Drive Weather: Road Conditions

4.6 (9.2K)
109.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Concept Elements LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Drive Weather: Road Conditions

4.64 out of 5
9.2K Ratings
2 years ago, PACKVAN
DriveWeather is a game changer for planning road trips! For 30+ years I spent hours checking multiple sources when planning a interstate trip, and using the DriveWeather app in less than FIVE MINUTES I have all that information (and more)!! If you travel by RV or car (or you’re a truck driver), DriveWeather really will be your new favorite app. If you are planning travel through multiple states, this app is exceptional and the user support is exceptional too. Using DriveWeather I can easily see weather, wind speed, temperatures and precipitation for the entire trip. I can adjust the start day or time and see what the weather forecast will be for the entire trip at the time I’ll be in a specific location!! (I upgraded to the paid version on my first trip for $10/year, and received more than $10 in value the first time I used DriveWeather). *I sent the developer a question, and in less than 30 minutes I received a very polite detailed personal response* I have never had a developer respond to a question, and if I had downloaded the latest update to the app I wouldn’t have needed to ask the question.
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1 year ago, SD user JL
Best tool for planning drives!!!
What a fantastic app for looking at weather during a drive and planning! It is simple enough for determining drive time for short drives and robust enough with customizations for planning long drives. I recently completed a cross-country trip. This app allowed me to figure out where to stop and when to depart each day to dodge weather events throughout the trip. Examples: I got through one area just as it started snowing before it got bad enough to hinder driving. It allowed me to bypass a hail storm in an area and miss some major thunderstorms in another area. It also allowed me to get to my destination before a winter storm set in which is expected to dump 6” of snow. Now, I know that weather events can’t always be avoided, but I also see the advantage of this app is that you can at least know what to expect during the drive. If you drive, I highly recommend adding this app!
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2 years ago, erkitten4
Major Glitches
I am so anxious to find an app that does what this app claims to do, but this one isn’t there. After several times, deleting and reconfiguring a road trip I have already planned on another app, I am not going to waste any more time on this. Each time I tried, stop number 4 could not get the times right, and therefore threw off the entire trip beyond that. I can’t possibly leave a stop at 6AM, make another stop, 50 miles away, and stay there 4 hrs (leave here at 10:48AM), drive another 50 miles, and get to my next stop at 7:58AM. Especially since the route is going east across time zones, not the opposite. I really tried to get that stop fixed, including changing locations, just adding the time there, to the time at the previous stop, and deleting and re adding it multiple times. Each time, the stop 4 made the same timed error. There are other things that make the app not so user friendly, like not having a location for Death Valley, a National Park, and not allowing you to add a waypoint off the designated route. Sometimes diversions are part of a trip, and I am looking for a travel app with weather, that allows you to set your own trip. This is not that. It is a fun app to play with but, it isn’t as functional as I would like when planning a trip across country.
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2 years ago, Pump Up The Volume!
Disgruntled Developer??
As I sit in a gas station parking lot in Abilene, TX at dusk while driving cross-country on my way Georgia from California, all of the sudden it becomes extremely windy. The sky turns brown, gray, almost black. I decide to open the Drive Weather app which I downloaded before leaving on this trip. Since the free version only routes trips up to 999 miles, I began to consider paying for the upgraded version. Unable to make up my mind, I thought I’d check out the reviews to help me make an informed decision. NOW - Is this for real? What in the world is wrong with the person (developer or representative of) responding to people’s reviews?? I have NEVER, EVER seen such a shameful, unprofessional, accusatory display of entitlement, defensiveness and lack of accountability from a customer service to customer standpoint. Sorry Concept Elements LLC, You just lost a customer in me. I refuse to pay for a service where the service provider is abusive and berates to their client base, becoming reduced to the emotional intelligence of a two year-old having temper tantrums and slinging insults as a result of not being able to cope with any form of criticism. Reminds me of a former president we once had. FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE!
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5 months ago, Screw You Hoteltonight
An ESSENTIAL Tool for Long-Distance Drivers!
I am generally stingy with five-star reviews, but simply MUST award one to DriveWeather! My mid-January Michigan-to-Massachusetts drive in a packed box-truck would have been an horribly anxious ordeal without it. WITH IT (for its $5.99 full-utility subscription-fee…), however, I knew precisely what to anticipate and I am relieved to say that its forecasts were shockingly accurate both in terms of timing and intensity of the weather. When I hit heavy snow in the pridelands of WNY I knew to expect it AND when to expect it to pass. DriveWeather NAILED IT!! I would venture to guess that it is free-mode the app would have done alot less to allay my fears of heavy weather and to inform my plan for safety's and timing's sakes. Don't cheap out to your own travail. Pay the subscription fee as you are planning your drive and put the full power of this amazing tool at your disposal.
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7 months ago, VanMan58707758
Works good . . . Sometimes
Inconsistencies keep me from rating as high as I’d like. When you’re planning a long distance multi-day trip this is genius. In fact I’d pay more if it were consistent and reliable. I understand weather forecast have never been reliable. That understood, I travel enough and use multiple sources to know this app Sometimes misses. Some trips it’s good, some trips it’s been unreliable. And . . . Quirks seem to come and go. You just don’t know when those quirks are going to crop up. But, they do appear to get fixed. Hope they can continue to develop into something I don’t have to double check before setting out. Again, the concept is Genius. UPDATE: biggest and most prominent problem with app is Wind Gusts out beyond 48-60 hrs. App will give constant wind speed days out but not wind gusts. Gusts can be the problem (especially across bridges) and I would like to see improvement there. These guys work hard to provide a very valuable service.
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6 months ago, FritzieFresh
Well worth the price for even one trip!
There are very few apps that I will pay for. But, as an intermittent traveler, this one practically pays for itself for the important and accurate weather info it provides. It’s clear that they care about how their app works when you look at the version history. They are constantly fine-tuning it to be even better. The sliding “leave” time scale is immensely helpful in avoiding bad weather and calculating driving in the dark. It doesn’t stop there. Wind, temperature, freezing rain, etc. are all easily shown. It even shows the likelihood of the various conditions. Yes, they've raised the price of this app recently by $2 but unlike other apps, I am happy to pay for it for the ease of use and peace of mind while on the road.
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1 month ago, jemane
WAS Indispensabile NOW NOT (update)
Update: I have not used this app in a while. I used to have a paid subscription, but I’m just not taking as many road trips. I’m taking a long drive today and opened it up. I cannot even type in the destination address. Every time I input any character it asks me if I want to upgrade or use the free version. I hit free and then put in another number of the address and it comes up again. I thought this must be a bug so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. apparently, that is the new normal. That’s too bad because it’s a great app and I recommended it to so many people. Past (5 star) review: I’ve been using this app for at least a year. I love how it will tell me how the weather will change, depending upon what time I’m going to leave. Twice in the last trip that I took, its advice has saved me from getting caught in terrible storms. I change my route, depending upon the weather and change the time I’m going to leave, depending upon the weather. It’s really great.
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3 years ago, NC Hiker
Very handy for RV owners
This is nothing less than awesome for an RV owner. It does what we used to do by hand - a lengthy effort. This app routes you and then uses weather forecasts along your route to let you know what to expect as you travel. On top of that it allows you to adjust your departure date / time to see how the weather along your route changes with the change in departure time. Weather forecasts are not entirely accurate sometimes but you can’t blame the app for that. This app is best suited for longer trips. If you are concerned about high winds along a route, this app will give you the forecast wind speeds as you travel the route. RV owners like us know how important it is to have an idea of winds along the route. Well worth the small annual fee.
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2 weeks ago, Tallahassee black
This app will save you from accidentally killing yourself
I decided to drive around America and put 12,000 miles on my camper van in a month point I drive into Tallahassee Florida and it was completely black. I drove for miles right through the city center and everything was black. This was way more than a power outage. This was really spooky. I finally came across a cluster of stores that had electricity. I then learned from the staff that they had a tornado rip through Tallahassee at 6 AM. Everyone was freaked out. I could’ve driven right into it… Only after that, I searched and found this app which honestly is a lifesaver… And it’s accurate too. 5 stars🎉
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5 months ago, marker inbound
This app has such promise, but certain aspects don’t perform consistently or at all which makes it extremely frustrating to use. The time slider doesn’t ever appear when you add a waypoint. To set the time, then, you have to go back and edit the default which is 1:00. This requires tapping twice, but the time slider rarely appears regardless. So, I can only plan for the first day of a multi day trip rendering the app useless. When I shared my route with Waze, the precipitation forecast didn’t appear. I thought it would, but sharing the route with Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps was never addressed in the instructions (nor was history or how to set favorites), so I have no way of knowing. I emailed the developer twice, but never received a response. Great potential, but app needs some work.
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4 years ago, Mom on a dime
If I could give this app 10 stars, I would!!! My husband and I had to drive some heavy equipment from South Carolina to Oregon. AAA had provide a trip tick for us that recommended staying as far south as possible and driving up through CA to avoid potentially hazardous weather. That was going to take longer, but safety was important to us... I ended up Googling apps that determined best routes given weather/driving conditions- this one came up. It had good reviews, so I went ahead and purchased it. It suggested the route we WANTED to take- so... although it was kind of a gamble taking I-80w through Nebraska, Wyoming, and 84 (which had just been closed due to hazardous traffic) we followed the route the app suggested and made sure we made it through passes before the app said they would get bad and it was RIGHT ON YHE MONEY!!! The $10 I paid for this app was probably the best $10 I have ever paid for anything!!! I will be a customer for life as we also take several motorcycle trips a year- and knowing where and when to expect foul weather is very important. This app is the real deal!!!!
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1 year ago, Mamasita529
Excellent support
Was planning a motorcycle trip to Mexico but the weather for Mexico was not included in the app. Contacted the developer, he responded within hours. My trip was 4 days away, he was traveling at the time but he worked tirelessly and stayed in touch when he ran into a problem that may have prevented him from completing it before I left. In the end, he was able to get Mexico added prior to my trip. Not only that, he kept me updated during my trip when an issue arose and he had to remove the weather for Mexico in order to fix it. Thank you Paxton for your excellent support!
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4 years ago, Andy H, 310
Love this app!!
Needed to drive from Los Angeles to Concord NH to be with a gravely ill family member, did a search and found this app. WOW!! Came in super handy and helped me avoid bad weather in Arkansas (which turned out to be a tornado!!). I used the app each morning and updated it throughout the day when I got gas. Lots of helpful aspects - shows degree of probability of weather events, temperatures, allows adjustment of departure time which helps to see if weather improving or worsening, also adjustment for how fast you drive relative to others. Getting the subscription for a year is a no brainer for the price!!
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2 years ago, IMRAN.TV
Went From Effective To Where’s Waldo Madhouse Map App
Update:This is clearly a developer more interested in giving attitude & obnoxious responses to people calling the clunky app getting worse. Check the negative reviews & see the developer response too. Original: I paid to subscribe and initially found the app a bit clunky but usable for some estimated driving weather. After a few weeks of not using it, I launched it to be horrified by a garbage UX and nightmare results. Going from Tampa Bay FL home to East Patchogue NY home 1100 miles away - with a couple of rest stops and one hotel night in 3 cities along I-95 - provided me with a 3700 miles route …. LITERALLY through KANSAS. I deleted a couple of the stops… to be given a new route …. From Florida to BOSTON to Long Island NY. Just went from 4-Stars to 1-Star Is Too Much. The UX is not even worth wasting time writing about.
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3 months ago, Hop along (Adolfo)
Thank you John!!!!!
I met a friend at a former job. A great guy that genuinely cares about people’s safety and growth. I told him about the company I was employed at and the type of trailers I would be pulling. He looked at the routes and immediately told me to download this app and to upgrade to the premium service in order to have better route planning due to weather. Without him, I’d still be fumbling with other weather apps and guessing and hoping. Thanks John for everything that you do. You’re a rare person and one that I proudly call friend!!!! Take care of Lily.
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1 year ago, Robin Lamb
Waste of Money
I enter my starting point and destination, then scroll to adjust my departure time. The app immediately resets my travel information. Every single time. I tried restarting the app. I restarted my phone. The app does not perform well. It’s a waste of money. I requested a refund within minutes of my purchase and still haven’t received it yet, 3 days later. Update to respond to developer response: The free version doesn’t allow you to see the weather for a trip in the future. You have to pay for that. That is the aspect of the app that does not work. And I did submit a request for a refund almost immediately after purchase. I tried minutes after my purchase, but Apple wouldn’t allow the request to be processed until after money changed hands.
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3 years ago, AZanjp
I purchased this app for a trip back in February. I was doing a trip from Phoenix to Chicago, a very important necessary trip. I was watching national weather and several apps which were free. I paid the 10$ for this one assuming it would be extremely accurate. We finally left based on the app info which said clear but cold, no problem I thought. Well leaving Phoenix at 10pm I hit Gallop NM and was socked in with snow fog and ice all the way almost to Albuquerque NM. Approaching Albuquerque it was snowing slightly by the time we hit I 40 and I25 it was a white out, 1 lane down the middle of the interstate. All the exit ramps for a hundred miles where blocked by semi’s, no way to get off. I white knuckled it for many hours at extremely slow speeds. The weather was bad all the way to Oklahoma. This app failed me.
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7 months ago, jthork
The best weather app for driving!
DriveWeather was the app I was looking for to plan out a cross-country route based on future weather forecasts. Not only is the app well thought out, it's easy to use and flexible. Plus the developer is super responsive (even on Thanksgiving Day!). This is the best example of how apps should be developed and supported by every developer! Well done Concept Elements LLC! ***Oh and by the way, the cost to "own" this app is very reasonable compared to the monthly and annual subscriptions of other apps that do not have a fraction of the features.***
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8 months ago, AARP Lady
Pretty cool when it works
I bought the Pro version a couple days ago. It works great until it doesn’t. Sometimes it gives no route at all… I plug in my cities and request route info, but nothing happens. I will say I enjoy the heck out of it when it actually gives me a route and corresponding weather info. If it worked consistently, I’d highly recommend. After initially rating this app as 3 star, because of glitch mentioned above, I’m tweaking it to 4+. The developer did find a bug and immediately worked to resolve it. For that reason, I can now highly recommend!
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3 months ago, J. Kix
Great for road trips!
I used the free version of this app for a road trip from Minnesota to St. Pete Beach,FL. There was rain and thunder storms shown on the app and the location and intensity shown was spot-on with reality! I used the radar overlay to help me decide whether to pull off and wait out the storm or press on and get through it. I pressed on and was out of it in 30 min but if I’d waited it out I would have been delayed for hours as the storm cell was large and moving west to east and I was going north to south. Highly recommend!
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6 months ago, NickKh
Scam! They tried to charge my account!
Apple sent me 3 notifications after I downloaded this useless app and gave them my Apple Card info. Apparently this app tried to charge me $49 three times, even though I didn’t sign up for any paid features. Absolute scammers!! Avoid! EDIT: the response from the developer is baloney. There was no third party. I downloaded the app from here. And it DID ask me for credit card information claiming they want charge it unless I sign up for services. But as soon as I gave them my Apple Card information, I immediately got charged $49 x3 from strange websites. That literally never happened to me and I’ve been using Apple Card for a long time. So that was most definitely connected with this fraudulent app. Avoid!
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2 years ago, croixmom
Don’t bother unless you want to pay for a subscription to Pro
Free version only nominally functional. The worst part is before I could even really get a feel for this app, a persistent add came on the screen insisting I install Chrome. That is when I deleted the app from my phone. Note to creator: I do NOT use Chrome. I do NOT use Google Maps. I do NOT use google search engine. I do NOT use anything Google. I strongly resent Google forcing itself onto my phone. I purchased an iphone, not whatever piece of spy junk google sells. Google has NO RIGHT to muscle into my digital world. If this app has some sort of relationship with google which allows google to try to invade my space that should be prominently noted before people install this junk on their devices.
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7 months ago, Golfer7575
Perfect app for those that drive long distances
This is what I was looking for as I drive 30,000/yr. I found the app very accurate and am able to plan my trips avoiding unnecessary weather conditions. I could have used this last year when we had a snow blizzard with high winds, drifting snow and low visibility. If I had this app I would have chosen to drive the next day avoiding the long delays……a 5 hour drive turned into a 9+ hour drive. UGH! I highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, ksanacreations
Your app
I think any app that requires on going subscription is a rip off and a scam. It seem that so many are willing to pay a unnecessary subscription fee that all apps are going that way. If my only option is on going rip off then I’ll do the old school way and you sell your app to those that choose to be lazy. Aside from that I don’t believe if your sent some unfortunate into a blizzard that you would pay theyre motel fees. But you want them to pay your fees seems a bit scandalous. Keep your app I refuse to pay a subscription, if it were a one time fee that’s one thing. But no you want a payment over and over and over again. I would recommend replying to this because I’m only going cuss you out. Scammers
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6 months ago, ChanaBear
Contentious Developer/Poor Ui
After watching the video tutorial, I decided the UI was not vetted with any sort of formal usability testing making it difficult to see and use. But, I was still considering purchasing- then read the reviews. The developer seems arrogant and contentious is his responses - and frankly I don’t have time to deal with a prima donna. Sir, even if you are utterly convinced you are right, you will not be successful if you feel you must “win” every interaction with a customer. Some humility and grace will build a customer base as opposed to alienating the very people you need to adopt your app.
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1 year ago, Ceratopsis
We did a cross-country driving trip in February, and I tried out and bought the app then. It was useful for the first few days, and we managed to plan when to leave based on the displayed weather for a four-day itinerary that I input. It worked well. After that, putting in the evening stops individually just took too much time to do. There has to be maybe a default day length because inputting that you want to stop the drive at 4pm and restart at 9am next day for each day is just too hard. We ended up watching tv weather every day instead.
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2 years ago, melonbalz
The app will not stop updating my start position back to my current location. I drive for a living and it makes planning my potential loads impossible as my current location is not relevant to why I purchased the app. What Happens: I’m able to enter a beginning and end for my trip. As I’m moving the date of departure to a future day the app all of a sudden changes the start location to my current location.
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1 year ago, Help Required
Great Planning Tool
We’ve been doing a ton of cross country driving this spring and as seniors we really want to avoid bad weather when possible. This app has been so very helpful I can’t imagine traveling without it. It helps us know when to drive a bit longer or shorter for a break or overnight stay to avoid bad weather and showing temperatures across the miles helps to have the right clothing on hand. Next best innovation since GPS!
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1 year ago, sherigeek
Super Value!
December 2022 holiday travel was fraught with weather risks - and Drive Weather has been a real bonus - maybe even a life saver for us! Using this app, we decided to depart a day earlier than our original plans and missed some terrible road conditions. Questions posed to the developer have been quickly answered. This is a great app and well worth the price of the paid version in support of long trips! Thanks so much for reducing my stress!
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5 years ago, CW;)
Where have you been all my life?
I was looking for an app that would show me where to expect bad weather on a recent trip from Minneapolis to Denver. This certainly does that. But when I saw I could change the departure time a see how that would affect rain & snow on my trip - I was blown away. With that info I moved up the time I would leave and had nothing but dry weather. That aspect alone makes this my new travel app. Very cool
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5 years ago, evansaurora
Would be great if it actually worked
I can’t get it to let me enter info. I can enter a starting point, or a destination, but not both, and it won’t retrieve weather info. I keep tapping and nothing happens. It has worked in the past. Perhaps today’s weather is so bad, it can’t handle all the data. I tried restarting my XR (which does freeze up a lot), but it didn’t help.
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2 years ago, Duftyr
Weather is useful but travel time way off
I couldn’t figure out why I have a huge 2nd day of driving ahead of me, and why I’m so late in arriving at my overnight stop. So I used this app and then Google maps to compare. For the same route, this app gives a 7 hr 45 min trip from my current location , while Google maps says it’ll take 11 hours. I am a frequent x country driver and have always found Google maps accurate. This is my first time relying o this app , and I am WAY off the mark (or more specifically, still on a dark highway in New Mexico). Perplexed.
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2 years ago, Lori in Webster
Fantastic Travel Weather Planner
I recommend the paid version that allows you to plan beyond a couple days, but the free version is good to give it a try. You can adjust your speed of travel and see wind, rain, ice, and snow along your route based on departure time. Easy to use and accurate. Especially excellent for RV Travel or any kind of travel in the north or higher elevations.
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9 months ago, Silly loon
Good app to use when driving across the country.
I only use the 2-day, free app mostly because I’m to tight to splurge on & purchase the extended one. I do appreciate the ability to view the weather when I travel across country. No weather map is ever 100% accurate but gives me an idea of what to expect. I appreciate the service & use it frequently. Ty
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9 months ago, rubru66
App stopped working
Love this app, as a truck driver this is a very useful app to check the weather for your trip. It's pretty accurate and easy to use, and for the price you can't beat it. Tried uninstalling and installing it again but still nothing. I put in where I want to go and it never fetches the routes. Miss using this app. How can I fix this?
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5 months ago, Tlog313
So simple and easy to use, and super helpful!
This app is by far the most helpful for travel. It’s incredibly simple to use yet provides a ton of important info. It saved us this trip from ending up in the middle of the winters worst storm - we stayed a second day at our campground and then followed the storm, in clear dry weather. Best $ I’ve spent on a travel app!!
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1 year ago, JosePaddle
Total game changer
Love this app! I have been taking epic (vacation) road trips for decades and always wished I had a tool like this. What this app does in seconds would take me up to an hour to do. Also, I love traveling in the fall and winter with less crowds but don’t like dealing with snow. This app enables me to be ahead, behind or completely avoid bad weather. Thank you!!!!!!
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4 years ago, kinicolej
Make your life easier!
So during the Rona, all the trips we’ve been taking have been road trips. Now that the Midwest winter is back, it’s nice to have the weather not be a factor. We can decide when we need to leave, what we need to avoid, plan little stops along our routes to sit out any crazy storms that may pop up; it just takes some of the stress out of planning. Love it.
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7 months ago, 1lucydog
No sharing of route(s)?
Just purchased pro, so we’ll see how this works on upcoming trip. I’d like this app to have the capability to SHARE routes with family/loved ones, so they can see weather conditions too. If this functionality can be added, I’ll update to 5 ⭐️. Otherwise, pretty cool. I’ve already plotted our trip and as expected, it’s going to be nasty drive with the wind and ice. At least we’ll know what to expect driving the route, in real time.
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12 months ago, Shallyballie
Like it a lot
I really like this app. It appears to be very stable and reliable so far. I only wish it showed the total hours and minutes of the trip as well as “times” along the way like another app like this I’ve used in the past. That said the many features this app does have are very good and appreciated.
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2 years ago, RamblingSpartan
Easy and smart
This app has a beautiful, intuitive interface. There is a walk-through video by the developer built into the app. I’m using it right now to plan a cross country winter driving trip, and it lets me easily plan when to stop each day and when to leave from our overnight stops.
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2 years ago, JoeJoesaurus
Never works properly
I paid for the full subscription. It never lets me type in the address like it’s suppose to with the subscription service. Then every other week I was having to “restore” my subscription in order to see the weather for the week when looking up my route. Now for the past couple weeks it’s not showing the route I’m even on. I’m currently in McClean, TX headed to Nashville, TN. It’s showing me the weather for a route that goes through Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky before dipping down into Tennessee. It’s nowhere near where I’m at! Useless app.
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8 months ago, Dejus
An essential tool for RVers
We are full-time RVers, and I rely on this app (among others) to know if we need to leave early due to high wind gusts. Once we drove double distance to avoid high winds the following day, thanks to this app. And glad we did; there was a report of an RV being blown over in the area we would have been. Thanks for the app!
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2 years ago, Gaming Without You
Excellent display of weather forecast
This app has been an excellent companion for both motorcycle rides and trips by car. The ability to plan a route for a motorcycle trip using several destinations to plot the weather along the way is handy but the slider to adjust departure times and see the forecast update is invaluable.
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1 year ago, Shoe-be-do-be-do
Does what it says. Icons take a LITTLE effort to understand but very helpful once you do and I feel the extra icons/shadings are necessary to fulfill the point of this app. The slider for the time to leave / arrive is VERY useful. Want to avoid snow/ice? Just slide to see if you should leave a little early or late - or just stay home. Well done!
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8 months ago, 12345678905567899
Have used this app for a few years & has always worked. Haven’t used for a few months now & all I get is the spinning wheel. Have always loved the app Update: After uninstalling & reinstalling the app it works. I love the app. It’s great for our long travels several times a year. Thank you
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2 years ago, rachliing
Glad someone made this
I didn’t know an app like this existed, so it’s already making my trip planning easier. The free option answers enough for me, but looks like there are useful paid features, too. Let’s hope the data is sharp enough to keep me out of heavy rain. Cheers.
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2 years ago, Tedd 1
Free is worth Free
The “free” version of this app is not usable. It’s not even good enough to get me to pay for an upgrade. I’m thinking about deleting the free version. No thanks. PS I did get a response from the developer. The free version gives you “2 days of forecast and one drive”. Testing this app, for me, and the “drive”, is 2 days long, is not enough testing time for me to purchase. I can use many free weather apps for a drive forecast. I deleted the app.
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3 years ago, MNWahine
Somewhat confusing.
I am planning a cross-country trip in January. A well designed app like this may be would be invaluable to me. However I am struggling with the many features of it. I wish there were clear cut instructions for it. Update: in the middle of the road trip. It does work, but FYI you need to start over each time, don’t look at a “remembered” start/stop. I’ll report when done.
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