Enphase Enlighten

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Enphase Energy, Inc.
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Enphase Enlighten

4.65 out of 5
56.4K Ratings
1 year ago, ChaseCurtis
Far from accurate
Update: Turns out my problem was with the installers. The consumption amount on the app is incorrect because my power company didn’t install a consumption meter (which is apparently an additional $1000). The app is great for showing how much energy I’m producing each day, although I’m still curious to know how they can tell how many trees I’m saving based off my power generated 😂😂 I’ve had my system active for almost two months and the App says I’ve net exported 6kWh to the grid. The meter on the side of my house says I’ve net exported almost 100kWh. A cold day blew in so we completely turned off our AC and lights for the whole day. You’d think the app would reflect us saving the power, but the App still shows us “consuming” the same amount of energy as other days when our AC is running throughout the day. It also doesn’t show our house using energy at night even though the AC and fridge are obviously on. Also how on earth do you figure out how many trees you are saving by creating electricity??? That would be the craziest conversation I’ve ever seen. Based on these things I’m very skeptical as to how accurate the numbers in this app are. The only thing I see this app being used for is to see if each panel is operating correctly.
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1 year ago, katonalimb
App is Super Informative and the Devs are Very Responsive
Our solar array went live on Jan. 25, 2023, and I found myself constantly watching the app to see how much energy was generated even on cloudy days. Enphase Enlighten is a well-planned and informative app, and we’re extremely pleased! Around a week ago we started seeing error msgs saying microinverters weren’t reporting to the gateway. After troubleshooting theissue ourselves, we contacted the support department of our sales company. A few days later they contacted us to say they had passed the issue up to Enphase. I’m super pleased to report that this morning I checked the app and the issue has been resolved. Additionally, I noticed a small improvement at the top of the data graphic screen that shows the 15-minute time interval of a particular bar. I’m so pleased, as it was really difficult trying to guage exactly what time a particular amount of energy was being reported. The only other thing I’ve noticed that could be worked on is that in the System Menu, there appears to be a display limit of 30 Microinverters, and we have nearly double that number. I consider that to be fairly low priority though, as the primary screens truly deliver the important data.
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10 months ago, Dasbetl
Data Offers Opportunities for Statistical Manipulations
I love the opportunity to look at a 12 month access to raw data. This allows one to actually see the shortfalls of the actual system one has initially been forced to accept. My installed “process will meet the initial stated objectives if I would set my internal home temperature at 82*F in the summer so my production would meet design expectations. Who wants to live in 82*F when it is 93*F or higher outside. Originally I was told that I was required to have a system composed of 27 roof panels. When installed they put up 21. They told me to try this for a year and see how it worked. 10 months in and it will not cover original stated parameters. I have concluded that I was shorted 6 panels because demand by “new customers” exceeded a available in country supply so they cut my installation by 20% to free up stock to “stretch” materials for additional installs. Going to talk further to see if Solar Shine will put up additional 6 panels.
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11 months ago, Angry-still
If you have to be an IT professional it’s garbage!
Obviously these low paid software engineers who slap together cheap apps don’t even do a usability test with the average customer to see how user friendly their app is. Someone just hands them a list of what the apps should do and they build them without any regards for the user..you know the customer!! Just horrible! To set this app up the numerous steps are ridiculous and for the average person without IT experience nearly impossible. I do have IT experience and still the app is crap and so if the hardware!! If the company’s Solar cells work the same I’ll rip them off my roof and toss them in the garage along with this equipment and app. Just one real dumb piece of FAQ…if your Solar control equipment that this app drives is located outside (seriously where did you think it would be??) you may have to run an Ethernet cable from the control box to your router!! Seriously?? And how would you suggest I do that?? Connected it and throw it across my two story house then pull it through an open window?? New homes don’t come with Ethernet connection outlets anymore…hello they use Wi-Fi!! Or do you suggest I drill a hole in the stucco and pull the wire through my wall some how? There is a garage in the way! I could go on an on about how to route an Ethernet cable but we would be here all day.
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1 year ago, jessie mcafee
The company doesn’t uphold what there salesman offers,the salesman can put any thing to sell solar system,but not tell you the price they just say don’t pay attention to what you see,I was never told what the system cost until the financial company bills you and then you faint from the cost of the system, I’ve tried calling the insulation supervisor several times and they never call you back. I’ve never delt with a company like this before,it’s like when the installers are done there done with talking with you! I was promised things that never have been done, it’s not the installers fault because they have to go by work orders it the supervisors fault cause for not doing what the salesman promised to be done, I referred my club brother and it was supposed to have been done before Christmas and it’s still not done but like me I received a bill from the finance company and there still not done,sounds like this need to be investigated,but being a big company they get away with it and you. Get screwed after the fact,I’ll bet this will never make it to any one,and you still get screwed.
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2 months ago, LessthunJake
Exciting App, like the interface but…
I love how easy to use this app is. I can see all system details right on the main page. I went thorough the app and setup my system preference real easy, and access to help videos and content is great for quick tutorials. “Live View” seems to be lagging in time delay and doesn’t show actual realtime consumption data. When I notice high consumption, I’ll go around the home to turn off items. Then check live view again however the consumption hasn’t changed. Often takes 15 mins or so which I’ll assume is the time it takes for the system to ping the server and send the info back to the gateway. Then it’s still seems a bit high even when I know I’ve shut off large appliances. I would also like more interaction with the status page. For example, double tap production to open panels, double tap devices to see each device activity, double tap battery to open battery status. Otherwise it’s 4 clicks to; menu > system > devices > “item”
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2 years ago, rwm189sr
EnPhase monitoring
I’ve had my system installed since 2011. Wasn’t really a toss up regarding line or micro inverters, I wanted the most power out of my system so micros the only real option. Aside from the D-380 inverters failing miserably, so far 45 of the 48 replaced under warranty, the system has consistently produced more power then original estimates. The best feature is the monitoring, reason it identifies a problem so it can be resolved in many cases quickly. My savings grace is a fantastic installer, because of the massive inverters failures I’d have been lost without him by my side to deal with getting replacements sent. I’m not happy about the failure at all, but giving 5 stars simply because they are standing by their warranty. And of course the system is producing more then it ever would have had I saved money from the start and installed line inverters.
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5 years ago, WDW1Fanatic
V3.0 is a regression
I’ve been using Enphase for the last couple of years since installating my home solar system. I found the previous V2 interface easier to get current data, and it worked equally well with both my iPhone and iPad... Sadly, the new V3.0 that came out today may look like a better or more modern interface to some with it’s larger graphics, but getting to current data just isn’t as intuitive — at least to me. There seems to be less info per screen, and little things like monthly view shows relative bars for the previous month, but no dates to get a sense of when things were going on and how weather patterns effected performance. Additionally, I use my iPad most of the time and V3.0 has lost a horizontal mode that I use 99.9% of the time, so now I have to turn my iPad into portrait mode with my keyboard on the side to use the app. Love my inverters and solar array. Love the ability to get to real time and historical data of my system performance via the app — thank you. ...but sadly, the presentation of that information just isn’t doing it for me any more. There is work to be done.
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5 years ago, Still Hoping
V3.0 is terrible vs V. 2.xx
I have explored this version and I think it is terrible. The types of reports you can run have been greatly reduced. For example the report that let you look at multiple reports by year with monthly detail side by side is gone? How can look at historical data without this. Graphs are terrible now, above and below bar charts don’t let you see what is happening easily at a glance. If you are not technically inclined this may be O.K.but if your more analytically inclined it’s a downgrade! Perhaps you could add the old reports and format as a second optional skin / interface? As for other commenters who don’t see panel level monitoring in the birds-eye view etc. It is because your installer didn’t offer it to you so you only see system level monitoring in aggregate. Some don’t want you to have it because customers call them too much about the info it provides confuses some customers. Shading, weather, time of day etc. I negotiated it in my contract and got them to pay for it as they claim it’s a few hundred dollar upgrade. I think you should have it so call your installer.
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11 months ago, JeremyPepper
This app is useful and fun as it stands. BUT it needs more features. The day/night mode could be set to go with the system. The reporting function could have not just consumption and production outputs, but import, export, net, temp, weather condition… in any combo of one, two, three… all. They could offer partnerships with… Tesla to throttle charging speed so it was all directly consumed solar. They could do like the stocks apps do and let you select two points in the graph at a time, then tell you the energy generated in the middle. They could offer explanations for why production dropped (rain, clouds, power outage). They could let you adjust your SRECTrade account in the app. They could compare your average energy use to similar homes and expand into the lifestyle app type deal. Seriously, this app is a GREAT foundation for so much MORE. Hope the developers don’t take my 3 star as an insult. It’s an excellent product, and I hope you guys keep improving it to make it all it can be.
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2 years ago, weshallsee19
Feeling the regret of solar panels and this f$&@ing app!!
First off the sales rep/instaler said he would help us if needed, but we will more than likely get a sob story. Regarding the functionality of the solar panels we just got our meter changed and we are trying to connect this app so we can see what is going on and how we can manage it. Big shocker we can’t log into the app. And after several attempts we are told our account is inactive. And we have watched the “helpful videos” several times so we can figure this out but oh no in their perfect world this is all supposed to workout. Now after reading several reviews regarding this app I am expecting the same developer response as everyone else’s. I am not going to contact some webpage and write a email and then wait for someone across the globe to email me back. I want a phone number not you’re “sorry for the inconvenience.” Even if I got a phone number it will be someone that speaks broken English and a lot of “can I put you on hold” situations. Developer if you actually read this-figure yourself out, pitter patter let’s get at’er.
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1 year ago, davebrown89
Great UI, better customer service, and some room for improvement
First off, I’ve learned more about electricity and grid infrastructure than I ever thought I would due to my solar project and the Enphase app “gamifying” my production and consumption. Got consumption monitors and want to know how much your dryer or oven uses? Fire up live view and flip em on and off! Only got production meters? No problem, see which panel generates the most power, and if you’re in a snowy area, figure out which panels are worth clearing snow from and which aren’t. Their support is also great via chat and phone. They helped me resolve a configuration setting issue that had stumped me for days on a Sunday morning. Some suggestions: - I’d like to be able to see more detailed panel information in addition to production data like which microinverter ID it’s on, historical errors/messages, or historical production - anticipated/forecasted production - if y’all know my location, system orientation/tilt/specs, could you estimate how much power I should be producing given the weather? Sometimes I need motivation to break out the foam roof rake and seeing lost potential revenue may help. - whatever you do, never get rid of dark mode
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1 year ago, wadeforlife
App needs update to the interface
Ok so most of the information you need you can access in the app- it’s just not intuitive. You have to hunt things down through several selections. For example, one of my microinverters went out. There is nothing that tells me that. I have to go through several levels of menu to get to devices and then scroll through each one to make sure they are working. There is nothing on the dashboard that tells you this. If you don’t dig for it you’ll never know. As a project manager this is a huge red flag. Any trouble should be reported on the dashboard. Also, it would be nice to show consumption of solar and grid and how much you are feeding, and a graph for the hour of each. The entire interface needs to be redone. The look of it right now looks more technician friendly. This is not 2017 anymore- it’s 2023. It needs to look customer friendly.
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2 years ago, casapalmareal
Conflicting alert messages
This morning I reported an alert that connection to the Envoy was interrupted. I called WindMar and they said is typical since in their all was fine. I told them that all panels (30 of them) their was no information in them providing production and previously their was one pane in kwh and only one providing it a Wh. In addition we were producing 6.9 and utilizing 2.2. Suddenly with the same amount of sun it was reporting from one moment to the next production of 0.5 kwh the home from 2.2 changed to the same amount of production of 0.5 whereas the steady consumption was 2.2 kwh. At one point we decide to turn a 18,000 A/C unit and both production and consumption remained as if nothing had ever happened. Again call WindMar and they told me these occurrences are normal. I know is not Enphase is lacking the right technology, the installation is flawed or the folks have no clue of how it should work. I know these report are faulty hence you cannot have a proper calculation of real output and when battery power will go into effect, or the input of the panel production is also crazy with full sun reporting from 6.6 to 1.4 to one minute to the next and sunshine everywhere. Hope you can get something out of this but something is not right. Had the system for about three weeks only. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Funkldred
Enphase products and app
I am very impressed with the quality of the Enphase controller and microprocessor for my solar panels/batteries/grid access. There is absolutely no indication of the system changing from the solar panels powering the house/batteries powering the house/grid powering the house. Not the slightest flickering of lights or anything else when the controller switches power source. The app is pretty good for showing where the power is coming from/going to. I do wish the app would include a description (and more details) of the Storm Guard software. I can find no mention of it on the app. The only way I learned of it was through a chat with tech support, but would like more info and would appreciate if a complete description were available on the app.
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10 months ago, AJCOL
“Your Panels Are Working Fine”
The app has not been reporting data since Jan 20. As with every solar panel owner I thought it was a hardware issue. Despite countless resets and a tech visit that resolve absolutely nothing the app keeps reporting that the gateway connection is lost yet shows in the Devices menu that it is still connected. At reset the gateway is connected but then shows errors that the micro inverters are not reporting. After countless calls to my installers whom have become uncooperative and the tech visits from Enphase themselves whom come to your house the. Leave without communicating to the home owner, I’m convinced it is the app. I can only deduce this is the case because Enphase and the solar installers have been incapable of telling you anything other than what you already know and are in no great hurry to service your system, correct the error or even talk to the home owner. All you get is the empty promise that your solar panels are working properly despite the app saying otherwise.
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6 years ago, Garlando11
Enphase micro-inverter monitor
I purchased this device with my solar system in Nov 2016. I installed the PV system in March 2017 during new construction and was finally ready to set up the Enphase monitor today (April 2018.) The setup process went exactly as it should and the instructions were actually accurate. The only thing I have left to do is set up the array. The monitor scanned my system and found every inverter. All serial numbers and specs downloaded exactly as it was described in the instructions and the sync from the toolkit to Myenlighten was accomplished on the first try. I would not call the setup “easy,” but if you read the instructions all the way through before you start and then follow them, your results should be the same as mine... Perfect!
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3 years ago, Aabobl
Good app, but some suggestions
I’ve been impressed with the information available from this app. Good ability to compare power generation (in kWh) from hour to hour, day to day, and panel to panel. I’ve only had my array live for ~1 week, so further comparisons will be available later. I do, however, find a few things wrong with this app. (1) It only reliably gives kWh, not kw. I should be able to see the instantaneous power coming from the array, and should be able to see it panel by panel. In one screen, they make a feeble attempt to show kw coming from the full array, but it’s almost certainly wrong - it usually says 0.3 kw or so for the full 20 kw array in full sunlight! (2) the array view should rotate with my phone, to enlarge the display. (3) The panel-by panel view should also show kw, not kWh.
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1 year ago, Sparkn
Stopped working
Was great until 12 am February 8. Have had nothing recorded since. Coincidently, the software was updated to the new version at the same time. Power cycle the Envoy and it connects, says it’s downloading and then several hours later says no microinverters are reporting. All 4 lights go red on the system. It was working perfectly prior to the update. Update: the rollout did screw up my system. Using the online support, Enphase was able to wipe and completely reconfigure Envoy to be able to talk again. I lost over a weeks worth of internal storage waiting to be uploaded, but it’s transmitting data once again. Live Updates were configured a few days later. I have lost a half days data since then unexplained but it’s working otherwise. Bumping to four stars.
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1 month ago, A1L9E9K2
Great app but missing something
We just had our system installed and I’ve looked at the app to see how it performs. Great information to see down to the day and is nice to have a visual of what’s produced and consumed and imported or exported. But one thing that would be insightful along with that is an additional option to see an overall trend across multiple days by hr. Even having this as an option under the Custom tab where you can set a date range or go by the basic week/month/year/lifetime and view a trend by hr to see when you get the most production on avg and most consumption etc. Would be handy information to see and know.
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2 years ago, will792
Great app with excellent UI
I self installed my PV system with Enphase IQ microinverters a few years ago and initially used Enlighten website to view info about my system. Initial version of the app was somewhat unstable and UI was so-so. It got so much better that I do not ever look at website for y system and cannot even recall the last time it crashed. Presentation of real-time and historical PV production and house electricity consumption is excellent. Reporting is extensive and easy to access. Detail level of data is sufficient almost always with the only exception when you want to see a graph of daily PV production at panel level. In my book it is a real gem.
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5 years ago, Ricard
Much better and easier to use
The redesign on V3 is a big leap from previous versions . Clear UI, easy to navigate, I wish the reports were able to be displayed and had the option to send instead of the send-to-see default option. However , the app is still missing one very useful tool/feature: Sunlight forecast based on weather forecast (Netatmo has this info in their app) this feature it is particularly useful to us for planning when to charge our Electric Vehicles as we want to be able to charge them with 100% renewable energy and also to avoid the transmission fees from our Power Company if we have to buy energy from them (nights and cloudy days) Please add this feature and fix the reports and you’ll get the 5 stars!
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4 years ago, R.Madik
This version is horrible
Why? This new interface text is tiny and difficult to read. The graphics are chunky and outdated. My biggest complaint is with the “energy” tab. The old version allowed you to scroll your finger over the timeline and clearly see progress through the day. This version try’s to do that, but the information is displayed in a tiny “pop up” box which is hidden by your thumb as you scroll. Also (and more important) the numbers at the top of the page which show “production” and “consumption” do change as you scroll your thumb, but do not display the same numbers shown in the “pop up” box. I can’t figure out what they’re supposed to represent. I called emphase customer service (two days after the update) and they didn’t know either. They said they’d look into it. I also don’t understand why Enphase changed their smooth colorful graphics in the “energy tab” to the blocky analog style graphics they are using today. I like the idea of the “currency widget” but unless you allow us to include more information (like consumption costs) the widget is a novelty. I’m sure a lot of decisions go into these updates , but I hope Enphase can swallow their pride and realize this app is worse, not better than what we had before.
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6 months ago, JayEP
Huge variance in stats
I might not understand how the app is supposed to work or how the system works. But, I am not sure at all that accurate data is being collected or displayed. When I look at peak power, which I would assume is the highest power generated, it says 1.6 kWh. But current right next to it says 2.5. That’s a pretty big spread, but then when I go to Live status, it says 9.6 kWh. This makes no sense to me and I am left wondering if any of the numbers are accurate. Also, the screenshots on this app page looks much different than what I see in the app. I have the most recent version of the app. When I first downloaded the app, I was getting a screen that showed what I am producing, using, and exporting. I got a call from my installer and suddenly telling me they were tweaking something and then that screen went away. Overall, I think the app, if working as designed, is pretty good. I don’t have confidence that it’s any better than the tv ads showing graphics of toothpaste, or antacids working on graphics of teeth or stomachs. It demonstrates an idea about how it’s intended to work. I just don’t know that it reflects real data or function.
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5 years ago, Road and MTB rider
Not user friendly
UPDATED REVIEW Enlighten had an app worthy of a 3 star review. They made some changes and it was only worth 1 or 2 stars......Well, they changed it again (as they promised) and it is much better. Now There is useful information that I can understand and I can monitor my system much easier. Thank you. OLD REVIEW I’ve been using the App for 15 months and the upgrades made it more difficult to use and understand. This App is suppose to allow for the monitoring of the system. Unfortunately it never gave the consumer all the information available, eg.. production of individual panels, although this information is available to the company. The changes to the App now make it difficult to compare production over days, weeks and months. It is now really difficult to know how the system is performing. The prior version produced bar graphs the were easy to read and meaningful. It appears the changes were designed to limit the information to the consumer on how the system performing. Why would they do that? Maybe to prevent us from knowing when the panels were not performing up to their stated ability.
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7 years ago, MyiP6s+
Need to fix.
*Update* Current update still doesn’t address the app not showing the current date. Please fix. *Update* The latest update has made this app more stable. Not sure what the other reviewers are experiencing because it works great for me. I did experience the app not keeping the log in information initially, but now it does after a few log in prompts. Also, I think it's great they added the pull down refresh feature. Please continue to put out great updates! It also displays a better resolution. I think this app works just fine, it just needs more "fine tuning". I am able to see my production and consumption. If it doesn't refresh automatically, I just close the app and open it again. I think the information it provides serves my purposes very well.
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10 months ago, TheWalrus422
Live status broken
Often after this latest app update, live status can be viewed once over the course of a small time period. Then if you close that view and go to another tab, like to see a daily graph of power, and then go back to open live status, the live status button doesn’t even work. Because the button is not recognized as being pushed, the window never opens. If you close the entire app by swiping up, and re-start the app, then the live status feature will work again. If the live status is used multiple times but a larger amount of time, or hiding the app or turning off the device screen, sometimes life status works without requiring additional steps.
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2 years ago, charleigh s
Unable to see consumption.
Added Consumption Metering a month or so after the installation of the solar panels. Seemed to work fine for a week, but then stopped showing the graph. Don’t know if it’s something I did or a problem with the metering. It gives me the statistics, but no graph. Update to review: Sorry for the original 3 stars, this was a human error…mine. I had turned off the graph. Sure wish I had kids I could blame it on, but it was totally my error. Consumption metering is a great addition to the solar panels and I am able to keep track when at home or on vacation. Love to see those kWh hours of reserve I’m getting.
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2 years ago, Yfandes1962
What a ripoff
Ridiculously expensive solar panels installed & 5 mos later I’m still waiting to get credit for the power they’re producing. Delay after delay after delay. & the app? Says I have to pay to get full functionality & be able to see both the power I’m generating and my power usage?? For serious? That’s nuts. I am not at all happy. I wish I could undo my choice of companies & the app as well. But I’m stuck with it. Do your research n4 choosing installer & their app. I was promised that someone would come show me how to use the app to see what I’m generating and what my usage is. No one seems to want to take ownership of that responsibility, including Josh. He’s the guy that talked me into using this company. Promised he would be here for me from the beginning to the end! And…..here I sit 5 mos later. He tells me his job is done. So don’t go with this app or Sunergy.
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6 months ago, Aloha.boy
Pause in Service Causes Reconnect Problem
I have had solar panels going on 13 years and the app and envoy R were working great. Then I went on an overseas assignment for two years, my son disconnected the envoy during my absence, and there was limited internet service in my new location so I never checked the app because our monthly electric bill still displayed the minimum monthly utility cost. I reconnected the envoy and it began uploading past data from February 2021 to December 2021 fairly quickly but then stopped. The app indicates it is uploading data but it is frozen on the same date for two months. I am anxious to obtain current production data but Enphase doesn’t seem to have a fix for my situation. It’s disappointing.
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4 years ago, Frozoloft
Top Tier App
One new note: I dont like the new “Energy Independence” stat front and center. Technically I depend on the grid to supply electric BUT I make more energy than I use, so the rest is banked for the future, which I will likely never even need at this point. That said, it feels more like a marketing gimmick to sell their new battery system. Original Review: Other than the occasional hiccups on their servers, this app is amazing. Its become an invaluable addition to my phone. Great job to the programming team. I love my solar system and this app is an important part of that massive investment. Thank you to all involved. Also the tech support team is among the best Ive ever had experience with.
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5 years ago, Will6196
Very happy with app
We did a self installed system and I’ve been using enlighten manager to get all the stats. Got an email today about per panel data with this app so I downloaded it. Not sure how it compares to the older versions but seems way more intuitive and shows everything I’m looking for and makes it easy to monitor production and consumption. If you don’t have the consumption monitoring set up I recommend it. It seems to be pretty accurate with our electric bills and really gives you a good sense of how much power certain appliances use. As for this app I’m really happy with it and feel dumb for using enlighten manager instead of this.
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5 years ago, rehker
Big disappointment
The old app was very user friendly. It worked well with my iPhone and iPad. I use my iPad a lot and the old app you could use in the horizontal view. This new app you cannot. That was my number one complaint along with the layout. I liked the old graph in 15 min. segments. When you checked out production that day it told you it was Monday and the date. Now it’s just the date. Sometimes you just need to tweak but not overhaul. Very frustrating you didn’t ask how the user would like to see their production. We are the ones that are financially invested in your company aren’t we?
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2 years ago, DIY 22k
Good but could be better
I am new to the app so I might be missing something but since I just completed my install I am in the honeymoon phase. I want to see everything in real time. This app only updates every 15 minutes or so and I wish it was real time. But it works well and have not had any troubles. I would also like to be able to see the current output of each inverter real time on the system view. That way I could see if something wrong or intermittent shading and what nots. Just my opinion though and am enjoying producing my own power and send down the line what in don’t use. It is all good all the way around.
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6 months ago, L-N-D
Basic app to website
This is a classic “just put the website behind an app” development. Sadly, the website is a better option because things scale better there, can all be resized, and most importantly, can be used appropriately in landscape mode which the app doesn’t support. That makes things like detailed graphs much harder to look at in the app on both iPhone and iPad. Other basic things like estimated production based on weather projections, available in other solar platforms, properly handling changes over time in electric rates to show savings, and other basic items also don’t exist here. But, it usually works well for what it does do.
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4 years ago, Gordsue
no report from Enphase
System has not reported since Feb 8. The instructions how to recommunicate are quite explicit, except they do not work. I spent 2 hours with enphase tech, no results but she did try very hard to get it working so I could see reports. I have changed wifi password and have 2 phones, 3 ipads, a mac book and a del computer that all communicate to wifi perfectly, so password and wifi provider should not be the problem. I have an Enphase IQ photovoltaic combiner box, the lights are green. Am increasingly upset, previous to the long phone call I had tried 7 times to get the reports by resetting the IQ combiner. Enphase finally told me to contact the installer.
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12 months ago, Caribbean Jim
Excellent app, especially the new look
Very informative and lets you do whatever you feel is best to maximize the benefits of your solar system and minimize your bill. In my case, also to minimize the exported carryover for which I will not get paid anyway. I have already had the opportunity to manage eight consecutive days off-grid. There was a learning curve for sure, but the app provides all the tools you need. The only feature missing is to be able to identify a photovoltaic panel that is producing less than the others.
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1 year ago, edjoel
Works well, but can do it better!
It would be good if the user could choose to change the battery mode automatically, just by selecting one time of the day. For example, if the user knows that during the weekends, in the time period between 10:00 pm and 4:00 am is when they consume the most energy from the grid, the user can predetermine in advance that period in the application and the system changes to self-consumption mode automatically in that period, which means a saving of $$ for the user. At the end of the period, the system returns to the battery mode previously set.
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2 years ago, jefe2000
Great way to monitor my home’s solar system
This app provides great insights into how my home’s solar system is performing throughout the days and weeks that the sun shines down on my CA home. It’d be nice to see updates even more frequently than 15 minutes, though I think that’s down to the hardware rather than how the app works. It’s also be nice to have a little more customization of the graphs in the app. For example, I don’t need to see the early morning and late evening time ranges on the power generation graphs. The sun is never up at those times, so those areas of the graph are just empty space. Overall, great app!
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10 months ago, Nutritionist 56
Constant error messages
First of all, the app says that I have an Envoy S type of gateway. On the web site our device doesn’t look like or operate like any of the photos. The instructions on the app to try and fix the communications issues do not work at all. The company that installed our system has gone bankrupt so I don’t know if we need a new gateway device or what to do. We constantly get device communication errors. Our internet is great snd we have no problems with anything except this device. I check on the app and it says the device status is normal. But I keep receiving email notifications of lack of communication. I put in. Ticket a few days ago but have not heard back
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10 months ago, HDBitchin
Daily Production Total Lags Behind
The “LIVE STATUS” is fine. It always shows the system is working but the Production total for the day always lags behind. Sometimes taking several hours before it will show the production total. It supposed to from my understanding update every 15 minutes. That rarely happens. Logged in and out but still the lagging production total issue remains. It is connected as the status shows normal with a green check mark and the LIVE STATUS page is always able to show the “current” live production but the production total is always always several hours behind before it will update. Since this still an issue and hasn’t been addressed since I reported it a month ago my rating went from 2 stars to 1.
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2 years ago, Savannah1234
Great System
We purchased our enphase solar system through Artisan Electric and so far have been delighted with ease of use, professionalism of the installation and performance of the system. We are definitely producing more energy than consumption in the Winter months and look forward to viewing the results in the Summer when both production and consumption will be higher. The system powers our home, our Tesla and two Pedego electric bikes. Excited to being part of the solution when it comes to protecting our environment.
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5 years ago, st4422
Jeckel and Hyde app
On my iPhone XS, this app looked to be in VERY early development. Status page has “Produced” and a horizontal line with a pinging dot and “XX number of minutes ago” underneath. NO useable information. The Energy page for Day has a small chart displayed but there are no numbers in any of the colored rectangles. On Month, Year and Lifetime tabs only rectangles are displayed with no info. The Array screen actually works displaying energy produced by each panel for day, month, year and lifetime. If other screens were this good the app might be useful. Edit: After deleting the app and downloading again, things look much better. Must be some kind of initialization issue lurking beneath the surface. Now rated three stars.
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1 year ago, galliond
Easy to use, get rid of Grid dependence metric
I find the app excellent in all functions with exception of the “Grid Dependence” metric displayed on the home page. I don’t have batteries and don’t intend to add them anytime soon, so this metric is meaningless; if you don’t have batteries you will always be dependent on the grid at night and on cloudy days. The only benefit to this metric that I can see is to encourage battery purchases. I am far more concerned with net import/export of energy, as I know I will always be dependent on the grid in low/no generation periods. At least make the “Grid Dependence” metric removable from the screen.
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2 years ago, Aireboss
Audio Notifications
It would be beneficial for solar users to be notified by sound alerts on their cell phone, iPads, etc. when their solar batteries are in use during power outages. Even though current configurations by Enphase notifies us by text or email, no audio (sound alert) notifications have been created. This will help if asleep, an audio notification will alert us when solar batteries are in use. Then we can follow Enphase recommended steps to extend solar battery life by turning off (unplugging) non critical appliances in your house to help extend solar energy battery supply. Make sense! Thxs!
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5 years ago, Manny top
Give it a chance...
It’s true that the new interface requires an adjustment period, but in the last day or two I’ve actually begun to find it easier to use than previous versions. I like that the layout has more comparative data from previous years onscreen in the main modes, and I especially like the click-and-drag (or tap-and-pull) feature in the “Energy” mode for scrolling through the day. Part of me misses the somewhat pedestrian look of v2, but the slicker graphics are ultimately a step forward. And this version seems to load faster. The principle drawback for me is loosing landscape on the iPad.
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12 months ago, Tesla house
Positive experience so far
First I wanted start off with the rating, nothing it’s perfect that missing star it’s the room to improve. That been said one of the features that I will like to see on the APP especially enphase since this product it’s been distributed and installed almost worldwide it’s the ability of the APP to connect to the electric company and configure itself with the rate cost of electricity. I know that you can input that manually but by she doing it automatically it could gain the star lost on the rating cause there it’s not an APP out there that does that yet.
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2 years ago, New fun Angry birds
Good, but could be better
Please make the app more applicable to folks who have net metering. A couple of suggestions: 1. Cost calculations - no option for sliding scale pricing (above Xkwh used, price changes to Y) 2. Historical view - custom window only goes back 100 days max, but there is a “Lifetime” view. I want to see my usage since my net meter was 0’d out (since end of March in my case). 3. “Energy Independence” - metric is meaningless unless you are firmed (like with batteries). If you’re simply net metering, consumption doesn’t match production, but it doesn’t matter day -to-day. Only on an annual basis (see #2, above).
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5 years ago, yejdbfjsnw
Warning: Privacy settings DO NOT SAVE
This is a nice app in some ways but I had to delete it for one simple reason: It does not save your privacy settings if you opt NOT to share your system’s info with “unrelated third parties”. It almost seems deliberate. I click on the option to not share that info, and click on the “save settings” button. The page ‘jumps’ up like it’s glitched, and when I scroll back down, it didn’t save my choice. I do it again, and it looks like it saved. But then I exit that page (not even leaving the app), and when I go back into the Account settings page, it’s reverted back to sharing my info with third parties. Over and over, same result. There is literally no way to opt out.
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2 years ago, DDiaz17
System not working for two months/Terrible customer service
The company has no sense urgency to repair our system which has not been working for over two months and no matter how many times I call or how many different people or departments I talk to, get transferred to or email the company nobody has done anything get to even get back to much less resolve the problem. Literally it feels as if they took our $17,000 for the brand new solar system for our newly constructed house and said/implying it’s your system so you’re you’re on your own. My neighbors I and are preparing a class action lawsuit, at this point we have no other option. Truly unfortunate, very disappointing and frustrating. DO NOT PURCHASE A SOLAR SYSTEM FOR THIS COMPANY.
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