Easy Call - Phone Calling App

4.1 (3.8K)
65.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
承允 赵
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Easy Call - Phone Calling App

4.1 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Menal_7376
Why I love easycall
I love easy call because it gives me my own phone number without a SIM card and no wonder why they call it easy call it is easy to call your friends family and others,Easy call is like a game and you could win coins and beans and you could use it to choose your time,That is why I love easy call.
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3 years ago, Maddybeth11!
It would not let me prank call!!!!!
Me and my cousin were spending the night together and I was not on my normal device so I couldn’t prank call like I usually did so we started looking for a app and I found this. It has great reviews so I though I would give it a chance well that was a bad idea… we tried to prank call McDonald’s first and it would not let me. I tried to prank call people from my contacts that I knew but it would just be the wrong number even though I put it in right, and it was the right number. I’m sure this app works good for people on normal devices and stuff but just not for me I was goin to give this two and a half stars but I’m putting a 5 star so people will see it better.
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4 years ago, hshdhskdjfbsjksksbxbdus
Great app works just like your phone I do indeed highly recommend that any one uses this appIt works with texting and calling and you don’t have to worry about files being dropped everything just works fine I love this app I’ve been looking for apps all day every day and when I went across this app I was just astonished because I couldn’t believe how great of an app that you guys have like the most apps you have to pay to call when is supposed to be free I am using my Wi-Fi but this one is the best app of all thank you you guys are coming up with this app and making it possible for me to use
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2 years ago, encycloppediasndmire
No help!
The app probably does what most people want it to do, it’s just not going to work for me. Tried it once and tried to cancel, but the information is in Japanese and the only other button I could add to push for help sends me right back to the app information. Please cancel this ! RLCr
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2 years ago, Dark nite hawk
First review
App is pretty decent so far kinda hard to fig in beggining App turned out to be surprisingly very good and easier to use very short videos to watch if your trying to earn minuits I love keep around for along time fits my needs perfectly
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4 years ago, feng-tinghao
cannot use anymore and stupid advertisement that cannot be closed
It worked well the first day when I installed. But when I tried to use it about a week later, it never worked any more. By the way, when I tried the daily check in, the close button of the advertisement was showing the the top right corner overlapping on the battery sign that can never be clicked. So after the advertisement video played, you can do nothing to check in or return to the normal page. So stupid.
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4 years ago, purplecharmedone
To help improvement
I think all new customers should get a few free minutes to make calls then be offered a package to purchase so we can trial the quality of services offered
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4 years ago, danniemariet
Can't complain
Can't complain about this app especially because you can check in every day to get beans to make phone calls to love ones. They make it easy for it to be free by putting in minimal work
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12 months ago, Niamuffin23
I thought I was gonna get scam
I thought I was gonna get scam because I’m scared to share my address but when I downloaded it and stuff it worked all I need to do is put my friend number thx easy call but don’t scam ok?
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3 years ago, jayrod51772
This app is helpful
Only thing is that you have to but the beans in order to make a call not like other apps that you can just watch some videos and get free coins
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3 years ago, @GunzBlaznAmazn
Paying too much for beans
It should let you have more “beans” when initially downloaded. It’s almost not fair how little they give. My phones mic is messed up so I tether to my iPad and use this app. It’s great for this situation, but still hate to pay so much to use my number on another device 👎. Do better EasyCall
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3 years ago, svidrir
I think it is more English-based used app, per se, so I think they should be better English throughout to better explain how to navigate the app. Other than that it’s clean, good quality, and give you the opportunity to earn your credit without watching videos if for some reason you were to not pay or recharge your account.
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4 years ago, poiutrdb
So When I was adding people to my contacts list I went to edit and when I typed in something it’s kept glitching and the letters kept getting delayed and repeated and I couldn’t stop it. But otherwise this app is great. Thank you for reading this and please fix this app.
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3 years ago, SamK1988
It's alright if you pay
This app is okay if you buy a subscription but it's way more expensive then any other calling app
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2 years ago, This Dog Is On Fire
Excited to use whenever I get some call points!
Haven’t used the app yet, but glad to get an app to add on my little sister’s iPad so she can call me when I’m not home. :)
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2 years ago, havey123
About the phone number
I think that it would be good to use a different number but you have a good idea
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3 years ago, FeraPlayz
Doesn’t work anymore
So when I first got the app, it worked fine and I loved it. But a week later, it keeps on crashing when I get into it and I didn’t do anything to it. I even tried clearing my storage and it still didn’t work. I thought it was good until now.😡
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4 years ago, jjjjjjyb55
Need other language options
Needs other language options
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2 years ago, batmanenriquez
Doesn’t work
This app is useless can’t make calls or receive
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4 years ago, tbak2829
Upgrade app
I just think you need to upgrade your app than it’ll be fine
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3 years ago, itzdiiamond
My Experience
I havent used it yet but will in 20 minutes. Its a process and you have to do things to get minutes
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3 years ago, texasnelson
Cool and user friendly
I like the interface and how user friendly this app is. Please kindly make this app free for calls
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3 years ago, kentzoet09876
I recommend this app a lot!
I would rate this app 5 stars because it is worth the free pricing and fees and a legit working and updated app.
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3 years ago, tone toys
So I buy this app so I can text and call mrbeast on my iPad and I SIGHN in and allow access to contacts. So I put his number in and it says “Not Avalibe Unless You Login’’ So I “Login” and then I call again and it says ‘’Not Available On IPad’’ and it litterly says on the pictures “avalibe for iPad’’ Don’t Buy. If I had and iPhone I could just call why I need to get this!
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3 years ago, NAHIDPLAYS
The best
This is the best because I don’t have a sim on my phone and I could use this app to call my friends and family
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3 years ago, jjjjjjaaaaaa123456789
Overall good, easy use. If you cannot connect through mobile, then it does charge you. Other than that, good app.
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3 years ago, Teee9475
I love this app
This app is a lot better than text app or pinger! Will definitely always use
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4 years ago, kennything
Ip and local calling
When you Pete’s the local call option it doesn’t call the US, it calls a foreign number needs fixed
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3 years ago, awssane
It works but need better way to get free minutes
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3 years ago, BrianaMarie19
Decent app but have to buy calls
Earning on here takes forever and is honestly not worth doing. The options for buying calls is minimal and costly
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3 years ago, mohammedboss5
I love this app I like how there are different ways to earn beans and coins
I love this I like how you have different options how to get beans and coins
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4 years ago, ray way ohaye
So far I haven’t made call trying to earn credits
I’ll see how it goes
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4 years ago, Snoopy&lisa
Cool app
This is a great way to use your own phone number to talk from your I pad but you still need WiFi and this actually cost money to use so it’s up to you the fee isn’t much $ but I was just shocked for that feature!
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3 years ago, farden hsas
Well made
Good for calls and has a solid connection
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3 years ago, bebetuya
Easy call
I love that you can call anytime without paying.
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3 years ago, hysvsjsfsbsjst
Great app!! It would be awesome to have a choice to register using a email or phone number.
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3 years ago, Jriv23
Really awesome!
Can call all my friends and family and can earn beans for free to make more calls!
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4 years ago, kshdbru
Just getting started
Just getting started will update if any problems
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3 years ago, shemore15
It could be better
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4 years ago, Shammmmmoo
Its a good for free calling. But it also need some improvement for better quality
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3 years ago, ferg-silent
It would be nice if the recharge process was easier.
It’s so hard to find the option to purchase more minutes
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3 years ago, usernmn
You can earn beans and get to call internationally for free or u can still buy credit.
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4 years ago, The K-Ro
Look Forward to seeing what this app does. Looks great. Leaving a review. Pre usage.
Look Forward to seeing what this app does. Looks great. Leaving a review. Pre usage.
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3 years ago, filmoner1
Easy call
Great app. Glad I downloaded it. Thank you so much for creating this app
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2 years ago, Blazin0769
Ease of use
There is mixed languages on the page but I do not understand it would be nice to have that changed so it’s all one language thank you very much
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3 years ago, TheBlackSpade
I am not sure about the title
Seems easier than how it actually works and it’s not so easy lol so next time maybe you should not even use the word easy in a type of description
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4 years ago, hutfbkchi
How does it work
I'm having the hardest time trying to connect and getting it to work
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2 years ago, thetxrn
So far works fine!!!
Easy to install and use!
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2 years ago, venusvoya
This app is ok , needs text and more credits for not so many commercials
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2 years ago, kk100o
Why is this in Chinese I’m on able to read it
Anyway I do enjoy this app. Are you able to Call block your phone number Just curious
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