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DoNotPay Inc
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User Reviews for DoNotPay

4.28 out of 5
7.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Dveotime
Update: Was able to get in successfully and register. You do have to provide bank or credit card info but Im okay with this because of the account I use. Yes, there is a 3.00 fee, however, if this app does what it says i will make that and then some in a little over an hour. They also state the fee is NOT deducted if your account balance is too low, being in IT, I can appreciate the pay it forward business plan. App is very easy to use, beautiful color scheme thats easy on the eyes and doesn't appear to have lagging issues. So far very impressed with how user friendly it is, no guess work here. increased from 1 star to 4, will push to 5 if the app continues to perform as promised over the next 2 months. I was super excited to try this out, but during verification kept getting a Gateway time out error. Now they have suspended my number "Due to suspicious activity". Kinda Funny, I get put in the corner without ever having the opportunity to do anything bad :( Will update my review if the issue gets fixed and I get to use the app. However as for now, 1 star because I cant do anything.
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3 years ago, RealHousewifeofOK
Well, I’m sure this app does what it claims to do and I would love to take a look and see if it’s something I could use. Unfortunately, I feel that forcing customers to add a bank account or credit card for the $36/3 month cost of using the app is sketchy. So, I tried to at least get some feel for the app by reading the help section . The help button only brought up…another help button, which never brought up anything. So the only information I have to go on when trying to weigh the value the app would bring to my life vs the $12/month cost was some promo blurbs from reviews on Vice and a few random success stories. Oh, plus 5 stars. Despite all that valuable insight-I stilll have no real idea of what this app does or what types of situations it can be used for. I’m not going to use an app that demands my credit or bank info before even letting me see the FAQ list. I don’t think I’m out of bounds by feeling uncomfortable with that. I think a lot of people would not just blindly pay up for a product that may not even work for their life. Please consider either offering a short free trial or like: 2 day introductory period/$2 option , or, at the very least , make a detailed page about the functionality, common problems it can deal with and an average refund/restitution it wins.
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4 years ago, Starmaker07
There finally is some Hope out there!
I am reviewing this site early on because I wanted to let you know that I had seen this inspiring young gentleman who was very smart and had created a site that was so easy and simple to reach out and get some answers finally as consumers I'm sure that that might be the reason that you are visiting the site so I will let you know how it goes they are going to be helping me with a couple of items that I am just so relieved about. The world needs more advocates like this . The APP it's self is very easy to navigate and the chat assistant comes up right away And cheers technical ability to create an easy user friendly place to come and get answers means a lot especially there are no crazy POP UP ADS or anything like that AND they even have information about how to handle all these crazy Robo call is it the government says they're working on It. This is going to be an app that I presume that I probably will be using again throughout the years to come
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2 years ago, Sazerac Slaps
I was an early adopter of the Robot Lawyer I signed up to see what it did and how it could help. I signed up so early I have a fantastic branded hoodie I wear far too often… anyway I have used this app to clean out all my email inboxes, change my address, get refunds from my bank, read the ToS on literally every thing before I sign it, I have used to get a friend’s birth certificate, get on the Do Not Call list the possibilities are endless… I love telling people I have a robot lawyer and I foresee us being together for a long time. The only reason I am not giving the perfect 5 stars is I wish I could have been grandfathered into some sort of life long membership as I may have incorrectly assumed I would be, and that’s more on me not on them… but despite the increase in fees which is quite dramatic from what I originally paid I am still a very satisfied customer and will continue to use Do Not Pay and recommend it to anyone who will listen
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4 years ago, Sheckler1129
Let’s see what she can do!! For now though!
Writing this review with 4 stars because I’m so excited about this app that I willing to give these stars before I explore everything. In the end my rating will change for the better or worse so hopefully the better as I never pay for subscriptions for apps like ever. If it does what it can say it can do and I see results I will give this 5 stars every single day for the entire year or atleast everyday I see something work or help me out in some type of way as I could use all the help I can get. Having the worse luck these past couple months and has nothing to do with Covid.
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4 years ago, amandagipson
You can’t remove or delete
I just downloaded the app, to which have not been able to use services. They already charged me $3 the first day I had it (yesterday) I went to remove my credit card information and I’m not able to do so. So then I went on the website- nowhere to do it there either... not good business in my option. No link to contact anyone by phone! I want to delete the app but do not want my bank information stored. This is totally bogus. I saw on the today show that’s why I downloaded it. I will also be emailing and tweeting them about this . Need not suggest to anyone. I WILL BE CONTACTING ATTORNEY AND MY UNCLE WHO WORKS FOR THE BUREAU!!!!!!! I WANT MY BANK INFO DELETED IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! You are a fraud and need to be sued. I’ve now went through all comments on the app. You have a class action law suit on your hands I hope you are ready. Contact me now- TODAY to delete and remove ALL my information. I did not give permission for the charge I want it refund . I do not give permission for any of my information to be used . All my information is to be deleted and removed from your services. This is punishable by law if you do not do so
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3 years ago, CrabLife711
When I saw this app, I noticed they offered the ability to have documents notarized. I thought that would be of value for the yearly charge for me. When I attempted to use the notary feature, it had me upload my document and then sent me to a THIRD PARTY site to have it done which would have charged me an additional $30 for the notary. I also attempted to use the “dispute a charge” feature for a small charge I paid to an automatic car wash that didn’t function, however all the app does is fills out a dispute form that you have to send to your bank. I can call my bank directly and do that and I don’t have to mail them anything! Finally, I’ve been having an issue with a creditor continuing to contact me every few months in regards to a debt that was included in a bankruptcy discharged five years ago. I thought maybe this app would help me with a “Cease and Desist” letter. No luck. I haven’t tried to the “free trial credit card” yet & think I might give that a shot since I’ve already paid for a year of this useless service, but I don’t have high hopes....
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4 years ago, RoboBoy SF
So far, so good!
A couple of the activities are a bit challenging for me to understand the current status of, and how to get them started, for example, the ability to generate a spam-catcher credit card number is great, but the app doesn’t explicitly say that this is an activity I am meant to do while on the phone with the actual spammer, meaning I should not prepare this number ahead of time. That “limitation” is perfectly understandable, and now that I get it, it’s no problem, but I felt frustrated trying to figure out how to get it done right up to the step prior to actually ‘pulling the trigger’ when finally the web-based version of the portal finally said “don’t do this until you’re on the phone” then I calmed down. LOL ... same thing with activating the free trial credit card number, which I still haven’t figured out how to do yet.
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3 years ago, NZHere83
Dont pay for this
Now that i’ve paid for this.. i don’t recommend anyone to use this. The virtual card is mostly a scam. First.. there was no mention of 4 cards limit anywhere prepurchase. Only after you’ve paid, and used up 4.. only then it notifies you that you’re only limited to 4 cards. Secondly.. the cards doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried it on so many sites.. Showtime, Udemy, skillshare, etc, and you can’t even use the cards to register a trial. They were all rejected. I suspect that where the card does work is only on a couple of sites with a total less than 10? And probably not the popular sites even. Too fed up to keep trying anymore.. they should just put up a notice that say “our cards will only work for these few sites only” can’t believe i paid for this Update: they keep charging my account a year later eventhough i’ve already unsubscribe. Worse, there is no unsubscribe function. This is a scam. I’ll be discussing with my lawyer and submitting a formal complaint to the regulators.
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4 years ago, drizzygrb
Would be great if actually worked.
I was reluctant to to give this app a try as I was weary of the claims the app claims to be able to assist with. Nonetheless I have given the app a try with an open mind. At first it appeared smooth sailing with the user friendly interface. Set-up got the features are a breeze with the exception of... does it really work? The app times out on me many times and when I began the process of making specific claims I was left at a dead end unable to complete it. A recently added feature was the online health protection and well I verified my number and attempted to file a claim and the app backed out on me several times. Every time it backed out I had to reattempt to verify my number. Now my number appears to be blocked due to suspicious activity. I have attempted to contact customer support but not even sure if that went through. I would really like the opportunity to use this app without all the bugs and errors. I will update my review if anyone gets back to me.
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4 years ago, Bob nope
Preys on the innocent that it’s suppose to protect
Update: Beware of this company, after I cancelled the extortion subscription, I am getting even more scam calls than before. This company is a retaliatory company. Give up your info and you are screwed when you don’t want to stay and pay the extortion. Someone please help sue this fraud. You read about how great this app is on news links, so you decide it’s a credible source. But you will get taken for a ride. First the app wants simple phone number, then email, then they push for a credit card. They clearly say you will not be charged unless they get you something. Well, I didn’t not know registering for Do Not Call list as a service. That stuff I can simply do myself and don’t need the app to do this. $3.00 is nothing, but the way it was just stolen from you by something you thought was legit and can trust makes it feel like $1000 stolen. Sent a request to cancel “subscription”. Hope they won’t hold me hostage and I don’t know what to do about these next level scammers.
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5 years ago, zhandi798379837983
Scam scam scam scam scam
I downloaded this, gave my bank info to get paid. Only then was I informed by a pop up that they wanted 3 bucks a month. I could not remove the pop up to refuse no matter what I tried. There was no way to cancel or say no. I deleted the program because I could not access any menu because the app won’t let you do anything till you pay. This is probably the worst rip off I have ever seen because you can’t even try to cancel until you pay 3 dollars to remove the pop up. You can’t even get into the app to see what it is all about because the pop up is stuck in front of you. Now they have my bank account info and I couldn’t cancel. There was no mention that you had to pay. Come on Apple obviously you have no idea how this app operates or you wouldn’t have let it on. I did use a non money savings account for the primary but they also have all my capital one info as well. The developer should be shut down immediately for stealing my info and blocking me from any access to cancel.
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4 years ago, Hitler_Trumpler
Not worth it any more
I liked this app at the beginning. But now it’s just a shell of what it used to be with no customer service at all. Before I once had an issue with virtual card that didn’t work and it got resolved very quickly after I asked for help via their chat system. Recently I decided to start using the app again. The card didn’t work this time while trying to sign up. I sought help but no help arrived. No feedback, nothing. Meanwhile I was charged their subscription fee. I tried changing the virtual card (since it didn’t work) but I couldn’t and I couldn’t change for another month or so. So here I am already charged a subscription fee and no service. I tried the customer service again and again and still no reply. It seems they are only after a quick buck. At this point, I decided not using this app anymore and I disputed the charge in my bank account. Not going to recommend this app to anybody. I wish I could give it 0 stars.
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2 years ago, app_goy
A sad magic show
Ultimately, this app/service is smoke and mirrors with a touch of scam. This app does nothing you can’t do yourself faster. I was getting the run around from an airline, figured I’d give this service a try. It cost me real money, and ultimately the app said it “resolved” my issue and forwarded me the same exact form letter I had already received from the airline. Except the first time it was free. With all of its services, it basically asks you a ton of questions and then just contacts an organization’s customer service/ticket response service on your behalf. This is something you could of done for free and in less time without signing up for this service first and then basically filling out the same exact questionnaires. Now here’s the scam. You have to pay for a subscription, which is fine. BUT if you cancel, you lose access to the app immediately. So you have cancel your subscription on the final day or you’re burning money. I can only imagine that they’re banking on people realizing it’s useless, but not wanting to waste money and decide to cancel when their subscription is about to end. This inevitably results in forgetting and ending up with surprise charges on your credit card statement every few months. Don’t waste your time or money with this app or company. It’s another parasitic tech outfit promising the impossible and hoping you forget the recurring charge.
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3 years ago, bahfnanzhckanHf
Just google legal templates
I wanted to try the parking ticket helper and thought I’d try this because the app is less than the ticket and the ticket is probably an easy dismissal due to signage but not worth going into the court for. The app makes it sound like they will submit everything for you and then you have a good chance of saving money. All it does is generate a word template with info you entered with a reference to a law in your state that doesn’t seem to back up your case, then it tells you to go submit it yourself. My state only allows appeals to be approved through a court appearance after you request it so this letter is useless to avoid that whole process and saves no time in the end if I just do it all myself anyway. This is a common theme with the app, not to mention all the scams/spam they say they can save you from or get you money from just end up sounding eerily familiar the more you use the app and you put in personal info to get nothing actual in return.
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4 years ago, careless_esper
Do not pay for DoNotPay!
I tried to use DoNotPay to put an end to the robocalls I've been receiving. DoNotPay said that before I can take action against the robocallers, I need to register for the Do Not Call list, and that they would help me do so. I soon received notice from the app that I was successfully registered for the Do Not Call list, and that I will receive an email—all I have to do is click a link in the email to complete my registration. Well, I never provided DoNotPay with my email address (so how will I get an email?), and there is no way to do so through the app—whenever I attempt to edit my profile, the useless chat bot says that I have to submit a dispute before it will remember my personal details. But I need to be registered with the Do Not Call list to in order to file a dispute. But I can't complete my registration until I get an email. But I can't get an email... Meanwhile, DoNotPay starts charging me for a service that it is not providing me. Absolutely terrible.
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4 years ago, Norrellita
I downloaded this app because I heard on the news that it would be a useful and efficient way to file for unemployment. Well, it wasn’t! In fact, it’s been a nightmare. I filed through their system and had to wait (after multiple emails to them) for over 2 weeks for a confirmation that my claim had been filed. When I finally got the confirmation, they had filed under my full name, but with someone else’s social security number! All of that persons information was right there! I couldn’t believe it! I of course am a person of good character and morals and would never dream of stealing another persons identity, so I quickly cancelled the submission but what about whoever is now privy to my very person identification!!!!??? I’m freaking out!! Not only do I have to try and refile but I need to put in a claim to the social security administration that my identity has been compromised!!! All of this amidst loosing work and struggling to make it post Covid-19 era! This is a nightmare!
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4 years ago, Acurately
Awesome app!
This app has saved me from almost everything happening in my life right now! This app has put back my bank fees, help remove some subscriptions in turn helped to get them refunded and also worked out my small claims case I had to file against old landlord for non refund of deposit. With all these extra adds they added the possibility of companies and government doing me wrong are starting to look like little to some. But it feels good to win sometimes when you know you are right. They have worked out glitches from first version and added a lot more features. This is not a fake or made up review I’m dead serious on all I have told you. I would definitely say try it out especially if you are blessed with life problems like I am!
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2 years ago, dot-JMpeg
All is not what it seems
I downloaded the app today, and then experienced two failures for the ‘call waiting’ feature - one even said it was a ‘success’ despite never reaching a human. Not only that, but I was charged immediately for use of the app, only to find later that some of the features within it ALSO cost a separate amount. I would like to request a cancellation of all accounts, as well as a refund. My Apple Pay account was charged $36 AND $15 for an email service that ended up being a separate email client, unlike what it seemed to be at first (a bot for your pre-existing email inbox - useless, since I would have to change all my account emails to the donotpay one to clean up my spam and subscriptions). I sent an email to support to cancel both and request a refund for both - otherwise, I will be raising the issue with both my credit card company and Apple Pay services. I will update this review as appropriate.
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4 years ago, ntl8
No way to log into old account, keep being charged for a subscription.
I downloaded the app a few months ago, paid for the subscription service to utilize a certain feature (a landlord-related one, which gave me the local law on canceling a lease, which I could have found myself), then forgot about the app and the $3 monthly charge (I don’t check my account very often). Ended up deleting the app from my phone, then went to cancel the subscription on my account - and it will offer no way to log into an old account. Re-downloading the app will have you register as a new user, with no option given at all to log into an existent account. So I can’t cancel this monthly $3 zombie fee thanks to some sketchy app design. I’d have to call my bank and explain an app designer decided to essentially lock users out of accessing their account details and closing a subscription.
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4 years ago, Raheem Rogers
Customer service app that lacks good customer service itself!
The Skip Waiting on Hold feature worked once and then never again. I select the company, see the incorrect hold time display, and then wait and wait for the call. When I open the app again, I am taken back to the main home screen with no evidence whatsoever of the call request I entered before. I tried to submit a help ticket through the app 3 times and each time I got through about half the steps before the messenger froze. This is an app that is supposed to help with customer service concerns and it doesn’t even provide proper customer service/help itself! Fix your glitchy app before you try to mitigate outside issues for customers. If the app is this poorly built, then I only wonder what kind of horrible service you get when you try to use the other dispute features-I wouldn’t trust them based on the experience I’ve had.
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11 months ago, jasmynk
Why must I pay for DoNotPay?
Back in the day, DoNotPay was a no/low cost app that offered all sorts of awesome AI legal tools. You could generate legally binding letters, get help with rebates, connect with prison inmates, and more. While some services were paid, you had access to tons of free tools and the ability to browse all their offerings. It was a revolutionary, empowering, and truly helpful concept! But now, the entire app is locked behind a hefty $36 paywall, with no free trial or even a preview to understand what the app can provide- you literally can’t even login without adding your bank information. It's a bizarre and counterintuitive move that effectively fails to provide users any motive to make that costly leap of faith. What makes this situation even more disconcerting is the lack of alternatives. As far as I know, there is no other service that offers the same range and depth of tools and services as DoNotPay once did. Ironically, this shift towards a paid-only model seemingly contradicts the app’s original goals of assisting and empowering individuals to overcome legal and financial hurdles. I cant help but wonder if there's something I'm missing here? It's a puzzling decision that'll likely be the company's downfall. In conclusion, my view of the app can be said best with their very own words. DO NOT PAY!!
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4 years ago, Po------
Hoped for better
I got the app for the call back/wait on hold feature in order to deal with the gas company. About two hours after interacting with the app and he app telling me it was dealing with the issue, it notified me that it had failed. It was no substitute for waiting on hold for 2 hours. The next morning I tried again with this app using the dispute approach. The bot asked for all my personal and account information and notified me after all that that it would take 48 hrs before it gave me any update. Not soon enough and I wouldn’t have even started this attempt again if I had known. So I immediately cancelled my subscription. The developer was responsive, deleted my account at my request, and gave me a refund. So, not scammy. This is a great idea for an app and I hope it can be made to work better.
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3 years ago, lbghm
App price before downloading should show $36- not “free” on the App Store
I am only interested in the “skipped hold times” feature of this app. I downloaded this and I cannot go any further than the first screen without entering actual bank info and agreeing to be charged $36. They don’t take privacy or temporary cards so consumers can protect themselves from being repeatedly charged month after month. I would use it if there was an option for just the skipped hold time feature. I would pay if they had tiers and they accepted privacy card payments. I would need a cheaper or free trial version of the app before I pay for premium. I’d gladly pay every month if it does what it advertises regarding hold times. Companies never call back if you use their call back feature so it would really make my life easier if this app could work out.
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4 years ago, eschn29
CAN’T cancel account/subscription and no way to contact them
Relatives saw this app on the TODAY show and I read an article and actually knew the person who was interviewed, so I signed up for the subscription (which needs to be done in order to move forward) but soon found out that the app can’t help my in my state of CA. I went to cancel my subscription and the only way to receive customer support is through a bot and the bot told me “It seems I need more time to help you with your request.” - whatever that means?? I also can’t delete my credit card information. So in the end, I’m stuck with this subscription when I can’t even use it, can’t remove my card info, and can’t contact ANYBODY for support. This is a scam. In a time like this, I’m actually quite frustrated and concerned about my financial safety. This is ridiculous.
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5 years ago, TheTechAppReviewer
Money saver!!
So I’ve been using this app for the past couple of months and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. I’ve only used 2 of dnp’s features which is the bank fee refunds and parking ticket disputes, but the fact that it’s worked is what astounds me. I didn’t really expect much from it, just found out about it through a verge article, but pretty great considering I didn’t have to pay anything for it. I already told my parents and friends about this, but I see that some people aren’t having much luck. It worked for me so it may be a bit of a toss up, but if it works for you - consider yourself lucky :)
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3 years ago, AllEX2010
Google This Company
It’s honestly surprising that Apple even allows this on the App Store. Do a google search of DoNotPay and see how scummy they are. They seem like the exact type of scammer they claim to be protecting you from... Anyway reading these positive reviews look like they were written by people working for the company. They seem so cheesy and scripted! If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I would stay away folks. I am currently talking with somebody from Apple about this scummy little app. Hopefully it will be removed soon and they will stop profiting off deceiving people during a global pandemic. I hope everyone who works for this company feels really good about themselves. Pretty sad actually. We need an app that gets you your money back from “DoNotPay” and sues them with the tap of a button like they advertise! Lol
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5 years ago, NeverEnoughToys
I read about the virtual credit card and was excited to try it out since BoA is discontinuing theirs. Unfortunately, you MUST give bank or credit card information to the app. Those are _not_ necessary for the virtual card feature I wanted to check out. This app is requiring the same info that it is purportedly protecting us from having to give out to others for trials. To the developer: You don’t need financial information until there is a transaction requiring an exchange of funds. Don’t ask for it until then. As an Internet security professional, until it stops requiring my financial info I will avoid this app and will recommend others to avoid it as well. Rule #1 in data privacy: don’t ask for anything you don’t truly need. If I’m only using the virtual card feature then you don’t need my info.
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4 years ago, khukanye
it worked!?!
Came to this after seeing a segment on the today show regarding the robot call cash claim feature. I got incessant nonstop calls from royal carribean cruise and the UI was pretty intuitive in identifying their details after giving them the fake card. anyways long story short, I was able to settle for $500! absolutely sick app, I had my doubts at first but trust me you got to try the robot one out. I’m not sure how well the other products work but I just submitted a bank fee appeal refund and will see how that goes and update if I get it back
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5 years ago, Tejas Manohar
Saved me hundreds
DoNotPay has personally saved me hundreds of dollars so writing this review feels like the smallest way to give back. I’ve been an early user from parking tickets to credit card fees to most recently, their features around automatically filing support tickets for refunds on Uber rides that I shouldn’t be paying full price for (slow drivers, problems with other pickups). The team behind this app releases new features non-stop, and each time, I’m surprised there’s yet a new way to save... and they make it so easy, too. Excited to see what’s next!!
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3 years ago, SKpdx
Trash Interface
Not sure what all the buzz is with DoNotPay. While I’m sure it does some things, it’s hard to understand what else they have done for me. The biggest hurdle that I have with them is their mobile app. It’s a huge pile of trash. It’s poorly organized, unintuitive, hard to navigate, and appears to not have a back button. If I click on a task to review it, how can I go back to the prior spot that I was on? I have to hit the refresh button to take me back to the Home Screen, which is not how you navigate! With all the glowing reviews, I have to say that DoNoPay probably paid for those reviews. Sorry. Maybe this review will get you to reconsider how you deliver content to people. The app needs a full on redesign.
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2 years ago, Catnan14
Do Not Pay? I won’t!
After seeing this app online and looking through it on the App Store, I decided to download it because it sounded like a good idea. It’s listed as “free” and I did not see any information about needing to pay. Well, after collecting your phone number you are forced to subscribe for $36 to use ANY of the features. If I had known this, I wouldn’t have wasted the space on my phone or given them my number. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the app being a subscription. But don’t tell me about it after I download the app and give you my phone. Either make that clear straight up, or provide some sort of trial on the app. I have no idea how the app works and will not until AFTER I pay 5 hours of minimum wage. No thanks.
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4 years ago, endocytosis
Maybe it works , just not for me.
I had no real issues that I needed resolved when I first downloaded this app. I actually just wanted to see what the hype was about. I read about the traffic ticket thing and other benefits. After downloading I was asked to input payment. Ok what the hell, I'll just try it. So I tried out " find hidden money ". Submitted a ticket for a free birthday gift. 3 weeks later, still processing. Whatever. I tried the trial card 3 , that didn't work either. In short, the app is extremely deceptive at how it presents information. Also, the subscription service is sketch. There is virtually no way to ask for help other than speaking with a bot. Their business plan: rack up monthly subs until people realize it's a scam then cash out.
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4 years ago, jayster1962
Channel 2 News in Houston Texas did an interview with this App. creator without disclosing much information except that they are supposed to prevent Robo Calls. They left out their physical address, They left out a person of contact, They left out that you must give them your banking information, They even left out that if something seems to good to be true, It usually is not good or true. Therefore I gave this App. My phone# and was sent to the next step. Where they requested my banking information. At this point I refused this Apps services. It should be inform everyone up front that releasing personal financial information was required. As well as Information to address any complaints or problems that may arise with using their service. No return Phone Number, No Physical Address.
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4 years ago, Stinks.
Read an article about this great app for robo calls and decided to download and try. Once the app is downloaded the first step is that step is that you must provide your cell phone number. Once that is complete, you then need to provide banking information. Before asking for this information there is no information about the app, what it does for you, or details about monthly costs (though I have read this elsewhere in articles). Is anyone crazy enough to provide your banking information to an app that you know nothing about, and without verification that it is legit? Not me. This may be a great app, and if so, I highly suggest the company tries a different approach to getting people to sign up. They have my cell number, but they are not getting access to my bank account.
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4 years ago, wacowhacko
I’m not sure what I’m paying for
Many of the features don’t work and it seems like they type up PDFs for you to do the work yourself which also means getting names, emails , and addresses of data brokers. I see check marks but I don’t know what they mean when there is a zero where it says “complete.” They want you to verify information to prove your identity or that you own the data online but the app doesn’t accept your information to resolve the issue. Why do I need to provide a photo? I changed my phone number and I couldn’t update my account because there aren’t any humans in customer service. I have a new account and I’ve been charged twice for basically nothing. This app isn’t user friendly and it has a bunch of glitches.
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5 years ago, Anthony V. Ardizzone
Cannot Remove Payment Option After Cancelling Subscription
So I installed the app and was exploring it. After clicking on the new trial card feature, the app interpreted that as solving a problem that required a subscription and I was charged $3 as a result. I promptly cancelled my subscription when I discovered this, but my $3 was not returned to me even though the app clearly did not solve any problem that warranted the $3 charge. In addition, even after cancelling my subscription, there is no way for me to completely remove all payment options in the app. I removed my bank account by adding a credit card, but the card is still on my account. I like the idea of this application, but the fact that you cannot completely remove all payment methods when not subscribed and the fact that I am still out $3 for basically no reason (looking at a new feature isn’t solving a problem no matter how you slice it) leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me have to leave this review in the hopes of getting the developer’s attention since the chat feature in the app is extremely unreliable. Again, the idea is nice, but the execution is horrible.
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4 years ago, Beary Panda
Would not recommend to anyone
Their whole setup is a lie. When you input payment info, they tell you that you can easily remove/change this info in your profile, which is not the case. They say they won’t charge you the $3 until you have successfully completed an action. This is also not the case, they will charge you pretty much the next day regardless of your usage or success. I get that businesses need to make money to run and any other day I would gladly pay the $3 for some of the services they provide if they could actually follow through. But don’t be sneaky and force people into your subscription model when you’re not upfront about this charge anywhere. And on top of contradicting what your own introduction says!
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5 years ago, c fales
Misleading marketing
The app advertises the ability to register for free trials with a fake credit card number so that you aren’t charged at the end of the trial. The first time I tried to install the app it prompted me for a bank account to connect to. Well obviously a no go. So then I get a text message saying the app no longer requires a bank account. I go back and sign up again and this time it prompts me for a credit card number. So a credit card number in order to get a fake credit card #, odd, but ok. Then it prompts for approval to charge $3/month as a “tip” for the service. A “tip” that you can’t opt out of, change the amount of, is charged every month, is a fee. So, pay $3/month to get a fake card # so that you aren’t charged at the end of free trials if you forget to unsubscribe? Nonsense!
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5 years ago, Iamsophia10
“Where have you been my whole life?!.”
This is hands down the most useful, most impressive app I have ever used in my entire life! Other than the fact that they provide legal help with various different areas we have issues in everyday life with, you can send a cease and decease letter to that annoying ex-boyfriend that just wouldn’t let go! They have also stoped subscriptions that I wasn’t able to and also they reversed many of my bank fees’ all within 24 hours usually! I Love LOVE l0VE this app! Thank you so much Do Not Pay!!
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4 years ago, Skyfireusa
This app feels like a scam itself
I got this app a while back when I read about it on an online blog and it seemed to make sense and I subscribed and then didn’t really use the app very much. But when I did it, it didn’t do anything!All it does when you click on an option is take you to a chat screen where you can chat with no one! Absolutely no feedback or response I mean what the heck is going on why is this still on the App Store. I feel completely ripped off man how many people have paid a few bucks and got nothing and probably didn’t complain because it’s only three dollars but it’s a subscription so I feel stupid that I didn’t cancel this sooner. THERE IS ALSO NO OPTION TO REMOVE YOUR CREDIT CARD OR DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT! I advise to stay away. This anti-scam app is basically a scam 🤦🏻‍♂️
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4 years ago, bogo_lode
Was silently charged for their subscription
Decided to poke around in the app because I may use it for some stuff down the line. The app says they don’t charge you until you use something and I didn’t file any claims or attempt to use anything other than tapping around. Received a notification that they charged me and apparently one of my taps turned on the trial card option they offer, which I probably did tap that section but I did not agree to activate the card or to start a subscription. I’ve canceled the subscription (I think) and will see if it charges again in a month. But if this is the norm for the app, I’m a little disturbed that they didn’t explicitly tell me whatever I tapped would charge me and require me to explicitly ok it with a dialog.
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4 years ago, FH-Shad
An Ironic Name, If You Aren’t Expecting It
Downloader beware! While the application is far and above handy if you frequently need a card for free trials or have a parking ticket, if you simply downloaded and setup the app out of curiosity, you may find yourselves out of $3. After establishing a “points” system, they’ve started charging users that they haven’t previously because it seems you’re now “using” their services. I found this out the hard way after not having the application installed for months, only to now have them start charging me. The removal process seemed simple enough and the agent on the phone when I called to inquire about the billing was understanding. I wished there was an “introduction” mode to get a feel for the application before you are forced to commit to providing banking details. I consider the $3 a tip to the developer for the overall cool and handy product, but as somebody who was curious but didn’t have an immediate need, the sudden charge months down the line was sure to shock.
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8 months ago, pruchai
Are you trippin?
You expect me to pay you $36 every 2 months after reading a vague description of your app’s capabilities? That already has “scam” written all over it. You know why? Because if your app worked, you would be offering free trial, knowing that people will be happy and will subscribe because they get results. But you know that you are selling snake oil and so you act like snake oil salesmen. It’s unfortunate that you chose to make money by taking advantage of unsuspecting customers and then making it hard for even unsubscribe from this joke of an app. Other reviews confirm my findings. It is so unethical, that I think your next business adventure should be a dating app. You will be right at home with that crowd. What a shame.
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9 months ago, msjleigh
Not Recommended
This app promises a lot and is too inconsistent to deliver. I have successfully used one feature one time, other than that I have gotten a spinning wheel that spins around and around until the app times out or crashes. I tried to use the RoboRevenge feature and the scammer ended up hanging up on me because I was waiting for the fake card to be created and loaded. There are a lot of fees to use many of the services in addition to the up-front subscription fee of $36. They don’t offer the opportunity for a free trial so it’s all in or nothing. It’s not worth it, this is a do not download.
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4 years ago, ldesaus
Locked into a useless service
I signed up for what ended up being a year long commitment and there is no way to stop the recurring charge. I have received no benefit from this service as none of the processes I have initiated have yielded any results, and beyond that, I am moving overseas soon where the laws are different. There is no option to talk to a person to cancel and trying to cancel through the bot-chat leads me to having to answer repetitive questions before being told “no”. The more time I spend on the app/site, the scammier it feels, and I wish I had never signed up, especially as there is no way to manage my subscription without being pressured by a bot to stay on (and no indication of how I can auto-shut off my account in the future).
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5 years ago, Richarrd10
The Robin Hood of the Internet
Found this out when researching for my law class and my curiosity peaked when I saw that the creator of this app was dubbed “the robinhood of the internet.” Very interesting idea and many of the ideas seem great in theory, but not too sure how it would work out in practice. But apparently many people have been successful in using this app, so I have to say great job in turning an industry that’s not known for much innovation and completely changing that around. AI in law is something that I’m looking forward to in the coming years.
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3 years ago, Ify101
Robinhood GME lawsuit
I’m using this app to join the class action lawsuit against Robin Hood because of their GME market manipulation. I saw a couple negative reviews on this app and typically I would take that into account but because of the fact that this is an app that allows people to join class action lawsuits so easily and is therefore not an app that most corporations like.... it could be that those negative reviews were faked. Honestly I don’t know, the app seems good so far so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and see how it pans out long term.
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4 years ago, Jones (SEC fan)
Terrible!!! Do not download!!!
Terrible!!! Do not download, you will be charged! I downloaded the app and the first thing it had me do is link my bank account (big mistake!). As soon as I did that, a message popped up saying I’ll be charged $3/month -there was yes or no option to accept or decline this charge. I immediately tried removing my bank account information -it didn’t give me the option to remove it! I attempted to go through the customer service prompts on the app (no phone number or actual human available to help) multiple times requesting to cancel my subscription, and have been charged again this month for this money trap of an app that has not been helpful to me in any way! Save yourself the trouble and go another route.
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3 years ago, V. Vicentic
V. Vicentic
I am giving highest recomendation for this program. First time i used it worked like a dream. Second time i encountered an issue, not sure why. What i know is that their tech support is working with me to fix it. We are not there yet, however their eforts to solve my problem and dedication of their agent is good enough for me. I trust this people, their aproach should work in most of situations, now may not be perfect, but $36 a year can get you further than you can imagine. It is about average hourly rate of a lawyer, i advise to give them a shot
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