Easy Invoice (PDF generator)

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Marla International Limited
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User Reviews for Easy Invoice (PDF generator)

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5 years ago, DJ_Dilbert
Recording and sending couldn't be easier!
I've used other platforms in the past for my freelance work. Including building my own in Excel. This platform is by far the easiest to set up and use. Including the ability to sync across devices so I can access all of my info from anywhere. This is definitely a MUST.
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6 years ago, pianistfrank
Can not login… Unable to reach SUPPORT 2017
STAY AWAY! I paid for 6 months in June 2017. I have email and receipt documentation for proof. Today, before the 6 month subscription was over, when trying to log on, the app would NOT recognize my email address. I wrote to the company to inquire about this issue. The email was sent back with the following message: "Sorry, this question will not be passed to our support team because we could not find an Easy Books Online Account with the email address [redacted]. Please re-submit your question from your registered email address if you have one. We offer support to registered users with a trial account or a paid subscription." I have a paid subscription!! So, I created a NEW account with a NEW email address with the company. I continued the process to acitvate the account. After writing another email to the company about my issue, I received the SAME reply. I am hoping this will be rectified. Until then, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!!! I would be suspicious of ANY support that BLOCKS users. STAY AWAY!!!
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2 years ago, geol9
Been using them for 7 years
I do contract software dev from time to time. Some clients ask for a formal invoice, and every single one from startups to F500 has accepted them. For the price of free? Can't beat it. I'd totally pay if I could add notes to the invoices, but _please_ do not make it a subscription software.
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6 years ago, Raynaldo Martine
finally a simple, yet comprehensive app.
I have four computers, and three iPads that I use for work. As work comes in, I can use this (synced) app to get my invoices out quickly. Very simple to use with many USABLE features. Thisa app is nothing like the others that are stuffed with features nessary only for large international corporations. Thanks Guys!
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2 years ago, Julieecz
Best Invoice App
I recently started using this App for my dads business and I must say it is very easy and convinient to use. I enjoy the compatible outline as well as how self explanatory it is. I think this is my new favorite app that I am now able to enjoy.
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6 years ago, Bestpricebreak
Very Good
I really love this Easy Invoice. It fits my business need and very easy to use. I have had it for more than six months. I love it. I rated it a four star because of syncing issue that sometimes I have to close the app and open again for it to show up correctly. Other than that It is really worth it to have it.
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4 years ago, Hshshhsjdj
So Far I like it.
So far so good When I click on an invoice it will suddenly and unexpectantly close on it's own. I simply open it up and again and it is fine. But it does that quite often. A bug?
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6 years ago, jharris249
This app is extremely user friendly and allows invoice creation to be made to look professional. I recommend it to anyone looking for an easy invoice option. Great for small businesses
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4 years ago, GoSkye, Inc.
Lovin'n It!
I needed a quick & easy software that would help me send out my invoices & reciept and yet still gather for my taxed purposed to print when the right time comes for my account. It's easy and friendly to use and that's exactly what I need, just hoping it continues to run smooth as so fas it has using it only for two days stright. I'll make another view 6months down the lines and give you guys another feed back... but, for now I'm lovin' it! Thank you creators! xoxoxo
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5 months ago, You have to pay for everything
literally its SO EASY
Being a new business order in artwork i just appreciate easy simple to use apps that you can rely on. so happy i found this.
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4 years ago, Qbjwifey
Amazing for Auctions
We use this for all our invoices now and it is amazing. The ease of use makes it the best product. Also very simple to use and customize.
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4 years ago, tinkerball1
I love this app it help me keep up my Financial expenes and it keeps my customer satisfied. thank you again The only problem that i have pulling up your old inovices from old clients... i wish that you can back up old history.
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3 years ago, christruss
super easy invoicing
Love this app! has made my life that much easier needed somthing simple to charge for my yoga teaching.
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5 years ago, YaadBwoyFiReal
Bait and Switch! Buyer beware!
I purchased the app and it was working perfelctly. When I opened it up today, however, I was informed by the developer that the app no longer works stand alone and now requires a paid subscription to be used! Needless to say, I am abandoning the use of Easy invoice. The reason Geode Software gave for pulling this move was that they needed to make more money! SMH!
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2 years ago, GMAN-----
Good for simple Invoicing
Once you understand the interface and how it translates into a printed (or .pdf) copy, then you can tailor it to your numbers and products.
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5 years ago, Jackaroo94
Easy to Read
So far I'm really liking this app. It is easy use and see what is pending. I would reccomend
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6 years ago, DisappointedAK
Not a free app…
I was using this app to generate my simple invoices for free (under the 60 entries limit). Now, it is requiring me to purchase a plan to continue using the app and generating invoices. This is not a free app as you can not use it except after you pay. Not happy!
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2 years ago, Eugeneondasound
Love It!!!
Easy fast and intuitive use it for all my invoicing!
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3 years ago, L&N Conp
Nice One
it works great specialy for Small bussines that dont do valum. thanks keep up the good work
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6 years ago, BenCraz
Works Well
Easy to use invoice software.
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6 years ago, BrianAllred.com
Watch out for this one
A decent app, but they will constantly try to give you the old bait and switch and hold your data ransom for money rather than trying to earn business. Don’t be fooled. You will regret trying this app.
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3 years ago, GodsJewel🌺
so much easier
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6 months ago, 11:11:11
All data LOST - NOT SAFE
I bought this app a long time ago. Today I tried to log in and it wouldn't recognize my email address. I re-created the account. All my data was LOST.
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4 years ago, Curls_1
love this items
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2 years ago, realperson134
wish I would not have started
This app contantly blindsides you and holds invoises hostage and requires a in app purchase to continue. I just dont want to loose history or id go elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Joe Joe till
i need help
i need help
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6 years ago, CDannielle
i got this app a few years ago and loved it! then they decided they wanted me to pay for it ( it was totaly free) i decided ehh why not. i have had more problems with this app now that i actually payed for it! im done and moving on. do not waste your time down loading. it never syncs and is over all -10 rating in my book!
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3 years ago, free/not free
not free at all - am i missing something?
it says free but I can’t do anything without paying a yearly fee
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3 years ago, Nouf alj
how can add a picture
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4 months ago, cowboy-gospel
fairly a good app simple once you get the hang of it but really basic
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9 months ago, youaskwecreate
nice but
it does not have stripe or paypal integration. not even subscription options
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5 years ago, Pura vida 46
berry good
very siple to use it
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4 years ago, L7 block
cool app
little hard to get started but liken it
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2 years ago, trochex
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6 months ago, IAmTC12
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5 years ago, SUPERMARIO123$
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8 years ago, TG Multimedia
Simply Easy, but...
Overall, this app is very easy to use. Adding customers info, products/services and their values is very simple. The only discrepancy is trying to “duplicate” an invoice, to avoid entering “all the line items” again. So far, I have created four different invoices, for four different customers. When I edit the ‘Sales Invoice Text” in the field editor, it changes that field on all four invoices. Hope Geode Software reads this!
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7 years ago, Mac for my business
Got me out of QuickBooks
My business was using QuickBooks for Mac 2012 at a cost of almost $400 for a two user license and server based company file. Upon hearing that they are not releasing QB for Mac again and that support for 2016 QB for Mac ends in 2019, I decided not to put my money back down that hole. Also, we were using QB for Mac strictly for billing/invoicing and nothing else, so needless to say it was bloated for our needs, but at the time, it was all I could find that was A) not cloud based and B) didn’t have a monthly fee and C) allowed multi & simultanious user access. Although Easy Invoice has a monthly fee, it is reasonable. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how many computers I have the program on or use to access the data at once which makes it far cheaper than QB if you were to buy all of those licenses. It does take some time to learn the quirky way it is laid out, and I did have to get used to looking up customer data differently, but much of it is there, you just have to search a different way. All in all, the functionality, price and speed of use are at a crossroads where I can adapt and have it serve my need. It’s worth a look!
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9 years ago, jbmairs
Pretty good, with room to grow.
Overall this app does what I need to do — just create simple PDF invoices for my independent contractor IT work. But there’s a lot of room for improvement in the usability department. For example, the ability to rearrange line items would hugely convenient. Also would be nice if the developer made it a little more clear how to get the PDF out of the app — as is you can just drag it out of the little preview pane and onto the desktop, but this wouldn’t be terribly obvious for a novice user. Finally, a little more spacing (or the ability to customize the design, or at least bolding the title of each line item) on the generated PDF invoice would go a long way; currently I find myself adding a line of underscores in the description of each line item to keep them more visually separated on the final product. Overall, it works and is a viable replacement for Billings in my world. But I hope they bring some usability improvements in later versions. The only feature I’m missing is Billings’ built-in timeclock.
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9 years ago, Jayfajonesy
Gets the job done at the best possible price.
I use this application to prepare invoices on behalf of a friend of mine who operates as a property maintenance contractor. I don’t need to run a business with this application and the invoices generated appear very professional. The application’s ability to generate PDF invoices suits my circumstances perfectly and for the money, this application performs splendidly. The application allows me to create “line items” for services performed and allows a price to be set for each service. When generating an invoice, I will select the line items I require and the application adds them all together. Customer information is accessible within the application and I need only select one whenever I want to issue an invoice. I can make manual changes as needed and there is the flexibility to add comments. Once the invoice has been generated, the application will keep a record of the invoice as kind of an “Accounts Receivable” running balance. By keeping a list of unpaid invoices at my fingertips, the application allows me to keep an eye on ARs relatively simply. I haven’t had an opportunity to try out the cloud synching features because I don’t require it - yet. This means the generation of my invoices in a professional and simple fashion is completely free. Once generated, I simply e-mail the pdf file and await payment. Great application. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Mom@Carolina
Easy Invoice
I recently began using the free version of the Easy Invoice app for my very small business, and it was working very well for my purposes. I chose a free app, because I have such a small business and limited income. I am very frustrated that you will now start charging for this app. This morning I chose to “wait until later” to register, so I could view my accounts, but some of the features were missing. Does this mean that when your “free trial” is over, I won’t have access to all the features I used to receive for free? I would never have chosen an app that requires a monthly fee, and it is dishonest to change the terms after I have already loaded all my accounts into your free app. I am considering reporting your company for dishonest business practice. Please reconsider this change.
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9 years ago, Daddy-Chris
VAT and Auditing removed??... to another app with in-app purchases :(
With the removal of VAT breakdown and Auditing that was the perk of this app and it being moved to another app… How do we activate the unlimited transactions in Easy Books.. I just downloaded the app, but surely in order to use the options taken from this app and put into the other would require unlimited transactions. However, wouldn’t this force us to make additional purchases? I’d hate to think there was some wizard magic and trickery going on to to force money out of a turnip through in-app-purchase requirement As far as this version I’m happy to see it had a more updated look and appeal to the program.. BUT the removed of VAT breaksdown and auditing reports that were removed were very helpful.
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9 years ago, Banksie 1971
What Happened
This is a great program for simple invoicing. It’s like QB extraLite. I like that. I just don’t like that yesterday I could have multiple accounts under the same one and after doing the update today that function seems to have vanished. All the ones that were there like that before doing the update are fine, but it isn’t letting me do it anymore. It was ideal. The other problem is the search function. I put in a name and nothing comes up. I can’t quite figure out what the search function is for. Please know tho…I am grateful this app exists and that I get to use it. Thank you.
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7 years ago, LazJoe
My Data is now being held for ransom
When I started using this app, it was free. The invoices that I created were stored on my computer. That is why I chose it. I have created a few invoices over the last few years but with the latest version, I can no longer access any of them unless I open a sync account and pay the ransom. First of all, I do not want to sync my invoices to this company’s server. If they are going to hold my data for ransom once, what’s to stop them from doing it again, after all of my data has been moved to their server? Other than Twitter, which I don’t use, this company has provided no other way to contact them. This is a sleezy way to do business! They’ll not get any of my money.
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8 years ago, DJSkyline
“Easy”, it’s in the name
This software is incredibly useful for small businesses. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, and it hasn’t failed me. Invoices are easily customizable, and you can create finncial reports on what’s invoiced and what has been paid. Great tool for creating invoices on the fly as well, due to it’s simplistic nature and pre-designated account info.
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9 years ago, Anlynn1
Good- almost great
This is perfect for what I need in my small business to invoice clients. However, it really needs an option to add shipping costs easily instead of treating it like a line item. It just looks clunky that way.
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10 years ago, candice.rio
Thought this was going to be great… disappointing.
I thought this was going to be an easy to use (among all devices) program to track my invoices. Wow, disappointing. I set up the syncing and then the program started crashing and freezing. So basically I wasted time setting up my account and my first invoice. I can’t see the invoice to print it out or much else for that matter after the sync set up. Where on earth is the pdf generator? Please go back to the drawing board.
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7 years ago, Niteshsahu99
Great app
Loved this app, great for making invoices but sometimes i don’t want to add address email etc on the invoice, but it still end up taking sapce on my sheet. its a waste of paper when i print it. Please look into it guys
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8 years ago, King Kuli
Nifty Software
Good software, especially for small businesses. What would be great is the option to print multiple invoices in one go.
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7 years ago, HTownChowDown.com
Avoid this app. They scammed the customer.
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years to generate invoices. It was a free app; that’s why I chose it. Suddenly it stopped working. Now it’s demanding over $30 to generate another invoice. They added new features that I don’t need, and now want to charge for what was free. It’s fine to add premium features and charge for them, but to disable software that a business uses unless a ransom is paid is highly unethical. Free software shouldn’t be disabled unless you pay a ransom. That’s what they dd. Who knows what they’ll do next. Never, ever do business with these scam artists.
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