Easy Invoice

4.8 (2K)
83.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Marla International Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Easy Invoice

4.77 out of 5
2K Ratings
8 months ago, ?!diane
I own my company and we are small. No employees except my husband and me. I have 45-60 clients. Receivables only needed because I don’t have much overhead except equipment and basic maintenance, fuel, and job costs. I was keeping everything on Google sheets and handwritten invoices. Now I have real professional invoices easy to do in the office or on the go! I Keep track of services that make me the most money with this ap too! I had a question and they responded within a few hours. Totally suggest Easy Invoice!!!
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6 years ago, ICUSandman
Five stars for a plain English EULA & privacy policy
As a security expert I almost always read company privacy policies, especially when it comes to anything financial or business related, and I have to give this developer props for the best EULA and privacy policy I’ve come across. They collect very little data and explain exactly what they do with it in plain English. I look forward to using the app and updating this review at some point. But for now kudos to the developer!
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3 years ago, nayeli vaquera
This app has helped keep up with our invoices for our small business over the last couple of years. It is easy to use, the futures are great and at a reasonable cost.
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6 years ago, MacDelta
This is not a standalone program; nor should it be
You When used as part of such a compartmentalized accounting program to limit fraud and liability issues, EasyInvoice on iOS certainly functions well. Unfortunately, the price point for data synchronization is too high. Many accounting programs include iOS and/or web app functionality out of the box with no extra charges tacked on to sync data. Data backup? Managed data backup routines should already be in place, running in the background, and tested monthly/quarterly to ensure data integrity.
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5 years ago, sleepyeyesart
Easy Accounting
This app is very easy to use, it allows you to turn your hard work into money with great ease. The app is built for helping you get your invoice calculated, and sent to your customer very quickly and professionally.
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5 years ago, User in Louisiana
Easy Invoice Review
I’ve used this app 3 months now and it works much better as an invoice and estimate program than anything I’ve used previously ( including quick books )
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2 years ago, Mizzjem
The best easy to use
Fast easy and not complicated to use. Im on the run most of the time mom of 4 running a small business this is perfect for me.
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3 years ago, Mr Taviel
Used to work
I have been using this app for two years and at first it was doing a good job,I don’t know what happened but I started to notice glitches or errors on my invoices (showing balances on invoices marked as paid) that kind of stuff makes me feel like I can’t trust this app anymore
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6 years ago, Lowkey3232
There’s always issues
For what you pay you would think there wouldn’t be any issues this is an app the should perform flawlessly considering it’s peoples lively hoods.
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4 years ago, Gamer123456789hdaff
yes please!
Most recent update solved the few problems I had with a quite perfect tool for my small business
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10 months ago, avg199293
Not as good.
Took forever to sinc. Had issues sharing account to my partner. It keeps crashing and does not recognize our accounts some times. Partner had to create a new account and it is being asked to purchase subscription instead of letting us work on the same account on a different device.
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5 years ago, automation_0101
Great app, bad subscription service
Trying to renew my 6 month Easy Invoice plan, but it has been a headache for over an hour.. i cannot find it on the website or within the app. My subscription expires tomorrow. It continues to try to lead me into Easy Books, which is unnecessary and more expensive.
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4 years ago, mortrch
Appliance Tech
Cut down on paper and pen use, easy to learn how to use I’ll recommend it to any type of service business
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6 years ago, iMhak
Overall the application is good. Simple and easy to use for such small businesses. This absolutely gets what I wanted to do with my clients.
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7 years ago, Fondyin
Very good app
Have only started using for four weeks, but works and functions well, excellent app
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6 years ago, Williams blm services
Great and easy way to do invoicing for small or large business. The best invoice service. I always refer to other small businesses
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3 years ago, south swamp
I do not like the invoice carry over from one invoice to the next. I always have to change the past invoice number that shows up on the current invoice. You would think for the price charged they would have this fixed.
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4 years ago, Brightstar3698
Invoices are amazing
I am so thankful for this app. I was able to design and create easy invoices. I really like this app.
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2 years ago, Stefs Iphone XR
Love it
Makes life easier fast and easy to use
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2 years ago, apple a**
Effective app. Gets me paid. It Could be a lil more Intuitive but I use it all the time.
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3 years ago, Agenos
Some issues
It does not recognize my email Address
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6 years ago, BethWetz
Great for easy invoicing
This application has proven to be extremely easy to operate and send out simple invoices on a regular basis. I love this application.
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4 years ago, Fadikaram 76
Ftm Construction owner
It’s a very good app make it even simpler and more detail for what ever trade is
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3 years ago, Big mike taxi
I paid for this app and 2 years later they try to get more money by making it a subscription. I would have never bought a subscription please refund my money
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3 years ago, Switchm4n
Issues sending
Having serious issues sending invoices through text messages as well as email
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5 years ago, samaesa
This is a nice way to practice doing a invoice for a business. It was self explanatory, & formal. I liked it.
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5 years ago, croziermaria
No real support
I’ve been trying to upgrade to the easy books app as it suggested so that i can also record expenses. Theres no actual support. Only an FAQ section that doesnt answer my how to questions.
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4 years ago, Pugsman
It won’t recognize my new purchase and so won’t let me add invoices.
Very frustrating not being able to contact support.
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4 years ago, M3BMW760LI
Invoice maker
Love this invoice maker. Just what I needed
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2 years ago, sports y
Having trouble account move to el classic
Today I have trouble that the app keep telling me that it was move to el classic and download the app from App Store. Cannot sync my invoice to day
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6 years ago, acman1975
I’m trying to upgrade to the Steel version I need help
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5 years ago, DJEnemy36
Not great!!
Not even enough just to do invoices without having to pay fees for a subscription.
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6 years ago, lee9112
Very easy to use!!! Love this application!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Longlivelaw
Needs work
Completely logged me out of the app and wouldn’t allow me to sign in.
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4 years ago, Dkjfnd
Free until you get all your data in it and then hold it hostage for payment? That should be illegal. Bye forever!!!
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1 year ago, Ken Weil
Not easy at all.
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7 months ago, USER BRANDON
An amazing app.
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6 years ago, GTA pro Snip
Soooo simple
Loved it
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1 year ago, karlaymn
Good app
Love it
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4 years ago, duku322575
Very complicated
Too complicated
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5 years ago, Ashane13
It is not letting me renew
Please help I have changed phones
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6 years ago, emilys painting
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6 years ago, lightofsoul88
Query !!
Is this demo version?
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8 years ago, Noraa311
Almost 5 stars. This app is almost perfect.
I run a commercial painting and wall covering company and I needed an invoicing program I could do on my phone or iPad, yet still able to sync and do on my iMac. This is the one. Fairly easy to navigate for the new user. Adding new clients and products are a breeze. Things I would like to see in future updates: Ability to select and print more than 1 invoice at a time. Sometimes when I enter a price for the product then change the quantity the price goes back to zero. Just fix that bug. Ability to add a field for job name that is then viewable and sortable when viewing all the invoices tab. Ability to view and sort the user PO when viewing all the invoices tab. Other than those changes I think this program is great. The automatic sync between all my devices is flawless. Great job on this app guys!!! Aaron
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8 years ago, Disappointed5635
Fantastic app all-around
I generally don't provide ratings for apps. I have made a day exception to leave a review for this app as it really deserves one. The ease of navigation, adding more devices, syncing between my phone and computer, it's very sophisticated yet so simple and easy to use. I couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend it.
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8 years ago, JEHendrix
Like This One
This is the third invoicing program I have tried. I like this one best. No bugs that I know of. I like having a calculator as part of the number entry method. That is so handy, compared to going to a separate calculator app. The user interface is simple and intuitive...streamlined. Think I'll stay with this one.
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9 years ago, Edgar Puga
Great app!
I have been looking for an invoice app for awhile with no such luck. Either I have to pay a monthly subscription or get a paid app that is broken! This app is free, and extremely easy to setup. It has a version for the Mac also in the App Store which should be a great suite for various business needs.
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8 years ago, Redcat81
Just what I needed
This app is perfect for running small business from smartphone and you can have multiple business within the same login
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7 years ago, PRgirl
What happened??!!??
I've been using this app for years, just tracking some side business stuff and now all of a sudden I'm locked out! It turned to read-only and now they want money from everyone. You guys have screwed the small startups that don't need the extra paid features yet and now they'll just go elsewhere. Retards! Create a good experience and when the businesses grow they'll stay with you and happily pay for added features.
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7 years ago, 29720mac
This is so stooooooooopid
Have used this app for years with keeping up with my clients. And loved it. Now it wants me to pay $34 for a subscription. And cannot access my information except in read only. This is so crappy of you guys to do this to the users that built your brand for you. Because if we don't download it you won't last out here. Now you want to make big profits. Well guess what buddies? It ain't $34 good. So you can have it. Such a dumb move.
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