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User Reviews for Downdetector

3.93 out of 5
14 Ratings
5 months ago, Neva3233
Quick checks
I use this app for quick checks if something is acting funny wether it be games, Tv, apps etc. anything media or online it’s updated to this app. Don’t use it much besides checking quickly and reporting my experience
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3 months ago, beanjarman
Sticking with the website
Love the service, but on the website it’s snappier overall, when you report an issue you aren’t bombarded with options, and scrubbing the timeline is much more responsive (when you tap on the graph to see how many reported at one time). I’m going to be sticking to the website, the low rating is not exactly for lack of functionality but the website is just so much better.
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9 years ago, SierraTech
Tracking EHR Outages & ISPs
Thank you for this APP! Yesterday I was not able to download APP due to Charter outage on iPad, even your website links to individual reports would not work. Don't know if this was Charter DNS issue, or your website. Was able to download on iPhone yesterday, and iPad this morning. We maintain #EHR access systems for doctors, this APP allows us to identify where the access issue may reside. Practice Fusion (cloud based EHR) sent us your website 2 weeks ago during IP4 BGP Table routing issues. A complaint is the size of the ADD on iPhone 4 screen. Please shrink the size of your adds, I need to see your App not your ADD!
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4 months ago, Rfpm
Just installed the app. It gives you a very nice dashboard of sites (hundreds) and their connectivity status. You can search for sites or create a favorites list. Perfect.
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2 months ago, Tibbs90
Great app needing one feature
Downdetector is awesome! It just needs to add being able to share a report through iOS.
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1 week ago, 2A_Jeff
Keep losing favorites
Not sure what’s going on, but after I add loads of favorites, I go to the Favorites tab, there’s nothing there after a few weeks. The services are still marked as favorite, but they don’t appear under the Favorite tab. Come on now…
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5 days ago, rbordocie
Favorites has been broke forever
Favorites used to work day up until about a year ago. Favorites no longer show. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app, clearing already set favorites. No luck. Junk
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4 months ago, he he Yup
Must have app, great for status checking
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3 months ago, Amir tadayyon
Would not recommend downloading
This app is false never giving the right feedback
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7 years ago, mrcarlon
Ads and you have to pay a monthly fee for alerts
I like their website, sure there are ads, but there are maps and all sorts of good stuff, not to mention it's a better indicator than anything Charter has. We currently have an outage so I got the app. My feedback: 1) Have ads or a monthly fee for alerts, having both makes you look desperate. I'd even be cool with seeing an ad after I clicked on an alert if they were free, plus you would get a huge hit of ad revenue each time there was an outage. You could still have a monthly fee for ad free outage reports for business users, but come on. 2) It isn't pulling location data, isn't that a no brainer to pull my location data when I report an outage? Combine that with alerts and your maps would be awesome. Send an alert, "hey looks like internet is down in your area with you provider", when they click on it you could get their location and update your map much more precisely. 3) Build the map view into you main screen, also use the phone's location so you could give a better idea of what is going on. Your app could be great, right now it's usable, but I certainly wouldn't pay for it until it gets better.
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4 years ago, Mamianka
Great update NOW wonderful!
I had complained about the app overhaul last week - but now and very satisfied. Since we can now SORT by alphabet and severity of problem, I did the main list in alphabetical order, erased my jumbled Favorites - and entered only s very sorry list in Favorites, since I can nite easily find everything in the Main list. Tried flipping back and forth - resorting - perfect! As for the person who complained about ads - I a run a VPN and have no issues at all. Thanks again to a responsive developer, for a very valuable app. Pauline
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9 years ago, Jarvis At Your Service
Solid except for ads
This app helps me when I'm questioning whether it is my network that is experiencing issues or if it is my ISP. Great app concept. But they need to make a paid version that does not have any ads or unnecessary junk. This gets in my way and decreases the functionality of the app. Fix that and I'll give it 5 stars.
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9 years ago, Labyrintho
No problems for me with this great little app
It seems like Charter was really screwed up today— and this app proved it easily, using my Sprint Internet on my iPhone. I haven't had any of the problems that other people reported — could it somehow be that they are not scrolling it vertically to see all the entries past the first 10? No idea. But it has worked perfectly for me so far. And you can set favorites so that the services you're particularly interested in are always right at the top. Very, very nice.
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4 years ago, aKitaKaT
Comments being deleted?!
Why are you allowing comments on certain providers, to be deleted?! These are honest comments from upset customers whom are being treated very badly. So much so, that some are starting up a class action lawsuit against them. So, why would you protect this compAny? You have the power over who comments on your site in the end, correct? Then, what excuse do you have to not be partial in this situation? Please advise for I need to know your stance on these matters. Also, as a paid customer (for no advertising), why do I continue to be spammed throughout your online site? Thank you...
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2 years ago, Xkingxkaosx
Why does this app check my pasteboard?
This app used to be good but it has major issues behind the scenes. Security and privacy for instance, couple years ago it was found that this app needed access to the phones pasteboard. Then the data they received from us using the app is collected and sold elsewhere. seems like this app keeps getting worse and worse. App does not work on jailbroken phones. Not sure why and there is no way downdetector app is affected or compromised while a phone is jailbroken. It is best to use the website version if needed, but an alternative solution is needed with better practice.
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9 years ago, PGMHecateII
Solid, but please no Ads
This app is solid. It is my go to for when I get kicked from gaming or can't connect to my ISP for some reason. It's great for tracking outages and the map option makes it even easier for in-depth sleuthing. My only problem to an otherwise flawless app is the lack of an option for an in-app purchase to disable ads. The banner is pretty intrusive on my iPhone 6, taking up almost 2 of the Outage "bars"; the overall experience would be so much better if we could just simply pay the developers a $1 or even $2 to get rid of those horrible ads
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4 years ago, martoreh
Saved time and avoided the aggravation
Ads, purchase offers, whatever everyone else is complaining about is an excellent trade-off for the time saved and aggravation avoided just by knowing some cloud service is down. I was abou to spend hours debugging the connection between my Honeywell smart thermostat and Alexa but noticed that the Honeywell cloud was down on Downdetector. Took the opportunity to add to the Honeywell thread. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Ro8o dog
Bring back maps
As my family is in a rural area, it has been very helpful to have the outage map to go to when we have a service issue. Why did it go away? Were the service providers complaining because the map provided users too much transparent info? Did the service providers cut a deal to make the maps go away? Consumers deserve more transparency on service issues and outages. I don’t have time to review all the complaints to see if someone else is in my area, and many people don’t identify their location in the comments. The current set up only adds to my frustration.
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12 months ago, AceBeast212
The comments
Okay when you’re reading the comments half of the user names are so inappropriate. This makes me very uncomfortable with her. I’m reading the comments to see if I’m the only one having a certain problem. If you guys can fix a moderate more of the comments that come in for certain posts that would be great because I am so uncomfortable or the bottom with all the inappropriate comments. Please fix this and I might continue using your app or even reinstalling it in the future.
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5 years ago, delsberry
Too many ads to be of use
I’m fine with advertising and I understand that it has to happen for people to be able to provide free applications. With that said, I believe if you have an ad bar at the bottom of the screen that is running constantly, then there’s really no reason to have random full screen ads popping up and taking over your device. This really makes the application unusable because when you’re in the middle of something it decides to just jump over and open ads.
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4 years ago, Alkony83
Dec ‘19 update killed it
I’ve been happily using this app for years. Admittedly I’ve been using the free version and only intermittently as I was having problems, but now... I wish there was a way to roll back the app version. I’m going to wind up uninstalling, most likely. The new UI is smaller and harder to read against a blazing white background. They wiped my favorites list with this ‘update’ and just trying to scroll through to repopulate it lead to a fullscreen Ad that locked the app up.
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8 years ago, Senior Slaz Boy
Great app! Finally can accurately check to see if my ISP is down or not instead of just rebooting my equipment and testing to see if it was my equipment. ISPs never share that type of info which has always been frustrating. So instead of wasting an hour I can find out in 20 seconds. Awesome.
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4 years ago, Darth Zar
New design is terrible - paying user
I’m a paying user and I’ll eat that money I paid for pre-4.x versions. I’m actively looking for alternative apps/services. My favorites did not transfer from the pre-4.x version. Recreating my favorites was tedious and crashed the app frequently. The favorites tab is **in the order you added the favorite** —> not the logic and useful “problems first”, then alphabetical order. You also can’t alter the favorites order. This redesign is terrible in every way. I’m actively looking for alternative apps and services.
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3 years ago, tommysturn
Lack of localization is an issue
There is no settings that allow you to set your region or location. The map feature is useless and once you zoom into your location it loses its function as a problem heat map. Favorites are not recognized either or kept in any logical order. As a goof I attempted to set up an account and it felt like a job application, not info for an app. There is no reason for that much of my info. All this apps info can be found elsewhere so I’m deleting this app.
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3 years ago, TWHensley
You need this!
This app is the first place I go to find out if there are problems with an application, platform, or internet service provider. If other people are reporting the problem, no point in additional troubleshooting. Down Detector is a must-have app!
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8 years ago, cyn37211
They know more than the providers
Our uVerse (Nashville) went out today. Downdetector showed a huge outage. All my neighbors were "out" as well. I called AT&T & they told me there were no outages in my area. I argued with then half an hour! I told them to google it, their reply was they weren't allowed to. Tomorrow they'll probably announce another line got cut.
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4 years ago, 🅱️liizic
The app first of all lets you see how other servers are doing and then you can report if you have a problem also This app offers a lot of information on just a little topic This app is great for people who use the internet in multiple places like: xbox live, psn, sprint, etc.
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8 years ago, Buttercrup3665
Great app but....
Great app but please... Get rid of these ads! They cover where you need to swype down the left side and it's so annoying when you turn tracking off and those ads still track!
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5 years ago, yochannan
Great to find out it is "them" and not me.
When my network goes down the first thing I do is check with this app to see if there is an outage that is already known. If not, then I call my ISP and let them know. (Someone needs to make the first call).
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4 years ago, MikeCP
Great App
Use it all the time. This ain’t no fried chicken shadow rocket. It’s the real deal. Websites and apps are always going down. And I know that cause of this app. Thanks to the developers. I wish I could give you all a million hugs (I was gonna say dollars, but I don’t have that many dollars).
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2 years ago, DirtDiver
Needs a lot of work!
Best to keep using the website! The app map always puts you in Europe and you can’t access all the companies that Downdetector follows… For example, the app can not find Discover or Capital One, but the website does show them. I am quite surprised and sad to see that a tech company can’t seem to produce an app that is fully functional.
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3 years ago, Mr.Wiskerz
Very helpful
This app is very helpful for when knowing when anything is down. I’m also not seeing any bugs or glitches, doesn’t take too long to load and I’ve been using it on a daily basis
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11 months ago, je2EFRHipJbpiKggkvs4
No benefits over using website
Active development of this app appears to have stopped a long time ago. As a free tier user there is little, if any, benefit in using the app over their website. Issues include: 1. favorites list is broken, 2. no notifications when a service is down. 3. list of services to monitor isn’t maintained, and 4. screenshots in app page don’t match the current app.
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8 years ago, AngelDN
Excessively Large Ads Destroy Potential
Great idea, hope someone else comes along and produces a similar app without the ads. The ads are excessively large in proportion to the screen and aggregating. For now, I will delete the the program from my phone. My recommendation is not to download the app, unless you do not mind almost a quarter of your screen flashing with ads while in use. Good idea, bad execution. 😕😶😔😏
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8 years ago, TMan1236
Used to be good
The app used to be a great way to see if the problems were on my end, or somewhere else. However, when I checked this morning, I could only see the first few items on the list (and after looking at other reviews, it seems like this happened a year ago. Maybe the developers have a problem with August).
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9 years ago, ckspomtaneous
Used the website forever, the app is even better! I just wish you could choose to be notified when certain things are down.
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5 years ago, iphonereviewer#2
Works as advertised I guess, but needs a fix
WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MAPS? Haven't fixed the slow loading, but hey, we can automatically renew your subscription! App works, the problem is the reliability of the public reporting "it's down" when it really isn't. I get reports with the app of a site being down while I'm not having problems with that site, so take reports with a certain amount of skepticism. However, one thing I wish the app really did was to have the ability to only query & load my Favorites instead of loading some giant list of apps/websites that I have no interest in. As a result the app takes far too long to display data when you launch it.
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8 years ago, Justadaisy longer works
Had this app for a little over 2 weeks. Worked perfectly at first. Annoying ads created some difficulty. However, now the app only shows companies that start with the letter "A." Doesn't list companies like it used to. Numerous reboots and other attempts didn't correct the issue. "App support" link goes nowhere. Not worth the hassle. I will search elsewhere for my information.
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4 years ago, Hatch82
Update ruined it!
I’ve been using this app for a long time and the latest update really messed it up! Now it crashes all the time, it erased favorites, favorites are no longer alphabetized, and on favorites the servers that are having issues no longer stay at the top. The interface is nice but I’d rather have the old version over this mess!
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5 years ago, DSmith8
Something Amiss? Start Resolution Here
Having issues with connectivity to the internet or a website? This app might save you a ton of frustration while tracking down the root cause.
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2 years ago, What Faye Wants
Go to app when there’s trouble
I use this frequently and really appreciate the work the developers put in. Very handy.
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9 years ago, Dan21162409
Not bad
I like the ability to let people share where they are and problems. However wish you would block that insight garbage. It's filled with it and has nothing to do with the situation. Thinking about deleting because of this. Very annoying.
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4 years ago, RiceGirl
WAS a good app; terrible now!
I've had this app for some time and the latest updated design has just ruined it. Like others, opened today and all my favorites are gone and the LARGE constant flashing ads is beyond annoying. You'll have to buy their "features" for it to be of any use. Don't bother. Will come back if they get their act together. Will find my info elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Austin Levi
Fix the small stuff
This App is great, it shows you if there is an outage of power in your area. But their “map” software is the worst thing I’ve ever seen You can only zoom in as far as maybe a couple counties wide. Yeah you can see the dot where your house may be, but you can’t see if truly your house is inside that zone. This is almost one of the main functions of the app and it doesn’t work. It’s horrible. I deleted the app immediately after having an issue with it. You can barely pinch zoom because it will just pop back to zoomed out when you release your finger. Seriously, fix the small stuff.
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4 years ago, iZen 2.0
Very Nice
Downloaded the free version, and then purchased the paid annual version. Very Nice! Not sure what all of the negative reviews are all about, but I’ve only had this app for 2 days..... so.... so far, so good 👍🏻
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3 years ago, rhyminhyman
Works great!
So much easier to have the app instead of having to navigate to the browser version.
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2 years ago, dgardiner81
Difficult to Login
I tried setting up a login with my Gmail account and I would follow the instructions for verification from Google but then the app would not provide me with full functionality including the ability to leave comments.
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4 years ago, Stuck in Rural Va
Bring back the map view!
Where I live, we always need to check on the service for internet and now, we don’t get a clear view of where the problem is centered. Please bring back the maps! I wouldn’t have done the update if I knew that they were going to be taken away!
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2 years ago, Poppy Sinclair
No longer functional-by design?
This app suddenly is hiding any services with outages deep in the list, requiring pages of scrolling to find them, and making the app useless for gauging any widespread issues. I’ll be uninstalling it. There’s no advantage to it now over the website, plus you surrender all privacy to it via permissions.
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2 years ago, badcustomerservice_
Discontinued support for push alerts
Would have been nice to communicate to current paying customers that individual accounts would be discontinued and would no longer get push notifications. I found out when apple notified me that my subscription was cancelled.
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