DRAIVER Driver: A better gig

2.1 (25)
31.6 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DRAIVER Driver: A better gig

2.12 out of 5
25 Ratings
3 months ago, Joshua’s.305
I downloaded the app and am unable to up load my id as the app goes to all white screen when section to do so is selected. All permissions are enabled. 14 pro
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2 months ago, @icerebro
Not worth your time
I rarely get any trips and when I do, they are gone the moment I’m notified. It’s as if the developers really don’t care whether their platform succeeds or not because if they did there would be way more R&D, marketing and actually listening to the feedback of their drivers/hikers. This app is too saturated with drivers/hikers and not enough trips/jobs for this app to truly be a viable/profitable option as a stream of income. If the developers happen to make significant changes to the platform, I’ll change my review. But until then, if I could give it 0 stars I would. I’ve been on the platform for over a year and have probably been assigned to less than 10trips. In all seriousness, you can consistently earn more with AmazonFlex. Don’t waste your time with DRAIVER
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3 months ago, Ollieman 55
Iffy at best
Although the platform seems to be one where you can make great money. It doesn't work like that on the inside. Jobs are spotty and the app doesn't work like it says. You might get notified but the sounds to notify you don't work all the time so it's possible to have the app on and never get a job. The platform needs work too. This app will not update to the new version once you delete it for any problem. When you te download it goes back to the old version.
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2 months ago, Tonyyo86
App and customer service are terrible
Just had to submit a claim to the Department of Labor because their app doesn’t work and it will not allow me to update banking information to get paid. I’ve gone two pay cycles now without the money they owe me and no one wants to help me. Sad that I had to involve legal assistance. I’ll never do another job for them.
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2 months ago, Sec4456
Photo upload doesn’t work.
I have downloaded the app. Processed all request, however, when asked to upload photo id screen goes black. I exit out of the app and then have to input my login info again. Very frustrating. I am curious as to why this hasn’t been fixed as of yet?
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5 days ago, Ryan Vazquez
Terrible app !
Jumpy at times go to a white screen never stops circle of death.. also will send you to areas in which trucks are not allowed to venture in New York City roads, many roads in New York don’t allow trucks! Watch out for cops that will ticket you .. therefore losing all the money you my make.
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2 months ago, kev3518
Uploading ID
When I try to upload my ID the screen goes black.
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2 months ago, mconk
Registration is broken
Trying to register on the app or website just brings you to a white screen. Have tried a dozen different browsers and phones. I don’t think this company is still in business
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2 months ago, Sdavis68a
The app doesn’t work
Like everyone else has found the app doesn’t work. They will be out of business soon as their model likely doesn’t work either. Pathetic.
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3 days ago, Andy williams jr
Great App
Im in Orlando area & this app is great. I started a month ago. It’s very promising . I like it a lot . I’m Andy W.
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2 months ago, kiyabby
How do you have a app, but it’s does not work make it make sense. And neither does your website… horrible business. And app you need to stop allowing f—— up apps on your platform
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3 years ago, Josephvelez
More hours for the same pay
My experience as a driver over many trips is that at the end of the day your hourly pay ends up being around $12. It is always a delay in one way or another. More often times 2 hours waisted either as a chase diver or not. On the other hand, the meet up place seems to be always far from everyone making it another hour (each way) you have to drive to the place or wait for somebody else to show up. The trips aren’t consistent. Customer support is basically third party from oversees unable to really get to the heart of the matter. In general, I won’t recommend it.
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2 months ago, Berdo11
App not working
Cannot upload my id it freezes. Fix it pls
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1 month ago, Jaimin12
Trying to apply
So I tryed to sign up but it went to a white jumping . So I can’t apply now .
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3 years ago, Racrx87
Great way to make money driving
Registration and training trip process took a little bit of time, but once you get signed up it’s easy to pick up trips in your area. Best part is not having to take passengers or deliver food! They also bring you back to your starting point via Uber or a chase vehicle. Sometimes trip details can get a bit complicated so you have to pay close attention to all the tasks you have to complete, but otherwise this is a great side gig option for just about anyone with a drivers license and clean driving record.
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9 months ago, Tita_1921
Being a Draiver Driver
In my experience with this company it tends to run smooth most of the time. Yes you do get your ocasional problems, but all apps do. I like the fact that you park your car at the dealer and from there take a prepaid UBER to wherever vehicle is to be picked up. My only suggestion to this app is that when returning vehicles to owners we as the driver should be able to request rideshare at least when 5 mins eta, this being said because standing outside a strangers home does not look very good. Other than that I like driving for Draiver especially on local gigs with dealerships!
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1 year ago, Whipmix2000
Hi! What you can improve is that hopefully a driver on an active trip can still get offers even if the driver is far away from the home city then it’s up to the driver to reject or accept. What is happening is that because you are far away from your home address on a trip, the app doesn’t send you offers because it knows you’re far away but app does not know you will be back at night and be able to work the next day. Hopefully this can be fix so at least even if you’re on a trip far from the origin, you can still get offers.
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6 years ago, ron6038
I driven for them 3 trips and wanted to make them my only source of employment because I like being their chase driver. I was willing to do whatever they wanted me to and had friends sign up just to make sure that there would be drivers ready to go. But I haven’t driven for them in over 6 weeks and when I called no one returned my calls. All we wanted to do was work and help driver become a big thing in California but for what ever reason they not sending work my way and when they do they cancel the trip 5min later. Not very consistent in work and they seem like they don’t want me as a driver. Would be nice if they would be more driver friendly.
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3 years ago, SeanTheDon88
Nickel & Dimes
When it comes to the necessary morale needed for any business relationships, whether you’re an employee working for a employer or in this case, an independent contractor working with a subcontractor the least you could ask for is transparency. There’s nothing more infuriating than coming across an invoice, where it’s says that it’s going to cost a company thousands of dollars to move vehicles and you only get a fraction of that. For example: Why is that the subcontractor gets $2,700 and you only get $300 for a job that took over 20 hours to complete? When you do the math, you’re only getting 10 percent and you’re the one that has to deal most of the risks. Make it make sense.
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1 year ago, J U A
They retain your pay
Despite wasting you a lot of time and simply equating $12 per hour, I know a lot of people would still do it because they don’t really have options or it’s just a plus. Be aware however that they keep your pay with no explanation or ETA for the slightest issue possible. I had a dry run on one of my first two trips because the truck had a flat tire and it was after hour. It’s been almost a month and I haven’t got a penny for everything trip I completed that day in addition to the gas fee out of my pocket. Do it your pun risk.
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5 years ago, Seyshen
App doesn’t work on iPhone 6
I have an iPhone 6, running the latest version of iOS that my phone can use. I downloaded the app today. According to the system requirements, I should be fine. I open the app (when it opens). I click the “create account” button and the app freezes. That’s it. Nothing else happens. I was going to sign up through their website, but the website explicitly states that they prefer that you sign up through the app. I realize that I’m using older technology. I think that if that is the problem, it needs to be addressed by the developer, or the developer needs to change the description to reflect that it won’t work with an older phone.
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6 years ago, storb
Last minute trips
While this app and concept would appear to be a great, every job notification I’ve received has been last minute with getting about an hour’s notice a job is about to start & it would take about 30min to drive to the start point. Give me more notice & maybe I can help you, but don’t expect me to drop everything at the last moment to go help you for 10hours.
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1 year ago, AbCdEfUZ
They still owe me $100 and they refuse to pay me. They’ve owed me for months now. When you contact support you get the same person using different names all the time. They will say they’re forwarding the information to payroll and you’ll hear from them within a day but they never contact you. I’ve been calling and calling, sending email after email and they never respond. They had my last review removed from the App Store so I’m leaving another. Let’s see how long this one stays up. Stay away unless you want to be taken advantage of.
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5 years ago, AmazonCEO
It’s an awesome service
I’m working out of the Seattle area and I’ve completed two jobs so far. The app is seamless and provides clear step-by-step instructions. I’ve have issues requesting an Uber to transport me to the next location via the app so I must contact support who are quick and friendly whenever I call in. Otherwise beyond this problem the app is great so far.
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1 year ago, Jeepneyy
App doesn’t work
I just download the app but it doesn’t work. When I am doing the sign up process and it ask me to take a selfie pic of myself. It says “open your mouth” then it says “close your mouth” when I’m done it would tell me to get closer then it just keeps on repeating and never takes the pic. The app tells me to select a clear pic if I choose to select one. However theirs no where to click that allows you to select a pic, doesn’t exist! And now I read all the negative comments. Not a good look for this company
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3 years ago, mikerapp
Very good side gig app
I’m using this app for a few years now and it’s very reliable money comes in on time and you don’t have to pay for gas they give you a card very reliable scripts that we make no need to put out any cash and very good for side jobs not much for a full-time job but very good for the part-time.
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3 years ago, Balt.mike
Customer Service
Finally somebody called me back because I had a lot of questions about the company. The girls name is Nicole and she was so helpful she guided me through the whole thing and without her I would have never being able to complete everything on the driver app. So Nicole is fantastic!!
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2 years ago, Srive safely
Draiver Training Sheehy Honda Alexandria
Thanks to Matthew and Tanner for a well put training class. Before attending this class I was skeptical about accepting trips. Wow. Didn’t know it was that simple until they took me through it step by step. Great personalities, warm smiles. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work. Stay safe out there, especially on the road. Andrea
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3 years ago, enrizenen
Draiver or Driverdo
If you are a hustler and want to make money and drive all over the US this is the job for you. If you’re lucky enough to keep communication with the area managers, Usually they are pretty cool such as Travis , Zack and dapney and will tell you with details how to work around obstacles, book your hotels and flights.
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5 years ago, Noe sr
Low pay
They be trying to send me out for 5 stops 289 miles for $110 dollars seven hours trip. Just think about the gas for that trip. This is for someone who has no job and have to get it by all mean necessary and that cool don’t knock no one in how they get it when they need it but just think DRAIVER is looking for a certain ground. Is not about you. Its all business at the end of the day with no consideration about the amount they paying and what there asking for. Can’t speak for the west cost or down south but up north is crazy with the pay
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5 years ago, !--cogs--!
Great idea. Very last-minute
I randomly receive text notifications that lead to nowhere. The notifications / offers are sporadic at best. I’m wondering what parts of the country this app is truly busy and useful. New York City doesn’t seem to be a hub for it at all.
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1 year ago, Snuff lash
They need to start paying living wage.
You'll end up making less than minimum wage. The company takes advantage of desperate people. A 24 hrs trip will pay you $140. You'll end up paying uber to commute to pick up point, then work 8 hours and chase back to your original destination and then uber (you pay out of pocket) to get home again. Not counting paying for meals on the road. You'll end up working for about $5 per hour. Avoid this gig. Total nonsense.
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3 years ago, sweet sagittarus
My name is Belinda Forrest, I have been working for DRAIVER for more than 2 years. I like this company because of the flexibility, also the pay is good. The dispatch is very helpful when it comes to needing help… I am looking forward to many more years with this company. Thank you…
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6 years ago, Hellion B
No jobs offered
Found out about this app in the Philadelphia area via Facebook. Gave all my info, cleared the background check, and got approved to drive for them in a day or two. The concept looks like a lot of fun. App is step-by-step and doesn’t let you skip important things. The problem is that I have yet to see a single job pop up. Apparently their network is jus lacking in clients that are ready to pay for the services, which is extremely sad. I’ll update my review if anything changes.
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3 years ago, Gtjrp2
I am currently a driver hiker/Chase driver
I quit my job after seeing how much money is available to make here in such a short time. Great people to work for and a great weekly check to go with it.. work when u want as well wish I’ve started sooner ..
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3 years ago, eeerrrriiiicccccc
Love this app
App is pretty cool. At 1st I was a little skeptical but after a couple of runs and frequent communication with my dispatcher Omar I was reassured. Pay is decent and can be a lot better but besides that it’s frequent work. YOU WILL GET PAID A WEEKLY!
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4 years ago, milwpaw
Question to iPhone XR users
Does anyone have any information as to the App Store Draiver app, that will successfully work when installed? I downloaded it, and the test notification and registration doesn’t seem to work? Anybody with helpful hints?
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2 years ago, Luispa87
No Sirve. Cuidado es una Estafa
You make a trip to South Carolina from Florida more than 800 miles and they don't pay you for Gasoline. literally you take it for free because what you spend on Gasoline is what they pay you for the trip. it's stupid. The attention is terrible, horrible, slow and they always harm you. I recommend you only do short races and without expenses because they will never pay you
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2 years ago, Hugo Lopez.
Many time loses. And they not help on costumer support
All the time I’m arrive to pickup the car. And I have many problems to get the car. I was waiting usually 1:30 for one answer and they just pulled on waiting again to contact the manager and the manager don’t provide solutions. So Every time I lose 1 hour or more on 1 trip it’s ridiculous. I prefer drive with uber or other app ridersaher.
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1 year ago, kingmarkrey
Horrible!! Do not try this!!
I was in my way to do a pickup for Penske in Las cruces NM and halfway through they cancel the trip and no compensation. They made me use gas and no effect on Penske for starting an order and cancelling it out of the blue. No repercussions. It’s like making an order for 100 pizzas and halfways through the person who orders cancels and there’s nothing. Not a fee for materials used and time. This is unacceptable!
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3 years ago, Sharkslayer893
Have been with the company for 6 months and enjoying the extra income i can make. Great option for people who want a side income or it can be a steady job.
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2 years ago, AshLaw711
This company will leave you stranded hours from home after picking up a dud truck. Or something going wrong with a truck. They’ll have you pay out of pocket and be reimbursed for hotel rooms in janky cities across the country. Unsafe conditions. They hire Tweekers who don’t sleep and bust out 17 hours of driving off no sleep. No meals are paid, no direct number to a person who’s answering after hour calls. The lead managers, or what ever their titles hour take hours to respond, if they respond. They offer trips as low as $35 to drive to cities all over LA. Clearly this is a hustle for them, off the backs of us. Unsafe, unfair and low wage. Stick to Uber Eats.
Show more
9 months ago, Philcarguy
Accept the good with the bad
Great app love the jobs only suggestions I have are accurate GPS traffic tracking and flexibility with time of arrivals
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8 years ago, Anotherdriver
Works 💪🏿
App is very easy to use. Tech team always answers fast if any problem ever comes up. Great way to make extra cash and my phone is always buzzing with trips!
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2 years ago, myndex
buggy app
App has bugs. Most recent bug has locked me out from submitting my ride and the expenses. A week later I am still not paid over $700. (!!!) and support has been no help at all. The policies relating to in trip expenses and PEX cards have taken a turn for the worse. Sad, hopefully they get these things fixed.
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3 years ago, Familyman72
Been working for the company for 4 years not much to complain about
Good pay
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1 year ago, didubi
bad management
It seems illogical to me that they send an order to the pool where it says that we have to carry a license plate to move a vehicle, where almost 90% of the drivers in Orlando do not have a license plate, what is my fault as *chase* that if the driver does not have plaque do not pay me my trip!. What a bad organization, they should better that
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3 years ago, missimis
I been driving for Draiver in CT for about a month now and I love it , so far so good .there’s always jobs available and they pay is good
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6 months ago, dj poision
About the app
After setting up my account and everything when I go back one week to check on the app the app keeps on crashing! now I can’t know if they send me any jobs or not so I delete the app and reinstall it and it still keeps on crashing SMH this is so messed up.
Show more
8 months ago, jmb9286
Garbage App
This app is garbage. When you go to create an account, an error pops up saying there is missing information, when this is absolutely not the case. These clowns can’t even get their app to work, so I’m kinda glad I’m not a Draiver driver, especially after reading the reviews from drivers.
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