Extra Space Storage

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Extra Space Storage
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Extra Space Storage

4.29 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
1 year ago, WorthFlorida
Update: Cannot open gate with app
My facility was just upgrade for Digital access via APP. No way to access it and when tapping share it replies only available with facilities with digital access. I did receive an email that digital access is available. I deleted the APP reinstalled it but it asked for SIRI access. No, I'm not going to talk to my phone nor activate it on my iPhone. I expect to open the app, tap access, then open. The account home page still has * and # and the new system no longer uses these digits. ........".........................." Update: just last week, Jan 11, the app now fully functions. I do not know when it started but I thought I take a look at it. Never did get an updated notice. Surprisingly the doors to the building also work from the APP. It would be nice if it worked on CarPlay so you're not fiddling with the phone to get to the app. For some reason, this morning I had to log in before Face ID would work. Maybe the iPhone had an update but it was the first time in a week.
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1 year ago, hm503
If I could give this a zero I would.
Rented storage with blue tooth lock. Tried to set up the app. Repeatedly got unable to load message after I went through all the steps. I’ve deleted the app multiple times, powered off my phone twice. Still getting error message, which I have on screenshot. Tried to call for support. Never answered. Drove to extra space storage. Very nice person there. He had me delete it again. The Wi-Fi at extra space not sufficient to access the App Store and reinstall, so I ordered a drink at caribou to use their Wi-Fi. Could access the App Store from there but same error messages. I’m driving around with a dresser in my car that blocks the rear view. Luckily I have a back up camera. So very frustrated. The person at extra space told me today that he could move me to a unit with a lock but it would be more $. I like the concept of the blue tooth lock and that I can also give my sister access but I’ve got about 4 hours in for trying to set up, delete, shut down phone….using iPhone SE, was running 16.3.1 just updated to 16.4 to see if that would solve the problems. It didn’t. I wish the extra space number gave the hours they answer calls. I am waiting for a call back. Second time today that I’ve tried. No call back yet. Are they even open for tech assist tonight????
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8 months ago, Melis-a
Great experience all around
From start to finish in only 24 hours the process of securing a unit and gaining access was effortless. During a difficult time that happened suddenly, being displaced and trying to secure personal items but most importantly sentimental items, I was treated with kindness and compassion. Starting with Jessie (sp) who patiently help me through the process via phone, then when I arrived at the location trying to figure out how to access the gate, locate my unit, and had multiple questions about the entire process ( because I couldn’t find the email with all the information) I was professionally greeted by Catrina. After a long stressful day it was refreshing to be greeted with not only a smile, but someone who could see my stress, continued to reassure me she will take care of everything and she did above and beyond. She even made a point hours later to check in with me, making sure I was okay. Overall a great experience
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6 months ago, Angela Pollack
Highly recommend!!
Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The gentleman working in the office was informative, helpful and professional. I was a little nervous that our moving truck would not make the turns needed to get to our assigned unit so he told me a little trick and helped us back right in making it so much easier. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and made our moving day go smoothly. Rates are reasonable and the units are kept up and secure. I absolutely recommend this facility for any storage needs!
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2 years ago, Mike5Million
FIX IT ALREADY!! Garbage App Won’t Load!
Can’t open unit since it only uses app. Called ph# already for help, resolved nothing, 2 weeks later is same problem. Previous App worked fine. This will cost you business. Planning to ditch Extraspace Storage for this (assuming I can ever get into the unit to remove things). Update: it eventually it worked. I understood it was an issue with the new app, seemed to be resolved. Today, a few months later. Same problem. I can’t open my unit because the app won’t work. It will login, but not fully load. It does work for others that I met at the site, but not all. We’re wondering if it’s phone type, or provider related? I have fully update iPhone 13, bought 6 months ago, and T-Mobile (data is 600m/s right now) so it doesn’t add up.
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2 years ago, LonnieinParadise
Used to be great!!
We’ve been using Extra space storage for a year now. Manager has been extraordinarily nice and helpful. When the app was developed to help access to our unit, we thought it was great. About a little over one month ago they “upgraded” the app. Now we can’t access the app at all. We called support for assistance because the app now says “it seems we don’t have any rentals with them”, even though we’ve paid for a year in advance. Twice support tells us they don’t understand what the issue is but said they can’t help us. Since today is on a weekend, we will have to wait until the office opens on Monday to see if we can get help. So much for an “upgrade” and help from support!!
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1 week ago, Meesha613
It’s only coming up in the end of my first month renting a unit with you. So far i have had no problems and had no problems accessing my unit. I would like to compliment your manager. I can’t remember her name, but she lives on the premises. She is very courteous and accommodating. She is a very caring and sweet person. It’s nice to have someone pleasant and knowledgeable to assist you when you’re going through such stressful times. I appreciate her. Sincerely, Michele Y Pursley
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11 months ago, Ennisha jones
Not user Friendly
I tried 6 times this morning trying to reset my password just to pay my bill and it kept choosing its own password on the website as that’s where your directed to change the password. It automatically chooses this password you go to sign in and it says invalid password/ invalid email. I go to my setting into my iPhone and delete the password it selects and it keeps me in this loop of invalid password/ invalid email. I proceeded to call the company and the customer service agents can’t handle my frustration and they all give me the option of a ticket or they simply couldn’t help. I had to get out of bed just to get on my computer to change my password on the website how inconvenient.
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2 months ago, Pmfly4fun
Life Storage
This is one of the first time I went from using a website to using a downloaded app and everything having to do with logging in worked exactly the same. Kudos to the programmers !!!! Also, any error messages I ran into setting up the account made perfect sense. Kudos to the programmers again !!! Can you tell I’m a retired programmer ? That’s why I am so critical of how interfaces work. This one is great. Thank you !! Patricia Souers
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2 years ago, MC6225
New update breaks it
It was working fine. Following the lastest update, it will no longer launch. iPhone xr, ios 14.8 UPDATE: The developers got back to me within an hour about this issue, and had a fix for the problem within a few days, if that! Now, updated with the face recognition, the app makes it so much easier to enter the storage facility’s premises.
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3 months ago, PianoComedyGirl
The App Needs Tweaking
I have attempted logging in here for probably 4 or 5 times. I’m in the middle of medical appointments today. However, I had only not been on the screen for maybe 5 PM minutes. And it made me start all over again when I was halfway through putting my information in. Then I began reading the terms and conditions. And a couple times now, instead of letting me back to check the box next to it, it made me start all over again. That’s very frustrating. Also, with reference to creating the password, the last time it put up instructions of what I needed to include in it, yet that didn’t show•up the several previous times. Then, after I FINALLY got an account created just now, I’m on the page but I can’t access my unit information. I need to take a screenshot of the bill. That’s why I created the account just now. How quickly can you help me access that?
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5 months ago, FalconFour
Stupid game of whack-a-mole in digital access!
This app has had a usability problem with the digital access ever since it first launched, but this is freaking ridiculous now. The app continuously scans for access points in the area, and EVERY TIME it refreshes access points, the position of the list changes. So you want to hit Elevator 3? It's the first button. Second button. 4th button. Psyche! 1st button again. 3rd button. 1st button. EVERY SECOND it changes. Like a horribly cursed rhythm game, and you open the wrong lock and have to wait 10 seconds (all other buttons grey out) if they change while you're tapping. I hate this game. A lot.
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2 years ago, TheOneCalledChris
Automatic sign outs
Every time I open this app I have to sign back in. It seems that it automatically signed you out if you haven’t used it in a couple of weeks. This usually leaves me sitting at the gate to the facility fumbling around trying to enter in a password. To make matters worse the login screen doesn’t seem to be compatible with my password manager for some reason so I have to manually enter or copy and paste the password. The older version of the app did not seem to have this problem. If you fix this I think the app will be fine.
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9 months ago, BSCHNELK
Move in went smooth
nice to meet Ed, he was very helpful. Because it was clean and plenty of space to park and unload. Only, I would like to see ability to use the app to open the gate, not to have to pull up and try to enter it on the pad through the windows. My previous storage unit had that and it is very helpful.
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10 months ago, copaneco1
I feel scammed
This place is very misleading and I feel scammed... I rented a unit for $96 a month and everything was fine until I got a bill for $181. I gave them a call and they told me that "the market value doubled" and so now the $181 charge is what I am going to be paying every month. The confirmation email I first received after purchasing the rental stated that my next fee was going to be $96 but now they tell me that they can charge whatever they want because of "market value". Extra Storage Space is dishonest and actively deceits their customers. I mean just look at the rest of the reviews..
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9 months ago, StLChanell
Let me in
I have been a customer for a while, but since this second time that it’s changed ownership, none of the access has been available, prices are skyrocketing. I’m wondering what is happening with this company and why so many ownership issues. Now my gate isn’t opening for me, called the help line, they couldn’t figure things out. I’m left looking at the company in a different light. The facts are not stacking up to make the company look positive.
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1 year ago, AgroWolv420
Great Facility, Glitchy App
So I’m at my storage unit almost every day. I’ve had no problems with the facility at all. It’s great it’s private it’s secure the app on the other hand could be better. my girlfriend as well as myself I’ve been locked out of our unit twice now because of the app saying that the facility is closed during facility hours the only way to fix the problem is to reinstall the app I don’t wanna have to do that. Every time I access my locker.
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4 months ago, Tallseas
Initial review of rental and space access
The way of the world today, collect, use, store your possessions, then your kids will keep what they want and give the rest. Actually that’s been the way for eons, that’s why storage space is useful, kids can keep the stuff until parents kick the bucket
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1 year ago, Gaming Shack
Lacking Features
Green out they allow you to opportunity to do many things on it but the one thing that I was hoping that I could be able to do was to make changes to my contract with my storage. Examples would be taking all of the insurance for my storage unit through the application, they don’t allow me to modify such features outside of that. The app is a pretty good app to use when needed most the time.
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2 years ago, AlexanderM1974
Do not use this company!
Less than 6 months ago, I rented a small unit for $64. 2 months ago, my rental went up by $20. We are talking about less than a year. They are supposed to notify me about any rent increase and I received no notification. I have since contacted the Better Business Bureau. They lied and told the BBB, that they notified me by a “phantom” letter 30 days before the increase; which is simply not true. I hope a negative mark with the BBB will stop this company from scamming customers and lying about it. I would urge you not to use this company!
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1 year ago, Lovie’s Nonni
Barbara - New Tenant
I have had the utmost pleasure dealing with Jeremy at the East Palo Alto facility today! While he is ordinarily an Assistant Manager at the Sunnyvale facility, his kindness and professionalism was truly phenomenal. I will definitely be referring others to Extra Space because of him!!! Thank you Jeremy for being such a Class Act! We need more people like you in this world!🙏
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2 years ago, DTremain
Excellent wireless access
The app allows you to enter the gate without getting out of the vehicle or fighting to get near enough to use the keyboard. You need to get out to open the unit, but you were going to anyway, right? Access to both the gate and unit is within seconds. Technology done right!
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2 weeks ago, PurpleyamEmmy
Michael and Angie
Staff are very helpful and friendly. Michael is always funny and very friendly. I see him doing a perfect job checking the status and safety of the storage. Angie , good at the front desk and takes care of customers in a very friendly manner. I love this place! So quiet and peaceful and the place is clean.
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8 months ago, Kenee Maree’
Great Service
I personally have been with Extra Space Storage for the last 10 years and it has been a wonderful experience. I recommend it to anyone who needs storage service. It is efficient and serves the customers needs.
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3 weeks ago, PhilB@B
setup could have been easier
just use apple id, etc. Also, the app supposedly gives convenience by unblocking doors through the remote. But limits which ones you can unlock by your location, and the location doesn’t update fast enough. I’ve sat by a gate for minutes waiting for it to update. Just give me unlock access if i am vaguely in the area !
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5 months ago, Beth 1980
Love this storage unit
Great experience after I had a bad experience from another storage company I was quite surprised by how quickly I was able to get a storage unit and how close to the entrance and they had carts to help pull your stuff to your unit love it!
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2 months ago, TomatoMarie
Stellar Customer Service
Bonnie is an absolute STAR when it comes to Customer Service. She understood my dilemma and was willing to listen to my concerns/request and help me make the best choice for my needs!! Facility is fresh and clean. Property looks well maintained and secure!!
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9 months ago, Wes Knapp
Update kills key feature
Latest update made the app no longer able to display hours of operation. Icon is there, but not functional. Update: App now requires me to log in every time I open it. After logging in, it requests the ability to track my usage, then automatically tries to call my facility… after this chain of events, I am finally able to open to gate.
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11 months ago, Ghost-33333
I Wasn’t informed about ez storage having a app , although I like this company I’m contemplating another storage company. The representative I spoke to was really nasty and ghetto popping bubble gum really loud and talking fast . I couldn’t understand anything she was saying 🤦🏼‍♀️. I asked for a 10x 10 unit only to be tricked into 5x 5 unit 😩. I told them it was too small I need something bigger 😤😤. It was really tight , but fortunately I was able stick all of it in .🤤🤤
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1 year ago, Castillademusic
Digital access is missing after downloading the app on two devices.
Digital access is missing after downloading on two devices. Not sure why it’s not rendering, but for whatever missing it isn’t showing for me and many others at my storage. Not sure if it’s from the user side regarding permissions or the api side of the noke smart entry passing over to the extra space storage app.
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2 years ago, Gone2water
Update broke access from two Devices and counting
New version broke my unit access from two devices!!! Clearly saw the latest ‘bug fix’ update break my access and have tried to reinstall multiple times. This is the second time I have been locked out of my property due to this e-lock system first time was the e-lock lock itself, now the App. Beware… it is not all roses and trouble free as some reviews say. Ready to move out as this is unacceptable!
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3 years ago, MikeB2of10
They finally fixed the last one and now this disaster.
I downloaded it as requested then couldn’t get it to open the main garage door, which it no longer tells you which is which. Literally, they finally got the last one to where it was working great and then they start over. I honestly have wondered if the App development team is trying to destroy the company, because everything has been great other than the app.
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9 months ago, Guibrandao
What you do is illegal
You advertise a price on the site and after a month or two you increase the price by almost 100%, claiming that it's a monthly rent, so you can make the adjustment, but at no time do you say that the price of the site from $65 will go up to $196. This is absurd. But when I say I'm going to cancel and do it in my wife's name for the amount advertised on the website, you deny that this is possible. That's disgusting. Misleading advertising.
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3 years ago, toaster8819
Easy to use and no more sticky notes
I used to have a sticky note where I kept all of my storage info but with the app it makes it 100x easier to get in an out of the building quick and a smooth process. Def recommend!
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3 months ago, Jtl6829
34 Matawan location
We opened an account yesterday. The assistant manager Matt was Extremely helpful. He stopped his lunch to show us two units. I could not be happier with this young man. Please let him be aware that we were very appreciative. Thank you Matt!!!!
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1 year ago, maustin89
Unable to load
Able to set up a new account & login but the app does not load past that, all it says is “unable to load”. Extra star because I noticed app is redirecting to their website for login and is SUPER fast about it, killer page load speeds. Nice job with that 👍🏻 EXTRA STAR FOR EXTRA SPACE! ⭐️ ⭐️ Hopefully app will be able to load soon, I look forward to using it.
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2 months ago, Jerry Derry
Extra Space App
Being new to your App Store, It looks very simple and easy to navigate. Thank you for sharing this with our experience with you!
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4 months ago, Danele0461
App and website don’t work
Trying to make a payment and both the app and website fail to help me chat because it freezes. I tried to check my payment history on the app and the app freezes which doesn’t help as I’m trying to see if easypay has already taken money out. No representatives are available and it is getting really frustrating
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7 months ago, SJSJ81
Customer service
Kinky was extremely nice and professional let me know about the facility and ratings you guys offer through and through thank you so much sir…!
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2 years ago, Returning Customer Billy
Greatest storage and service ever!!
Kerry is so patient and helped us set up everything with our storage. I am so impressed with how clean the unit and storage place is. Great folks and super friendly. The security is outstanding!!
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2 years ago, shancock42
App will not launch
I have tried numerous times to get this app to launch. It will not launch! I have an iPhone running the most recent operating system. I have tried download the app and restarting the phone. Still no luck. The old app works great but I am getting a message that it will no longer be active on 6/20. Maybe extend the access to the old app until the bugs are fixed.
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2 months ago, M@~w3l7!
UPS Certified me as a ‘ Packing Expert.’
Put your stuff in a bag. Put that bag in a box. Label it so that only you know what’s in it. Seal your boxes with tape. Wrap them up with packing wrap. Stack them so they can last. Not too much weight and not too tall. 10” tall risers should be used in case of water intrusion issues— what if the sprinklers go off? Store precious items at a bank safety deposit box— no personal protected information should ever be left unattended. 5/5 lynnwood experience.
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2 years ago, RJ Leveillee
Change in ownership
New ownership has made accessing the storage units even simpler. Previously we had to drive to the keypad on drivers side of vehicle into oncoming cars/trucks. The mobile app will help tremendously
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1 year ago, A nickname that wasn’t taken
Great when it works
This app is incredibly useful when it works as promised. However, my experience has been that when the Face ID fails for any reason, it kicks you out and then doesn’t recognize the password. Then, you have to change the password to get back in. Most annoying.
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1 year ago, molllllllly
Not working for me
I just downloaded the app so I can have when I go to my storage unit for the first time this coming week and it’s not even opening up for me. It just has the loading logo spinning forever and doesn’t show me anything else. I’ve tried restarting the app reinstalling it but it still doesn’t work.
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2 months ago, KSM 28
Professional Customer Service
Thanks to Charles for helping me with my storage size upgrade. You were very professional & it was nice to work with you.
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3 months ago, out of nicknames!
Easy to work with and friendly people!
I have unlimited access to the place and they have great surveillance and security and support.
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1 year ago, NMFB
App doesn’t work
Just downloaded on two devices and it just won’t work. You log into it and it’s a perpetual loading screen of spinning circles. All the most recent reviews are all saying the same thing so the developers clearly didn’t test it enough. Why have an app that nobody can use? Glad I can still access everything through other means.
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5 months ago, demeyer
App freezes when trying to view payment history
App freezes when trying to view payment history. Updated to the latest version of the app as well.
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6 months ago, MattcoAZ
Working now
Wasn’t working to open the door because someone had switched the door off inside. Which was kinda annoying when you are trying to get into your storage locker and the doors are not opening.
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