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Duo Security LLC
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Duo Mobile

4.88 out of 5
1.1M Ratings
1 year ago, The Chossen Warrior Joshua
Duo Secure Login
I thought it would end up being another cumbersome addition to accessing our work network but, it is actually very seamless once it is set up. I actually like it way better than many I have to use because it not a situation where I have to receive a text and then type it in on the computer. Simply login the way you normally do and your Duo app will just ask if you want to give permission and it literally gives you two boxes like in those letters kids would write to someone they like asking if they wanted to go steady and at the bottom would be two boxes and they would say check yes or no! It pops up automatically so no need to open the app first. It is actually that easy, way more easy than working up the courage to write a love letter asking someone to be you boyfriend or girlfriend much less giving it too them and going’s crazy waiting for it to be returned with the right box checked!
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4 months ago, Philosoviser
Two factor authentication? More like too fun authentication!
Whenever I try to log on to anything using my university ID, I’m first rerouted to DuoMobile on my phone. “My phone?”, I think. “I love that!” So it’s always great to have the opportunity to drop whatever academic task I’m doing and just, like, *lose myself* on a subreddit directed to tricking goats. In addition, I really enjoy that feeling I get knowing that I’m secure from Chinese and Russian government agents so that I can confidently offer up my data to *American* companies. What’s that I’m feeling? Not just safety, but *patriotism*. Frankly, two-factor authentication isn’t enough. Whenever I try to teach, I want to have to open my phone, open my laptop, turn on my Google glasses, run back to my office computer, call my wife to use her computer, and then beg my son to drop his iPad for long enough to verify me. Bring on six-factor authentication!!!
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10 months ago, Bassoonista
Easy to use and effective for folks with brains
I don’t write reviews, but I felt compelled to do so here. I work in IT and since we adopted DUO, it has proven to be effective and easy to use for the vast majority of users. The one’s that have problems are generally the ones that don’t know how to operate their devices, or they take issue with our policies because they have poor personal information security. These are exactly the people that force companies to adopt stricter security in the first place. I cannot speak to the complaints of folks who choose to use it for accounts that are not connected to a work or school environment, but if you get a new phone or lose or damage your phone, of course it locks you out of everything. That’s what it’s designed to do.
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10 months ago, Makosuke
Maddeningly glitchy with WatchOS 10
The Duo Watch app used to be a massive time saver when logging into my work network: A pushed prompt would pop up almost immediately when I wanted to log in, I tapped Accept, and I’m in. One tap on my wrist for the entire 2FA process is as efficient as it can get. You can also get codes from it manually for things that don’t use push approvals, and that’s it—like a good Apple Watch app it does only a couple of things, and it does them quickly and efficiently Or rather DID, past-tense. As of watchOS 10, when I tap “Accept”, nearly all the time it launches the app and does not accept anything. There isn’t even a way to get it to ask again at that point, and the Watch app intercepts the notification on the phone, so now I have to get my phone out and manually open the Duo app to get a prompt and complete authentication. Instead of making things faster, it’s even slower, because without the prompt on the phone there’s extra steps just to get to the app. I’m guessing that the interface tweaks in watchOS 10 somehow messed up the accuracy of button tap detection, but every other app works fine, the button is huge, and no matter where I try to aim it doesn’t seem to help. More to the point, this should have been worked out before release. It’s time-wasting enough that I’m likely to uninstall the app so I can at least save time on my phone by having a notification there.
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6 months ago, SteffRaeBullShinto
Saves My Facebook Account From Hackers
I set up this app some time ago, and just yesterday, Facebook sent me an email telling me that a request to change my password had been received and it gave me a passcode. It wasn’t me that was requesting it. Talk about a scam. Because of this app, I know that the passcode is provided by DUO and not Facebook. So, I just smiled because I knew my page was protected. BTW if you get one of these emails, don’t click on anything, just delete it. It’s tempting to click on that “if it isn’t you requesting the change, click here.” But, don’t do it. It could be the hacker trap. So, it’s worth the peace of mind to have this app helping to secure my account. Thanks
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1 year ago, MaxBrownDog
Useful App
I first found out about the app when it was required by my company. Since then have added it for personal applications that allow two factor authorization (2FA) via an app as it is more secure than using text messages for 2FA. In all due respect (and I mean that) it seems a number of the complaints about the app are really a result of company policies requiring multiple log-ins or not allowing users to stay logged in when inactive for a period of time, requiring another log-in. That’s not the fault of the 2FA app. Not saying this app is perfect and I haven’t used other similar apps so I cannot compare. But for my purposes it has worked well.
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1 year ago, Capital_Gainz
Duo mobile works
While the other 3 dual authentication apps on my phone work sometimes, DUO is the only one who has yet to let me down more than a few dozen times since passwords became an insecure means of data protection. Definitely beats email or sms verification. I miss the days where it was just a matter of finding the guy with the key to the filing cabinet you needed to get into. That was me… the keeper of keys. That role kept me employed for years but now big tech comes along and starts automating the jobs of hard working Americans just trying to provide for their families. It’s a shame what this generation has done to this country…
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1 year ago, TS @ MC
Admin perspective
Straightforward setup, easy integration, and so far no issues replacing phones. Using strictly to secure an AD based infrastructure hosted on prem, RDP and VPN connections for users, admin creds and elevation on servers and certain cloud based dashboards. We do have a small number of non smartphone users getting auth via phone call. We do not allow users to apply duo to personal accounts, social media etc. The vast majority of bad reviews here are from end users complaining of company policy changes or being forced to use 2FA, so take that how you will.
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1 year ago, ari70668
Works with Apple Watch
My old school switched from duo to Microsoft and Microsoft doesn’t allow for use with Apple Watch like Duo does. I love being able to not need my phone to log into accounts and use my watch to approve a request instead. My new school uses Duo and I’m so happy to be back with how user-friendly they are. That being said, I would like to be able to choose if new devices need more security or not. Duo allows me to let them know the device is personal and on those few devices, I have not had to re-log into them which I love. But in devices that aren’t personal or shared I can say no and Duo allows for that choice. Overall great service.
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7 months ago, DeerSpotter
Duo won’t work if you ignore daylight savings time.
Yes some people function better without allowing the phone to change the time because of daylight savings time. We become more productive go to bed on time and come to work early because we don’t follow societies time standards. So why is duo forcing my time to be the server time? I get the notification to approve the push and then I get a pop up that my time is wrong and won’t let me authenticate. You already know my phone can authenticate otherwise I would have not gotten the pop up. I can still use the passcode. So why am I not allowed to press “accept” on the push notification? This is ridiculous to say the least. Stop forcing the correct time on the app when we know it can work without the correct time as that is server tracked.
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2 months ago, 小能爸爸
Enjoy it but hope more maintenance
I have been using duo for years. I enjoy it’s widespread applications and easy to use. However, it seems to be less maintained recently. The app on my phone has stopped popping up notifications for a few years. I have tried to open all the notification access for it, reinstall it, etc. but it never works and now every time I use duo, I need to manually locate the app on my phone and open it so that I can see the verification page. So I hope this app could be better maintained and I am willing to pay for the service.
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3 months ago, DeiEllis
Duo Mobile is hella easy
I know everyone hates having to do anything for access but if I had to choose an Authenticator, I’d choose Duo. Why? 1) it’s so much easier than Microsoft Authenticator; I understand what they’re asking me to do, and the screens don’t look crowded and sterile 2) it doesn’t make my phone slower! 3) it hides itself until I need to use it. It’s like it’s not even there. Finally my company has set it up so that I use super easy access methods (touch id and security keys. Touching things is my specialty so this is a win for me.
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4 weeks ago, Wenpol
Verma, Prem
Very polite and patient to help me restore my password. I truly appreciate his patience. Usually I get on the phone someone that is so hard to understand and as they have a heavy accent, but this person, though he had a heavy accent, he spoke slow and I could understand everything he asked me to do through the phone. Though he had a really hard time too trying to recoop my password and the system for some reason wouldn’t take it. So, thank you very much for your help and patience.
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9 months ago, AirTay
Wayyyy better than expected.
First, I hardly ever write reviews. When I heard our university was adopting a dual-authentication service I imagined clicking button after button and delaying every online interaction. I have been totally satisfied - it could not be easier or quicker. When I log in on any of my devices with my (saved) credentials and click “send me a text” it comes within a second to my phone and a click the green button. Easy peasy.
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3 months ago, clanktitan2
These reviews are full of bots and AI-generated reviews, every single actual human being i know despises this app. Most of the stupidity and intolerability comes from the idiots who are requiring us to use this failure of an application, but the app itself is also completely worthless. The “remember me” function might as well be removed entirely because it has never worked for me a single time on any device and just adds more tedium to the already over-convoluted so-called “verification” process. This app should not exist and it never should have been made. I would rather have my account be hacked than continue to have to use Duo multiple times a day without any updates or improvements to the app.
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1 year ago, whennim64
Just a click away
Oh man, what to write about an app I use literally every day. It’s great! I log into my laptop. This app make a little thing pop up on my phone. I click the little thing and I go about my day. If you’re looking for a button press to add to your morning routine, there are far worse buttons than Duo Mobile. Also, maybe important, we’ve had no ransomware attacks since the IT guy put this on all of our phones. So there’s that.
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1 year ago, Fjord Prefect
Excellent and reliable
Duo is simple, it works, and it stays out of your way. It even has an Apple Watch app which is a godsend. Unfortunately, my company is being strong-armed into switching to a Microsoft solution, which, as per usual, is clunky, unpredictable, inelegant, and is basically third-rate software - and there’s no watch app either. I will continue to use Duo for as long as I can, I highly recommend it to anyone needing fast, convenient and secure authentication services.
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7 months ago, Yelling into the void
Great if you have nothing time sensitive
Not a fan of forced dual authentication for every login, but unfortunately have to for my university. Initially, no problems with the system. However, recently ran into issues where it can take up to 30 minutes just to get login codes or a phone call to login. At first I thought this only occurred after business hours, but today the same problem occurred at 3pm on a Monday. So as long as you have all the time in the world you will be able to login, but if your in a rush, may the Duo gods be on your side because you will not be able to login for 20 minutes or so. At least this bug only occurs 1 out of every 3 logins now.
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1 year ago, Dan236783
Better than LastPass auth
Out of the authentication apps I’ve had to use, this is one of the most pleasant. The push notifications work like a charm and it’s never lost all of my logins during an update (I’m looking at you, LastPass). I’d dock a star for there being no way to interface via the Okta login flow from non-JavaScript apps but that’s such a niche technical complaint that no one else will ever care. (Also, there is Okta integration at all, which is nice.)
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3 months ago, HeisenbergSays
Good but not always reliable
This program has mostly worked well for us. There has been a couple times, however, when the dialogue box won’t come up like it should, which prevented us from connecting to the VPN. When this happens, we keep trying to manually connect, but the dialogue box doesn’t pop up. This happens twice a year. We usually need to re-install the program to fix it. Other than that, when it works it’s great and easy to use.
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9 months ago, KMCF1234567
Good, easy to use, compatible with most products, but hard to transfer
Generally good, easy to use, compatible with most sites and protocols, but they really lose points when you change phones and need to transfer the permissions to your new phone. This might sound minor, but it takes away a lot of the convenience when you have to do separate re-registration processes in every single site Duo was connected to when you change phones (& you need to have both phones when you do it)
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1 year ago, MJ_Deux
DUO is amazing
What can I say? The multiple steps involved in accessing the work computer, websites and even certain apps on your desktop is sheer joy to experience. Gone are the days where everything was instantly accessible - now it’s a wonderful experience getting thru multiple layers of security, adding minutes to your not-so-busy schedule. This is what I think, feels like going to a nice retreat. Sheer joy and pure wholesome time killing fun.
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7 days ago, ETinRVA
Easy and quick to use Duo mobile
Duo mobile is easy and quick to use. It makes a big difference when I can log in quickly and easily because I have to log in frequently. Other authentication routines where you have to find the message with the 8-digit number in small print and enter it take irritatingly more time and effort. Duo mobile is fast and smooth.
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1 year ago, meantomatoes
Add “remember me” option in approval prompt on my authentication device. This option usually doesn’t work; Safari and Chrome both now have cookies and cross-tracking disabled by default and can’t be changed. On mini login windows, it also asks me for approval even though it’s on the same device I’ve told Duo to remember. Now, it’s causing issues with Canvas. When I open announcement notifications, it’s making me login to Duo on a pop up login screen even though the app itself is already authenticated.
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2 years ago, Relaxin'Joe
Great app, some people just don’t like 2FA
Ignore people who complain about the burdens of 2FA. Those are not the problem of the app. This is a price for security and compliance. You will adjust and make sure you always have your device just like you don’t leave home without house keys. Same thing. Better than identity theft or a major data breach that gets you fired. This is the best app of the several I have used.
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2 months ago, Allston-Tollcross
This one is best in class
What I like about Duo is it is reliable, without being overly cumbersome. This is particularly important these days and in WFH environments as enterprises seem to be asking for authentication more frequently. While this may be necessary, it is annoying. But Duo keeps it relatively quick, simple and straightforward. I have one workplace using Duo and another using a competitor, and I much prefer the first for authentication.
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3 months ago, Byrd Nick
Good, but two-way authentication would be better
This works, but I’ve come to prefer the added security of Okta’s two-way authentication (in which both the login device and the authentication device have to provide information about the other, requiring them to be in the same place). One-way authentication can allow for remote authentication, which can be fine for certain accounts, but not for others.
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2 years ago, quizzicalamy
Easy to use, super streamlined
I’ve been using Duo for work and have previously used it at university and have had no problems. Adding new accounts is very easy and it beats carrying around a separate device for 2-factor authentications. Most of the negative reviews here are from user new to 2fa and are getting used to it, or have issues with their own organizations’ IT support. The app itself is great.
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9 months ago, Healthcare entity
Title blank
As a member of management involved in security oversight, it has been a great experience when our IT company recommended Duo as a solution. The mobile “push” technique is simple to use. The integration with other applications to maintain 1 MFA for all employees has been critical as well. Because it is well established it has streamlined our process when answering and proving some security questionnaires.
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9 months ago, Jon Godfrey
Did not screw me over like google authentication
When I replaced my phone I lost all my accounts that used google authentication, did not happen to Duo tho so that’s a win in my book. It also has never glitches out on me and the push notifications sometimes have a little trouble coming through but it’s usually my own fault. I would def use duo again
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10 months ago, GoodJobSon
Fantastic when it works
Duo’s interface is easily navigable and using it is straightforward. Only takes a couple presses of a button to unlock anything. However, there have been multiple instances where Duo’s website/server times out no matter how many times I refresh. So what’s intended to protect me from hackers ends up locking me out! This is very frustrating as I use Duo to access my school’s dashboard and submit assignments. Not sure what the solution would be but it’s incredibly annoying
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11 months ago, vegetable enjoyer
Great App! Suggestion Though
Duo is awesome. It is super user-friendly. I just have one suggestion that would be super helpful. Adding a widget that can be added to the home screen. Being able to accept a push from a widget rather than having to open and close the app saves so much time. And it would make it less frustrating to log into accounts.
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1 year ago, Trashcan Joseph
Duo mobile has been the source of many of my frustrations over the past year and a half. This app never works and even though it has been connected to many of my accounts, I have still gotten multiple security issues. on top of the security issues experienced I have also been locked out of my own account multiple times as a direct result of Duo Mobile. Multiple times duo has not done its job. This app is ridiculously unhelpful. I am deeply dissatisfied with this app enough to go write a review about it, that should be saying something. I wish people would stop using Duo.
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5 months ago, A-Mac Dizzle123
Simply Amazing
There is a short list of apps that I’ve never had any issues with using. Yes, I know that it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Chrome, GMail, or some other apps have, but that’s not what they’re going for with this product. It does what I need it to do and has never had any issues, ever…no seriously, ever. I can’t say that about many other apps.
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10 months ago, kevinaa418
Leave app each time
It’s frustrating that you have to leave the app each time to refresh the accept the login. Prior to the update the alert would come this is handy when your signing into multiple accounts. Having to leave the app each time you have to use it makes the app feel cheap and clunky. Unfortunately we have to use this app for multiple sign ins and having leave the app each time to refresh it is annoying
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4 months ago, SvetlanaSwan
Did not work for setting up 2FA for FB account
I got Duo to set up 2FA for Facebook (as I received an email from them saying that I’d be locked out of my account by a certain date unless I activate FA.) My FB account was the only account added. Sadly, having Duo didn’t help and I was locked out of my FB account anyway. It was not clear at all how to use the timed codes provided by Duo to access my FB—there was nowhere to paste them in FB. In the end, I was unable to utilize Duo and ended up having to switch my 2FA to SMS option. Given that Duo is the 2FA option recommended by FB, I’d expect the process to be much more straightforward.
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2 weeks ago, Juazolo
Does the job
I was required by my job to download this and use it to access our VPN and secure login to our workstations. It is pretty simple, glitch-free and responsive. I think it is a rather quick turnaround from when you send a push notification to accept login to when it times out, but other than that, no complaints.
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7 months ago, Carol Garmon
RIDICULOUS!!!! Let me log on to my email!!!
If I could give zero stars I would! I need to log on to my university email account, and this app keeps saying my password is wrong for the duo security part. I was looking at my email last night so I don’t have the wrong password for that. But the duo app on my phone says it’s the out of date version, yet there is no opportunity to download the more recent version on the App Store. The app itself is doing nothing to aide me in logging on to my email on my computer. A complete waste of my time that might cost me a grade if this isn’t resolved in the App Store ASAP!!!
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3 months ago, Dr. F. Crane
Well Worth the Protection
Quite often, these types of systems are detail-oriented pains which in practice create more frustration than any offered protection. I am proud to say that such issues are not the case with DUO. Simple to install, easy to initiate, and DUO brings great peace of mind by knowing that your important information is not only secure from strangers, but also readily available to the user.
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1 year ago, mavalew
Works well
I’ve used the app for a while now, no issues it works great! Only thing is it seems there is always a notification about updating to newest software even if it was updated recently. Unless it has been months couldn’t that be optional? Must ppl do not update software every time a new version comes out.
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1 year ago, TEXAS-FIREHAWK
Security Feature
This is the perfect tracker for people working from home or anywhere really. We use this to verify information and to check login times to make sure they are actually working and logged in. Its also a great security tool to verify logging into the corporate network. This is a great tool for everyone to be on time and stay safe.
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1 year ago, AlexB- iOS dev
iOS notification auto dialogue box too small
I bet this is not under your control (I am an iOS dev myself, I know how iOS can be) but sometime ago the notification banner to accept with requests shrank, and is now harder to tap. I don’t mean the banner itself, but the “Accept/Decline” dialogue that appears when you pull down on the auth notification banner
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1 year ago, cgravy
So simple and easy; terrific tool!
I use DUO now regularly. We (me and another person) set it up at our company for security, and “almost ‘none’,” if any, of our employees had issues learning how to us it, and have zero issues since. Really appreciate great tools that is easy to setup, easy to teach, but hackers and other cyber criminals can’t maliciously break into.
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3 months ago, Weeee3eeyuwryu
I don’t get the negativity
I’ve been a mobile app developer professionally since 2013. What I go for is getting the user to what they need fast. This may not win UI of the year, but it’s an MFA tool and honestly, shiny animations would just slow it down. I’m guessing most complaints are user error because this app is pretty spot on.
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5 months ago, theresnocertainty
Terrible app for such an important matter
The app is cumbersome and every time you have to to log in you have to go through a long process. The interface is not intuitive at all and you cannot download your pay stubs in any way except or course by taking screenshots I'm surprised that such a delicate and important matter is handled through such a bad app 5 starts?? How many bots did they use to reach 5 stars? Believe me you will have to go to the office any time you need any documents from the app because it's just simple impossible to get them otherwise.
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1 month ago, ShadowFight2Review
New phone
My first phone broke and wasn’t backed up so when I tried to redownload the app my duo wasn’t on my new phone. They acknowledge that maybe you have a new phone on their website and give you an option to log in except that they won’t send the text unless you sign in on the old phone first. News flash the whole reason I got the new phone was because THE OLD PHONE DOESN'T WORK. I’d love to be able to get into my account without needing to contact IT especially since I’m on a time crunch but it seems like I’m not going to be able to do that.
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1 year ago, ElHeffe007
Preferred MFA tool
Personally enjoy using Duo as my MFA tool as opposed to Google or Microsoft. Interface is clean. Approving pushes work well on both phone and watch. Apple Watch app is also nice for looking up codes. Wish push would come to my Watch even when phone screen is unlocked, but that is the only real issue I have with it.
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1 year ago, Thegreatleevii
Really Nice
Ever since I was introduced to this app by a friend of mine I’ve never had any complications with it at all! It’s the best two factor app I’ve came across. I temporarily disabled my instagram account for months almost a year… Deleted the instagram app & because of duo I’ve haven’t been able to worry about losing any information I LOVE IT SO MUCH
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2 months ago, Monwez
It serves as intended
This is a smooth MFA. I’ve been using it for about 5 years now and the only complaint I have is their user GUI for adding new devices and settings is clunky. It’s ugly and feels like an amateur built it. I think most ppl’s complaints could be resolved with a nicer looking and more visually pleasing user interface
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4 months ago, Calin Jucan
Calin Jucan - Manager
Extremely bad experience! We’ve been trying for 2 weeks to set up the account for DoseSpot and you guys keep updating the incorrect phone numbers (mine as an Admin was connected to the doctor’s account and hers to mine). This is unacceptable. While we understand the pressure you are under to connect many offices after the cyber attack with the new software, you should also take the time to set up the accounts correctly from the beginning so we don’t have to call back numerous times. Calin Jucan - manager, Adina Family Dental Care
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