Dynamics 365 Business Central

2.8 (4)
15.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dynamics 365 Business Central

2.75 out of 5
4 Ratings
2 years ago, symhout
It works but UI is not good for phone
UI should be optimized for smart phones
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2 months ago, User2701Tx
Gave this app one star because it is not user friendly nor phone friendly. The application needs a Search instead of relying on your bookmarks on the web application.
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3 years ago, wrxrated04
What a joke of an app.
This is one of the WORST apps on the App Store. In today’s times I’m happy to see that Microsoft is staying true to their business model of “push the product out full of horrible design issues, bugs and horrible UI and offer limited support on the back end. As always with any quality product of theirs, you don’t get support! Clicking help will net you 245 pages of detailed gibberish website instructions. Nothing for the app. Would you like assisted setup? Sure! that would be swell! How ‘bout no. Not allowed without appropriate permissions. Don’t worry, the support offered to the company will in no way shape or form represent or contain anything pertinent to your situation. But somebody somewhere now knows how to track stock and logistical expenses for something completely unrelated! And do not fret if you are a computer novice, you’ll have so much trouble figuring out it’s completely non user-friendly design, that you won’t be able to properly document your time card and the company will probably let you go anyway. There is nothing instinctual about the apps navigation. There’s hardly even anything to display. Its so bad...I really can’t think of any more semi-intelligible descriptors to convey the frustration that is navigating its interface.
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4 years ago, IES Consulting Corp.
Broke On Premise Server Connection
After this update, on the day I was running a pilot test group training, MS updated to a version that completely broke connectivity for those running an on premise solution. Users who downloaded were unable to log into BC365. Thankfully, I have a reasonably good relationship with the business but this was embarrassing for me. Microsoft should be ashamed to release something so fundamentally flawed indicating a basic lack of simple regression testing. Please fix this ASAP. It’s been over a month and we are still waiting! The latest version does not fix the issue. It’s not a matter of properly configuring the server according to the canned response to most of the reviews pointing out this issue. Remember, the app was working w/o issue already until it was broken in an update. MS has told our VAR that the only solution at this time is to perform a technical upgrade to the latest BC version at our expense. This seems like overkill for a solution. Please fix the authentication issues in the current app.
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4 years ago, Dave P_Lifes_Adventures
Poor Dynamic 365 Design for Apple
Agree that the mobile version of the app is inappropriately sized for the web. I can only see part of the first week and have to select “filter” to see the rest of the two week pay period. I can’t use the Apple app in the App Store as it has setup features that don’t apply to my Corporate connection. A lot of navigation for the web version and I think it needs to get a major overhaul to conform to Apple app or web version. Thanks, Dave
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3 years ago, Jamo423
Awful App
It constantly has issues loading. It graphically shows that you press on a link but nothing seems to happen. You end up having to force quit and re-login (also annoying that you constantly have to type in you credentials every time you login). This happens at least 50% of the time you are using th app. Basically quicker to drive somewhere to access a computer to do what you need to. The app is really awful.
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6 years ago, sakinhanmi
Horrible App
The online version is (just okay) but the mobile app is horrible. I’ve had it for a few months now and it doesn’t open. I just tap it and it stays on the same logo screen forever and it never works. I’ve tried it on several different phones so I know it’s the app and not my phone. I use O365 extensively for my company and it’s so hard to believe Microsoft would release something so poorly made. Will be getting rid of Dynamics soon and not recommending for anyone to get.
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6 years ago, 71Wookie
Free Trial isn’t working
The app is stuck on the “Sorry, that didn’t work. Could not open the “ company, access to company ‘My Company’ is denied. Restart —>. I click on restart and same screen appears. Please tell me how to fix this issue so I can proceed with trying this product.
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3 years ago, CaliChiver
This app is absolutely horrible. It’s constantly freezing or crashing. When it does actually work, it’s still a hassle. You’d think a company like Microsoft could create a functional app.
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2 years ago, supply chain team
Needs update
When are we going to see an update? A lot of functions are missing compared to the desktop version.
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5 years ago, jeremyamach
Poor design for mobile
It’s like they just scaled the web version on a “flexible” CSS grid and slapped it on the App Store. The worst thing: it’s inappropriately sized for the newer iPhones; totally cut-off at the top and a pain to navigate through.
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5 years ago, Dynamics 2013
The glue to hold Dynamics together, been a long time coming!
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1 year ago, Mark Stickler
List Parts close for no reason
If you touch a blocked empty field in the timesheets line the timesheet close and it takes you back to timesheets list page.
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5 years ago, Sciorra
Connection Problems
Does not connect all of the time. Constantly getting “Cannot find server”. If I reboot the phone, it then connects.
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4 years ago, dompanha
On-Prem version not work with this update
We could not connect to server version 15.4 on premise, after this update all user iOS devices cannot access
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4 years ago, Bryan Herndon
This update stopped on premise version v14 from working
After this update, we could no longer connect to the server for version 14 on premise. Worked prior to this app update.
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7 years ago, AJ&E
Not working anymore
Stays on splash screen and does not connect or allow me to enter credentials to connect. Using iOS11 with iPhone 7 Plus, iPad and iPhone X.
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3 years ago, It's just stacking cans
Useless on iPhones with notch
No layouts to support latest phones. View is clipped top and bottom
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2 years ago, Mzty17
Worst app ever
Always freezing , worst app on my phone.
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6 years ago, SamHouston1884
App never opens
The app never opens. Stuck on home screen.
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3 years ago, just want ketchup with my frys
Does not work with dynamics 18
Unable to us app to complete Timecard inputs
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6 years ago, Therealcritichere
Activation Code / QR Code?
What Activation Code? What QR Code am I supposed to take a picture of?
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