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Duke Energy
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User Reviews for Duke Energy

2.76 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Paranoid developer
Good Start
That Duke Energy has an app is nice. The layout and navigation could be better. A home button to avoid backing all the way out. The data is unlikely to change during a single session and could be cached for that one session. The impression is that it’s querying the source each time it displays a known screen, causes a delay in display, and an undue burden to the source. While performing the initial display, it could be prefetching additional data. I’m not going to use an uncommon online payment service. Western Union is a known name, but not for online payments. No benefit to me to give another company my account details, and pay a fee. Other monthly services do not require this. Integrate with Apple Pay. Give the user confidence.
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5 years ago, Froogalmom
No outage map?
I’m experiencing an outage right now. I reported it via text and text back said over 1,500 ppl are affected. Then I remembered I had downloaded the app so I opened it to see if I could see the outage info and updates. My app doesn’t detect that I submitted an outage until I resubmit it via the app. Also there is no outage map on the app?! And no updates. I found an outage map for Duke via a web browser but that one gets updated every 15 minutes and no sign of my outage that supposedly is involving 1,500+ ppl. After the debacle that was Duke’s communication with its customers during Hurricane Irma in 2017 (when we were without power and communication from Duke for over a week), I would have hoped that things would have improved. However, it seems that it hasn’t. Your text system seems to have the information so the app should be updated with the SAME info in real time. Otherwise, it’s useless. Please fix this. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Mel:truth
Definitely needs work
Being able to see how much usage is being used each hour is neat. However, where the energy is being used is not shown. The only thing the app provides is that much more than just using the regular website. It’s nice to have an app to sign in quick however for how much Duke Energy charges everyday (unless your on the energy fixed plan) it should be way more sophisticated. It’s obvious they didn’t want to use to much of their over priced energy for a decent app and it shows! I use apps for many things most apps if you click it will bring you to the next thing in less than 3 seconds. The waiting reminded me of AOL not quite as long however don’t put an app out for the public to use unless you’ve done a trial run like I said for the amount of money Duke Energy receives daily. I find this app to be quite disappointing.
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2 years ago, MrsGrandmaE
Can’t pay
Last month when I tried to pay my bill, the app was down for maintenance until after the due date of my bill. I called the phone number to pay and the woman who took my payment information didn’t get it correct. I got an email the next day for me to resubmit my payment. The e-mail wanting me to resubmit payment also stated that I would have a $40 fee added to next month’s bill. Today I tried to pay using the app again. A message came on the screen that stated that the app was unavailable and I should try back later. All I want to do is pay my bill on the due date. Not before or after. They either need to have their app up and running without fail or give a grace period. The quality of electricity is good. I’m willing to pay. Frustrated that I can’t.
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4 years ago, Mrmarshall6
I always make my payment early and made a payment by e check like I always have. For some reason after the typically three days to process the payment never went. Checked online still said the payment was made but it never went through my bank account. Called customer service they assured me everything was fine. On my due date I called and said that they have yet to take the money from my account. Customer service rep still assured it was fine I shouldn’t have any issues. Three more days go by and I check my account on the app. Shocking how the payment didn’t go through even though there was more than enough money. So on top of being charged for a “bounced check” I had added late fees. Called customer service. Was told there was nothing they could do and to try switching to a different payment method. Scam company right here. If I could give less stars I would.
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5 years ago, jc1187
Not great
It is not acceptable in this day and age to force paperless billing on a customer just to be able to view your monthly bill in pdf form online, period. The only way you can see your full bill either online or in this app is if you select paperless billing, this is the only company I have ever dealt with that does this. This needs to change!!! Also, you get charged a fee to pay your bill (again only company we deal with that does this) unless you ... you guessed it, sign up for paperless billing. Not everyone wants or can do that... and don’t give me the excuse that it’s your third party vendor that charges the fee... get a new vendor then because many companies do not charge that fee and can do it without, also, funny how the fee doesn’t apply if your paperless... same vendor.. why not. That’s because it’s a choice of Duke Energy to have it charged... TAKE BETTER CARE OF THE CUSTOMER!!!
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4 years ago, kc8pnl
Not accessible with VoiceOver or a braille display
This is awful. I do not mean from a service point of view regarding my electricity. What I mean is that their app is not compatible with VoiceOver or a braille display. VoiceOver is a screen reading accessibility option on iOS. I'm not able to sign into my account at all. No, I do not mean because I forgot my email address or password, it's because Duke Energy's app developers clearly do not understand what accessibility features developed by Apple are. The website is also a terrible experience for blind and DeafBlind users. The only way I can easily do anything with my account is through the phone. Which would be fine, except that I'm also deaf, so cannot use the phone. You would think a public utility would be held accountable for making their digital services accessible for people with disabilities, but not in this case.
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5 years ago, TWCstankASS
Biggest Crooks in NC
Paid my bill 8/9/19 on the app. Get a letter 8/21 that I’m charged with a NSF fee for non payment. Checked bank, money still there. Duke Energy never attempted to debit money from my account per my bank. I call Duke Energy they basically tell me I’m stupid and it’s my fault because I “must’ve entered my payment information wrong”. I said I have a screenshot of where I paid it with a confirmation number. The lady told me that confirmation number didn’t mean squat! I said I entered all my information correctly & I’m looking at it as we speak on my phone! She said she wasn’t arguing with me is there something else she can help me with. Have you ever! Duke Energy screws us again! This company is the biggest rip off I’ve EVER seen. Not only has our bill increased after Hurricane Florence AND Matthew now they’re charging me an NSF fee that I don’t owe them. More free money for Duke Energy!
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11 months ago, Shades8888
Solar Friendly?
The apps not bad, it just not great for me to see what’s important easily. I’m a solar customer that pushes electricity back to the grid. It would be nice to see on a daily basis a stacked graph showing not just him much I used but how much I pushed back to the grid and if anything what was the total usage after removing the electricity I pushed to the grid for the day. Appreciate you listening and looking forward to some solar improvements hopefully?
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5 years ago, stevemeister111111
Not even worth the trouble
I thought the website was bad enough. I’ve been a Duke Energy customer for years, but I had never even created an account until today because every time I tried I got stuck in an endless loop of redundant webpages that accomplished nothing. The app is hardly any different. I created an account in the app, hoping payment would now be an easy and simple process, but the account creation process was yet another clunky, redundant experience. When I finally succeeded, verified my account and tried to make a payment, THE APP REDIRECTED ME TO MY WEB BROWSER TO THE SAME DYSFUNCTIONAL WEBSITE I’VE BEEN PAYING MY BILL THROUGH ALL ALONG. My experiences with Duke Energy’s technology interfaces leaves me with serious doubts about the security of my data. The company seems to care very little about the customer’s experience. Don’t bother downloading this app.
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5 years ago, Granniesandie
I downloaded this app and tried to log in. I keep getting error messages so I hit the forgot username/password button and it told me I would have to call to change my password. I don’t want to change my password, I just now only have to use 3 attempts to get it to work on the website!!! I guess whoever maintains the website is responsible for programming the app. With the money this company makes, you would think they could develop something useful. But then again, our money is used to clean up their mistakes always!! Please take some of those profits to develop and TEST an app before you make it public! While you are at it, please revamp the website to make it user friendly!!! YES, I have uninstalled this app and will probably never install it again unless I read reviews of major fixes!!
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8 months ago, DoodlebugLG54
Quit complaining folks
I do not understand petty complaints. Obviously many have not lived in remote areas where it takes days to get a normal outage repaired. I had Duke Energy in Central FL over 40 years, way back to when it was called, before Progress Energy. Florida Power . I never once found complaint with my service. Even the cost outweighs many other companies. Living in South GA was a nightmare with power. I am so thankful to be back home with The Duke! Thank you Duke for serving my electrical needs and with a home wiring solutions program.
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4 years ago, GreySteele1122
Great alternative to website if I can login!
Glancing through reviews, I don’t think the apps “set-backs” warrant so many 1 star reviews....as it’s a nice alternative to the website I’ve always had issues with. I’ve paid my bill over the phone most months for years bc the site always had issues that would ultimately lock me out. It did take me a few min to get logged but once I did it was super convenient and functional. This company has always been pretty cool about payment arrangements if needed. Def recommend!
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3 years ago, Baby_Momma52019
Not satisfied
I have had this app for weeks!! It still has yet to let me actually log in since the update yall did to it. All it does is act like it is login but then just goes right back to the Home Screen page and wants you to put email and password in again; constantly it does it! I’m so irritated that I can’t check on anything!! Y’all need to actually FIX this app because this is ridiculous!! Also I know my login information is correct so don’t go saying that I should make sure it is; cause if it wasn’t I know that it would tell me and guess what it doesn’t that’s how you most definitely know nothing is wrong with my information it’s the app the app needs to be FIXED!!!!
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4 weeks ago, hseals71
Easy to use
First I am legally blind. I have had lots of experience with different apps and dealt with customer service for years. The Duke employees have always been very pleasant and eager to help. I can easily find my account info and pay my bill. I signed up for notifications so I get TEXTs when there are outages. That way I don’t have to do anything. They send updates until the power is back on! I think the app is great.
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5 years ago, DarkSky93
App will not let you make Payment
This app, while useful in getting billing information, is terrible in making payments. I’ve tried multiple times to make a payment using paperless billing since I have my checking account saved on file. The final screen to input the amount and date will not let me scroll to select anything and submit the payment. I’ve forced closed the app many times and am still having this issue. And the one time payment screen just sends you to western union. Very disappointing to have an app where you can track your usage and view your bill, but won’t allow you to make a payment.
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1 year ago, autumngirly97
Easy and helpful
Anything I’ve needed to do, I did on the app or it connected me with a REAL PERSON that knew exactly what was up. Reporting outages has gotten actual results every time, including once when they called me 5min after the report to get someone out there to help. Made moving easy, made asking dumb questions easy, made paying the bill easy. Other areas may be different but I love this app for mine (western NC)
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5 years ago, 4StarDad
Disappointing for solar or TOU customers
The app is pretty slow to retrieve account and usage data. Doesn’t offer any usage details either, just total usage by month. Would like to see on-peak, off-peak and actual kWh used. As a solar customer on net-metering, would also like to see my production overlaid on my usage along with details. All of this data is readily available in Duke’s databases, but so far they’ve been too lazy to make it available online or in this updated app. Disappointing. Would also like the option to see multiple accounts listed, place support requests, report street light outages, etc. So much room for improvement.
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3 years ago, Ebtoere7/84
Such a Headache
I’ve had duke for years now. The app used to be great, but it’s become increasingly frustrating over the past few years. The most recent issue is trying to pay my bill using the app. When trying to input bank information, there appears to be a glitch where you can’t input all of the information. Pretty much whatever you decide to input first (type of account, account info, bank institution, etc) it will copy that for every single field and can’t be changed. Because if this, I can’t pay my bill using the app. It kind of stinks that one of the main functions of the app is unusable.
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10 months ago, LSpencer2023
Inaccurate Balance
Do yourself a favor and just use the Paper billing. The balance on the app is inaccurate as I was just told by a representative. I was using the app and going by the app to pay the balance shown on the app before the due date, down to 0. So imagine my surprise when the new balance updated and reflected I have past due balances for the last few months that I began using the app. I was told it was because the app did not reflect the entire balance and I was supposed to just know that. So here I am, after using this app the last few months, SUDDENLY behind on my power bill. Thanks, Duke Energy.
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4 years ago, Jwrty66
Piece of garbage app
This app provides zero help in understanding your energy costs. It will not tell you how much electricity you have used in the current cycle, unless you want to manually add up a bunch of data. It will not give you an indication of how your usage in the current cycle tracks to the same period in the prior year. It will not give you any indication of what your expected bill might be for the current period based on current pace of usage. It’s basically a worthless piece of junk. And alerts? ... none, nada. It’s embarrassing that we pay so very much for electricity from this Fortune 500 company, yet they produce worthless garbage like this app. Shameful.
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3 years ago, Barmeister
Energy Usage is terrible
I have 2 accounts for different addresses tied to my login. Previously I could look at the usage for both accounts by billing cycle, weekly and daily. Now I can only see this usage on my main account this way. The second account only shows monthly usage for the past year. I also don’t see a meter number attached to my account for the second account. Please fix the energy usage for all accounts attached to a login. I liked seeing the energy usage by day and hour to be aware of high usage. Don’t update an app and take away functionality!
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5 years ago, Pasquillia
Nice App
Overall, this is a nice app. Two helpful things that I would like to see are 1) a trend line on the usage chart to show the average usage for the period and 2) details on the billing history instead of just payment amount, which will simply be the equal payment amount for users enrolled in that service. These are the two items capabilities that I found most useful on the full website that are missing from the app.
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5 years ago, Florence Fireman
Features not working on app
I really wanted to use the “Usage” part of the app. I can access all of the data on web site but the information is not available on the app. I called customer service and they explained that it was built into the app but the “feature” is not working yet. So that makes the App useless. Maybe they will fix it sometime. **update 8/2/19** Developer said there was an update... already running current version and still does not work. Cannot contact to developer because they have no info to contact and customer service is no help. App still broke and does not work.
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3 years ago, Disappointed as well as others
Hope you’re still updating
This latest update does not give information that older version included. I truly enjoyed (5 star) the app until this update. I was able to see my usage based on current billing cycle and what the usage was “now”. That allowed me to check usage of various appliances, lights, equipment, etc. Now I can only see it based on hour, week, day, month... Nor can I change the dates in order to see the billing period usage.
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5 years ago, fastfredy5
Made for toddlers ??
So you can pay, call cust. service and report and outage, and oh yes, get more features if you let third parties invade your life. Like we need more of that?! How about an outage map with details and live updates ? TECO has that and it’s very handy. How about real news like what incentives are available and where, and what “free” program is our money is paying. This app is an afterthought but at least seems to work at first glance. Than again, it would be something if it didn’t considering the lack of features and most pages are static.
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3 months ago, Guy010101
The contact us support needs improvement
When requesting to speak to an agent. The automated voice says you can and then prompts you to provide more information as to why. And then when you do, it goes back in the same loop answer the question of said additional info. If we can’t speak to an agent. Just say so. Don’t expect an actual question to be answered. If I wanted basic answers, I would just look at the app instead of call through the app. I am calling specifically because the app doesn’t answer my question.
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5 years ago, Ag_F
I downloaded the app because the browser is completely useless in looking up your billing history. Upon checking my billing history on the app I’ve noticed it only gives you the option to see the amount and that it’s been approved. Apparently it does not break down the cost like an invoice would do. Please DUKE ENERGY change the feature and make visible what the charges are and if a double payment was submitted I’d like to see it.
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2 years ago, MarkPatBillJoeDinosaur
Worst App Ever!!!
This app should be banned, your broken system charged my account four times…FOUR TIMES for one bill!!! I struggle to make ends meet and I had to borrow $400 dollars because of your scam artist application saying error when I tried to make payment repeatedly with my checking account so finally I just used my debit card…24 hours later it shows I was charged four times on one bill. I’m disgusted with Duke energy trying to take peoples money that doesn’t belong to them DURING A PANDEMIC!! I hope nobody else ever has to go through what I have
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5 years ago, Gaylewoo
Very Happy With This App.
I like that I can see my daily usage, I just installed a new thermostat and I want to make sure that my AC company programmed it correctly for best usage. Also someone complained about paperless billing, please ppl we’re here to give a review of the app. Not there policy’s. People that may be deciding weather they want to download this app. Are reading the reviews to see how good the app is.
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1 year ago, TedKas
Can’t see solar energy sold to Duke Energy
The Duke Energy app doesn’t show customer solar energy sold to Duke Energy. Very frustrating and disappointing that Duke Energy doesn’t support their Solar customers on their app or website. Tens of thousands of Duke Energy customers must wait for the monthly bill to validate solar energy sold back to Duke Energy. Absolutely no reason for Duke Energy to ignore received excess Solar energy other than reasons supporting their own self interests. Shame on you Duke Energy.
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3 years ago, Raspsu1
Much better since they fixed energy usage charts
I like how easy it is to review bills compared to having to log in on a computer. I also like how easy it is to see how my usages changes throughout the month (one day lag). Have used that functionality to estimate which appliances/devices in our house impact our usage to see if we can manage them better.
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4 years ago, JenSheehy
Doesn’t show anything more than website
I thought you would be able to see your current energy usage so you can determine how much your bill would be or what you can do to lower your bill. The energy usage tab only shows the energy used for the prior bill, not what is currently being used. Like it shows my energy from August 11th, which was the last day of my billing cycle, but nothing more from August 11th forward. Wish they would include that.
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4 years ago, AWBT
Duke Energy doe not bother to enter information into the App. All it tells you is what you already know, that your power is out. The don’t update the status. They don’t say why it is out, so they can lie when you call. They sometimes give an estimated time of restoration, but you can save the space on your phone, because they text you the same information. Very disappointed, although pretty much what you would expect from a company that cares less about their customers and more about making a HUGE profit each year.
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4 years ago, Tessa_macneil
A pizza my thoughts
This app update not only has the most adorable description I’ve ever read, but is effective as well. Thank you Duke Energy for your support through this troubling time for the world and for keeping high spirits for your clients. They also sent out an email in protection of their employees. Everything about this makes me happy.
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2 years ago, amandaadair10
Not very helpful
This app is not very helpful or user friendly. I downloaded it because I thought it would be a quicker way to pay my bills, see my invoices, report outages, etc. Most of the time the app won’t even open and I end up going to the website on my phone anyway. I have updated it multiple times- there are issues with logging in and it never seems to load. But I don’t have issues with the actual website. So I suggest you just skip the app all together
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1 year ago, Ellielynnn11
$300 credit and sitting in the dark
I’m sure most shareholders are selling themselves in the Bahamas or somewhere while I am sitting in the dark by myself in 32° weather all over $245 and I have a $300 credit that they will not accept because they don’t have the correct numbers. So enjoy your vacation while I am sitting here with candles lit, asking neighbors to charge my phone and for blankets… getting zero support from you. And I mean zero. I love me some karma. Thank you and I mean thank you for your help or lack there of.
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5 years ago, Jetlife2
Could be good but many features broken at the moment
- in Billing History elec usage is always 0kwh in the summary text. Gas usage is correct. - can access the PDFs which is good to see real bill - usage graphs are blank., both gas and electric - usage graph for gas, cannot change the date period. - in summary: can be a quick way to access the pdf bill , but many other features not yet working. Dev: Feel free to contact me for more detail and screenshots. jetlife2 at mac com.
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3 years ago, CanadaHansen
I love the Duke app!
Before this app the Duke online payment setup was hard to navigate and not very user friendly. I literally dreaded trying to pay our Duke electricity bill online and sometimes just called instead. This new app is awesome! I love it! Thank you to whoever ordered it or developed it! 🌠
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5 years ago, precious_c
Atm Decline!
My first time downloading and using this app, I put in all my information and went to submit my payment it declined me twice! Which resulted in Duke Energy speedpay to take out my funds from my bank! I called Duke for three weeks for them to look for my payment and they can not find my payment! I’ve had to email proof as well fax proof from my bank that I paid my lights and that’s not satisfactory enough for them, all because of this dang app telling me one thing and my bank account showing me otherwise! I need my money back ASAP!!
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3 years ago, youranob
Returning deposits
They require deposits even when credits good and don’t give em back till they feel like it. Been two months and still waiting for my refund. Told they just sent the check and need to wait 30 days for it to show. Funny how they pay you when they want but a week late and they shut your power off. One reason why I moved out of Florida!! This has to be hands down one the worst places I’ve ever lived. So sad this is what our country has come to.
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3 years ago, Xoxorach
Nothing Works, Fix It.
The app always says after trying to sign in, “Something went wrong, we’re having trouble submitting your request, please try again later”. Website version lets me sign in, but I go to sign up for autopay and it says, “select the account you’d like to manage”, but doesn’t list my account. I have an account. Literally ALWAYS having issues. Customer service says they’ll expedite the issue to IT or whatever but haven’t noticed progress.
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5 years ago, David Rhoney
Not a bad start!
Seems useful. I like to look at my usage. Will you be adding additional options to view usage in the future? Yearly for example with graphs and etc. you already have the avg temp data so I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much more to add it in. On top of that have the ability to compare on a graph usage in my home vs a more efficient home.
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5 years ago, Nick Diesal
Works good
The app works well and interface easy to use. Most of these people are complaining because they have to pay their electric bill each month which really has nothing at all with the functionality of this app.
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5 years ago, 98789865
This app lacks in foresight
With this app you cannot see your billing details. In order to get the details you have to have them mail the bill to you, so why bother with the app? If you want to pay online there is a convenience fee of $1.50. If you pay on line from your bank you don’t even pay the cost of a stamp. So who’s getting the convenience??? I give 2 stars just because at least you can see your balance.
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2 years ago, Luki4
Lowered my bill
Between tracking my usage on this app and the free energy audit that Duke offers, I was able to figure out some DIY home improvement strategies that lowered my annual bill by about 25% and $300 even though they did a rate increase.
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5 years ago, Wakenbaked420
Not a good app
Out of the 5 apps I use to pay my bills, this is the worst/ most inconvenient. The navigation is poor and not properly formatted to type information. The only reason I downloaded the app was to use automatic bill pay, I’ve entered my info in 6 times now. It does not say anything is wrong, just reloads the page and wants me to put the info back in. It has taken me longer now on this one app, than to set up the other 4 apps and fully have all my accounts paid on them.
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4 weeks ago, izabellabella22
One huge problem it’s asking me to update but my phone doesn’t let me download or update anything.. so I can’t even get into my account to check my balance and make a payment how I usually like to do quick and easy instead of giving them a call I just don’t understand why do we have to update if we no longer want too. I spoke to Apple and they can’t seem to figure it out.. any options besides calling ?
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2 years ago, DivaMom4U
This is the worst app ever!! You continuously have to reset a password every time! I know my password, I write it in correctly, it tells you it’s incorrect , you try to use the same password, and it tells you you’ve already used it, to choose different one! What the heck, it either is, or isn’t! Develop a reliable app! I guess it’s like the company you can’t rely on any information whether app, or persons you’re given the runaround!
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5 years ago, 12w789j
A useless commercial
I’m 64, an engineer and used the old website almost daily to track my energy use and get real information on my home. Now I get an app designed to deliver commercials and have to try to interpret the crayon pics of energy usage etc to see what is going on. This months bill June 2019 is due July 4 but the app says its due June 4 . It’s now June 12 so I guess I’m overdue. Designed for the masses and dumbed down. No doubt built using sprints in an agile environment. Another app I can take off my phone. Pretty useless stuff.
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