Driver Pulse by Tenstreet

3.1 (664)
80.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Driver Pulse by Tenstreet

3.09 out of 5
664 Ratings
7 years ago, Canute73
Initial review: It works fine but not very useful
Perhaps this would be more useful if I were an experienced driver, however my first impression is that it is of little benefit. It shows me to which companies I've applied and who my recruiters are. Beyond that? Not much! My wife and I are in school, soon to graduate, and seeking team OTR as husband/wife. As such we've been picky about who we apply to and have received pre-hires from all. It does not show any status. I'd hoped it would show which companies offered pre-hires and info regarding if they'd pulled our backgrounds yet and which ones. It does not. When you put in your info it does say it will share that info with prospective employers but that does not appear to effect "recommended employers". It's more or less "you're looking for trucking jobs, these companies hire truckers". I'd like to be able to check a list of preferences I am seeking from an employer and then search based upon that criteria. Such as: Experience level, OTR or desired type of trucking, dry van/reefer etc, team or solo (should have a selection for those with a current teammate and those who'd be seeking really nice to tie your app to your teammates), endorsements, company policies (pet policy, ride-a-long), hiring areas etc. Allow us to search for companies based upon our personal criteria and this app would be invaluable!
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11 months ago, Bgm Captin
Needs fixing !
Used this app for atleast 2 years now and never had many complaints about it other than the bugs , glitches , and spamming. (Most people complain about that already) my problem is still somewhat similar I’ve got a job and during orientation this job uses the app to receive important documents and to do training. As I’m doing my training during orientation I notice that I’ll watch a video and once the questions come up the system shuts down and will say the answer to my questions are wrong (which they’re not me and my trainer noticed this ) not only that when I’m done it just replays the video as if I never took the test. I’ve tried on phones ,tablets & computers and the same thing occurs. This app has way too much potential to be failing at simple task and multiple choice questions.
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6 months ago, WakeBoarder_PR
No contact information.
There isn't a way to contact Tenstreet customer support from the drivers app which is "Driver Pulse" app. Also, there isn't a logout button. You have to delete the app and it will ask for the login when opening the app again and the login is passwordless which is something very silly to do by any business because if you lose your phone along with your email then you will be locked out from the app. On top of that the app is buggy, it seems to be a browser type app rather than an actual native app and that's probably why the screen goes crazy after submitting information. The license expiration date shows wrong and the worst all, I filter to not see OTR or regional companies and I only see nothing but that. This app is not for drivers, this app is to help companies to hire the drivers a little faster and more convenient trying to do the whole hiring process in only one place and I believe that Tenstreet takes advantage of the drivers data somehow.
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4 years ago, aaronsmith1990
Helps companies more then the drivers
1. Why give me notifications saying update to my application but never gives further info 2. I should auto fill 100% why just 67%? I keep having to answer same questions. 3. I think its a tool for companies to keep track of a driver. I think it shows them who ive applied to and my status with whatever company. Cause ill only get one call at a time and when i ignore the company for few days the put denied on my app and then the next will call but as the list is building up im getting less companies interested in me. So they must see what im doing. 4.we should b able to review the company 5. We should b able to see the same reports they see/pull on us. Mvr, dac, ect
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1 year ago, Son Madara
Unable to upload CDL
The platform is unable to upload my CDL. I’m at the final screen that asked for more information about the document and it will not let me finish; the application freezes. Personally there is no point in asking additional information as an extra step because the platform makes you enter your DL expiration date and comments on the upload page. It should all be on one page in one go. Other than that, this is a great service; but the software needs to be better.
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4 years ago, taylorgsquared
Great but....
I honestly think this app has helped me take large step in the direction I want my career to go. Companies are typically quite responsive and they will tell you straight up what type of positions they have when the recruiter reaches out to you. Yes they have a lot of communication (emails, phone calls, texts, etc.) but this is an app to get leads on jobs and jobseekers. And Driverpulse does this! I have not been able to check my notifications on the app in over 4 days. This is putting a large damper on my application statuses. I do like this app but it has lost functionality for me
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2 years ago, Cetronia62
Mostly useless
This app is mostly useless for drivers. It does save about 75% of your application but it will require you to answer all the same questions that you already had answered. Also it will show that your Application percentage status but it doesn’t tell you what’s going on with your application,for example,it will say that your application status changed from 25% to 50% but it doesn’t tell you what it means. You still have to call the companies that you applied for to get an update. I don’t understand why they email me to tell me that my status been updated but it doesn’t say what.
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2 years ago, Princess leía 667
Works better
I think it was because I was on an army beast. Once I got off the army base, the app worked better. I still wish it was a little easier to apply to multiple jobs. I still have to go through and approve everything that I’ve approved 100 times on each and every job listing. I would like an option to just pick all of the jobs that I’m interested in, then just click apply, and have the site just automatically send my application.
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2 years ago, CryptoTruth
Question about information sharing between companies
I found the app very useful for applying with companies. I wanted to ask, if a company doesn’t want to move forward with me through the pulse app, are other companies aware? Information that is obtained through the direct messaging with recruiter’s as well….is the information that I send to a recruiter via the message system accessible to other companies? Will other companies be provided or have access to what I say in a message? Thanks
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5 years ago, IBN JEANS
This app will get better with time
I like it. This app is pretty good but it has a long way to go. The company history shows me every trucking job I applied to and even shows me the recruiter I’m assigned to (which is good when you apply for several jobs). It also shows the process of your application and has options to apply for other jobs. You can even attach your social security card and CDL but I’m not sure how secure this app is yet. Download this app and make suggestions to developers to make it successful in order to benefit those in the trucking industry.
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4 years ago, scholarbev
Probably a great app if it were reliable
I’m currently using this app while applying for and researching companies to work for. I regularly get push notifications but when I open the app i just get a blank white screen. This has happened several times now and it’s super frustrating.
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1 year ago, woodymacds
Application process
Company requirements do not match in the app compared to what the actual job requirements are! Communication is less then helpful I currently work for a drive away transport company so being in my home state is limited. I returned to get my DOT physical to be informed I needed a for hire endorsement. Neither were listed as job requirements on the job board. As I’m obtaining required documents I don’t yet know if I have passed the other requirements for said job. Also the filter when searching jobs doesn’t narrow it down due to the limited options
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1 year ago, L.I.O.N’S ROAR
No help!
I was hacked and my account also. I told them that someone was applying for jobs that I wasn’t applying for and I was receiving messages with someone else’s name where my name is supposed to be. I asked for help and the person who responded told me to log back in and change my login credentials. Now I was very unhappy with the way they handled my situation, because I kept telling them that my account was hacked. So the hackers got my info and I can’t do anything about it. Stop with your negligence and look into matters that concerns people privacy and information.
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1 year ago, csah colen
It’s hard to get your foot in the door for a good company
Same here there’s a lot recruiting however most companies won’t even consider you without 3 to 5 years of experience. Unless your an owner operater with your own power unit. Or your willing to work scapes until you get established . It’s seems like an uphill battle. At least that’s been my experience. Good luck hunting
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2 years ago, Cudkdjsic
Makes simple things a pain, especially completing tasks
Not very helpful as far as tasks go, app tells me I have tasks that need to be completed with no indication as to how I’m supposed to complete them, am I supposed to contact the employer? Will I be getting an email with the tasks to complete? An online form maybe? And it’s always going to be random because each employer is going to be different in some way with their hiring process. Do better.
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5 years ago, gamingtrucker
App won’t login
I recently upgraded my iPhone to the xr and I’ve always used this app but now I can’t login to get to my documents I make it all the way to the social security number screen and put my number in but it won’t let me in. Is this a new bug or do you need to update the app to support iPhone XR.
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3 years ago, jurentkuff
Definitely has things that need to be fixed
What is the point of Using the filters if you don’t actually take them into account. If I click that I’m only interested in local jobs I don’t want to see over the road and regional jobs as well. If I did I would’ve selected that I wanted to see regional and over the road jobs. I cannot even begin to explain how annoying that is
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4 years ago, RadiantBeef
Helps you at first, but what is the point of having a filter option in the job search when it doesn’t actually filter anything? I try narrowing down my search for a specific area as well as all the other options, but not a single one seems to work. If I wanted to look through a list of employers, there are plenty of websites that do it better. Some of which have a working filter function.
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1 year ago, Carbonbreath
Problematic saving data.
Few years back you could call their help desk but that option isn’t available anymore. I’ve experienced problems saving profile data using this application for the past two years. Removing app and reinstalling it doesn’t fix issues. Software must be problem with newer phones and current IOS version.
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5 years ago, Kaveman2010
Unwanted email
I received an email that appeared to be from a legitimate trucking company called P&S Transportation. The contents of the email claimed I had put in an application at this company, which I did not, that my application was assigned to someone named Kim Brown, and that I could track my application in real time by following a link. That link led to Tenstreet’s app here in the App Store. I only downloaded this app to leave a review about the unwanted email and their less than honest advertising practices. I will not open the app. I will delete it immediately.
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2 months ago, Command and Conquer vet.
The ap works alright when it remembers to save input and you dont have to re-enter the same information on 3 applications. As well certain buttons do not work at all and logging in on mobile vs logging in on a web browser requires vastly different information so if you use one you likely dont know or possess the info to log into the other.
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3 months ago, Toyomombo
Works on computer but not on my phone
Everything shows up when I’m logged on the website when using my desktop computer. When using my phone though, everything is blank. I see the main menu and as soon as I click on a tab, for example the “activities tab”, it’s blank. How can I fix this?
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2 years ago, midnitepeahen
Hard to navigate
This app is hard to navigate. I currently cannot find a way to access messages sent back and forth to a company. It shows up on the history, but I can’t get to the actual messages except through an email link. I should be able to access them directly through the app, but I cannot
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5 years ago, Ghhufssdhkkjutdsdfgujnv
It never works!😡😤
I have tried to use this app and website for over two years now and it never works. They will send me a text saying someone has pulled my MVR so click on this link to see it and when I do it will never go pass the login information. The only time it will let me do anything at all is when an employer will send me a link to fill out their application. But it will NOT let me see or use the app without them sending me the application link.
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3 years ago, Suthernxtreme
While this app is good for applying to new jobs it’s limited to the companies that use the app. But, the dumbest thing about this app is you do not have access to your own career history. In order to get that you have to apply to companies and then your given an option to email the application to yourself. This is completely ludicrous in my opinion.
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1 year ago, pima1234
Blank white screen…
App seems completely useless. Can’t do anything. Just a blank white screen. Desktop functions better, but still full of problems. Cannot upload documents at all. Using iPhone/iMac. Update: Still having the same issues. And, the same problem exists trying to use the browser version. It’s just fine on the desktop (also Apple).
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4 years ago, jokerswild2019
This app has screwed my trucking career
I’m normally not a fan of negative reviews but this app literally just wastes my time I could apply for potential jobs and trucking companies who send you text saying how they want you etc etc you quickly are placed into the trucking pool of do we really want you or do we want to toy with you... I had a job with Rains and Sons and app was like small company doesn’t deal with DAC... sure whatever companies closed and my DAC is blacklisted... $4500 out the drain...
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8 months ago, dhhdfb
Please update the app because what’s the point of having filters when you put them in it still doesn’t show you what you’re looking for you will put in Houston Texas and get stuff from Georgia or you will put six months experience and then get jobs that require 2 or 3 years of experience.
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5 years ago, JRWotr
Doesn’t work on iPhone 8 Plus iOS 13.2.3
Neither the app for iOS, nor the web browser based application works on my phone. All I get is a grey screen and no response. I need to close the Safari window or close the app (double click, then up-swipe) to exit. I just used the browser app on Windows v10 in FireFox, and it worked fine... I would guess that the app and browser are hanging up when trying to do the security verification.
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1 year ago, ajenks79
Blank Screen after login
I have had this app for a few day now and everyday I get the same thing. I have tried it in various locations thinking maybe it will work better. Login in using Wi-fi, using 4G or 5G, full signal. It doesn’t matter I just get the same thing a blank page that never loads. How am I to check anything when it doesn’t load. Worthless app.
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2 months ago, Youngscholar891
Keep getting messages from other drivers asking me questions about jobs but when I go to log in nothing shows up. I also get messages about things updating but when I go to check the task button nothing appears. App also doesn’t save any information.
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4 years ago, NFB1892
More information please
Very helpful with auto fill! Would be more helpful if it would tell you what your application status has updated too, instead of just sending you a notification saying it’s been updated with no information.
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3 years ago, boowaine21
Great app but having issues
I use to have this app and it worked great but this time it won’t let me put in my social security number to keep going through it
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5 years ago, ILUSIV Livia
Needs work
I’ve been trying to use this app and I like how I can reach out and find companies but I deleted it because it wasn’t providing me with their responses and I keep having to sign up over and over. I should only need to sign up once.
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4 years ago, dannnnny boyyyy
Pop up calendar
It used to work fine but something happened with latest update. I’m not able to scroll to the bottom of the screen if I use the pop up calendar to adjust date last worked. Can’t continue applying because I can’t get to the next screen. Hope it gets fixed.
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5 years ago, chito 777
Owner operator
This is a great app has all the top companies listed. They keep your info so when you apply it is very fast. No need to go anywhere else for contacts there all here.
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4 weeks ago, Driver Driver April
Not that great but somewhat helpful
I have a clearinghouse request but it doesn’t show up in the app only in my email which I did not see until 5 days later due to looking at app for confirmation… employers are able to send paperwork to be completed but that’s about it
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4 years ago, SirTimber13
Can’t log in
Get through the first screen asking for name, email, and phone number, then the se one screen asking for my SSN freezes up and stops loading. Never been able to go any further then that to check on my applications or to put new ones in. Maybe an update can fix this issue or maybe a better system on their part, not 100% sure.
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4 years ago, Kara5562
This is a life saver
I spent the night doing my resume on this app and I’m ecstatic that it can automate the process so that I don’t have to do my resume every time I apply! Driver Pulse has saved me many hours of review.
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5 months ago, Charleeb25
The filtering does not work
I would check off the things that I want and I would still see jobs that I’m not looking for on the top of the list. I think you guys should fix this because this is an issue that hinders me from seeing go all the jobs I’m needing to see.
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1 year ago, JazzyKurt
Could be better but no help
They got me in contact with my new employer who has worked out very well. After that they keep notifying me that there are documents to view in the app, but instead of displaying the pdf, they let me download it and wonder how I can view it.
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3 years ago, 123Dump-It
Great convenient app but…….
Please fix the auto-fill bug in the app. It freezes on the app but on the website/browser it works. Everything is great about it!!!
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3 years ago, Aimnel80
Worst app ever
This must be the worst app ever, you never know when my stuff is going to be deleted when I open up driver pulse and at the same time in the filter, it absolutely never gives me any of the locations and gives me companies, that are not anywhere close to where I am and do not hire in the state that I am licensed in, so it’s pointless!!!!!!
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5 years ago, 1234567890 thumbs down
Worked for about an hour
This was a useful when it worked. Don’t waste your time downloading. The app goes to a black screen and then does nothing. The developers seem to have given up and aren’t fixing the plethora of bugs on this thing. Would probably get at least 3 stars, IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED. If there was an option for no stars, I would have picked that one.
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2 years ago, Nikki1212$
App doesn’t work most of the time
I constantly have to remove and delete app and reinstall. Fave ID doesn’t work on it. It gets hung up on Face ID and won’t allow you to do anything else. At this point I have to delete the entire app and reinstall. I would be better if it was a little more user friendly as well.
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2 years ago, DntFrgtTheJoker
Needs Bugs Fixed
1.) Works okay for basic app functions. 2.) Certain tasks won’t mark as complete on their own; requires administrator to go in and manually complete the task. This removes some automation from what’s supposed to be a seamless process. 3.) Unlike the website, the app *requires* biometric authentication instead of allowing use of a passcode or password for end users to access some sections of their profile, which reduces app security. 4.) Overall assessment: 2/5 stars. Alleviates workload in some respects but increases workload in others.
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2 years ago, FlameDancer
Does not work
Ever since I downloaded this app it has only worked twice maybe three times and my company requires me to have it since they send paperwork that needs to be done through the app. I have tried to fix it but all steps have failed, this would be useful if it ever worked.
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4 years ago, carhaulboss
Excellent!! I love it I wish all companies use this. Because I get tired of filling out the same information over n over again
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5 years ago, Mr Andrew357
Locked tight
I recently moved so I changed my phone number and I changed my email account.. years later I’m locked out of my account and no way to get back in. I don’t know my old email information and cell number. There’s no way to start a new account. You better screenshot your info or remember it because there no one to call to get them reset.
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1 year ago, Nightowl4272
More confusing than useful
I keep getting updates that I have documents that I can view. But when I go to the page, I see the documents (pdf) but I can’t open them. ???
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