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dotloop, inc.
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9 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for dotloop

4.78 out of 5
56.3K Ratings
6 years ago, KnoxvilleRob
Updates needed!
When they say ‘Live by the sword, die by the sword’ the analogy bore itself out when I grew to use the dotloop app for everything! What a fantastic addition to my arsenal of tools for real estate and important personal doc management. Then the IOS 11 came out and Dotloop became glitchy. Now I can’t even send docs for signatures to my clients. I hope it’s something they’ll address soon, or that it isn’t my phone with the glitch. I tried to remove and reinstall, but still no luck.
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6 years ago, Dcamp1234
Great for on the go but has some bugs to work out
The newest update has made it less User friendly and several things you could do you know cant The app has its perks but doesnt always function properly. It can be difficult to get find the loop when uploading documents because if you use search feature you can not add document you have to scroll until you find the loop the. You can add it if your adding from the pdf itself. Works great if your in the loop and add a photo. You can crop it and saves pictures as a pdf. Great for on the go. Has a few bugs they need to work out but overall a great way to track paperwork while on the go and send documents to people while out of the office. Would be better if you could tab between blanks instead of typing and closing block then clicking next block and then edit to start typing again.
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6 years ago, Sheridan2017
Very unethical employees at this company. When we talked to the sales rep we asked for specific features we needed and were told that dotloop had these features. We decided to sign up for the service. On the first day we had a training and found out that the features we needed were actually NOT available. We asked to cancel our contract. We were told no. We only had it for one day and never processed a transaction with it. I offered to pay 3 months just to cancel. They still said no. The company expended no resources on my company and essentially sold me on features the company does not have. I feel frustrated because even after offering to pay 3 months in advance just to cancel today I was still told no. Be extremely careful before signing anything with this company. Like a gym membership from hell but 20 times more expensive.
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3 years ago, saucy no 1
This does everything it advertises and I think they do a great job making this viewable. It is nearly impossible to convert anything to a PDF. It claims to be a PDF, but then takes you right back to the dot loop app or website. If you need to change this to send to a loan officer or anyone else that needs it, good luck. If this is corrected, I would change this to a 5* review. As an agent that uses it all the time, maybe this would be worth $29 a month or OVER $100 for a year! As someone that has only ever used this twice ever (to sell a home and working on buying another home), this is way, way too expensive.
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2 years ago, TraceySch
Would be great if they fixed the bugs
The unit number never pulls through to auto propagate in the loop name for the address. NEVER. So if you deal a lot with condos or townhomes with unit numbers it is an extra step every time. Searches from the app are basically useless. No matter the filter, loops just don’t show up on numerous searches. I have to revert back to using desktop. Once you go into the document you have to go back out and locate the document you opened in order to archive vs just archiving a document once opened on the spot. Wastes lots of valuable time when reviewing documents. Prefilled information that is modified doesn’t always save. These are just off the top of my head.
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3 years ago, ChicagoRealtor
Must have app for any realtor
As a realtor this app is a must have. Allows me to work remotely and also help clients that are not always available to meet in person. However, I am using it on both my iPhone and iPad and the app has many bugs. But between the app and the web browser I can get the work done. I just wish I did not have to go between both to complete one document. Also, it allows uploading from Dropbox, but it could really use uploading from other cloud storages such as iCloud, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Fix these issues and it would be a 5 star app.
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6 years ago, Nacho Esteban Tre
Suggestions & Bugs with Apple
Everything works fine in. Love using dotloop. Only drawbacks is that I cant add bullets in the contracts when I need to list things out. I can copy/paste it but in the font tools it does not allow to add them. Biggest issue is when editing the fields on iphone or iPad I click a field to edit, then it gets out of the field and I cant edit it. Does not do this on laptop but its annoying when I am trying to do contracts on the go. Please fix!
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12 months ago, Nora4000
Have used Dotloop for years
Have used Dotloop for years, this is the first time I’ve used the Premium version. Easy to use, only glitch I have noticed is that it doesn’t really work well when using the same client with multiple properties. It should auto populate but it doesn’t. Each new property I have have to put them in and all their information as a new buyer. I have them as my contact but still have to put them in which each property. Other thing is the commission has to be calculated, should only need to put commission percentage not have to calculate it!!
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4 years ago, Edw30
Great PC Product - Still Buggy on iPhone and iPad
First of all, I love Dotloop. Would be sad if it wasn’t in my Real Estate toolbox. I’d love it more, even be an Evangelist for Dotloop if they’d get their act together on iPhone and iPad. It’s better than it was a year ago when I sold my iPad Pro 12.9 and bought a MacBook Air, but needs to be better for the money behind this company.
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5 years ago, ManicYogi
Not a fan anymore
I have actively used Dotloop for 6 years and they have made great product until these last few changes. Dotloop on a computer is wonderful but they have continued to progressively get worse with the app. Specifically the IPad & IPhone app. It’s slow, it’s hard to edit documents, and it does not have many of the features that the desktop version has. I have also used Dotloop with numerous browsers with the same if not more issues. I have contacted support multiple times and even contacted the developer on two occasions without reply or solution. Today I canceled my subscription and am migrating my data. I really wish Dotloop would have made the effort to listen.
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3 years ago, Erlawinski
Meh - the online interface is 1000x better
For the record, I love dotloop! That said, the app is missing enough features and ease of use where it’s only good for reviewing documents. I wish that I could rely on the app to create offers from scratch, but it’s still faster and easier to use the online interface. In fact, I have found myself taking my tablet or phone and logging in on my mobile browser rather than using the app because the online interface is still a better experience even on a mobile device.
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11 months ago, Mat 202020
Very buggy
The UI stutters when you try to add text boxes. The scrolling feature constantly breaks and you can't scroll to the bottom of your multi-page documents. I bought a subscription in-app but they claimed they had no record of my purchase even though my credit card had been charged, and it took a support ticket and me sending a screenshot as proof that I paid for the subscription. Then the month after that they required proof again. So aggravating.
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4 years ago, Carlos I V.
Spellcheck badly needed
For the most part the app is good, but details like spell check are so basic I don’t understand why it’s not included. Another issue I’ve noticed is when you push a doc to the app, there is no activity indicator showing that it’s doing something, and then it will let you upload the same doc multiple times.
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2 years ago, BMK186
Dotloop has truly revolutionized my real estate business in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. The ease of which my information spans across all devices and is so seamlessly practical, I cannot say enough good things. Thanks for a product that is supportive of agents, as opposed to a product that continually expects more of agents and expects my business, not RESPECTS my business. Dotloop, bravo!
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4 years ago, CACTRTK
DOTLOOP is the BEST transaction management program I’ve used in 17 years in real estate! My old company paid for it & im now with a new company that does not. After 4 months trying to make the system they use work for me I decided to pay for my own premium package. That $29 pays for itself 100x in freeing up my time to do PEOPLE WORK not PAPERWORK!
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6 years ago, snackyflow
Good idea, bad quality
For a real estate agent dotloop is awesome! But they need to work on the quality of their app. It glitches and closes out frequently. You can’t delete loops (which it creates 2 copies of every loop I make). At first it worked great with Dropbox, but now it won’t work at all. I had to screenshot a 20 page contract, because it wouldn’t download it from Dropbox, AND even then it won’t let me upload the photos to the app. I also have issues with the website, not just the app. For the price ($300+ a year) the app and website shouldn’t have so many bugs.
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2 years ago, jessan42
glitch after glitch
States 2 places to sign when in fact you changed to dates, and the original docs have NEVER been signed yet. So annoying, can’t depend on anything it says. Also, many times radio buttons fail to take the touch therefore, items are left un checked. In addition , if you make one small error on an email address, good luck with correcting that. It is just glitch after glitch, can’t cross thru or add a text box unless you download. Paper and pencil much more user friendly !
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2 years ago, charliemilner
Love Dotloop
This program makes it easier and more efficient to conduct business. Clients can read and sign at the comfort of their own home. It is also easy to use your phone to do smaller things while you are away from your computer.
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1 year ago, ChelseaKiana88
This app is absolutely amazing, the only thing that could make it better is if I could just talk to my phone to write up the contracts! I honestly use this app every day, what a lifesaver… Would it be able to run my business without it!
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2 years ago, Max Jeffries
Best contract software for realtors!
Very good product, easy to use and user friendly. Intuitive and in line with what is expected nowadays from a generation which have grown up using apps. Great on desktop but equally as easy to use on phone. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, #1 Des Moines Realtor
Couldn't imagine life without it!
After using dotloop for my real estate business, I could not do business without it! It is the definition of convenience for not only me but also my clients. Even my older clientele(who are weary of even trying it) cannot believe how easy it is to use.
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5 years ago, HeartlandHomeHunter
Does not work well with iPad
Been using dotloop since it started and lots of improvements over the years. It’s great for contracts and super efficient from a desktop, however it’s compatibility with iPad for writing contracts for in person signing needs work. Pops out of text fields and will not allow completion of form fields. Seems to be a software glitch because it works better from iPhone.
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4 years ago, Judy poo
Would love ability to cross our documents
Great tool/app. Has a lot of functionality and is pretty easy to use on the phone. However, it seems like a significant oversight that you cannot cross out documents. It does have a strike through feature, but it does not scale well when you have to cross out an entire document
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4 years ago, Upset user666
App is horrible for signing docs
As a Real Estate agent, this app really is a drain on resources. My clients can successfully sign and send back the documents. If they come back at all, they arent signed even if they did on their app. Dotloop works fine with a full blown browser. But globally, the app doesn’t help with doing the transactions. Many times I just wished I spent the time driving to get pen and ink signatures — it would take less time than trying to get signed docs back (ina world where people just have smart phones and no pc’s)
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5 years ago, CMZarc
Difficult to change profile
Forms contain my old brokerage and I need to use my current brokerage. Zarco Realty. Clayton Nash just said I could have access to my old loops for learning tools and to reference for future loops. Outlay has changed and is more difficult to use understand and find what I need
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2 years ago, Edwhite0698
Unhappy with Dotloop
The worst experience I’ve ever had in real estate involve Dotloop on every level. I would do anything to have my company move away from this program. This has been a horrible experience and I will talk forever if this will allow me too. I was forced to give them one star but I hate Dotloop so much that I can go on and on forever about all the problems that I have. I’ve had it since it’s inception. It has never worked for me and is very frustrating.
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5 years ago, SW flight attendant
Love DL
I have used Dotloop for years. Love the ease of using the program. Appreciate the enhancements over the years. I’m waiting for more amenities: accepting different types of documents like word or pictures or easier way to amend a name and email of a person already entered into the system and active loop
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3 years ago, Student UF2016Alexis 1
Easy & Efficient
I just uploaded an addendum, got both of my clients signatures and sent it to the listing agent within 3 minutes all from my car between other appointments. This app makes transactions so efficient!
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2 years ago, Carlemagne93
Ipad app needs work
Filling out a form my company needs on ipad is very inaccurate. The form has a series of options with check boxes that need filled out and whenever I tap on an option it will select one several rows down from the one I tapped - no matter if I use a finger or Apple Pencil. My coworker who has a Galaxy tab S7 was able to fill out the same form from the same loop without issue.
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2 years ago, MooreCo
Maybe it’s my phone or iPad but I can’t view but about 3/4 of a document. It’s impossible to try and send documents for signature as I can’t see the bottom of the document…….where the signatures are needed.
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7 months ago, KDB Realtor
Love, love Dotloop
I enjoy being able to keep all documents in one place and accessing them anytime I need them, sharing or sending for digital signatures from my laptop or phone. It’s an amazing platform!
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1 year ago, f$&kingmad
Too many hoops
My buyer couldn’t just sign the offer it made her jump through so many hoops she just ended up printing it out and signing the offer then scanned it. I’m very unhappy and considering dropping dot loop
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8 months ago, DaveKingFun
Customer signing
The system is way too complicated for customers, the fact that you can’t just say you’re finished at the end and you actually have to share it back to the group is ridiculous. You need to fix this because this is beyond stupid
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5 years ago, GenesisRdz
The best!
Dotloop is so fast and easy to use. I use it with my real estate contracts and it makes it so easy to highlight and pin point where my clients need to sign. Very user friendly for both the person sending it and the person receiving it.
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5 years ago, SellaHomeWithDome
Time saver!
I love using dotloop for my transactions. It’s so convenient to be able to do signings whether it’s a formal contract or simple form! Having access from my phone helps keep my to do list a little shorter because I don’t have to wait if I’m on the go!!
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2 years ago, Listingsbylanie
My Life Line
I was introduced to dotloop by my previous brokerage and now I can’t live without it. They have a different system at my new office but I refuse to convert LOL. This is the most magical way to organize and share your files! Dotloop is life.
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3 years ago, Piperspoppi
Learning curve tough, results excellent
Takes a bit to understand it all, but once you fully understand the power and it’s working for you, it’s an awesome program
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3 years ago, jmtx28
The app logged me out of my account and now I have no way to sign in. The only option is to sign up for another account. Very difficult to navigate.
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1 year ago, Fdsthvsghouhbdsxvhghjhfvvf
I cancelled my subscription multiple times in May 2022. The system still charged me and renewed my subscription. I finally got them to cancel my account over the phone, and they agreed to refund me. It’s January 2023 and I am still awaiting my funds. I have no funds, and no subscription. I got ripped off. Highly advise against using this company. If you’re currently a member, cancel immediately: over the phone. They have no integrity.
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2 years ago, Creativedisappointment
Random Logouts
Randomly logged me out after I Already Used it today. Now it will not allow me to login. I tapped continue after inputting my email and nothing happens.
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8 months ago, Alexa Rosario
Editing contracts is difficult
I love Dotloop but the mobile experience leaves a lot to be desired. Specifically, editing contracts is not user friendly. For example, to click on a box, you have to tap above it. Moving the mouse to the end of the line is impossible so you have to edit on the computer. As an agent on the go, this presents a massive challenge.
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5 years ago, SouthShoreLizanne
Took me a while to warm up
I have used Dotloop for years but just recently really committed to using the program for ( almost) all of my transactions. It has been great once I gave it more of a chance!
Show more
3 years ago, Kevin&Lisa
iPad use is limited
I have 2 different iPads, one is new and one is old, and both have an issue with entering the price while using a purchase agreement in dotloop on the iPad. It keeps giving an error, and won’t save any work that is done after attempting to enter the price. I think it has to do with it attempting to auto populate the next line of the purchase agreement once you type in the digits
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3 years ago, derya martin
Mobile app
Mobile app could be better and I should be able to send myself in the form of an email any attachment to forward out of my own email account without having to go throughdot loop
Show more
6 years ago, Megsg27
Amazing App
Love how easily you can do things from your phone instead of having to always find a computer. A must have for the busy business professional.
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4 years ago, Justan J
Great tool for busy real estate agent
This app is amazing especially for someone that can’t always get to their computer but need to get contracts to clients fast. I would suggest this app to any busy agent that needs to get work done quickly
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2 years ago, Sucharski64
Every time I go to dotloop on my iPhone it ask for me to sign in then I enter email and password and it sets me up as if I’m a new user. I am not. What can I do to fix this on my iPhone.
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1 year ago, Daniel Parrish
Dotloop is great but needs to work better on mobile
Mobile feature needs improvement , gets stuck on iPhone and hard to use on the go
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3 years ago, Jenontherocks
App stalls or errors out too often!
Many of the Pre formatted fields are set up incorrectly and when entering a $ amount from a mobile devise an error message keeps coming up and you can’t enter anything.
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3 months ago, Joshua Cosenza
Zillow Bought Dotloop
Since Zillow acquired Dotloop I feel the service and quality of the app has deteriorated and the new Beta version is clearly not ready at all. Tons of glitching. Customer Service is very well educated and very kind but the overall quality and experience of the mobile app has decreased due to the amount of times it crashes and freezes.
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