Emergency: Severe Weather App

3.1 (972)
312.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
American Red Cross
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Emergency: Severe Weather App

3.12 out of 5
972 Ratings
5 months ago, FAD Mom
Alerts needs some work
I like the app, but the alert sounds are driving me crazy. I think there may be some bugs in the system. The alert sound is VERY loud, even when I have my phone on low volume or on silent. I’ve been getting multiple alerts over and over for the last 24 hours for the same snowstorm. Last night, I went on and turned sound alerts turned off except for critical alerts and today I am again (with my phone on silent) getting extremely loud alerts. They are now labeled ‘critical’ but there is no difference between the alerts I was getting yesterday. Even changing snowfall from 4-7 inches to 6-9 inches (or vice versa) shouldn’t warrant a new critical alert. I want to turn the alerts completely off, but am then afraid that I will miss a new, critical, alert such as a tornado warning when the season comes. Critical should be immediate and life threatening. Period.
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2 months ago, Jassy spott
How awesome this app is!😎
This app is so cool bc it helps you stay safe, no one to take cover, and you can put in your location so it can track all severe weather warnings and such in your location, specifically and others. If you’re worried about a family member, you can download this app type in their address and you can get all of their weather alerts for their area. It also has lots of info on air quality.. that is very important and needed and most other apps don’t have that. I know this app is special but one of the most things that make it so special is that it has a prepare section on the app. All the to do for you and how to prepare for what’s about to come in your way of whether. I’m not same page. It has a tool kit!!! and finally it has locations section on the app and you can add your location or family members locations or other peoples locations and know all the weather alerts there and all the different type of alerts you might need in that area. I love this app so much because it helped me so much in the past and has helped my family and I prepare for anything coming our way! Thanks for reading my opinion on this app!!! You HAVE TO GET IT! ✌️✋👋 peace out!
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1 year ago, Amber611
Great but needs work on the locations/radius!
Great app, and I love the fact that I can monitor multiple things in just one app, but it needs some work! I wish the locations and radius were better, like in the Tornado app!! This app includes the entire county for a location, not just specific zip codes which I think is better!! Especially when dealing with tropical systems like hurricanes, as my inland area often has different advisories/watches/warnings than my county’s coastal areas (speaking from nearly 40yrs of living in South FL!)!!! Plus it doesn’t even include smaller towns, and you can’t even edit your radius!!!! I monitor all of my family’s locations (and I have a lot!), and some friends too. Well for instance one family member lives in the Upper FL Keys, and you don’t even have their island when I tried to add it! In the tornado app you do have their island, but this app doesn’t AND includes the Entire FL Keys when adding an Upper Key you do have!🤦🏻‍♀️ Which when dealing with tropical systems like I mentioned earlier is NOT good, especially as The Lower, Middle & Upper Key’s are often spilt into different watches/warnings!! So I would appreciate fixing that please, especially before hurricane season!!! Other than that great job!!!!👍
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10 months ago, Monsta_0
Spams your phone constantly over nothing
I installed this because the far-superior Tornado app is being discontinued. This worthless piece of junk immediately started blowing up my phone every day, sometimes twice a day, with screeching emergency notifications complete with siren because of a “heat event” (temperatures over 99) that is being forecast for more than a week from now. Noisy, intrusive notifications EVERY DAY, not because of an approaching tornado, not because of an imminent severe thunderstorm, but just because the weather is going to be a little hotter than usual more than a week from now. The app treats every little thing like a screaming emergency — after all this crying wolf, it is useless for a real emergency. And turning off notifications defeats the entire point of having the app. Typical that the excellent Tornado app is thrown in the garbage so it can be replaced with a useless showpiece like this one that was put together with absolutely no idea of actual utility or of genuinely making people safer. But hey, someone’s crony got a fat contract out of it and who cares about those rubes in flyover country anyway, right?
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2 years ago, rdela
Used to be useful…
…But has gotten intrusive and annoying lately. The app now has a gray bar on the locations screen that says: Critical Alerts Disabled Learn more to never miss an alert …That leads to unhelpful, irrelevant FAQs if you tap it, even though I have all alerts enabled and push notifications. There is no way to dismiss this gray bar or even understand why it is there. Furthermore, it made me choose a "home" location for no discernible reason when I opened the app today, even though I monitor several locations. Creepy and made more suspect when the app asks for camera permissions when you try to attach a screenshot in their feedback form, and fails to attach and disables the attachment button if camera permissions are not granted. Worst of all, the alert notifications do not display a location, so you have to tap them or open the app to find out where the incident is. A huge, unnecessary pain for people like me that monitor multiple locations, as the app encourages you to do. If I hear back from the development team I will update this review, but for now, three stars is generous.
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5 months ago, W122ard0f
Could be great with a needed improvement
Love the way this app consolidates emergency info for our location and those we care about. Living in tornado country (is anywhere not tornado country now?), I appreciate the loud realistic tornado sound. At least the first time it goes off. I don’t appreciate it the second, third, fourth time for minor updates. I especially don’t appreciate it going off to tell me the alert has been cancelled. On option to mute the loud siren alerts for a few hours after the first time one responds to an alert would be great. Go ahead a notify me but with a pop up or chime. I don’t need to be awakened with an ear splitting alarm to be told the alert has been cancelled. Without this feature many will tur the alerts off completely and then forget to turn them on for when they are really needed.
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1 year ago, Mab210ee
Why change what was a GREAT app to THIS???
The Red Cross storm app was the best that I found. It allowed me to pick multiple specific locations, establish a radius as a notification zone, then select the type of alerts that would trigger an actual tone notification on my phone. Mainly, it allowed me to EXCLUDE the annoying “Watch” and only alert me when a tornado was not only on the ground, but also within the zones that were preset. I don’t understand why they decided to ditch this app and replace it with something that is too broad with so limited customization. If they wanted me to have full county or city coverage, why not just include that as options? So far today my phone has continuously alerted me that I’m in a tornado watch zone, or that it’s been canceled, or that a new watch zone is now in effect. I know that’s the case, I can look outside and see the weather. So if this is a CYA legal thing, just give me the form where I can waive my ability to sue if the app doesn’t work the way it was intended. I’ll sign it!
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3 years ago, kris0360
Amazing helpful alerts
Where I live was hit by a devastating tornado last year and almost nobody in town received any weather alerts or if they did it was to late for them to take cover. There were many homes and lives lost that night. Since then we have all been searching for better apps to gives us alerts. I mean counting this one, I have 11 weather apps on my phone. That’s how traumatizing the events of last year were for myself and so many others. Out of all of my apps this is the ONLY ONE that sends me alerts consistently and early enough to prepare. If I do receive notifications from any of my other apps it is always well after I’ve already heard from this one. I have used our towns Facebook page to recommend this weather app to everyone so we can stay safe! ❤️
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10 months ago, Shotgunrev
Excessive Notifications, No Way to Adjust
I finally downloaded this app in anticipation of the Earthquake app being sunsetted later this summer. Almost immediately, I began receiving emergency notifications for three out of my seven selected locations, as often as every five minutes. This app seems to cry wolf at an extremely excessive rate, and there seems to be no option to control how many notifications and for what types of emergencies one receives. Unlike an earthquake, excessive heat is a phenomenon one dan usually anticipate in advance, and so does not rise to the same level of emergency status. My friends in my selected locations are far more at risk from a wildfire or earthquake than excessive heat. It’s bad enough I am debating removing the app within 24 hours of downloading it, even though it took five tries to get it to download. Why replace a perfectly fine app with one that still has so many glitches?!
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3 years ago, Valtarien
Very good app, with some minor complaints
This is what I consider as the best app for its purpose, out of those that I am aware of. It presents a quality interface and breadth of information, with links to additional useful resources. It is very good at providing timely notifications on any monitored locations, which the user can define, and does so in an effective, concise format. The primary complaint I have is the collection of personally-identifiable information, which I consider completely unnecessary for the app’s stated purpose. I can understand the developer’s desire, and possible need, to collect anonymous, non-personally identifiable information, but no more than that. To the developer: please change your data collection practices, as suggested above.
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6 years ago, mAIRijuana
"Monitor all your important locations!" NOT
Looking for an app that can tell me realtime if anything is happening in the Azores Islands as I have a good deal of family there, as well as my fathers childhood home right on the coast of Sao Lourenço ... my fear has always been with hurricanes & tropical storms, tsunami, & volcanic activity ; & so I was referred to this app. Imagine my confusion, being told there was no results to my search while trying to add "Azores Islands" as a location to monitor ... they seem to include Madeira on the map, but no Azores... & everytime I tried to add a city in Portugal or Madeira (Lisbon, for example) it would give me Lisbon New York USA & all related search terms IN THE US -- & wouldn't allow me to monitor any part or portion of Portugal!!! What the heck?!! This app is pointless. I know all too much what's happening in the US, it's being shoved in my face from every direction; what I was looking for was information on THE WORLDS HAPPENINGS we don't hear about normally. Plz resolve this silly flaw
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1 month ago, Dacheer
I set this app up because we just moved to East Tennessee & my daughter said I should have it. I set it up not knowing that the alert goes off every 11 minutes( which is ridiculous). We're over 65 & I get it, we should be aware of what's happening. That alert went off and was LOUD!!! After about 4 hours . I tried to change the range (mileage of how many miles away it reports) but the app has no where to change it. So trying to sleep(every 11 minutes) I said I can't take it I gotta get some rest. I changed the alerts and put like the other lady before me only critical!!! I ENDED UP DELETING THE APPLICATION AS IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY 3:00am STILL TRYING TO GET SOME REST. After deleting the app the alert was still sounding. WHY? How do I get it totally off of my phone? I'm exhausted today thanks to your app that's supposed to help us...
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2 years ago, Charmie39
Same Exact Message 4-10 Times In a Row
Seriously frustrating to have the constant interruption of this continual notification about the same thing. Even if you go to the App and read the message, it continually interrupts sending one after the next. So annoying. I have already reported this and they responded but it continues. Have to get rid of this app very soon as it’s overwhelming. It continually goes off even if my phone is turned off. It would be ideal if once the consumer responded, the app would stop sending multiple notifications. If I’m swiping it off of my screen it means I have read the notification why does it keep coming on and on. tonight I actually hit 10 times even though I kept pushing it away and even went to the app to look at it continue to notify me even though I was on the app. Annoying
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12 months ago, beautamousmunch
Necessary. Great idea, but needs location work
When I get a notification of an event it does not tell me the location. When I expand that notification (clicking only once) I still don’t get it. Only when I fully open it up do I get a location. I have 5 locations set and don’t get alerts on all of them. I am very appreciative of being able to check on the fuzzy safety of my family and friends, but with all the bizarre weather we have been having, these alerts are mind blowing torture and time consuming to open. Please add on that these seem to be guesses and more often than not do not happen. My experience is mostly in mid to west Texas (and DFW areas). If this improves, I will add 2 more stars.
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Is a Hurricane the same as a Tornado?
---Same Day 1.]I wanted Tornado alerts not Hurricane alerts. Please make the notifications setting less clutter looking. 2.]For the badges and all that’s great. But when I want to learn more about it you guys just make me retake the quiz again. I think once we earn it we should be allowed access to the connections we need in case of that emergency, more information on how to deal with it, and the option to retake the quiz (and possibly the correct answers, if we already of the badge). 3.]For people with shaky hands or big fingers, please allow a dropdown or a type in function for the radius adjustment. 4.]If we download another app for emergencies. Because I saw you guys have a separate one of tornadoes but no tornado alert notification in this general app. Could you allow us to share information with it? So we don’t have to re-add everything again. Just an account and a free (no account) import and export option. 5.]Allow a change in measurements (metric & imperial) and temperature (Celsius & Fahrenheit). With the ability to monitor the miles and kilometers too. I will continue to update this.
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11 months ago, Lorenawygant
Something is better than nothing
A lot of things you can’t customize like you could in the tornado app. I’m not sure why they would replace it with an app that’s not even close to the Tornado app. I’m sitting thru a bad storm right now, wondering if this has the tornado warning siren that comes thru my phone like the Tornado app did! I got a tornado warning thru that app on my phone for my daughters location, I called her because I was worried…she thought I was crazy and 5 mins later her local tornado warning went off. It was amazing….I am sitting here hoping you added that to this app!!!! Plz let me know it will certainly improve my rating!!!
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1 year ago, bcrsteve
Inferior to what it’s replacing.
Update: have now disabled notifications because they occur in triplicate and at times are every couple of hours for the same alert. They have become a nusence. This app was prematurely released and should be pulled back. Currently this product is inferior to the apps (Earthquake, Hurricane) it’s replacing. With the old apps I could set them up differently. You can’t do that under Emergency. Currently, I have the mile range set at 1 mile (default) for my location but am getting alerts for issues that are more than 25 miles away that have no bearing on my location. You can’t set mile range differently for the different types of alerts (earthquakes, weather). I don’t see alerts for shelter in place for chemical spills or smoke from wildfires. I hope these issues can be addressed.
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2 years ago, csells12
It was a wonderful app but not any more.
I don’t understand why there is a limit on the number of locations that can be monitored. I use to really like this app for three reasons. One, there was no limit on the locations you could monitor. And for a storm Spotter like myself, that was great. All other apps had limits on locations. Two, the alerts were full text bulletins. Three, the alerts were timely. I’ve removed this app, however, if the app is set back to the way it was, I’ll give it a try. I did like that the locations were in alphabetical order that was great and should be kept but there should be no limits on locations. If you don’t have an app to monitor alerts don’t put restrictions and tie peoples hands. Now please fix it back the way it was this is ridiculous.
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1 year ago, Chris de Vidal
Won’t wake you if there is a tornado
With just a bit more tweaking this app could be perfect. I’d love a loud and continuous siren (maybe mimicking outdoor tornado alarms) to wake me if there is a tornado in the middle of the night. But there is only one notification tone and it is very polite. Really love being able to filter out nuisance alerts like severe thunderstorms; We see them all the time and they’re not worth me being alerted to them. And settings retain across phone reinstalls which is fantastic. But hey app developers, if the notification tones for the absolute worst emergencies are not configurable, many alerts will be missed.
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10 months ago, TheKidsMomma
A few things I’d like to see.
1.) I agree with other reviews on locations. 2.) Also, being in Tornado Alley and being hit this spring, I wish there was a way to add info FOR the Red Cross. ie Electricity required for medical equipment. Incapacitated person in home. Things like that are critical in an emergency. We had a hard time quickly moving downstairs because the alert went off AFTER the tornado was here. Hail woke us, ran to switch to battery power for equipment and grab baby to run to the basement. Alert went off and sirens started. Hail stopped. Damage was done. There was no warning.
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1 month ago, Cadcmmngs
Don’t bother downloading
I had such high hopes for this app. I liked that I could monitor our home while also simultaneously monitoring our son, who is away at college. But it turns out that almost nothing it shows us is consistent or valid. The app is truly useless. About a month ago, my husbands phone began to blare the tornado siren sound. The app showing we were under a tornado warning. Yet my app showed nothing except the previous watch. I refreshed, then deleted and reinstalled, but it still didn’t show a warning. How dangerous that could have been if we had been in the path and I was home by myself. This has happened a few times, with minor weather issues. We have had a wind warnings but nothing alerted on the app. Or we were under a tornado watch but the app showed no alerts. Then tonight, my husbands app began to blare again saying our town is under a warning. While we are under a watch, it’s expiring soon and there’s zero rain, no wind, nothing inclement. And the tv news has no warning for us. Once again, it malfunctioned. App is being removed as soon as I post this.
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5 months ago, The tater!
Killing this Annoying App
Just got completely sick of the incessant obnoxious alert tones for weather that has passed the area. Yes, I’d reduced the alert area radius, but it still includes whole counties even if only a tiny portion is included in an area no longer threatened that may be part of a given radius. Furthermore, I don’t need a dozen alerts telling me a storm is no longer a threat. If the threat is no longer, then why the urgent tones blasting to tell the threat has passed on a frequent basis. Once is enough! No ability to determine the exact area (not radius determined) as with the use of SAME codes on a normal weather radio. This app has potential, but its execution is ill thought out.
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3 weeks ago, Kcbrownsfan
One of favorites
One of the apps I appreciate when looking for most recent information on severe weather. I really like the map and outline that is provided in the notice in the app when a warning or watch is issued. I love how loud the alert noise is. Specifically, when a tornado warning is issued at night. Some of my other weather apps are quicker to notify about an alert being issued but this app seems to be clearer and more concise, which helps to better understand what areas are under the watch or warning.
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11 months ago, e**2
False Sense of Security
I hate writing negative reviews without contacting the app developer first, but this one needs posted. Not to sound dramatic, but my experience with this app has led me to the conclusion that this app could actually cost someone their life. I say this because of the delay from the time the National Weather Service issues something like a Tornado Warning or Severe Thunderstorm Warning, to the time the app alerts you. I have a local news stations weather app, and it alerts me almost immediately when a warning is issued. This app’s alert typically comes in four minutes later. Four minutes doesn’t seem like much, but can be the difference between surviving a tornado and not. If you have this app, I highly recommend you at least download a second app that is more timely with their alerts. I really hope the developer sees this to look into the root cause of the delay. One other complaint. I don’t need to be woken up in the middle of the night by the app to inform me that a Thunderstorm Watch has expired.
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2 years ago, WINDMILL COOKIE
This is a must have app, it has come in handy numerous times. whether it be here in my own home or other family members throughout the state. when the alert comes in, I know that this app is giving me accurate information, and warnings so I can protect my family and alert others. this app all so provides useful information so you are ready and prepared for the moments when protecting yourself and others is called into action.
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1 year ago, Rural Ann
Good but needs work
Fewer settings unable to connect family and friends More confusing to use I was getting alerts for a high wind storm on the old app. This new app did not alert until after the storm hit. I live in a rural area and 1 mile radius is not enough. I was at the nearest grocery store which is 10 miles away from my house. I do like some of the preparedness but do not need to scroll thru things that do not affect me such as hurricane volcano earthquake. I should be able to rate them or hide the ones that I don’t want to see.
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12 months ago, Highly Concerned
Less effective
The old “Tornado” app was more effective at providing situational awareness both visually and practically. 1) the main screen allowed you to see what disasters the specific location was being covered for in the app, 2) it allowed for linking critical contacts to the location for easy and efficient welfare checks, 3) site limitations, while recently expanded to 8 is still not enough. I use this app for personal location. I’m in the emergency response field and commercial products are available for the work environment. Do you have any intentions to address the 3 items listed above?
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2 months ago, kaisishehei
The original version of this gave me alerts and my phone would make a sound. When I had to get the newer version it does not give me alerts. I have them selected but I am sitting right now in the middle of the very loud thunderstorm (that woke me up) and the app says “no alerts” as in no thunderstorms in my area. I am literally in a thunderstorm. I have checked my settings, set them for my city where I live and for my live location. It shows a thunderstorm for the city where my daughter lives though.
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5 months ago, LollaBells
Absolutely Useless!
The critical alerts on this app are useless, confusing & off! I downloaded this for fire, earthquakes & other alerts & kept other apps just in case & thank goodness I did! My critical alerts constantly go off when there is absolutely nothing! I even double checked the source & the NOAA isn’t sending out ANY SUCH ALERTS! I absolutely want critical warnings IF ITS APPLICABLE, however 7 critical alerts when there is ONE that is completely different is fear mongering & absolutely unnecessary & a waste of my time not to mention its waking me & my family up! I’m deleting this app! Complete waste of time & space!
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10 months ago, User15627
Uses same alerts for emergency and ending of emergency
If there is an emergency, this app will let you know (often a few minutes after all the weather apps alert). But then when an emergency is lifted (tornado watch cancelled, for example), it alerts with the same sound and headline, though the details show it's the ending of an emergency. Especially when people are already nervous, getting an alert about tornado warning, severe thunderstorm, etc. when it's actually the *exact opposite* can be scary. I reached out to the developers about this; it's still not fixed.
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10 months ago, AngryBarry99
Does not alert me
On several occasions I didn’t get ANY alerts from this app during severe thunderstorms, which, to me, was the entire point of the app. Ironically, the Tornado app that I still have that is supposed to be replaced by this app, DID alert me every single time… Another non-related weather app I have also alerted me each time a thunderstorm warning or watch occurred, but not this Emergency app. I’m beginning to have doubts about this app now. If I’m not getting alerts (and I have them turned ON under my Settings and I have locations set within the app) and still not getting alerts, but am from other apps, then something is wrong.
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2 months ago, Stealthie1
Alerts not following settings
I have the app setup to monitor multiple cities where I know people and have ALL of the alerts for those cities to Not have sound. I just want the message pop up so i know to check in on them. The app ignores the settings and continues to have sirens for tornado warnings in those cities. I’ve ended up disabling the monitoring for tornadoes because of it. I only want the sound alert for where I’m currently located. It would be a great app if it followed the settings I setup.
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4 years ago, justsomeguy
Great App; banners could be improved
Love this app! It gives me iPhone home screen banner alerts whenever any of my family members’ or friends’ areas are under weather threats. I love that! But the banners do not include the name of the monitored location. You have to click on the banner and launch the app just to find out which of your monitored locations the flood/storm/etc banner alert pertains to - a curious oversight. Nevertheless, i highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, Blah1468643780
Good app, but notifications far too repetitive
I like the app, and it provides useful information while I am using it. What I don’t like, however, is receiving 15 notifications a day. Yes, I’m well aware we’re having a heatwave. One alert would have done, not (quite literally) 15. I’ve had to turn notifications off entirely because they became so frequent and intrusive. This makes the app less helpful, because now I won’t be able to receive the rare, useful notification.
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1 year ago, SheGeezer
Good, to a degree
A year ago there was a tornado within 50 miles of us, and we live in the middle of pine forests where there have been wildfires, so we wanted a way to be notified. This seemed to fit the bill. But I find myself thinking about deleting it because I can’t tell you how many times it has blared a warning at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning to tell me about a status change to take place 6 to 8 hours later. Scares the heck out of me when there is no need.
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2 weeks ago, Mustafa Allami
Best weather app in the market
This is the best weather notification app. It fully allows you to customize your notifications, such as warnings, watches, or both. The app also allows you to monitor other locations. The app will enable you to monitor specific weather-related such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc. Thank you so much for this app. This is a life-saving app.
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3 years ago, Ubanium_Rosarium
App Support Link is a web page advertising their other apps!
The app changed from English to Spanish and there is no setting option to change it back and the link for App Support goes to a website that does nothing but list their other apps! If there is an emergency I don’t want to try and read the alert in a language I have a very small vocabulary in. Guess I should be glad they didn’t change it to one of the other predominant second languages in my state such as Russian, Chinese, or Vietnamese! I will be letting Apple know that the required App Support link is worthless as the developer is not providing any avenue to support.
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5 years ago, Doc ICT
Complete alert and emergency app
This app will monitor your moving location for emergencies that you have set up. You can also monitor the location of your family and friends or just select general locations. This app provides alerts for everything from tornado to air quality. Red Cross has also added a robust emergency training and quizzes to this app. Stay safe in grey skies and increase your preparedness in blue skies.
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3 years ago, Skyflyin
Good, but needs to be able to pinpoint location
The is a good app and I appreciate the timely warnings about severe weather and tornado watches and warnings. However, the inability to pinpoint the center of your warning area is frustrating. For example, I am about 30 miles from the center of the closest metro area. Now I get warnings from 60 miles away on the other side of town if I make my notification ring 30 miles wide. Hopefully they can fix that soon.
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2 years ago, BobLew9876
This app has been ruined
The updated app no longer shows maps of my chosen locations. The maps displayed the radius I chose to monitor, and the alert area, when I clicked on an alert, or selected a chosen location. Now it shows only a map of my location no matter what location or alert I select. Plus useless scenic photos. To me this is a poorly thought out update. I think it shows a lack of common sense. Please go back to displaying location maps showing radius monitored and alert area for each location I entered into the app. The only good thing I’ve seen is the option to monitor my location outside the locations I entered into the app. Please keep this option, but return to displaying maps for the locations I choose to monitor. Show the monitored radius, as well as the alert boundaries for the locations I inputted to the app. I can no longer recommend this app in it’s present version.
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3 weeks ago, Hellogoodbye79
Take the time to set up your alert preferences
Most of the poor reviews I see here are because people have not taken the time to set up (turn off/on) their alert preferences. It is a little time consuming, but once it is set up, it is good to go. This has been a great app to have as an additional alert method for tornado warnings specifically.
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11 months ago, zapatose2001
Doesn’t work properly
Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t they’re going to storm and 10 miles of my house let’s find a tornado and I do not get any notification. Half the time I’m not getting notifications the other half of time I’m getting notifications well after the storm has passed. On a rare occasion it works properly. The original tornado app worked perfectly and could be trailered to my specific location. I don’t want warnings for my entire county. I’m in the SE corner of my county and only need warning of a 15 mike radius of both counties.
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2 years ago, pezworld
Too many alerts at the wrong times
Yes, I realize it doesn’t rain very often in Southern California. It’s been raining. Why so many alerts? Every time the national weather service changes a few words on the area weather reports, I get an alert. The last straw was last night at 2:30 AM, when I was sound asleep, and when I have do not disturb for most of my apps. This thing made a loud noise that woke us both up. Just because they might’ve changed a word on the weather report. You need to tweak your app.
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4 years ago, Gummy bear 1999
Jesus Christ ALIVEEEE the notifications
Okay, it’s a good weather app or whatever, it warns me of stuff I guess. The notifications, oh my god, I literally just deleted the app because it threw like a dozen notifications at me in seconds causing my phone to almost buzz its way off the stand. I’m sick of it, please for the love of god why? I don’t understand it’s just so many notifications with the exact same message, idk if I did something wrong but I don’t even care anymore, I’m only making this one star so maybe someone can see it and be warned, but I’m just done!!!! It’s just so many notifications and it’s been happening so much good golly ;w;
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1 year ago, Chetdw
Newest update takes away a key feature
I just read in the latest update notes that you no longer will send push notifications when NOAA cancels an alert. This was actually a feature that set this app apart from many others I used in the past. This feature is useful for many reasons when it is impractical to check the app (driving, working, sheltering-in-place, conserving phone battery during an emergency, etc.). Please bring this feature back!
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7 years ago, Random_65143
If this Emergency Alert app is supposed to be all-purpose, the Wildfire functionality needs to be beefed up. Unfortunately the Red Cross “Wildfire” app no longer works under the new IOS, and, this all-purpose Emergency app doesn’t handle fires adequately. Think about the Napa area fires this last October-what the functionality the app could have had that would have made things better for people who, it turned out, had little or no warning to evacuate from the fast-moving fires.
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1 year ago, Grandpas Hp Computer
The previous app was ten times better. This one you can only track six of your friends. Haven't found oit how to delete a location so you can enter a different location. Moral of this app you can't have more than six friends. Whe you have a senetr storm alert at 2:30 pm and a tornado watch at 6:00 pm they both stay as alerts even though the other alert is over/cancelled does not remove it from your app. Trying to make this app better by combine it with yhe hurricane red cross was a mistake. It did not make it better but made it worse.
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10 months ago, Kvjcjdjdkjsy
No Alerts...
I recently moved to the South Eastern coast and decided to try out several weather apps in preparation for hurricane season. Well - here I am in August with a category 3 storm coming my way, 6 or more apps installed and Red Cross is the only one that will not give me any storm updates. I've gotten surge warnings, storm warnings, and flood watches from all the other apps. But Red Cross consistently says I have no alerts for my area. I've made sure the location is set and settings are enabled and still nothing. This is honestly a completely useless app for real time safety.
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5 years ago, anon4404
Getting Worse
This app used to be great. Now, I’ve lost all my monitoring locations. No matter how many times I reenter them, they’re gone. Somehow, I am getting alerts, but I’m getting too many. I monitor a 5 mile radius and get 6-8 alerts for every event. So annoying. I will click on an alert to see it’s a warning area out of my monitored location. I back out of it to try and see which alert applies to me and they’re all gone. The app has become completely unreliable. If they won’t find updating it, it shouldn’t be on the app store so people can use reliable emergency management methods.
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10 months ago, PeterH013
Too cumbersome
Too much information on screen that is NOT relevant to the User. I don’t need to know about events on the other side of the country unless I opt-in for it. Tracking every event everywhere might be useful too some but not on mobile devices. Not enough control of what to watch and what I can ignore. Not every calamity hits everywhere at the same time. The original Hurricane Tracker was MUCH better. Due to the multiple untimely alerts I have had to shut the app down. Kind of takes away from the purpose of the app.
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