2.3 (105)
43.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Digital Watchdog
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for DW VMAX

2.26 out of 5
105 Ratings
7 years ago, Wayne Walker
Works with bugs
Layouts don't fit +size phones, or iPad Pro. In playback, once you start, you have no controls on playback (speed,ff,rw) - "quick search bar" disappears after you press "play". Search tab disappears and you must start over to find it. No export video on device No ability to see motion triggers, must playback for hours to find what you are looking for
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3 years ago, The Download
I agree with most of the 1 and 2 star reviews so I won’t reiterate the issues here. However, I will comment on the 5 star review from “Bigsmoke420” whom states “ Upon getting in touch with my team they had informed me that I had been given some misinformation regarding the proper setup of the software…”. Users such as me don’t have “teams” to assist them with the app nor should the app require a team to get right which, based on your review, seems that even with a team you couldn’t get it right, at least at the outset. By the way, based on the Version History, the app hasn’t been update for 4 years at the time of writing this review so not surprising the app has issues and lacks features such as pinch-to-zoom. Rating: 1 star.
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7 years ago, annoyedwiththisapp
What's going on?
iPhone 6s (mine), iPhone 5s (husband), iPad Pro - app won't load the live stream from our youngest's PreK class. Everything is working on their end. The app won't connect to any network on any of our devices. What gives? UPDATE - much better. My apologies for the 1 star before - looks like the issue was on the school's side.
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7 years ago, Angeleies
Needs updating
We currently have 4 locations to view but we can only view 2 of them. Please fix!!
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10 months ago, govette
Password incorrect
I’ve been using the app for several years it’s not the greatest app, but starting about a month ago when I launch the app it says the password is incorrect. I have three or four devices they all say the same thing I have not changed my password. some thing else has changed.
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4 years ago, johkath
Joh Kath
Watchdog app was working find until last update in March 2020 I have it on Mu iPhone and tablet;problem I have internet connection on house monitor, everything fine,but when I past my house camera not working -like no internet.i called slomin and Best Buy’s can’t find anything wrong-I even deleted app and reinstall = still can no figure out problem
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6 years ago, Franknick26
Terrible App.
Probably the worst app I have installed on my iPhone. It makes me regret buying their camera system at all. The app is not intuitive and has so many bugs it’s absurd. It’s difficult to search your camera’s history too, which should be a basic working feature. Will certainly never buy another DW product again.
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3 years ago, Susiepad
Still does not search, useless!
I was so excited after all these years to see if DWD really fixed this app. Nope, it is still completely broken and will only show live footage. You still can’t search for an event at a certain hour or date. Totally useless for surveillance.
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4 years ago, hdwerg. jhiolyredv
The number for tech support on your app is just a whole bunch of BS offers for auto insurance, life insurance, road side assistance, and other bull. We can’t even pull up past footage from yesterday; we had an incident we need to see and we can’t even speak with someone to get assistance. Switching companies.
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4 years ago, Spiker1212
You call this an app, it’s 2020 this would have been barely acceptable 5 years ago. Arlo, dropcam are inexpensive products with 100x better user interface. Just try looking through old footage with this thing. Cmon guys get to work, don’t want to replace my whole system over this.
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4 years ago, swimming_asian
Worst live camera app ever
Literally this is one of the LEAST user-friendly apps I've ever seen. Nothing works on the app and clicking on different screens is next to impossible. You cannot use the app to do anything it's supposed to do. Would not recommend to anyone
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4 years ago, OnTheScene.tv
Has not worked on iPhone or iPad for several months. Today my dog nearly drowned in the pool and I needed to be able to look at footage and see how it happened and how long he was under water!!! Shame on you guys!!!!!!!! Look at all these complaints!
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6 years ago, Slinger1978
Easy to use!
This app is the same across all the VMAX platforms, so no learning curve from old analog to HD Analog and IP Plus units.
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8 months ago, Brogar001
Broke with ios17
App seems abandoned by original developers. This has never been the best iOS app but the latest IOS 17 means the app has to be restarted with each attempt to access my cameras.
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5 years ago, Lu Laws
Video Playback on IPhone
Unable to control the playback of footage. Please fix bugs in App.
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7 years ago, Melmar102
Doesn't always work
The app doesn't always work and you have to completely close out the app to update the video streaming. Please update the app to work better
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6 years ago, TomRas8021
Worst app
This app is trash. When my wife and go to play back our video, it hardly ever works. If you get it to work it’s 50/50 on whether or not you can control the video at all. Complete garbage.
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7 years ago, Dave Waters
Pinch to zoom???
Will this app ever offer pinch to zoom? Been using this app for years hoping for this in an update.
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6 years ago, DK169
Terrible App
The app rarely ever works. The software on the desktop isn't much better. When I do get the app to work it won’t the next time I try to use it.
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3 weeks ago, GburgDJ
Controls are such a pain.
Previous app so much better. This is aggravating and tedious at best. I’m ready to change cameras.
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4 years ago, McCauleyB
Stay Away!!
This app is absolute trash x 20. It never works and looks like it was one of the first apps to ever be made and never updated. Don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, ohnoojno
DNS not working any longer
DNS connection doesn’t work anymore after last App update.
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5 years ago, Tracit281
App not working
My app not working please fix. Cameras won’t come up
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5 years ago, Shappy73
Doesn’t work anymore
Force closes right away. Total waste Not compatible with iOS 13 at all
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4 years ago, Karissa rodriguez
App not working
My phone has a software update and now this app won’t work to view my business. Please advise
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4 years ago, Vegas Strong aka Sincityman
Hate it!
The most pathetic app I have experienced. Does not open with new iOS update! Rewind is horrific. Cavemen had better tools then this.
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4 years ago, Mattskifun
Won’t open after Apple upgrade
This 1990’s program won’t even open now
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7 years ago, Lerchcon1979
App won't work away from my house
No matter where I go it won't work. Please fix this crap.
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9 years ago, Swarmer333
App does not work on iPhone through C-Spire phone company
Hello, I have had this problem for a while and it has persisted through all the updates. I work for a security company and need the app to check on the security systems we put in. My boss who has a iPhone through AT&T works no problem, but when I try to use it on my iPhone through C Spire it just continuously has the dots spinning around in the center of the screen as if it's still loading. The app works when my phone is hooked up to wifi, but not when using just cellular data. Please fix this. It is urgent
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7 years ago, Davidbiz
iPhone 7 FAIL!
Working fine on is iPhone 5 but won't load streaming video on iPhone 7!! Please fix ASAP!!
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4 years ago, El Ellie
Needs updating and/or iOS support.
The app will not open with the new iOS update.
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5 years ago, BrianM18
How about an update
How about we get a update in the last 2 years!!
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4 years ago, Blakely04
New IOS isn’t compatible. Doesn’t work at all.
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2 years ago, BrahAskIt
Absolutely the worst app in 2022! It looks like it was made for a iphone 4s
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4 years ago, CZeiger
Won’t let me open the app. Trash!
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4 years ago, TheRedDragon
Does not work on iPhone
Cannot connect to cameras. Useless!
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5 years ago, sps99a
Please update!
I rely on this app. Please update!
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5 years ago, slingshotslayer
Stopped working, needs an update ASAP
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7 years ago, Wlr22
Update crashed app
App not working on iPhone!
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7 years ago, LadyJM
Please fix ASAP
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13 years ago, Bigsmoke420
excellent app that is being misreviewed
After reading the reviews I have to point out to the 1-stars that they probably have the wrong setting for their IP entered. When I had the system installed by my team at Solutions International we linked the device to my home IP before I left for a trip. When I tried to run the app the first time from my hotel I was greeted by a blank screen and a notice that I could not connect. Upon getting in touch with my team they informed me that I had been given some misinformation regarding the proper setup of the software and that an alternate IP must be used to connect from an offsite location. Try getting in touch with the guys you had install the system for the proper information needed to connect. Aside from this minor connection issue the app is excellent I can keep an eye on my place and make sure that everything is in order. Quality of the picture is partially dependent on the standard of your cameras but in most cases delivers a sharp and clear image. The picture does have a slight time delay of about .75 seconds from real time but that fact aside I would recommend the Digital Watchdog system to any Mac user. PC users will have better luck with the Honeywell system which also has a iOS app but is made to run off a PC platform. Hope this helps people out.
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12 years ago, ffalzett
Who tested the updated app before releasing it?
The latest update appears to work on the iPad, but not on the iPhone. Come on guys please get your act together and get this fixed now! How about addressing this issue on your websites support section. There appears to be only silence there! This app used to do exacting what it designed to do. Not anymore! I left this email for their Customer Support Director on there website this AM. I suggest that everyone who has been affected by this issue do the same: I called your technical support department yesterday regarding the fact that after you released an update to your iPhone app last week my cameras went silent on my iPhone. I was told that there would be a new update posted yesterday afternoon. There was no update as promised; and, there is no mention of the issues your customers are facing with this most recent update. I find it hard to believe that you have not taken an active approach to keep your customers appraised of this situation on your website.
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13 years ago, BigMikeOf33617
A few glitches but not bad for free!
I was a bit skeptical after reading all of these negative reviews but I got the app for my security system and have to say yeah there are a few known issues with this app but over all it does pretty much everything that is promised. It works fine on my iPhone 4s and iPad 2 haven't tried it on an iPod because it doesn't say anywhere on the box or literature that it works on that device, but I have no connection problems. The app runs smooth and lets face it can you really beat the fact it's free? I think once the bugs are fixed should be a 5 star app.
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12 years ago, The Real Camera Man
fantastic upgrade!
When i first upgraded the app i was fristrated as it seemed to not do the page turn feature as we were use to but once i read the help menu, and started to use the two finger push - all was right with th world. the new remote programming is awsome, the ability to move the camera in the various positons on the fly is perfect as i manager multiple location through the region. very intuitive! Thank you DW... another 5 star release!
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12 years ago, Viking45640
problem in new upgrade
Made the mistake of hitting update all while I was traveling and knocked off all access to my cameras. I kept thinking that it was me and that the access codes were not correct. Was shocked when I returned from trip and the iPad, which I did not take and did not update, worked perfectly. Spent another half hour making sure all access entries were correct and reinstalled the app and it still was not working. Was relieved that others had the same problem as I thought I would have to call my security camera person who bills by the hour as well as travel time. How frustrating that there is a bug in the new app. Possibly the designer was fired from apple.
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12 years ago, zero 333
Best App I have used
By far the best app that I have used. The Help menu that has been added with this upgrade has all of the answers that I was looking for. The 2 finger page turn is an axcellent feature as well as being able to move the cameras around by using one finger. The search feature is user friendly and has helped when I need to review video quickly. Very fast and easy to use. GREAT APP. GREAT product line!!!
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12 years ago, Gajtguy14
Upgrade works, but lost nice features
After upgrading, every site connects and works. But I sure miss the swipe left or right to bring up the next camera. Not only was that 'flashy', it made scrolling through images easier. This new version is slow on my iphone4. Now off to check and see if they put in the playback speed indicator when watching recordings.... Nope. Playback all but dead on this version with no intuitive controls for Play direction and speed control. Sad.
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12 years ago, MMKtx
Good upgrade
I very much like the recent update. Works flawlessly for me. A really usefu improvement would be to allow a separate default page configuration for each device for those who are monitoring multiple locations. It would be nice not to have to click on the "4 page" configuration for our system with only 4 cams. Ditto the "9 page" configuration for our system with 9 cams. Hopefully, in a future upgrade.
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8 years ago, ZombiesAreSquishy
Does not Work Currently
This application is only semi-reliable. Have been using this for over 2 years. Didn't have many issues at first, and for a good 1.5 years, it's been working well. It was until my DynDNS account expired, so i re-registered, and when I tried to input it into the settings on the phone, did not work, and still wont work. I've been looking into troubleshooting this for 2 weeks, and others are saying that an update has made the app lose it's functionality, and Digital Watchdog has been no help so far.
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12 years ago, Hine Raceves
Digital Watchdog Fan
To the user who got a 'network protocol error': one of the settings on your Internet connection changed. To the user who said it doesn't playback: only the 480 & Flex models offer playback. The stripped down V-Max doesn't have that option. This app is way better than Samsung's Ipolis or Everfocus's Mobilefocus. Thumbs up DW. Your biggest fan.
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