Dragon Anywhere

2.7 (685)
66.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nuance Communications
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dragon Anywhere

2.67 out of 5
685 Ratings
5 years ago, BEEJAXX76
Great until it’s not!!!! Fix your glitches then 5*****
It crashes then it won’t work!!!! Updated review: Originally have this a 1 and now I’m changing to a 3 because this app is great but glitchy! It does crash because I spoke to another user and his crashes at times too but he loves it like I do so we just bear with it. The other issue is technical support is not 24 hours and there was a lady who was a little rude but when I called initially but oh well... I will say If you can get in touch with tech support they will help you although kinda abrupt and rude... So back to the app... First I had an issue with it being frozen. So I tried to turn my phone off, turn it back on, and then go back into the app no dice. Then I tried uninstall and then reinstall and just my dumb luck I forgot my password so I tried to reset my password but it wouldn’t send me the link instead I got a message on my screen that said “Please try again we are unable to contact the server please try again later” which would not go away!!! It stayed like that for several hours. I had to wait until customer service opened up at 8am to get in touch with tech support. I hate to complain because, As I said before they helped me and I do really like the accuracy of dragon anywhere just need to iron out the kinks...
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7 years ago, Bytehoven
READ THIS for iPhone 7+ with iOS 10.3.3 thru 11.0.1
This app is absolutely fantastic! But there are some problems with subscribing from within the app downloaded from the App Store for the iPhone. This review applies to an iPhone 7+ running iOS 10.3.3 through 11.0 .1. I have no way of knowing whether this review is valid on any other iPhones or versions of IOS. If you download this app and press the Subscribe button, and subscribe from within the app, you will never get the app to work. This applies to iOS 10.3.3 through 11.0 .1. You must first set up your account at the Nuance website. And then download the app. I did it the wrong way during the last week of September 2017, and I wasted a great deal of time with the Nuance tech support and also Apple tech support. There is simply no other way to do it then first purchasing the trial from the Nuance website, or skip the trial and purchase the subscription right away, otherwise your life will be filled with incredible time wasting headaches and hassles. Besides that, this app is absolutely fantastic! Incidentally, there is no difference in price. But purchasing the subscription from Nuance offers the option of a yearly subscription that gives you 12 months for the price of 10.
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5 years ago, whabee
Horrible customer service and support
I am trying to install this software to use with my business and I was considering implementing it with all my employees but I am seriously looking for another app that can fill this need. I installed the software but I was unable to subscribe because it is telling me that I already have a subscription. I then try to sign in and I am told that I do not have a subscription. I go into ITunes and it shows I have a subscription. I called tech support and they told me they could do nothing to help me and to call sales. I called sales and was told they could not help me and I had to call tech support. I have been going through this for 3 days. I wish I could give this a negative number of stars. I am very disappointed in how I have been treated and if this is normal for their customer service I could never recommend this software to anyone. *** update to review The developer was finally able to fix the app so I was able to log in but it took weeks and this review to finally get help. I’m thankful that it was finally fixed but the process is difficult to navigate. Thank you for fixing it and I look forward to trying the app and I’ll update this review again once I have.
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6 years ago, visionxcl
Dragon is the real deal!
I almost never write reviews. But as someone who needs to use voice to text in my life I am extremely disappointed in Siri. I do frequently have to use technical terms but even when I don't it's scary to see the number of auto correct errors in makes. When I looked for an alternative voice to text program I can honestly say Dragon has turned out to be everything I dreamed it could. From the most technical jargon I use to the most basic speech has incredible capabilities and is easily trainable. You have both the option to indicate phonetically how it should sound and if that is not effective go into the vocabulary you've created special words hit the train button and I've yet to see it fail after one single pronunciation to train even complex words. This program is expensive relative to others but when you consider its incredible sophistication for me it is a game changer. While this review does not contain any real complicated language it was written by me on Dragon one attempt. I have no interest financially in this product and happen to be a physician and involved in pharmaceutical development.
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4 years ago, angeljay999
It really deserves more than two stars but...
I had a subscription to this app two years ago. It had a very good transcription rate... between 80% to 90%. It was that good. I’ve canceled the subscription because I ended up not using it during the editing part of my work. Then my wrists started acting up, and thought this would be the next best thing to continue working. I re-subscribed to Dragon Anywhere back in November 16, 2020, and am writing this review on November 26, 2020. Ten days into my subscription and I have not been able to get into the app. I have been in touch with both Apple and Nuance to address this issue, downloaded, deleted and re-downloaded the app at least five times. Canceled my subscription and attempted at resubscribing, not to mention having a two hour phone call with Nuance and Apple’s customer service... still, couldn’t log in. I changed my password, tried restoring a subscription... same thing. When it works, this app is phenomenal. You can train it, and it requires minimal editing in terms of punctuations. So, if you’re one of the lucky ones who got it to work, well done you. They also have excellent customer service, courteous and you can tell that they try to do their best to help. It is regrettably too glitchy for the five-star rating the app deserves.
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7 years ago, Andy Burnett
An amazing example of just what technology can do!
I've been using this product for about six months. It still amazes me with its accuracy and the overall ease of use. I have only given it four stars because I really want them to find a better way to integrated into the rest of the iOS ecosystem. At present, it relies upon you copying text from the dictation notepad into the application you want to use. It does support sending email directly from within the application, but I haven't found that quite as convenient when you are replying to someone's email. Leaving that aside – because a big part of that problem is just the rules which Apple enforces for application separation – I have to say that I find this product quite astounding. It has really changed the way I work. I travel with an iPad mini, and this allows me to work very productively without the need for any external keyboard. If you think you would find this product interesting I recommend that you sign up for the trial. See how much you make use of it, and then decide whether it's worth the $15. That is what I did, and I then signed up for a years worth of service.
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7 years ago, Cspain11
Horrible and expensive
This app is to glitchy and loses your hard work and information. I had to renew my subscription and I went through the website to renew the subscription because the app would not work. After I paid $15 I tried to go back into the app and it would not allow me to dictate although I had updated my payment information and they withdrew the funds. For hours I sat here on my iPhone and try to get the app to work. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it and logged in with my email address, well all my documents are now gone lost. You would think that I could login and all my information would be there but it’s gone all my notes all my hard work. If you were going to use the system I would not rely on it and I especially wouldn’t be putting your most precious work into it. This is not the first time I’ve lost information using this app actually this is the second time. Their customer support is horrible their website is confusing And the app is to glitchy. When it works it has great potential but if the app is going to lose all your work I don’t know what the point is an even using the app. Be very cautious buying this as it glitches at the worst times when I needed this the most, it wouldn’t work and will glitch out for hours like now.
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6 years ago, Jeff11769
If you are looking for an aggravating experience this is the right app for you
I never even got to the use the app. The app is broken you receive the notification from apple that the subscription is active and then you can’t sign into the app. It says the email address doesn’t exist in there system. So I canceled it and tried their web site. Not any better you go through the whole purchase and then go back to the app and again it says email doesn’t exist in there data base after you receive an email to that same email with the receipt of your purchase. Then you go back to there web site to log into your account and after entering log in info page reloads and goes back to log in screen saying unknown error. Contacting customer service the next day was a waste of time also. It is amazing if this company is able to get any money from customers. Nothing works you cant even attempt to use the product. They really need to revamp there purchase process. Maybe someday i will actually be able to try the app. Someone from this company should actually try to purchase there own product so they can see how broken the process is. Complete fail.
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7 years ago, Dr Blue Music
Major flaw!
I purchased/committed to the trial of Dragon anywhere. While I find it to be effective in dictating there are significant editing limitations. For example, I had dictated all my clinical notes as a trial the software. Somewhere along the way several paragraphs of notes deleted. I found no way to restore the hour of work of writing/dictating that was lost. In fact, while working to restore the lost paragraphs, I lost the final two paragraphs. As I see, there is no way to restore un-edit or undo typing, via Dragon anywhere. The risk then becomes in the event that you make a notable error there does not present to be any easy or simple way to restore the document or typing it was lost. I will and my subscription today because of this error/inability, fearing that such could happen again. I use Dragon for Mac extensively in my clinical practice, finding it to be ineffective way to dictate charts/clinical notes. I was hoping that Dragon anywhere would provide similar feature, without having to lug around a computer and headset to do my notes. Maybe in the future Nuance will figure this out, but at this point I would not recommend this program.
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8 years ago, Cherokee500
Unbelievable beyond my Expectation
I was hesitant to pay 15 dollars per month for a mobile ability to dictate. I have used dragon for the past 10 years and I love it. It's technical in the beginning but once u train it, it works. Now this little app beats anything I have ever used to document. All u do is sign up and bam u are documenting. It recognizes ur voice without training. The only cons so far after a day of use is the commands are not easy and some won't work but I can stop and format how I like. I'm sure once I've been using longer won't be an issue. The other thing when u stop to correct a text it does jump u to the end of the page if u do not turn mic off. I have to say as sad as it is, all I need in life is my mobile dragon and my Netflix at the same great price. I won't even think twice about paying for this app!!!!!! Lol
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4 years ago, RonP1979
I Wanted To Report A Bug Issue
I am not sure if this app is slowly phasing out or not, but I do know that it’s tough to report bugs or issues now. When I click the “App Support” button here, it says, “Page not found.” Plus, whenever I go on the website, it sends me in limbo to try to make a report or anything concerning this app. In summary, I am thinking about quitting the service because the company is not seeming to put much behind this product that makes it worth what they are charging. Plus, I have had billing issues all of last year, and the problem was not really fixed at the end. So I can’t say that I have a lot of confidence in this company now. But anyway, I wanted to report that there is a glitch going on that’s causing it to be able to make it hard to email directly from the app. This function used to be a good thing, but due to the company's lack of support on this app, this seems to be an issue. Since there was nowhere else to report the bug, I am reporting it here.
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5 years ago, Digital Dude
So much potential, yet so little support.
When it works, it’s excellent! I purchased this at the same time that I purchased the new version of Dragon for the Mac v6. Unfortunately, I was never able to get Dragon Anywhere to sync with the desktop version as advertised. Since this was the primary reason I purchased the product. The manufacture customer support was unable to resolve the issue, and after repeated calls and conflicting instructions, I gave up. If you don't plan to buy the desktop software, then I can recommend it The main problem with this product is that the company is lazy when to comes to providing updates. It has so much potential, and I wish Apple would buy the company and fix it. Most of us Mac users know that Siri is dumb as a rock when it comes to voice recognition, and this product could be leveraged to fix that.
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7 months ago, CameronGarriepy
I used Dragon about four years ago and loved it. I dictated hours of successful material and got very comfortable with the app. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my subscription because it was too expensive at the time. Recently, I decided to resubscribe and BAD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED TO THIS COMPANY. I have jumped through days of hoops and sketchy holds to get help with an absolutely ridiculous technical glitch preventing me from registering my license and actually using the app. Intra-departmental communication is abysmal, and there are a lot of artificially padded timelines that do nothing but make it seem as though Nuance is doing something when in fact they are kicking the ball down the road hoping you’ll go away. Simplify the process and allow subscriptions through the app for all users, even returning ones who originally subscribed online. In short. I recommend you choose one of the clunkier, cheaper apps or just take your chances with Siri. Nuance/Dragon support is incompetent in every way.
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1 year ago, Rsenkewicz
Come on, get some decent customer service!
I have been using Dragon desktop for about 10 years and dragonanywhere since 2017. while it is not perfect, I have found that, in general, it serves very well. I especially like the custom word and custom formatting possibilities. However, for the past two weeks, I have gotten a message when I logged in telling me that my subscription has expired, even though I renewed it in February for another whole year. I talked to somebody on the phone when this first happened, and nothing happened. Then I submitted a request online with a very detailed explanation of what was going on. They told me that they had “escalated” this matter, and that would take usually 24–48 hours. It’s been over a week now and nothing has happened. When I called their support center, the person told me he could not do anything about it and I will just have to wait. This is absolutely horrible!
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5 years ago, whatsleft55
They have a major problem
Tried to subscribe within the app. Told email is already registered. OK, fine, so reset password. Went back to app to login. Got pop up “You cannot login. Your account does not have access to this product”. Instructed, of course, to contact technical support. Who wants to use up their time for that? Leaving review because feeling kind of sorry for the people responsible - hey, folks, you could be a lot more successful. How many subscriptions do you suppose you have lost? Are you blaming your potential customers for not spending their time on workarounds? Investing in customer support to help (the 2% who do not give up) with those workarounds, rather. than spending your energy making it easy for us to spend our hard-earned money on your product? Update: “You can’t replicate my problem”? That gave me a good laugh - seriously, not being sarcastic - it’s funny due to all the other reviews describing the same problem.
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3 years ago, P.Lo from the block
Simply horrible and can’t get the 150$ to work!
Updated March 2021: I called and called and emailed. I never got the app to work. Apple couldn’t refund me, the developer said it would talk to a supervisor but they NEVER got back to me after dozens of messages. They just took my money (150$!!!) and delivered nothing. I will never buy anything from this company and I would advise you not to. I waited to update but since my substitute ending in a month, fair to say I have lost my money. They always post the same reply (sorry call us). Save your time and just don’t buy. You have been warned again and again. ———— Like the other 100s that complained about not being able to access the subscription I called customer service. Useless, they told me to call Apple. I’ve paid for this for 5 months now and I can’t use it. Terrible service and support. Do not purchase, you have been warned (yet again!). Edited: it now appears to be working and I had to log into my account and reset my password after they told me the dev. Had fixed the issue. I want to be either refunded for the five months I couldn’t use it or 5 months to be added to my subscription. It shouldn’t take that long to get a solution or an addition to your subscription. I’ve been totally reasonable but 160$ for 7 months of use is simply not worth it.
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6 years ago, Like_Jimmy
Highest Quality On App Store
I find that it is easier than writing my book while using this app because it is the highest quality dictation software I have found available and IPhone. I do believe there is a men’s room for improvement especially with regards to auto saving or features which verify whether or not you would actually like to delete selected text. My biggest gripe is that it is way too easy to accidentally delete a paragraph while doing any sort of multitasking or if the phone is just simply in your hand even attempting to copy the work that you’ve just created you can way to easily accidentally delete things otherwise the app does deliver upon expectations.
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2 years ago, Writer07
Dictation quality is great, but…
I really love the actual dictation part of this app, from the accuracy to how customizable it is. However, every single time I try to send my work to Dropbox, a message pops up saying that something went wrong and I have to go into settings, unlink from Dropbox, and then reconnect the app to dropbox, which requires signing in all over again. I also get a message telling me that sending it in email as an attachment or otherwise will not work and to check my email in settings, which I do every time and it is set up properly but it will not send. In other words, I can dictate all I want into this app but no export feature is working. I feel like I just threw $150 away. I will be calling support on Monday but I don’t have high hopes for a refund. As other reviews are saying, this app could be amazing but there are far too many glitches.
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4 years ago, CricketSparks
Disrespected Customer
I have spent many hundreds of dollars for various Nuance software products including software and subscriptions to Dragon Dictate, dating back to 1997. Over the last two decades and more, I've repeated my commitment and repurchased the software disc, and when I updated my computers, I paid for it again with a download just a few years ago. Unfortunately your system NEVER REMEMBERS ME! When Nuance has no memory of me, it becomes expensive to be loyal. Moreover, it becomes a job in itself to try to reconnect, and reestablish what was at one time considered a fully paid grandfathered subscription for a longtime, loyal customer. I find it disingenuous and dishonorable. Fact: The product is great. Fact: I wouldn’t have bought it four times if I didn’t think so. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+ Fact: You have received my last dollar. Fact: Someone from the company is going to reach out to re-establish communication. Fact: If not, I’m going to buy a Barbie Doll, and and name it Dragon Dictate. poke pins un-used ears. LOL PLEASE FIX THIS! P•L•E•A•S•E!!!!! Out of principal, I can’t justify another subscription for the exact same thing.:
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2 years ago, Rabertron
Astonishingly disappointing
I was actually astonished at how bad this app was. It has such a great reputation, maybe that’s just for the desktop version? I tried using this for a writing project on an iPhone 11 in American English. It was slow, rarely understood my speech when a common proper name happened to be included, the command functions worked maybe one time out of seven, and I spent most of my time typing and arguing with it. For comparison, I’m using the native voice to text feature on my phone to write this and it’s going significantly better. If you are a writer who is curious about Dragon due to the hype, the app that is simply called Dictate works much better, is very cheap, and is a slight improvement over native Apple dictation function. As for dragon, I can’t understand where this great reputation comes from. This app does nothing that it says it does. Would absolutely not recommend.
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6 years ago, deborahpib
This company has always had the worst service assistance possible
When it works it’s better then Siri.... however be warned... this company has one of the worst service departments of any for software. I have used dragon for years and each time it takes hours to fix software issues where it declares war with other software. So I was happy to see an application where I could finally stop using via computers and stop wasting hours trying to get their software to just work... but now I find the application has disappeared off my iPhone and surprise surprise it will not accept any login to acknowledge me now....and to get any help from nuance you have to PAY them to help you make their own app work... if I had not paid for the year, I could just re-install it under a new email and maybe it would actually work. But now I have to deal with trying to get it to work on a email it will not acknowledge.
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3 years ago, RuneCat
Barely works
The dictation is fine. But the app is a bug riddled mess. I linked it to my Dropbox and all my documents disappeared from Dragon Dictate. Well, the files were in my Dropbox folder, but they were not able to be opened again in Dragon Anywhere. I tried linking to my Evernote. That did not work either. In fact, using the “sign in with Google” option returns an error message. So I couldn’t link my Dragon Anywhere and Dropbox accounts. Nuance has been around a looooonnnng time. You’d think they’d have this figured out by now. But they don’t. I want to use Dragon Anywhere. But I am afraid my files are gonna get deleted or I won’t be able to open them. This app is so full of bugs that it’s a wonder Nuance stays in business. I will never pay $300 for the desktop version of Dragon, because Dragon Anywhere has made me afraid of how broken I imagine it to be.
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5 years ago, Joseph Heeter
Disappointing... poor tech support and customer service.
I tried this program in hopes that it would assist in word processing entry. Perhaps my lack of research, but the app only works in its own programming (it doesn’t allow you to use the feature in Word, Notepad or any other area. The word recognition was poor, and I became frustrated with it within an hour and stopped using it. Cancelling the monthly subscription led to more frustration. The website leads you to the order page and the instruction to “manage your subscription” which is not visible on either my IPad or IPhone... a call the tech support, a first line tech and a supervisor, then to a “shop” staff finally allowed Nuance to cancel my subscription... but none of the three could instruct me on how to do so myself. I’ve used Dragon software in the past and had great results, however this version was not usable in my situation.
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6 years ago, AndrewDavidAlan
This app helped me get through undergrad!
No seriously, I have fleshed out countless papers at this point using Dragon Anywhere. Sure, you will probably want to double check for your editing, but this application is great for getting content and raw ideas on paper. If I were to suggest one minor update for Dragon to implement, I would absolutely love it if there was an active word-count to help users keep track of their progress as they dictate the text. Whenever I have a 20-40 page research paper it can be a little difficult to gauge how much progress I have actually accomplished. Also, a tool for inserting footnotes would also be a huge help for users like myself.
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5 years ago, SJBLPN
Paid for 12-month subscription through Nuance and isn’t recognized on App
I was previously using Dragon anywhere and had good success with it. I had to renew my subscription and was not able to do so through the app and went through the Nuance website and logged in through my account to renew it for another 12 months but it has not been able to be recognized on the Dragon anywhere app and is not available and my iTunes subscriptions. I’ve been trying for multiple days to get this resolved through the technical support of Nuance but have not been able to do so. I am very disappointed in the product and service and am still currently working to get a full refund of my money. It is unfortunate that there is not a better dictation solution available for Mac users as Nuance does not support a desktop version for Mac anymore.
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6 years ago, flcounsel
Horrendous customer service
I have been a Dragon Anywhere subscriber from day one. I have had nothing but problems with the subscription service. And good luck trying to get through to technical support. The product itself is pretty good. Today four calls got me absolutely nowhere except for unanswered music on the last call. About one hour completely wasted. They must be saving quite a bit of money by using people with limited English to field customer support questions. And poor quality VOIP telephone systems. But they must not factor in all the lost revenue from people who become frustrated with things that should be really easy made hard and frustrating. On the third call, I pointed out to the customer support representative that she was about to send me to the wrong department . I asked for her employee number, nicely, and she said she couldn’t give me that information. You’ve got to be kidding me. As it stands, it looks like I have been charged $150 for one year of service. But of course it’s not linking up with my phone. I’m about ready to give up forever. For those interested in a similar service, check out Just Press Record. You can dump those recordings right into your Dragon desktop software.
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2 years ago, NCWMTKA
Good product but glitches
I’ve used this app for over four years and have encountered two glitches - one where I am told my account doesn’t exist and requires me to restore my purchase, and another where it stops sending my dictation over email. The latter is about to be a dealbreaker for me, because I now have to cut and paste into a separate app and cannot login to nuance for assistance since I purchased through the App Store. There have also been surprisingly few upgrades over the years, at least ones noticeable to me. I think the app is ready for a refresh, and I hope this brand will live up to its reputation for being the best dictation platform.
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7 years ago, cp77
Most accurate voice dictation I have found
I have been using this app now for a couple of months and in my own experience, it is the most accurate voice dictation in the app store. I use it anytime I need critical accuracy in dictation and am rapidly getting spoiled by it. The downside is that I do not like paying $15 per month for an app and it is still a toss-up in my mind as to whether the accuracy in dictation is worth the monthly cost. It really is a premium app in its performance and I don’t expect it for free, but just wish it were bit more reasonable in cost. It is a 6-star app in consistent performance, but I give it only four stars because it is so expensive.
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7 years ago, Jess2790
Well worth the money
This app has been so useful to me, my arms, my hands, and my shoulders thank the creators. Lol. The insertion of punctuation, as well as the lack of grammatical occurrences, and the ability to recognize these types of hours is quite useful differentiates this app from others like it. I doubt that you will be disappointed if you work in any type of field where you have to draft lengthy correspondences and are constantly restricted to your cell phone, where spelling and grammar go off and I noticed, and many times are corrected in ways that one would not want. Buy it, you will not be sorry.
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6 years ago, Boesh
Love this App except...
I love this app in so many ways. It is easy to use, carries all of the powerful ability that much of the desktop version does, and yet there is one thing that really hurts it in my opinion...the price. I hate that this is a subscription rather than an upfront and outright purchase. I would probably be ok with it if the cost was $5/mo but $15/mo is crazy high. Do you get what you pay for with this app? I think so. If your company or business will cover the subscription, don’t think twice and get it. If you’re an everyday Joe looking for the ability to dictate on your phone without bells and whistles...definitely better options out there.
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5 years ago, EarlyFreak
Still problematic with absolutely no support
Still not ready, do not subscribe still problematic and doesn't seem to work with the new iPads. The real issue is your on your own there is no technical support whatsoever I had subscribed for a year prior and the program was buggy problematic I saw that they did upgrade recently and I decided to give it another shot. Right out of the gate did not work on my iPad. There is no help or support which is not acceptable. It's bad enough this is this is an expensive monthly fee which would be more tolerated if it work on all your devices The phone app work pretty well but what good is it if it doesn't work on all your devices I would say do not get this application The desktop version works great this app besides being too expensive does not live up to the reputation. For the iPad there's an app dictate Pro-version that works very well and for your iPhone voice texting deluxe works extremely well as alternate solutions. Hopefully someday Nuance will get it right and come down in price especially for people who have the desktop version. And how about some support, some technical support for their apps
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3 years ago, mtztn92038
App malfunctions
Downloaded the app to try the free trial. The app randomly closed out after I signed up for the one month subscription. When I reopened it it asked me to redo the whole sign up process, but when I tapped the 1 month subscription again it said I had already successfully signed up. I then went to the sign in option and since I didn't have a password yet (app randomly closing me out and all that) I tapped the "forgot password" option. It said it would send me an email that I could use to change my password. Five attempts later and I still have not gotten an email. Keep in mind this is just all within the first 24 hours of downloading the app -- terrible first impression. I don't want to take the risk of buying a paid subscription since this is what I experienced with just the free trial.
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7 years ago, Andyz151
Couldn't log and support was no help
Most frustrating experience I've ever had. Couldn't login, kept saying email and password didn't match even though they were correct. Tried to change password- just in case - kept saying can't reach server. But I entered an incorrect password just to test it and it said password not in our system so it was able to connect. Call support but got less than no help from them. How's less than no help possible? They transferred me all around and I wasted two hours of my life on this product that won't work and no one really seemed interested in fixing it - though they'd been well trained to say they were sorry I was having a problem. Maybe it works for other people but I can't access it and it just left me incredibly annoyed and frustrated.
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6 years ago, dann'l
Does not live up to Dragons other Products
Dragon make some excellent products. However this is not one of them. If it was a one time purchase it may be worth it but for the monthly subscription required to use this product it is definitely not worth it. It is very very poor at transcription. It does not recognize words which you have trained it to recognize or have added two it’s a vocabulary. It is not intuitive when it comes to adjusting words to fit the structure of the sentence. For example the words knot or not or the words to, too and two. You also have to speak very slowly for it to understand you. The Dictation that is available on your iPhone for free is much better. Even when transcribing medical terminology it is better than this Dragon app. This coming from a native English speaker.
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5 years ago, MR–FL
Frustrating and impossible to launch app
Like other users, my experience trying to launch this has been frustrating. I registered on the Apple Store and it could not sync my subscription because, apparently, you have to create an account with Nuance first. Or so I’m guessing now after hours of trying to figure this out. Their support and customer service is non-existent. While this might be a good product, I’ll never know. I could never find a way to fix my login problem and use the product, after at least 4 hours of trying. I’m shocked and frustrated with this company’s lack of respect for users—unbelievable since they’ve are not new to this market. Both in the app and on their website, the support is not there when things don’t go as planned. The knowledge base is useless.
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6 years ago, Maximized Life
Better Than a Self Help Book
I have been a long-time user of Dragon dictation software, and several years back begin using Dragon anywhere on my iOS devices. If you are committed to maximizing your time to achieve a balance, this is where your time and money should be spent. Purchase, learn how to utilize effectively effectively, and you will immediately gain efficiency: emails; reports; white papers; etc. And regardless of what you may read or hear from friends or colleagues, free or less expensive dictation tools simply do not compare... i’ve tried them, save time and money and invest in the best.
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4 years ago, Unhappy New Yorker
No longer permits custom words
One of the best features of this product permitted users to customize words so that names, places and things that are not part of Nuance’s normal vocabulary can be recognized when dictating. While this feature is technically still present, you can no longer use your voice to train the program, thus making this feature essentially useless. I called customer support and the tech acknowledged that this was an issue. However, he told me that there was nothing that could be done. The loss of this feature crippled this app. I reset the app, deleted it and reinstalled it. Yet, this feature still not present. Dragon, if you are reading this review (and I hope you are) please correct this problem.
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7 years ago, Pumly
Stop turning the mic off
I commute and would like to write while I'm driving. Writing is hard enough to start as it is, I don't need my dictation app turning the mic off after 20 seconds and giving me an excuse to stop. I do not care if it is taking up space in a data center or whatever weak excuse there is for it, just stop doing it. For $15 a month, you can afford it. The mic should stop when I tell it to stop and start when I tell it to start, which brings me to my next gripe. I can't turn the mic on by voice command while I'm driving, I have to press the on-screen mic button... let me stress this, While I'm Driving. There needs to be options to operate Dragon Anywhere completely hands free. Otherwise good app but currently hyper-frustrating.
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5 years ago, 1654894h
Needs work...
While this is somewhat better than native iPhone voice to text, one of the primary functionalities that *should* make this far more useful, is the ability to add words and train them so that you can have a custom dictionary. That part barely works. After the program has heard hours and hours of my voice, adding a new word (like a client's last name) and pronouncing it to train it, still results in the app getting it wrong far more often than it's correct. I'm a native English speaker with barely any accent. I can't see myself keeping the rather expensive subscription much more than another month or so, just to see if it improves. Like so many other Dragon products, it is buggy and disappointing.
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7 years ago, GlennGary78
Too many errors
iOS built-in voice to text is much more accurate. After trying this product for several days there are numerous problems that make it not only not worth paying for but also irritatingly deficient. 1. Inability to remember corrected pronouns such as iOS does. 2. Suddenly stops working for no apparent reason during the middle of the paragraph. 3. After getting a paragraph or two correct suddenly seems to be confused and changes the words completely. Maybe this is because none of the processing is done on the phone but in the cloud. But the times I am referring to all had continuous Wi-Fi connectivity. I would not pay $1.99 per month let alone $15 per month for such ineptitude.
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4 years ago, Prenez
Hamburger menu crashes app
Please note that the hamburger menu crashes the app on iOS 14 beta 6. It’s impossible to get to your menu of documents. I’d rather not go through the whole beta unable to access my documents, so would appreciate a fix for this. There are many, many issues with sharing on iOS 13. It usually just doesn’t work, so I use clipboard instead. In particular, Ulysses, which used to work with your app beautifully, no longer works, nor Drafts. Ipad version I mean. IPhone version seems to work. Perhaps better testing of iPad version would help. As usual, language recognition is excellent.
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4 years ago, Vmso2012
Subscription for two years wasted
My husband got this and then he had paid subscription for two years or more. My credit card was charged $15 each month. He barely used it and when he went back to it to get the work he had already done, he couldn’t find it. He tried to get help from the software company that was not helpful at all. I was not aware that he stopped using this app almost a year ago. Lately we were reviewing all of the expenses and found out that there were still charges every month. I had to call Apple and finally cancelled the subscription. The amount of money we paid them was not worth at all. I don’t even think there is a paid version.
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5 years ago, disputin
Impossible to log in
I don’t know what’s going on with Nuance, but I can no longer log onto their site, which means I can’t manage my subscription to this app. No matter what browser I use, and regardless of whether I use a tablet or a notebook, I get the message "An unknown error occurred." I’ve reset my password multiple times, but it makes no difference. Apparently many other people are having the same issue, which has persisted for months; oddly, Nuance doesn’t seem to care. Even before I encountered this problem, I’d found that Dragon Anywhere was less accurate than it had been. For a while, it worked very well, but now, given the combination of the app's deteriorating performance and the company’s broken website, I can’t recommend it at all.
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10 months ago, Make Adams
No back up history
Even though there is a little icon with checkmark that says ‘saved’ it is not save to anywhere you can recover from. I had a one page document I was honing for use with a teleprompter. I must have accidentally selected All. My daughter came into the room and it recorded several sentences from her speaking and all of my díctalas erased. I could only undo to where she started speaking, everything else was gone. I confirmed with Dragon tech support. All was lost. I’m going back to Google Docs dictation. Google spell check is superior too. Google backs up everything and it’s free. Now finding out how to cancel the subscription is not so intuitive, haven’t found it yet but wanted to leave a review first.
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6 years ago, Marmy60
Good grief haven’t they fix this yet?
Now they charge a monthly or yearly subscription. Having same problem other iPhone users are having. I carefully enter my email address and password. Then the app crashes. I opened it up and enter my correct information, and received notice that I don’t exist. Really? I canceled my subscription. Open the app again, entered my information only to be told I don’t exist a second time. I canceled my subscription again. Not sure I trust them enough to return to use this wonderful service. Because there are many iPhone users you would think they’d want the revenue brought in by this app. Good grief, where are the app developers? Why hasn’t dragon figured out the issue? And for heaven sake, why are they selling it if it’s defective?
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7 years ago, bearister2746
Dragon anywhere is just about the same as Dragon naturally speaking
I gave the app three stars instead of five because the Dragon anywhere program is just about as attentive to what you say to it as the online or on desktop program. Even if I follow the directions that come with the app the command still don't seem to work as they're supposed to. I wasted a lot of time today trying to get this thing to work properly. I think it's generally a good product, just not as good as Nuance tells us it is. Their support system is also pretty bad. Well her products are good customer support is very bad.
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7 years ago, melnae
Couldn't write without it
This app was exactly what I was looking for. I am an author and I found that the long hours on the keyboard was killing my hands. I already have carpal tunnel, but didn't want to have surgery. This app has kept me from doing that and so far the last book I wrote was through this app. It is so worth the money and much better speech recognition than the desktop programs I have tried from this company and others. Now my hands don't hurt and my output has doubled. Who can beat that?!
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2 years ago, djeeer
Problems tapping menu
Not sure what has happened to the software since May, but now on my iPhone, when I tap the menu on the top left, the menu does not show up, many of the buttons disappear and the text makes an odd shift to the right. It all works ok in landscape though. I’ve updated software, deleted and reinstalled, etc. but there seems to be a glitch now. Not recommend until this glitch is fixed. I’ve used this app for over 6 years daily.
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6 years ago, iSteve Utah
LESS than One Star!!!
I tried to install it since Dragon Talk went away. It would not accept my email to begin registration of the product. Since I own SEVERAL Nuance device and desktop apps, all under same email, I was astounded by that. I called for support (nothing else was available), and was connected with a rude man named “Manual” who said he was in Manila. He wanted me to give him my credit card over the phone to “register” the product, even though Nuance website doesn’t recognize my email as account holder. NICE TRY, SCAM SCUM!!! I will NOT buy, use or recommend this product! It worked well in the past, but at present their core business seems focused on scams and credit card fraud! Try it if you want, but remember: “I WARNED YOU!!!”
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4 years ago, Gian Carlo 111
One star until I can manage to login
I’m giving this app one star until I can actually login. The system tells me that my password is incorrect. No problem, I’ll just reset my password. The issue, however, is that I am not receiving the email to reset my password. I am 100% sure it is the email I used to purchase the product. For $300 I feel like I’ve purchased a product that shouldn’t be in version 15 as products that are this deep into version numbers don’t have the deep issues the dragon speech comes with. So far I feel like a good value for this product is $150 not $300. This issue of not being able to log into dragon anywhere is just the cherry on the top
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