Easy Clocking

2.1 (49)
74.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
SekureID Corp.
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Easy Clocking

2.12 out of 5
49 Ratings
5 years ago, Rick Cannon
Decent but needs a crucial feature
Please add the ability to manually select time frames, not just pay periods. Would be way more efficient for checking hours worked in the second week of a pay cycle.
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5 years ago, Vianey R
Awesome app I get to look at my schedule weeks in advanced and requesting time off has never been easier. I'm glad we switched from our old system I couldn't be happier
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5 years ago, Amandak945
Change of ownership
I wouldn’t download or give any info to these people anymore. The original owners of this app sold their Client List of which contain ( Account Names, Usernames, Passwords, Phone Numbers and Emails) to another company. How do I know? I work for that said company, and make money making calls from the data this company gave out. And other companies gave as well of course.
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4 years ago, Senior Lester
Meh ...
If you have a small group of employees, this app might be for you. If you have more than 30 employees, look elsewhere. Half our workers cannot clock out at the end of their shift ... that creates more admin work manually entering their time after you call each one of them. If you operate at all hours of the day, you cannot change the time format to “military time” (note to Easy Clocking Admin - this is time keeping 101 .. you’re supposed to be the expert, remember) There are many other options out there ... research before you commit. The above mentioned issues are just the tip of the iceberg.
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5 years ago, bogusbogey123
Easy to use app for time and attendance. Clocking in/out and requesting time off from my phone makes it simple and stressfree
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3 years ago, Joeweez13
Needs punch in & out options
Should have an option to punch in & out from your iPhone
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3 years ago, minesinger
Use for a company
This NEEDS fixing. It will not allow you to keep the app open to clock out later. Additionally, there is no menu location for support. Great idea, just needs the wrinkles ironed out.
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4 years ago, wondercrazy
Won’t connect from an account to a user
When I try logging in on the app it won’t connect or allow me to access anything
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6 years ago, Docterdetroit21
Made to look convenient
I can see the plus sides of using this app but as a employee this app has been giving me more trouble than making my work life any easier app will not let me clock out properly and I been getting a lot of angry compliments from my employer
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3 years ago, phillltht
The amount and frequency of bugs on this app makes it nearly unusable. I am required to use this app to keep my time at work and it is highly inefficient. When trying to clock out it will crash two times before allowing me to clock out. Every time. The geo location is spotty at best and the overall UI is just poor quality. It feels as though someone got it to “good enough” then abandoned it. Please update or remove it from the App Store!
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1 year ago, Hermosa Leona
Needs work
The amount of times I’ve “clocked in” only to see it didn’t take is so annoying.
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7 years ago, Tuke Dude
Not working like it used too
In admin mode, under the "add time" section, you can't select an employee to add time to anymore. Also can't see time card by employee and edit punches at all like before. PLEASE FIX!
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3 years ago, ephasi
Horrible app. Don’t use for your company.
This is the worst time clocking app I have ever used. I hate that my company uses it. Barely works and messes up a lot.
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6 years ago, Meme101 :).
Pretty good
Pretty good mobile app
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3 years ago, Flashsupergirlyo
Don’t get it
Don’t get the app it’s very glitchy and has problems letting you login and logout
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3 years ago, OscarGuerrero
iOS 15 do not work
Do not work on iOS 15
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3 years ago, captain bible
Easy clocking
This app is trash
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6 years ago, Chrispy10
Easy and Useful!
I'm not exactly sure why this app has so many negative reviews. I've been using it for almost a year now with no issues. My company does all of its scheduling through here, so it makes it easy to see up coming schedules for the next week. You can also request vacation time from here as well. Those complaining about log in issues are probably experiencing "user error" issues. Finally, I do like seeing my exact worked hours the week. Gives piece of mind as an employee that all my hours are being tracked.
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8 years ago, MichaelM524
I wish I could give "0" stars...
This app was nice for the first few times but used it. Somehow, it logged me out. No big deal. Couldn't find my password for a bit, but eventually did. Now, the app doesn't even have the option to clock in/out and has even gone to not letting me log in on it while the website does. This app is absolutely useless and is a complete waste of memory on my phone. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it.
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9 years ago, Tjbernhardt
Stopped working
It was a great app until I purchased my new iPhone. When trying to log in with the same credentials I've used all along u get and message saying I don't have access to it. I'm the administrator for our company so I definitely have access. I can log in on the computer but the app won't allow me.
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8 years ago, Kabeadle85
Won't clock you in on the network if there's no cell signal which is where a lot of my work is. there's always something that doesn't work in the app, right now I can't see my time card details. if you get a new phone, you can't just sign in on the app without admin resetting your account and the list goes on and on. Great idea but a really crappy app.
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6 years ago, Covenant eyes user
Not able to log in
App won’t allow me to log in, says I am not authorized. Website works fine so I know it’s not my password or info. After over a year, this hasn’t been fixed, with no updates in the past 9 months. Our organization may need to look for a new Clocking system if the app can’t be cared for. Thanks.
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8 years ago, Jamesweaver98
App no longer works since update!
I'm out of a clocking app till another update is released! App won't let me login even after I reset my password! It use to work fine but new update made it non-functional. Please fix this immediately! I can login on website but not on the app.
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6 years ago, Taq21
Just downloaded
Just downloaded this app for the first time on April 18, 2018. it’s supposed to be version 2.28.2, but when I open he app it’s still version 2.28.1 Having the same login issue as what was reviewed by another user. Please help Easy Clocking!! Need this to be easy access for our staff
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8 years ago, Sloppy305
App stopped working! In trouble with my boss!
The application stopped working and now there is no way to clock in. For someone that is constantly on the road traveling this is a huge inconvenience. Please fix this ASAP.
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8 years ago, MusicMan3825
Use to work now not so much.
This app when working crashed on a regular basis. Now it says my user name or password is incorrect although I have no trouble using through a web browser. Very low quality. Pretty disappointed.
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9 years ago, Curtycjab
New iOS
Updated my phone to iOS 9 and the app will not open. Pls fix soon I need it for work daily.
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9 years ago, Ivana28
App won't open after last update
I did the latest update last night. Will now will not even open. I deleted 3 times and re-installed to no avail. Re-started my phone 3 times as well. Still doesn't work. ????
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7 years ago, Ddbslp
App doesn't work
My office has over 100 employees and no one can use the app. ALWAYS says unknown user/password; however, we can all log in through our browsers so our username/passwords are obviously correct. App is worthless!
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7 years ago, antpc9119
Password issue
This app has given an issue with my password since my first attempt at using it in May. 7 months later and still no fix? Unacceptable.
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8 years ago, globtn
One more thing PLEASE...
TOUCH ID !!! I hate entering my password every time.
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7 years ago, H00SE
Changed password now can’t log in through phone app but can still log in through website
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6 years ago, Schass
App does not work on iPhone X
Website works great but app doesn’t work on iPhone X. I find this REALLY disappointing that I cannot use the app and will be looking for a new clicking system.
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9 years ago, SHAQnoah
Doesn't work after update.
Been a whole week, still no fix. Getting pretty ridiculous.
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7 years ago, Lrunner0203
Can't sign in
Changed my password. I can sign in thru the website but now not on the app. Totally worthless. * emailed tech support. They got me back where I can use app
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7 years ago, MiddaGweg
App won't let me log in after update
Updated app today and can't log in with proper credentials. This has happened before as well.
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9 years ago, Vip4lyf
App doesn't login
ios9. After recent app update on sept 23rd I am no longer able to log into my employee account. I get an unauthorized user error. Please fix asap.
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9 years ago, Smokey^187
Needs a better fix soon
Got my app working on Friday finally then this stupid update comes out n got me back where I can't sign in
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9 years ago, dezainr
Doesn't Work
Still crashes and does not work on devices with languages other than English.
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8 years ago, RpaIII
Not working any more
After updating the app has become un-usable. Can't sign in just keeps saying loading.
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7 years ago, Crepesoles
Does not work
The app doesn't work after three last update. Please update otherwise the app is useless.
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9 years ago, Mautrey85
Y'all need to fix that problem
How can you have a app that does not work!!!! It is really getting ridiculous.......
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9 years ago, Mike Hansen
Crashes every single time I try to open it. Pointless.
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7 years ago, Totally not happy right now
Unauthorized User
I down loaded the app and tried to sign in but it's telling me "unauthorized user". Can not access
Show more
9 years ago, We build
Please fix
How can this still not work? Our employees cannot clock in.
Show more
8 years ago, KidNamedJerster
Crash starting up
Using iPhone 6 plus App won't start
Show more
8 years ago, Ramex11
No good!!! Not work wiht My IPhone 6S
after the 9.0.1 update it no longer worked well.
Show more
7 years ago, JPQ23
App won’t authenticate users (broken)
Title says it all. Can’t use this app.
Show more
7 years ago, Jay Kool
No one at my work can use the app
Show more
9 years ago, Aimzz21
Always glitching horrible app
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