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User Reviews for DTE Energy

4.75 out of 5
18.4K Ratings
3 years ago, fridaygrrl
Great Way to Report and Keep on on Outages
This app does a great job keeping the customer informed as crews fix the problems that cause power outages (usually downed trees). I reported an outage during a huge windstorm, and signed up for the text updates. My power came back on a few hours later, and the text I received asked me to confirm that I had power. This gave me a lot of confidence as the day was getting colder and colder and I would need my furnace as I don’t have a functioning fireplace or wood stove yet. Later that night, the power went out again, so I reported another outage, and the app informed me that final repairs for the entire area were in progress and the second outage would be temporary. This is super important. As my house got colder, I had to know when to make the decision to stay or pack up and go to my sister’s. Because I had information from the app, I knew I could stay put until the power came back on. Had the messaging been different, I would have left. Anyone who has pets, kids, or elderly parents knows how hard the stay-or-go decision is when stuff like this happens. Thank you, DTE. Committing resources to an app might not seem like the most important thing you do (kudos to the crews out in the cold doing their work) but keeping people updated so that they can take the measures they need to keep their families safe can save lives in a place where there are extreme temperatures.
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3 months ago, The Singing Evangelist
Limb removal
Thanks so much to the DTE workers who came out today to take some limbs down. The crew was so friendly, kind and CONSIDERATE of my feelings. I hate losing trees! They did their best and were very open to my request to not take the whole tree. They pruned and I understand they have an important job to do. They were 100% better than last year when I lost my cool. Just a little friendly understanding went a long way. I appreciated them so much. Thank you for sending a team I could talk to before the trees came down. It is quite upsetting to see guys just cutting down trees like madmen and leaving the debri. I really appreciated this team that came out today. They were so polite and understanding. Much improvement. Give these guys an A + for customer relations. They deserve a raise. I still haven’t gotten over last year. Thank you so much!
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5 years ago, Std734
Site=Ostrich & Application=Pigeon
App works great but why is it necessary when you have a website? It seems logical that the sit would function just as well as the application. But the only reason for me to use the application is in regards to outages, you know when I need to conserve my phones energy. It just seems asinine when the site could function exactly the same, but instead this way to elaborate of a site that must cost money to be maintained that barely functions to the point of having an application is necessary must be downloaded just to check when I will have power again, keep in mind our rates go up to now pay for this site. It’s just unnecessary. Honestly, if you visit the site at this moment it will say “new look” in the ULR, why do my rates go up to cover the new look for a site that doesn’t work? Then force me to download an application to function just as the new looking site should work? Who runs this company? Anyway, the application works great. Your site is akin to a flightless bird.
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2 years ago, RingtoneMama
Love love love this app
This app is the greatest! It runs smoothly when I pay my bill. Just a couple of quick taps and I’m done! When I had an outage it only took a few taps too! I got updates on time and I could see who else was out. Everyone should get this app. It would save a ton of headaches. You don’t have to wait for anything except for updates about when power is going to be restored and that’s not the app’s fault! DTE now needs to get on the ball and start replacing the old stuff with new! This year alone, I lost power at least 11 times now and I’m a senior citizen. It’s one thing losing power in the summer but in the WINTER??!!! It’s way too cold…it went down to below 20° 2 weeks ago when I was out!
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5 years ago, Gi GibTower
DTE VS Consumers Energy
When I lived in Jackson, MI. Consumers Energy was the only option I had for electric...they were HORRID to deal with, and I had neighbors pirating off my electricity line and had $240 a month bills for a two bedroom apartment with no tv or computer running all day. I complained and begged them to check the situation at my building-and they refused. I eventually had to give up my apartment bc I’m in a fixed income and couldn’t afford such an outrageously high electric bill every month. Since I moved back to Washtenaw County I had a choice, and I chose DTE-and so far they have been great, easy to deal with, and the app even easier to manage on my phone since I don’t have a computer...
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4 years ago, 38cal susan
Love the app!
It’s been so easy to pay my bill and report a power outage, they also text me back when the power will be restored. I now receive paperless billing, the only thing I can’t find on the app is the amount of usage I use during the off hours and prime hours of the day. On the back of my paper bill it told me how much usage I was usin during prime time hours of the day. I love the DTE insight app, I keep record of how much usage I use when I use electrical items in the home. I learned that my gas dryer, furnace and water tank also uses electricity and the microwave just zooms up my electric bill so now I use my gas stove as much as possible.
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5 years ago, TimberTantrum#264
App is easy to use for checking outages and reporting issues. The one thing I would like to see is additional options for reporting an issue. Our power goes off and on frequently whenever the wind blows. The only option I have for reporting this is either POWER OUT or LIGHTS FLICKERING. Sometimes when I report an issue, the power has come back on but it will off and on multiple times within a short period of time so Power Out is not always an accurate description and Lights Flickering isn't really the issue either.
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6 years ago, brat0063
About this app
It’s a great way of taking care of business! You can do everything, and I mean everything with this app. Without waiting on your phone call to be answered, you can see where outages are in your area and report any issues you may have! I absolutely love that they have come up with a app so useful and you can do what you need to in a matter of seconds/minutes depending on your problem. And best of all you can make your payments with the click of a button! Great job creating such a easy app to use! Thank you
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3 years ago, Bobzzz1
App is good
Works good for reporting the frequent power outages. I get notified when power is back on so I can switch back to the power grid. I am going to buy a whole house generator to cover the power outages. Getting tied of having to start up the generator and switch off of the power grid. My neighbors have Consumers Energy with less power outages but I am about 1000 feet away to be able to get it. DTE has been making a good effort to trim the trees in our area which will help when they get done.
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3 years ago, Joe from Highland
Very good for power outages
This app is very good for reporting power outages. It’s easy to report an outage. You can see a map that shows the areas that don’t have power. You are given an estimate of when power will be restored. In most cases they restore power earlier than the estimate, which is nice. They provide status updates, such as “crew is on the way”, and “repair work currently in progress” (I’m not sure what the exact phrases are). It’s really nice to get a status update so that you know that progress is being made.
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1 year ago, All for one and one for one
They really love money and paying customers. But if you need their help with someone pulling their meeter and locking them out they will not help you gain access all tho it is their equipment and they need 24 hour access to their equipment they will tell you its not their problem and there is nothing they can do. Isn't it your equipment? If i turned on the electricity and locked you out you would demand access but because its off and locked you don't care
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5 years ago, jennb223posh
Love paying on my phone
I have been with DTE since I was a little girl and my dad worked for Detroit Edison. I Absolutely Love this app. Love that I can have the same bill every month and if I forget to pay and find myself short I open the app, pay what I can and wait for my next paycheck to pay the rest. It’s Awesome! DTE has such great customer service and I have never had a problem. Love you DTE! I also have a dad in my classroom who is working on his electrical degree and is going to apply to DTE. So thankful for this app and this company.
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4 years ago, Kbrighton
Quick and convenient option
I’ve read some of the reviews asking why this app would be necessary...simple answer is “because everything else has an app.” I love the ease of use and the fact that I can check on my electricity at home, outage maps, etc while on the go way quicker than logging in to the full website. Don’t get me wrong, the website is super helpful too, but the app seems much quicker and simpler to me. Thank you DTE!
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4 years ago, pg1419
Not sure if I am the only one to have this issue, but since last year this app has been nothing but a pain in regards to my payments. I’ve had auto pay set up for several years, but out of nowhere my auto pay just doesn’t work. I’ve called the company several times, emailed and went on the website. Every time I talk to somebody they tell me it’s all set, every time I’ve gone on the website they tell me it is all set BUT it is not and then I get stuck with a past due balance. The whole reason I have this app is to make things simple, but after the 6th time of this I am done. The craziest part is, it works sometimes. I’m irritated and annoyed, obviously my concerns are not being heard.
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1 year ago, Jaylows
New Map is horrible
Bring back the old outage map! I would suspect it was changed to little dots with numbers rather than the large blocks of color so it doesn’t “look as bad” to customers when the power goes out. Even if I zoom all the way in, it doesn’t show the exact houses/businesses who are out of power like it used to. This matters when you are seeing if your elderly parents are out of power, or your child’s school or a business before you head out to go there. The state workers who need to see pumps near highways can’t exactly see where their pump houses are on the map of outages either. This new style of map was a very poor upgrade!!
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3 years ago, Freddy # 4
Response to power failure!
I find the app very helpful and informative, the fact that I always get a response to my call for help with a text message, lets me feel like someone is out there trying to get me back up and running and once you get power restored you always let me know it is restored so if I am not home I know it’s okay to go home and my power will be on!! Thank you and your service personal John F. Jacobs
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6 years ago, Motox20
Very simple and fast
Such an easier way to pay my bill, I hate calling and having to press 1 for English, 1 for blah, 3 for blah, etc. Took about 3 minutes to pay my bill just now and done. I wish more companies would make things this simple. You don’t even have to log into your account, can pay as guest, enter your account # or address and choose amount to pay, enter payment info then hit confirm and done!
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4 years ago, Dr. Combo
In a Great Place now
This app now after many years of feedback and development is in a great place and shape. I love it! I can divide my usage by month and trend usage by estimated cost for electricity and gas separated. I pull this data into an excel and graph it outside the app which is nice. I wish previous years of data pre-2018 can be pulled into this and trended the same. Next step would be to have this app pull the signature of all appliances by electric signature and provide usage separated. Thank you, DTE team for listening and improving this app. Truly appreciated!
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4 years ago, culleoka
Inaccurate information
Power has been out for 42 hours so far. Twice I’ve reported via the app that wires are down, tree on the wires. Twice now the app has been updated to say power has been restored. First time I received a text message as well telling me the problem had been fixed and to reply yes or no if we had power or not. I text back no and it told me to report the problem again! So while all the other houses around our street were fixed and power was restored we’ve now been put at the bottom of the list and they hope to have it restored in the next three days! What a crock!
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3 years ago, Mega Pixle Photography
Very useful
I live in Brandon township where loosing power is a way of life. My problem is that due to a medical condition I need electricity to run my BIPAP and during the summer months, run my air conditioning . My stepdaughter during a power outage will drive out to “Rescue “ me and take me to her house in Bloomfield. I will use the app to get any updates on the progress of resorting the power. The app is also useful in paying my bill.
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3 years ago, TutoringMom
Outage Updates not accurate or timely
Appears they have automatic response to what the problem is when you report your home. Yesterday’s outage reported out at 8:30am due to lightening when the storm didn’t start until 11:30am. Today another new outage says wind was the cause when there isn’t one leaf moving on the trees. Also, app status at 8:30am today says it has not been updated since 7:30pm the prior day. Last outage our lights were on for 5 hours before the app reported them on.
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5 years ago, Soccer Mom 357532
Great During Power Outage
I typically go online to pay my bill. However, you can do it via the app as well. I use the app most during a power outage. We have quite a few in our area. So it’s very convenient to get updates, ETAs and see how many other customers are affected. It updates you every step of the way especially at a time when you feel the most disconnected and out of communication
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3 years ago, Tak3 Th1s N1ckn4m3
Always up to date and easy to submit outage
I support equipment at over 100 locations across metro Detroit. If I have an outage, this app is the first thing I check! Super easy to let DTE know there’s a problem too. They keep me updated throughout the issue. Awesome to have especially with these crazy storms we’ve been having. I wish all vendor apps were this fine tuned, thank you!
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3 years ago, Charcharbae
I love this app!!
This app is so helpful when I need to pay my bill or if my power is out. I can also pay other customers bills by paying as a guest. I also know my family’s usage of energy and the comparisons from last months or last years bill. I really love love love this app. I recommend it to others all the time. I am a satisfied customer for sure!
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4 years ago, Sinceyouwontacceptmynameeither
This app is awesome!
Gone are the days when we had to struggle to get through on the phone and got nothing but busy signals. Now we can quickly and easily report the problem on the app and immediately see how extensive the problem is. I was given the option to be notified by text and when we got back our power I immediately got a text.
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6 years ago, Daddy.Jones1
Nice but Needs Pay!
The app is very convenient, and does what it’s supposed to do, but I don’t like paying entering my credit card # online, and I don’t like saving it at multiple companies with varying levels of security. Pay is the obvious solution for  Users. It’s a huge increase in my feeling of secure online transactions. I’m to the point where I don’t do business online without it. Please add this payment option. It would take the app to 5-Stars in my opinion.
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2 years ago, Virginia Rae
Helpful and trusted
I use my phone to pay my bills and this app makes it easy. I just enrolled in auto pay. So many helpful functions such as reporting power outages and getting notifications and they check with you to make sure your power is back on. I can take care of business without my laptop. Very happy.
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5 years ago, this nickname iis taken
Overall 👍🏼
Easy to use and offers a nice point of reference from usage last month and last year to see where you stand. They update the app often which may get laborious (really all you have to do is click the update button, so chill out guys) however it seems like there are continuous improvements to the app. after updating. ✌🏼
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7 years ago, Bobsterroc
So much easier!
I was getting very frustrated when attempting to pay my bill online through the DTE website. There was always some technical problem causing me to resume payment via phone. When using the app, I have none of these problems. It's quick, easy, and efficient! I don't have to guess if my payment transaction is approved!
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1 year ago, Ladyy Layy
Makes my life easier
It’s super easy to use this app. It works well and I have all the information I need right here. The app is a replica of the website, which made the transition easier, too. And it’s so much more pleasant using this than having to open the website on my phone each time.
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1 year ago, shopper87654
Very Unhelpful outage number bubbles
Zooming in to a small area is a big step backwards from the way you had it before. At least let us expand the colored outage area so that we have a better idea of where to go for gas and groceries. That means a lot whether you realize it or not. When the storm hits I give you a lot of slack because I have been there (DTE retiree) and I know how hard everyone is working, but I am also a customer that would just like to know what’s happening when my power is out.
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3 years ago, PrincessKNL
Useful app
This is one of my few apps I use monthly. I am able to check the status of outages and pay my bill. The only thing I would like is to be able to see my entire amount owed for the account and not just the payment plan amount! Other than that it is great!
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3 years ago, Douthatd's
I love the idea that I can communicate with DTE during a power outage, however, this time (7/8/21) I receive a message indicating that the power at my address had been restored, when indeed it was not. Maybe a small glitch but overall, this site is very helpful at a time when we feel helpless. 👍
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10 months ago, DontPlayDisGame
Dumpster fire of an app, dumpster fire of a company
Outage center map “improvements “ include: -the inability to get accurate information -the scrubbing of outage tickets such that you have to contact the company 3 separate times to make sure the outage report sticks. -inaccurate restoration estimates -you want to communicate with a “human”? Well you better have a FB account and Messenger app just to get the same boilerplate answers -they will certainly take your money and provide ZERO in the way of service -lose a month’s worth of groceries and need to get reimbursed? Good luck, they will tell you to file a claim against your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Pushing the cost back to the customer. -want to report your power outage? Too bad, scrubbed ticket but “unable to read your meter so your power may still be out” as a way of shuffling the queue and making the numbers look good.
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3 years ago, machinatorz
Great App for Telling DTE the Power is Out- which is a lot
I give the DTE app five stars, and DTE one star. The app is great for informing them the power is out, which unfortunately is too often. The grid is ancient in our neighborhood so anytime the wind blows or the rain falls the power goes out. Luckily with this app I can promptly inform them of their poor service.
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5 years ago, almost 65🤗
DTE app
This app permits me to report problems right away as they happen and it gives me instant feedback if there is an area outage. It’s on my cell phone so even without power ( my home phone goes dead without electricity) I am able to become informed of our residential electrical status. We are seniors and recommend this app to all age groups.
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1 year ago, MitchAppReview
DTE is the worst energy provider in America
Living in Michigan with DTE has the energy provider is like living in a Third World country. We have rolling power outages with no real reasons. We live under the constant threat of rate increases with the promise of improved infrastructure, but really just to increase profits. I was without power for nearly 3 weeks in the middle of winter where DTE Energy consider this to be normal. We have the CEO openly admitting to lying about the number of outages on the local news channels. This application cannot be trusted and does not work properly in most cases.
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5 years ago, NicNacYaDig
This app is electrifying!!
Having this app gave me the ‘power’ to be able to pay my bill on the go. I was so ‘shocked’ to see how easy the app was to use. I always felt like just another customer but now I feel part of a ‘close circuit’. This app gives off such good ‘energy’ I highly recommend everyone to download it now!
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5 years ago, Arthur Blake
Very useful!
I find this app to be very useful, the outage center is accurate with their timetables and of course knowing when to expect the power to be restored is of tremendous value. Making payments are a breeze, much better than logging on to the website, one click and done. I highly recommend this app.
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5 years ago, Matthew Dull
Good but required updates are rough
i like this app very much for the outage map and reporting. But the fact that it forces you to update when a new version comes out is rough. When my power goes out, I don’t want to have to also update my app just to report the outage (esp because my wifi would be down and my cell signal isnt strong in my house). The app should continue to work even when there is a new version available.
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4 years ago, sxygreeneyes2u
I love having this online DTE Energy App bc I can just pay on here through my mobile phone which makes it so much easier than writing a check & putting in the Mail,. I don’t have any problems with DTE other than I get paid on the (3rd)of every month, the DTE Technician that I have know about 5 yrs now is Awesome & I’m a satisfied Customer.. Thanks DTE!
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2 years ago, Vebastian Settel
Useless app and buggy
Can’t view account number. Can’t view billing history. Outage map works half the time. Only thing this app is good for is for making a payment and reporting an outage (when that feature actually works). If you’re trying to do anything more than that you’re pushed to the website to login. This is a pointless app that does nothing more than collect your data and location history.
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7 years ago, Btrnb4
Quick and Efficient payment!!
I prefer to do things electronically, if possible. Using this app makes paying my DTE bill very quick and efficient. No more waiting for the website to load. Just a quick touch to log in and submit payment! Very simple... It took a while, but Thank you!
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6 years ago, Nina bonina browne
This is a great app i use it immediately to report power outages and i get timely updates. Also i can pay my bill and view my usage easily. In addition i get tips on how to save on my bill and alerts when the bill will be higher than usual so i can include it in my budget with no surprises.
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6 years ago, Memememeeeeeeeeeerrr
Touch ID no longer works
I love this app to pay my bill. So easy and convenient. However since the latest update a couple days ago, I no longer have Iphone Touch ID capability to sign into the app. It’s not even an option and there’s no settings option in the app. The only way to contact DTE is to email (LOL) or call them. I’d rather stick a needle in my eye then call to talk to a rep that knows nothing about how to solve this issue.
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4 years ago, jml62858
I would give more stars if...
It wasn’t DTE! But, they have certainly upped their game over the last 10 to 15 years, so kudos to them! Also, more to the point, this app has been very very useful! Especially out in the ‘sticks’ where I live; we lose our power when the wind kicks up! And that is what brought me to the app in the first place, is reporting a loss of power...😠
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4 years ago, Johnawxz
Easy but needs improvement
I have to report problems for several locations and I wish the app remembered the phone number for each location. Every time I change the phone number, it changes it for all locations.
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4 years ago, Bukshan143
Really useful
Have been using this app for a while. And it has been the best option to navigate between my energy bills to reporting power outages. Would recommend a chat section which would reduce the wait time on the phone line to contact costumer service.
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4 years ago, Roxann’s Me account
An Essential app
I don’t know what I would do without this app. I have been using it for 5 years now and it’s the first thing I run to when the power goes out. Even at work if someone gets a message from home that their power is off they ask me how long it will be off for.
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2 years ago, pyro279
Great user interface but it no longer tells you how many people are in an outage area. Yes Ik there’s a legend that has colors but you can no longer tap on an outage and see the total. They did add estimated restoration time, off since, cause and last update when you tap an outage so 🤷🏻‍♂️. If the totals were brought back I’d add a ⭐️
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