Eco Cat App

4.7 (1.4K)
148.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ecotrade Tech Company Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Eco Cat App

4.69 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Krdillon
Cat Scrap estimate
Finally the answer I’ve needed. Been trying to get a quote through several sources for over a week. Saw this site through google search. Even though I had a little trouble doing it myself I used the instant messenger and Picha was quick to respond and help and I finally got a quote. Thank you eco cat!
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3 years ago, 10TAV10
Unable to contact them
For the last few weeks Im not sure what the problem is but I haven’t been able to contact them about issues with app, cat prices, or anything else in general. I thought maybe I her need to update so I did but was still left with the same problem. Now i wonder if it’s because I left them a bad review a few months back on lack communication and the amount of time it too for the response. Because none of my friends are having this issue it seems like im the only one. I’ve went through everything trying to see if it was on my end but I can’t come up with anything so idk. Hopefully this review get there attention and fixes the issues
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3 years ago, jon embry
Prices are to low
I downloaded this app and tried the few credits they give for free and out of the 4, 1 of them wasn’t in the data base. The other three wasn’t really close to the price we got for them. We’re getting almost twice what this app was showing. Plus I lost one credit because it found a cat from a partial number the I accidentally hit enter on. It’s a very well made app but they’re leaving way to much money for the end buyer. (Which is probably the app developers). If you use this app, add about 40% and that’s what a good end buyer would pay. There’s still plenty left for them at that price.
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3 years ago, point for humanity
Needed help
I was attempting to make my way through this app, but I failed horribly. So when I asked for help much to my surprise, I got just that. I am NOT a tech person (or reader of fine print , not an invitation), and they understood that I was lost and used my credits to help me accomplish my goal. Which is being an individual seller with a dozen or so cats who would no longer be able to get ripped off by buyers who lie about values. Thanks for the help and not pushing this old dog into learning new tricks Thanks Siriwan I think I found something here
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2 years ago, legalcats atl
On the go
I have been using site for approximately 5years. site is a great reference guide within a 5% margin of market assessments on pricing. Only downside to app is, it doesn’t pull up relevant searches when looking up ur catalytic converter. Requiring you to use a search credit to see if you have correct reference number off of cat..
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3 years ago, Fujggb
Do not recommend incomplete app
A large majority of codes you search don’t not show in the system or pictures The support Team takes over 24hrs to respond due to what seems to be people in another country responding, i paid 220 for the year for one of the poorest catalogs I’ve used I think Apple should remove this app until they provide what they offer if you plan on going around from shop to shop and need accurate numbers and quick service this is not the app to use
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5 years ago, DeafSajo
It’s a great app but I wanted to afford this app but it’s so expensive I hope one day I will buy it my uncle say he had hard time logging in and it signed out itself sometimes. It’s probably the bugs haven’t got updated on the app?
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3 years ago, peetey b
Very helpful
Ecocat has been super helpful. The prices are on point and customer service is amazing. They always respond within a short amount of time.
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2 years ago, MHickman03
Best Real Time Prices
I’ve used several other apps to check prices on converters. A lot are behind in prices and actually cost me money. Eco Cat has made sure I get full price for my scrap!!
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4 years ago, shmed2020
Very accurate
I will use this app for every cat that I ever recycle from now on thank you so much for this great hopefully it will get better and better over time
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2 years ago, alxe56730283
Pretty decent app
They give pretty decent price there is some cats that haven’t been found on there price is ok, wish they would give more credits free credits and when you type in a number they dont have or is wrong. You lose the credits with no findings
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2 years ago, dtcv2519
Most accurate and vast inventory search site
Eco cat has been my go to for accurate pricing and also provides the most reputable locations to trade in. Thank you ecocat .
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1 year ago, buylowsellretail21
Has most cats but not all. Prices could be more accurate. Better than other apps available
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3 years ago, capmbells
App rate
I used this app very helpful has all of the older cat numbers and pictures that you can clearly see and compare to the ones I have
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1 year ago, Srbsox
Easy to search, seems to have most of what I’m looking for. Simple to find specific model numbers.
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2 years ago, taytay21990
Eco cat.
Great application if you want information regarding catalytic converters. Wish you got more free credits. Although I can see why they are expensive. It’s a great service.
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3 years ago, over babe
Customer service
They were very friendly when I called with questions and helped me through the process.
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2 years ago, tdrakeeeey
Easy and accurate app to use 4 to five stars. I never sold anything to them but I have heard it’s fairly simple process.
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3 years ago, Stevosmall
My go to for cats. trading
Such a great app and website for searching info and getting the right prices for your catalytic convertors. I absolutely recommend it.
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3 years ago, dxlocs
Absolutely looooove this app
This app has made my life soooo much easier. Before I would struggle with finding the ACTUAL worth price without all the sketchy-ness.
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1 year ago, JenOLovesCoolApps
Some of the prices seem to be higher than other apps
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2 years ago, ittsdang10
I love how your app makes everything so much easier and you guys have great customer service and I refer everyone to you guys!
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1 year ago, DoorDash1324
Usually within 10$ on average with my buyer! Easy to use I recommend this app
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2 years ago, KhalilUnique
Up to Speed in today’s world
A lot of times I have to worry about how relevant the information I’m getting is…. Never with Eco Cat!!!
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2 years ago, Randym91
Clean app but…
I paid for the app but it still won’t let me use premium features. Can’t see price history or access current prices even though it works on a PC. Unfortunately I primarily use my phone to price cars because I’m out in the field. App is almost useless. Would love for support to fix my issue.
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3 years ago, idontmater
Had a few issues at first try on this app , but the office took care of the issue . So it’s off to price some Cat.’s and make some cash $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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2 years ago, NopeCal
Consistent all the way through
Okay app easier to find stuff consistent all the way through
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3 years ago, Gee Gee 64
To me, there primes are pretty much on point. Website is also user friendly
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2 years ago, gingerbread daved teo
I like this service just don’t get why it’s a pay service
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2 years ago, joedaddyto6
Money saver
This app has saved me getting too little for the bits that we recycle at work. More lunch money = happier workers.
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2 years ago, not ok very upset user
Love this
I love being able to look any car up I scrap cars for a living and it’s amazing
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5 years ago, A&A auto
The cat guy
Good app tells you the right price it’s really easy to use & makes it easy when buying used catalyst converters
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2 years ago, tokemssss
Easy to use! I recommend this app to anyone working in this industry.
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8 months ago, Great app guys;,$&)
Great app
Great app when you buy junk cars to get accurate prices for your cats
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2 years ago, CatCuttr
Great app for checking on your local buyer
Haven’t tried to sll to them yet
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2 years ago, jasmashinonshittt
Kool app!!!!
I really enjoy being able to look up the prices on my catalytic converters that I’ve beenCollecting
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4 years ago, cierratruman
Awesome app
This app is amazing and very accurate on prices I couldn’t have chose a better app to use for my needs
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1 year ago, Jy cats
App review
Very helpful for keeping up with the current market prices.
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5 years ago, Robi_5991
Great app!
Love the app very easy to use and super helpful love that it also comes with a picture of the cat you are looking up very handy
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2 years ago, Gjkfvn
Pretty easy but still quite a few not in it.
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2 years ago, ropeburn76
The app!!!!
Great selection and quality search sure love it
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3 years ago, exmoneys1420
Eco Cat
So far the app has worked real well for me. It has helped me establish prices and to know what to pay for and what to expect.
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4 years ago, one time mine
Love it
This wave of technology is taking over the scrap industry it’s taking care of my family ...
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2 years ago, Barbie 0707
This app is convenient and accurate
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4 years ago, jonataj
Easy to use and trustworthy
I just downloaded this app a few days ago and I love it 👌🏼 prices are very good and honest , feee searches every day 😎 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, bit0cheese
Great info
Great information, prices are fair, and love the collection of pictures.
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5 years ago, Dan the muffler man
Connection issues
This app is just ok when it’s working. Some prices are definitely off compared to others. The error message is getting to be very common on the screen now days telling me there is no connection to the internet when there is. Fix it!
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1 year ago, MacAttack8383
Not every model is included. The one search per day is ridiculous. What a pain.
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2 years ago, RIZ SADIQ
Why your the only subscriber app give all the consumers free access
which makes very difficult to buy converters with any decent margin otherwise your app is one of the good source to get prices
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3 years ago, Bo116820
Great pricing
App is very user-friendly and pricing seems to be pretty accurate
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