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Expensify, Inc.
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User Reviews for Expensify - Expense Tracker

4.66 out of 5
136.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Flo27Mtl
Excellent but pricing not adequate for a simple usage
Hi, my usage is just scanning receipts, letting the OCR and algorithm do their thing, and getting a pdf report. I do not need it to be connected to another external system or invoice, as my company has its expense tool. The trip taken is an option, I do not use it. The pdf report just accelerate my reporting process, and also give me a more advanced solution on my phone, to add info during the trip. Our company only is over 20k employees, and we all have a similar issue but don’t have a solution provided. Also, concierge seems to be a good idea but it is sometimes a little bit invisive. In that context, the pricing is wrong for the usage described usage. I would like a flat fee or a way lower subscription fee just to be able to do what I described. The app is excellent at getting the right information (some other apps are retrieving too much info, but this one is well “calibrated”). The only issue is the pricing. Note: it would be great to be able to “send” by email electronic receipts so that they appear in the expense section, like for online orders and Uber/Lyft trips.
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7 years ago, yellowkiwi
Love the app but have the functionality
I started using this this app several years ago at the recommendation of a client. I like the fact that I can go paperless and get rid of all the paper receipts however being that I’m a self-employed person and some of my receipts don’t have the title of the store or restaurant or wherever (ex. New York City taxi) scanning gets a little bit more confusing and I have to manually type that in additionally and the system doesn’t recognize the manually entered receipt with automated same receipt once it’s posted to my account. 2)expense reports this past year have not been updating the correct total. I can see the amounts I entered for each receipt and the total does not reflect those. 3) another real BIG problem is that there is no phone number to speak to a customer service person which is extremely frustrating and very needed because it takes up to three days to have an issue resolved. For example- I have my own s Corp however paying to send expense reports to myself makes no sense. I tried undoing this but then I was unable to access past folders. Customer service via email did a poor job of explaining and didn’t refund me. Also the app often loses marked categories when I manually enter in. I’m not sure why that is. The categories show up on the computer but not on app. I do hope this can be fixed.
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6 years ago, Bonappateet
Seamless Reporting for work
I use this app for my company’s expense report. It is simply fantastic. I never need to carry receipts any more. Expensify would be smart to boost their marketing efforts to move more companies to implement this system. My previous company stubbornly was stuck in the Stone Age requiring paper receipts and an excel report, simple because they never had a comprehensive explanation of modern/efficient expense reporting services. Some call that old fashioned, I call it being behind our competitors. I accurately track each expense with photos of receipts. I love it, and mg company loves it. App is works well. It’s connects well with Uber and other services. Connects to banking very nicely. I typically submit my expenses to my company using this app and within a day, everything is approved and reimbursement starts. The scanning feature can be improved, but I rarely use it anyway. Perhaps if it was quicker and more accurate, I would gladly pay more for the service, but right now, especially for complicated receipts, I simply snap a picture and upload it and enter the figures manually. Takes just a few seconds. Thank you for this app.
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5 years ago, Kdole
Be VERY sure about Expensify pricing policies...
I have a small business and had hoped Expensify would help with organizing and tracking staff expenses and such...but the set up and process didn’t provide the benefits I’d expected for my particular needs. I tried it out for several weeks (after the initial trial), realized it wasn’t for me, but then got busy with other work, and waited several months to find the log in info and cancel the account. It promptly warned me that I was on a very confusing annual plan, and that they would have to bill me for a higher rate for the months I’ve been using the program. Though I hadn’t been “using” the program, I suppose I didn’t meet the qualifications of an inactive user(?), and that I would have to pay a canceled subscription charge amounting to about 6 months of fees I’d already been paying for 8 months. While I am not normally affected by irritations such as this, it seemed incredibly deceptive, even after reading through the pricing structure again afterwards, and has prompted me to write this review, hoping it might encourage others to understand it thoroughly before committing to an Expensify program. It might have been cheaper to keep the program for the extra months and cancel later, but by that time I was too huffy to consider it, and just wanted out. Too bad. I might have revisited it another time, but certainly not now.
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2 years ago, Alpsheses
A Useful Tool as A Intern
As I write this, it has been my second week interning for the company I chose to work with to fill my major and minor requirements for college. I tend to travel much more this semester which has led to more inconvenient gas expenses. However, due to the fact, the company I am interning for has chosen to work with Expensify, I have much less to worry about in regards to my travel costs. The active chat employees are always accommodating with making sure you are reimbursed for expenses as soon as possible and strive to create a positive experience whenever you require their assistance. I’m not one to usually write reviews but, when I find the right brand I just tend to say how I genuinely feel about it. Take that as you will but I hope that most companies tend to consider integrating this app for employees due to the hassle it alleviates. Either way, I recommend you give it a try if you get the chance.
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2 years ago, 50 Pence
A great idea that turns out to be a scam
I’m currently in the process of reporting this company to the Attorney General of my state, Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau for unethical practices. The software is a little complex and unintuitive, but once you figure out the basics it works well. They’ve changed how they bill so now I’ve been billed for 6 people for the past 3 years when I’ve had a max of two. When you contact them they won’t refund even though they confirm that only two people max have used the software for these years. I deleted the users but the reworked the system so you are still billed for them unless you change the software in a secondary setting. Like I said unintuitive. I’m an honest hardworking business that has had to borrow money to stay afloat for the past two years. This business just went public and makes 100 million a year and charged me over $2,000 for no service delivered and won’t do anything about it. Either be extremely on top of them monthly or find another more ethical business to support your company as they will gladly rip you off when they can and do nothing about it
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5 years ago, Rvjustiniano
Concierge feature has gone from bad to nightmare.. ugh! Expensify you’re killing me here
Expensify was great until this a few updates ago when concierge option to disable auto summit was set submit daily as default on my profile. Normally this would not be a problem as I would log in to my laptop to retract a report so I can put all my receipts in one report. Well today I wanted to work on my expenses and guess what, you can’t retract a report that was closed. No worries because Puffin browser has always been there to help me launch the desktop Expensify site on my smartphone, well at least that was in the past. Today it won’t allow me to navigate the desktop version and instead wants me to launch the app. Seriously? Can you guys make life more complicated for an app that is supposed to make life easier? Expensify I’m about ready to dump you like yesterday’s newspaper.
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4 years ago, a fan from SF
Amazing App
I downloaded this app to submit my dining out receipts to insurance. We had a recent flood in our kitchen and unable to do our usual cooking while we wait on contractors. The receipts were piling up (over 100 so far) and task seemed daunting as far as submitting them all to a Mercury Insurance. I thought of xeroxing all of them and mailing them off to my adjuster but my printer is low on ink and then I decided to search for a receipt scanner app. Expensify was the best overall rated app and I am happy to say it blew my mind in that not only did it read receipts that had low ink and were a bit crumpled but it sorted them by date automatically making it so easy and get through the huge pile. I will check back when I find out if it was easy for my adjuster to open and receive the report. thankful from happy receipt scanner!
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4 years ago, BattleRed
It’s an expense app... but wait there’s more!
Not only do they provide an expense app that we canceled because we found a more stable & end user friendly option but David will email you at 2am telling you “I know you don’t want to hear this from me. And I guarantee I don’t want to say it.” After he settles that interesting internal conflict with himself, he’ll tell you how to make better personal decisions. Awesome right? David feels his opinion is valuable to you & wants to give you even more than you paid for. He teaches you what he thinks is important & that you should too, he’ll enlighten your life with how it should be & he criticizes his customers to ensure they make better decisions for their families. So if you need an expense app AND a personal life coach David is your guy. If you’re comfortable with your life & you just need an expense app well as we again found there are MUCH more stable software. We chose another app and Wayne Dyer books. Good luck & I hope you can learn to be the right customer for David, not disappoint him with your decisions and overall meet his expectations for your life. Wait... who is David again?
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11 months ago, Missy Scarlett
Was amazing, now terrible.
This app used to be amazing for submitting expenses. You can make reports add things by importing your credit cards and click items on the cc and it added the receipts. It was absolutely amazing. About a year ago they changed it and your expense accounts automatically send themselves. The Problem with this is that the expense account has submitted itself to your HR manager before you’re ready for it to be submitted and before it’s complete and apparently there is no workaround for this so every Sunday whether you want to or not, the expense account is submitted. The only thing is that if there’s a dollar limit on your expense account so my expense accounts are often over $100,000. Well, it doesn’t like this, so it’ll constantly say expense account over threshold well I’m sorry how is it any of your business how much my company allows me to spend on my expense account as long as I document it? So what once was a wonderful way to keep track of expenses is now a terrible program. Skip it. Find a better program.
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6 years ago, noneofyourbusiness777
Love it less lately
Smart scan used to be a huge time saver - quick and accurate. Lately it takes up to a day to scan and errors are pretty common. I used to be able to take a picture of a receipt and just forget about it, but now I have to check them all and fix far too often. The developer response is condescending. I have used the app for several years. For most of that time it steadily improved. Smart scan removed all of the cognitive load and made it fire and forget. That is no longer true. Errors have become common and scan time is 24 hours or so. That means I have to think about it now. I always scan at point of purchase. Instead of the lame “you’re holding it wrong” excuse they need to fix this. Obviously they are having scaling problems. I guess that means business is great, so good for them. It won’t stay great if they don’t get back to making the product get better with time instead of worst.
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3 years ago, Kahleelee
Bugs & glitchy but streamlines the process
Love the camera feature. It makes adding receipts a lot easier than on the web/desktop version. But the app crashes, freezes and it’s difficult signing in via the app & website. The app has scared me a couple of times after signing in and it say “make your first report” when I had been working on one for days. Also it’s frustrating that the homepage doesn’t have a easy to find login screen. It’s always tryna sign me up again or freezes on the signup screen even though it says I’m logged in. I often find myself using both my phone and computer at the same time to process expenses and add receipt. It would be nice if the app had all the same features like mileage but it crashes so often that I do t try to push it. As long as the image uploads, I can edit it on my computer. I only used Expensify for work and I’m pretty tech savvy. I can only imagine how it is for people who aren’t. :/
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5 years ago, Zens7s
Easy to use and Excellent Customer Service
I started using Expensify to track my solo expenses for tax purposes. It’s such an easy to use product that I have been able to toss out all the paper based work that took up a large amount of time every month. At some point, I was switched to a lower priced plan that was a better fit for any person who is just tracking and not submitting for reimbursement. I had mistakenly applied a group policy setting and was actually paying twice for the app. The Customer Service person/“Consierge” was extremely helpful in fixing the situation. It was resolved easily and without any added stress. So any app that works well, saves me time, and has great customer support when needed is a thumbs up in my book!
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6 years ago, Warri0rG0ddess
Expensify is HORRIBLE
Expensify is literally the worst. I am forced to use it to submit my expenses at work or I would never touch it again. If you are in charge of making the decision of what to use in your workplace to submit expenses... this is not a good solution. The interface is unforgivably unintuitive. Accounts will just stop being synced with this system with no warning. When you spend hours checking boxes to create a report - it will just clear them and you will have to start over. When you try to use the chat for help - they are NEVER there. They just revamped the interface and somehow it is WORSE than before but with different fonts. I don’t understand how such a clunky hard-to-use product is so widely utilized. I work in tech and have a degree in economics (I’m not generally challenged with financials or with tech) and I have literally had to submit a support ticket for EVERY expense report I have ever submitted. Please fire your UI team, do some user testing and make your product easy to use ....PLEASE!!!
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4 weeks ago, InTimidating
Political Pressure
About four years ago during the last US Presidential Election, Expensify employees contacted me to pressure me into voting against a presidential candidate. I felt like this was completely inappropriate and a violation of organizational relationship with its customers... regardless of political perspective. Since then I made several attempts to close my account through email and have been met with auto responses... which is troubling since their employees were so eager to have conversation with me on political topics unrelated to their business. After multiple requests to be removed from email subscriptions and to have my account closed, I took it upon myself to close this account through their website per the auto response instructions. I am truly saddened by this because I genuinely feel they have a great product. However, I can no longer trust that this organization will respect me as a customer or a person. This is no longer a safe company to do business with.
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1 year ago, Cjleblanc
Terrible Experience that has made growing my company difficult.
I’ve had to deal with issues around an expensify card settlement for over 7 months. Despite me providing my bank statements per request 3 times they keep randomly adjusting my card limit and settlement process. Last week I started receiving notices that all of my key marketing and domain services were disabled b/c of payment denial. This was caused due to Expensify adjusting my card limit from $25k to $100. I’m literally struggling to run my business because of this and feel forced to use alternative cards. I’d understand this is I didn’t have over 800X the original limit in my bank accounts (statements provided) for the past year. I’ve even tried to request a call to work out the issues but have been told that messaging is the only way to resolve this. Very disappointed because I really wanted this to work for us. I guess the more traditional expense systems are used by most for a reason.
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3 years ago, Sodaude
Shady price hikes
I used to love expensify and used them for many years. This past year I noticed my fees were going higher and higher and I don’t need the service for my current job so I contacted them to put it on hold. They tell me the prices are going up and will increase 100 percent (from 5 to 10 $ per month). And then when I ask how to pause the service until I need it they say I can’t. They claim I was given notice. It was one sarcastic email that said “if you’re bored in quarantine go read our updated terms”. Nothing warning you about massive price hikes or limited time to opt out. I haven’t used the service in over a year. I think it’s shady to take the price up in 40 percent increments each month. It seems they want to make you gloss over this in your cc statement. I asked for the phone number and their isn’t one. Just some chat bot. I hate when companies do this! So shady. I wouldn’t use them again. Price gouging customers in a pandemic and hoping they don’t notice is just a new low.
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4 years ago, Trebloc1290
Don’t be fooled- you can’t cancel easily
A few years ago, I decided to improve my record keeping. Expensify was the mode I chose. After buying the app, I never really got started, and that’s not the fault of Expensify. So, the monthly credit card charge just kept rolling while the app sat unused in my phone. Today, I decided to cancel. I couldn’t find a cancel option on the app. I wrote concierge and got an immediate response asking how to help and keep me in the fold. I again asked for instructions on canceling. Concierge went cold. After multiple messages from me and 7+ hours time, I got the SAME “no answer” response. Then, finally, instructions that DID NOT work! I then called the phone number given for Expensify on my credit card statement. Guess what? The answering machine mail box is FULL! So, I’d advise those looking for an app of this type to look elsewhere. I’d hate to have a pressing need with this app- you can’t get a response without much effort, and then all you get Is the runaround.
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2 years ago, VFD Guy
Two complaint
1. when traveling in a personal car for work this software offers you the option to have it track your miles. This is very nice except that it pulls on the processor so hard that your phone heats up like an oven. I can play video game on my phone and it doesn’t even get hot. In fact even when the phone is plugged into the car charger it still decreases in battery while running this option. 2. The second complaint is the stupid political stuff that randomly shows up when using their service. I find it unethical to charge us for a service that you use to push your political messages. Even if I agreed with the message, it’s still not ethical and you should never be seen on any “professional” service. Some people might even find this problematic as it may need to be reported as a donation to the party as advertising.
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6 years ago, EFBruns
Smartscan doesn’t work
I’ve taken perfectly clear pictures of very well printed receipts and have had smartscan going for hours without success. I’ve asked for help and just got back a firm response saying to keep doing what I’ve already been doing. I don’t have hours to input even one receipt more or less several. After two scripted responses from the developer, that really weren’t any help, I discovered that the best way to handle a receipt is to take a picture of the receipt and immediately save it. After awhile you’ll get a notification that the receipt was scanned and whether it was accepted or if there was a violation that needs to be dealt with. This discovery raises my score from a 1 star to a 4 star rating.
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5 years ago, PaulR1999fr
Great assistant. Couple of changes recommended.
I’m a sole practitioner with a lot of small travel expenses. Expensify gets rid of the paper and data entry hassle completely. I love that. I would like to see 2 improvements. 1. The ability to add a handful of custom expense categories in addition to “other”. 2. Smartscan always puts an expense in the report that is first in the list. However I have multiple reports open in parallel and this means the expense is almost always put in the wrong report and I have to change 50 entries to get them in the proper report. This is a recent change to Expensify that I hate. A year or two ago the expenses were auto-filed in the report that was most recently active which was better.
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5 years ago, kippy andernutz
Biggest improvement to my quality of life since the smartphone
I’m a career management consultant - travel weekly, sometimes to different clients over the course of a week. Most but not all of my expenses are billable. And I am one of the owners of the firm, so I’m involved in submitting expenses for reimbursement, approving others’s expenses for reimbursement, invoicing, bookkeeping - the whole process. We started using Expensify a year ago, moving away from the receipt + tape method to 100 percent digital scanning. While we don’t use Expensify for invoicing (super buggy to re-bill expenses through Expensify), it nonetheless has streamlined our entire process, improved accuracy, and saved considerable time and frustration for everyone. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, #icountbeans
Great product
I have been using Expensify for several years. It’s a great product with exceptional customer service. They are very responsive on their chat feature. I can ask them anything and they will respond almost immediately. The only two negatives are that I’ve come across a couple limitations with the depth of functionality. It’s limited. Also the owner is very “political”. It’s very inappropriate to bring your personal views to a business platform. If it wasn’t such a pain to move software, I would have at my last job because of that. Other than that, it’s very user friendly and a nice product for the price point.
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4 years ago, Steve the Grat
Political Opinions Are Unnecessary
I got a long email from the founder/CEO (It was a blanket email to all customer) telling me to vote for Joe Biden and if I don’t vote for Joe Biden it will be the end of democracy as we know it (hard not to role my eyes. Ha.) I disagreed with most of what he said, but that’s okay. One of the main reasons America is the best country in the history of the world is because we all have the right to voice our opinions however we see fit. Apparently, the CEO of Expensify feels the need to express his first amendment right by repeating what he heard on CNN to his customers. That’s his right and I think it’s a great thing. As a customer, I also have the right to cancel my subscription if I get annoying political emails when all I really want to do is create my weekly expense report. I appreciate all opinions, and it’s not really a huge deal, but I think there is a time and place for politics. My company email account yesterday is not the time or place. Just my opinion.
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6 months ago, cadocado
Great customer service if you push
I was getting super frustrated with a unique problem signing in after my email was discontinued an inaccessible, taking way longer than it should have to solve (weeks), but then I got a bit forceful in the concierge chat and lo and behold was connected via live chat to a real person who was incredibly helpful and pursued the problem until it was solved. I am incredibly impressed. The program has always been easy to use, efficient, and cost effective for my sole proprietorship, but the customer service was above and beyond what I expected when in a pinch.
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1 year ago, 703212412717
Great concept, really buggy
I have to open it at least three times before will stay open. If you don’t fully fill out an expense in the moment it will keep glitching on the notification prompting you to ‘fix violations’ the whole time the app is open, which makes it hard to wait to fill everything out until after your business trip is over. Also gets the dates wrong on some expenses, especially while they’re still pending (? I don’t know how a purchase made at 8am on the 16th could auto fill to the 17th even before I upload the receipt.) I’d also love to see an ability to give reports a nickname so I can easily categorize my trips expenses to track whether I’m over or under my per diem, printing budget, etc. without having to memorize the autogenerated report codes.
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5 years ago, marpa10
Performance has declined rapidly.
Expensify’s performance has fallen dramatically, it used to be stellar at reading receipts, even hard ones as I believe they had humans to back up if the machine can’t spot the correct information, unfortunately I have gone from 95% receipts read and entered to about 50% or less, I have ALOT of receipts and this app has completely dropped the ball for me as of lately. It also used to take a matter of MINUTES to scan and now takes up to a day? That’s ridiculous there is a great number of people who do all their expensing in one place and don’t have 24 hours to wait for a bunch of failed responses. They are now lazy, don’t even offer retrying and simply have you do it yourself. Unfortunate as it was once fantastic and well worth the money, now I am spending far more time and effort to get them done then what’s worth it.
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3 weeks ago, Geemonroe
Room for improvement for the end user
I have to constantly use this for business trips and really appreciate the features added over the years like auto scan and email of a receipt which I use ALL THE TIME 💚. However, the pain point created from this is that every single expense it automatically sorted into a single report by default. I’m wasting time resorting expenses into correct report when software should be able to solve this. ✨ Wishlist: create a multi-select expenses on the listed page and an option to disable automatic sorting. Let me use the OCR and then when ready I can multi select all associated expenses in the appropriate report in one fell swoop.
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3 years ago, S3745
Account Manager
I got an email from your company today that both appalled me and mad me really angry. I don’t know why corporations feel they should take a stand on politics. We don’t use you for your politics. Why can’t you keep your opinions and lies to yourself. The email sent today was the most unbelievable lies I have every seen. I am an independent and what you sent out made me sick. I watched all year long while BLM burned down cities, police and people were killed in cities across this country. I also watched people vandalize the capital building. Both were wrong and neither were peaceful!!! I don’t want your opinion or lies shoved in my face. Please keep your personal political opinions to yourself!! I will suggest to some rather large companies that I know the owners to never use Expensify. You just alienated half of this country with your lies!! Trust me, I am not the only one angry over your ridiculous email!!
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3 years ago, Metro Elevator
Best (and most charming) Customer Support
Accounting issues can be tough enough as it is… trying to coordinate everyone to submit their expenses is yet a feat in itself. Throw a kooky technical issue in there and it leaves you frantic and deflated at the end of the month. Expensify’s Concierge has one of the best customer support I’ve encountered. They are SO helpful and don’t leave you until the issue is resolved, no matter how long it takes. I’m really shocked that they go over and above what is usually considered the norm. Really top notch. Oh… and they are super pleasant to chat with. Great job, Concierge!!
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5 years ago, Deadsticks
APP is nice, but if something breaks it could literally be weeks before you get support
I really enjoyed the Expensify application and it appears to have most everything I am looking for with some exceptions. My biggest issue and I would most likely not buy this program again unless I fix would be put in place and that is the complete lack of life support. If you run into any issue and you need their support there is no telephone number and there is no live chat options unlike every other APP I use. Unfortunately when you submit an issue and you are in need of help from their team they tell you they may get back to you in 24 hours or more. In reality, you ask a detailed question and 24 hours later they come back to you with a generic answer that does not fix a thing. Repeat this multiple times and you are stuck without being able to run your business or pay your employees it is terrible! If they fixed this to a live or better format to be able to respond to your needs when their program is not working correctly I would give it five stars however given the above I give them 1 to 3 stars.
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4 years ago, Poelpro
Unbelievable!!! Owner emailed me trying to sway my vote!!!
I just received an email from David Barrett, the owner of Expensify, trying to ridicule a vote in one direction and calling the other way (his thoughts) as the only vote possible for a rational person! This is unbelievable!!! I have my personal & business email and information to this company in order to use their ap and service. Me Barrett crossed the line and used my information to push his own personal political agenda! This is not right snd I feel even a breech of confidence. I let him know that I will be deleting his ap and asked him to remove all my inform from his files. This should never be allowed to happen regardless of the opinion. It doesn’t matter which side he was on. Just because he feels a vote for Biden is the only logical choice, it is obvious that both side of the fence are exactly the same. They breech confidence and trust for their own gain.
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4 years ago, balanyo
Laggard service, lacking basic functionality
After investing a few days to set everything up, I now regret it - but I am stuck as I don’t want to retrain everyone in the company for the next disappointing service.. Despite advertising response within 24 hours, they replied to me more than a week after asking about an issue and after the monthly expense posting deadline. The entire service is a bit confusing, but ok I can live with that, just need a little more time investment I thought. However their automated categorization of expenses, which is supposed to work like a charm to save time as opposed to create new issues, is beyond useless. They don’t even recognize Uber or Github receipts submitted probably by millions of people by default, even if we just forward the machine readable email receipts. But ok I thought, let’s then set up expense rules manually... Well, that doesn’t work either :) At least not for everyone in the company “policy”. I can’t set it up centrally so that it posts neatly expenses to QBO. No.. Every employee would need to set this up for themselves, coordinating with with each other, or I can sit down 48 times to do it for everyone, every time there is a new expense category :) It’s beyond me how this service got 5 stars.
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5 years ago, michael2014ishere
They are simply better than me
I love it how they enable the automatic report submission for me, then there is no option to disable it in the mobile app, and when trying to access their website from my phone the only available option after logging in is to go back to the mobile app. Indeed, I shouldn’t presume to know anything about what i want to do with my reports. And of course why should a company in the 21st century provide a phone number for people to contact for support? The important decision-makers have the right phone numbers, and the regular users should just get on with the program. We are simply not important enough for the company to waste valuable resources on. It is good to be reminded of our place in the grand scheme of things.
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3 years ago, Dave Cowan
Locked in to 4X price increase - can’t cancel
Great product! But... You can’t cancel your account until you delete your company policies. You can’t delete your company policies until the end of your subscription. If you try, the error message says, “Unable to Downgrade Account” until the end of your subscription. I don’t want to “downgrade” I want to CANCEL. Unfortunately, I didn’t turn off Auto-Renew. So Expensify has billed me for 2x the price I was paying, and they said that will increase to 4x, since they Auto-Renewed me in March. I explained to “Concierge” (their AI driven ‘support’) that during the pandemic I’ve gone from 5 employees to 1 and I haven’t used the product since April 2020. Nothing. “Concierge” might be great at reducing cost, but no empathy for real customer situations; it doesn’t understand why I’m asking to cancel. Won’t consider circumstances. If this is the world of AI, no thanks. Instead of providing a small refund of $150 and canceling my account, I’m on the hook to pay $1,200 for a product I no longer use. A bitter lesson learned. All I can do at this point is say Expensify is a great product but their business practices are selfish and don’t take into account the needs and concerns of their customers.
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7 months ago, Rubberchicken12
What happened to this app?
It’s been a while since I worked at a company that uses Expensify. And it seems over the past few years the app experience has regressed significantly. The entire experience from signing in, to syncing transactions, to managing reports is quirky and requires a fair bit of ingenuity. And maybe this isn’t the case for everyone but for my linked credit card account, new transactions never sync to my reports view in the mobile app. I have to go to the web app to update transactions from the Credit Card Import under Account Settings. I’m giving an extra star for the proactive and readily available “concierge” support. I figured out my issues on my own but they were there to help if I needed it.
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1 year ago, con1357
NEEDS AUTOSAVE + stop auto submit
Fantastic app and website But for the LOVE OF GOD The amount of times I have entered a description or edited the category and then clicked back out to edit another (and it lets me) instead of clicking save is INFURIATING. This just feels like the kind of thing that saves automatically, since it let's yoy just exit! This should obviously auto save, or at the very least do the "are you sure you want to exit?" pop up cause wow if there's one thing people don't want to spend extra time doing or do correctly only for it to disappear is expenses and descriptions Secondly, the auto submit is extremely annoying. I want to be able to be on a biz trip and submit as I go without it trying to submit right that night! And it's not obvious how to do this / it's part of my company policy. No bro, when you create a report, just have a freaking auto submit toggle, and either way certainly notify before you auto submit. Can't believe that's still not a feature. Ok thx bye👋
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6 years ago, Mousey2232
Administrator in Higher Ed
So far so good!! The last couple of years I have struggled to manage keeping my receipts together. This year was no different. October 15th was my deadline to file taxes and I stressed the entire weekend trying to find receipts. Effective yesterday I made a commitment to using more effective tools and as I looked for something to help me manage expenses Expensify came highly rated. Actually it was the number one. So far so good. I have uploaded two receipts and categorized them already. I am only using the free version right now but I’m almost certain I will be paying the fee to continue its use.
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5 years ago, Lyricart
Fabulous and flexible
I recently returned from a month long trip abroad and used expensify to keep track of my receipts. I could take a quick picture of the receipt and the program would (eventually) pull out the needed info. I could also choose to enter any info manually. It was easy to categorize expenses. I just finished out the reports and downloaded them. They are well formatted. The $4.99 monthly subscription was well worth the cost. Since I don’t travel often I cancelled my subscription after downloading my reports. I’ll resubscribe next time I’m on an extended trip.
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5 years ago, 🎇❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🎆
Fantastic app
Other than the following, it is phenomenal being able to throw out receipts and not worry about plastic baggies or fading ink. As far as I’m concerned, the auto-scan feature and it’s convenience makes it the leader in it’s category. I recommend it to everyone I know who owns a business. After the latest update, it will always treat me like I am on the free trial (I am a payed monthly member) until I sync my account in settings which is annoying. I also find it will randomly log me out when I need it the most, which means fumbling through my passwords as it does not support Face ID. Nevertheless, It always uploads receipts quickly and stores them as soon as you scan. The auto-scan feature is never wrong, I have never had to correct an auto-scanned receipt. The concierge is very helpful, being forgetful sometimes I file the same expense twice, within a couple of minutes they notify you and remove it for you.
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2 years ago, 5&65566/*()65(*676/*(5(
Extremely useful app and helpful concierge
I have used this app for work in the past and found it extremely easy. I set up a free individual account for a nonprofit organization I volunteer in as the treasurer. I did this because other volunteers kept losing receipts. I had an extremely specific issue with this individual account on a Saturday at 4 pm and the concierge support team was a live person who helped. I am not paying for this app yet I still got this level of support. I think that speaks volumes to the quality of this app.
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2 years ago, Dustinx8
Great app but needs improvement
The concept of this app is great and if you set it up for your needs, it’s extremely useful. However, since I’ve started using it (January 1st, 2022), it has been very slow and glitchy. Often doesn't get receipts right and it seems as if it gets overwhelmed when you have a ton of receipts to separate into different reports. Again, awesome concept. But if you don’t have patience and can’t stay on top of manually sorting receipts into the reports you want them in, this app is definitely not for you. But with that being said, not having to deal with thousands of receipts at the end of the year is great.
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4 years ago, mad-cow-design
Great app - wonderful customer support!
Not only does the app work perfectly for tracking and sending my receipts to my office finance dept seamlessly and with great detail. It definitely made my life easier! I also can’t say enough about how flexible and understanding the customer support is. Very quick at responding to all my questions and concerns. No matter how frustrated I am they are always very professional and understanding. A very professional app with professional support! If your looking for a receipt tracking app seriously stop looking. You found it!
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7 years ago, Geoff092015
Excellent tool for independent consultant
I have tried many ways of managing expenses across projects and clients expensify works brilliantly. Mostly I like the ease of emailing and scanning receipts with auto the management of items and reporting is so easy. I also have set up some custom templates for reporting which works well too. I'm giving it 4 stars because Sometimes scanning just loses things and the automatic allocation to reports can mean expenses seem lost. Finally the there is limited credit card import to expense match, or at least many misses. Having said all that I've not found a better product and I tried many.
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3 years ago, wxpanify
Cannot cancel subscription
This is the worst customer service ever! Once they get you in, you can absolutely not cancel your subscription no matter what. You can only do the online shot, there’s no way you can talk to a person on the phone, and of all keep your subscription for a full year no matter what. In pandemic nobody is using expense reports because there’s no business travel. They simply don’t care. They keep charging the credit card every month, they never warn you about renewing your plan in advance. And then they don’t want to let you cancel and get out of it and get your money back. So they get a guaranteed income for a full year no matter what you do. The worst company ever. I would not recommend them to any small business
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6 years ago, Ingridditta
Expensify needs to get back in the customer service game!
The reason expensify was awesome at first— namely, they had amazing customer service that was super helpful— is now their downfall. It’s now nearly impossible to get ahold of a customer service rep and takes at least a day. Most of the time, you’re blocked from the real-life customer service reps by the most unhelpful and unintelligent bot ever, “Concierge”. The bot has not once been able to actually understand my question properly and help. If the problem I was having was easy to answer, I’d find an FAQ about it! If I’m reaching out for help, I need a PERSON who can analyze and actually help. Not only that, “concierge” will often send unhelpful and confusing emails that are meant to help me but actually are just annoying and offer incorrect advice.
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3 years ago, Rebecca Laudi
The worst functionality! Don’t recommend for any firm to use this
The app and the website do not sync. I spent 2 hours to find a way to add my bank account on the website. It does not work, keep asking me stupid questions like Company name, tax..It’s ridiculous and can’t understand why those info is needed? You guys should learn from Turbo Tax on how to link an account. What’s the point here to link an account and I have to spend time inputting information? Which logic is there to ask for Company name, tax, address or phone? Please please no one uses those today. If you don’t know how to make the app more friendly, more accessible. I bet no one ever want to use your service! I won’t use it if my firm does not force me to use.
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2 years ago, Purehell12
Perfect for Personal/Business
Having used this app for over a year, it became evident how helpful it is when tracking Tax Deductions without hassle! I personally use it for Everyday Expenses (ie. Dry Cleaning) & Business Expenses. Without taking more than a few seconds (especially when using Expensify’s “SmartScan”) can make life THAT much better. It arguably makes taxes a fun, although most may disagree. I recommend this app if you are generally very busy and need something to keep track of your expenses on the fly.
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8 months ago, ibwhoib
Buyer beware
Don’t , don’t, don’t buy/use this app. This company is the worst to do business with. My company cards never synced right could NEVER get anyone on the phone and they HOLD YOU HOSTAGE and you can’t cancel your account until your renewed year comes up. Save yourself some time and money DON NOT PURCHASE THIS APP OR DEAL WITH THIS WORTHLESS COMPANY! Update to your response: Funny you mention have to see out the contract. How about the HORRIBLE SERVICE no phone number NO ONE willing to help us. It never worked as advertised and I’m locked in to your bogus 12 month contract…..sounds very shady to me. Excuses excuses. I have had employees leave the company yet I’m still locked in with no willingness to change the plan. BUYER BEWARE THERE ARE A LOT BETTER APPS THAT ACTUALLY DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO WITH GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.
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3 years ago, ttolentino7575
Quick Response
I just downloaded the app for work and had misspelled the name of an attendee for one of the expenses. Went to the concierge figuring that it would just be a computer generated response to a search and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. In fact it was someone live responding to questions. Although the problem could not be solved, the person on the other end was very helpful and responsive to questions. Again, pleasantly surprised. Thanks again whoever you were.
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