully for about an hour and tried to log back in and I’m back to square one.
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5 years ago, Peliculas1
. App does not work.
This app does not work on iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, I have tried it on both. It crashes on open. I have contacted support, via email and phone. They have not been helpful. And the forums also show that many others are having the same issue. This is very frustrating. It’s like they don’t care to fix the issue or like they just can’t and don’t know how to fix the problem.
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4 years ago, APD_
One Small Setback
So I just bought a used Ronin M. Read reviews, all complaining about how the app does not work. Well... It does. READ IF YOUR APP CRASHES CONSTANTLY: I have an iPhone 11Pro. When I need to use the app, switch on Airplane Mode, and turn Bluetooth back on. Bam. Works without an issue. I found this solution from another review. Thankfully I searched around for a minute or so. Spared me a headache. Honestly, I can tell the screen is a bit shifted since it isnt well optimized for the larger phones, but all of the essential customization seems to be usable.
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6 years ago, dmshapiro
Please update for iPhone X ASAP
As others have said, this is unusable with the toolbar constantly shifting up. I have a shoot tomorrow and this is going to be a nightmare to deal with! Luckily I’m just borrowing this so I won’t have to rely on this app constantly, but this really disuades me from ever becoming an owner. It’s a shame because I love the other DJI product I own, but this is just an awful app. The original Ronins haven’t reached end of life, so please keep the app updated!
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6 years ago, Dean Olsson
So I got the Ronin-M, and I have the newest phone running on the latest software. But when I open the app on the iPhone X, each time you click a menu section the menu bar moves up, and eventually off the entire screen making the app unusable. Please DJI make an update to make this comparable on the new phone. I am extremely upset since I just spent all this money on a product and can’t even use it!!!
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7 years ago, austinallen
Last updated 10 months ago?
There have been several iOS updates in the last 10 months with no app update from DJI. This might explain why this app barely works on iPhone X. App regularly has to be restarted, Calibrate Center doesn’t hold after a reboot, navigation bar always moves to the middle of the screen. Very frustrating app to use. Come on DJI, update this app or release a new version already!
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6 years ago, Richmondshawty
App doesn’t work!
I have the mavic pro and the Osmo+ so I’ve used all of the DJI apps, but this app trash! If this is what I need to operate the ronin, this needs to be updated ASAP! I have an iPhone X and it won’t find the ronin. I’ve deleted re-installed about 10 times already. Seems as if I’m not the only one with this problem and word on the street is that the customer service is crappy. Come on DJI do better.
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7 years ago, Jabs job
Please make this app work more consistently something is always going wrong with it. Makes me not want to buy anything else dji. Nothing like filming a wedding and having to just cross your fingers the app isn't buggy that day. Or maybe it's the ronin that's buggy either way I spent good money on your ronin and shouldn't have to worry about getting the thing to operate properly.
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7 years ago, Sven13349
Absolutely worthless. Nothing works as intended, can't click on anything. This was supposed to help me reset and debug a device that DJIs own software upgrade bricked. Feeling helpless here. I've spent my whole day trying to get my phantom 4 pro running again for a job. Fearing I'll have to send my drone into DJI for a fix, who knows how much work I'll miss during that process.
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5 years ago, Mrhoopstafilms
Found A solution!!!
Guys I found the solution thank me later. Before using the app if you are using an iPhone X or later turn on airplane mode also make sure your Bluetooth is on and it will work just fine! Good luck 🎥
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7 years ago, Pixeleyz
Unbelievably poor app!
The DJI Assistant 2 app is garbage, will not connect to my P4P via the computer or via the iPhone, tried all variations of connecting, booting. Since the DJI Go 4 app is totally reliable and amazing, it is hard to reconcile. The Go4 app keeps telling me I need to calibrate my Vision System via the Assistant. But it simply can't be connected to the aircraft. This app is nowhere near ready for release # 1, much less 2.
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5 years ago, SomethingAnything
App won’t even open
I set up an account, which is an entirely unintuitive process. Can’t be done, or at least it wouldn’t allow me to do it by tapping the CREATE ACCOUNT button in the app. When I finally worked it out, the app crashes every time I try to login. And then won’t open again, until I either wait a while or re-download it.
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6 years ago, Steve in Solvang
DJI Assistant
DJI Assistant is useless. I have a Mavic Pro that will not calibrate. I was told to get the Assistant loaded onto my iPhone and reset the firmware to factory settings. Did that and I connected my iPhone to the controller and hit the factory reset button on the app. Message pops up saying I have to connect to the device first. Well, what other device is there to connect to than the controller? Useless.
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5 years ago, upstatesofficial
iPhone XS Max review
This app Is TERRIBLE. I’d give it negative stars if it were possible. It’s supposed to run my ronin m gimbal. It fails miserably at doing so. Images land randomly on pages and block you from interacting with options, beyond cheesy layout- it seems is hasn’t been updated in a year or more- so that should probably speak for itself. But for a $1,000 piece of equipment I should be able to count on a BASIC functioning application to coincide with the product. This is like you hired a 7 year old as your app designer. Please for the love of god fix this awful awful app and bring it current.
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7 years ago, colbyj1001
Simple and easy
I love how strait forward and easy DJI made this app to use. It connects to my Ronin M in a flash and works perfectly for trimming or adjusting settings in the field.
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4 years ago, LandoTheTerrible
Just Read
...and you’ll easily figure it out. This works, and always has, well with my Ronin.
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3 years ago, Teleport999
Cannot Find Devices
The annoying popup dialogue box “Cannot find devices” is constantly popping up, even when it’s connected. Exasperating app. DJI takes all our money away for their products, and they have no stable/robust apps or timely support. Shame on them!!! 😡🔥
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7 years ago, Marion designs
The worse
I purchased this product with additional batteries and it will not connect at all. It says turn off motor kill and the. When that's not showing it's says no intelligent battery. They are charging over $1000 for this product and it doesn't work. I want my money back. Really disappointing for DJI.
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5 years ago, Yolpa
Crashes immediately
Using this on an iPhone X and also tried on an iPhone 6s, and on both devices the App crashes immediately on startup. It can’t be used. This is making my Ronin MX almost useless because I can’t make the necessary stiffness adjustments to make make the gimbal stable. A huge problem. Please fix this!
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7 years ago, Sityel
First time using the app to set up my Ronin M and I can not connect my gimbal. It brings up a page asking to create a name and password for the gimbal. After I make a password it says “password must be 6 characters.” No matter what I do this message comes up. So I’m the end I still can not connect to the gimbal to calibrate the system.
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4 years ago, Pet5999
Does not work at all
Using iPhone 12. Won’t let me log in even though password and everything is fine. Wanted to downgrade my Mavic pro Enterprise to get intelligent flight modes working. If I had I choice I would never buy anything DJI since it’s such a hassle to get ANY of their ANYTHING working. Nothing but a headache.
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5 years ago, Fusion Estudio
I can’t even open the app when I sign in with my account...
The app doesn’t open when you login!!! I’ve tried with 2 different iPhone X and a 8 plus and it doesn’t work!! I need to use the app to fix the shaking issues that I have due to their auto tune up and I can’t use my Ronin M, the footage I’m getting it is terrible!!! What a shame reading all this bad comments about DJI apps and support. Your products are amazing but you are ruining it with your horrible Application! What do I need to do to be able to use my Ronin again??? Please HELP!!!!
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4 years ago, GuttaBoi85
I can’t open the app at all on my IPhone XS Max
Basically what the title says... I input my login information... then the app crashes ... I have to delete it completely and then try to log in again for it to instantly crash again... please help so I can tune my Ronin 1...that I still use to support my cinema camera rigs...
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4 years ago, videvo
Won’t allow log it
Everytime I try to register it says “Email used already” but when I try to retrieve the password, it says “Email not recognized” this is for ever device I try and Every email I try, I cannot use my Ronin S or find out what’s wrong with my Robin M, this app does not work at all
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6 years ago, LeojLett
Completely inconsistent ui
It’s a necessary app but it’s garbage. Sometimes half of the setting will simply not display for thing like stiffness, strength, outfilter and control. Smooth track adjustments completely disappeared on me for a while and I had to restart the app and Ronin over 5 times before hey came back.
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7 years ago, CapoCuch15
What are you guys doing?
If you aren't spending any time/money on the app why is it even here? This is the worst app in the store and it's cost me HOURS of time on set. Thankfully we switched to a Movi these last couple shoots and I don't have to deal with this horrendous app any more. Why do you enjoy wasting our time?
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3 years ago, genericnickname44
DJI turns your expensive gear into a paperweight
You can spend a lot of money on some fancy DJI gear. But when DJI gets tired of updating the app for that product, it will turn your fancy gimbal or drone into a paperweight. So don’t get too attached to their products - they can take them away from you at any time.
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5 years ago, Chip257
Wish I had a chance to use
Just bought a ronin m, downloaded the app and went to log in to play with it and as soon as I enter my information it closes out, now every time I try to open it it just opens then closes automatically
Show more
7 years ago, PhillyPhave
Ronin 2 so forget the rest?
Seems as though dji just cares about new profits and has abandoned their older clients. The ronin 2 app is sleek and works well, and this piece of just is a relic from the old days of iPhone 4. The hell man. You pay a ton of money for a product just to get forgotten because a company is greedy. Dang it burns.
Show more
4 years ago, Saif3d
The app needs to update
Finally, they just updated 🙏
Show more
7 years ago, soxfan0084
I was trying to shot a video for client, when my p4p say I have to update my vision sensor system. I download the app.... and spend 2 hours trying to connect and can't even connect! This worthless. Please invest some of the money I have spent on your products to improve this app!
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7 years ago, patrickg13
Pretty terrible
The app looks like it was designed 10 years ago. Hardly ever works. Click on calibrate.. nothing happens. It's honestly like they spent 5 minutes building the app and just pushed it out. Easily the most frustrating part of anything I have ever used made by DJI. UPDATE THIS PLEASE!!
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3 years ago, BEATS BY FLI
DJI, you’ve lost a customer
I went to the Facebook marketplace and purchased a used DJI Ronin M only to discover that the app will not even function properly for me to calibrate and actually USE THE GIMBAL. I have a pile of useless metal just sitting in a corner now, because of this terrible app and DJI’s terrible customer service. THE RONIN M IS USELESS NOW
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5 years ago, KingBaronDM
C’mon DJI 🤷🏾‍♂️
I buy all of DJI equipment. I am very disappointed to say the least. I have a huge shoot tomorrow and I can’t even use my Ronin M, because the app isn’t working properly. This makes no sense. If I I don’t have a Ronin S, I’d be screwed. Please update you software or I’ll have to go elsewhere for my next gimbal.
Show more
5 years ago, Greg361
This app completely freezes and kicks you out. No matter how many times I have rebooted my phone or uninstalled and reinstalled the app, it continues to crash!! Unacceptable!! I’m taking my business elsewhere if this isn’t fixed immediately!
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