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EagleView Technologies, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for EagleView

4.87 out of 5
8.5K Ratings
2 years ago, K-Bay 2
The Gutter Guy’s Best Friend!
I decided to try out EagleView after my buddy who owns a roofing/gutter business recommended it and I will never look back. I have a gutter business and it has become an invaluable tool for measuring jobs. Now all I have to do when a call comes in is go to the potential job and discuss downspout location, color etc. For only $12, no more getting out the ladder and tape measure. Thank you EagleView!
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5 years ago, not so dedicated user
Dedicated user
Eagle view takes way too long to get the report to the sales reps. This has forced us to preorder the day prior. However that in itself has created yet another problem, when a customer cancels, we are stuck with a prepaid for EagleView on a home we no longer need. This is costing our company a substantial amount of off the top revenue. This entire problem could be fixed with a much quicker response time to get the report. EagleView is also not near as accurate as we were informed. We do NOT take what EagleView tells us as fact and I’d say a good 75% of the time if air went with EV numbers, I’d lose money.
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2 years ago, rip kitco
They dont outline more don’t waste money
They have gotten rid of outlining what they actually measure . When puttting in notes before saying do not measure patio they always did but not a big deal cuz I know it was in order because of outline now they removed outline on what they actually measure and now you have to put 100 percent faith in them that they read your notes and don’t measure something you told them not to…. For that reason I will not being using EagleView quick squares ever again because I have to hand measure and make sure they didn’t include a patio or not with new update …… waste of money for now till they fix this issue
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5 years ago, Bob948952390),,$8065
Best measurement tool I’ve used
Love this app. Although it is kind of pricey it assures our company has correct measurements for our customers and is 99.9% of the time right on the dot with its numbers. The money spent to get the correct measurements the first time it saves you a lot of time and wasted money on materials if you over order because you measured wrong especially if you have a very steep house.
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3 years ago, AZAussieMom
A great partner in our roofing business.
We consider EagleView Technologies to be an important part of our business. You save up a tremendous amount of time and effort. Your product is always spot-on. Many potential customers are impressed with your product! Thank you for being there for us!
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11 months ago, Accurate measurements
Great measurements
Thanks to Eagleview reports, our materials and labor efficiency for every roof, has been more accurate. Takes the human error out of project breakdowns, resulting in fewer disputes by everyone involved. Saves time, whereas I use to get 2-3 appointments in per day, I now get 3-5 per day & piece of mind knowing that something wasn’t missed.
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3 years ago, Stinker87
Great tool for the field
I have used the service consistently for years and the app works as good as the website. Almost the exact same layout as their site and so easy to figure out and use if you are a first timer.
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3 years ago, Mikie From Louisville
Due diligence
This program is an absolute must for all realtors Builders and homeowners that want to be educated on roof replacement. Many roof companies are not on the up and up and it will pay homeowners to be informed on what they are paying for. Excellent app and I encourage everyone to use it.
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5 years ago, W.P.C.
Like waiting on a woman
48 hour wait is quite an inconvenience to wait for measurements to complete an estimate for a customer. And would be more convient if I was able to order say a gutter measurement report and a wall measurement report together
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3 years ago, All Things Roofing
Deal Closer
Eagle view is honestly the deal closer for me with my customers. Eagle view please get back at me and give me a great promotion deal. I will pledge my loyalty to your app over any satélite app. Eagle view keep up the good work .
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7 months ago, Jaime R Ochoa
Very useful!
I can make a work order real quick with the information I get with this software.
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4 weeks ago, Carlos the builder
I am a contractor, and this tool is my best friend when I’m rushing and can’t measure everything by hand. Most of the time it’s really accurate.
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4 years ago, Roofmaster Gdog
EagleView is Great
Very prompt and always accurate! Customer’s love it when I show them the report. It gives us the credibility that we are doing the best job possible.
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1 year ago, should've used owlet
Won’t work on new phone
I’ve been using the eagleview app for several years. A few months ago, I got a new iPhone 13 and the app won’t open. I’ve tried deleting it and downloading it again which didn’t work. I also upgraded my company phone this month and ran into the same issue. Is there a fix?
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4 years ago, Zackdog1
Takes too long to load and doesn’t always load
Takes to long to load and does not have all locations pinned correctly. I have a lot of EagleViews that pin in nearby neighboring trees.
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4 years ago, PJ_USMC
Excellent Customer Service
Always quick to resolve problems (usually pilot error). Accurate, useful, invaluable to my roofing business.
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1 year ago, ffed by cbase
The reports always come in quicker than the estimated time. Thanks
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5 years ago, gutterusa
Rain gutter systems
We are satisfied with all the reports We have receive from this company Highly recommend them
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4 years ago, ceu1225
Excellent app but customer support/service by phone is slow , horrible and close to impossible to get a response or help
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7 months ago, Netoelloko13
Makes my roofing quotes so much easier and better dead on with everything love it !!!
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5 years ago, Conn69
Great help
Eagle view is a must program for all roofing contractors . The products delivered makes my job so much easier. Thank you
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5 years ago, john t13
John t13
Just wish there were different packages we could purchase for multiple uses of the app.
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9 months ago, Tonyroofing
I’m a roofer
And I’m very impress of how fast you guys get all the information I need thank you so much
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5 years ago, GreenRoofTechnologies
Very simple and quick response. I’ve ordered many reports!
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5 years ago, D-man71652
Good if you have the same
About 50$ a report. It hurts to pay but it hurts less than climbing around in roofs.
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4 years ago, Ram Jan
Totally Awesome!!
I use this app to generate roof reports for my real estate apartment complexes. I’m having contractors bid on roof replacement projects, so these reports have been invaluable!
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12 months ago, BroDoo
Bad app
System Claims i have an account: i don’t - says reset password - did this; but system does not recognize me because I do not have an account related to my email address…. Some businesses just like to stand outside and hit their potential customers with sticks.
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4 years ago, broclean
Needs improvement
Great if you didn’t always take so long to get me my reports. Hover is getting me reports in under an hour.
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6 days ago, Billy JH
Eagle view makes my job so much easier
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5 years ago, cersstevenson
This is an amazing service always has been always will be
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2 weeks ago, Keli’i
Very helpful
Thanks EagleView I appreciate the reports. It helps the client understand why I’m seeing on the roof.
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4 years ago, D StJ
Easy to use app
Great technology and accurate roof measurement reports. Easy to use app is a bonus.
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3 years ago, Pvt Mudflap
It’s Ok
It’s ok. Sometimes takes 24-36 hours. I have another aerial view company the shootss them back in 30 minutes or less. EagleViews advantage is they cover a wider area.
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5 years ago, mglasley123
I got this app after Hurricane Michael to use in my business. I found to be a useful tool, saving my time estimating roofs and walls
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5 years ago, Haze707
President Mez Co
I love this service. Its quick and easy to use! Makes life a whole lot easier!
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3 years ago, Us Quality Services Inc
Sebastian W
Great to use, they don’t make you wait the full 48hrs for the free delivery Always accurate!
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3 years ago, Psyteet
Does not meet turnaround time goals and poor CS.
Doesn’t not meet their own turn around deadlines. Taking over a week at the moment. Also they have poor customer service and do not even warn that orders will be delayed.
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2 years ago, Percy fam
Love it saves me time when time is money and gas
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4 years ago, Noblesville Construction
Fast and accurate
I always use Eagle View. Best service in the industry!
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4 years ago, Socrwarisawesome
Prompt service
Love the promptness of the service of eagle view and how it works with all roofing estimating styles
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3 years ago, in gin
Slow reports
You reports are to slow
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2 months ago, SuttonRoofing.net
Sutton Roofing Dallas Storm Claims
Could not imagine Business without this Tool , 5/5 Stars !!
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5 years ago, DR Roof Solutions
So far it’s been kool but I wish it was closer to $30 each time instead of $75
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5 years ago, Tomater 55
Great Report
The Premium Report has help are closing ratio go out the roof. Ha Ha... Homeowners fill that are bids are accurate and very professional. Thanks.
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2 years ago, LOBO ATL
Very good system to use , for Any projects
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5 years ago, Northshore Sniper
Best app
Every contractor should have this tool in there box!
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5 years ago, pouncehard
The best time saving. accurate tool at my disposal anytime of the day.
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3 years ago, Labornolab
Great app
Easy to use and great info
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4 years ago, Run tin
Used for years. Not working now. Says no internet connection
Anyone know what’s happening with this app ?
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4 years ago, Wilson Roofing and Renovations
Update your app!!
The service they provide is fine but the app constantly crashes and is extremely frustrating due to this...
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