Eye Color Analyzer - UNiKA

3.2 (61)
99.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tusk and Teal, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.1 or later
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User Reviews for Eye Color Analyzer - UNiKA

3.16 out of 5
61 Ratings
3 years ago, nerdyartist314
Nice idea, better execution
I like the idea of the app but there’s still some bugs that need to be addressed. So first off it said my eye shades are dark grey when they’re actually brown, I was in a well lit room. A neat idea is as soon you get your eye’s shade result the shop will only show you clothes that match with the eye shade instead being unfiltered at the start. One thing I wished was a check box filter so I can select what clothes I’m looking for while picking out my eyes color shades. Not too sure how the “Gallery” works I add some clothes to the cart to see if that was like a wish list function. The app has a hard time recognizing where I click and loads pretty slow.
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12 months ago, Bran328
Fun app to break down your eye color!
I always thought I just had blue eyes, but according to this I have quite a bit of gray in them as well. I did get slightly different results each time I did it, but I think that has to do with the lighting. If you follow the instructions and make sure you have good lighting, you will get pretty accurate results! I liked that the color names were easy to understand (apparently that is something that has been fixed over the last year or 2 based on older reviews). I also like that you can shop by the eye colors and get clothing and home decor results based on the eye color. I didn’t buy anything, but that is a neat feature. I’d recommend for people wanting to learn more about their eye color!
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3 years ago, christmass77
Eye app
This was a strange and unique experience not exactly what I expected from an eye app! I more traditional contact lens app. that would maybe change my eye-color maybe offer me samples .and if it does that I can’t tell I thought it was interesting that it did give me a different color variations but what I noticed if I moved from room to room and we did the pictures that it was giving me different color readings depending on what kind of light I was in like there’s different types of lightbulbs in each room in my house so he gave me a different reading it’s time definitely needs some tweaking but it’s a cool app cool idea I didn’t understand it
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4 weeks ago, tjwybran
Cool concept, too many bugs
I believe that this app looks very one of a kind and looks like it can do many things the human eye can’t see. However, there is just too many bugs to the app. For instance, I try to take a picture, but the screen is all white and the thing doesn’t load. And then when I press the camera, it kicks me out of the app. If you have time, could you please fix this?!?!
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2 years ago, ausandroo
Very interesting idea
I tried this app because I really liked the idea behind it. I tried the eye test and after few tries I got the correct results (I was not in a well lit room at first) After the eye color test, app give you option to browse products in gallery, which I did and I got the products marching my test results! It has to be mentioned that gallery and interface needs some refining, but overall I really liked the idea in this app, and I hope that developers will do an amazing job to refine the app even more!!
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1 year ago, Huugfrgj
Knowing my true eye color
For a long time I always knew I have hazel eyes until using the app. It detects the dominant eye color along with other colors that mixed with it. It turns out that I have a large amount of “Dark Olive Green” eyes along with some black, rosy brown and different shades of grey. I tried a couple more time’s especially in the dark and the light and the results still the same that I have “Dark Olive Green eyes”. It was a surprise to me that I am in the 2% tile who has that eye color that contains green.
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3 years ago, jennerrates
Straight to the point
This app is easy to use. You simply upload or take a photo, and the app does the rest. It will scan your eyes and give all of the colors it detect, as well as how much of each color is present. If you are wanting to know in depth details of your eye color, this is the app for you! Instead of a simple “brown” I got a graph of the varied colors present in my eye. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, sharkitect12
Great idea
I think the concept behind this app is a great idea! It only makes sense that we would choose to find outfits that help match and make our eyes POP. The feedback on the eye color was nice to look at, but I noticed it didn’t categorize my color into one of the searchable options (blue, hazel, gray). I think if it helped direct me to specific colors it would make the user experience make more sense. All in all a very solid app!
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3 years ago, daymorera98
Pretty fun all
This app is fun to play around with, was not too sure what to expect. I did love that is analyzed your eye color along with the results. I did with my glasses and then without them funny enough they were both different results which was interesting to see. Overall it’s a fun app to use and also if you’re curious about your eyes.
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12 months ago, CosmoK8
Eye color app works!
I have always been curious how to describe my eye color, and this app was spot on! They are mostly gray (multiple shades), with a decent bit of azure as well as some green. I was in a well lit room and it worked great for me. The idea of shopping for things based on your eye color is interesting. I usually shop based on my skin tone, but I really like the idea of shopping to compliment eye color. Cool app!
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12 months ago, Kendra Rose Bartley-Greer
Neat but needs refining
I like the concept of the app itself. I also like the additional links to clothes, accessories, household items etc that are the color of your eyes. I wish the app was more in depth about the analysis. I also found that it’s not a guaranteed correct analysis because of the strict lighting and conditions you have to be under in the photo for it to work up to par.
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3 years ago, RobynF910
Eye color
This is such an interesting app! What you do is, take a picture of your face and it captures your eyes. After that it shows you the different color tones in your eyes and it matches you with things that will match your eye color. I highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, BDaniWest
Good idea execution could be better
So I like this idea, but in terms of what the app does with the information it gathers I’m not entirely sold. Like, if it also analyzed skin tone and recommended makeup or clothing in which complimented that, that would be cool. But I wasn’t into anything from the store it links you to.
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3 years ago, Rachinca
Not a fan
I’m not a fan of this app. I thought it was going to say the eye color it predicts. Instead it shows like a graph chart of different eye colors and calls it weird names that doesn’t make sense. I’d like to see an app out there that says “blue” “green” “gray” “hazel” and “brown” and is more specific instead of “fuzzy wuzzy” etc that no one on the face of the planet even understands. This app needs to be improved. Also you should be able to make the little dots expand bigger or smaller around the eye. The “one size fits all” standard doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, onlymisscampbell
Highly recommended
This app is awesome. If you are looking for an app that’s accurate than look no further. This is app is high quality and most importantly it is a free app! This app will definitely give you the best input of your eye color. Highly recommended!!
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3 years ago, ZombieChuckles
Actually works well
This app is pretty accurate at detecting your eye color. I was a little hesitant at first, but I was happy with my results! The GUI could be a little different, but overall the app does what it says it can do! Definitely recommend!
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3 years ago, SoftKat
It’s accurate
It’s good for what it does. It got the colors scary accurate although it skipped out on the bit of brown I have in my eyes but that doesn’t ever pick up on camera anyway. I thought I had hazel eyes but they’re more of a forest green with a tiny bit of brown
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3 years ago, Babyjo18
It doesn’t label the colors?
I got a breakdown of the colors in my eyes, but it doesn’t say what the colors are. The colors are presented bar graph style, like in the sample photos, but there are no names for the colors. Since I’m trying to decide whether my eyes are green or gray, not labeling the colors made this a waste of time for me
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3 years ago, truth tl
This app is not large, it doesn’t do that much, but what it does do it does very well, only complaint is the name issue, but I believe that is being resolved
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3 years ago, mandamoo28
It works
The app does exactly what it says it does. My results were accurate. Would be fun if you could change your eye color in the app.
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3 years ago, Omzzzz19
Really accurate!
I tried this app and it was really interesting! i got very accurate results. the app is simple and easy to use.
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3 years ago, WA3ERQ
Strange color names
My only complaint is that the color names are strange. My sons eyes are brown but the app says “fuzzy wuzzy”. I’ve never heard of that color. I was looking for basic color identification
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3 years ago, maddi schaffer
Not specific enough
Not all of the obvious colors were on the graph and no labels were in the graph so I kinda had to guess the color that was there. I do like that it did get most of the colors and most of the shades but it would be better if it was more specific.
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3 years ago, Fatima Ibraa
Steve R.
I didn’t understand the idea of the app But nice beginning good luck I downloaded the app and it appears like it describes the eye colour my eye colour is Green but the told it’s gray So the result was wrong
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12 months ago, Alexischambers28
This app can really help when it comes to finding that perfect outfit to make your eyes POP! :)
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5 years ago, Cool Bronco Dude
Just why
I bet it would work if the light were right, but overall if i were, this app would be good
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3 years ago, Oujdjsj
Good app
The idea of the app is nice i had no problems using it it detected my eye colour just right
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1 year ago, amandameaganh
Not accurate
I used this on my son who has very brown eyes, in the sunlight I feel like I see a tiny bit of green hidden in there so I was curious if it would pick it up. This app told me he has blue and slate gray eyes.
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3 years ago, Maxiguro
not properly working
saddly non of the main colors were identified by the eye, I have brown eyer but the app throwed all kind of misleading shades of gray but none of brown.
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3 years ago, Happy because of this
Color blind
I used this cuz I can’t tell if my eyes are blue, grey, or somewhere in the middle. The graph had no labels so I have no idea what the results are. :/
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1 year ago, Almoat perfect
It is saying part of my eye color is black hey people black is not an eye color and my eye color is blue-grey you dumb game just say one color
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1 month ago, aleesa masihuddin
Doesn’t work
Gallery doesn’t work
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2 years ago, Steffsea
Made blue eyes gray
Great idea, good for only one photo. Disappointing it doesn’t capture obvious blue eyes.
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3 years ago, hiya peeps!
This app is bad. It said colors that i don’t even have in my eyes
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4 years ago, trombone_yotus
Pretty Good For A Free App!
This is a free app so if you’re expecting something perfect then you need to lower your expectations. In life, you only get what you pay for, so considering that I paid nothing, this is a bargain. That being said, it’s pretty good for a free app. I’ve used it multiple times and had very consistent results. Also, I have a little note for the creator of the app. It would be great to have the ability to use photos that are on my phone that I’ve already taken instead of having to take a picture every time. That would just make the app a lot easier to use. Other than that, it’s a decent app to have.
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4 years ago, regsat123
Good Quality
I have never really been able to tell what my eye color was. Some days they would look green or a greenish blue and then other days I just couldn’t really determine weather they were blue or green or in between. This app helped me realize that my eyes are actually gray and after looking up pictures of gray eyes and comparing them to my own, I now know that this is true. I tried the app on my family members as well and the results were pretty accurate. This is a great app considering that it’s free.
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4 years ago, AmTheHam
Great app!
I use this app all the time. It’s great, I get good results that match perfectly with my eye and the only thing you need is good lightening and then bam! You have your eye color!
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4 years ago, donutkittygirl123
Don’t even try
No matter how much I get the blue dots directly on my irises, it always comes out as though I almost didn’t put the blue dots on the eye at all. Even in good lighting it comes out bad. So even when you follow the instructions it comes out wrong. At least I didn’t have to pay for it
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4 years ago, Winex82
Follow the instructions
Works great as stated when you follow the instructions with the proper lighting.
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4 years ago, Chavezzzzzz
App performed very well for me & gave me correct input on eye color
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4 years ago, Matilda@6314
I have dark green eyes and it says I have gray eyes and some days my eyes do look grag but not today! I think I know why when you look at the phote they looked at , which is right by your results it is very blury!!!!
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5 years ago, #annpas
Not a good app at all!
The results said that I have black eyes when they are actually green eyes. Would not recommend.
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4 years ago, Mtrif88
Not accurate
I got different results every time I did it, so did my fiancé.
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5 years ago, Lavadog matt
Waste of time
This was one of the worst apps I’ve ever gotten. My eyes are clearly a blue color and according to this app they’re brown.
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5 years ago, scorpio,Aquarius,😊
It says I have purple eyes and I have very bright colored blue eyes.😩😞🤥👎👎
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3 years ago, pissoff moter
Sometimes it’s better to leave it alone.
As usual in my experience that you find a app ya like and have no problems with it but you get notifications about updates so you do just that? Now when I take test after update it will not tell me the colors names and shades ? Working fine before update, now ready to delete this app once again because it’s all screwed up for good apparently.no hope of fix on your stupidity either!
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