Doppler Radar Map Live

4.6 (26.8K)
75.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Voros Innovation
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Doppler Radar Map Live

4.6 out of 5
26.8K Ratings
2 years ago, B52toU
Lack of Ads😋
Good clear warnings via visual back up! Covers anyplace you want to study weather. The warnings keep you alert to present & future. Don’t have to put up with Ads. What a pleasant lack of Ad exposure. Can plan trips around any area by honing in on that spot. I give it a 5star service!!!
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1 week ago, MJweed
No map key
No map key to explain what the colors on the counties mean when you tap show alerts. I have no idea what a blue county or a red county or a green county alert or a black county means at all . Tapping it does absolutely nothing and brings up no info. All these colors on the map could literally mean anything and there’s no way to tell what kind of alert it’s showing you for each of the counties. I can change the opacity of the colors which isn’t helpful at all other than getting to see the land detail but what difference does it make if I don’t know what any of it means! A simple map key somewhere showing what all the colored alerts mean would make it not so completely pointless a feature!
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5 months ago, Randolph Driblette
Quality app. The info button to access the forecast page is really tiny - that toggle could be improved to be easier to spot and access. More options for radar loop would be nice, too. For instance, the ability to select a time duration for the loop or turn off the part of the loop that predicts the next 20 minutes. But it’s in all ways a nicely designed app. Spending the extra money to kill the ads was well worth it.
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3 years ago, watermac
Good but deceiving
Although it’s only $3.99/year, it was a bit deceiving in the description of what a yearly sub gets you. It said in the in-app link to purchase that it would give an hourly forecast. I don’t see that anywhere. The subscription doesn’t do much more than remove ads. Great app, but misleading, and the only reason I purchased it was for the hourly forecast! Which it does not have...
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3 years ago, jra welding
Works good, loads up every time. More than I can say for “my radar”. The only thing I don’t like is the low temp refers to before midnight. The day starts at 12:01 am. 5 am to 7 am is much colder than midnight. And they both occur in the same day.
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1 year ago, RL528
Takes forever to load
So it only shows the radar and goes over like 60 minutes ago and will randomly pick to stop at now or will sometimes jump ahead and show you how the storms are moving 30 minutes from now. There’s very limited user controls. If you zoom out it will take at least 5 minutes to load if it will load at all.
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4 years ago, RDBks
Knowing Ahead
This app has been extremely helpful in giving me the tracking and timing of weather related issues, that may interfere with my planned activities both social and project wise.
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2 years ago, Jon Jon Curtis
Weather Review
This app is so fun to use it’s just that whether it was you until you were going on in the world it shows you how fast the wind is going Isuzu rain snow sleet or hail and it shows your dense fog whether advisory is winter weather advisories Highwinds tornado alerts
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1 week ago, Not Me me mord
Doppler Radar Review
This is far superior to my local weather website. It is quick. In moments, not minutes I can see the weather patterns and make educated decisions about my upcoming outdoor activities.
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2 years ago, PLAYBOY MANSION
This App is a JOKE. Takes forever to Load on a new iPhone, and Doesn’t have Any Usefulness. Most of these Reviews written that are giving 5 Stars, are FAKE, put up by Bots, or Malicious Individuals. There’s so much FRAUD within this Review Industry; just in case YOU are unaware of this Ongoing Problem. GOOGLE cannot stop this, as it is such a Massive Ongoing Situation • Anyway; this app is merely another example of how Deceptive all of these write-ups Declare to Be ••• ((2 Bee 🐝 or not to Bee 🐝 ~ that is the Question 🙋‍♂️))
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6 months ago, J L Kidd
I love having access to the radar. I can plan anything outside watching the weather moving. It is fun too. I know what time inclement weather will start nearly to the second.
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7 months ago, Deiner Marie
Super App!
I have 3-4 weather apps on my phone and this one you can take to the bank when it gives you an alert! It has been 100% accurate for me!
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6 months ago, HatNPak
Instant “Rain Info”:
View map close-in or far-out of rain-cloud movement. Is it a rain-suit or is it a mop-up of the left-over puddles curling up the paint on the top of our balcony from the last rain.
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10 months ago, Dr Crunchy
Weather radar my go to empowering me to be the weather guesser
This app is pretty cool see easy to use shows me when I wanna see what I want to see and I haven’t learned the whole thing yet
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4 years ago, Geezisthisonetakentoo?
Review for WeatherRadar
(15Aug20/Sa) Works great! Not going to ditch my NOAA radio just yet, but it’s nice to see the weather map whilst listening to the forecasts. It could be easier to observe other parts of the country too but it’s reliable and the “price is right”.
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3 years ago, Age68
They got it right
After some effort the team has gotten the radar back to full screen and kept me informed along the way !!
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2 years ago, RickyDeDe
Has potential, but not yet good
Screen is not sharp, very slow, lots of quirky buttons that nobody needs. Just need current radar and ability to get current weather info and forecast. I think they are trying to do too much and thus the basics suffer.
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2 years ago, Master Recourse
See whats coming your way !
I love technology and this soft application does allow me to have insight into how long and when the weather will hit.
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2 years ago, Driverman333
Always good for a quick update on when the rain hits my place .
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11 months ago, Irishagen
Incorrect time.
Over the last couple of days the app has shown the incorrect time. For example, the current time is 10:15pm EDT but the app is only showing a snapshot from 3:00pm to 5:20pm EDT. I have force closed and reopened and attempted to delete and redownload the app with no fix.
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5 years ago, CoolPapaBell42
Even Better rain forecast than my Dad
The old farm boy, WWII veteran knew the patterns of wind and clouds and humidity; I think he even felt the barometric reading in his bones. This great App is better than he was at telling me when rain’s coming. Thanks!
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5 months ago, riodiego
Most accurate radar system available.
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9 months ago, Fitofixup
More Accurate Weather Detail
Unlike other Apps, here you have a life view of the present weather situation. It seems weather forecasters sanitize reality?
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3 years ago, Garcia.j.c
It works
Some what complicated to navigate at the beginig, but once you get used to it very reliable and accurate.
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6 months ago, Big Bruce the duck hunter
Weather review
It is very informative when I’m looking at my weather around my house and areas I’m in I think you very much
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12 months ago, SLBrown29
Love your app
The only thing that I wish you could add to the app to make it absolutely perfect is barometric pressure. Otherwise it’s my favorite go to.
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2 months ago, Kevin Francis.
Spot on
I’ve always thought that the weather radar here helps me with adjusting my day accordingly. Your first place.
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1 month ago, severely retired
Exactly what I need!
We live beside the Cowskin Creek and most heavy rains don’t worry us. If the rain comes from the northwest, it can be a potential flood. Tonight things look good.
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9 months ago, Freak 12
Weather app
Great radar for your weather in your state and easy to read and stay updated.
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4 years ago, HTerri
Best Radar Ever
This is so much better than my local TV station. I couldn’t even get anything even on my own WiFi on the local app.
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11 months ago, Nobsfortwo
Fast and accurate!! My go to for weather conditions.
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4 years ago, Benjamn Kwick
Radar Dopper
The Doppler Radar App is a great safety indicator. You can watch it and determine where the bad weather is relative to your location. You are empowered then to take evasive action. R L Simon
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1 year ago, wbull55
It's just okay
Lightning strikes would be a nice addition, my last radar app, which got bought up by Apple, yet not incorporated that I can tell, allowed displaying of lightning. As someone who lives on a lake and boats, a storm with lightning is good to know.
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7 years ago, Kramer5000
Radar for rain
Love this app. It shows green areas for rain en route works well for me I do wish it had hourly forecast but it's good in conjunction w/ existing iPhone weather app
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1 month ago, DCD : )
This is my favorite weather radar app. I’ve used a few and I still go to this first.
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5 years ago, blahblahbrown
Works well
Gives a clear picture of conditions
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2 years ago, IgnitorTV
Super accurate and quick loading
I love this app. I can see the storms coming.
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1 year ago, Bucky 1956
Time limit
Why doesn’t the radar show more radar coverage like it used to? The short 1-1/2 to 2 hours of coverage makes it hard to plan my outdoor activities.
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3 months ago, WLB53
Dopple radar
The App is great. My opinion, the app is 99.9 per cent accurate. I highly recommend this app. This app is definitely a five star.
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2 months ago, BWilds2
In time of need very good app it came through for me today for sure. Sure thank you.
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5 years ago, Jr from wi
Something changed!
I’ve had my app for almost 4 months now it worked great up until recently now, I cannot open the app at all it will not load any information and it automatically crashes I’ve tried to re-download it I’ve tried to restart the phone nothing works please help!!
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1 year ago, BigIdeasLittleTime
Works great
Can’t say how impressed I’ve been with this app Must have if you’re a weather watcher
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2 years ago, start your day
Quick look
Zeros in to my town and quickly I know what to expect. Thanks
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2 years ago, bookjasonb123
Doppler Radar
NOAA Doppler Radar has really been great this year with all the strange Weather. Especially the events 5 mondays in a row here in Texas. Thank you🇺🇸
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2 years ago, RowdyProuty
Does not show rain when it’s raining
This is not accurate bless it’s a heavy rain
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3 years ago, Allen Lieberman
Full page ads = delete
There are plenty of other radar programs that provide radar without full page ads. MyRadar is one that has ads at the bottom of screen but NEVER full page ads. It includes severe weather warning and alerts quicker than my paid radar apps.
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11 months ago, rdvtaz
The rain could be clearer
If the background map were another color or lighter the radar would show up better.
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1 month ago, KazooLex
Great site
My go to radar above two others
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1 year ago, Xcvbgtres
Go to app
This app is my go app when checking for severe weather. Very accurate
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2 months ago, Starramama
Don’t need to know what the weather was like an hour ago
Mildly useful. Gives about a half hour of predicted weather. Most of the Doppler information is what has already happened so, not very useful.
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