Duplicate File Finder Remover

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Nektony LLC
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2 weeks ago
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10.13 or later
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User Reviews for Duplicate File Finder Remover

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4 years ago, Daddy (Main)
I've tried dozens of dupe finders. this app allows the most comprehensive configurations of any!
I've tried dozens of dupe finders. none allow the amount of contol you have on which dupes get deleted and which ones you keep as this app. For scanning folders with a lot of files/potential duplacates, you may need to upgrade to the Pro version. It is worth it! I removed almost 1TB of audio files from iTunes over the last 10 years. There was a period of time when I tunes would add the track number automatically to the beginning of the tracks name, regardless of whether it already had the track number there or not, which caused my the majority of my music library to duplicate those songs. My 200GB iTunes Liubrary would be 325GB-350GB overnight. Then it would happen again to where at one point, I had five copies of a bunch of songs with the track number listed five times in a row at the begining of the track name. Then others four times, then three times, and so on. As you could imagine, my very large, cherished music collection was completely trashed! This app is the first dupe finder that would actually marrk songs as duplicates even though the track number prefix varied from no prefix to having the rack number applied 5 times in a row before the track name. This was the first app to group those songs together when searching for duplicates.
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2 years ago, LinsT02
Excellent for clearing out redundancy
I've collected TBs of stuff over the decades, expanding to ever bigger HDs. It got so overwhelming that I just figured that space was cheap. It kept bothing me though...In the back of mind, I was sure I was a digital hoarder. This software came to the rescue, clearing out almost 400 GBs. Because I had so many files on this 14TB drive, I could have never gone through all of the duplicates it found. Luckily, it seems to have an AI component that can use your discisions on which file to keep to auto select working at it's best. I only changed a few of the auto-choices, but then found that I no longer needed to do it when it got to the point where it selected everying I would select. In any case, the autoselect really does make this software even more spectacular with the ability to delete batches of auto-selected files with one click. It has other features to help you schedule a cleanup. I find that after the first one, I don't need to worry about it for awhile.
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5 years ago, seattle103
Very very helpful. You will crave more.
Bottom line - use this app. It is great. Once you use it, you may find something you wish it could do to make your elimination of duplicates easier. So, I think there could be an easier way to do some tasks if I could sort the duplicates by file. For example, I compared my download file (which really bloated on me) to my Google Drive. The results showd me all the individual file and folder duplicates within the Google Drive itself, within the download folder and betweeen GD and Downloads. But, what I really want is to see what duplicates are just in the download folder that I have already saved to various files. Then, I can eliminate those download files and folders, allowing me to then properly save or delete the balance of downloads. We receive so many attachments or web content that goes to downloads. Plus, when using google docs, office 365 online and other shared online toos, we have to upload, download files that often travel through Downloads folder. Maybe I am missing some buried feature here - but it seemed to me that sorting the duplicates by folder might get me what I want - a global list of duplicates in the Download folder compared to the global list of drives and folders I want to compare them to.
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4 years ago, Zagreen
So well worth it!
I'll be honest, I don't remember what I paid for this-- but whatever it was, it was WORTH IT. I have been trying to manage storage on my devices, but don't want to lose any of my most important files dating back so many years. I make sure to back them up, but I can never remember if I've backed them up twice or not. This tool looks through things fast, compares them really well, is easy to use, and has lots of extra features which help you choose what to keep and what to ditch quickly and efficiently. The graphic UI is beautiful, and it's SO great that you get a preview of all the files within the app so you really can triple check if it's a duplicate. It recognizes duplicate folders, too, and the merge feature is GREAT-- I just used it to get my old iTunes library consolidated into my current iTunes library on an external hard drive, and then deduped all the duplicate tracks with the same app. It works like a charm! Thank you, developers, for a truly great little app.
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4 years ago, LJ Elevias
Ok, it's a great program, but can be a bit overwhelming
I have lots of duplicate files that I knew about but was putting off getting rid of them until I noticed that my hard drive was filling up quickly, especially due to my many videos and long wav files for radio work. The app is super comprehensive and I've only used it for about 20 minutes without really reading the tutorial, and so far pretty happy with it. One problem is deciding on whether or not to delete a file that is used in a few areas, mainly when using editing programs for video, and audio because I use the same video and audio files for a few differenct shows. When opening an editing project, it will look for the last known location of a file, and if you move, modify, or delete a file, it can frustrating trying to locate the proper file, so be careful when deleting. I did the upgrade to pro so I can get rid of duplicate folders. Yeah, for the price, it's worth it.
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5 years ago, bob162000
I dropped a Raid array on it with about 1.1 million files, and it completed indexing in a reasonable amount of time (15 minutes or so). I have folders and files in one area, and then 'backup' folders of the files, but older and not in sync. Using the app 'Similar', it displayed the two folders. Example: REACH folder in two places. The dialog shows the path to each folder and duplicate and unique files. So... I want to merge the two, delete the duplicates, move the unique files, and then delete the 'source' folder. Nope. And, in the merge CONFIRM spec there is no path info, so I'm not sure which folder is which. It also seems to REVERSE the folder display from the original merge spec. Confusing. I also found I needed to display both folders first so I could manually delete the source folder, which is SLOW at best. It can't be done from the 'Similar' action because once the merge happens it indexes to the next 'similar' folder. I believe the app could be tweaked to do what I want, but for now it's a deal breaker. Of course, maybe it can do that now and I just couldn't find it. The merge options dialog doesn't offer what I want as far as I could tell from experimenting.
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1 year ago, Lightmattr
Highly Recommed This POWERFUL Tool
I am a professional photographer and I transfer photos back and forth from iCloud, my Macbook, my external HD, and with WeTransfer/ cloud services. In between all of this, I always manage to save and copy so many redudant files that are absolutely unintended. As you can imagine, this builds up quickly over time and it literally takes hours and hours.. even DAYS just to sort through images. I am SOOO happy I found this app to help me clear out all the copies that were taking up space on my HD. The UX makes it SO EASY to use and there's absolutely nothing annoying about this software. No ads or anything. Honestly feel like this developer should work for Apple and help them make their products better and less complex lol. The fact that this app is so straightforward and honest encourages me to support it and pay for the unlimited pro plan. Thank you so much for making such an amazing product!!!
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3 months ago, Lucienp
Finally a Duplicate finder that works for large numbers of files
In the month since I bought the full version of this (after trying it for a week with the trial), I've reviewed 800GB of photo and video files and elimated over 200GB of duplicates and similar files gathered across 5 drives. Previously, I used Gemini II, but it kept crashing on me. Only nitpick would be that you should be able to turn on and off the 'similar' file search (sometimes I just need to know if two files are the same or not) and that the Auto-select ALL (CMD-A) and the Auto-select (selection) (CMD-Shift-A) are too similar, so if you accidentally release the shift, you do all of them by accident. I'd rather have them the other way round, as it's harder to accidentally hold a button than release one. 5 stars, in any case!
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7 years ago, Rfroberts
Fast, Elegant Design and Worth the Upgrade
DFF has been wonderful in helping me to remove duplicate files after migrating three portable hard drives onto one large disk. It saved me 415GB of file space out of the original 1.9GB. I removed thousands of duplicates within less than a day after years of copying files from one drive to another to create redundant copies. The duplicate folders and similar folders features are well worth the upgrade to remove multiple copies of directories at once, instead of removing each file seperately. This saved me a great deal of time as I had multiple copies of photo directories. The interface is fast and elegant. DFF took about an hour or two to analyze hundreds of thousands of files (1.9GB). It neatly organized them so one could remove duplicate folders, remove duplicate files in similar folders, and leave the unique files behind. All other files can be removed one at a time, and “Auto-Select” saves time clicking on which version you would like to remove. The application also safeguards you from removing all copies of a single file or directory by forcing you to enable that function and warns you politely before marking all copies for removal, if you chose to do so manually. Thank you for this wonderful application!
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4 years ago, SurfGreen22
AVOID! This software will delete NON-Duplicate files!!
I can't even begin to describe how dissapointed I am with this software! I have had this software delete NON-DUPLICATE files multiple times now, and this is while using the slower full scale option. This should be totally impossible since the developers claim the program is doing a byte by byte comparsion. I am doing a huge archival process of many harddrives and have been using this program throughout - looking back at other copies of the data I have found it deleted a series of photos that were taken in a row on a tripod, but had different files names. They were similar but NOT the same and it marked them all as duplicates and were for deleted. I also had it delete audio outputs from protools - the files were output at the same time and the same size but had diffferent audio tracks on them and it marked them as duplicates. If it was doing a real full scale scan it would not have made this mistake. Bottom line is if you are using this for photos or audio you CAN NOT TRUST this software to safely clean your computer.
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4 weeks ago, Nanchapina
Excellent app and quick support
I love this app! My computer had become a mish-mosh of years of repeated backups (thus dupllications) and nested folders within layers of nested folders. This app has helped me identiy duplicate photos, folders and choose which to retain. Also, identifies *similar* folders and photos, and with side-by-side comparison, I can choose the one to discard (poorer quality, or. in a location I don't want). I have gained well more than 300 GB. I still have to go file things where they should be, but at least it's only ONE of each file I need to touch and move! ALSO when I had trouble (on a Sunday), I emailed tech support and got an answer within a few hours. Very happy with this app, which has saved me untold number of hours and frustration.
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2 years ago, jkball80
A ‘Can-Do’
Technically, I’m most impressed with the engineering genius behind Duplicate File Finder Pro. I am most cautious when it comes to preserving my 700 gb’s worth of music files, spread out over differing LAN drives. I wish not to mistakenly delete anything! Therefore, I took the time to study the app’s duplicating and removal capabilities. Admittedly, at the offset, I was looking for the menu ‘tab’ that would automate the merge of multiple (music) source folders, making all source folders exactly the same, a “MultiSource mergers” tab if you will. Not there! However, with some dedicated reading and highly supportive emails from the app’s creator, I did find amazing success! I’m a fan! If you’re not afraid of doing a little extra study, I highly recommend you give Duplicate File Finder Pro a try!
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2 years ago, stchin
Saved me hours of tedious work!
Love this app, especially that there's a free version. Many of the others I tried were only free the first time then you had to pay to scan additional files. Duplicate File Finder takes a bit of getting used to the interface, but I love the feeling it gives me that I know exactly what is happening to my photos before the final satisfying step of deleting the duplicates. Being able to locate photos that are very similar and delete them if I want to is an added bonus! And best of all I saved hours of time not having to comb through my photos manually as I started out doing. My photos are going to be beautifully sorted and organized thanks to this app!
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4 years ago, Snickelfritz55
Update#2: Spent nearly 12 hrs going through photos to discover didn't pull all of them from icloud
Update to Update: The team has certainly reached and seem to be interested in assisting me. Issue is not resolved yet but am hoping together they can help me figure out why the app is not pulling from the 14,000 plus pics stored on icloud. Update: I'm changing my rating as I have yet to hear from anyone. Will update once resolved. I have submitted the issue to Support but haven't heard back. Before I realized there were pictures on my phone I hadn't seen on my iMac I upgraded to the paid version but didn't see any difference in performance. Will update review after response from developers. Am hoping it's an easy fix, 14,238 photos is a lot of photos to go through when I've already spent approximately an accumulative of 12 hours deleting duplicates or similar photos.
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4 years ago, Whitney Scott III
Great tool!
This is a great tool for finding and removing duplicate pictures. I had made a whole mess with my pictures (iterations through Aperture, iPhoto and Picasa) and it went through and found thousands of duplicate/close match photos. The side-by-side picture selection is helpful and it makes it really clear which one is kept and which gets deleted. It also helped find pictures that didn't need to be kept at all. Plus, when it wasn't working, the support was fast and helpful. I did have a hard time getting it to work with the Photos library. I'd love to be able to keep using it to help pare down photos, so I hope someday it can remove pictures directly in Photos. Thanks to the developer for a super helpful utility.
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6 years ago, OT51
Wow..Life Saver Plus. Look no further…...
I have used others with little success and a fair expenduture. I downloaded this today and withut even going through the tutorial I gave it a shot. I was stunned. I knew I had a huge number of duplicate fies, folders. photos et al and Duplicate File Finder in a matter of moments found 17gb worth of documents only. Very impressed. Enough so I will spend the $5.00 immediately. This program is great, easily manueverd and has alredy made my life easier removing files that I have saved on numerous occasions for a number of reasons. New Macs, external drives, etc. Thank you, Thank you. I will be telling all of my Mac family and friends that this is a no brainer. I was burdened with a monumental task and I can now give a resounding "Sigh of Relief" .
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2 years ago, mattand666
So well thought out.
This app just makes sense. Anyone who understand and cares about removing duplicates will understand this app, and be able to make good use of it. It clearly tells you what is going on, gives good instruction, and best of all, gives you ways to feel comforatble about what you are doing (e.g. move, don't delete, duplicates to a safe place so you can feel safe). It is also super-flexible - lots of rules can be customized to pick and choose what files are kept vs considered duplicate. Also, I submitted a feature idea and had polite and positiive response the next day. So far, this is how an app experience from a small developer should be. Support these people.
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1 year ago, Gman1945
Great Product
I have tried several duplicate filefinders but this one is the best I have found. I have used the free version for several years and have been very satisfied. I have finally decided to organized my photo and video files and I found I had files on multiple drives and disks. If I had to manually search for duplicates the I would never finish. This program is a life and time saver. I found several thousand duplicate files so I can now organize my photos and videos in a logical manner. The free versionof this software is excellent but I htought I would pay for a lifetime license since the developer saved me tons of time and frustration
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3 years ago, combustion100
Used this to delete 300 Gigabytes of Duplicates!
This tool has been amazing. I had photo backups from over 20 years that had partially overwritten each other, and the files I wanted to keep were all mixed up in different folders, on different drives, with a variety of date issues that made sorting difficult. This incredible tool helped me sort thorugh all that and finally end up with 1 copy of each photo that was the one I actually wanted to keep. The interface is incredibly well thought out, and safety is a key priority as it frequently provides a confirmation step before deleting. Well worth the $.
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5 years ago, Euphoria2me
Simple and Good!
I don't usually leave reviews but this software was worth the time it takes to write one. I needed to remove duplicates files after transferring the full volume of data from two PC’s onto my iMac so I would have everything on one system when needed. I love the design, funcationality and speed of the app. When I had questions about what files it would move, remove or merge, the multiple visuals made it easy to understant. My only issue is after it merged folders and transferred the content which was fast, it created a duplicate folder with the same name plus “1". Maybe I didn’t set it up right but other than that, this little program saved me hours. Apple had nothing to offer to do what this app does.
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3 weeks ago, ohheymissfaye
so far so AMAZING
I only really ever write actual reviews for products I really love or wanna break, and I actually love this one. first off, my anxiety for sorting all of my hard drives? GONE. my hurting tummy? HEALED! I have multiple hard drives that I kinda just dump files on when my phone gets too full, but apparently icloud was putting some of my stuff back on so I also have duplicates of that, plus I just never had a good system for sorting files and needed to fix it. I've been sorting through 4 hard drives for the past couple days and this has cut my time down SO MUCH by being able to compare folders side by side and go through all the files and select. I will say, it doesn't always get the same files, sometimes it will still have matches but won't allow deletion. It's never accidentally matched completely different files though and that's wild to me. the free version is what i've been using so it's been amazing. cannot believe how much time this app is saving me. it's so worth it.
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4 years ago, Dave D in Houston
Almost too good to be true
Just like many people a hard disk problem caused many duplicate pictures…like tens of thousands. Any my own sloppy file maintence over time caused many duplicates, and if you’re like me with pictures it’s better to save than delete. After spending hours holding down the command key and clicking every ofther file, I figured there had to be a better way. Google gave me many crappy apps that did nothing unles you paid. Then I found this app, and it worked PERFECT. I’m going to go back and pay for an upgrade not because I need it, but because the free app is so robust and easy to use that they deserve to be paid something!
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7 years ago, Moneydumb
Cannot delete some things, but still great.
I used this program to help me clean up a bunch of hard drives from dead computers I have had for over 15 years. Im rough on my Macs, so when it dies I just get a new one and start fresh, carrying over only what I need. This left me with a bunch of drives filled with videos and pics and music and important docs and a WHOLE LOT OF JUNK. And this software was terrific at sorting it all out. I used a cheapie USB 2 to SATA adapter for the drives. It would be 5 stars but for a minor quibble, and that is probably an Apple security issue rather than a problem with the app. I couldn’t change ownership of some of the old files and as a result, some duplicate files could be found, but not deleted, by the app. Thankfully, most of the time there is a way to immediately open a finder window to see the files, and you can just trash them manually after confirming an ADMIN password, and even if the button for opening the finder window doesn’t show up ( sometimes it didn’t for some reason) you can just follow the path and get rid of things that way. An excellent app. Saved me hours and days.
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6 years ago, macdiehard
Worth the upgrade…and as a stand alone...
I have been looking for a good duplicate finder program and stumbled upon Duplicate File Finder (DFF). I was looking to purchase a “cleaning” progam, many of which have duplicate file options. But I found those programs slower less comprehensive that DFF is. I had used the free verison for a few months, but it became obvious that the minimal upgrade price was well worth it. The interface is great and they realy make sure you do not delete by accident (while some may think multiple steps are an inconvenience, I appreciate the safeguards). I do not write reviews often, but DFF has started to save me so much space that I am glad to write this review.
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8 months ago, potatomiester
Minimalist Digital Footprint: My favorite app for curbing my inner digital hoarder
I use this app. A lot. This week I'm cleaning up my storage space, the place where my teenage journal entries ride along side my coding projects from 1994. Who in their right mind collects and manages the backup of 300,000 personal files? Well, me. And now a ruthless application of this WONDERFUL app and I'm down to less than 80K .. SO MANY DUPLICATES because google drive just does not do well past a certain point. And let me not even mention cleaning up my 80 year old mom's photo library? I'd pay this price 20x over for the time I've saved checking and merging.
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2 years ago, DP Lew
It works
I have a lot of mp3 and flac and - all formats gathered over decades. Every other search engine looked for exact duplicates, but some files I have were stored with last name first, some first and last tname, some with the band, others without. Same songs, just different devices over the years needed different formats. Never having enough spare time, I've always put new music on my new device and just copied all the songs to my storage every so often. I had half a dozen copies of some songs. This found them and deleted them. Nothing else I've tried is as easy.
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2 years ago, cambizi
Best App Ever
Ok, I will admit it. I have a problem with storage. I would rather keep a duplicate file or folder than potentially throw away the only version of anything. So I have become a digital hoarder. Another way to look at it is that I cant find anything because of all of my copies of files. some valuable some not. So I have decided to bite the bullet and get organized by first creating a never-change-again file structure and then moving everything into that structure. and secondly moving everything into that system. Meanwhile I want to be careful that I am not throwing away anything important. That's where Duplicate File Finder Remover comes in. Insted of dragging and dropping and praying. This nifty little app tells me if they are actually the same folders and then I can move or delete and still sleep at night. Like I said. Best app ever. Thanks for making it. It has a lot of really cool other features depending on how far you want to dive into your files.
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3 years ago, aoyamaguy
Outstanding Product, Excellent Support
I have been using Duplicate File Finder Remover (DFFR) for a couple of years now, and while I have had a bit of difficulty in reactivating the PRO license when migrating to newer Mac machines, the support for such issues has been second to none. The Nektony team are highly skilled and very responsive to any support request submitted to them. Considering there have been so many downloads, the rapid support behind their applications is very impressive. DFFR is a deep-thought application and impeccably designed. Frankly, I have nothing negative to say, and I will be a customer for life. DFFR is fantastic and a must have, in my opinion.
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6 years ago, RobNSF941
I Can’t Believe I put this task off for so long!
I have used Duplicate File Finder (Remover?) Pro for almost 6 months. I had multiple hard drives both internal and external from previous computers that I held onto “just in case”. This is a great tool. The user interface is very easy to understand, it is fast, runs seamlessly on my MBP, and I appreciated that I had control over the process at every step of the way. I’m the guy that has a backup of the backed up - backups; so there are many redundancies in the various storage devices. This has made a task that I have put off far too long almost enjoyable. Great job on developing this App!
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6 years ago, Quantum AI
Best one I have tried!
I literially have bought every possible duplicate hunter program since the fantastic ZsDuplicate program vanished after the author moved. Very disappointing. But after searching for several years, this one has matured to a level that is pretty good. The one feature that ZsDuplicate had that no one else has is the view by path name option. I have very nested folders with blocks of duplicated folders hidden at different levels and they are not as nicely displayed in this program as ZsDuplicate does. I really would wish you would hadd that feature, then it will be ideal from my perspective. I’m using a paid version since the author deserves to be supported.
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2 years ago, Madison33
Easy to use
This app works great and is easy to use. It's easy to choose the folder you want to scan. Then the app shows you the duplicate files, and you can quickly verify that they are indeed duplicates. You can see each photo and which folder it's in, which is super helpful for keeping the one that's in the correct folder and getting rid of the others so you don't have to sort through them. Pretty happy with this app and it is helping me clean up photos from many years of neglect. Can't think of anything more it could do.
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1 year ago, Sayabisa
The title seems generic but the app is amazing
At first, I wasn't sure this app would be any good because the title is some-what generic, but when I tried it, I was amazed at how well it actually chose the files. Most of all, I like that it shows comparison pictures so you can make sure the picture's are actual duplicates. Even the "similar pictures" option shows side by side comparisons, which is perfect for what I need. The price is too high for me right now, but I will wait to see if it goes on sale, because I think this is a "must have" for any mac.
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2 years ago, jsfremont
Awesome tool
I have used many duplicate file finding apps, but this one not only finds duplicates but also similar files. My photo collection has now grown into tens of thousands of photos. I have spent the past two years trying to organize my collection--so many photos that are so similar that this app not only finds duplicates and similars--options available for which ones to keep. I have only one wish. Could there be an option to keep by oldest/newest version or by specific date range. Works for music etc. too.
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3 years ago, putch100
Mind Blowing App !!!
I just sat down to 8 Tb / 20 years of accumulated data and spent 3 months making sense of it. I purchased this software, and applied it and there was havoc - it works too well. You have to PLAN your duplication removal.. I restored and tried again, applied thought and paid attention to the auto select rules and thought process, and the software worked flawlessly and incredibly quickly. It has literally done an incredible job. The only thing for me that would make it super-incredible would be to show you what files or folders it is working on real-time. What a Product !
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6 years ago, EirenS
Beats Gemini II for me.
I bought this and Gemini II on the same day. Gemini II is four times the price of this, but its price is entirely reasonable. I think (as a user) that Duplicate File Remover Pro’s price could match Gemini II’s (4X) and it would be totally okay. I take huge amounts of photos of my family and friends. It’s my hobby. I have (had!) accumulated a lot of duplicate images over the years. I cleaned them up in about half an hour with DFRP. Wow. Gemini II was slower to find duplicates and I found its interface to have higher friction for me. I’m comparing these two because these seemed to me to be the top-tier App Store offerings in this area and I own them both.
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4 years ago, Fr. GeorgeMac
Simple, powerful, and all that you need
Cleaned off over 100GB of duplicate files in about 15 minutes - taking time to review what was being removed. It found duplicates among files with the same name and also similar photos and videos with different names. I was able easily to select the ones I wanted to keep and the ones I wanted to remove. Used Auto-Select to get most of the duplicate photos. Have 100% confidence that I didn’t lose anything. Of the free programs out there, this one is the best. The paid-for Pro features seem nice, but I didn’t need them for what I was doing.
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6 years ago, €dw!n
Best app for cleaning duplicates
mi computer is full of pictures, i been tryng to clean it for months eliminating the duplicates but it is just frustrating its so many files in so many folders but after finding this app i was able to delete almost 20 gb in less than 10 minutes of duplucates files. its just amazing fast how this app scans tha files super quick even the files have diferent names it found them, i have triwed some diferents apps that some of the just scans for names only nut this is diferent than the rest, totally worth the upgrade to 9.99 it saves a lot of time and headache
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6 years ago, DFFLuvr
Solution to my organization problems!
I had years of pictures (thousands) and many videos spread across 10-15 different thumb and external hard drives. How the heck am I going to organize!! Well, this software did the trick. I bought the Pro version. I combined most everything onto a 4 TB drive, ran a scan, eliminated duplicates, and now that I had more room on the 4 TB drive I loaded some more from the remaning hard drives and did anther scan. Now I have almost everything on one 4 TB drive with a backup copy of course. Now I’m looking for a solution to tagging and categorizing the material. DFF Pro is excellent!
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6 years ago, Radio-Kevin
Very Accurate - Just one recommendation to developers
This app is incredibly accurate. I’ve yet to find a mistake after a scan. The only suggestion I would have is make it more simple. For example, after a scan there are all kinds of charts and graphs, pie charts etc.. It can get overwhelming if you have a lot of duplicates in different places. Please at least add a “simple mode”. One that will simply be a list of files that have duplicates. You can separate them by file type. Other than my suggestion, this is the most accurate duplicate finder app I’ve found!
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5 years ago, BoulderDude333
Love the merge feature!
I read various reviews and settled on this app and I am very pleased with the features and user interface. I am using it to remove duplicates from a files on my NAS drive. The files have been been accumlated over the years from different backups and new storeage devices. I upgrade to the Pro version in order to merge similar folders. It has many options to meet you needs like swapping the folders, deleting the originals, keeping files with the same names, etc. A lot of thought was put into the fetuares and interface and the price is great. So far loving it.
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6 years ago, SolarElectric
Fast, easy to use, worth upgrading to Pro
The UI is not intuitive but it’s pretty easy to use. After a couple of times you get pretty fast at cleaning things up. It’s well worth the small amount they charge to upgrade to the Pro version. It saves a ton of time to be able to select entire folders to be saved or deleted. I had 3 computers and 3 external drives that had some amount of overlap, mostly family pictures and videos. It feels great knowing it’s finally organized and I have just 2 copies of each: one on a local drive and one in the cloud.
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7 years ago, K-4-A-D
My gosh this app is great, blows away the competition!
This app is incredibly incredibly fast…I ran it against several other well-reviewed competitors and it just blew them out of the water, scanning two terabytes of photos, files and movies, it found everything in seconds while the best of the other lot was still working on it after several minutes. Pretty remarkable actually. Also, it’s sorting capabilities for reviewing duplicates is next to none. Great user interface, clear concise and thorough, leaving mystery out of the equation. The developer’s “Menu Cleaner X” is superb also.
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5 months ago, clatter bass
Fantastic features
As a Digital Asset Manager, I have tested a variety of software programs that aid in sorting, deduplicating, and organizing computer files. Duplicate File Finder has become one of my favorites for its ease of use, funcitonality, features, and UI. I really love the ability to merge folders (Pro version) and compare folders to see which files they share in common and which files are unique. Their customer support is friendly, with a quick response time. I highly recommend this software.
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7 years ago, read'emandweep
Good App but the nagging is tiresome!
I have quite a few pieces of software to find duplicates. Some work, some don’t, especially with Photos and an external drive with a complicated hierarchy of folders. Duplicate File Finder seems to be working nicely but I barely launched it before it began nagging me to buy MORE of their software. I PAID for this software and I can’t use it without suffering through commercials? That is enough to make me delete the software but I’m hoping this will stop the nagging. I can’t comfortably recommend this software without being give time to use it but based on one scan of my home folder, it worked quickly and found many files to delete..
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4 months ago, OC - Ray
Finds dupes but doesn't access Photos app
This app DOES NOT and WILL NOT access the Photos app. After several hours of several attempts to follow the prompts to remove the dupes on the Photos app, I have had to force quit the computer twice in order to stop the process of the attempt. Meaning, I have had to hold the power switch until the computer shut off and then power it back up. It's a nice UI and the navigation is sufficient but if I can't complete the steps to remove from the Photos app (where it rightfully detects the dupe), it's back to a manual process that will take hours. Considering this basic function malfunction, there's no way I could justify the Pro version for $35.
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5 years ago, BB dah'ling
Great App!
I had backups on several devices. I uploaded them all to my Mac and began the duplicate search. This program was so easy to use and I cleaned up every duplicate. I had some files remained for different purposes and snap they were gone. I had many, many screen shots of historical photos and it cleaned up my duplicates and I had many from different sources. I can’t say enough good things about this app. It is well worth the upgrade to Pro. Best money I’ve spend on an app. I can now do a full backup without taking up too my disk space. Thank you Nektody!
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5 years ago, Mrnaturally
Super fast, easy and clean
I have a lot of files (music mostly) on my Macbook and many externals. Im forever trying to consolidate.. so I run complete external drives as well as full scans of my internal.. I had been using a different app for a long time, which I thought was okay because I didn’t have much to compare it too but it was taking forever to scan drives so I gave this one a go (free version) Its twice as fast as the other I was using and though I dont have a ton of experience using this one Im very satisfied and have no qualms rating it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, RipSht
While this app may not be the be all, one stop solution, it has ascended the list, and in many instances is at the very top! I gauge my utilities by their ability to clean up the results of some of my bone head ,ADD laden recursory oversights. Thats #1 #2 is performance on overall maintenacne and cleanup and #3, how integral they are as part of any recovery procedure I need tperform which is rare but great tools are crucial. This app quickly made its way into my ninja bag for excelling in all the aforementioned circumstances! Oustanding Work Folks!
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5 years ago, mikerisner
Incredibly Helpful
I loved how easily it surfaced the duplicate files, especially images even when they had different file names. I also appreciated that every clean/delete action was preceeded by a review/confirmation step. This allowed me to clean up folders with real confidence. The app will even find similar photos and allow you to compare them then select and delete the sub-par images. And on top of it all, the scans are lightning fast. Overall, this is a splendid application and easy to wholeheartedly recommend.
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6 years ago, alexleemd
Seriously a fantastic app
I had a few terabytes of data that I was pretty sure had gigs of duplicates. As chance would have it, I saw this app mentioned on technobuffalo and I immediatly downloaded it and tried it out. Holy moly, it scanned a few terabytes in under a minute and I was able to save almost 400 gigs of data. Even though I didnt need the pro features, I upgraded anyway, because 9 bucks is worth it for even just one job of this magnitude. Not to mention the UI is easy to understand and intuitive as well. Good job!!
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