2.5 (417)
49.8 MB
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Current version
ecoATM, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ecoATM

2.51 out of 5
417 Ratings
3 years ago, bellahrp
I have this app on my purchase history I didn’t use it I’m not sure why it’s on my account
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12 months ago, imogenatheria
Not only garbage app, garbage service
I drove 20 minutes out of my way because the ecoATM in my local Walmart constantly malfunctions so I had to go THREE TOWNS OVER to the next location, only to go through the full process TWICE and have the machine tell me that it can only offer me $14 because my brand new 2022 iPad “doesn’t turn on”, meanwhile it’s sitting there turned on, fully charged, and unlocked. Garbage service. Want to solidify your price on an iPad without going through half of the mumbo jumbo at the machine? Too bad. You don’t have an IMEI number on your iPad and even though you’ve told the app (or the website, both are equally scammy) it’s a TABLET and not a phone, it won’t let you continue without an IMEI number. Waste of time, waste of gas, and I needed the money. So thanks for nothing GarbageATM.
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5 years ago, booklover69
App doesn’t work on ipad even though it says it does
I just downloaded loaded this app to my ipad air. My ipad has the most current IOS, and this app doesn’t work right. It does not identify “this phone” correctly (not that I wanted to sell my ipad anyway) but when I try to select “another phone” it won’t let me proceed because the button I need to push is partially covered by the app’s menu bar and therefore unresponsive. If you read the reviews you will see that I am not the only person having this issue. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the app doesn’t work since the kiosk doesn’t either. I was just there and the thing could not identify either of the phones I wanted to get rid of. I thought maybe the app would work better. NOT
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1 year ago, Mr. Awesome😏
It is not worth the time it takes to use this trash. Just throw you phone in the garbage. We saves all our old phones for the last few years and instead of throwing them away I took them to the kiosk. For 7 iPhones I got $20. I was going tho throw them away anyhow but if I knew this I would have just thrown them in the trash and saved the hour it took me to go to the kiosk and wait on that slow machine for each phone to get $1. The cables don’t work and I know this because, we had all the phones on when we upgraded but the machine said it can’t connect then offered $1. It is a scam.
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1 year ago, Nickyd20989
Avoid this company at all cost
They are the worst company I have ever dealt with they are cons thieves and liars who need to be sued and put out of business. They will outright lie to you just to get you off the phone they will take your device and avoid paying you out as long as possible. They break there own contract then try and tell you you agreed to the contract when in actuality if they don’t pay you within 24 hours the contract is no longer valid don’t become another victim I’ll throw a device in the trash befor I ever do business with them again
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5 years ago, JackandJen
Completely useless app
I was excited to try this, so I downloaded the app, but it’s completely useless. The big problem is that when you try to hit the button to look at pricing for “other phones” (ie, not the phone you’re currently using), it doesn’t work. The REASON it doesn’t work is because it is partially blocked by the app’s menu bar at the bottom of the screen. This essentially makes the app entirely unusable on an ipad. Ridiculous. I’ll be uninstalling.
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4 years ago, Bhffegukkoigftyggtt
Don’t even waste your time
When i tap “price this phone” it sends me to the “price other phones” tab. That makes having a “price this phone” tab pointless. Then, it tells me that my iphone is fake at the kiosk when I bought it from a Verizon store, I’ve connected it to iTunes, updated it, restored it to factory defaults, and downloaded the ecoATM app on it from the apple app store. As far as all of my google searches inform me, FAKE IPHONES CANT DO ALL OF THAT. Ive even called apple support and given them my IMEI number. They verified that its real. FIX/UPDATE YOUR KIOSKS.
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5 years ago, rayhasaknife
heck yeah
this app doesn’t claim to give you the best deal, it’s quick and easy, good for getting rid of clutter. I wish the map function was better though. It basically just redirects to the website. It could be easier to use, but the app is also free so I mean can I really complain, it’s not like I’m spending too much time on it.
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5 years ago, Goldentoe21
Don’t waste your time
I watched the video and was lead to believe and pretend to care about the Eco system. If you have any old devices don’t bother they only want devices with resell value. They try to make you believe they are helping the planet but it only seems to be helping their pockets. I just can’t stand fake companies like this pretend to be something good but it’s all about the money. I had plenty of devices to recycle but after the 1st device I tried I’m over it and deleting this app
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1 year ago, WorkPoor
Didn’t accept my state drivers license
The Kiosk wouldn’t accept my 2021 Maine drivers license. There is no rhyme nor reason for this and it doesn’t and make any sense. Called customer service, and they offered no solution or explanation. Based on this and all of the ratings I’ve read with lack of developer response, it’s obvious this company could care less about the consumer. As long as they have numbers to show they're raking it in.
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7 years ago, 18487372740592
The ecoATM appraised my phone and only offered $35, for an iPhone 7, a phone that originally cost $700 since it’s 128GB. Only thing wrong with it was a crack on the screen that didn’t affect the functionality whatsoever and a couple scratches here and there. I am very insulted and disgusted with this. Will not be going back to one of these or using the app any time soon and would not suggest it to anyone! If there was a 0 Star option that’s what I would choose.
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6 years ago, Ms. Echols
Don’t use this company unless you’re on drugs
The price quoted for an iPhone SE 64gb mint condition not one scratch and the offer was $25. That is unrealistic laughable. Like how are you all in business. The only way I can see people using this company/ app is if they are on drugs and having a meltdown and need money for their fix. Other than that don’t use them. Go with craigslist eBay or them other electronic sites that sell devices that I buy mine from. Deleting the app.
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3 years ago, Ninkies
Not really useful
It’s better to just take your phone to the kiosk but just know that they require an id they scan your face and take your thumb print in order to pay you for your phone. If you’re ok with all of that then it’s a good way to get a few dollars for your phone. Make sure you charge it first because it’s best to have power to complete the transaction (they analyze your phone)
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3 months ago, TheBluntPhoenix
Just no
App is complete garbage which to be honest isn’t surprising from a scammy company. They’ll pay you maybe 2% of what your phones actually worth and that’s if you’re lucky. Kiosks are never properly maintained or even clean a lot of the time. Honestly you’ll get more taking your phone to a pawnshop than these guys. $800 phone brand new less than a week old and you wanna give me $165?
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5 months ago, AMP AJ
The problem with the app is that it have some glitches such as when you go and price out a phone that’s not working you can’t capture the IMEI off the phone unless you have it back up and then you will need to enter it in manually but they never give you that feature so that you’re able to lock in the phone price
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1 year ago, KoutaKai21
The Kiosk Is useless. Used Before years ago.
The prices you get for your devices are pretty pointless. You’d be better off tossing it in the trash then going 30 minutes to an hour away to use the kiosk. Their never in a convenient location and even at that, you get less than $20 for almost every device you enter. That’s not even gas money man. Cmon now.
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6 years ago, EVOLVNG
Low Offer. Doesn’t have all model iPhones for estimate
I’ve used this service before at my local mall. Low ball offers for something my cell phone carrier will get me up to twice as much. I also tested an iPhone XS Max and it didn’t even have it in their software. Kept saying can’t communicate with phone. What a waste of time. You’re better off going to your cell phone carrier for a much better trade-in value.
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5 years ago, Esco7782
Old Devices
I use this for old devices I don’t need. They are all just taking space. I don’t care for the amount. Just a way to recycle the devices and get some cash.
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5 years ago, townzen
Pathetic App
This app would not work on my iPhone 6s, my iPhone X or on my iPad Air 2. If I try getting an estimate on “this phone”, your app simply goes to “Price Another Phone”. Your app malfunctions on each of my devices in this way. Furthermore, your app will not list brands (Under price another phone), so that I can continue, in any respects on my Apple devices. Poor quality control on your and Apple’s part.
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6 years ago, cptn_trips_
Thanks for wasting my time!!!
Went to their site (have 2 old IPhone 4s) and it said they would take them. I didn’t care if they gave me .50 cents, the point is their site said bring it in. So I charged the phones, whipped them and headed to the kiosk, DL the app and started the process only to get “ Your phone has no value”???? Really? I agree that’s why it’s been in my drawer for 3 years, but don’t lie to get people to DL your app, spend hours getting my phone “ready” and driving to the Kiosk to get this BS. When I go to recycle my current phone, I’ll throw it in the recycler before I waste my time with this again. Thanks for wasting my afternoon!!!
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1 year ago, user taken58585858
I can give this app zero if I could Worst app and idea ever i was trying to get rid of my iphone 12 because I got the new iPhone 14 and they were only going to give me $50 for it that’s almost $800 less than what I bought it for its a scam don’t do it your be better off, selling it on eBay or some thing
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2 years ago, dddddddddfhcycc
Waste of time
Don’t even bother downloading this app, you’re better off selling your phone on Facebook or Mercari, I got an estimate of what my phone was worth, I paid $150 for it and used it for almost less than a year nothing is wrong with it, works like it’s still brand new and they said it was worth $4. 😑
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5 years ago, Avocadro_
Nice business model.
Expect to spend time trying to sell your phone or bring it to one of these ATMs for quick cash.
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5 years ago, nancy1985@
not recommended
The funny thing is how this work and the screen it said 105 for an iPhone 7 I took mine and it was only gonna try to give me $50 this is hilarious how you guys work very ridiculous when you guys are going to probably sell our phones for more money thank you though for trying I think this is a waste of time with this app
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3 years ago, balletgymnasticswimming
Where are the buttons?
It asked me to get the Serial Number for the phone. It shows me how to get, ask shows me how to verify it, but there’s no button to verify it. I alway think how creepy it knows what phone it is, right away, without giving permission, or typing anything else in, what other information did they get from me, without my knowledge
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4 years ago, sithbenji
Do something
Just to advised all your EcoAtm located in groceries side at Walmart probably no one gonna have access since are closed (at least on Indiana).
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1 year ago, ban omegle
Do not expect any help from these people
They don’t tell you when a kiosk is down. It’s say it’s up and running then you get there and it says there is something wrong. Brand new machine to smh. They also rip you completely off. These thing need to go out of business
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3 years ago,
Look I get it, they have to make money.
But when you tell me that you’ll buy my phone for 180 dollars, when I could easily sell it for 500+ on eBay, it’s a total scam. Don’t even bother seeing if you can get any value from these guys. Unless you want to recycle your destroyed phone.
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4 months ago, Animal Cell
Garbage app and service
The pricing offered is ridiculous, they give you pennies for working devices. Their machines don’t read your device properly, it says my 128gb iPhone doesn’t power on and is only 32gb so they offered $4. Use any other service you can.
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4 years ago, Gunsstufff
This is a scan me and my son were so excited to get at least 20 dollars for his old tablet and his phone. As soon as it evaluated the price it was 0 dollars for the phone and 4 dollars for his tablet well working. I don’t recommend it just disasemble the item and sell the parts for more than this scam.
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4 years ago, Daktyl198
Absolutely useless
Using the website, it told me my phone could be sold for up to $100. I take it to the Kiosk and it tries to give me $17 after correctly evaluating it as perfect condition. Apparently the app is more accurate, but still annoying I drove out for nothing.
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2 years ago, venmo: drewlworld
Come on now
It’s 2022 and your machines have the worst service. They always freeze and have to start over. Put more maintenance into your machines and better pricing and I promise you won’t get a bunch of people saying how much of a ripoff you are.
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7 years ago, thomas4047
You got a great phone ATM
You can't beat the best in the world come on down gave up cellphones in this world
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11 months ago, kaockdksnbbcarrie1128
Completely useless
I’ve tried to use the app, AND USE THE BROWSER on three different phones, and my laptop. The app literally won’t load, Not on any of my phones, or on my computer. Literally doesn’t work. What’s the point?
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5 years ago, regulationnaughty
They are scamming you
They just want you to give your phone up so they can make money off of it under the guise of “eco-consciousness”. iPhone 6s 64gb has 0$ resale value to them, but they still suggest I donate it to save the environment... yeah sure... Resale value of the same phone on other apps is 100$-150
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6 years ago, Jayhawks 2313
User friendly
Easy app to navigate
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3 years ago, ABarker30
Won’t even open
Downloaded app today to try and sell two of my phones. When I accept the terms I get stuck on the loading screen door 25 minutes now. 👍
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4 years ago, eebriggs0114
Misleading; missed opportunity
The ecoATM website makes it sound like you could use their kiosks to recycle various electronics, not only cellphones. So I downloaded the app and apparently, it’s really only cellphones. I was excited for an easy and prevalent place to recycle electronics that do not belong in a landfill and this is NOT it.
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4 years ago, chaddy167
Low ball offers
Do yourself a favor if you need to sell a phone take it to a pawn shop or a store that buys cells phone this econatm bs all it does is low ball you you could pay 2000 for a phone brand new and it would give a offer for 300 don’t wast your time here Go somewhere else
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6 years ago, criggaqq
So would not proceed with an estimate
Seems the app is broken. Not surprising as even using the kiosk is cumbersome. Show yourself respect and put your phone one one of the many online marketplaces. You will walk away with 70% more money and a phone will be saved from the melter.
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5 years ago, Eroldbog
The app is slower than the people who made it
The app is slow and clunky, has an overall low quality feel and look. The app also crashes when I try to get an estimate for a phone.
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11 months ago, Plug Bengalz
Go to a pawn shop instead
Go to a pawn shop instead. This app offered me $190 for a phone the pawn shop gave me $550 for. iPhone was brand new. This company is a joke. If you need money, check out your local pawnshops.
Show more
3 years ago, Tone Cole
Thumbs down
For some reason this app worked better years ago. It’s a bit pointless to have a app like this if it directs you to the website
Show more
2 years ago, HG3547
Horrible Rip Off Company!
$1-$5 for iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxies with immaculate screens and batteries? One phone was 4-5 years old? The battery and precious metals within are worth more than $25. Stop trying to rip people off.
Show more
6 years ago, ecoatm user
New updates on app
If I could give a negative star I would I updated the app and now can’t open it before the update I could open it company in general overall is a great company just the app is an issue
Show more
7 years ago, mprx60
Don't bother
They pay almost nothing for your device. The app is a joke. Would you really sell back a $1299 device you purchased for 1.5 years ago for $165? Don't bother unless you need the funds that bad.
Show more
2 years ago, Blackk Berryyy
Rip off
How can you insult me by offering $195 for my iPhone 11 pro-Max in primary mint condition? Are you out of your dang mind? You are all robbing people, and this company and app should be shut down immediately.
Show more
4 years ago, unsatisfied customer218
Not good
Dont use this machine or app i paid almost 230$ for my tablet over a week ago i went to price and sell my galaxy tab a 10.1 and they offered me 25$ for it. I will not be using this system ever again!
Show more
5 years ago, nyto_
Slow & garbage app
App is slow & takes forever to load. Had to restart the app cause it takes that long on my iPhone XS max. It’s obvious the developer doesn’t care with all these negative reviews posted here.
Show more
4 years ago, Kedricp
iCloud removal prompt
The app keeps prompting iCloud removal but I’m trying to quote another device so it’s not even giving me an option to do that. It is trying to force me to remove iCloud from the device I have the app on.
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