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User Reviews for Dynamic Wallpaper Engine

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3 years ago, lydi44
this is the one
There’s a plethora of random dynamic wallpaper utilities on the app store, but most are either buggy as crap or locked beyond pointless paywalls. If your search brought you here, believe me, this is leagues beyond any of the other options here and it’s ACTUALLY free, there are no in-app purchases or sneaky paywalls. Amazing selection of wallpapers that get updated fairly regularly, the only thing I would mention is that it’s probably 50% anime and there’s a few wallpapers that are a tad NSFW (but that isn’t related to the quality of the app itself so proceed at your own discernment). Doesn’t have too much of a battery or memory load and works like a charm; it definitely gives Wallpaper Engine on PC a run for its money.
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2 years ago, Melement19
Excellent Live Wallpaper App without an ounce of Regret
My desktop is no longer lifeless. The high-quality live wallpapers (wp/wps) are truly amazing. I can choose among the multiple wps dynamic, static, music, animated, etc. available. Haven't even gotten through half of them and new ones get added with updates. Best of all, it doesn't occupy much resources on my mac. Granted I got the M1 so the performance impact is hardly noticeable. There are other apps out there, but this is the one to get. I purchased this based on the reviews other users who have tried and compared other apps and highly recommend this one. I purchased it and have absolutely no regrets. Enjoy it!
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3 years ago, AustenG517
Works well, meh selection window though.
It works and it works well. Makes my Macbook feel alive. Honestly works better than Wallpaper Engine. Only negative part is the lack of selections. There's a few pages, and 90% of them are anime or japanese girls, borderline porn too, even after unchecking the cute, anime, and gaming filters to remove them, they still show up. Had to search for an entire hour through every single page and only have about 20 to pick from as of now. Wish there were more.
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3 years ago, Jogan___
Too many scantily clad anime women
I have Wallpaper engine on my windows pc, was looking for something similar for my Mac. I use my Mac at work. Browsing for new wallpapers is impossible to do at work, because immediately at startup, the page to browse for wallpapers is full of borderline hentai. This is the only app of it's kind that does the job right, but I have serious concern with the fact that apparently a large portion of live wallpaper fans choose images of an anime woman in little to no clothing surrounded by a few snow particles. It also makes my fans run on high when I have more than two displays connected to my MacBook Pro, so that's a bother, but it's neat nonetheless.
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3 years ago, xxJJ5x5xx
No ultrawide wallpapers
This is the next best alternative to wallpaper engine as it is only available with Windows and not Mac. I've been using it for a while and it works really well. My macbook no longer feels lifeless, and the wallpapers are really high quality. The only unfortunate thing is that the wallpapers don't really support ultrawide, as they are of a smaller aspect ratio. As someone who switched to an ultrawide display (3440x1440 or 21:9) recently, the wallpapers need to be zoomed in order to properly cover the entire screen. More importantly, there are only a few wallpapers that actually look nice when zoomed in, so it limits what live wallpapers I can use and enjoy. There is an import feature to import local videos, which is a very nice thing to have, but there is a lack of free ultrawide live wallpapers out there is the internet. Though, you could probably find a few that you like if you search a while. Overall, the app is really good. My only wish for the app is that there should be ultrawide support in a future update.
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2 years ago, Flare607
not enough options
lets put it this way, if you get the windows wallpaper engine and you search up say, Fate, you get 126 pages of wallpapers, a couple dozen each page, all high quality, all unique. compare that to when i search up Fate on this application and I get maybe a dozen options, not all of them good. my point is essentially that as of now, the apple wapplepaper engine simply doesn't grant the range of options to justify the price. i do not and will not regret spending $4 for the windows version, but apple's $3 wasn't worth it by any means. and the solution isn't that difficult either, add more wallpapers, just more of them, for everything. make it so that I can actually use a wallpaper I want and not one I settled for
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3 years ago, Bastrada
Big library but limited search function.
I just downloaded this about a week ago and while I do very much enjoy the wallpapers, I've found that I have to go through page by page rather than specific searches such as "Dragonball Z" or "WLOP" (a particular artist I love the work of). Also, some wallpapers have music while others do not. Filtering these into separate categories would be nice too because it can be rather alarming when music suddenly starts playing and I can't initially tell what window or app its coming from. Lastly, the Lite app should be replaced by the upgraded app. I had to manually go in to remove the Lite version after upgrading.
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9 months ago, tillybean88
Insanely Inappropriate.
The application works, but 97% of the wallpapers are borderline p*rn. No child should ever have this on their computers. I just wanted to find some cool wallpapers for my new MacBook, and instead what I got was a couple of cool nature/animal wallpapers and hundreds and half nude or almost fully nude anime charcters or wallpapers of REAL WOMEN half naked. This is ridiculous. I can only imagine the type of person to pay $5 for an app for wallpapers and then make their wallpaper something so weird and gross. This would be a great app besides that, and no matter what you search there are going to be half naked women incorporated in the wallpapers somehow. If you search up garbage can wallpapers there would be a half naked woman with a garbage can lid covering her or something. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!! I want my money back.
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3 years ago, Gio.A1
Makes your computer just that much better!
I bought this software because on my Windows computer I had "Wallpaper engine" and wanted to have that same dynamic background styling here on my MacBook Pro, I haven't had any issues with it such as lowered battery life or performance reduction due to having this runnning and don't expect my computer to slow down from this at all. Would recommend if your looking to give your computer a more personalized look! 10/10!!!
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4 years ago, Rocketleague player
“Fix to dowload videos all the time
It wont let me download from the workshop and stops at 5-10%! What a bummer, I love some of the default wallpapers, but the connection is poor and even when I try to switch routes - it does not work. It makes the app useless. Please work hard to fix this before anything as this stops the use of it completely. On the bright side, its very functional to install outside sources, but the request times out far too often otherwise
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3 years ago, StraitouttaiOS
Works Better Than Wallpaper Engine on Windows
I am really surprised by this program. I'm amazed at how it works flawlessly and uses almost no system resources having no impact on my M1 Macbook Air's performance. While not as advanced as something like Wallpaper Engine on Windows, Wallpaper Engine can be fairly demanding, and this app is exactly what I was looking for to make my Macbook feel special without draining the battery. I hope the devs are working on porting this to work natively with Apple Silicon for future-proofing.
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3 years ago, dannyroth218
Love the Break Reminders
I already really liked this app, as it's the easiest way to have animated backgrounds I have found (and works great on both my m1 Macs). But the new break reminder feature really surprised me. It's like a pamadoro timer, but instead of just beeping it hides everything but the wallpaper for a set amount of time. It has a simple timer for going to back to work and you can skip the timer. I really like the idea and will be using it a lot. Thanks!
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2 years ago, xgnxs
It's just looping videos
I use Wallpaper Engine on windows, which works significantly better than this app, which is just pre-recorded, looping videos (the looping is noticeable). Not dynamic at all. I also question the "4k" label on wallpapers, as they're noticeably pixelated on a 3840x1600 ultrawide. This app was $2.99 when I purchased it, not free as other reviewers mentioned. The app works fine (I was able to download and set wallpapers), but it's not what I expected based on the plethora of 5 star reviews. If what you want is to be able to select and use a video as your wallpaper, then this app will work great for you. If you want something actually dynamic like Wallpaper Engine, I'm afraid this app ain't it.
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3 years ago, M. Christopher B
Better than expected
I didn't have high expectations but I was pleasantly suprised. The app definatly adds some interest to your desktop. The best feature is the ability to use your own motion graphics & videos. The UI could use a little polish, like the ability to sort your playlist, better hot key support, and at least a handfull of ultrawide dynamic desktops to choose from. They developer deserves credit for creating an app that runs well and I expect that future updates will add even more value.
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1 year ago, JimenezDan
ALMOST like wallpaper engine
It would be just as good as wallpaper engine on steam if it had more user support. People to add more stuff to choose from. I think that's what makes the PC alternative king. Having said that this app is really the only go to for mac users. Five stars because if you really wanted to go the extra mile and import some wallpaper engine stuff from your pc this app gives you the option to import files.
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10 months ago, MS2407
Works well
This app is amazing! I love that it includes a large variety of wallpapers of different themes. Some of them even have background music to go with them. With that said, the reason I am giving it 4 starts is because sometimes the search bar doesn't work. There are several wallpapers I've seen on the app while I'm browsing but if I want to find them again by typing the name on the search bar, it doesn't come up. Other than this, everything is amazing!
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2 years ago, Old School Trucker
One App that actually works
I have been trying differnt App's of all kinds since the begining of App offerings and only a VERY FEW actually work. This is one that does. Very easy App and with quite a few differnt backgrounds to choose from. You can even try them before you purchase the App. This App will also hide your Desktop icon's if you choose to. The bottom bar will stay. You will not be dissapointed.
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6 months ago, setuid
So much promise, so little functionality
As many others have mentioned, this app came with a lot of claimed features and promises, but delivers none of them. Right on their own website, they state that this can be used to set both wallpaper and screensaver. It does not support setting screensavers at all. Unless you go into the app directory and delete the default video it comes with of the animated girl sittign on the deck in the snow, it keeps forcing that default on your wallpaper no matter what you choose. Selecting "Delete Local Video" for this default, animated wallpaper does not work. Since it overrides every choice you make, it's quite inappropriate for any desktop. And speaking of inappropriate, the scantily-clad animated wallpapers of women, bordering on NC17 Hentai, is also in poor taste. The price is relatively cheap, and cheap enough to fool thousands or millions of unsuspecting users. Hopefully Apple will honor those refund requests and remove this app from the App Store in due time. Avoid this app at all costs.
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2 years ago, Gleep52
Missing Audio and Mouse Tracking fun - but great alternative to Wallpaper Engine on Steam
My two favorite "wallpaper engine" options (From Steam on Windows) are audio feedback related (like when audio is playing, the background changes dynamically with the audio - EQ levels, etc.) and mouse tracking - where I move my mouse around and it affects the background in some way. Dynamic Wallpaper Engine is missing this possibility - but has some great backgrounds for us Mac users to tide us over I suppose.
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3 years ago, Shiraii
Execellent app featuring beautiful live wallpaper's
There is a vast array of live wallpaper's to choose from, most of which suit my tastes. Being able to make your own live wallpaper is another appealling aspect too. That sort of customization is something I value. My one complaint about the application is that it tends to be CPU heavy. This is probably due to my MacBook Pro being 12 years. Besides that, considering the age of MacBook it runs fairly well.
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10 months ago, Storyof100Aisles
Misleading Import "Feature"
I purchased this because it specifically lists in the features that it is "Easy to import local video." This is not true in the slightest. While there is an "Upload" button, it just gives you text that says you have to email it to them and they will review it to add to the library. So, unless I want to give you my personal videos to watch and add to your software for anyone to use, I can't import local video? You should fix that immediately and specify that importing local video requires a review process and the video will be used in your software. You've wasted my time and money.
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2 years ago, KairosWolf
Must Get
This is a really amazing live wallpaper app there a various options to choose from and they aren't locked behind a paywall which I love. One thing I don't like about this app is that it mostly consists of anime wallpaper (I'm not a big anime fan) but if you are then this is perfect for you. There are also various NSFW wallpapers just so you know but other than that this is a great app with various options to get!
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1 year ago, lilgLitchu
Screen time bug
the app is sufficient, the content store is VERY GOOD and it always has something new to offer when you get back to it. BUT there is this bug that completely ruins my screen time reports which is very important to me, by default no matter what you do this app always has fills 24 hours screen time (even if I quit the application) on the stats and basically kills my reports for good. also this is even worse of a problem when I sync my screen time with my iphone. PLEASE fix this.
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3 years ago, Fw_Bahumat
Good software, decent substitute for Mac of Wallpaper Engine
It has a pretty good selection of wallpapers (lots of them are anime, though). The UI is clunky but does its job well enough. I wish there was an option to hide the hundreds of anime girl wallpapers it suggests you when you browse the library, but oh well. There's plenty of other ones I like. Worth the money if you just want a nice wallpaper for Macbook. It's like 7/10 as good as Wallpaper Engine on Windows IMO, so it's a good replacement for your Macbook.
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2 years ago, MisturrPeter
Searched EVERYWHERE for this app!
So i ahve been searching the interwebs for something like this, and specifically for my Imac, thought I had come to a dead end. Im so glad I bought this app. Worth the bucks for sure! I hope they continue polishing it and integrating more and more background because Im so excited for this. It actually has more features than what I thought! You can add your own wallpapers, your own lock screen, with or with out music. pause the live wallpaper and keep it as a still image or make it move. It even has an option to hide your desktop apps to display the wallpapers in their full glory(which also doubles as a security option). Defintely worth buying IMO!! 5 STARS Thank you for an amazing app!
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3 years ago, Will_E_B
Excellent Desktop Live Wallpaper App.
Itis the best live wallpaper you could ask for. It has low computation draw or low volume applicational background usage, so it want have in performance issues like other live background applications. It’s always updated with new and interesting backgrounds, it has something for everyone. I would recommend this over other programs like Ilk.
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4 years ago, Kaylonieeeee
Reallt good just one thing
The only problem i have with this is you cant well i didnt see a way too. Use your own pics or gifs thats a feature i would like you too add. we can upload our own gifs and get some wallpapers we personally like from the internet if you dont already have it in the workshop. But overall love this wallpaper engine i heard its like the wallpapaer engine thats only on Windows i would love too see that this can become the mac versions of that
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3 years ago, Sebas roque
Great Product!
There's a wide range of wallpapers to choose from and they all come in great quality! You can also resize the aspect ratio and get a sharper image if you wish. There's also an option to import your own videos and use them as wallpapers too if you're looking for something specifc. Overall i'm satisfied with this product and would recommend this product to anyone who wants a live wallpaper!
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3 years ago, Dylan Dulaney
Better than I expected
This app is truly the Mac equivalent to "Wallpaper Engine" on Steam. At first glance it can look.. offputing, but the developers do an amazing job adding meaningful updates constantly and there's always new wallpapers to check out. You can even customize very specific options like "pause animations when on battery power" etc. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Snowman1stgt
The app is great but is missing an important feature
You guys should add an option for us where the live wallpaper stops once the video we use is done playing. Its annoying having to rely on apps staying open or in fullscreen and would be WAY more better if they automatically paused once the video ends, i get that live wallpapers are loops but some of us would like the option to turn off the loop
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3 years ago, CarlaV.2
Just what I was looking for
The extra dollars spent upgrading was worth it. I wanted to try live wallpapers this time around and this app so far does not disappoint. It offers a wide range of themes so there's something for everybody. There's always updates offering more wallpapers but I tend to stick to the handfull of wallpapers I downloaded from the start. The addition of break reminders is such a great tool to have. When planning a long study session I like have the reminders come on my screen instead of setting an alarm on my phone. Still have to play around with the playlist settings but the icon on the top bar makes it super easy to switch, pause, resume and set reminders.
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3 years ago, nickelwater69696969
Wallpaper Engine for Mac
One of the best wallpaper engines i've ever used. I come from Steam and Windows, so I have a little experience in the area. So far, I haven't any issues and it is a very fluid interface. Update: After using this for a while, I can definitely say that it is the perfect app. I think its almost better than Wallpaper Engine. In any case, one hundred percent worth it.
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1 year ago, Benchwarmer2178
Works great and as expected but...
Developer should add a section or filter that showcases any new wallpapers that were added in from the latest update or the last time you have checked the workshop. As of now, the new wallpapers seem to be in random locations. Also the 'Break Reminders' feature is cool but it doesn't seem to work when I'm in full screen but otherwise it works as intended.
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6 months ago, Skye1269
This Apps is incredible, so simple to use and perfect features. I love the option to shuffle through multiple videos in minute increments, so that the same video is not up for very long. i use this app to shuffle through all of the new tvOS Style screensavers that are now on mac. instead now they're all my desktop wallpapers! i love it
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1 month ago, Guslcjr
Awesome Wallpaper Options
Though I always question why there are so many inappropriate backgrounds, there are a lot that fit any styles. The App is not ideal in the fact that you have to open it every single time to refresh the wallpaper. Options are there, but you have to really look. I like the vibrant colors, animated wallpapers, and the ability to be different than everyone else.
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2 years ago, Ichorus_IV
It's like Wallpaper Engine on Mac, but better!
I bought this thinking it would be like wallpaper engine and it was better than that! I instantly fell in love with the wallpapers on display in the workshop, and if you don't like those you can download your own different ones! It's truly amazing. (Sponsered Comment; Delete this part before posting)
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1 year ago, ItsNotYouItsMe
Cooler than it looks
Wow - This is even better than I thought. They have a ton of live wallpapers of a about 10 different genres to choose. Some have background music (can be muted) and all are really well done. Glad I finally found something like this after all these years of thinking it was possible!
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1 year ago, Ti7777
Everything 'works' as descibed. After choosing selection of wallpapers, one can alter or cycle through them as desired on multiple monitors. Ability to upload own videos is a premium feature. Developer responded quickly with question about features. Honestly, a Top-notch app! I'm very pleased.
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2 years ago, Josh_Summers
It's perfect but...
It's lacking in the variety of wallpapers u can choose from. I really like the KDH franchise a lot and when it came to me searching for it I could not find it, I think i searched for one other thing and didn't find that one either. I also seached for demon slayer and only found a Rengoku wallpaper. It's not a bad thing or anything, just a minor let down, but I am enjoying this on my mac.
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3 years ago, Mar'C
Need to fix the incorrect screen time stats.
This app is decent, but the problem is that it mess up with the Screen Time stats. The app is running 24/7 in the records and the stats keep piling up even after I UNINSTALLED this app. Also the memory usage is a issue too. It uses 2GB of memory, which is very weird for a simple wallpaper. I may change my mind if the Screen Time bug get fixed.
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4 years ago, CubicleNinjas
This sort of idea for an app has been around forever, but they never live up to daily use. Often they take up so many resources they're fun to turn on for a few minutes but have to be turned off for taking over your computer. This app is diferent, using only 2% of the CPU to showcase some really remarkable scenes. Highly recommended!
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11 months ago, I_Live_off_Ebt_
Must have
just like wallpaper engine on windows. this app is absolutly amazing, only problem I have with this app if the amount of "$|uty" wallpapers they have. They need to add better ones or give the option to upload your own from the web. Im not an expert so idk if thats even possible. But yeah there should be a wide range of wallpapers. other than that its a solid 10/10
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3 years ago, McGillivary
What a great app! I had been looking at a live wall paper engine that could push to multiple screen and this one works perfectly. This is still my favorite even after the newer app Paper as it doesn't hog as much memory. I do wish it had more Christmas and bright sunny locations as live images, however, it is definetly, 5 ⭐️ 's.
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3 years ago, Kenzai23
It Works great, what else can I say?
It's simple to use, and just works right out of the box. Lots of customization options for playing stuff, and high quality backgrounds to choose from. If I had one nitpick it would be that it consumes about 15% of my cpu while running, so not terrible but it could be improved. Other than that it's great!
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4 years ago, Honeyholedazzlr
This is app when I first saw it didn't really seem to grab me until I gvave it time to go through all the wallpapers. It's really well done and if I have to say it's one of my favorites. I am not just giving it the 5 stars to just give it, I rarely write reviews, but this one deserves it. Worth the grab, and if your a pc lover who loves to create an atmosphere, this helps.
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3 years ago, SweatyFetty
Great App
I enjoy this app it has frequent updates to the library of wallpapers. For $3USD, I would say it is a great oprion to have a unique background on your Mac. I would say however that there is way more Anime art then other art forms. If you dont like Anime there may be fewer choices for you. Please keep the updates coming!
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9 months ago, ShadowAssasin06
Easy to use and provides the functionality I need
Allows me to upload video background. I just wish that it had the selection that wallpaper engine does on steam. it's still a completely valid option, though.
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5 years ago, Superbulous
Good alternative for Wallpaper Engine fans
I love Wallpaper Engine on my PC -- and had been waiting for something similar on Mac. This app is pretty well built -- other than the questionable localization. Good settings for video playback, volume, pausing on other apps being in focused, etc... All the concerns you'd have about performance and battery life are accounted for. Great job Hao Wen
Show more
3 years ago, JusUnknown
Best Video wallpaper for MAC
I was kinda depressed when i realized there wasn't a wallpaper engine for OSX when I saw this. It's inexpensive, so i didn't mind paying. However, when i did, a bunch of options to choose from with videos, on top of being able to import your own videos. not bad.
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12 months ago, JefeSolos
Looks great, dont get the complaints
I got these displays, as well as screensavers, setup for my mac. Man does it look good. Especially on my monitor. It has shuffle so you can cycle through different wallpapers if you are really indecisive like me. Also, there are a lot of wallpapers, idk what everyone else is saying.
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