eVoice – business phone number

3.7 (482)
24.1 MB
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Current version
J2 Web Services, Inc.
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for eVoice – business phone number

3.73 out of 5
482 Ratings
5 years ago, Coqui2PR
Works for me
We used as a primary phone, I get the calls with no problems and when a voice mail messages is left, we get notifications by email and text depending on how we set it up at the time. We also re route some calls to our cells or any land line with no issues. The only reason we don’t give it 5 stars is due to the lack of translating the Spanish voicemail messages left on our notifications. It can only text the message in English.
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5 years ago, MassachusettsMedium
Works for My Part Time Business
I’ve used evoice off and on for a few years switching between this service and an answering service because I have a part time business at night for a holistic practice and a full time career. I have a landline for my practice that forwards to the evoice #. I now have an admin assistant that answers and returns my calls from evoice and that rings on both my cell line and the phone I gave my assistant when I’m working during the day she picks up and when it rings at night Or weekends I answer the calls. I also love the text feature when I want to contact clients without having to use my own cell # so can separate my life from business. I also like how you can record your own message and find music through other tool you can save download and upload to evoice. I have a custom message to give info to callers when we can’t pick up and other details. Yes at times it can be a bit sluggish it but if you delete the app then reinstall it often works and they update their apps at time to improve.
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4 years ago, shawnstorey
Don’t do it.
I have been looking around at phone services like this. I signed up for an account with ephone on Friday. It’s Sunday now. I logged in to check it out. I went into text messages to try it out. It said text messages was not available and to contact support. I didn’t want to cancel support to active text messaging on a paid phone service! One would think text message would be an option you didn’t have to call and activate! I want to cancel my account. You can’t just cancel your account. You need to contact support (shocking). I did about 2 minutes into the cancel conversation I accidentally closed the chat. I went through all the BS again to get to a chat person. He told me my account was closed. I said I had not received a confirmation email. I waited for them to respond. I said “hello?”. They said that because the chat was closed on the users end, there was no confirmation email sent to me. I asked them if they could resend it. They said that after this current chat ended that there would be an email with our conversations sent to my email address. An hour later, I’m still waiting. It seems like other people have commented on the lack of customer service with this app. I completely agree. I would suggest you go look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, lukner
Excellent low cost phone system
We use evoice as our “front” phone system. It receives all incoming calls and then dispatches them to a receptionist via cell phone or to a “backup receptionist” (Zendesk talk, which is our customer support system). I also use it to manage all my cell phone calls that I am unable to answer or that need to be screened. This is an excellent system for the cost. We do get complaints from callers who say they could “not get through,” which seems to mean that they have to leave a message. However, we are able to handle hundreds of calls per day with this system. The transcriptions of voice mail messages are of fair quality as long as the caller speaks clearly. The call recording feature is wonderful if we ever have to go back and investigate a question. I highly recommend it as a low cost phone system that is feature rich. To give this system a stronger review, I would like to see some kind of real-time display and management screen.
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6 years ago, LlamaDave
Glitchy!!!! Horrible app.
I can’t tell you what harm this app has done my business in the past month. I thought I’d try it and can’t say one nice thing about it. It will send me a message that someone sent a day ago. That’s unacceptable. The other thing it does is when you send someone a text reply it will then show up as an incoming g message from that person exactly what you just typed to them and sent. What the hell. Cmon that is just annoying. And the same person you are texting can then show up in the inbox field countless times and as if a new person each time they text you. Here again horrible. I wouldn’t suggest anyone with valuable clients take a chance to use this app. They will think you are a flake!! I have used google voice and no issues. Same with GoDaddy which is what I am now using. Get it together eVoice!!
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2 years ago, Alcázar
Has been 7 years of excellent service. Great tool.
When I started my one person business was great, affordable and easy to use. I like that now are more Apple friendly than before. Then as my business grew I was able to modify and use the different features they have. I love the fact that you can have affordable recordings that gives your business better presentation. When time where a bit slow. I was able to Downgrade with no trouble a lot. Customer service is wonderful.
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1 year ago, missmimi0202
EVoice App for iPhone 13 so out of date
The EVoice application as well as website for iPhone is so extremely out of date. It is very out of date. I am in the process of changing our business line to Google Voice. My other business uses Google voice. I wish EVoice was a little more up with the times so that I could have both apps on one cellphone, making both lines available on one cell at the same time. In order to have a more updated dashboard, message boxes, and just all around more up to date experience, I will have to purchase another phone. Making me have three cell phone everywhere I go. Yuk. I have mentioned this in feedback several times to eVoice. But….. here I am purchasing another cell phone.
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5 months ago, Housing Inspector
App update still missing critical item
App will still not send notifications of an incoming vm or text message. All notifications in iPhone settings are on with banners, etc and set to persistent. No “red counter icon” shows in app icon on iPhone home screen. You have no idea a message is waiting unless you physically log in and check. Keeping app open and logged in doesn’t do it either. Critical messages can go unattended for days and I lose business. If it wasn’t for vm transcript being sent to email, I would not know I had one. Zero notifications on text which is most frustrating.
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6 years ago, Namelessj
The app is terrible
Overall eVoice is great for the money. Phone calls work well and you have good options to customize your business phone set up. However their app is terrible. It isn’t able to connect to their network half the time. So when you go to call costumers with your business number from your cell phone (which is what lots of small business owners do) you aren’t able to log into the app to make calls. It is very frustrating, and has made me waste valuable time and has kept me from contacting costumers when I needed to do so. So if you plan on making a lot of calls from a cell phone I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere.
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7 years ago, Koolkatttj
Was great now good!
A few years ago this was an absolute brilliance app and it still for the better part is it's just seems that I am it's missing something I can't really call it but I still like the app and I appreciate it!
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3 years ago, greenlimo444444
App does not work properly all the time
We have been using this for our business number for quite some time now. I like the different features that gives the caller prompts and extensions. However, the app does not work very well. Because it’s no way to tell of the caller I calling your phone or the number before you pick up it makes it difficult for me to keep track of numbers. The app does not log the incoming number all the time. Therefore o have to pull analytic reports all the time to get the callers number.
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5 years ago, iChazAjo
So far so seamless
We ditched the actual phone for this virtual message only service. EVoice has done exactly what they promised- to properly port the number from Verizon wireless, and to have a service that is efficient and easy to use. We found them through their sister site, MyFax, which we have been 5* satisfied with for over six years now. Perfect for us. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, K in FL
If I could give no stars
If I could give no stars to this app I would. Evoice is a company built around a unique phone service. Two years ago when we started using them they were great. Last 6 months or so the service has deteriorated significantly. The app goes through periods where it is so slow as to be useless. Calls are dropping. Numbers are not populating. Now the contact list freezes the app and then crashes. Call tech support and if they can't replicate what is happening the problem doesn't exist. I have had enough. I am done with this app and I am done with this company.
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1 year ago, venture financial
Great app
I think this app works great I have no problem just can’t text as of yet but I’m still waiting for them to update that how ever the customer service staff are very professional and very kind awesome people I think this service has helped me grow my business
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3 years ago, ICM Field Operations
Great For On The Go Business
Been using evoice for 3 years now. We really benefit from the professional answering systems in place. We never miss a call. We Highly recommend EVoice for any on the go business. Like the voicemail to email delivery. Can archive messages and can refer back anytime we need to. Raul ICM Field Operations
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4 years ago, Deee40
Horrible customer service / loser service
After using this company for almost 10 years on and off now, I am very disappointed in the service especially, the customer service reps. Who by the way, all sounds and behaves like drunks. Evoice is a loser company that keeps getting worse every year. Do your self a favor don’t use this company. I am going to call my lawyer to sue them, spend thousands of dollars in advertisement and can’t get a proper working forwarding number. Just don’t think about this company for your business.
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7 years ago, HappyPeas
Ready to make a switch
Been with EVoice over 2 years. The service drops our customers calls. We have customers that say they had to keep calling back because it drops their calls. This happens multiple times a day and is unacceptable for business. We are shopping for a new service in the mean time to make the switch. App shuts down for no reason. Voicemails can take hours to come in after customer has left one. EVoice = loss of customers.
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4 months ago, Tone Bill
Small business owner
Terrible phone service. I’ve been using them for almost a year and I needed to upgrade some features but have not been able to get in contact with support via phone or email. I’m also pretty sure that in order to cancel or drop a service with this company you have to call and contact support. The only department that I was able to get through to was the new 3rd party sales department. How ironic.
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7 years ago, Justin Tolton CPA
Great service
I like the app and the eVoice service. I did a lot of shopping and tried other services. Wound up with eVoice. Best pricing, features, support, reliability. They are not perfect, but they are the best. We have the cell phone app and also desktop phones. For the latter we use Google voice, which is freeeeee.
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1 year ago, Elnim
It works sometimes
I love the idea of it , but it has a Ton option that at times are impossible to use , need someone to guide , I stayed on phone with support for over a house several times and then it still didn’t do what I wanted it to . If I make small changes like call forward it doesn’t alway work .
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3 years ago, CamronOC
A real company with real customer care
By my experience evoice is among top companies when it comes to customer care. They are American based and not just another company with support from India with clueless employees. I’m glad we use their services.
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5 years ago, sdjfkek3947
Worst phone app
This app is terrible. It constantly kicks you out, can never connect to itself. It’s slow, outdated, and inefficient. If your business needs a phone number that you can never use, then this is the app/service for you. I waste an incredible amount of time every day with this app and its to the point where my customer service is suffering because it vexes me to log in. In writing this review, I cannot believe I am an actual paying customer.
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5 years ago, Akajimf
Doesn’t work well on apple devices - tech support no help
I mostly take calls on the road. I got the service so that I can record incoming leads when I’m not in a location you can write anything down. The links they send you for recorded calls will not play on apple devices. Called tech support about this. After waiting 40 min on hold the tech was useless. He wouldn’t even admit there was a problem. His fix was toe tell me to replace my 3 apple devises with other brands.
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7 years ago, IRONDAWGS
Scam ... They keep billing your card and make it hard to close
Zero stars...! They give you a free trial but the business model is to charge you and make it hard to close account.. I did the free trial thinking i could port in a number .. I could not port my number so I didn't use the he product they turned it into auto billing.. I understand buyer beware !! But when I found the charges on my card I went on app to close and could not.. I called on the phone and they told me they couldn't help and they would not refund any amount. Bad company bad policy!!! The caller I talked with also challenged my to do what I had to do but we don't care that you didn't use the product!!!!!!!! That sound like a company based on a quality product NOT!!!!
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7 years ago, CareerExcuse
Using EVoice Since 2009
Evoice is a very important part of our organization as we have several hundred numbers and very rarely had any issues. When we needed support, Evoice handles our situation professionally and follow up to assure the issue is resolved.
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4 years ago, Jennys Movers LLC
We’ve used the app as a second contact and it’s a perfect fit. Try it first and call if you have a problem and I a technician will walk you threw it. The professional voice make is awesome. No regrets and no complaints
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7 years ago, JizZy Jis
Doesn’t even help to have this
This app doesn’t pull data in real time. The app doesn’t compliment the website and voice service. I would not recommend running a business with this app doesn’t give accurate information. Don’t count on this app if you want to track your miss calls or see information about your most recent call. This app is good for only dialing out and sending text messages.
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4 years ago, icelandpaarlv
Unreliable service
The evoice service is often down, customer service is unhelpful. We have been having ongoing issues with calls not connecting sometimes that has been costing us a lot of lost business. Customer service can not seem to find the issue and blaming us for not knowing how to use their system. We don’t have this issue with any other providers but evoice. I am warning you DO NOT sign up for evoice!
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3 years ago, Dave FRR
Had issues at first but I called customer support and they were able to help.
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3 years ago, Palm Development Group
Terrible customer service
I am new customer to eVoice. While in the middle of my work day today my service was suspended. I had just finished leaving 50 messages for callbacks. I’ve now been on hold for 30 minutes and heard the same message as many times. My bill is paid, no explanation as to why my service has been suspended, but my primary business phone number is down!
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2 years ago, 👸🏼🌹❤️
I was able to download it on my iPhone BUT it won’t go pass that! I don’t even see the option to pick a plan! I’m using an iPhone and not a tablet so I don’t understand why it won’t work!
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7 years ago, Kent in Austin
Like others, I was having trouble logging in. Even after resetting my password and having support send me a new one, the app said my credentials were invalid. I eventually deleted and re-installed the app. That worked but I'm very concerned about missing calls if I get logged out again. Will be thinking about a replacement.
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6 years ago, JorgyFireSox
Need notifications
I have been fairly happy with the service so far but I miss texts and voicemails from clients regularly thanks to the app having no notifications. If I don’t manually check and open the app every few minutes I’m missing customer’s messages. Please get a push notification function!
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5 years ago, so-so service
Used to love it but now questioning it
I have been using eVoice for quite some time and I like the service, but it seems that over the last several months the app is constantly having service problems. I am now actively seeking to leave eVoice for a better service. Either fix it or lose me as a customer.
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6 years ago, Hebron2006
Waist of time - does not work
This is designed to be used with a laptop, not with a cell phone. I created a few phone numbers from my laptop, but the app is missing numbers and some are repeated. Also, when I make outbound calls from this app, there is a delay time between the moment the receiver answers the call to the time I am able to hear their answer.
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4 months ago, Hectdiz2
Many charges, false promotion on the web
They sell you the number 16+taxes and inside almost nothing of what they offer is free with the number, if you want to receive texts + 9Dollars, you want recorded calls + 9dollars, fax 2dollars, Text Transcription they charge per text. You would pay around $45 plus other charges!!! Terrible platform!
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6 months ago, K.i.p.p.
Barely functional.
Despite having notifications on, immediate and persistent banners with icon badges, NONE of this happens. Yes it records messages and receives texts, you’ll just never know unless you open the app and swipe down to refresh it. It hasn’t been updated for five years - for the iPhone X. The last review was 4 years ago.
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5 years ago, DCbiz2019
Some good features but glitchy
I like the voice into text feature and the app layout. I want to love this app but it glitches way too often and that’s not good for business.
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5 years ago, Godlovestevenson
Out of town
I have an out of state number so in order for me to use the gate card I need a Georgia number and that’s when my wife told me about the best app I ever use
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7 years ago, Strong Family
Works great
Made having a second line for business extremely easy!
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7 years ago, groovyjo93
Very disappointed
Do not get notifications when calls or messages are received, which has in turn cost me clients. Takes a significant amt of time to load text messages that are being sent. Call quality has been ok which is why I've given it 2 stars.
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3 years ago, Cctulite
Fraudulently canceled my account?
Everything was fine for 2 weeks until eVoice said they canceled my account because it was being forwarded to a spam phone number, which was my cell number that has been my number for the last 20 years! Don’t know what business I lost from this mishap. Completely ridiculous
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7 years ago, tracyfreebird
Evoice App
Not happy with evoice app. Is not user friendly in terms of switching from a 'viewed msg' to list of all messages. Lately, it completely blanks out and closes on its own when I try to view any messages at all. I deleted the app, reinstalled it twice. Still not working. I decided to not use it as is mostly useless and just log in to website.
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6 years ago, Paradigmshift2009
They hold your telephone # hostage
I wouldn’t use this service because if they assign you a telephone number you will not be able to take it to another company. This is illegal but they have you sign away your right in the contract. Bad business practice. They are doing something wrong if they can’t keep customers by giving good competitive service.
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2 years ago, J263doe
Don’t Pay in Advance
This app doesn’t work as advertised. Called several times to troubleshoot, was told I needed to switch carrier or upgrade my phone plan. After trying to use with multiple carriers problem still not resolved. Sorry I paid annually they will not refund for unused time.
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7 years ago, AspieTechMom
Ripoff Artist, unprofessional tech support
Customer service is from overseas. Refused to cancel my account and issue a refund. Tech support, Sedrick, stated he would not issue refund, but acknowledged my account was closed. They refused to send written verification of the account status. I've no choice but to open a case with my credit card company and show them proof that I canceled the service.
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4 years ago, DFW KM
I’ve had issues with finding missed calls that never rang through to my phone. Sometimes I don't get notification of a text coming through either. Very frustrating for a small business.
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7 years ago, Too tired to be original
Worse than a pager
Since the newest update, the app crashes whenever I try to check my messages. Now I have to call in to listen to voicemail. It's worse than having a pager because it doesn't even notify me if a message was left. Now I have to call in anytime I miss a call to see if I have a message. #sad
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3 years ago, Lisa - University Professor
Carefully read the 1 star reviews. I did not!
Just don’t do it. Signed up for this tonight and now I’m stuck with it. For my $12 per month, I cannot send a text messages unless I upgrade to the $22 per month version. I cannot cancel online. I’ve tried calling the 24/7 customer “service” line to no avail.
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7 years ago, Cmabolt
Newest version is killing me
Up until now I have been able to receive calls on iphone witout issue. No Calls come in, I am prompted to accept and then my app dumps them into voice mail and does not allow me to pickup call. For a monthly service that I rely on for my business, this is unacceptable.
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