Doppler 9&10 Weather Team

4.6 (3.1K)
66.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Heritage Broadcasting Co.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doppler 9&10 Weather Team

4.61 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
1 year ago, PickyUrNose
My favorite weather app
I can’t even articulate why but this is my favorite weather app. Not sure of the new interface, but I’m digging it so far. If more people knew of this app and that they didn’t have to live in Northern Michigan to use it I bet they’d have it!
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1 year ago, mndlws
I don’t know where to begin..
I am so disappointed with this update and I wish that I could choose which version of the app I got to use. Before the most recent update the app was super user-friendly, it was really easy to read. I just got the update today and I’m having such a difficult time using this application anymore. My favorite part of the app itself (before the update) was being able to watch the interactive radar map, but they made it so non-user-friendly and so under detailed there’s no point to even using this application anymore. I feel like I’m better off with the standard weather app that they put on iPhones. I hate leaving reviews on anything, especially negative ones, but I really hope the developers of this app see it and are able to go back to the original 9& 10 app.
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1 year ago, Slickrockabilly
So disappointed with the update
on the old app i did not have one complaint other then yes it was a free app and they did have adds and they were repetitive. With the new update the 24 future view is was to fast can’t read the numbers at the bottom I tried customizing for my needs and still confusing to read because the map is now all white and all the words and numbers get lost with it. As a farmer who relies on it to determining what my next move for the 12 hours and beyond it’s frustrating. Im not the only farmer who said they have deleted the app I tried giving it a tried but given up on it.
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1 year ago, @#$&890
Miss the old version
I’m disliking this new weather app update, so much so, that I’m searching for a new weather app to use. I can’t use it in landscape mode anymore on my iPad which is very annoying. It’s hard to navigate, the colors are bland which makes it hard to distinguish between rain and snow, and there is no link to easily find school closings either. I also liked using the old version as a kind of google earth. I could easily zoom in on any location to find land markings since the map used to be so clear and colorful. Please go back to the old version. Why change a good thing?
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1 year ago, AcJc7691
Still Terrible after trying it for a week. Get the WZZM13 weather app instead
Would give it 0 stars if possible. 1. Hate the portrait only mode. 2. Screen and graphics are hard to see - way too bright and simplistic. 3. Weather extended forecast is gone. 4. Radar screen is a joke. Now I have to find another local weather app. This one has been ruined by the latest “update” on January 1, 2023. Wish there was an option to go back to the previous version. Update: just tried the WZZM13 weather app as suggested by others. Its great - works and looks like the old 9&10 app used to.
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1 year ago, Kellya74u
Horrible New App- NOT An ‘Update’ nor ‘Upgrade’ in Quality
***Warning-downloading this “Update” will wipe out all of your saved locations & preferences.*** Used the previous versions for years in Michigan & other states while traveling extensively, planning safest times to do yard work, kayak, drive or fly. The most PREVIOUS VERSION, was the Gold Standard I compared other weather apps to, which I shared with many friends nationwide. This appears to be a totally new app. No gold bar, but plastic panels full of holes with assembly required, connectors that break when u snap them together, & very, very white.
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6 years ago, Susan3388
New app is bloated and irritating
While some of the interface changes are nice, overall the app is bloated, the ads are too big and annoying, and it is excruciatingly slow. The previous version was much better. When I want to check the weather I don’t want to watch a video. I just want to see the map and be able to quickly look at hourly and daily predictions, temps, wind, etc. Waiting and waiting (and waiting) for the app to engage and then scrolling past all the junk to get to the real info has me looking at other weather apps to replace this one.
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1 year ago, hahnvict
Update is Horrible
I’m so close to deleting this app after I’ve gotten all my friends and family using it the last few years. I can’t read the daily forecast because it’s like a cm big space and most of that is covered with an ad. The radar options are only 1 hour or 24 with no option for speed adjustment. The user friendliness of this is gone. Hopefully they realize people hate it and change it back. I’ve already had to download weather channel to use in the meantime.
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6 months ago, turttletracks
Update is TERRIBLE! Put it back to the way it was.
Before the update the app was great. It was up to date, easy to use and understandable. No the radar is so hard to understand, the time frames move so fast it makes useless. This used to be the best app. Now using the app that comes on your is a 100 times better and let’s be honest that isn’t much to compare too. 9&10 you can do better for your locals and watching areas! Please get it together, a lot of us miss having your user friendly app!!
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1 year ago, KayS911
Don’t like the updates
I don’t like the updated app. The daily forecasts are now more difficult to read because of the white background. The radar map is less colorful. The app icon is so dark now, it’s difficult to see the logo. And the weather related school and event closings are gone! Poorly designed visuals make it difficult to read. Disappointing. Was a 5 star app but not anymore.
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2 years ago, clevus pin
I enjoy the morning news and weather on MTM. I have watched this program for many years and I think now you have a group that has a very strong chemistry. I hope to see them for many more years.
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1 year ago, kick after 48hrs
This Upgrade
If you miss the old base app 9&10 used then go to "wzzm 13". Uses identical base app with the customization we used to have and is out of GR MI. Map type "dark, satellite, street", pick your own layovers, location, etc. IDK why folks have to destroy something that works. FYI: found wzzm 13 app from bad reviews from this new upgrade disaster. 9&10 bring back everything the old app offered or go back to the base app you used before plz!!!!!! Until, deleting this junk app.
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1 year ago, Laurie08
Updated app
I don’t care for update at all. I had all my locations in the old one, all wiped out. When I try to put in the locations again I’m to choose a location, all comes up gibberish, can’t read it and when I finally type the full location in they say I must choose from their drop down.. I would love someone to tell me how to do this… I end up on google search to find out the weather, ready to DELETE…….
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1 week ago, Bobbyjamesmusic
Radar Crashes
I try to use the radar (best part of the app) on my iPhone and it crashes every time. Reinstalled multiple times. Help?
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1 year ago, Father and Teacher
Loved It before the Update
I don’t like the new look, but I think it’s because the old app spoiled us with live video, snow day school closings, and lots of accurate weather items. The radar was easy to see and access was fast. I agree that changes always happen, but now I am searching for a new app that has what this app used to include.
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3 years ago, Mholsi01
Not bad but not great
I gave it 3 stars because the app still has bugs to work it out and I have had it over a year. The radar should do the future not past weather. There are glitches at times and takes forever to load at times.
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5 years ago, tvb6171
Keep up with the updates, it’s getting better and better with each update, becoming my go to weather app even over my paid weather apps.
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2 years ago, Klewellm
For the most part, 9&10 weather is the most accurate weather team.
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1 year ago, red47!
Awful update
I used to recommend this app to people because the old version was actually good. Everything was just set up so much better. This new update is awful to navigate. Was a 5 star app but not since the update!
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1 year ago, caliekitty
Please change it back!!
I use to love your app. Used it multiple times a day. Was my go to app for weather no matter where I went. Now I can’t even find my local weather. The app is cumbersome and way to bright. I can’t find my local school closings. Please bring back the previous version. I’m very sad to have to and find a new weather app.
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6 years ago, CDewey67
I want my old version back! This new update is slow and usually stops working. It will not show the menu consistently along the bottom. There used to be a link for schools closings and it’s not there anymore. I used to be able to change cities but now it freezes up on me. Very disappointed. The old version was very user friendly. 👎🏻
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2 years ago, Dylansamantha 1
I really appreciate that I can check my weather and Trust what I see ❤️ to plan my day with my fav people in my life. Thank u for being consistent! Thank u
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11 months ago, laalaban5
Out with the new in with the old!
This app was perfectly fine before and I miss every little thing about it! Please bring it back, especially the radar as it was so user friendly! I find myself using the iPhone weather and other apps more often. I would much prefer to use the local one.
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1 year ago, Up North Chef
Upgrade doesn’t work on iPhone!
I can’t get the upgrade to open on my iPhone - it just spins! The iPad app only works if the iPad is vertical, it won’t turn to horizontal which makes it almost useless! This used to be my favorite app.
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1 year ago, kf1964
Updating issues
Not updating like it should. Check the current weather this morning and it’s giving me the weather still from early yesterday afternoon. Should automatically update but doesn’t all the time. The temp is saying 14 but it’s actually 3 degrees.
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2 years ago, jarinjack
Deleting locations doesn’t work as per instructions.
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2 years ago, Bull deadly
Live sky cam
I wish we still had that live Doppler scare cam but you took off the channel and put we TV on
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4 years ago, fred farquart
Works great for me
I see most of the reviews are over a year old. I set the app for my iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. It sometimes makes me jump....:]. But I appreciate that I won’t get caught off guard. I like that it announces; in case I’m not near a device.
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1 year ago, ididkrkdjd
Take care of baby girl
You can get a new phone call from the
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1 year ago, FudgieGoHome
Another victim of the I.T. Dept meddling with crap and pushing an “upgrade”. I’ve worked for a couple of companies that were performing well and with happy employees that decided to go to “company 2.0” as an upgrade. Start crunching numbers, spreadsheets and spend millions on software - ruining the company. Take a hint here Doppler 9&10 team. Read your reviews.
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1 year ago, Brew Dude
Vertical format only on iPad
Very disappointed with the recent interface update for the iPad version of this app. It has always been difficult to use with the constant advertising. Ads were larger than the weather map. Now it only functions in a phone format as well.
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1 year ago, Lila Hall
The new update
This update is terrible. The previous version was so much better than this one. It was easier to use and more informative. I really can’t stand it now. It used to be so useful and easy to use, now it’s to clunky and antiquated.
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2 years ago, RA Martin
Doesn’t even function. Hasn’t shown any data for some time now. Backgrounds showed up but no information, not even current temperature. The map appeared but again no radar function. I deleted it and re-installed it. Now even the map doesn’t appear. Only the 9&10 logos & dividers. Worthless.
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1 year ago, MeMyselfAndI03
The bright app is as rude as typing in CAPS
Ahhh! Why is the new update so bright?! I liked the dark colors. Saved locations are all gone. It’s so busy on the main page. And sooooo bright white. Who approved such a ridiculous drastic change? Wellll crap. Gotta find a different weather app now. You guys were cool. You were supposed to stay golden PonyBoy.
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2 years ago, crees mom
weather they are very accurate. i like the new weather woman. She does an excellent job !
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2 years ago, mav23yzpilot
This is my go-to app every morning. It’s the first thing I check every day.
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1 year ago, Nikkip5
Go back to the way it was!
March 6th, 2023 Newest update is such a step backwards for this app. I’m so irritated with the layout that I have downloaded the weather channel app and use that instead. The descriptions aren’t even spelled right so obviously there’s no editing happening. The old version was great! This one is trash. 👎🏻
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1 year ago, Dale54333333
New update is horrible the radar feature for past present and future is gone the screen uses white now so I can’t use it at night in the plane it’s to bright to switch back to home ect I have to go to a menu bar. Sadly I now have to find a new weather app
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2 years ago, Happy House Owner
Must accurate weather forecasts
Most accurate weather forecast for the Grayling, Higgins Lake Area!
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4 years ago, 1220M
Runs poorly
Ever since the app was changed (who knows how long ago now), it hasn’t run well for me. Sometimes the radar doesn’t work. Sometimes my forecast doesn’t work. If I’m somewhere with 2 bars LTE or Elsa, I’m out of luck...absolutely nothing is going to load. It’s kinda gone to garbage. :(
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1 year ago, Dickey08
How Much Snow Will I Get???
We live in snow country and there is nothing that tells me how much snow to maybe expect. 90% is great but where is the 4-6 inches or, less than one inch of accumulation descriptors? The radar has little definition and the personalized home feature is gone. Not of much use to me anymore.
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6 years ago, Richvier
So slow I could predict weather myself
Horribly sloooooooooowwwww. By the time the app loads even on 100 meg WiFi I could already have sat at my computer turned it on search for local weather and read the forecast. You had an app that worked. Old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it “ Considering a different weather app
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1 year ago, diadiabobea
New update is terrible!
New updated app is terrible! Hard to navigate, no school closings & too hard to figure out what kind of weather is coming my way & when. Future forecasts too short too, we are looking for a different weather app 😩
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1 year ago, paidmybill
New update is horrible.
New update is horrible. This was the best weather app in the world until they changed the whole thing. When I asked if we could get the old version back I was told “it will NEVER be back” so I’m moving on to the competition. Up north live.
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1 year ago, Vlpon
Since the update this app is so difficult to use. I use to like to see the active weather as it is coming. The radar looks like it’s supposed to be for children. I hope the app goes back to the way it was
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1 year ago, Fixayoteeth
Don’t like new update
Download wzzm13 weather app if you liked the old version of Doppler 9and10 •• I see that a developer actually just took the time to respond to somebody’s negative review with a response that makes absolutely no sense. Now deleting any app associated with 9&10
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1 year ago, Illuminatski
Bring back 10 day forecast
Clean new interface but harder to quickly see the 10 day forecast
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1 year ago, gunner437
Hate the new app
The new app is not as user friendly as the old app and doesn’t have the information at a glance like the old app did. If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it!
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1 year ago, serenisthepeni$
New look is bad
I liked the app before the whole look of it changed. It now looks unprofessional and stupid. You should definitely change it back to what it was. I dont know who thought it looked good but they were wrong and have bad taste.
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6 years ago, Susan#47
I used to love this app
The new format is confusing especially settings. The old picture with Doppler radar was quick and easy to see at a glance. Now the screen is filled with too many distractions. Not a fan anymore.
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