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User Reviews for eHub

3.47 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 years ago, L T 357
Works for some things not for others.
I work for Allied Universal Security. I have the following request of the development team. 1. Dark mode is needed. Lots of guards have over night shifts and We would like to better interact with the app at night. 2. Documents arrows need to be changed at the top to another color other than white. More than one training team member has had trouble with this. 3. Ability to clock on and off shift doesn’t work. Here in New Orleans we have been calling on the phones which doesn’t have the added gps signal to ensure workers/ guards are where they are supposed to be. This has led to people calling in from home and collecting a check for doing nothing. This needs to be fixed. 4. Calendar needs more view modes. This is more a request but if we can read out and print out our schedule then we can better do our jobs. Not all of us have access to a desk top or lab top computer to go on. Some of us just have this app and a phone.
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3 years ago, youngblood0427
Calendar Glitch
Overall I use this for work, it’s simple Bd to the point. Most things are easy to find. Now the problem is connecting & sharing the calendar to yours. It only allows you to connect to EHUB calendar and if you attempt to put it on your own the app freezes & closes out automatically. You aren’t even able to invite anyone to the calendar. If you do it will again close out. Guys please fix this glitch it would make the app an 10/10 for me. Not being able to connect/share my own calendar from EHUB is Tedious and frustrating when you need to sync calendars. Thanks in advance only if you really look into it. ~ Much love
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2 weeks ago, Area Manager Gina
Area Manager
The app jams up too easily. Our workers depend on the app to clock in and out from work. Sometimes the only way to get it unjammed is to delete it from the phone, download it again and re-register. This process becomes unsustainable when many workers experience problems with the app across several accounts, and need my help getting back on, which happens too often. Also, it should allow the same user to continue using their old password whenever the app gets jammed and needs reset. The requirement of having to enter a new password every time there’s a hiccup with the system is an inconvenience.
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2 years ago, whatisliterallywrongwithapple
just bad
tries to claim they’re a friendly app and you can track your hours but if that was the case you would be able to look at days prior and see what hours you already worked. it would also show you your total amount of hours worked per paycheck so you can easily see if there were any problems. it also sometimes takes over 20 tries to simply log into the app because it will not allow me to press the accept button no matter how many times i click on it, however if i press decline one time it tells me i cannot proceed without clicking accept. not user friendly, bad UI, promotes a false sense of security in compensation… overall just a bad app
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4 months ago, 😕😑✌🏾️
Confused 🤔
I have to download this app for work. Which I had previously did but never logged in to. Thinking it would be easier to just use the browser version. But was told the app is required. When I tried to redownload the app it is requiring me to make a payment… & I am not sure what for. I assumed Apple just wanted a card on record so I just directed it to my Apple Pay & an attempt to make a purchase was made but didn’t go through because I only have $2 on there…. Why is it doing this? What am I supposedly paying for? & why didn’t it do this two days ago? Don’t make sense & I don’t know what to do exactly 🤔 Help!
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3 years ago, Whatyhefudge
Used to work but not anymore
I’ve been using this app for work and it truly bugs me how there’s no notification sound for it, I thought that would’ve been the only issue but now it doesn’t even give me notifications for when shifts open and it’s so frustrating I’ve tried turning allow notifications off and then back on but that doesn’t work at all, I truly hope this developers get on top of this like seriously. Why is allied universal such a big company and can’t even get a proper app for their employees
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4 years ago, Yasmihng
Such a breeze
Honestly this is such a well designed app. Easy to follow, essential information, and not bulky. Straight to the point. My only reason for a 4 star rating is because the calendar does not allow you to go back and look at your prior schedule. So if you don’t have set days or need to look if your overtime was put in- you’re stuck going off of hope and memory. If they would let you look back it would be perfect !!
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6 years ago, RandyW1984
I don’t normally do these!
So this is basically the first review I’m going to give an app. I just recently started using this for my job, and I have to say I love it. It tells me when I work, where I work, and shows me what I’m getting paid days before I get a pay check. I do wish it had finger print reader, but I’m sure that will be in a future update. Thanks for all your hard work!
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1 year ago, Guapolegit
I never had an issue with this app until the latest updates, I am a supervisor for permar security services & every since the update I can no longer see other employees schedule or jobs that I work. I can’t do my duties without being able to know who’s coming into work without calling the manager. It only shows three locations of jobs which is weird. We should be able to navigate the app without any issues. Also my “employees” logo is missing.
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2 months ago, snapwater
“Shift Available” alerts lead to nothing
Almost always after I get an alert saying a shift is available I check in eHub seconds later to check the post location (as I work 4 different accounts for this company) and no information is showing in the “shift available” section… very rarely does the shift show up, even after hitting refresh… the eHub app is running on my phone with the latest update… the app has been like this for years- unacceptable.
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6 years ago, Honesty310
Real Review
I used this my first day at my new job with my iPhone that has unlimited 4G and that app constantly crashes and freezes and my company told me they would work on the app and fix the flaws and never did. They told me to delete the app since it wouldn’t let me punch in or out for lunch and use a telephone number to punch in
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2 years ago, tvalld50
I really like this app. Makes real easy to clock in and out of my job, but was wondering that it just start having a small problem. When I try to clock in and out it tells me in the building that’s out of range, but when im outside or near the window it works. Please help
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4 years ago, Ronshrine Ex
Great app for the most part
The reason I gave it four stars is The app does not have a notification sound it’s kind of hard for me to get overtime i’m not always looking at my phone so I rely on my notifications sound that I have shifts available All in all the app is awesome it’s just a couple things need to be added to it i’ll give an update later once e hub update the app
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5 years ago, FinallyI'manartist!
Pretty good app.
I wish when you open it up today’s schedule would be on top (updated daily) It just an additional step but at a red light or being busy who needs another step. Plus if it was on top I wouldn’t need to find my glasses a search for today’s schedule down a list. But I do like the app overall.
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2 months ago, kathimage'
Lack of information
Through this entire app. I still find myself going to the browser for information. Can’t download nothing now. The layout for schedules should be an option between a list or calendar view. Team time never worked for me so why is it there when we have to use helaus. Allied is using way too many different sources for simple information and tasks. Don’t get me started on Lisa. Someone have a come to Jesus moment and fix this mess. Really this is not it.
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2 years ago, GMama01
Need it for my job .
If I didn’t need this app . I would delete it and never come back to it . I’ve been having problems for about a month . With it freezing & crashing . Plain freezing , constant no network error messages and just kicks me out . Updated my phone hoping it would make it better and nada ; I read through the apps description and it says it was updated a month ago .. we need another !
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2 years ago, 850442
Some thing disappeared
It used to display both the hour I am supposed to work in the future and the hours I worked in the past up to the first day I join the company (in calendar form). Now it only shows the hours I am supposed to work in future (in list form). I wonder why.
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1 year ago, Gavin Lawlit
Very Close to 5 Stars
I honestly really like the app. It is very simple to navigate. My only suggestion is a notification system. Whenever a schedule is updated or changed, there should be a notification to the user. As a supervisor, this would save me so many headaches.
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2 years ago, randonuser
Missing & not working features
Being able to look at the past schedule is needed. There also needs to be an option to receive a notification when your schedule changes or it is modified.
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1 year ago, litppoh2
Keep crashing
The reason for my 3 star is the app keeps closing while you are looking at your schedules or anything. Love this app but mostly I have to use the internet to look at my schedule, my PTO hours. Etc. please fix this issue. My app is updated to the last version
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5 years ago, Sgt Amazing
Good, but broken
Great app if it works properly. Two issues: first is this app crashes frequently when trying to log in, and second, my employers have expressed frustration in not being able to customize some of the appointments, which lead to a generic entry which requires hundreds of employees to call in an effort to get further information. Update: still crashes frequently after inputting passcode.
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6 months ago, hdsvkigbkgdfbvxss
Not happy
The app has signed me out and I can’t get back in with my password. I tried to reset my password with my employee number, birth date and social security number and it says that my information doesn’t match. I’m very frustrated with this app. Another thing I noticed is it doesn’t let me keep track of my hours to make sure I’m getting paid properly. So far it’s just taking up space on my phone uselessly.
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5 years ago, Gamefann
Works but
I need to be able to view my work history past two days. I shouldn’t be left assuming my punch in’s and outs were calculated correctly. I shouldn’t have to screenshot my upcoming schedule to keep track of my work log. This app needs work. Maybe have it in a calendar format instead of listing the schedule, that way I know where and when I worked events/holidays and regular posts.
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4 years ago, Code name Cleaner
Quick and easy
One of the easiest timekeeping apps I have used. I would like it to have real time updates. I am excited to see how accurate the geo fencing part of the app will be when our company rolls it out soon.
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2 years ago, BrandonFoo21
experiencing some bugs. when I try to log into my eHub and try accept the terms. it always takes forever to get through or it says “network error” been having this problem for a while. Please fix it
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1 year ago, Daniel Monger
Horrible app
When EHub works it’s not bad. Both the app and website can be relatively easy to navigate and be useful. Keywords though are “when it works” which more often than not it doesn’t. Especially this app. Constant network issues regardless whether on Wi-Fi or cellular, non responsive menus, just absolutely horrible. I wish my company went a different route than this trash.
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4 years ago, KNiQue😘
It’s okay
Would’ve gave it 5 stars if it showed the pay rate and sometimes the location be wrong but everything else is just okay make sure you screenshot when you pick up a post because when you call the office they act like they don’t know what your talking about
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2 years ago, ChefAcosta
Time punches need work
This app is good but it only saves 2 days worth of punches. It should, by all means since we are keeping track of scheduled work days and clock in’s, be able to see at least 5 days worth of clock in and clock out. Please fix!
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3 months ago, Maverick Hoffer
Could be better considering how long the app has been out. It’s slow at times, doesn’t tell the correct time ever. I do agree with the review wrote 2 years ago about the app needing dark mode. At times it doesn’t register that you’re in range of being able to clock in and out.
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6 years ago, Blacksaphirehailey
Ehub always crashes when connected to WiFi
The app itself is great. But what really irritates me is that everytime I open the app when connected to WiFi it always crashes. And I can never use the app on WiFi. If that could be fixed I would give this app 5 stars.
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5 years ago, brawaldw1
Tips/ suggestions
A an all active employee tab for super instead of looking them up through individual jobs. Let us sign in with touch id. Let us go back way further than we can now in timekeeping.
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6 years ago, maid2cln
Please correct these issues
Love this concept , however I get kicked out of every inspection and loose all of my information and I have to re-enter it. Also it would be nice to be able to use this app on my iPad with full screen capacity and not cell phone size screen.
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2 years ago, JacK5260
I Have a Question
if my employee clocks in by phone, but has location or GPS turned off. Does your location appear or not? What do you recommend?
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5 years ago, Mike93619
Needs improvements
The select reason at the bottom of the screen does not work, and makes changing shifts a lot more difficult. While the app works great otherwise, this needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, Paigey390
Doesn’t seem to have accurate GPS .
I have to leave the building to clock in and out for shift and lunch break . Not sure what the issue is. I usually have to restart phone . Change password and 4- digit pin. Waste of battery. Contacted mangers and boss about this issue many times . With screen shots .
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4 years ago, KJB8238
Dealing with this app and it’s incompetent developers has been awful. We’ve been using this app for two months now and it still DOESN’T SHOW ANY information like taxes, paystubs etc. When we get paid I have to guess and hope the hours are correct. Two months is really, really bad for this app.😡 THIS IS BY FAR THE WORSE TIME KEEPING APP. THE DEVELOPERS SHOULD EITHER REDESIGNED THIS THING OR GIVE BACK THE MONEY TO THE COMPANIES WHO BOUGHT THIS “FRIED ICE CREAM” WE ARE IN THE THIRD MONTH OF THIS APP., AND STILL DOESN’T WORK😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, Kotumasha
Amateur coding?
When it works on the 13 pro it’s not bad, but when it’s broken it’s definitely broken, been coding for years and simple network errors shouldn’t take weeks to sort out. I recommend using the website till they have a qualified team to provide this software to billion dollar companies.
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4 years ago, Douldoul
Easy and simple
This app is just great. It makes it easy to get all the information you need from your employer.
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7 years ago, Stuckey56
Security officers
I love the ehub I can't say nothing wrong about. Only thing I wish they add too the app is that you can see how many hours you currently had work
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2 years ago, L.B.H WORLD
Sounds in Notifications is needed
Having the ability to add sound to the notifications is useful for accepting jobs on time.
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2 years ago, joot$
Worst app I have ever used for work
Honestly if I could I would give it 0 start every time I open the app it always have problems loading things every time it would say network error my all the other apps works just fine so I know it’s not my intention. They need to fix whatever is wrong with the app
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2 years ago, Dahrng
Network Error on iPhone 13 Pro Max
Seems since the last update I can’t connect - notifications are enabled. I hope the network error gets fixed soon.
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2 years ago, jeffrey fouse
the acknowledgement screen
everytime i click "accept" the screen freezes and takes a long time for me to even check my schedule .. i dont know how many times i have to push "accept" , even close the app and restart, just to get inside the app... i really need this to be fixed ASAP ... !!!
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5 years ago, C.Baker509
Ehub problems
The app still crashes when I put in my pin, the new update was 14h ago. It says “bug fixes” but it seems like it didn’t do anything. I love the app but with IOS 13 it doesn’t seem compatible. Please fix the problem.
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4 years ago, MusicMaria
Was great now not so much.
I used to be able to check how many hours I worked in the last couple weeks to make sure my paystubs were correct. But, instead now I have to go to TeamTime to see my clock in & outs from the last 1 to 2 days. This needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, Z-nex
Does not work ever in a time where you are actually relying on it to.
Idk how this app even has a rating above 3 stars. It never opens when I actually need to look at my schedule and most the time I have to close it constantly to make it work
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3 years ago, Surveillance van
Can’t open app
I have downloaded this app multiple times to my phone. My phone has the most updated software. The app will not open at all. When I tap on it to open, it thinks for a second and then closes completely. It does not even give me the opportunity to log in. Please advise.
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4 years ago, Brockspradamama
Problems with app
I have been trying to access my eHub account for two days and it continues to give me an error message : cannot find your eHub website. Please check the spelling and try again. I have asked coworkers and they are receiving the same message. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded it and the problem continues.
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4 years ago, User of Athan App
History of hours worked
It does not show activities before a week and plus ago! It is a great application but that is the only weakness.
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6 years ago, ShadowGears117
Five stars
Don’t get the title confuse you because this app is not good at all, this app for some reason has lots of bugs in it, I can’t even seam to log in when trying too and I would just look up the website just to sign in. Overall this is a crappy app and would not recommend even if your job tells you to use it! One star!
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